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7862709670, Mr ERIK RIBSSKOG Bor SVS\- Molle Dear Mr ERIK RIBSSKOG. 18 January 2007 ‘Thank you fer cortacting us about your claim for Jobsooker's Alowance (Cont & IB) and Heusing BenofitCourell Tax Benefit | am wing to tol you what happans next Wo have arranged an interview for you witha personal advisor, Mr P CHOPRA, ‘Your personal advisor wil be able to cffer you advice on work raining, and other local support and will aso give you information zbout what financial help is available if you take a fob. Enclosadie-aladfat=The Work You Hani The Help VouNeod- wish provides: “nformalon about Johoontre Rlus- Please read he leaflet hefore attending theinteriow. Belore you mest your Personal Advisor you wil be scan by a Finandal Assessor who wit check your saterrent is complete and that you Fave brought the correct documents with you. ‘The interview wil be on 22 January 2007 st 2:30 pm and wil lst approximately 1 hour. Ie wil be at: WILLIAMSON Sa JOBCENTRE 20 WILLIANSON SQ UveRPoOL cow Pease phone us immediately if you cennol ated this interview go that we can re-arang it Our phonte number i on the covering lator feauad wlth this one. ‘Weill contact you again if we need te change the dete ore ofthe interview. What you nood te bring with you to the interview: You neod to tring this letter, your statement (if nol already submited) and any informadion you have been asked fo provide. you do rot altand fhe interview or bring the required information ws may be unable to deal with your Gan, you want more information Iyou have ery questions about zryihing n ins later please phone us, Yours sincerely Mrs LINDA HARRIS Apelnnment eter Pea out Wk ree Paget ot2