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-— Ref: 419493/387684/MDMK) Merseyside DMA Sector Office P.O. Box 239 Birkenhead CH25 SAR (0151) 8401802 Mr Erk Ritaskog Flat 3 SLeater Lane LIVERPOOL L22ne £23 Fobruary 2007 Dear Mr Ribsskog, ‘We neve been given furthar information to help dackle your cli for Jobseeker's Allowance ‘and/or National Ineuranco credit=. A copy of the quoetone asked, and the information ‘supplied, Is attached. Also, the Information supplied has raised other questions which need te be answored We are wring to ask you for your comments on the lnfermation suppled; for you to give Your account ofthe situation; and for you to answer ary other questions which have arisen. Please answer the questions ard gle your comments over the page evan if you are ‘Sond the completed form back as soon ae fou can and no later han one week fom the dato shov/n above. A bre-ald envelope or label Is enclosed for this purpose. Please note that Ik Jobsceker's Allowence!Ns in your interest to respond to this letter as you may lose na! Insuranes credits # yeu donot. Where the comments relate to & former job, we may need io Send a copy of what YOU say 10 your former employe, Pease note that this letiar concoms your dal for Jobseaker's Allowance andior National Insurance credits only and not any other mtler to do with the loss of your ob (about which {You may need to approach other authorities), Yours sincerety Mrs J Boot Manager TESB6C/1 ]