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shat happens if the decision is unfavourable? If its decided that yout cannot be paid Jobseeker’s Alowanice under the normal les you wil De ert & fetter ving you the teagon for this and etang you know for what petiod you wll no be pal ‘You may be ented to payinent of Joueseker's Allowance under the Hardship provision. What if you disagree with the decision? ‘You may ack for an exclanssan or apply fora reconsideration of the decsion once it hes een made, “The decesan notitication va advise yo. how to do ths. However, ft may nelp your case ff you are ‘able to chow that there veas some infermaton that was not known won the origiral decision was made. ‘You can also appeal 10 an appeal tribunal if you wish to appee), ask fr leaflet GL24 “i you think our decsion is wrong’ at your oval Jobcentre hus office, Jeboerire or Sovial Securty offce. You should appeal within one moet of he cate at tte top of the decison letter Loatet GL24 contains details abcut the appeat process and wet happens at appeal heaings. Where can you get help with your appeal? ‘You may be able to gat tee aaviee about your dam to Jobsesker's Allowance tram ane of the folowing + Givens’ aavice Bureaux Beret Adio Gentes - local Law Geniies - Tacles Unions Staff Associations « Soictors (under the logal advice assistance schorne) “They may also help and represent your you rake an appeal What happens if you are in receipt of National Insurance contribution credits only? It you are not entitled to, or have not cained Jobseeker's Allowance, you must stil satisy most of the sarne condions before Nations surance crecits can be aiarcad by the Secretary of State. Mit {is decided that Nafonal Insurance contibuson edits carnot te awarded you wil be natied by letter What if you disagree with the credits decision? ‘Youmay ask tor an excianaton 0 apply fora reconsideration cf the decision oncait hes been made. “The letter wal advice you Row. to do ths You can also eppecl to an spiel tuna What if you are a member of a joint claim? “The decsion nottcation wil be sent fo both of you ina jant eam. 1 you cssagree with the reason tor the disallowarce o: sanction, ether, or both of you Can ask for]an explanation, or apply for a reconsideatin of the decision, Ether or bath of you can also apceal tb an apnea! tribunal If this heopens both of you will be sere a ‘copy of tne papers that we send to the Appeake Servco and you wil both be entilad to attend the ‘ribunal rearing. fF you wish fo apes! ask for lealet GL24 “yeu think our decision is wrong’