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7 Notes for Guidance B Se maa Doubts may sometimes occur that atfect a person's enlitment to, or payment of, Jobseeker's Allowanes arei/ce National Insurence cortibuben crects. Loafet JSALS gives more dts, Pease ask for a copy at your local Jobeente Plus ofice, Joboerire oF Social Security office. Copies ofthe Jobsceker's Act 1995 and sssocated Regulations, vhich contain the law on Jobecokors Alowance, can be found in some pubic raferance Wreres, ‘You may alee askeat Jubconte Plus cffoee, Jebcentres or Social Sacunly offices for information nthe law, Your local Jobcertze Pus offce or Jobcentre wil heip with any points not covered by these notes. When and how will my allowance be affected: ‘Your allowance andor credit of National Insurance contnbutions wal aitior * continue to be pald/erected und the out on your cli is decide or * be withhold until is decided how thes doubt affects your cisim. If this is the case Jobseeker's ‘Alowonce wi net be paid under the normal rues fer the period of doubt. You may be able to poly for a payment ct Jobseeker’ Allowance under the Hership provsion, See lett JSAG tssued with hese notes The eter included with tis leaflet expsins which ofthe above eppis How long will this take? Your claim wil be daatt with 35 quickty as possible. It we need extra information from you, oF your previous employer/raining proviger ey tace longer to make 2 dacsion, It yaur empleyer’/vainirg provider's reply is fkely to affect your claim you wal be sent copy of the reply to alow you to Comment, We wil alow you seven days to reply but the sooner you do 60, the sooner ihe decision can be mad. # no reply is recowed within seven days, a decision wil be made on tne intron availble ‘You should sil reply to any enquty that you are sent, reqardlass of any laters you have raceiect ‘confirring your entiternent, What happens if the decision is favourable? {the decision is in your favour andl you have continued to provide signed decisations as instricted 190 your E540, wo will pay you any aroars ol Jebraeker's Alowance Ihat you ae Gus ae Soon Be possible. you have receved payment of Jooseeker's Alowance under the Hardship provision Suring:this pod we will deduct tae aroun for your arrears manne Pose ae