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Q arvato services The Lifts are slow. Gill has mentioned this to Building Management —_| Gill Hawley (who are reporting this to Joe Garnett, Head of Building Management). ‘On the fourth floor have | Having a lot of papers etc on desksis afire hazard. | lan Carrel / been told that desks must | Will be looking at some sort of storage and the Phil Jones be clear, but there is no | possibility of a phone charging docking station. storage space. There is no stationary on_| This is largely because any stationary that we buy | lan Carrel / the fourth floor. just disappears and only lasts afew days. We are —_| Giles Cook how ever undergoing plans for a New security project, every one will have to wear ID badges to ‘work, and there will be visitor badges and so on. However this has also been put back due to the fire Desks are dirty, screen | Melanie Fellows our Health and Safety officer over | Melanie wipes areneeded and —_| sees this and will look into ordering on her retum. | Fellows there are no mouse mats fon the fourth floor. Microsoft tools keep crashing on the fourth floor. Microsoft are aware of this, itis a problem on there side and not arvato.