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make any difference. Could air conditioning be put in? possibility of using mobile units. (She is on Holiday for the next two weeks). Can the situation of who Js heading MSN be explained? Dave Rodaway was only ever temporary on MSN campaign, Marieke Smidt is joining us on 26 Octaber 2006 and will be running all Microsoft arvato business; she resorts in to Jens Hoffman (who 's our Account Director for Microsoft) as0P— what is the situation with this, no difference has been made recentiy. problems with Ranstad, including being given the wrong information re bonuses / campaign length and more... There have been many | A fulllist of problems has been noted separately and “= When fan Carrel joined the compary there was no appraisal system, we are working on changing this. + Unfortunately Andy Green has been pulled off frequently to ‘fight fires’ with new Campaigns and this is why asDP is behind where we want tbe + The immediate aim of the company has been toreduce the predicted loss we were due to ‘make this year: this is now down from & loss ‘of €5m to €2m. Without money we can't do much! But we are locking to recruit a new Quality Manager, freeing up Andy Green and the alm is to get asD? back into shape. Jan Carrel / ‘Andy Green | sent on to lan Carrel, HR and Operations. | These points wil ll be taken up with Ranstad by lan | Carrel | Plus the Recrutment process is eoing out to tender, | Gabrielle Ridley (Hr Manager) will be looking after [this process and has kicked this off. lan Carrel / Gabrielle Ridley. Money Off / Discounts for employees, ‘© Hwill own this and try and introduce in the next month, There iran on line Bertelemann discount system, with varying discounts. More information will be announced. + There are local discounts as well, this are pinned up on the pin boards internally and information is sent out by e-mail. Gabrielle Ridley Pop Ups Blocked on MSN, impacts on our ability to ‘check a number of aaverts. Giles Cook (IT manager) has been approached regarding this and has been asked to provide some feedback on what can be done about this. Gites Cook ‘Overtime, now not being paid for (and can’t make the time back) s0 people ‘ate reluctant to do this This is an issue that has been raised before and ‘Operations are looking in to our Interflex system, Phil Jones