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Q ‘aivatoservces. EMPLOYEE FORUM : 26h September 2006 attendees: Michelle Tarpy - WOM ‘Andy - MSN Greg Hunt - MSN Kevin Porter- Gon Prix Keera~ Orange lan Cartel - Managing Director Gil Howey - PA Comments Actions Owner “There was an issue during | is a priority of Melanie Fellows to tain more Melanie the evacuation, only one | people in not only the evac chair but first Alders as | Fellows person was trained to use | well. We will be using the fire service and St Johns the evac chair and they | Ambulance to help coordinate the wrainng were not anare they were the orly one tained) and then evacuated themselves __ |__ During the fire the fre | Building Management are responsible fr the alarm | lan Carrel alarmwent off,the | and theres currently an investigation looking in to ‘eacuation began and__| she fre and the evacustion ete. We are waiting to then the alarm stopped. | hear the results and these wil be commuricated any people then started. | accordingly to come back into the officeas they did not realise there was a fie. {tis extremely cold on the | Thisiz not the care, there eno Health and Safety | ALL first floor, as al the ‘eason to have the windows open. windows are open, Yenttation units wil be put onto the fist loos. Members of staff have been told they cannot dose windows. “The canteen facilities are_| This has been mentioned before and is. projet | Dave Inadequate on the 4 | which was planned after the first floor canteen is__| Rodaway | floor. Need aKettleand | complete. This now has been delayed (due to the fan Carrel / Microwave ete fire), Dave Rodaway, Phil Jones and lan Carrel will be | Phil Jones working en tis. Will segrecate the area and look into the Health and Safety implications of having appliances put there. ‘The heat on the floor is | We are not able to put in fixed Air Conditioning Melanie unbearable. Fans don't | units: however Melanie Fellows wil look ito the | Fellows