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EMPLOYEE FORUM : 30 May 2006 ‘Attendees: John MANAlL = MSN Nick Rise ~ NSN Lynsey Mekie = MSN harlot Lijpgren - MSPA Eine Rigby — E-Say Lucy Perry - WOM Gill Hawley ~ Reception / Executive Assistants Jan Carrel - Managing Directors Richard White - Finance Director 2 ‘vata services [ISSUES RAISED. ACTIONS SN Editorial, not very related to editing more Bertelsmann Essentials, don't feel as though any way related to us in Liverpool. proof reading in advertisements forthe job. | looking at the campaign. 1C will go up and spend some time 's an introduction to our companies world wide, HR and Ops are working on a launch of the Essentials in to the company and relating them to us. ‘asDP is good but what will the out come actually be atthe end of if? No jobs to apply tor in arvato at the moment. “The opening of a new site will open up a lot more opportunities to every one. ‘There are also opportunities frequently Lup_on the board opposite HR What are these Voyager Courses for MSN? This is a tool for the Quality team to check on. “There if a feeling that some Tls do not have ‘enough knowledge on some campaigns and this is not helpful for those people on the phones. There have been instances raised where TLs do not help out when busy and instead are engaging in work related activities. ‘Will be brought to the atiention of the Operations team to highiight the problem. Is it possible to get a coffee machine upgrade fon the 4* floor? As well as a fridge? Will look into the coffee machine upstairs, but likely not to geta fridge as | the new canteen will have plenty of | fidige space Quite dangerous when people leave the [T office 10 come in to the canteen, people have bbeen knocked in to by the door opening, | Dangerous if carrying drinks. The POD design on the fourth floor is very Isolating, separated from whole team other than two people, Can the plastic screens be taken off? | RW wil follow up, ‘To be followed up with Operations.