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EMPLOYEE FORUM 2380 MAY 2006 Attendees lan Carrel - Managing Director Steve Sutton - Project Team Phil Malone - Microsoft Mark McElroy ~ Microsoft Chris Trubshaw - Microsoft Jane Shelbourne ~ E-Bay Lise Mikkelsen - Microsoft PA Michael Cook - Miele Michelle Yoo! ~ Dealer Support ISSUES RAISED ACTIONS Lack of adequate canteen facil were mentioned especially with the new influx over Microsoft starters LM raised the issue of disparity of all volumes according to shortage of different language speakers on the Microsoft PA ‘campaign in particular the increased call volume on the *Danish’ line. LM and MC continued to express the frustration of staff on some ‘campaigns that the level of expertise that they possess and the more complex role they do is not reflected in their salary scale. IC explained about the proposed plan to either ‘knock through’ from the existing canteen into the TT area or to convert the meeting rooms on 1s floor into a canteen area IC will liaise with the Operation to see if a more balanced solution can be achieved whilst maintaining business agreements and service levels. IC explained due to current financial constraints, no increase in salary levels would be introduced until the business is in a much more stable state.