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Q arvatoservices cards for every one is being looked into. Communication: is extremely poor in operations, there is no warning of changes and no explanation of why. Many people don’t even know who all the operations managers are and what they do. This will be brought up with Operations. Now every one has access to e-mail this become easier. Calling in sick: there have been instances where sickness has been reported as U/A, despite phoning in, Seems to be partly due to phones not working/ not being answered and messages aren't being picked up. Also TL’s aren't always calling those who they have not received a message from to follow up. To be brought up with Operations and IT. New procedures need to be brought to place. Are arvato going to release some positive press releases? This is something the company would like to do but strict Bertelsmann / arvato corporate guidelines must be adhered to, it is something that may take some time. ‘Are employees entitled to any gifts / discounts, from arvato, Bertelsmann and our clients? ‘The account management team have contacted all of our clients to find out what we can get as incentives for our ‘employees, as a part of the Project Happy scheme. Also we may be entitles to discounts on some on Bertlesmann products (i.e. CDs / DVDs etc), this has also been looked into for Project Happy. ANY OTHER COMMENTS General view by all who attended the forum that the asDP launch day was a success and positive feedback on the scheme itself, seen {as a good chance to improve own skills and develop in the company.