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EMPLOYEE FORUM : 2d May 2006 Attendees: Michelle Brogan: WOM Vivian Steinsland: MPA Kaid Karim: Dealer sara Hipkins: Mele Caire Bradshaw: Bon Prix Gill Hawley: Reception | Executive Assistant lan Carrel Managing Director ISSUES RAISED ‘ACTIONS. ‘Canteen: too small The IT department will be moving from their offices, which will then be converted into anew larger canteen, with sink ‘Canteen Facilities: Sandwiches are not up to scratch Currently have to pay for hot water and there 4s no tea available in the machines. World Cup: Will there be a TV screen to watch this on and access to information on scores ec? ‘The current sandwich compary will be contacted before next weeks meeting and informed COtner companies have already been approached and are coming In to discuss better sandwiches. Looking into the problem of drinks mach - (Operations and the Project team are organising for a TV to be on. IT will also be looking into arranging screen flashes with scores of the matches. ‘Miele: Do not have access to certain web sites that are needed Will be chased with IT Internet Access: There is no access to Intemet ‘on Bank Holidays, atime which is always quiet, internet should be a reward to those who have to work back holidays. Will be chased with IT. Interflex Cards: a lot of people do not have Interflex cards and this causes alot of disturbance to those working near the entrance doors. The far doors near the canteen are soon tobe closed off to the whole company, every one will be entering and leaving the office through reception (unlike before). arvato card holders are being oriered (so cards can be carried around neck) and the possibilty of photographic