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EMPLOYEE FORUM : th April 2006 Atendees: Matthew Atkinson: Misle Elisabeth Lilijegren: Microsoft Sinead Loughli: WOM David Madden: on Prix Dave Hurley: 14 Day Seller Neil Dempsey: Project Team Mark Madden’ Project Team Leader Gabrielle Ridley: Human Resources Manager Gill Hawley: Reception / Executive Assistant lan Carrel ‘Managing Director ‘Actions introduction to employee forum Personal Introductions | ISSUES RAISED Wile, her is 2 Feeling of fow morale on the tam, the phones are extemely busy and more agents are needed. “There is a need for something to do in quiet periods, a special concern for those on Microsoft, one of the quieter campaigns. Restricted Internet access and restrictions on materials can make quiet petlods extremely mundane. Ate introductory training, very litte information is given out about Bertlesmann and the group in which arvato is a part of There are entitlements that staff have missed out on, because there is no one in the company moving the Bertlesmann aspect forward. nl New staff are currently being trained on to the ‘campaign, ‘Some thought needs to be put into this, so is fair to all staf. ‘Mark Madden will look in to this | ‘Ave there any benefts entitlements available from the ‘Communication from Menagement down is poor. Announcements with explanations have previously never been made prior to changes. Client Servses E-mail will be made more use of to solve Current Canteen ~ No space, no sink, no free hot water, the Sandwiches are not up to standards ‘Ave longer breaks an option? ‘The wheels are in motion to improve, this will be Indicated by office ceshuffies.