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Page $x Ravi wourrecivos woryng anew nis warout basing ie it realy was him, s0 | watched hima 2c to | nought win myself tat it was impoite of me looking at him without saying anything, and didnt want wo act out ofine, ‘Sp said ‘Hi, and asked him iit realy was him that thouglt it was, the teamleader trom Arvato. He said "You. so | ust old 2 joke that |had to buy glasses eo that! would be eure at once next time, then aid ‘Dye’ and went o Tesco. ‘Then | did some shopping there end in another store because they were sold out | hought about to deal with his. ‘And because | found this behaviour very uncomfertable, ané because Wve earlier had problems wth organised ‘ceminais in Oslo and Livergoo! (problems which | have reported tothe police in Norway and England), | decided to take ata tothe polce-station to repor this. ‘Not because i wanted to accuse the teamleader of anything, but because | wanted fo do this as atypecot s2thatf (however unity feat was something that cou lead to semetting serious), then | would be on ‘sure side, Uke a better to be safe or sory type of decison. | found this to be the most responsible thing to do. ‘SHORT SUNMARY OF THE REST OF THE MEETING (Wil make a better summary of this pat later, but have to finch ti before 16.10, i want gett printed out today at work, because teamieader leaving then). My nenanager Line tld that the tramladr probably was Chie Banos, Teamlesder onthe Bon Pre Set Sorted he whan he showed up at wrk a tora 12. Eric suggested that we should have a meeting with a person responsible for company security, if there was: win Bret for Opraton, nce thisivehd peopl tom wo aero compagine wi diferent senior teamioasers Line suggested wed have a meeting with her, Chris Baines, Senior teanleader our campaign (Aidan), and Senior tezmieader Bon Pix and me. Eric saié hed promised to uptate the police with more info., and said he had thought through tis. yesterday evening, and fourd it most responsible toy to do tis wthout waiting longer than necessary, sohed ty to get this done after work Sunday. (Wil write more precise resume fem the rest of meeting late)