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| ould see the same way as me, st maybe sometting lite 40:50 mates behind me, atthe other sie ofthe street | nt e suaton stat uring ano bain ny bask maybe Sor 8 es istn the short Norwich bulding the town hal fo mu et eaten at ws etn ny back ain oh {ent rey was him wang here) So then when | entruad o walk no Dale Steet ande silwas wakig the, | bund the stuaton even posal. Beau find tenn arg nd pao wnch has ening pte wh wr Foon a aod ate rpeaedly andin aver obs way (ei whe I ued run) iota gre ome whoo ung acne teh, cy nda etn Toul have sated towakk anole way, nlcontnuing wal te same way ass person. txt intoad by Serbs, nthe crossing, the teanleader contd wal bain me nthe sae distance, ite oer sce of Dale St \hen| tune ino Leather Lan, see ive, he | wate on the comer justin to ln, tbe ‘Treaty wasthe tearieader nat was waking here. ‘i sbeaisel now tut tl thas bee enighwobls wen ean wth arr £0 Seed ochecktat realy was him wating hee | wasnt sure that twas him, and I decided i think about thisater, and decide what to de, crry cenTeR {nad erginay rouge goaecty to Tesceanabuy some od ec. sutitetanleader waking he sare way aan sb coniaung dots, even fist have bes ar ots made me uncemtenabi, made me head for Hane rstaad (found the suaton uncamertabe £01 Exton nea her) ven was standing nthe come’ of Leathe Lane | remembered that had planned to ot Tee. | cidntwantto walk the same way ast teamoader, so 1 headed iowards Vicora Street. | walked quite fest, ‘because I thought then maybe Id get a glimpse ofthe teamieader, 80 tat | could be sure that twas him. ‘When had walked fora whie through Vielosa Steet, |suddently saw 3 person | thought might be the ‘aamleader walking acfoss Victoria Street, and ito the treet that | was heading for to get to Tesco, I then saw the person | thought was the tearleader stop at abus stop in that street the street where the bus ops and wich ends not far rom the tax stop which isin the same street as Bacieys Bank Whitechappe).