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Sletvold, Line From: Ribbskog, Erk ‘Sent: 28 Nevernber 2006 16:13 To: —Sletvold, Lne ‘Subject: Meeting 26711708 Line Satvold, Team Leader, MEPA, Arate Services Ene Rbaskog, Contact Conor Representatne, MEPA, Arvate Senco [EPISODE THAT HAPPENED SOME DAYS BEFORE 26/10 ‘Some days before the eplsate on 26/10 (a posse harassirent episode that we dcusted inthe meetings {31/1006 ane 1111706, is episede happened: {was siting nextio Vian, and she was asking aot of questons about problems wih the spreadsheet, and {sling me about new res regarding how fo start the cal. (That we should aay Thank you fo cling Nicrosot and not Wolsoma to Microsc), ‘Allthis happened inbetween the calls, and at4 pr. when the at sit went home, then Vivian and Anna, Nordmare were having’ conversation vary Ina right net to ware | was siting “The load conversation logheter wth the ear intron insetwaan the cals, made me stressed, and Iwas, ‘Sating to get a headache. other | deed o move to acter pice wich was father away om Vian andthe rie Igo abitmore sessed when del this because wo ar realy expecttto eve as quick as oss when ‘lange sats, besause hee ao cals wating. _2e seat hich moved ta there had been nw Fn ot recieving aiing ater a ay, soat he Felon tons workstation, here wee comneces two sts of headsets “The eitra headset was laying in the way of he working area, so | cecided to clecorect the extra headset rom {he phone, and pit kina place beside fhe computer where it woul bein the way. “While was dong this, a guy hadnt seen befor, suddenty aproached me and said in atone that demarded Sewer Where are you takirg those. | didntknow who this person was, he was wearing a white hooded sweater, so|theught maybe itwas a not ‘Serious guy that was tying o maybe have some fun win bulying'the foreigners a the Scandemavian ‘campaign, {nought i wes impolite fr someone who dt not have anything todo wth our campaign, and who dis net ‘robert hirselt, 1 stat askng questions about how I di my ob. ‘And the way he asked the question was so cect and tens’. It thought was ike he was acusing me Peteaing ‘he headphones, when all! wanted wast pit the headohones beside my workstation, ‘So that he to me sounded le he was implying that | wes stealing the headphones, or doing something with 26/11/2006