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Promotes the Idea that Magic is Just Fantasy
Makes a Distinction Between Good Magic and Bad Magic

Introduces Children to the Occult

Has no Moral Compass or Ethical Authority
Uses Satanic Symbols
What Does Rowling Have to Say?
Miraculous Birth
Childhood Miracles

Magical Powers
Battles with Evil
The Power of Faith and Love
Sacrificial Death and Subsequent Resurrection
Lions and Serpents
A girl, a Sword, a Snake, and a Flying Hero

7 Seals, 7 Horcruxes

Archaeological Evidence Confirms Many Biblical Accounts
The Martyrs Would not Have Been Willing to Die for a Lie

Christianity Could not Have Started Without a Founder

The Life of Jesus Was Prophesied in the Old Testament
Jesus was the Founder of Ethics


Code of Silence
Hieros Logos (Sacred Story)
Hierarchy of Initiation
Mystical Experience
Ritual death and rebirth
Identification with God
Symbolism in Mithraism
Rituals of Mithraism
Council of Nicaea (325)
Julian the Apostate (355-363)
First Council of Constantinople (381)
Council of Ephesus (431)
Council of Chalcedon (451)
Continuing Controversies
Council of Nicaea II (787): Iconoclasm and Idolatry