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Circular No. 130

Sub: Trading holidays for the calendar year 2011
In pursuance to Clause 2 of Chapter IX of the Bye-Laws and Regulation 2.3 of the F&O
Date: Nov 22, 2010
Segment, the Exchange hereby notifies trading holidays for the calendar year 2011 as
Download No: 16361
S No Date Day Description
1 26-Jan-11 Wednesday Republic Day
2 02-Mar-11 Wednesday Mahashivratri
3 12-Apr-11 Tuesday Ram Navmi
Prakriti Dabral 4 14-Apr-11 Thursday Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti
Altaf Shaikh 5 22-Apr-11 Friday Good Friday
Sachin Dhar
6 15-Aug-11 Monday Independence Day
022-26598180 7 31-Aug-11 Wednesday Ramzan ID
022-26598151 8 01-Sep-11 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi
022-26598152 9 06-Oct-11 Thursday Dasara
10 26-Oct-11 Wednesday Laxmi Puja*
11 27-Oct-11 Thursday Diwali - Balipratipada
022-26598449 12 07-Nov-11 Monday Bakri Id
13 10-Nov-11 Thursday Gurunanak Jayanti
Technical Queries
022-26567500 14 06-Dec-11 Tuesday Moharram

The holidays falling on Saturday / Sunday are as follows: S No Date Day Description
1 01-Jan-11 Saturday New Year
2 20-Mar-11 Sunday Holi
3 16-Apr-11 Saturday Mahavir Jayanti
No of Pages: 1 4 01-May-11 Sunday May Day
5 02-Oct-11 Sunday Gandhi Jayanti
6 25-Dec-11 Sunday Christmas

*Muhurat Trading will be conducted. Timings of Muhurat Trading shall be notified


For and on behalf of

National Stock Exchange of India Limited

Suprabhat Lala
Vice President