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Videshan mantras are used to create differences between two or more than two persons. these
are used when a person puts loss to others and cannot be controlled. These mantras are used for
their home and other affairs, so that they do not find time to tease others. One can use these
mantras against ones enemies. However , nefarious used is made by some persons to create
differences between husband and wife, father and son, brothers, friends etc.., which must be
avoided . Use these mantras for good and healthy purpose.

The shastras have however permitted the use of these mantras for self protection. (1) Naradya
Mantra Mantra
"Om namo Nardaya Amukasaya Amukhem Seh Vedeshan Kuru Kuru Swaha"
This mantra must be recited 10 lac times in 21 days. Change the same of person in palce of
words Amukasaya and Amukem in the mantra. Then purify the articles of Videshan with 108
mantras and use them. (2) Stambhan Mantra Stambhan mantras are those through which you
can stop your enemy, opponents from creating trouble. Through these mantras, you can stop you
can control the activities of others, which are not in your interest. Mantra
"Om Namo bhagvate Shatrunam Budhi Stambhan Kuru Kuru Swaha"
Recite this mantra ten thousand times. Infuse the articels 108 times with this mantra and use
them. The intelligence of the enemy will become nil and he will not be able to do any mischief.
Replace the name of the enemy or person with the word "Shatru" in the mantra. (3) Naryane
mantra Mantra
"Om Namo Naryane Amukasaya Amukem Seh Videshan Kuru Kuru Swaha"
Recite this mantra one thoouand times while standing and perform homa with 1000 mantras. Procure in
Punarvasu nakshatra four inches long wood of Chitavar tree and infuse it 7 times with above mantra.
Bury it in the house of the enemy. They will leave the house and will be subject to Uchattan.