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Communication is a mode which helps us to express or
transfer our messages, thoughts, feelings, thinking’s, imaginations and
ideas. This is a function which is pre-installed or naturally exists in
every human being to show his existence by language. It is divided
into two main parts i.e.
1. Verbal Communication
2. Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is done through several

ways, such as gestures, postures, impressions, expressions etc. Which
plays an essential role in our lives? If we look around in this world, we
will come to know that how much the communication means to us.
Let's see how communication skills have great impact in our lives.

From the day the life came into existence how many
times have you seen communication skills required for job in the
classifieds and wonder what it actually means with the development in
the new socio-economic structure ,accents in conventional mutual
relation is changing ,new priorities develops. Communication is also
used for marketing purpose.
Marketing communication is not a simple method of
dissemination where information is exchanged between a sender and
recipient. Marketing communication, whatever its nature a process
which requires audience reached, it is the transmission of information
to a properly selected communication channels in due course. From
appropriate communication with customers depends on organization,
success in the market.
Today’s image building and governance are very
relevant to only to public relations, marketing management specialist
but also within organizations and their leaders. For this reasons,
choosing a company tele2 and general discussed of its activities, we
will try to analyze the means and forms of communication going on.
Another important way of communication is body
language, a very personal way of expressing yourself without words.
Sign language is an excellent example of this; one can spend their
whole life communicating only with their body. Still one can be able to
understand exactly how a person is trying to express themselves.
Speaking and body language goes hand to hand without gestures
when talking one cannot truly explain certain things to someone. Also
there is no visual effect for listening.
In this day and age, it is very important that a
person be skillful and knowledgeable in the area of computers and
technology it is very difficult to be successful in today’s job market and
high tech lifestyle if you do not have these skills.

The use of internet is one extremely important computer

skill one should definitely have mastered computers and internet today
are almost one in the same thing and usually one isn’t mentioned
without the other tagging along. A person will need to be familiar with
the internet in all types of work whether it is research on any topic or
surfing for information. For this purpose computer users need to know
what a search engine is and how it works, what a keyword is and how
it works, how to open a browser and how to use a link etc.

Naturally, there is chaff and there is wheat. And we need

wind to separate the two. The wind of change is one, but also the
gentle wind of well-targeted communication. Occasionally, if the
impact is great, the wind of mass communication will kick up a storm
great enough to blow away the chaff and seed productive ideas across
a vast land, as well as return to fallow land parts of the sterile research
landscape by depriving it from its life-sustaining grants.

To sum up: the responsibility is collective. Scientists need

the press, but they also need to be aware of and energised by the
impact of their research. As always, managers have a great role to play
to facilitate this, but they need to understand that wind can also snuff
a good candle, and that resistors always create heat.
A friend of mine did a study on job applications on
Monster, an internet site for job seekers. Guess what the single most
repeated phrase in the Qualification Requirement was?
'Candidates with good communication skills'

He told me that almost no exception was made in any job

category about the need for good communication skills, in any
industry. The most surprising aspect is that none of us are taught any
kind of communication skills anytime in school or college. To add to
this, it is marked always on a subjective scale. In effect, the
importance of communication skills has spread through the society not
as an overt requirement, but a covert necessity.

This is what a North Carolina state university sponsored study had

to say about the importance of communication skills in work place:
"Communication skills were considered more important than
either technical knowledge...or computer skills."

We have mass communication and a few allied fields as a

major in college. Most of these studies are in the specialized level and
only for those who want to build a profession either in talking; writing
or such things. It is high time everyone is given at least the basic
training so that each one of us can understand the implication and
importance of communication skills.

What makes a good team? Team communication, of

course! But why? Imagine, working in a group and everyone is
involved, giving opinions, feedback, asking questions, verifying what
they went over and what their specific role is? How efficient is that
team going to be? Now try to imagine the difference, overall, if you
were in a team that just didn’t communicate and couldn’t make a
decision on anything? Pretty scary, right? Team communication is so
important, not only in learning teams, but in every aspect of life. This
paper will show the difference when a team has the communication
they need, or what happens to them, if they don’t. Team
communication is important; it can make or break the team members
and/or the team.
To have a team that not only enjoys working together but also
succeeds in their work, communication must come first.
If everyone is communicating efficiently, all members of the team
will know exactly what role they will play on an assignment to help the
team, as well as what they need to accomplish individually on their
own time, to be ready, prepared, on time, and up to speed with the
rest of the group. The learning team toolkit states that teams were
“created so that instead of doing a task ourselves, they believe that
members of a team working together can accomplish more than the
same number of individuals working separately.” (Parker, 2003). That
is so true, that is the whole purpose of teams, to learn to work together
and realize the more team members the more work that can get
accomplished, and to do that all you need to be able to do is
communicate. Having proper communication with the team members
will not only allow everyone to know their role but everyone will have a
say. That way it will allow all members to voice their opinions, making
it a group choice or democracy, rather than having a leader or a
dictator making all the fuss.

Every day, in many ways, we communicate with other

people. Sometimes it is verbally, other times it is through the written
word, and we even do it non-verbally through what we call body
language. For that matter, we can use images to communicate, and
even a scent can carry a message. If we expect to get our point, our
message, our meaning across, it is important that we have good
communication skills.

In order to work in an office, function at school or interact with

people in any situation, communication is needed.
In summary, the reality is that members of an organization can
possess brilliant ideas for company growth and expansion, product
development, or groundbreaking innovations, but unless they can get
those ideas across to management, existing customers, and/or
potential clients, those ideas will come to nothing and, in the end, get
the organization absolutely nowhere.
Human interaction is complex and can be difficult to understand.
This is largely due to the fact that each individual possesses unique
values, beliefs and attitudes. Our parents, our environment and our
experiences create this uniqueness in each of us. What's important to
me may not be important to you. What you think is inappropriate may
be perfectly acceptable to me.
Our interactions with others have led all of us, at times, to say, “I
just don't understand!” This result in frustration for ourselves as well
as the people we fail to understand. When two people are not
communicating effectively, the lack of understanding can have far
reaching effects. Miscommunications can severely damage a
By contrast, achieving a high level of empathy often rewards you
with job satisfaction and personal happiness. Unfortunately, these two
important components are missing or seriously limited in many
people's lives. Getting to know and understand another person can be
difficult. However, effective communication is no different than any
other skill — it can be learned. This is especially important for
superintendents, who interact almost daily with golfers, subordinate
employees, club owners, green committees and others. If you
continually work at improving your communication skills, you and
those around you will reap great rewards.