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— FERRE Ref. HSD:239:08:_ Dated Ae LES. Mat.ager (Finance) NACIL-I. Airlines House New Delhi Sub: SECURITY CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE This has reference to the Memorandum issued by Finance under reference no HFD-15/F5... regarding retirement of shri/Seat./Km./capt. 44 Employee No.” on ft le7 ShrifSmtijkm./Capl. 4) surrendered his/her NACIL Identity Gard No. |t be and ric no. MeGUT2U2E valid upto ailye )eZ_ issued by BCAS to Security Office, NACIL, Hars. Safdarjung Airport. valid upto There is nothing outstanding against him/her as far as this section is concerned. a wn New Deli Saldariang Alport, New Delh:110003. Phone: 2462 2220 ced afore eee ers ak Pe, eNews Af Rew ~ 110.001, 2942 2000 open wes ef Rew - 110.008 abe 254722-20 eit Office. Notional Avan Company of nds Lid, Nines Heuwe 117, Corsa Rakaban| RA, Nw Ovi 110000, Yk 7342 2000 Time tree ) serine . sires Sarr a Pi), ten ASHOK Digs 17 AT gM BSAE Nar cackeror cemboh-) a>, af hhh?” MANAGIER(Couny / R3B480. ‘plait & ee Signature of ne noir / are ae MT pewrrrycarD | ALVE | yonitannonsie %66Z 2699 ‘nt Ge Tua 2B th oe 4002 wave wpe, @ 9 PERMANENT ___ mind gf ne K-20 473 PET nan Hee. NEW DELAL ‘hers eric t eB, /Naoal Aiton Company ofa = weart ord Tae IDENTITY CARD | = | Atve | ME 26672609 ‘Bed Gove ‘ane ema": of . 08. 2007 ee PERMANENT mine gna -K-2 473 ease Peer otaton ie. NEW PELE em fier Ht st te, [Nana Avision Company ate een ore avanees Traffic Services Section NACIL Ref. No.HCD/3-R/ MSC/J¢3 30 July 2009 | have been issued with mobile as per the CMD approval (copy attached). Th. details of mobile are given below: Model No. 3315 Ch. No. 353365/00/619473/2 Code No. 0511151 Connection No. 9871495744 SIM No. 8991100401011812733 The above mobile was issued to me_on reimbursement basis. However, | have not been reimbursed the amount of the bill of the above mobile from Sept.08. In view of my retirement on 31 July 2009, | hereby surrender the <.ove instrument. | want to retain the number of above handset with me. It is requested that the billing address of above mobile is changed in my name as under:- Ashok Dikshit H18/13, Malviya Nagar New Dethi-110 0017. (Ashok Dikshit) Dy.Manager (TS) eae ; Staff No.233480 se ED (Security) KIA: Mohd. Shahood