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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 377/15

Tuesday 14 March 2000

5. Documents received

The President had received:

(a) from committees, reports:
 * Report on the proposal for a Council decision on the Community position within the EC-Mex-
ico Joint Council on the implementation of Articles 3, 4, 5, 6 and 12 of the Interim Agreement
(5965/1/2000  COM(2000) 9  C5-0076/2000  2000/0024(CNS))  Committee on Indus-
try, External Trade, Research and Energy
Rapporteur: Mrs Ferrer
 Report on Europe: an information society for all. Commission initiative for the Special European
Summit of Lisbon, 23 and 24 March 2000 (COM(1999) 687  C5-0063/2000  2000/
2034(COS))  Committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy
Rapporteur: Mrs Read

(b) from Members, motions for resolutions (Rule 48):

 Musumeci, Nobilia on Cyclone Lenny  Saint Martin, Caribbean (B5-0112/2000)
referred to responsible: DEVE
 Podestà on road safety (B5-0113/2000)
referred to responsible: RETT
opinion: ITRE
 Hernández Mollar on the promotion of relations with the Maghreb in the context of European
security and defence (B5-0114/2000)
referred to responsible: AFET
 Garriga Polledo on small and medium-sized enterprises and technology (B5-0115/2000)
referred to responsible: ITRE
 Muscardini on the protection of children and the creation of a register for nomads (B5-0225/
referred to responsible: LIBE

6. Transfers of appropriations

The Committee on Budgets had considered the proposal for transfer of appropriations No 01/2000
(SEC(2000) 93  C5-0056/2000).

It decided to authorise the transfer in accordance with the following breakdown:


Chapter 100 (Provisional appropriations) − 710 900 €


Chapter 10 (Members of the institution)

 Article 101 (Accident and sickness insurance and other social security charges) 12 200 €

 Article 102 (Temporary allowances) 360 000 €

 Item 1050 (Travel expenses (including members of the family)) 8 300 €

 Item 1051 (Installation and resettlement allowances) 183 700 €