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1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 181/23

Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 87 and 88 (ex Articles 92 and 93) of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(1999/C 181/16)

(Text with EEA relevance)

Date of adoption: 30.3.1999 Duration: 1999

Member State: United Kingdom Conditions: it concerns an extension with an R & D section of
a scheme lastly approved by the Commission in 1998,
Aid No: NN 106/A/95 N 262/98
Title: Business Advisory Services (Development for Rural Wales The authentic text(s) of the decision, from which all confi-
(DBRW)) dential information has been removed, can be found at
Objective: Support of SMEs through training, business advice
and other soft aid

Legal basis: Development of Rural Wales Act 1976, Section


Welsh Development Agency Act 1975, Section 1(2)(b), 1(3)(d) Date of adoption: 19.5.1999
and 1(7)(1) Member State: France
Budget: Aid No: N 183/99
— 1995-96: GBP 25 million (EUR 36 million) Title: Inplementation of the PESCA initiative — National
Guarantee Fund (Fond de Cautionnement national)
— 1996-97: GBP 20 million (EUR 29 million)
Objective: This initiative aims primarily to make the market
— 1997-98: GBP 18 million (EUR 26 million)
mechanisms more efficient by reducing the rigidities and
— 1998-99: GBP 19 million (EUR 27 million) structural imperfections which tend to handicap the fishery
products sector.
— 1999-2000: budget not finalised
Legal basis: Projet de décret portant création auprès de l'Office
Aid intensity: national interprofessionnel des produits de la mer et de l'aqua-
culture d'un Fonds national de cautionnement des achats de
— Soft aid; maximum 50 % gross produits de la mer

— Training aid; specific training up 40 % gross and general Aid intensity: The public guarantee does not cover the whole
training up to 75 % gross of the financial obligation. It can cover up to 40 % to 60 % of
the outstanding debt contracted by the financial transactions
Duration: Indefinite manager at auction. The Community share of the public
guarantee will not be more than 50 %, in accordance with
the Community participation rate authorised under Regulation
No 2468/98, Annex III (Table 6).

Date of adoption: 6.5.1999 Duration: One year, renewable

Member State: The Netherlands The authentic text(s) the decision, from which all confidential
information has been removed, can be fund at
Aid No: N 456/98
Title: Stimulating enterprises in Noord-Nederland

Objective: To stimulate the structural development of SMEs.

The scheme will be extended with a financial incentive to
encourage R & D Date of adoption: 20.5.1999
Legal basis: Besluit van de Provinciale Staten van Friesland, Member State: Spain (Catalonia)
Groningen en Drenthe
Aid No: N 670/98
Budget: The budget for R & D stimulation will be fixed
between EUR 453 780 and EUR 907 560 in 1999 Title: Extension of scheme N 953/95 (grants for removing
waste from residual water)
Aid intensity: Maximal 35 % of the eligible costs in case of
technical success, but economic failure Objective: Environmental improvement
C 181/24 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 26.6.1999

Legal basis: Orden de convocatoria para la concesión de — Improvement on standards or absence of standards: 30 %
subvenciones destinadas a actuaciones de eliminación de gross; 40 % in the case of SMEs. Ceiling of ESP 75 million
carga contaminante vertida en aguas residuales (EUR 450 759)

Budget: ESP 2 000 million (EUR 12,3602 million) Duration: 1999-2001

Aid intensity:
The authentic text(s) of the decision, from which all confi-
dential information has been removed, can be found at
— Adaptation to standards: 15 % gross; 25 % in the case of
SMEs (20 % nge, with a bonus of 10 % gross for SMEs in
the case of investment in assisted areas)