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Notice 1 of 2005

No. 7-NT(5)/2001 Date : 08th February 2005

Subject : Consolidated list of approved doctors as per Rule 4 of Merchant Shipping

(Medical Examination) Rules, 2000.
This supercedes earlier issued M.S. Notice Nos.
13 of 2002, 27 of 2002, 2 of 2003, 14 of 2003, 18 of 2003, 29 of 2003, 3 of 2004 and
7 of 2004
In supersession of all the previous orders on the subject, the Director General of Shipping
and Ex-official Addl. Secretary to the Govt. of India is pleased to appoint the following Medical
practitioners as medical examiners, under Rule 4 of M.S. (Medical Examination) Rules, 2000,
as indicated below:

1 Dr. B.S. Bhatia Clinic: Consultant Cardiologist & M/s. Executive Ship
Diabetology, H.O.2103, Sec-35 C, Management Pte. Ltd.,

2. Dr. Jaideep Singh Clinic: Iqbal Clinic, SGF 18, Sector-8-B, M/s, Accord Manning
Chadha Chandigarh Services (Pvt. )Ltd.,
Phone ?Clinic-0172 2780401


1 Dr. A. H. Balaji Balaji Medical Centre, 63,Moore Street,Chennai 600


2 Dr. S. Avudai Nayagam No.1 Moore Street, Chennai-600 001

3 Dr. Minakshi Sundaram Osler Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., 34, Hindi Prachar Sabha
Balasubramaniam Street, T. Nagar, Chennai-600 017

4 Dr. Md. Zaffer Ali No.1 Moore Street, Chennai-600 001

5 Dr. A. Nayagam The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Jawahar

Building,6, Rajaji Salai, Chennai.
Tel: (044) 25231401 (10 lines)

6 Dr. Sairamanan No.4, Venkatesa Agraharam Street, Mylapore, Chennai-


7 Dr. K. Gayathri Devi Santhoshi Hospital, 91, (Old No.45), Prakasam Salai,
Broadway, Chennai -600 108.

8 Dr. M. Chandrasekhar. Clinic: Oriental Polyclinic, 127/2, Mcnichols Road, Chetpet,

Chennai-600 031.
Phone No. 91-44-28257034.

9 Dr. Suresh P. Rao Surima Medical Centre 23,M/s. Sanmar Shipping Limited.,
Barnaby Road, Kilpauk,Chennai

10. Dr. T. Ramesh Kumar Clinic- Raj Medicare, M/s, Sanmar Shipping Limited,