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10. (a) WL is accopled by an NFA with -trasitions prove that 2 18 accepted by: at, NEA ‘without «transitions or 1) Sess a ial Tontean “Pareles ‘sqsivsonh nee anether Ohtain their smal preeete ‘feanonical fim @ wey ways Graeu'es, or 0) Prome da if be ayuge Gor some PDA. M then fis eoutest- tre language 4 im2R10 Mce- ae Lak MAY 2008 MATHEMATICAL FOUNDATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCES, (For those who joined in July 2008 and after) ‘Tima Thema hrs eerese PART A—(7x5= 38 marke) i Answer ALL questions 1. (a). Show that TWP Qs RMP» Qn Pv 2) o () Votan the prnspal disjunctive normal farmsof (PQ) v(|P Rv iQ »R) 2 (a) Show that W>@ >a) 7 3Q) 752) or (o) Show raat 5 (1@ 4(P +@)) > ovo tat the st of dempo.n: element ot forms & Submesn. oF (3) Define Hamamarphiem with an eample 4) Prove that every row or column in the ‘composition table ofa group <@, > isa permutation ofthe element of oO () Let S = (0.6.1, Draw a Hanediogram vata <8), > 5. (a) Ina Bodden algebra, prove tt Le De 4 o)m 00 sab = wo taht be or (b) Ina ation, prove that e188 bre) Stora) <(aBb)#bSe)r/eS0), 8 tal Let M= (ly il (Oth 8, dy 10) be am NFA where ia, 0)= lo... dia. 1) = a, Bay) # Ba, Y= Ua, 9) Bind ER or (0) Construct finite state automata equivalent to the reglar expression onto" 113) + oft 2 amigo ‘nw (alan thet anther rd be nied ader quotient with arbitrary oct oF (0) Consider me grammar c= (7; Ps) where Vie (a) T =e] and p = 1S -> a0, 8+ 08) Find the language L1G) PART R— (4% 10.40 marks) ‘Anewer ALL quetins Ge) Show tat + (van TAP @y Tae Ce Ae TP 07a in teutolny. om (Show Ga (aXPIx)v Q's) = (2) Perv NQK). 9% GT £610" fs 2 homomorphism, prove ‘hat the Remol of fin arma suberoup of @ OF () Let Ht be subgroup ol « group G. Detne Tift and right eoets ef Hand prove that any to et ceots of Hare eter identical o dion. a imiemia