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LABORIE mB : Sa p Where yesterday and today meet. A ie e —— & Night Market —— feral Rt Rh tr =|] 8190 ee |e Carols by Candlelight and a night market. Date 8 December, 2010 Time Gates open 5pm eee na Venue Laborie Wine Estate Taillefer Street, Main Road, Paarl Entry R50 Adults ee en AUT Remote a Ca ey a=) er) ea) Connection will keep visitors eT re OR Mune tenes = both traditional and non-traditional ogee Rete eae es) bring along your picnic blankets eT ee enc a ens eres es anny i \ SP eae) Das nee Ome Se ace se ear Benen ferems tM ele esa Sree acc Cio Cee cea ne Ton aan cma Perea es rey Neen , j A eRe eee a eta eae cee es e < Else eet ere eee en BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL Lama LSTA S16] Sa = se Aas Seating is limited ce seer Contact The Farm VISIT OURBLOG PF 'E El ereyu MSE Meta Wine Sales Beem ARPA ITE KE Tea Bookings & Accommodation ee eh cca Pa dG (oo) lelelates i oat ie} a. RCC CDs