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Date of Birth: Marital Status: Driving Licence: Education 1980 to 1984 Employment History 1999 - Present 1996 - 1999 1994 - 1996 CURRICULUM V: Ronnie Duncan 10 Gordon's Mills Crescent Aberdeen AB24 2 YN 07949413264 E-Mail: 13.04.68 Single Full Powis Academy Aberdeen Scotland Level Achieved:GCSE Physical Education English Mathematics Carewatch (Grampian) Ltd Archibald Simpson House 27-29 King Street Aberdeen AB24 SAA Field Care Supervisor In charge of 30 Carers, Dealing with 120 Service Users Providing Personal Care to S.U, in their own homes, scheduling carer work to service users and ensuring high quality of care is provided Task Force Agency Ltd Huntly Street Aberdeen General Labouring Sunblest Bakers Ltd Granitehill Road Aberdeen Production Line Operator CURRICULUM VITAE Ronnie Duncan 10 Gordon's Mills Crescent Extra Curricular Activities: Career Objectives: Availability: References: Ms June Gunn Mrs Trish McGuire Mrs Norma Wilson Aberdeen AB24 2 YN I enjoy playing golf and taking part in other sports. To forge a new career and learn new skills Able to start immediately Operations Director Carewatch (Grampian) Ltd Archibald Simpson House 27-29 King Street Aberdeen AB24 5AA Tel: 01224 636333 Task Force Ltd Huntly Street Aberdeen Sunblest Bakers Ltd Granitehill Road Aberdeen HELSETLOYNET | ROGALAND FFYLKESMANNEN | ROGALAND [NORWEGIAN BOARD OF HEALTH IN ROGALAND COUNTY ‘COUNTY GOVERNOR OF ROGALAND Helseerklzring ‘or persone i petelumevirisomfton pi don nerakovontnantalotel Mean Coracate er Persons engaged in The Patrol Aetyen bo Norwegian Continental Shel 13 AK (Me CONALIO DUICAA. io gordens mips Ces! PEEIGED ABR Yn ‘mv og ass (al Oo bls) - Palanan ae Bos ae) | Hated Bane ue ‘rdag undersolt av mog ae batemmeleene i och om hetokra for precne | potleurevisometn. {8 today examined by mein accortarce wih eguaions cencoming Medea Hequremerts fr Parsons engaged the Peooum Acti a gruetag av ogonorrng, unersokose 09 vurdering | fxhottl novel eri, ustedes heleostenig. ‘On hs basis of te persona heath satmary, examination ana evaliston ring Wo ihe 690 regulon, a hth ceca is ssusd Heleconering er ays 09 med Tho Peas Corie ovat tt ese oro a orsmenes raw o9 foal ‘Legens underskrit 09 Petrofac Training This is to certify that Ronald Mathieson Duncan has successfuly completed Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency ‘Training (including HUET & EBS) OPITO Approved Lak 09 42006 Tor 1st 2008 7 bos: 309 Expiry Date: 10 Jul 2012 inna Dror py ; [leq eto top Wornor meas orate og Rar Gar an warding av vodhonmmends | cactre that! am tata with th conan ofthe Rogultons, and have cand out an evalaion ofthe persen’'s heath in accordance wth the requemeds and purpoe ofthe equator, Decors sat and ate OR BIANCA KUEHLER stomosi MEDICAL ADVISER