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Task Analysis Chart Template for

Tech Ed Independent Study Project

0. Complete an independent research

project based on a module subject

1. choose a subject 4. test and evaluate

2. internet research 3. construct project
within module

1.1. discuss 1.2. list 1.3. choose 3.1. obtain 3.2. follow or 3.3. identify problem
3.4. build
procedure possible project
with teacher subjects subject materials draw plans areas in construction

3.3.1. tools, supplies,

2.1. set project parameters based
on time, cost, and complexity and student ability

2.3. get teacher approval

2.2.choose minimum of
three possible subjects
after discussion

4.3. class presentation 4.4. discussion and

4.1. test project for 4.2. demonstrate outlining project feedback
2.2.1 save to favorites proper construction working/completed goals and problems
or operation project

4.1.1. make adjustments

as needed