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Assembly of God, 14th January 1979 PRAYER SANCTUARY BULLETIN - NO.15a Dear Prayer Partners, fe shall. baptise you with the Holy Ghost and with fire!"(Matt 3.11) The late Pastor C.L.Greenwood used to say, "You tell me you-have boon baptised with the Holy Ghost, but Have YOU ESEN BApTIsu IN THE FIRS?". He vas right! One of the Ghristion's greatest needs is for a BURNING HRARI! Vaile the mind is the channel of preaching, toaching, ctc., the HEART Js the fiery fountain out of which God's message should flow! Tt is mush easier to prepare the head than it is the heart. Sermons and pooks may fill the head, but only the Spirit of God can 2411 and fire the heart - and He will! as we wait before Him in prayer to be inmersed in the Divine flane! The words of the Sunaus discipleg describe our need, and the anewer, "Did not our hearts BURY WITE"US, as He talked with us in the way?". Tae BURNING ERAN? was duo to the divine presence of tho Risen Christ. And ‘the sone wonderful Jesus waits to meet with us each day and salt us with fire! (Mark 9.49) It ie only the truth when it is Set on fire - only the Gospel. as 1% floe out of burning hearts, that will moot today's need ~ and this through PRAYER! The Word of God becones vitalised, penetrating, it caste down, builde up, breaks through, and transforms! In prayer the Christian finds his enablenent. Oh, how we need to wait upon God! The relationship of prayer to spiritual service ie as vitel as breath to the body. Tae Holy Ghost cannot work through prayerless Christians. TST" 1979 be a your of TH5 HOLY SIRS! of course, waiting upon God takes time, But 4t is worth every xonent! Viet a privilege it is! Access to the Living God! ie should NBVER rush our devotions ~ and wo won't if ve get our priorities right! Rushing through our Sanctuary Mime could result in woak faita, Zeeble convictions, and lack of spiritual vigour. I mow interosssion is taxing ~ that it cost serious attention and effort ~ and that "flesh and blood” does not relish it. But God ie calling today for YOU to be a prayer-chenncl. Prav=oxs are vital to fs work! The year 1979 can be the greatest you fave ever known! Do respond to iis challenge! God bless you! THE MORNING WATCH, over the past few aonths our Prayer Bulletins have offered prayer patterns, devotional suggestions that, if followed, could prove most helpful in developing your prayer life. They are well~ Grieg suggestions that can be acted upon over and over again, and the practises developed. Please don't let these little sheets Gio! Ronember, they are not News Sheets! Don't reat then and forget then as you vould a news sheet. Turm back to then again and egain, They contain evernal principles! Keep then, file then, Staple thon, or put then in a cover. Value then, for they are based upon experience and the Word of God, and to tura o thon again ani again you will find then refreshing and a contimial means of re-adjustment in your prayer life. I did e series, cone what similar, some years ago, and folk from time to tine tell ne thet they’ are still using thon and what a blessing they have been. In fact, I have a worn and tattered sheaf of then (now probably 30 years old) and they are my constant companions in ny "Prayer Sanctuary". ‘MORNING DaVORTONS, I an attaching a lovely Prayer Pattern, Do try it this week. Tum up the Seriptures that are quoted - and do not hurry through. Think every sentence through ~ aad particularly the Scriptures. Practise every suggestion. Lift your soul, let your heart move out in love, absorb the Spirit of God, surrender yourself wholly, rest, be thankful, yield, be summissive ~ In a word enter into very suggested spiritual exercise, and you will be narvellously rereshe! and revitalise’ in God! ‘Don't forget to read a Pealn and a chapter of the Gospels each day.