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Prayer Bulletin No. 14b PRAYERIINE and "Christ, who is our Life" We should never lose sight of our priorities. The primary business of every Christian should be to begin the day with God to receive His touch, to have the inner man strengthened and nourished for the day, end to ensure that the soul is happy in the Lord. All this is essential if we are to please God and be a blessing to others. To thie end let the first act of our devotions be TO SBT OURSELVES IN HIS PHESENGE by an act of faith; bow quietly before Him in silent adoration - "Be still and know that He is God". God is near! God is love! Ged is longing to communicate Himself; God is waiting to work im us and make Hinself known (Phil 2.15) After a few moment eilence begin to quietly praise and worship Him. ‘Then turn to the Word of God = ask His blessing upon your reading - and begin to meditate upon each verse, searching every sentence under the light of His Spirit, to obtain God's message to one's soul. Tt is useful to analyse by using such questions as "Who?" "Wny?", "when?", "where?", "Which?", "Eow?", "What?" , to extract food for the soul and be brought into experimental communion with the lord. In a few momenisthis will lead us into confession, intercession, ‘hankegiving, supplication, and so on. As we pass from one verse to the next, spiritual nector, the wine of joy, the finest of the wheat, warmth, comfort, encouragement, instruction, reproof - will fill, thrill and edify’the eoul. Such meditation leads to prayer, prayer to communien, and communion to Heavenly fellowship with our Precious Lord. SATANTO OPPOSITION. Saten is the Saviour's bitterest foe, and also the most powerful. enemy of the Caristien. He doea his best to hinder us fron being saved, and then ceaselessly opposes every aivance we seek to make in the Ghristion life. He is everlastingly trying to undermine our spiritual life. There are three major points of attack that he employs. He will do every diabolical thing he can to keep you from reading the Bible, praying and witnessing. He knows that if he can hinder you in these pointe, your testimony will be shattered, your power short-circuited, and your joy dissolved. He will fight furiously to keep you from your Bible. He knows that no child of God can grow in grace without God's Word feasted upon DAILY! He will make you sleepy, make your thoughts wander, make you think you are too busy or too tired to read the Scriptures. He will try to get you to read other things, so long as you don't read the Bible. His second point of attack is on your prayer life. He tries to intercept your communications with God. He knows prayer is the Ghristian's breath, and he wants to strangle you. He realises that you draw your life fron Jesus in the prayer sanctuary and wants you ‘to bo @ powerless, nominal Church member, instead of a vigorous, radiant Christian, He will make you too busy to pray, for he knows that prayerless service is powerless service. He is not afraid of a prayerless saint. When you are about to pray, he will have someone kmock at your door, or the telephone will ring ~ something ~ anything to rob you of those precious moments alone with your wonderful Lord. The next point of attack is to keep you from witnessing. He knovs that if you witness someone else is sure to get saved. He doesn't mind if you talk about the weatuer - so long as you're silent about Jesus, He makes you tongue tied and ashamed, He will tell you that you don't know enough to witnese effectively, or that you haven't enough tact, or that it is the wrong time - or a thousand other things to keep your mouth shut. But we are not in ignorance of his devices - let us defeat our foe in the power of our all-conquering Christ! Hallelujah!