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Assembly of God. Teh January 1979 PRAYSR SANCTUARY BULLETIN - No.14a Dear Prayer Partners, As we face a New Year, let the ory of our hearte be - "I must have the Saviour with me, for I dare not valk alone". In luke 24.15 we read, "while they cosmned together and reasoned Jesus Hinsel? drew near, and went with then”. Yay this be our ox perience in 1979. Jesus never senile His people shea alone, He clears a way through the ‘thicket and the jungle and calls softly, "Follow Me, Let's go on together - you and I". He has alreaiy been where over we mey be called to go. He knows every roai; the valley of disappointment with ite dare shadows; the steep path of temptation; the narrow path of pain; the dizy heights of victory, the beaten rosi of daily routine. Yeo, He has trodden all before, and glorified every path and every trail. He will walk anew with us in them all. The only safe way to travel life's road is with Hin at our side. He renews our strength, guiokens our hope and deepens our faith. No matter how dark the way may be, or how uncertain the path ~ Wi SHALL ARRIVE! Helleiujeh! He will be above us to guard (Deut 4.39); Underneath to support(Deut. 35.27); Behind us ee a rerevari (Ioniah 52.12); Before us to lead (Isaiah 45.2); at oar right nana ‘to protect (realm 16.8); Around about ue to shield (Peain 125.2); Within our hearts as Companion and Gonforter (azek 36-27; Gal 2-20). FELLOWSHIP WITH Gor The firet and chief need of every Christian is fellowship witi Goa! Our new life cones from Hin. As we need breath to live, aust Guy soul Raintain living communication with God to survive. Aa’ the manna had to be gathered FRESH daily, so must fresh grace fron Heaven be obtained regularly. For @ healthy, Vigorous Christian life each day should begin by our waiting upon Hin, and receiving His life-giving touch. Let us make this our New Year resolution - "By His grace, I will live my life in communion with God". Therein lies our safety. One of the dangers Jeous sald we would face in these last days is the unconscious waning Uf Sove (Matt 24.12; Rev 2.4; 3415-16). Tne danger signe are alresdy evident. There is'a falling avay, The passion for God ie lacking; so many are becoming cold and indufferent to the work ings of the Spirit. The results of thia trend can be seen iz the carelessness with regard to "separation", and the gredual breakdown, of the boundaries betweon the people of God and the world. In the light of the Coming Again of the lord Jesus Christ, and His warnings fo veton and be Sealy (lute Toby DEsSe) i ete benaves us to live close, to cleave, to Him, to pray ineessently for the lost, the careless and the iukewarm, Jesus could clearly foresee the world conditions as they would be at the end time, and gave the solean waming ~ "Watoh ye therefore, fur ye know not when the Master of the house coneth, at even or at midnight, or at the cockerowing, or in the moming; ig8P COMING SUDDENLY He tind you sleeping. And what I say unto you, I say unto all, WATCH! "(Luke 15.35-37). Note those vorda ~ "Lest coning suddenly, His coming will be unanncunced; it will be instantaneous; the silent moving of God's dynamic power. When He retums there will be no time then to repent, to make restit- ution, to win souls, to pray! Yes, it will be SUDDEN! It was sudden to Bnoch! "Enoch walked with God and God took hin'{ Gen 5.24; Heb 11.5) Only Boch? anid the thousands then living? Why? Because he valked with God! And if the Jord can teke one man who walked with God, ie He not able to take ALL WHO WAIX WITH GOD? And, praise God, He will! PRAYER 1S Le — A Pitcher to carry the Water of Life; A Chenist that turns all life into gold Incense with which to worship Ged; A Zow to carry the arrow of our need; a Baroneter to show our spiritual ecndition; The Chariot to carry our petitions to God; The tuning folk to get us into tune with Heaven's melody!