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Directions Choose one of the following options to interpret and explore that revolve around the concept of
TRANSFORMATION. Use two face-to-face pages (a spread) in your sketchbook to think through and plan you ideas. Your
spread should include lists of ideas, thumbnails, mixed media explorations, “tear outs” from magazines, whatever research
you need to do in order for you to come to a conclusion about your ideas. Media is specified for each problem.

OPTION 1 – An Object
Using a panoramic format, or a
polyptych, choose an object to
transform in some way. Observe
this transformation. Is the
transformation natural (rotted
fruit) or intentional (cutting up or biting into fruit)? Think about the following concepts –transition,
transmutation, transformation, change, stages, viewpoints, micro-to-macro, zoomed in, zoomed out, bird’s eye,
people’s eye, worm’s eye, styles, taken apart, put back together, cut up, decomposing, landscape, and panorama.

OPTION 2 – Transforming the Face Create a series that shows the face – your face or someone
else’s face - transforming in some way. Create at least 3 small
artworks to show this transformation (a triptych). Ideas -
Putting on make-up, facial expression turning into another
expression, a face turning into something else (not a face),
plain to fancy, a face gradually melting, a face turning into an
abstraction…what else? Color or b/w media.

OPTION 3 – Man-made/Natural-ish/Otherworldy/Hybrid

Think about a man-made environment, landscape or object, even a figure or

face. How can you hybrid-tize that into something else that appears
natural/botanical/insect-y? Think about the art element of TEXTURE.
How can the billows of smoke from a smokestack transform into tentacles?
How can you turn machinery gears into an exaggerated insect? How can a
coil of ropes turn into roots? Look
to botanical, insect, or marine-life
illustrations for inspiration. Check
out the artists EVELYN RYDZ
(where I got this idea from) and
artist) for more insight. Create a
hyper-detailed illustration of your
transformation using pen/ink with
the option of a color medium.

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