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By Norische

Chapter 1


London seems pretty cool, what little I have gotten to see of it. Most of my time has been
spent in the damn room at the Leaky Cauldron. Got my school supplies three days ago,
so I have been sitting in here reading through them since. One or two classes look
interesting but most are pretty dull. Oh well, what else is new.

Haven’t gotten much of the details about what the school is like or anything else yet, so
don’t worry I have been on my best behavior. It is probably best not to hack off anyone
before I even start school. The only thing that I know is that there are suppose to be eight
transfer students to my class and eight to the fifth years.

People around here seem pretty stiff, so I am not really comfortable talking to anyone
yet, but I suppose that will change as I get to know people. You know me that shouldn’t
take long.

And before you start, yes I remember my promise, and no I haven’t gotten into any
trouble yet….yet.



Norische folded the letter and sealed it with wax then gave it to Gazer, his eagle owl.
Gazer was a gift from Pari, Norische’s godmother. She had given the owl to him when
his mother died, so that they could stay in contact all the time. Norische walked over to
the window and opened it, allowing Gazer to take off.

Norische looked at his watch, ten o’clock. The morning had been pretty dull, but he
decided that he was going to take in some of the sites today, and not spend all day inside.
So, he started getting dressed, in a few minutes Norische was standing in front of the full-
length mirror so graciously provided by the inn. Norische was tall, six-one, even though
he was only sixteen. He had a slender built, not quite ribbed but definitely toned. Raven
black hair and almost black eyes, that were encases in thick long lashes. Delicate arching
eyebrows, an almost slender sophisticated nose, his lips were full and rich, and just a little
bit darker than would be appropriate for a male to have. In fact, most people thought he
was wearing some type of lip color most of the time, which occasionally led to trouble.
His skin was light, although he sometimes would use those instant tans just to give
himself a little more color, right now he had an almost ivory tone to his skin…pale and
perfect. He had decided on the black leather low riders. The leather was actually

lambskin, it was soft and subtle, although not too hot… which considering this was
almost September was a good thing. He picked out his black sleeveless t-shirt, simple yet
effective, and tucked it into his leathers before he buttoned them up. He didn’t bother
wearing underwear with these pants since they tended to be too tight and you could see
every crease and seem, and besides he liked the feel of the bare leather against his skin.
He decided on his black leather scrunch boots; he had just gotten them in London a few
days ago and not had yet had a chance to wear them. He put his silver snake armband on
his right arm; he loved the way it contrasted with the black tribal tattoo on his left arm.
He had his tiny silver bat earring that Pari had given him last Christmas in, he only wore
one since he wasn’t sure how these people would take him wearing both of them. He
attached the other earring to the lip of his boot, so that he wouldn’t lose it. Norische
brushed his hair back trying to figure out how he wanted to wear it, and then decided to
bind it back at the neck. His hair had grown quite a bit in the past year; it was just past his
shoulders again thankfully.

The last time he had cut his hair was when his mother died, in November of last year,
almost a year now. As was the way of his kind. Norische cut his hair, bound the long
flowing ponytail and laid it in the sarcophagus with his mother right before it was sealed.
It was the first time his hair had ever been cut. Seeing how long it was now reminded
Norische just how long, he had been without her.

With a heavy sigh, Norische decided he was not going to allow himself to think about it
right now. He only had one day left and he was going to make the best of it. With that,
Norische grabbed his wallet, stuffed it into his back pocket and fastened the money pouch
that Pari had given him to the belt loop over his right hip. Even though it looked a little
extravagant he had a heavy steel chain hanging from the pouch to his leathers, just incase
someone wanted to try and steal it and of course he had a charm or two on the bag itself
so even if they tried all they would get is boils on the palms of their hands and the word
‘thief’ tattooed on their forehead.

Norische took one last look in the mirror, dabbed on a little cologne and headed out the

Diagon Alley… the wonders of the wizarding world in London. Oh wow…. While the
words sounded so excited, the voice behind then was bored and slightly frustrated.
Diagon Alley was interesting enough although Norische had hoped to find some more
unique items.

Slug & Jiggers Apothecary proved pretty useful. Norische managed to restock quite a bit
actually. Although some of the things he needed they were out of and he had to put in an
order for a few things it wasn’t half bad. They managed to have the powdered root of
asphodel, belladonna, shredded boomslang skin, stewed lacewing flies, powdered unicorn
horn, fluxweed, dried dragon’s liver, unicorn milk, ground dragon’s claw, flubberworm
mucus, hellborn, and moonstone, but they were out of biting nettles, shrivel fig dust,
runespour eggs, valerian and wolfsbane. So, Norische put an order in for those items and

paid for them at the same time. The clerk was nice enough to recommend a shop on
Knockturn Alley that wasn’t too far away for some of the more interesting ingredients
that he needed. Norische also bought quite a few bottles, vials, skins and boxes, while he
was here, never smart to be caught without the proper containers.

He stopped by the Eeylops Owl Emporium and picked up some treats for Gazer and some
more food, although he rarely had to feed him store bought food, Gazer loved to hunt
way too much.

Obscurus Books also was a great find. Norische found several potions books that were,
well…not exactly the kind of books that would be approved of by the school. He bought
one book called Sexual Magic, Potions To Make a Man Melt In Your Mouth and In Your
Hands, and another one Aphrodisiacs for All Occasions. He found one on blood magic
but the owner refused to sell it too him due to his age. One on Druimatic potions, called
Standing on The Green, and one on lunar potions called The Magic in The Moon.
Norische also grabbed a few of the magical book covers while he was at it for his more,
interesting reading.

Norische headed down to Knockturn Alley and bought a few things from the street
venders, then headed into the Apothecary there. They definitely specialized in the more
‘unique’ items. Norische got several venoms that he was looking for, a couple of basilisk
scales, they even had powdered Dementor dust. While he was there, he picked up a vial
of werewolf blood, and some anamorphagus bile as well. The prices in this place were a
lot higher than he was used to but Norische paid it, better to have what you need when
you need it then not.

Norische shrunk his new finds down to fit in the single bag he had and went on down the
street. As he got back up to the main street, Diagon Alley, Norische decided to sit down
and take a breather. So, he went over to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor and
ordered a butterbeer and sat down. Pulling a chair up for his feet, Norische leaned back
and put his boots up, relaxing and taking in the locals. After a few minutes, he noticed a
rather cute blond watching him out of the corner of his eye.

The blond was probably around sixteen or seventeen maybe. He had almost platinum
blond hair, which was slicked back against his head. Norische couldn’t see the color of
his eyes from here, but his skin was pale and his features aristocratic. Defiantly one of the
spoiled rich kid sect. Norische could see that the boy had school robes on, much like the
vast majority of teens that were walking around today. Norische was by no means as
subtle as the blond at the fact that he was watching him as well. Norische liked to be bold
and he liked to flirt so, when the blond looked his way… Norische lifted his glass to him
in a silent toast and took a sip. Letting the blond know that he had noticed him watching
him too. Immediately the blond repositioned himself in his seat so that his back was to
Norische, and appeared to pay more attention to the other four individuals that he was

The blond had two goons with him; you could tell just by the way they crowded around
him they were almost like bodyguards although they appeared to be around the same age
as the blond. There was a rather attractive boy with wavy black hair, not quite as
interesting as the blond though but a little better built. He was probably Italian or Greek,
Norische guessed…just from his features. There was also a female, very pretty young
woman actually. She had dark brown hair, just past her shoulders and her face was
gentile and defined… another of the rich kid sect… no doubt. She was sitting across from
the blond and every few minutes she would look over his shoulder as see if Norische was
still watching.

Norische grinned his devilish grin and titled his head just right. Turning his ear towards
the blond and his table. Listening. He knew he wasn’t supposed to do it, but he couldn’t
help it. They would never know he was listening in on their conversation. Being
Vampyric with highly acute senses had its benefits, that was for sure. Even from ten feet
away he could hear their conversation quite clearly.

“Is he still watching?” blond

“Yeah, wait he has turned away.” Female voice

“Who is he?” blond

“No idea, I have never seen him before.” Male voice, probably the dark haired one.

“Now what is he doing?” blond

“Just sipping his drink and watching something outside I think. He has the cutest smirk.”
Female again.

“Shut up Pansy.” Ah Pansy is it…well that gives one of them a name.

“Don’t be mean Draco, I can’t help it if I think he is cute.” Draco… hmmm… Dragon,
interesting. The blond is Draco, the female is Pansy, that leaves three then.

“Those pants look like they are painted on, I bet they are so tight he isn’t wearing
anything underneath them.” Male voice, again probably the dark haired one.

“Blaise…that is so wrong. Just because you like blokes doesn’t mean that everyone is
perverted like you.” Pansy whispered. Note to self, dark haired one is Blaise, probably
gay and sounds like fun…hmm…perverted.

Norische took a second to think. Then without notice “AACHHEWW!”. Norische

sneezed so hard it brought a tear to his eye and knocked his packages to the floor.
Mumbling under his breath, Norische pulled his boots off the chair in front of him and
got down on his knees to crawl under the table to pick up the dropped items. Making sure
his perfect, leather clad ass was aimed right at their table.

“Draco! Draco look!” Pansy excitedly squealed.

“Oh Bloody Hell! I wonder if has any idea what his ass is doing to me right now? By the
way, I was right, no scruffies.” Blaise breathed

Draco turned and could not help but stare at the full round ass that he saw pointed his
direction. “Bloody Hell.” Was all that he said.

Norische could hear them, even from where he was at; he couldn’t help but grin at
Draco’s reaction. Norische didn’t wiggle his ass or make any lude movements like he so
desperately wanted to do, but he kept it calm and real. So, he just kept mumbling about
how stupid he was and reaching around for the scattered items. It took a few minutes to
find them all, he even had to put his head all the way to the ground to see one item that
had made it underneath the platform for the table, the perfect knee-chest position, with
his long and lithe back bowed.

“He is definitely doing that on purpose. No one can do that and not know what he is
doing.” Blaise whispered huskily.

“Oh Merlin…” Draco agreed.

As Norische picked up the last package, he placed them all back up on the table. Then sat
back on the heels of his boots. His shirt had long since gotten un-tucked and so as he sat
back you could see the crack of his ass…since the leathers he had chosen were his low

“Yep, no scruffies.” Blaise noticed.

“Merlin.” Pansy couldn’t help but look.

Without further ado, Norische got back up on his feet in one swift movement, not even
bothering to hold on to anything to rise. In one graceful almost catlike movement he was
standing. He looked down at this pants and bent down to dust off the dirt, twisting this
way and that making sure he got it all. Then he tucked his shirt back in, picked up his tiny
packages putting them all back in the bag he had them in originally then fastened the bag
to his trousers. Norische picked up his butterbeer and drank the last little bit, and then
looked over to Draco’s table…he knew they were all watching him still. In one
unexpected moment, Draco and Norische’s eyes met. Ah, they are either light blue or
gray, still cant tell from this distance… Their eyes stayed fixed until Norische smiled,
and nodded. Then he headed out the door.

Norische was still thinking about the blond and didn’t even bother to notice the three
young people walking down the sidewalk as he came out of the Ice Cream Parlor.
Norische ran right into someone knocking both the individual and his packages flying.

Norische was quite a bit taller than the young man laying on the ground…hmm this one
is cute too, and same school cape…I wonder.

Norische knelt down on one knee next to the young man. “I am so sorry, it was all my
fault I didn’t even pay attention to where I was going. Are you ok?

“Harry, are you ok there mate?” Ok this one’s name is Harry. So, who were the red head
and the girl then?

“I’m ok Ron, where’s my stuff?” Raven hair is Harry, and red head is Ron, got it.

“Harry, are you sure your ok?” the girl exclaimed as she knelt down next to Harry.

“Hermione I am fine now just help me get my schools stuff before it gets stepped on.” Ok
girl is Hermione, which answers that.

“Ah…Harry…I am sorry, let me help you up.” Norische extended his hand to Harry, who
thankfully took it.

Ron and Hermione were picking up packages all over the sidewalk when Ron brought
one over to Harry. “Sorry Harry, looks like your ink didn’t make it.” Ron handed Harry
the dripping box.

“Crap! Harry, where did you get that stuff from?” Norische asked as he cast “contineo”
on the leaking package to keep it from leaking on everything.

“Thanks for that. Umm the stationary store. By the way…have we met? Harry asked.

“No, but my name is Norische De LeNoir, and they called you Harry so I am assuming
that is your name.” Norische reached over and took the damaged package from Harry.

“Yeah, Harry Potter.”

“Nice to meet you, now where is that stationary store located.” Norische asked. Hermione
pointed thee doors down and across the street. “If you wouldn’t mind Harry I would like
to replace the items I broke.”

“You don’t have too.” He replied as he bent down to dust his robes off.

“Yes I do, I should have been paying attention. Now please allow me to make this right.”

“Ok, I guess.” Harry reluctantly agreed and the led the way to the stationary store.

Once inside Norische took the package up to the counter and handed it to the clerk.
“Thank you, I would like to replace anything in this package that was damaged, if you

“Of course, it will take just a moment to gather the items.”

“It is very nice of you to replace the stuff, Mr. De LeNoir.” Hermione smiled.

Norische smiled back. “It is only right, and please call me Norische.”

A blush rose to her cheeks. “Then please call me Hermione.”

This got her another smile.

The clerk came back with the necessary items, and placed them on the counter. “Here
you go young man.”

“Could you please add in an Everlast, and a singing quill for me as well… oh Harry, do
you prefer silver, gold, or platinum?” Norische asked

“You don’t have to…” Harry started to protest about the extra items.

“Harry, please… silver, gold or platinum?”

“Ah…gold…I guess.” Harry looked a little confused.

“Make that a gold Everlast please Ma’am.” Norische said. Then he handed her the
necessary coins and took the package. “Thank you very much.”

Norische turned and handed the package to Harry smiling.

“What is a singing quill?” Asked Ron.

Hermione opened her mouth but before she could answer Norische explained. “A singing
quill is an enchanted quill that allows the person writing to attach a song or tune to what
ever is being written. Like if you are writing a love letter you can have the quill add a
romantic ballad or if you are writing your Christmas cards you can add a Yule song. All
you have to do is say.. cantito e maxima.. if you know the song you want but don’t know
how to hum the tune then you simply tell it cantito e maxima ‘jingle bells’ and every time
someone opens or reads the card it will play jingle bells.”

Harry listened intently at the instructions of how to use the new quill. “Thank you, but
you didn’t have to do that.”

“Sure I did. Harry, if I am going to bruise a blokes butt then he is going to come out of it
with more that a sore bum the next morning.” Norische said with a smile…fully aware of
the double meaning in his words.

Harry and Hermione both blushed beet red, so he knew they understood as well…. Ron
on the other hand didn’t catch on too swift, but all of the sudden you could see the red
spread all the way up to the roots of his flaming red hair. Even the clerk had to hide a
giggle as she walked away.

“Ah…” cough. “yeah. Umm, well thanks.” Harry was still having problems with the

Norische wrote a note to himself, either Harry isn’t interested in guys or he is a virgin.
“Hey Harry. I noticed the crest on your robes, is that a school crest?”

“Actually it is a house crest, all three of us are from Gryffindor.” Harry answered, glad
that Norische had changed the subject.

As they walked out of the shop Norische asked. “That is at Hogwarts right?”

“Yeah, there is Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.” Harry replied.

“Why?” Harry found it a little odd that Norische was curious about the school but
appeared to know so little about it.

“Well I start there in a couple of days and I sort of figured that the information might
help.” Norische responded.

Hermione was thrilled. “You are going to be going to Hogwarts too. What year?”

Norische smiled at her. “I’m starting my sixth year. I am a transfer student from the
Americas, specifically Abbryes in Chicago. There are eight sixth years and eight fifth
years that are transferring in, from what they said.”

“Wow! We are sixth years too. No one has mentioned a transfer program that I know
about though.” Hermione stated.

“I don’t know much about it, Pari just packed my stuff and had it waiting when I got back
from New Orleans, that was a week ago, and I have been here in London for almost four
days now.” Norische smirked.

Harry looked at Norische. “Pari?”

“My godmother, her name is actually Parinitra, but I call her Pari.” Norische explained.

“Must be a real shock to ya then mate?” Ron asked.

“A little, but it’s ok. I love an adventure. Besides, I have never been to England before so
it has been very interesting. Sometimes the language barrier is a problem but I manage.”

Ron looked confused. “Language barrier. But we all speak English, what barrier is there.”

“Actually it is more of a cultural than language barrier. Simple things like loo, we say
bathroom or restroom. Crisps are Chips. Boots are what I wear on my feet and not the
back end of a car. And some of the foods you guys eat is, well…hard to get used too, like
kidney pie… blahh… I prefer not to eat internal organs.” Norische made a face with the
last comment that got a laugh out of all three of them.

Harry smiled. “Well I hope you enjoy it here. If you need help, we are in Gryffindor so
hopefully we will see you later.”

“Thanks, and nice meeting you three.” Norische extended his hand to Harry with a smile.
Harry smiled back and shook his hand, as did Ron. When Norische extended his hand to
Hermione though after she shook his hand, he kept a firm grip on her hand and brought it
to his lips in a gentle kiss.

“Hey there mate, that’s my girlfriend you’re mushing up with there.” Ron was getting
angry as he watched the whole thing.

“Ron!” Hermione exclaimed.

Norische released Hermione’s hand and turned to Ron; putting his hand on Ron’s
shoulder he whispered something in Ron’s ear. Ron listened intently still fuming then his
expression changed and he grinned nodding. Norische stepped back and nodded to Harry
and Hermione then headed off down the street.

“What did he say Ron?” Harry asked.

“He said ‘treat her like a lady and her world is yours to command, oh and by the way I
prefer blokes, I think he is a poof Harry.”

Harry laughed at Ron’s expression. Hermione didn’t think it was funny at all. “Ron it
isn’t polite to call someone a poof, that’s slang…it’s not nice. If he prefers boys then you
can say he’s gay or homosexual but not a poof.”

Both boys rolled their eyes at Hermione.

Chapter 2

Norische took his packages and placed them carefully into his trunk. Train leaves in three
hours so he had enough time to go down and get a bite to eat. The entry ceremony to
Hogwarts isn’t actually until tomorrow but Norische was going down a day early. He had
a couple of things he absolutely had to get taken care of before school started. Even
though he wanted to be at the station well ahead of time, he still had a while. Norische
was thinking about the students he had met yesterday. They all seemed pretty nice,
although there was something about that blond that definitely got his attention.

Today Norische decided on his black button fly jeans, and black silk shirt that was open
almost to the waist, even though it was tailored to fit it was comfortable and not too tight.
He had a feeling that this train ride was going to be long and boring. He chose his black
dragon skin knee boots, to add to the almost pirate look he was working today.

Just as Norische finished gathering the last of his stuff and stacking it by the door, Gazer
flew in through the open window. The owl squawked as he handed the letter in his beak
over to Norische, who gave Gazer one of the new treats he had bought for him.

Norische opened the letter from Pari, and began to read.


I hope you are serious about behaving yourself. I was really proud of you when you were
selected for this program. I know it is a wizarding school and not exactly what you are
used to, but perhaps it will give you a broader look at the world.

I have Owled the Headmaster all of your school records and medical records so they
should be well prepared for you. Also, I have had the solicitors set up an account at the
wizarding bank there so that you can have access. You will probably have to go in and
sign something but it shouldn’t be much of a bother.

If you have any problems please let me know immediately.

With luv

Medical records, great… now that is going to be a pain in the ass…. Oh well, it was
bound to happen. Norische sighed; almost wishing … well never mind it didn’t matter.
He gathered up his trunks and got Gazer into his cage, then threw his cloak over his arm
and headed the door.

Platform 9 ¾, that was bazaar. Nowhere Norische looked could he find such a platform.
Then he saw it. People were walking into a gateway on the wall between platforms 9 and
10. Norische wasn’t exactly sure about this but he was familiar with gateways. So, he
pushed his trolley up to the entryway and extended his hand, yep, it was a gateway all

right. So here we go. With that Norische pushed his trolley straight through and sure
enough he was on the right platform now. He walked over to the steward and showed him
his ticket then handed him his luggage and Gazer, then he walked over to the guy taking
tickets and after giving him his ticket he got on the train. An hour and half early, but at
least that gave him the opportunity to pick an empty cabin and get a nap before heading

Norische walked about halfway down the aisle and opened the door to the cabin then shut
it behind him. He put his carryon bag up above the seats, took his cape off and rolled it
up to make it into a pillow of sorts, then leaned back to take a nap.

The train slowed as it neared the platform, Norische yawned and stretched trying to force
himself to wake up. As the train stopped, Norische stood up and pulled down his carry on
bag and grabbed his cape laying it over his arm.

As he stepped off the train Norische noticed that there were not all that many students
that were on the train, probably due to the fact that most of them will be coming in
tomorrow, on schedule. But he had something to do that wouldn’t wait for tomorrow.

The carriage ride to Hogwarts was beautiful and gave Norische one last chance to think
about things, before…. Sigh… this is not going to be easy. Deep breath. The carriage
stopped at the gates of Hogwarts and Norische got out, taking in everything around him.
As he unloaded his trunks and Gazer, he noticed a house elf waiting in the shadows.

“Excuse me.” Norische crouched down so that he was at eye level with the creature.

“You wish something from Minny young Master?”

“Yes, I would appreciate it if you could have my things brought to Professor Snape’s
quarters, and see to my owl. Also if you would kindly tell me where I might find him as
well.” Minny stated.

“Professor Snape is in the Headmaster’s office, sir. Minny can show you.”

“Thank you, please do so.” With that, Norische rose and followed the house elf inside the
school and through a number of corridors. Finally, they came upon a great Gargoyle

“Headmaster’s office is behind there.” Minny pointed to the statue.

“Minny can you let him know I am here so that I may speak with him.” Norische asked.

“Yes, young Master.” AACK! The house elf apparated and Norische was left to stand in
the corridor waiting.

It didn’t take long and the great gargoyle moved aside. Tentatively Norische started up
the stairway that was revealed before him. As he reached the top he could hear talking…
Norische wondered who all was going to be in the room. Tilting his head, he listened.

“So Severus do you have any idea who might be wishing to speak with you?” Older

“I have not set any meetings with students at this point so unfortunately not.” Probably
Professor Snape…his first name was Severus after all.

“I would say your guest is here Professor.” Another voice, again male.

Norische knew that the last voice knew he was near, so taking a deep breath he moved
further into the room. The room was bathed in deep rich hues of burgundy, and gold. A
gentle glow seemed to be emanating from everywhere although Norische could not see
any one specific source. Norische did not wish those present to think that he was hesitant
or sneaking around so he walked purposefully toward the inner room where the voices
were coming from.

As he reached the doorway Norische stopped and took in the three men that were
standing there. It was easy for him to see which one was Snape. The old man behind the
desk in the center of the room was probably the Headmaster that the house elf had
mentioned. There was another man about Snape’s age, he would guess, who was there as
well. The other man had wheat golden hair that had sprinkles of silver through it, as
Norische got nearer his sense of smell told him that the blond was a werewolf, although
he had a funny scent about him. Norische didn’t bother to try and figure that part out right

“Yes, you requested to speak with Professor Snape?” The old man asked.

Norische wanted to make sure that he showed no nervousness or fear, without thinking,
he squeezed his hand into a tight fist, forcing his nails to bite into the tender flesh of his
palm. “Yes Sir, if I may have the opportunity to speak with Severus Snape?”

The dark haired one turned and glared at Norische. “Exactly who are you? I do not
believe we have ever met.”

Norische squeezed his fist tighter, and began to feel droplets of blood slowly drip from
his hand, yet he remained calm. “My name is Norische De LeNoir, Sir, and no we have
never met.” Norische could smell the blood as it hit the floor, and he wondered if the
werewolf could smell it as well.

“What do you wish to speak to me about Mr. De LeNoir?” getting rather frustrated at the
disturbance this young man was causing to his meeting with Dumbledore, “And can it
wait until tomorrow?”

“It is a private matter and no Sir it cannot wait.” Straight and to the point, Norische
looked right into Snape’s eyes and waited.

“Severus…” the blond interjected.

“What Lupin?”

Lupin motioned to the blood pool that was now collecting on the floor beneath
Norische’s hand.

Severus reached over and took the boy’s hand, which was dripping with blood, and
opened it. Thinking perhaps the boy had injured himself on something. What he saw
though was not what he expected. In the palm of the boy’s hand were four perfect half
moons where his own fingernails had ripped through his skin. “What is the meaning of
this?” Severus demanded.

“It is nothing, it is not important. I would appreciate if we could speak privately Sir.”
Norische paid no attention to his hand or the blood but kept his eyes focused on Snape.

Severus did a quick charm to heal the wounds, and then another to clean up the mess. “I
have no intention of speaking with you until I know the nature of the conversation.”
Severus stated calmly.

Norische took a deep breath and reached into his robes pulling out a scroll and handed it
to Professor Snape. The professor released Norische’s hand and took the scroll from him,
opening the binder he began to read it.

<I>Severus my love,

There is so much that I have wished to say to you, so much I want to do. I am not sure
where to start. What we shared was the most precious thing that has ever happened to
me, I want so much to be with you. If only our parents…

I have tried to contact you several times but your father keeps intercepting my owls. I am
sending this message with Kindey my personal house elf. Hopefully she will be able to
get it too you.

My love, I wish to tell you that I am with child, our child.

I don’t know how you will react, but I know that I love you and I always will. I hope that
you accept my love and turn from the darkness that has you now. I am so frightened for
you; I just want us to be together. Please let me know how you feel. If I do not hear from
you this time, I will assume you no longer wish to be with me…

My Heart and Soul

Severus read over the letter several times, not believing what he was reading. “Where did
you get this?” Severus asked the boy, his voice slightly shaking.

“It was in my mother’s possessions. I found it when she died last year.” Norische fought
to keep his voice strong and steady.

“Your mother’s?” Severus looked at the young man. Closer this time, looking intently at
his features.

“Severus…is everything alright?” the headmaster asked.

“No Albus…” Severus just kept staring at the boy. “When?”

“Which Sir? My birth or her death?” Norische asked.

“Both actually.

“My birth, August 8th, 1989. Her death November 5th, last year.”

“You stated you found this amongst her things?” Severus could not take his eyes off of
the delicately scribed words on the scroll.

“Yes, as well as the body of the house elf who was suppose to have delivered it.
Apparently, grandfather did not appreciate my mother’s desire to communicate with
you.” Norische stated.

“How did she die?” The sadness was thick in his voice.

“She committed suicide, Sir.” Severus’ head shot up and he looked deeply into the boy’s
eyes for any sign of deception. When he found none, Severus quickly decided that he
needed to sit down. Remus was quickly at Severus’ side and ushered him into a chair.

“Severus are you all right?” Remus gently took the scroll from Severus and read it. As he
read Remus’ eyes got wide and his mouth opened. “Severus, is this…true…”

Professor Snape could only stare at Norische and nod.

“Why?” Severus asked.

Norische knew what he was asking and lowered his head. “In her note she stated that I
was grown now, and that she could no longer live another day without her mate. She
honestly thought you had rejected her and that there was nothing left to live for.”

“I never…” Severus felt tears welling up in his eyes. “I was young, I… never refused
her… I was just… I had obligations, I…”

Remus put his hand on Severus’ shoulder. Trying to comfort Severus without being too

“Sir, I did not bring you this information to cause you pain or sadness. I merely wished
you to know. I am suppose to start school here tomorrow, but if my presence is unwanted
or too painful for you, I can return to my godmother’s and leave you in peace.” Norische
still had his eyes cast downward, not wishing to see Severus’ face.

“I … No! You most certainly will not leave. Ah…. let me think, give me a minute please.

Then Remus and Severus went to the other room, talking quietly between themselves;
while Norische remained behind, with the headmaster. Norische turned his head to listen
to them, although he did attempt to be discreet due to the fact that he was not alone right

“Severus, is that young man actually your son?” Remus asked.

“Apparently.” Severus replied. “Angelica and I had a brief romance in my fifth year. She
left school and did not return; I assumed it was because her father found out about us. We
were only together three times, and apparently, one of those times she conceived a son.
Remus this is the first I have ever heard about my son, I never knew…”

“I know love, and I know that if you did know you would have said something. You have
never hidden something like this from me. Don’t worry I am not mad. I am just worried
about you. What are you going to do now?” Remus’ words were filled with love and

“I… I suppose I have a son. Which means things will probably be changing, I am not
pushing you away Remus…please understand that, I want you… no I need you here with
me now more than ever. I have no clue how to be a father, no idea of what to do. But that
boy just lost his mother and I can’t turn my back on him.” Severus’ words touched
Norische deeply. No…this Remus was apparently a very important part of Severus’ life
and he wasn’t going to destroy it.

Norische looked over to the headmaster. “I apologize Sir for interrupting your meeting,
please forgive me.” With that Norische turned and headed back out the way he came.

Norische walked back down the stairwell and down the long corridor towards the front of
the school. Norische took his cape off and tossed it over one of the benches at the gates of
the school, then reached into his pocket and pulled out his cigarettes and lighter, lit up a
clove cigarette and crouched down…trying to figure out what he was going to do about
the trunks he had delivered to his father’s quarters.

Norische was about halfway through his cigarette when he heard feet running in the

“Remus do you see him? I can’t see anything.” Severus asked between breaths.

“I don’t see him but I smell something. This way!” Remus lifted his nose to the wind and
took several deep breaths.

The sound of running got closer. Damn! I forgot about the cloves. “Fuck!” Norische
hung his head and waited for the two of them to find him. It was only a moment or two
and Remus and Severus ran up to Norische breathless.

“What… in Merlin’s name… do you … think you are doing?” Severus was trying to talk
but he was quite winded right now.

“I’m leaving.” Norische answered.

“Why? Did I say or do something… I …” Severus was still trying to figure this all out.

“No, I shouldn’t have come here. I’m sorry that I have caused so much trouble; I’m going
to go back to Pari, my godmother. Unfortunately, I already had a house elf take my
things, so if you would not mind please have them sent to the address that is listed on my
school records.” Norische flicked the ash off of his cigarette but did not look at either of
the two men.

“You haven’t caused any trouble. I was just not prepared for this, and you most certainly
will not be leaving.” Severus had managed to calm his breathing somewhat.

Norische stood up to his full height, and turned to the Severus and Remus. “Sir, you may
be my father but cannot tell me what to do. I am not going to destroy the happiness you
have now, and you cannot force me to stay.”

“What are you talking about?”

Norische purposely looked to Remus, who blushed just a little. “Sir, you may or may not
have realized it but my Mother was Vampyric, and I do not know what you know about
our kind… but I will not come between the two of you.” Norische was talking to Severus
but looking at Remus.

“How did you know?” Remus asked.

“I don’t mean to be bold, but you have the scent of my father all over you.”

Remus blushed heavily this time, but then again so did Severus. “Does this bother you?”
Severus asked.

Norische dipped his head down just a little and smirked. “Not at all, it actually kinda
explains a couple of things for me.” Both men looked a little confused. “I’m gay.” He
said it in such a matter of fact manner that Severus and Remus were taken back a little.

Remus smiled and shook his head. Severus rolled his eyes at the comment. “Norische,
Severus and I, we don’t want you to leave. I mean. I could never forgive myself if I
thought that you were going to leave because of me. Severus is very dear to me but you
are his son…”

“Absolutely. I may not know how to be a father but don’t deny me the opportunity to find
out.” Severus was very calm and focused now.

“My mother searched her whole life for love, I refuse to be the reason my father
abandons it once he has found it.” Norische shook his head and turned around, looking
off into the distance, he took a long drag from his cigarette.

Severus looked so crushed. Remus had to say something. “Norische, if we…I mean
Severus and I… were to continue as we are, but include you into our home… would you
be willing to stay?”

Severus looked at Remus, the love within him pouring out through his eyes. “Yes… I
don’t want you to leave; I want to have the opportunity to be your father. Please stay.”

Norische looked down at his boots and thought for a moment. Then lifting his head, he
turned back around and faced his father and the werewolf. “Very well, but if for a
moment I think that I am interfering or that I am getting in between the two of you…I
will leave and I won’t ask for permission to do it, I will simply be gone. Also I know you
are a professor here, and I refuse to be treated differently than the others. I expect to have
to prove myself and to be expected to work harder than the rest of the students, simply
because I am your son. One more thing, I am not a kid, I have taken care of myself for
years now, so please don’t treat me as if I am innocent or ignorant because I am neither.”

Severus listened to his son and couldn’t help but smirk, this young man is definitely
going to be a handful… and what is worse he is fully aware of that fact.

“Agreed.” Severus stated. “Now come with us, we will show you to our suite. Ah by the
way this is Remus Lupin… Professor Remus Lupin. He teaches Defense Against the
Dark Arts, and you have him as a teacher as well as myself, I teach potions.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Norische extended his hand. “Potions! That’s great, well that is
something else I now understand.”

Severus frowned a little at Norische’s comment. “Sorry, I’ve been told by my previous
instructors that I am, shall I say, gifted in potions. I’m not trying to brag but I have yet to
find a potion that I can’t do.” Norische explained.

Severus smiled at this new information, practically beaming with pride. “We shall see
young man. I will want to test you before you start classes so that I can make sure that
you are meeting my standards for my class.”

Norische grinned. “Not a problem, I can take anything you dish out.”

“Pardon me?” Severus looked confused again.

“Sorry American muggle term. It means I accept your challenge. By the way, what
should I call you? Both of you that is?”

Severus looked at Remus then at his son. “You may call me father, if you wish. Or
Severus…but when we are in class then I expect you to address me properly.”

Remus wasn’t quite sure how to respond… “Well feel free to call me Remus, and
likewise on classroom etiquette. As too more familiar titles, you may call me what you
wish…I am not sure what you would feel comfortable with or what would be

“Ok, no problem. By the way, I sent my luggage to your area… I don’t know if the house
elf put it in your office or your suite, but there are a couple of things in there that I have
under a refrigeration spell that really should be put in proper storage. If you wouldn’t
mind.” Norische stated.

“Then perhaps we should go inside and find your things.” Severus slipped an arm around
Remus’ waste and started walking back inside the school. Norische flicked his cigarette
butt off in the distance and grabbed his cape then hurried after the two of them.

“By the way, did you know students smoking was against school rules?” Severus asked
over his shoulders.

“Didn’t ask.” Norische replied with a mischievous grin.

Severus shook his head and kissed Remus on the cheek.

Chapter 3

Severus’ suite was located not far from the potions classroom and lab, in the dungeons.
As they entered the room Norische found he already liked the general feel of the room. It
was dark and dank…as most dungeons should be. There was an air of mystery about the
place but it was definitely to Norische’s tastes. The room was done in forest greens, black
and silver, with highlights of burgundy and gold here and there. There was a huge

fireplace on the right side of the room, it took up about half the wall, and the rest was
covered with bookshelves. Each shelf was crammed with books, parchments, scrolls or
containers of some form. Bottle after bottle of potion ingredients covered almost one
entire wall. Norische was immediately enthralled. There were two comfortable leather
wing back chairs by the fireplace and a convenient round table between the two, a large
over stuffed sofa sat behind the chairs and framed in the fireplace perfectly. In the far left
corner there was a huge mahogany desk that had exquisite craftsmanship on the detail
work. There was a large black leather office chair behind the desk and the desk was
literally covered with papers and scrolls…apparently Severus was getting ready for

“Where should I put this, father?” Norische held up his cape.

Severus smiled a sad smile at being called ‘father’, but recovered quickly. “My room…
our room, is the second door to on the left. Your room will be the first… ah…if you wish
to stay with me that is. You do always have the option to stay in the dorms with the other
students, but… I do have the spare room.” Severus was trying to be so calm;
unfortunately, he was doing a lousy job of it.

So, Norische thought he would make it easy for him. “If it’s ok with you I will probably
spend my first couple of weeks in the dorm, that way I can get to know the other students.
Then I will probably be staying here or switching back and forth. I would however like to
set up some of my stuff so that I can do any of my major studying here.”

Severus was very pleased with what Norische had to say so he simply nodded. Remus
was smiling as well…glad to see the two could compromise on things.

Norische spotted his trunks and went over to them. “Alohomora.” He unlocked the bigger
trunk and took out a small black box and then handed it to Severus. “These are the one’s
that need to be kept cool. Where should I put them?”

“Let me see them first. I don’t wish to put the items in with something that might
explode.” Severus took the box and opened it. Checking the vials inside, he raised an
eyebrow as he went through the box noting each ingredient separately. “Some of these
items, are shall I say, questionable at best. How did you get these ingredients?”

Remus was concerned so he went over to look at the vials as well. “Anamorphagus bile?
Salamander blood? Acromantula venom? Doxy venom? Werewolf blood? Erumpet fluid?
Lobalug venom? Basilisk venom? Manticore poison? Ashwinder venom? Phoenix tears?
Unicorn milk? Runespoor eggs? Norische some of these items are very dangerous, and
most of them are illegal for you to have…how did you get these?”

“I like to keep hard to find ingredients with me, and yes some of those are restricted, but
that is just to people that don’t know how to use them correctly. As to how did I get them,
I normally don’t have a problem finding the more…shady… areas of town, where you
can buy anything if you have the money or the trade for it.”

Remus whispered something into Severus’ ear, who whispered back then nodded.
“Norische, I will put these items in my storage area, but you will not be permitted to use
them without supervision.”

“WHAT!” Norische started to walk over to Severus. “No way! These are mine; I can’t
help it if I can find things that other people don’t want me to find. You can’t take my
stuff from me.”

“Young man, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, I do indeed have the right to do
exactly that. These items are dangerous, and until you prove to me that, you know how to
handle them then you will not be permitted to have them. Is that clear?”

Norische looked at him for a moment then turned and bent down rummaging through the
trunk once again. He lifted out three boxes, and handed them to Severus. “You will
probably want these too then.” Norische reached into his pants pocket he made sure he
had his cigarettes and lighter and mumbled something about needing to smoke, and
walked out the door of the suite before Severus or Remus could say anything.

Severus looked at Remus worried. Then put the boxes down on the coffee table and
started going through them. Exotic ingredients from all over the world, some were
dangerous but most were just extremely rare.

“Remus, tell me I didn’t just make a huge mistake.” Severus asked.

“You didn’t love, you made the right choice. You have no idea of his skills and until you
do you must be cautious. Most of these items are not for the average, hell even the above
average potions student. You did what any good parent would do.”

“I need to talk to him though. I don’t want him thinking that I don’t trust him or that I
doubt his skill… I don’t know what his skills are… will you come with me to speak to
him?” Severus desperately needed the calm cool mind of his werewolf right now.

“Of course love.” Remus ran his hand through Severus’ thick black hair and kissed him
on the cheek. “Let’s go find our son.”

“Our son?”

“You don’t mind do you.” Remus blushed.

“Not at all, I very much like the sound of that actually.”

Severus kissed Remus on the forehead and then headed out to find their son.


They walked slowly, not truly in a hurry… trying to allow Norische enough time to calm
down. As they reached the courtyard, Remus heard something strange, and turned his
head to listen. It was the sound of someone getting violently ill. “Severus, it sounds like
Norische is sick…”

“What? Where?” Both Severus and Remus rushed over to where Norische was bent over
retching horribly.

Norische had barely made it to the courtyard when the first wave of nausea hit him. He
grabbed his stomach with one hand and pulled his hair back away form his face with the
other, as spasm after spasm hit and everything he had eaten for the last two days decided
it liked being out side his body much better than being inside.

Severus reached Norische and wrapped his hands around his waist supporting him, while
Remus grabbed his hair and held it for him. This allowed Norische to brace himself with
his hands on his thighs, giving him just a little more stability. He didn’t even care that he
was puking in front of his new father; he just appreciated the strong arms he was leaning

After several minutes of desperately attempting to calm his stomach, finally Norische
took several deep breaths and stood upright again. Avoiding looking at both his father
and Remus.

“All you all right? I have a potion for nausea if you want it?” Severus asked

“It won’t work, and I am fine… I just need to sit down.”

“Why will the potion not work, what is the matter?” Severus asked, his level of concern
rose dramatically at Norische’s comment.

“The potion you have is probably for a human, I’m vampyre… it won’t work.”
Conspicuously avoiding the second half of the question.

Remus conjured a glass of cold water and a wet washcloth and gave both to Norische.
Then repeated Severus’ question. “Do you know what is wrong?”

Norische accepted the glass of water thankfully and rinsed his mouth out spitting the
water on the ground then drank down the rest of the contents. He handed the glass back to
Remus and washed his face with the cold cloth, again avoiding the question.

“Norische… answer me please… what is the matter?” Severus did not like the fact that
the boy had refused to answer; it only made him worry more.

Norische sighed and gave the washcloth back to Remus, thanking him.

“Norische… if you do not tell me what is wrong I fully intend to take you to our medical
facilities here and have them tell me what is wrong.” Severus warned.

Again, Norische sighed. “I don’t do well with threats father.” He took out his cigarettes
and lit one, taking a long drag on the clove cigarette, allowing the delicious flavor of
clove to mask the bitter taste of the vomit still hiding at the back of his throat.

“I am not threatening you Norische, I am simply stating a fact. If either you don’t know
what is wrong or you don’t wish to tell me, then I will take you to Madam Pomfrey and
have her check you out so that I may know what I can do to help you.”

“There is nothing you can do to help me.” Norische said finally.

“Why? What’s wrong? Tell me Dammit!” Severus could feel the fear in him, and did not
like the feeling.

Norische walked over to one of the courtyard benches and sat down, taking another drawl
on the cigarette. Norische cleared his throat and prepared himself to answer. “You know
that my mother was vampyre right?”

“I didn’t know until you told me earlier, but now I am aware of that fact yes.”

“She was a pranic vamp. Do you know what that means father?” Norische asked, looking
down at the ground by his feet.

Remus spoke up. “A pranic vampyre is an individual that feeds off of sexual energy, am I

“Pretty much. I am pranic as well; although I border on elemental too. But primarily I am
pranic.” Norische stated quietly as if he were afraid of Severus’ reaction.

“How does this explain your vomiting, son?” Severus asked concerned. Admittedly, he
knew less about vampyres than he did about werewolves but Remus seemed to
understand it well enough.

“I didn’t want to cause so much trouble. Damn the timing!”

“You are not causing trouble, what about timing?” Severus insisted.

“IthinkImgoingintoseason” Norische mumbled.

“I didn’t hear you, what did you say?”

“I said I think I am going into season.” Norische stood up and walked away from the
shocked men.

Remus looked over to Severus and then quickly walked over to Norische. “Your sixteen
right. Have you ever gone in season before?”

“Yeah, for a few years now… about fourteen months ago was the last time.” Norische

“Tell me about it. I know you are aware that I am a werewolf, so I do have some idea of
what you are going through but my going into heat is not quite like you going into
season. Please explain it too me.” Remus asked patiently.

Norische sighed deeply. “About every eight to ten months I go into season, it normally
last for anywhere from three weeks to almost three months. Last time it should have
happened was right after my mother died, Pari said that the stress from her death
probably caused me to miss my cycle and that means that this one is going to be much
worse.” Norische puffed on his cigarette and continued. “I think it started two days ago,
but I am not sure… it always kinda sneaks up on me, then I get hit like a ton of bricks.”

Norische really didn’t want to discuss this but apparently, he had no choice. “It normally
starts off with headaches, then muscle aches, then the nausea and vomiting…. especially
when I get upset or emotional, then night sweats, stomach cramps, dizziness, passing
out…it all depends.”

Severus walked over to him and put his hand on his son’s shoulder. “What can we do to

“Get me laid…” Norische said laughingly.

“Excuse me?” Severus questioned shocked.

“Sorry… but that is basically the problem. My body is building up reserves of certain
hormones and storing them for breading purposes. Unfortunately, I’m not breeding, I
don’t have someone to cover that position right now, so I am slowly being poisoned by
my own body.

“Does it specifically have to be breeding, or can simple sexual release suffice?” Remus
asked with a deep blush.

“Well…in the past it didn’t matter. As long as there was another individual involved.”

“So you must have a partner?” Remus asked

“Yeah, two years ago the doctor had me working it two and three times a day… but Pari
said he was an idiot and changed doctor’s. She stated that simple sexual release won’t cut
it, that I needed the emotional side of it as well.”

“Working it?” Remus wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

Norische looked at him then looked away and blushed. “Uhhh….yeah…umm… stroking
it… jacking off.”

“I see.” Remus knew he hadn’t wanted to know….

“Father, I didn’t intend for this to happened. I was hoping it was just my nerves that was
making me sick.” Norische looked down at the ground. “I hate being in season, I feel like
such a freak.”

“You are not a freak. All vampyre have the same issues, just like all werewolves go into
heat.” Remus hated seeing Norische so upset with himself when it wasn’t his fault.

“Is there no potion that they can give you? I know that Madam Pomfrey has worked with
multiple species before. I think we should take you down to see her and see if there is
something that she has that can help.” Severus suggested.

“Normally I would say no, but if I am going to start school here tomorrow then maybe I
should see what she can do.” Norische’s shoulders slumped and he hung his head,
desperately not wanting to do this. He took one final hit from his cigarette and turned
towards Remus and Severus, with a very reluctant acceptance.

Severus put his hand on his son’s shoulder and followed Remus who led the way to the
medical ward.


“Madam Pomfrey, this is my son…Norische De LeNoir. He wishes to speak with you

about a problem he is having.” Poppy just barely showed her surprise at Severus’

“What can I do for you Mr. De LeNoir?” Poppy asked.

“Call me Norische for starters.” He said with a sad smile. Then Norische looked over to
his father and realized that he and Remus were not going to leave the room so he started
explaining what was happening to Madam Pomfrey.

“Pranic Vampyre, that is going to make the symptoms much stronger I am afraid. How
long since it started?”

“Two days I think, but I am not sure. I have been really stressed out, meeting my father
for the first time and all. So the headaches and nausea could have been from that and not
me going into season, but it is way past due right now and so I am afraid that I am.”
Norische knew what the next battery of questions would be and he dreaded them.

“When was the last time you were sexually active?”

“Ah…do you mean, myself or with someone?”


Norische cleared his throat and concentrated on the floor in front of him. “Last night for
by myself, and four months ago with someone else.”

“Four months ago? So you don’t have an active girlfriend at this point?”

“Boyfriend and no, not really.”

“Ok….” Raising an eyebrow at the boyfriend comment, but letting it past. “Are you
having any sexual difficulties? Anything that would prevent you from choosing someone
at this point.”

“No, I had someone… but … I really don’t wish to discuss it, if you don’t mind.”

“Very well. I am going to give you a few things to take with you to help with the
symptoms and yes before you say anything they are focused on vampyre. This is a potion
to calm your stomach, these will help with the headaches, this one will help with the
muscles and joint pain, and this one will help with your emotions and nerves. I think that
these will at least calm the symptoms to a bearable level and give you the opportunity to
find someone appropriate. However, I am going to see if I can find something that might
be able to block the hormones in general, unfortunately that may take a while. Severus
you know which of this potions are which and you know about dosage so I will leave
them in your control. If you need any thing or your symptoms get worse let me know.”


Severus took one final look at Norische before he closed the door to the room and allow
his son to get some sleep.

Remus was sitting by the fireplace sipping on a cup of tea, going over the list of students
for his classes, and making notes here and there, when Severus came over and sat down.

“How’s he doing.” Remus asked.

“He is already asleep, apparently the sleeping draft is quite a bit stronger than normal
sleeping potions.” Severus sighed.

“You know, I think he was worried about telling you that he had a medical problem. I
think he believed that you would send him away or be angry with him.” Remus stated.

“I felt that as well, although I don’t see how anyone could be angry with a child when it
isn’t their fault they are sick.”

“He isn’t exactly a child but I agree…” Remus yawned. “Severus, I am very sleepy
myself so I think I am going to turn in, care to join me?” Remus asked with a loving

Severus looked at Remus and smiled. “I suppose these lists can wait until tomorrow.”
With that the two of them disappeared into their room.


Norische woke up reasonably early the next morning and went out into the main living
area, unfortunately, he had neglected to move his trunks into his room last night so all of
his stuff was still out there. Last night he was so tired he didn’t even bother to get his
sleeping pants on, he just stripped and got in bed. So, when Norische finally decided to
try and get out of bed he just picked up his jeans and put them back on, not bothering to
button the fly.

Rubbing his eyes as he opened the door, Norische didn’t notice his father and Remus
sitting there drinking coffee. He simply went over to his trunk and opened it and pulled
out a small black bag. After a minute of two of rummaging through the bag he picked out
two vials and drank the contents of each, then shivered at the taste, nasty bitter stuff.
Then with a yawn he turned and placed the bag back into his trunk and started
rummaging through his clothes, not realizing that his jeans were slowly falling down in

“Norische….” Severus started.

Norische had been crouching trying to find the shirt he was looking for, but when
Severus spoke, it startled him and somehow he ended flat on his butt staring in the
direction the voice had come from.

“Ah hem… Norische would you kindly pull up your trousers, if Remus blushes any
worse I am going to have to sedate him.” Severus teased.

Norische looked a little confused then realized what his father had said. “Sorry.” With a
mumbled apology, Norische stood up and fixed his jeans then buttoned the fly to make
sure they stayed in place.

“Are you not even going to say good morning?”

“Mornin’” Norische mumbled.

“Not in a pleasant mood are you,” Then Severus expression changed to concern. “Are
you feeling all right?”

Norische glared in the direction of the voice, his eyes not yet capable of focusing well.
Then turned back to his trunk and started rummaging again. “Vampyre…..morning…..”
then Norische made a rather rude noise and kept on rummaging. Finally, he found the
clothing combination he was looking for, and with a yawn and a stretch, he stood back up
and headed back to his room. “Shower.”

“One word sentences, hmm. I must remember he is definitely not a morning person.”
Severus chuckled.

“Severus, you realize that you are going to have a problem with that young man?” Remus
smiled softly.

“What do you mean luv?”

“A pranic vampyre, in season, with that body… I have a strange feeling that we are going
to be over our heads with this one.”

“You are probably right.” Severus contemplated something. “I wonder what the two
potions he took were?”

“You should probably ask him once he gets out of the shower, and you should probably
make arrangements to get all the ingredients that you will need to make the medicines
that Madam Pomfrey gave you last night. Since we have quite a while before the
ceremonies start tonight, perhaps you should test him on his potions when he truly wakes

“Yes that would be best. I also need to speak with Albus and let him know what is going

As Severus stated this, there was a knock at the door. “Why do I have a feeling I know
who that is?” He mumbled as he went to answer the door. “Albus, I was just thinking
about coming to see you.” Severus stated as he opened the door for the headmaster to
come in.

“Excellent, then I assume things went well last night?” Dumbledore asked.

“Not exactly as expected but….” Severus smirked, looking a little embarrassed really. “I
find that I do indeed have a son, and that he will be joining me from now on. It was
decided that he would spend part of his time in the dorms and part of his time here, using
my guest bedroom. I am going to put a separate door for him to enter by, so you might
want to choose a painting for him if you don’t mind.”

As they were speaking a dripping wet young man with a towel loosely wrapped around
his waist came through the connecting doorway, and walked over to his trunk.
Apparently he didn’t notice Dumbledore was present…as he bent down to get his
toiletries, he managed to give the headmaster an excellent look at a rather well toned,
muscular leg.

“Norische!” Severus called out in frustration. “Would you kindly put on proper clothing
before you come out here, the Headmaster does not wish to see your body any more than
Remus does.”

Norische threw his head back, sending tiny rivers of water in every direction. Norische
blushed as he stood back up and looked directly at Professor Dumbledore. “Sorry,
shampoo…” was all he said as he lifted his bag of toiletries, he then turned and casually
walked back into the other room.

“Ah…yes.” Dumbledore cleared his throat, you could see the twinkle in his eye just
radiating. “Not a problem Severus, I will make arrangements for the new door
immediately, was their any thing else that you or your son required?”

“Thank you Albus, but not that I am aware of. I will be testing him on potions today to
ensure his proper placement but other than that we are…shall I say…playing it by ear.”
Severus shook his head.

Dumbledore smiled. “I will be happy to give you a complete copy of the information that
was sent with him. Severus, you may wish to note that you are listed as his only
acknowledged relative, and that in a secondary position is his godmother Parinitra of the
Vampyric High Council of Elders. Also this came today from Parinitra for you.”
Dumbledore handed Severus a package. “I am afraid that I have much that must be done
before the ceremonies tonight, so if there is nothing else I shall see you then…oh if you
wish special arrangements for your son’s ceremony just let me know.

Albus nodded towards Remus and turned to leave. After the headmaster left, Severus
went over to his chair and sat down, still holding the package. Remus stood up and came
over to his side and sat down on the arm of his chair. Placing a gentle hand on his
shoulder. Inhaling deeply Severus cautiously opened the package. Inside was a box, when
he first opened it he was shocked. Inside was a collection of photos, and several small
bags. Severus had just started going through the photos when Norische appeared in the
doorway, this time he had a pair of black leather pants on, although he was barefoot and
didn’t have a shirt on yet. Norische was attempting to towel dry his hair when he came
over and sat down in the abandoned chair. “What ya got?” Norische asked.

“Apparently your godmother sent me a package.” Severus stated as he continued to go

through the photos.

“She didn’t. Dammit she said she wouldn’t. Oh…. Crap….” Norische took the towel and
hid his face.

“Is there a problem?” Remus asked.

Norische pulled the towel away and with a miserable look he stated. “Yeah that is all the
crap she has blackmailed me with my whole life, I guess she thought you needed it just in

“These are baby pictures, and pictures of you growing up. How is that black mail?”
Severus was looking at each picture reverently, realizing how much of his son’s life he
had missed. Then he picked up the little bags. He opened the navy blue one and poured
the contents into his hand. It was a collection of tiny teeth. Severus looked at Norische

“My baby teeth. Pari…kept everything.”

The burgundy bag revealed an ebony lock of hair tied with a blue satin ribbon. “My first
hair cut.” Norische stated.

The golden bag, had a small dried piece of skin in it. Severus again looked at Norische
confused. “My umbilical cord.”

When Severus started to open the black velvet bag Norische stopped him. “Ah…. my
circumcision….” He stated with a blush. Severus coughed and resealed the bag. Taking
note not to open that one by mistake in the future.

Norische sat down on the floor between the two chairs and started pulling pictures from
the box looking at them. The three of them spent several hours going through the content
of the box, Norische spending much of his time laughing and hiding his face. Pictures of
his first bath, of his first birthday, pictures of him in nappies, and running naked through
the house, there were pictures of his first kiss, and his first date, his graduation from a
muggle school and his class mates. Then near the bottom of the box there was a black
leather envelope, bound in black satin ribbon. “Ah… you shouldn’t open that one

“Why?” Severus asked concerned.

“I really don’t want to say, but” Norische knew that would not suffice his father. “Ok, I
tell you what, have Remus look at the pictures in the other room and if he thinks you
need to see it, then go ahead…if not then leave it be…please.”

Severus looked at his son then at Remus. He then nodded and handed the envelope to
Remus who gave Norische a concerned look but stood up and went into their bedroom.
Closing the door quietly.

Remus slowly opened the envelope and pulled out several black and white photos. The
first showed Norische’s mother pregnant standing there with one hand on her huge belly

and the other hand waving, her smile was so beautiful Remus could easily see how
Severus had fallen in love with her.

The second photo showed the same beautiful woman caged, she had a wild look in her
eyes and you could clearly see several wounds on her naked body.

The third photo showed the Angelica again naked in a cage, but laying outside the cage
was a small child, he had his tiny hand inside the cage brushing the hair from her face.

The fourth photo showed a boy a little older trying to pull the door of the cage off its
hinges and a terrified Angelica huddled in one of the far corners of the cage.

The next photo shows the same little boy hanging limp from a set of chains, the boy was
naked and there were literally hundreds of whip marks from the boy’s shoulders to mid
thighs. Remus saw the picture and knew the child in the picture had to be Norische; the
boy must have been beaten severely for trying to rescue his mother from the cage. Remus
felt nauseous and didn’t even try and hold back his tears… his werewolf rage began to
well up in him and he was doing everything he could not to lose control.

The next photo showed Angelica hanging from the same chains, apparently unconscious.
Blood pooling underneath her dangling feet from the beating she had received.

Remus could not look at the other photos; he placed the photos back inside the envelope
and tied it tight again. Taking a deep breath, he walked back into the other room. Remus
walked up to Severus, and handed him the envelope.

“Promise me you will never open that envelope…..” Remus stated with a shaky voice.


“PROMISE ME!!!” Remus screamed.

Severus dropped the envelope and stood up immediately. He put his hands on Remus’
shoulders and looked into his eyes. Severus saw rage, undeniable, uncontrollable rage. He
knew that Remus was struggling not to lose control but he was quickly loosing the battle.
“I Promise.” Was all he said.

Norische was sitting on the floor with his knees pulled close to his chest, his head buried
in his arms, trembling. Remus nodded then looked down at Norische. Remus knelt down
cautiously and put his hand on Norische’s shoulder. Norische raised his head and looked
into the tear-streaked eyes of the werewolf. Remus didn’t ask, he simply wrapped his
arms around the boy and held him tight. They shared a moment of understanding and
silence between the two of them; then Norische spoke up. “They can’t be destroyed, I’ve
tried. I have tried every spell, incantation and curse I know. I have tried cutting, burning,
even acid, nothing works, and I can’t throw them away or give them away they keep

coming back. Pari said my grandfather did it so I would never forget, but even without
the photos…I will never forget…never.” Norische said at just barely a whisper.

Severus knelt down and ran his finger through Remus’ hair; Remus closed his eyes at the
gentle touch. “I don’t know what was in that envelope, nor do I think I will ever wish to
know…but son,” Severus paused waiting for Norische to focus his attention on him. “I
can not change the past, I am just very, very glad I am here to be a part of your future.”
It took a while for the level of emotions to calm down enough that the three of them
could start their day properly.


Norische walked out of his bedroom putting on his silver mesh shirt. “Father, I wanted to
tell you I am sorry about this morning. I guess I am not ah…modest… I didn’t mean to
well, show my ass to Remus, or flash Dumbledore either. I just never think about stuff
like that.”

Severus snorted. “It is quite alright. Just try and remember in the future.” Then something
caught his eye. “Come here Norische.”

Norische walked over to where his father was sitting sipping on another cup of coffee.
Remus was sitting across from him nibbling on a croissant. “Yes father?”

“Lift up your shirt please.”

Norische lifted his shirt and smiled, he knew what had caught his father’s attention.
Hanging from each nipple was a ring; on the ring was balanced an adorable tiny silver
bat. “Like them?”

“I didn’t notice these this morning. But yes they are quite appropriate.”

“I took them out when I showered, I have a total of five piercing actually. Both ears, both
nipples and…ah…one other…” Norische blushed just a little.

“One other?” Severus raised an eyebrow to his son.

“Yeah…and if you ever see that one, just run a stake through my heart right then please.”
Norische lowered his shirt and went about putting his boots on.

Severus was having fun with his son’s embarrassment, “And where exactly is the ‘one
other’ located, that my seeing it would cause such distress.” Severus placed his typical
Snape face on, giving no indication that he was teasing his son at all.

“Ah… don’t worry about it, you will never see it.” Norische was being very evasive.

“Young man I do not like having to ask a question more than once.” Severus stated with a
slightly harsher tone. Remus hid his amusement behind his pastry and kept his mouth

“Fine…. I had my scrotum pierced when I was fourteen…there are you happy.” Norische
clearly didn’t like his father knowing this piece of information but it was his own fault
really he did mention five piercings.

“Scrotum?” Severus looked slightly flushed.

“Yes, now shut up about it…ok…” Norische just had to get out of the room right now it
was getting way too hot. “I’m going to smoke.” With that, Norische walked out of the
room and headed out to the courtyard to smoke.

“All I want to say is …. OW!” Remus smirked and tried very hard not to laugh.

“Dear Merlin, fourteen years old…. How did he manage that? First smoking, then it was
the restricted items, now a rather unusual piercing. What else has that boy been able to
do?” Severus stared at the closed door and continued to sip his coffee.


While Norische was outside he took his time and looked around a little, he found the
Owlery and the Astronomy tower, the Quidditch pitch and the edge of the dark forest. He
wandered down by the black lake for a while then realized what time it was getting to be
so he headed back up to the school. He was almost to the dungeons when he saw his
father and Remus walking towards him.

“Good. There you are, I want you to follow me.” Severus motioned Norische to follow
him towards the potions lab. Once inside Severus went over to the black board and
started writing down a list of potions, nothing more than just the list.

Draught of Living Death

Polyjuice Potion
Wolfsbane Potion
Draught of Peace
Invigoration Draught
Dreamless Sleeping Draught
Purification Potion
Mandrake Draught

Interesting, from simple to complex the potions were varied enough than they would give
a genuine idea of Norische’s abilities and skills. “Father do you mind if I go get my

Severus pulled several small items from his cloak. “Engorgio”. “Since I am here to
supervise you may use any of your supplies you wish, although you may wish to check
my storage room first so that you don’t deplete your own supplies.”

Norische rushed over to check and found that his father had indeed brought everything,
even his general supplies that had still been packed. “Great! Where do you want me and
what do you want me to start with first?”

“You may use what ever station you wish and you may choose the potions at your
discretion.” Severus was elated at his son’s excitement.

“Father did you get my wand?”

“I’m sorry Norische I didn’t, do you want Remus to go get it? Or you may borrow mine
if you wish.” Severus answered.

“If I could use yours for a minute it would be appreciated but if Dad could go and get
mine it would be easier for me.” Norische stated but he didn’t lift his head “Oh and there
is a box that should be with my wand it says Concitator in silver letters on it, if you could
get that too I would appreciate it.”

Remus nodded but when Severus looked at him, Severus could see the tear in his eye, and
gave Remus a questioning glance. Remus leaned into Severus and whispered. “I’m a
Dad, I have a son.” Severus smiled and leaned down kissing Remus on the forehead.
With that Remus wiped his eyes and rushed out to get the items requested. Severus
handed his son his wand for the moment.

“Cool.” Norische turned to the first station and set up the first cauldron, putting in the
required amount of water along with one dollop of mineral oil, and lit a flame
underneath. Using “Tempus.” Norische set a timer for twenty minutes.

The second station Norische put the cauldron to heat at a much lower flame, just barely
noticeable again using “tempus” he sat that cauldron for forty-five minutes.

The third station was put to work, with this one Norische put in, Valerian Officinalis,
Jobberknoll Feathers and Hamamelis Viginica. After cutting up the ingredients and
measuring the proper amounts, Norische set the “tempus” charm for three hours. The
Veritaserum was finished except for the simmering.

Norische much preferred to use the ancient name of the ingredients rather than the more
modern name, since most of the really interesting potions were written using those terms.
He had made it a point to memorize all the Latin names as well as the ancient alchemic
and Druimatic terms when he was only thirteen yrs old.

Now Norische started going through the vials in his boxes and set aside certain ones, but
remembering what his father said he went into the storage room and grabbed a couple of
bottles and two baskets of ingredients then came back to the station with his arms full.
Before Norische started to work on chopping the next set of ingredients he went and
retrieved his mortal and pestle, he knew once he started he would have to be quick on this
one and wouldn’t have the time to run and get his supplies. Quickly Norische glanced
over at the first station, three minutes left. Then the timer on the first cauldron was going
off. Norische rushed over to it and put in the powdered root of asphodel and then set the
timer for ten minutes. Rushing back to the chopping he was doing.

Remus came back just as the first timer went off and handed the items to Norische with a
smile. “Thanks Dad.” Remus wasn’t sure if Norische realized he had just called him Dad
but he didn’t care, it made Remus so happy he just smiled and moved out of the way to
stand over with Severus.

“Father, on the purification potion did you have something specific in mind, like did you
want it focused on the dark arts or just a general purification potion?” Norische asked as
he set up his next cauldron.

“Since I haven’t seen it in a while why don’t you do one focused on the dark arts.”
Severus was a little leery but it would be a good test of Norische’s skills in that area as

“I don’t have any hair from a black dog, or a grim…do you?”

“Yes I believe I do, I will be right back.” Severus smirked; the boy really did know his
potions. Once again, Severus could feel the pride for his son swelling up inside his chest.

Back to the first cauldron, Norische added the sopophorous bean, and Valerian
Officinalis roots and set the Concitator to stir appropriately for the Draught of the Living
Dead. Then as the potion was stirred, Norische added seven half pinches of wormwood,
once after each five stirs clockwise. Draught of Living Dead done.

The timer on the second cauldron went off. Thankfully, Norische had just finished cutting
the innocuous parsley, and started to add the ingredients in. He prepeared equal portions
of Belladonna, Tsuga Canadensis, Hyoscyamus Niger, Eschscholzia, Arnica chamissonic
and Innocuous Parsley and set the “tempus” to four hours. The Wolfsbane potion was
finished except for the simmering.

“Father do you happen to have Jojoba oil, I have some but not enough?” Norische asked
as he started his next cauldron. Before he could finish adjusting the fire, a container of oil
was placed in his hands. Norische put in half Jojoba oil and half almond oil and set the
“tempus” for twenty minutes.

Severus also handed his son a vial with several long black hairs in it. “I only needed one
father.” Norische grinned up at his father, and went about setting up the next cauldron.

This one he started with mineral oil but did not turn on the heat immediately. Instead he
put equal portions of black mustard seeds, peppercorns, and black pepper into his mortal
and started crushing them, once satisfied he poured the powder into the oil and added
Verbascum thapsus, Valerian Officinalis roots and stinging nettles, then started the fire to
a full boil. Watching the surface of the potion closely Norische waited until the
appropriate moment and added the single black hair. Purification Potion was done.

“Sorry to bother you again father but do you know how long those lacewing flies have
been stewing?”

“Not quite 17 days I believe.”

“Crap, I didn’t want to use mine, but oh well.” With that, Norische started his next
cauldron. He took out his vial of lacewing flies, he used his father’s leeches, bicorn horn
powder and boomslang skin, and started the potion going. The knotgrass and fluxweed
would be added in seventeen minutes, Norische set the “tempus” and went back over to
start his next cauldron.

Since this one was going to be an infusion he had to work it a little different. Norische
ground the moonstone into a fine powder and poured it into the cauldron, then chopped
the Veratrum Viride into small but manageable pieces. “Father is it permissible you to
help me on this one…” Norische asked as he poured in the alcohol for the infusion.

“What do you need precisely.” Severus asked, with his arms folded across his chest.

“I need you to do “conglacio” at the same time I do “Incendio”, it will fuse the
ingredients together and allow the potion to mature.”

“Very well, when you are ready.”

They both pointed their wands at the cauldron. “On three, one, two, three.”



A red burst of magic hit the caldron at the same time as a blue glow enveloped it.
Norische looked into the caldron, the potion was boiling deep underneath a thick layer of
ice. After a few seconds the ice broke and a thick bluish foam seeped through the crack.
Draught of Peace done.

The tempus on the polyjuice potion was going off, so Norische went over and added the
final ingredients and set the ‘tempus’ to two hours. The Polyjuice potion was done except
for simmering.

“Father I have a problem. The Amortentia… I only know love potions that are
specifically species focused; I am not sure what you are looking for. Can you be more

“Normally the Amortentia that I teach is unspecific so that it works on the majority of

“Ok, well I can do that…ah do you want it strictly white magic or do you want me to use
blood magic?”

“While I would like you to tell me about your blood magic Amortentia I would like you
to stick to the basic white magic. What ingredients do you use for your blood magic

“There are actually three, but only one is species basic, and that one includes menstrual
blood, cinnamon, Trillium erectum, Orchis Maculata Root, and crushed black beetles. It
works very well but sometimes the menstrual blood must be species specific…although I
find standard human is acceptable, it is easy to manipulate the spell to species specific if
you simply allow for the correct type of blood to be used.”

Norische explained the blood spell as he set started grinding the ingredients for the basic
Amortentia. Monarda fistulosa, Boswellia carteri, Jasmine, Commiphora myrrha, and
Petitgrain. After he had gotten the consistency that he wanted Norische added the
ingredients to the cauldron and set about stirring counter clockwise at a slow and steady
pace, after 120 times he turned the fire on to a low boil and set the ‘tempus’ to twenty
minutes. The Amortentia was finished.

“Father, on the Invigoration Draught I honestly don’t know what you want. The one I use
consist of frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, and vetiver, but is that what you are wanting?”


“Crap. All right then what about the Invigoration Potion of Queen Isabel. Eight ounces
vodka, one ounce orange blossom water, one ounce rose water, one ounce rosemary
hydrosol, one ounce infusion of hydrosol, one ounce infused water of vervain, five drops
rosemary oil, four drops may chang oil, two drops chamomile oil, two drops spearmint
and one drop neroli oil.”

“That is not what I was wanting either.” Severus looked at his son with a smile,
“However. Since you know the makings of two draughts that would more than work for
the same use. I will allow this one to pass without having to make it… we will work on
the one I wished you to make in class this year anyway.”

Norische looked down crushed. Then went about to make one final check on the potions
that were still brewing.

Severus tilted his head and looked at Remus confused. “Norische what is wrong?” Remus

“I failed…” Norische whispered, as he went about pouring the finished potions into the
appropriate containers.

“You did no such thing.” Severus stated, realizing what had upset Norische now. “Just
because you do not know the potion I teach does not mean you are not aware of an
acceptable alternative. The two potions you gave would also be considered as
Invigoration Potions, and the fact that you knew the details of the Queen Isabel youth
potion was quite impressive.”

Apparently, this did not make Norische feel any better. “I had a whole week to study my
potions book, I should have been able to make the potion you teach… but I didn’t bother
to study my book and so I failed, plain and simple.”

Norische finished putting the completed potions in their containers then turned to Severus
with his head down. “The Wolfsbane Potion will need three hours and twenty minutes,
the Veritaserum needs an hour and forty minutes and the Polyjuice Potion will be done in
thirty four minutes.”

“Very well, then lets look at what you have finished.” Severus went through and
examined each one of the potions for scent, color, and consistency. After making several
notes in his notebook, Severus turned to Norische and stated. “You have successfully
completed nine of the ten potions you were assigned. Which would give you a ninety on
your O.W.L.s, However, since you were able to give me the exact ingredients in
proportion to two alternative potions proving to me that you are able to find a suitable
substitute for the required potion if necessary, I will give you half credit for that potion.
Also since you were able to create a Purification Potion that was specific to black magic
and the blood magic potion as well, I will give you three extra points for that. Hence,
your overall score on your O.W.L. for Potions is ninety-eight points. The highest score I
have ever had a student achieve I might add.”

Norische looked up at his father and beamed. “Really?”

Severus smiled at his son, “Yes really. You were absolutely accurate when you informed
me that you are quite gifted in potions. In fact, considering your score I would like you to
work as an apprentice with my fifth, sixth and seventh year student. I am quite sure that
seeing these result the Headmaster will have no problem authorizing this.”

Remus walked over to Severus and put his arms around his waist, “Our son is quite
talented isn’t he Severus.” Severus returned Remus’ embrace. “Quite”.

“However, since you did not complete the final potion you will be scrubbing these
cauldrons and putting away the ingredients until the Wolfsbane potion is complete, you
will then bring it, as well as the end results of the Polyjuice Potion and the Veritaserum to

my suite where Remus and I will be waiting. You have three hours; I expect this place to
be clean and everything in its place by that time. Oh also make sure you have restocked
any of your ingredients that you used…the school pays for all of my ingredients and
since you were doing your placement testing I cannot allow you to use your own
ingredients with out replacing them.”

“Yes father, no problem.” Norische smiled and started gathering up the items that needed
to be cleaned.

Severus and Remus started walking out of the classroom. “Oh and Norische,”

“Yes father?”

“Please keep your potion supplies in your room, I honesty don’t have the space for them
in my area…and I will arrange for a cooling cabinet for you to keep in there as well, I
don’t wish your items taking up all of the space in there either.” Severus said with a

Norische grinned from ear to ear, “Yes Sir, No problem.” He had won his father’s trust;
Norische knew that Severus acknowledged how good he was at potions.

With that, Severus and Remus headed back to their suite. “That was sweet, I think you
are going soft on me Severus.” Remus teased.

“I am by no means going soft” Severus scowled. “I do however respect the boy’s ability
and must admit that his skill level with potions is impressive. I don’t think I need to
worry about him knowing how to properly use any ingredient he has.”

Norische couldn’t help it he had listened in on their conversation as they walked down
the hall. “WHOO HOO!!”

Remus looked back over his shoulder toward the potions classroom, and smiled.

“What?” Severus asked.

“Our son seems to be thrilled with your evaluation. I believe that was a whoo hoo, I just
heard.” Remus couldn’t help but snicker at the boy’s enthusiasm.


Norische rushed the finished potions to his father as soon as they were done. Severus
looked over the potions, he handed the Wolfsbane Potion to Remus who sniffed it
cautiously. Remus looked at Norische and smiled. “I don’t believe I have found a potion
of this quality anywhere…except of course those your father makes me.”

Norische beamed proudly. “Dad, did you know that I could make a werewolf attractant as
well? It works great for mating season.” Norische couldn’t help but tease his ‘Dad’.

Severus interjected “You will keep that little item to yourself young man. Remus needs
nothing of the sort.”

Remus laughed and whispered, “We’ll talk later…” in Norische’s ear. Which caused
Norische to laugh as well.

“By the way Dad, are you suppose to test me for Defense Against the Dark Arts?”

Remus noted that Norische had continued to call him ‘Dad’ and couldn’t help but smile.
“Unfortunately, I probably should. Since I am not sure what type of training you have

“Well we have four hours before I have to be in the great hall for the sorting ceremony,
as long as I have time for a shower and to get dressed…if you want to I am ready.”
Norische was pumped up from his testing with his Father and wanted very much to prove
himself to his Dad as well.

“Very well, get your wand and come with me. Severus please join us, I might need your
assistance.” Remus extended his hand to Severus who took it and nodded. “We will need
to go to my classroom, I have everything I will need to test you properly there.”

“Lead the way Professor.” Norische said and then followed the two down the hall to the
D.A.D.A classroom.

As they entered Norische took in the entire room, looking around to see where everything
was and what might be a possible threat, after all this was a Defense Against the Dark
Arts classroom. The room itself wasn’t truly remarkable, it was a long narrow room with
a number of desks that had been pushed against the sides of the room leaving the center
area open and available, Norische assumed for dueling or something like that.

“Ok Professor, how do we do this?” Norische asked.

“Well first I am going to give you a list of curses or spells, and I want you to give me the
proper counter curse or counter measure.” Remus stated as he went over to the desk at the
front of the room, and picked up a series of papers that he had laying on top in a stack.

“First one. Prior Incantato?”


“Second one. Petrificus Totalus?”


“Third one. Incenio?”


“Fourth one. Lumos?”


“Fifth one. Sonorus?”


“Sixth one. Engorio?”


“Seventh one. Stupify?”


“Eighth one. Incarcero?”


“Ninth one. Accio?

“Emite efastado”

“Tenth one. Cruccio?”

“Finite Incantatum”

“Excellent you got ten out of ten correct! Now lets see if you can use your knowledge in
a practical manner. Severus would you mind a small duel?” Remus was thrilled that
Norische appeared to have as much skill in Defense as he did in Potions.

“Not at all Remus. Is there anything specific I should attempt or avoid?”

“I leave it to your discretion, just remember that this is only a test, I want our son to
remain in one piece please.”

“Do you mind if I make a comment Professor?” Norische asked

“Go right ahead.” Remus responded.

“Professor Snape,” Norische used their formal titles since they were technically in a
classroom, “I want to remind you that I am Vampyric, some of the curses you try to use
on me won’t work…also if you wouldn’t mind Sir I would appreciate you using Crucio
on me.”

“WHAT?!” Severus was shocked. “I will do no such thing!”

“Sir, I really feel I must make a point, and the only way to do so is to show you strait up.
So please, trust me and use the curse.” It was very apparent that Norische wanted to
show both Severus and Remus something but Severus desperately wanted to refuse.

Breathing deeply, “Very well, but if this does not work out, I will have you butt in a sling
for a month.”

Norische smiled, “Professor Lupin, is it permissible for me to take off my shirt…I just
got it last week and I don’t really want to risk it getting damaged.”

Remus nodded and watched as Norische pulled the silver mesh shirt over his head and
laid it down on one of the desks.

“Since Norische wishes to show us something about the Cruciatus curse, we will start
with that… and I will tell you now, if this does not work as soon as your butt heals from
what ever your father will do to you, it will be back in a sling for another month from
what I will do to you is that understood.”

“Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.” Norische mumbled as he took position in front of
Severus; wand in hand.

Severus shook his head. “Very well, on the count of three. One, two, three. Crucio!”

The bright light of the curse headed straight for Norische, but in a fraction of a second
Norische had two huge charcoal gray wings surrounding him. The Cruciatus curse
reflected off of the wings and bounced harmlessly to the other side of the room.

“What the bloody hell?” Severus stared at Norische and the huge wings for a moment.

Norische lowered one of his wings slightly and peaked over it looking at his father. “Hi
father….ah… vampyre…remember?” Norische couldn’t help but laugh at his father’s

Remus was ecstatic and walked over to Norische. “Norische that was amazing. How did
you get them out so fast?”

“Instinct I guess. It usually happens before I think about it.” Norische spread his wings
out fully for both Remus and Severus to see them in their full glory. In total, his wings
spanned a good ten feet from tip to tip. “It works the same on any unforgivable course, as

well as all other minor curses. In fact, I have only found a couple of them that can
penetrate my wings. I would have told father to use the Avada Kedarva curse to show
you that I am immune to that one too but I knew he wouldn’t go for that at all.”

“All of them. Wait a minute, exactly how do you know that you are immune to those
curses.” Remus was suddenly concerned by this knowledge.

“A month or so ago some guys in black robes with masks tried to grab me, when I was in
New Orleans. Things got out of hand and they threw everything they had at me. I ended
up pretty bruised and a couple of broken ribs but nothing more than that.”

Severus listened and then rushed to Norische, grabbing him by the forearms staring
intently into his eyes. “Tell me about these individuals? Tell me every single detail.”

“Not much to tell really. I was coming out of a bar in New Orleans on Bourbon Street
called Whips and Chains and these guys in black robes with stupid masks came up and
tried to grab me. I thought they were a part of the whole New Orleans thing so I brushed
them off and started walking down the street towards my motel. One of them tried the
Imperio curse on me, but before I could really react my wings were up and locked in
place. Then they started with Stupify, Reducto, Petrificus Totalis, and Stupefacio, they
even tried Somnus…but none of them worked. Then they started with the Crucio and the
Avada Kedarva. Finally I got pissed of and started throwing what they were doing to me
back at them. It took about twenty minutes and they were all out.”

“Sweet Merlin… how many were there?” Remus asked.

“I’m not sure, maybe ten or so…I think… I don’t know it all happened kinda quickly.”

“Severus we have to tell Dumbledore about this immediately.” Remus stated.

Severus was still in shock that someone would try and kill his son…but he nodded.

“Do you mind if I put my shirt back on, or do you want me to leave my wings out for

“No put your wings back, ah…we will …. Well I don’t know what we will do but we
definitely need to talk to Albus.” Remus was quite shaken with the news as well.

“By the way, what about my test?” Norische asked as he slipped his shirt over his head
and tugged it into place.

“Considering the level of skill you just explained, and the fact that you verified what you
stated…. as well as the fact that you can give the counter curse for all of the various
spells I mentioned I believe you received a perfect score on this O.W.L. Now lets go talk
to Dumbledore.” Remus pulled Severus close to him, both of them still having problems
with the idea that they almost lost their son only a month ago.


Dumbledore was not only surprised but if Severus didn’t know better perhaps the old
man was actually shocked at the information. Norische retold the experience and
answered questions for about an hour.

“Do you know if this is a common trait amongst vampyre?”

“Not sure, never needed to ask anyone before. If you want, I can have Pari come and talk
to you guys. I am sure she wouldn’t mind.”

“Perhaps another time, I have a full day ahead of me as do you. Remember the ceremony
is in only two hours.” With that Severus, Remus and Norische left Dumbledore’s office
and headed back down to their quarters.


“Father, do you know if I will be put in your house. I mean you are the head of Slytherin
and all?”

“I don’t know which house you will be placed with, if you do find your placement
objectionable you may always stay here instead.” Severus stated.

“Great, right now I need a shower and a shave, then I need to get dressed and grab a
smoke before the ceremony. Oh and since we missed lunch can we get something to eat

Severus had not even realized how late it had gotten and that they had indeed missed both
breakfast and lunch. “I will get one of the house elves to send up something. There will
be a feast after the sorting ceremony so something light will work. Anything specific you

“Well since extremely rare steak might make you guys sick, how about some fruit or
salad or something… oh by the way I’m allergic to pork, so no ham, bacon, sausage,
anything like that. I like chicken sometimes, but I am kinda picky about how my meats
are cooked… I hate the taste of dead meat, and besides it smells funny. I am not fond of
fish either. If it has to be meat, unless I can have it made special, it is best to stick with
chicken for me, ok?”

“Your allergy to pork is good to know, I am quite fond of ham myself so I am glad you
informed me. I will see what they have available. Go take your shower and the meal
should be here when you get out.”

Norische nodded, and went over to his trunk and picked out a pair of forest green suede
pants and his black scrunch boots. Norische decided he was going to wear his silver mesh
shirt again so he just picked out a couple of pieces of jewelry to compliment the
ensemble. Then Norische walked back into his room and closed the door.

“Severus.” Remus whispered as soon as Norische was gone. “Why in the world was
someone trying to take Norische? I don’t understand that at all. He doesn’t have any
political or social attachments that would make him valuable to Voldemort, but if death
eaters were sent to kidnap him then it means that Voldemort wants him alive and it isn’t
just the bastard being his normal horrible self.”

“I honestly don’t know dearest.” Pulling Remus close to him. “Neither the Dark Lord,
nor any of his minions, have ever mentioned him. I have been thinking about it every
since he told us and I have no clue. I will see if I can find out any information without
raising suspicion though. I think, however, we should not discuss this with Norische until
we have some answers. I don’t wish to alarm him any more than necessary.”

“Absolutely. Did he say raw steak?” Remus scrunched his nose at the idea. Even for a
werewolf, Remus liked his meat well cooked. If it wasn’t a fresh kill then he wanted it
cooked to the point that you couldn’t really tell it was meat anymore.

“Not exactly, he said extremely rare, and to be quite honest I was hesitant to ask for
clarification.” Severus said glad to change the subject to a lighter tone. “Would you order
something for us dear, I need to go take my shower?”

“Of course.” With that, Remus kissed Severus and set about contacting a house elf.


Norische came out of his room in just the green suede pants, attempting to dry his hair as
best as he could. “Father?”

Severus was sitting in his chair with a plate of fruits and cheese in front of him,
apparently from his damp hair he had just gotten out of the shower as well. Since
Norische didn’t see Remus anywhere he assumed that Remus was taking his shower at
this time. “Yes?”

Norische through the towel he was using on his hair over his shoulder and bent down to
get something out of his trunk. It was an amber orb, about the size of a grapefruit. “I
wanted to give you this.” Norische walked over and handed the orb to his father.

Severus looked at the orb, then looked at his son with a rather confused look on his face.
“What exactly is this?” He asked.

“Well it is a projection orb. Vampyre can do something that is called mindspeaking,

where I can talk directly to your mind. All I have to do is focus; since you, me and
Remus have an emotional bond it shouldn’t be hard at all. I just haven’t done it since we
haven’t talked about it yet.”

“Show me.”

[Can you hear me father?]

“I…can …. This is amazing. How do I use this orb?” Severus’ eyes widened as he heard
his son’s voice in his head.

[Let’s see if you can answer me in your mind first. Concentrate on me, and simply think
the words you wish for me to hear.]

Severus concentrated for several minutes but nothing came through. Frustrated he looked
at his son. “It appears it is a one way communication.”

“Maybe not, the orb magnifies your telepathic abilities. What you need to do, is take the
orb and hold it in your hands, then do the same thing. Focus on me and speak to me with
your mind.”

[Norische, can you hear me?]

[I hear you quite well father.]

Severus’ face lit up. “I did it!”

“Yup, now it is just a matter of control, and expansion of your mind in order for you to be
able to do it with out the orb. By the way, this is how I contact Pari; she gave me the orb
years ago so that I would always have a means of getting a hold of her. If there is ever an
emergency you can always call her through this.”

Severus was defiantly pleased with his new discovery, and had every intention of
exploring it’s possibilities to the fullest.

“Ah…Where’s the food?”

“Over in the kitchenette. Feel free to eat what ever you wish, but remember in less than
two hours you will be having a feast so eat lightly.” Severus noted.

“Thanks.” Norische found a tray with a variety of fresh fruits and cheeses, as well as
some chopped vegetables on it. He picked out a plate full and went to sit down with his

father. Norische chose to sit on the floor since Remus came out of their bedroom just as
he started back into the living room. Norische started eating the delicious melon that was
before him, but quickly decided that no matter how much he liked the foods, if he was
going to be able to make it through the meal he was going to need some of the medicine
the medi-witch gave his father.

Apparently Severus noticed his son’s hesitation at eating as well. “Are you feeling ok

Norische silently shook his head, still ashamed to show what he felt and that he thought
of it as a weakness.

“Is it your stomach?” Remus asked.

Norische nodded, and exhaled deeply. “And my head hurts quite a bit too.”

Severus got up and went to the cabinet where he had stored the potions from Poppy.
Picking out three he walked back over to Norische and handed them to him. “The dark
blue one is for nausea, I suggest you take that one first. The green one is for your
headache, and the orange one is for the pain in general.”

Begrudgingly Norische opened the vials and swallowed the content. Desperately wishing
he didn’t have too, but knowing if he didn’t, he would never make it through the
ceremony tonight.

“Speaking of potions, this morning you took two potions. What were they?” Severus
asked, as Remus walked into the room.

Norische blushed a little and thought about it before he answered. Exhaling he said. “The
yellow one was a sort of hormone treatment. It keeps me from jumping every male that is
sexually active around me right now.” Norische actually blushed as he looked over to
Remus then to his father. “The blue one is like a tranquilizer of sorts, it calms my senses
so I don’t notice things quite as bad…like scents. If I didn’t take them, right now I would
be a real basket case. I woke up and I could….well…. smell sex. I started shaking and
having…problems, so I knew I had to take the stuff or else leave for a while until I could
clear my head.”

Remus was blushing beyond red. “We are so sorry, we didn’t even think about our…
activities, and the effects they would have on you.”

“And you weren’t suppose to. I meant what I said, if my being here interferes in your
relationship in any way I’m leaving. Let me deal with my problems, but don’t let me
interfere or cause you to suffer because of me.” Norische hated the way he was this
morning, but he hated more the idea that his sickness would, even for a moment, take
away from his father’s happiness.

Severus had a sad, concerned look on his face. “Son, just as you don’t want to see us
suffer…we don’t want to see you suffer. How can we truly enjoy what we have together
knowing it makes you ill?”

“I’m sorry.” Norische hung his head and rolled a grape around his plate with his fingers.

“You have nothing to be sorry for. It is nature. But do not expect us to carry on as if there
was nothing wrong. Neither of us can find pleasure in our activities, knowing we are
hurting you. Why not give me a sample of the potions you have and let me look at them. I
may be able to come up with something that will work even better.”

“Yes, Sir.” Norische mumbled. Then got up and went over to his trunk and pulled out his
medical bag, going through it until he found the correct potions. He walked back over to
Severus and gave him the two potions. Norische decided that he couldn’t eat right now
and mumbled something about finishing getting dressed and getting a cigarette then he
left the room.

“I wish there was something we could do for him. If we stop….our activities, then he will
leave thinking he is hurting us by being here. If we don’t…then we end up hurting him.
Severus please tell me you have an idea… I can’t see our son like this. I realize that it has
only been a matter of days but I love him as if he were my own, and I don’t ever want to
see him in pain.” Remus was a little teary eyed as he looked at the vials in Severus’ hand.

“I will need to analyze these potions before I will know for sure but I think I may indeed
have something. I really don’t want to mention it until I know for sure though. And I
know exactly how you feel. All I can say is I hope our son finds a partner soon, so that
his pain will stop.”

Norische pulled the silver mesh shirt over his head and put his jewelry in place. While he
tied back his hair Norische listened to his father and dad talking outside. He knew for the
first time in a very long time, Norische new he was loved. Clearing his throat Norische
walked back into the living room and walked right up to Severus and Remus.

“Do you two mind if I say something?” Norische asked. With the assurance of both men
that they didn’t mind he continued. “My life has never been a bed of roses… but I have
always managed somehow. No matter what happened, I have always been able to come
out on top. But for the first time in my life, I know that I am loved… I mean really loved,
and I …ah… wanted to thank you both for that.”

Remus couldn’t help but remember the photos he had seen as Norische spoke. He got up
and with tear running down his cheeks he embraced their son. “You are most definitely
loved son, most definitely.”

Severus hated showing emotion, but this time he honestly didn’t care as he wrapped both
of them in his own embrace. “I second that.”

For a few minutes, they all shared the warmth and comfort of the others, but the
awkwardness of all the emotions was getting to Norische. “Enough of this drivel, I am
going out to smoke. The other students should be coming in any minute now…and I have
got to find someone, I have just got to get laid…”

Severus broke out laughing and swatted Norische on the back of the head. Norische
grinned. “What can I say, it’s a sexual smorgasbord, and I know there is something out
there that I wouldn’t mind eating.”

This time it was Remus that swatted Norische. “Hey…watch it… it took me ten minutes
to get my hair the way I wanted it. Besides I was just being honest.” Norische laughed
and backed away from their embrace. Norische grabbed his robe and started for the door.
Then he remembered something serious he wanted to ask. “I was wondering if what I am
wearing under my robes is ok, from what I noticed with the other students in Diagon
Alley they all seemed to wear a stiff white shirt and tie. I really don’t have anything like
that so, is this ok?”

“You will be fine until we find out what house you are in. Then we will make a trip and
get you the proper clothing.”

“Naked under this bulky thing would be better, but I guess I will have to make do…”
Norische mumbled as he walked outside. “I hate proper clothing.”

“Did he just state he would rather be naked under his robes?” Remus asked.

“Yes, and at moments like this I am glad that he is YOUR son.” Severus shook his head
and picked up a piece of cheese, popping it into his mouth.

“MY son, he is OUR son…I am not claiming sole responsibility for that young man.”
Remus laughed and shook his head.


Norische walked over to one of the huge stone archways and took a seat. Watching as the
students started making their way up the hill towards the main gate. First years were
being directed to massive stairway that leads up to the great hall where the reception was
going to be held. Norische could see the rest of the students start mingling with old
friends. As he watched, Norische leaned back and lit a clove cigarette, taking in a deep
drag. He took of his robes and laid them on the limestone bench beside him, taking this
opportunity to flair just a bit. Norische lifted his right leg and propped it up on the bench,
then leaned in and wrapped his arm around his knee. Taking a puff of his clove, Norische
watched as students began to walk through the courtyard. Most of them stared at him as
they walked by or watched him from a distance. Norische shook his head and snickered,
knowing that the position his was sitting in and the tight pants he had on was giving most
of them an excellent view of his…well… talents.

Just then, Norische spotted the two of the three Gryffindors he had met at Diagon Alley.
Harry spotted Norische and smiled, then headed over.

“Hey there, Harry right? I am glad to see a familiar face amongst the herd. How’s it
going?” Norische asked

“It is great to be back here, and it is good to see you as well. I have to thank you so much
for the pens; I have spent the last couple of days messing around with the singing quill. I
absolutely love it. Thanks.”

“I bought one for myself about a year ago. Would you believe I wrote down each of my
potions on separate scrolls and put a separate song to each one of them.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. Like my dreamless sleep potion, I put “Sweet Dreams are Made of These” by
Annie Lenox. My wolfsbane potion, I put “The Werewolf” by Microsillion. For my
protection potion, I did “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benitar. I had way too
much fun doing it.” Norische couldn’t help but snicker at the memories.

“That actually sounds really fun. I never thought of using the quill for something like
that. Maybe you could help me figure out what songs to put with my potions and spells.”
Then Harry realized how brazen he was being and blushed.

Norische liked the way that Harry was blushing, and decided to take advantage of it. “I
think I could manage that. As long as you don’t mind if I… get to know you a little… at
the same time?” Norische left the whole thing up for interpretation.

Harry smiled bashfully. “I would like that.” Harry started to say something else but
Hermione came over and interrupted.

“Harry, are you going to ….” Then Hermione spotted Norische. “Oh, hello there. Um…
did you know that smoking was against school rules?”

“Didn’t ask.” Norische smirked and took a long drag on his clove.

“Uh yes, well, Harry we do need to get going.” Hermione appeared rather uncomfortable
but didn’t say anything specifically.

“Nice to see you again Harry.” Norische tilted his head to the side just a little, and gave
Harry his most adorable half grin. He knew he was being flirtatious but he didn’t care…
the boy was cute.

As Harry and Hermione walked off, Norische spotted the blond from the ice cream parlor
out of the corner of his eye. Norische could see that the boy had been watching his
interaction with Potter, and was keeping an eye on him now. So… Norische leaned back

and spread his legs apart just a little, allowing one leg to dangle off the stone bench and
moved the other so that the blond could have a clear view of his crotch from where he
was standing. He then took a long drag from his clove and titled his head back blowing
the smoke up in the air. Smiling and looking at the clouds as they drifted by, Norische
could feel the blonde’s eyes on him. He could see that the boy was with the same friends
he has with the other day and so he tilted his head just enough and took another drag.

“Draco, Draco are you listening to me? I asked if you were planning on going to the
commons room before the ceremony.” Pansy asked… yeah Draco that was his name, got
to remember that.

“No, I think I will stay around here, we only have an hour or so.”

“Draco, do you see him. That is the same guy from Florean Fortescue’s place. Dear
Merlin he looks good. Why don’t you go over and say hello, I mean you are a prefect for
Slytherin after all, isn’t it your duty or something to welcome the new guys?” Blaise

“Shut up Blaise.” Draco warned.

Norische couldn’t help but smirk at their interaction. So, I guess it is up to me to do

something, he thought. With that, Norische lifted his head up and looked around as if he
were looking for someone, then locked his eyes on Draco. Then he gave Draco a smile
and flicked his cigarette butt away. Norische got up and walk purposefully over to Draco
and his companions.

“Oh Merlin he is coming over here.” Draco whispered.

Just as Norische got within ten feet of Draco, he heard his name being called. Norische
turned and saw his father and Remus walking towards him.

“Norische.” Severus called.

“Yes father, is there a problem?” Norische asked.

“No son, we just need to get ready for the ceremony.”

“No problem, let’s go. I wish I would have eaten something my stomach is really
bothering me now. Hey father did you happen to bring the potion for nausea with you?”

Severus looked at his son concerned, “You took some less than two hours ago. Didn’t it
take care of the problem?”

“Not really, it helped… but I guess not eating has made it a little worse. I’m not sure.”

“I did bring a collection of potions with me, I always do. However, you cannot take that
one again for four more hours. I am sorry son, we may have to find something that is
better suited to your metabolism.” Severus tried not to show his concern, but Norische
could feel it anyway.

“It will be ok, I just need to eat.”

“Here.” Remus reached into his robe and pulled out an apple and handed it to Norische.
“I thought you might like this, since you didn’t eat.”

“Thanks Dad. You’re a lifesaver.” Norische took the apple and took a big bight out of.
“Granny smith, my favorite. I love sour apples.” Norische grinned and relished the flavor
of the apple as he ate it.

“You are quite welcome. Now we need to get going, so come on.” Remus glowed at
being called Dad. Norische put on his robes and followed them into the school, eating the
apple and laughing at comments that Remus was making.


Draco watched curiously as Severus, Remus and the attractive stranger spoke. There was
definitely something between them, although he wasn’t sure exactly what. He would have
to ask Snape later. As he watched the three of them walk into the school together Draco
realized what time it was getting to be and decided to head in up there as well.

Professor Dumbledore had arranged for Norische to wait in a small room off of the great
hall while the others were sorted into their houses. After the first years were placed, the
exchange students were sorted. Norische was beginning to get a little nervous when the
door to the room opened gently and his father was staring at him. With what Norische
was beginning to see was the typical Snape mask…Severus placed his hand on
Norische’s shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze then led him into the great hall.

Before he took his place by the stool, Norische walked over to the Headmaster and
whispered something in his ear. Dumbledore nodded and smiled then waived his hand to
where he wished Norische to stand.

“Tonight we have someone special joining our sixth year students. I would like each of
you to welcome, Norische De LeNoir Snape to Hogwarts.” Dumbledore’s voiced through
the great hall, and the teacher’s started clapping, which was followed quickly by the
student body. Although the entire room was murmuring and whispering Norische just
looked over at his father and gave him that typical Snape raised eyebrow, which matched
the look that he was getting from his father.

All eyes were on Norische as he walked around the table towards the stool sitting in the
middle of the floor. He took the hat that Professor McGonagall handed him, sat down and
placed it on his head. Harry ignored everyone and waited for the hat to speak to him.

“Interesting, very interesting. There is cunning, and bravery and intelligence…my yes…
but where to put you. You use your intelligence well to achieve your goals and your
bravery is matched only by your stubbornness. Well there can be no where else but ….

The Slytherins were alive with excitement. Norische got up from the stool and handed the
hat back to Professor McGonagall. Then walked proudly over to the Slytherin table. He
glanced up and down the table, not sure of where to sit, he then saw Draco and walked up
to where he was sitting. “Do you mind?” Norische asked.

Draco answered by shifting over and opening up a space for Norische to sit down. As
soon as he was seated Norische received several pats on the back and handshakes from
Slytherins in his same year, including Blaise, although he wasn’t sure but Norische
thought that Blaise was the one that gave him a pat on the butt and not the back. Norische
just grinned at him then turned to the main table looking at Severus and Remus. Severus
was sitting there with his arms across his chest watching Norische, shaking his head.
Norische just grinned and shrugged his shoulders looking innocent.

As the feast began, Norische was bombarded with questions.

“So are you related to Professor Snape.” Draco asked.

“He’s my father.” Norische said as he took a bit of baked chicken.

“Your father? I didn’t know he had a son…” Draco sounded somewhat cynical.

Norische just let it slide, he knew the curiosity was killing Draco but Norische liked
having an air of mystery around him.

“Where are you from?” Blaise asked.

“The Americas, Chicago, Illinois to be exact.”

“America, so is this your first time in England?” Pansy was next.

Norische nodded to answer her question but he didn’t expand on the question he just
looked at her and grinned … putting another bite of chicken in his mouth.

“Oh, the strong silent type right?” Blaise teased.

Norische shrugged his shoulders and winked at the raven-haired boy. Hiding a smirk as
Blaise almost dropped his glass of pumpkin juice.

Through most of the meal, Norische kept his answers to a minimum, and it was driving
Draco nuts.

“Crap!” Norische wiped his hands quickly and got up, not saying a word to any of the
other Slytherins and went up to the main table. He bent over and whispered something to
his father who nodded. With that Norische headed out of the great hall and down towards
his father’s area.

Thirty minutes later and rather flushed Norische walked back into the great hall. Most of
the students were still eating and getting to know each other so not too many noticed him
walking back it. Except for the Slytherins that is. Norische walked right up to the main
table and leaned over handed Severus two matching amber stone orbs that had been
encased in decorative gold and placed on rather simple golden chains.

“Pari had these made for you and Remus. I don’t need one but I told her I would pick
them up an hour ago, so she was a little pissed. They are set to be able to link together or
to link with me, also if you are within five hundred yards of the larger orb these can link
directly to Pari, but they are not strong enough to do it on their own. By the way all you
have to do is concentrate on the person you wish to talk to and it will link immediately,
and if you want to block that person, just close the link or remove the necklace. They
have also been set up with a couple of spells, one for location…so if you need to find me
it will guide you, the other is empathic, if any of us are feeling really strong emotions
then it will automatically open and connect empathically.”

Severus admired the pendant and listened intently, reminding himself to contact Pari later
and thank her. Severus nodded and slipped his gift inside his robe. Remus who was
sitting right next to Severus had been listening as well, although for anyone that
happened to be watching he was having a rather dull conversation with Professor Fritz.
He noticed that Severus had left one of the Pendants on the table, so Remus began
playing with it very nonchalantly and then after a few minutes, he also put his within his
robes. Nodding to Norische, to indicate that he had heard everything his son had said.

“I need to get back, by the way…my stomach is better.” Norische smiled to Severus, then
stood up straight and walked back over to where he had been sitting.

“Problem.” Draco asked.

Norische looked him in the eyes and smirked, but said nothing.

Draco narrowed his eyes ever so slightly. Wondering what Norische was up to. Everyone
hung around for a few more minutes and then started heading to their prospective housed.
Norische gave his father one last glance and headed out behind Draco, who was the
prefect for his house.

[Norische, you behave yourself, and if you get feeling sick let me know.]

Norische could recognize Remus’ voice even in mindspeak. [Yes dad, no problem. I will
probably be by to pick up my trunks when I find out what room they have put me in.]

Norische smiled, glad that Remus had already began to sing softly to himself
“Werewolves in London.” [I hear that.] Remus said…apparently amused.

[Hey your not suppose to be listening in on that.] Norische laughed, before he realized it.

[What can I say I am still learning how to use this thing. And by the way that was not
funny.] Remus reprimanded softly.

Apparently, Draco had heard Norische’s laughter. “Something funny in what I said

Norische pasted a cold smile on his face. “Actually I wasn’t listening to what you were
saying, I was thinking of something my Dad said.”

Draco glared at him.

Norische realized that things were getting a little too serious with Draco, and decided he
had better fix it before it got out of control. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound so snarky.
The last few days have been a little rough on me, and I am not used to someone being
nice without wanting something from me…so I guess I am a little on the defensive right

Draco softened a little. “Apology accepted.” Draco let it go at that for now. Soon they
were at the painting for the Slytherin House. “pureblood” Draco called out the password
and the painting opened allowing them to enter.

The commons room was exquisite. Huge overstuffed leather clad chairs and full
cushioned couches were strewn about the room. Rich deep greens, silvers, and black was
the general color scheme. Everywhere Norische looked there was a touch of elegance.
From the elaborate tapestries to the grand fireplace that decorated almost one entire wall,
everything had a touch of grandeur about it. Huge chandeliers lit the entire room with a
soft subtle glow.

“First years, and new members may I have your attention please.” Draco announced.
“This is the Slytherin commons room, this area is open to all members of this house and
is available at all times so feel free to utilize the space as you see fit. Now boy’s dorms
are up the stairs and down to your left, girl’s dorms are the same on the right. Each
individual’s property has already been placed in your room and your names are posted on
the doors themselves so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. As you know our Head of House
is Professor Snape and I warn you now he does like to make the occasional appearance so

do keep that in mind. We have study sessions down here from eight o’clock until eleven
most nights so if you are needing help in a certain subject feel free to join us. Also, one
other thing I would like to mention. First years, you do have a curfew. While the
commons area is available at all times, all first year students much be in their dorms no
later than eleven o’clock. My dorm is the first one at the top of the stairs so if you have
an emergency feel free to come get me. Pansy Parkinson is also one of your prefects this
year and her room is the first door on the right in the girl’s section. Both doors have a
prefect badge on the door itself. I would like to say though, we both have room mates just
like everyone else so please keep the banging on the door at four AM wanting help with
your potions test to a minimum please.”

Pansy got up and began speaking. “If all the first years will come with me we will go
upstairs and find your rooms.” With that she lead the eleven first year students upstairs to
their prospective rooms.

“Draco, I am sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt but can you tell me where my room will
be?” Norische asked.

“Yeah, you are sharing a room with myself and Blaise Zabini and another guy, I am not
sure his name but…he wasn’t at the ceremony so who knows.”

“Great, I will just have my father…”

“Speak of the devil…” Draco looked over his shoulder as Snape walked into the room,
escorting a young man.

Norische turned around expecting to see Severus, but what he saw took his breath away.
There he was standing beside Norische’s father… Norische turned and walked slowly
towards them. The young man was about 5’8, slender although who could tell under the
cloaks, with dark brown wavy hair and black eyes. His skin was light but not as pale as
Norische’s although his facial features were definitely that of an aristocratic nature. Not
saying a word, in fact Norische was barely breathing. Severus tilted his head slightly and
started to introduce the young man to the group of Slytherins that were present.

“Everyone, I wish to introduce to you Rashira LaCroix he was unfortunately delayed and
unable to make the sorting ceremony. He is also one of our sixth year transfer students
and hence will be staying I believe in Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Zabini, and Mr. De LeNoir
Snape’s room.”

Norische was no more than three feet from them when he stopped, waiting for his father
to finish what he was saying. The young man had not taken his eyes off of Norische since
the minute he saw him from across the room. Everyone in the room was watching the two
of them, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. Norische looked into those
ebony colored eyes and whispered… “Chris?”

No sooner had he said the word than the other young man collapsed to the floor. Norische
was beside him before he fell limp. In one swift movement, Norische picked the boy up
in his arms and turning to his father, he merely looked him in the eyes. Before anyone
could move, both boys apparated out of the room, everyone including Draco gasped at
this. Severus looked around shocked, then turned and headed out the door presumably to
find his son and Mr. LaCroix.

Draco stood there with his eyes narrowed. Being able to apparate within the boundaries
of Hogwarts was impressive enough, but being able to do so without a wand was unheard
of. He definitely needed to learn more about Norische.

[Norische, Norische! Were in BLOODY HELL are you!!]

[Your rooms, come quickly father, please….] Severus could hear the desperation in his
son’s voice and couldn’t be angry with him right this moment, he simply had to find his
son and find out what the hell was going on.

[Remus, I need you to meet us in our rooms as quickly as possible.] Remus was running
towards the dungeons before Severus finished what he was saying, he definitely did not
like the sound of Severus’ voice.

Norische lowered the young man onto the couch in their suite. Then ran into his room
and grabbed a blanket and his medical bag and ran back to the boys side. When the young
man did not wake immediately Norische ran back into his bedroom and grabbed a towel
from the bathroom, soaked it in cold water then ran back out into the living room. As he
knelt down next to the couch, Norische could not stop the tears from falling. Norische ran
the wet washcloth over the young man’s delicate features. His nose was long and slender,
yet not too big. His cheekbones were high and dignified and his chin was strong and
perfect. The young man’s eyebrows were shaped and delicate, and his eyelashes were
thick and long, resting gently on his cheeks. Norische brushed aside a loose strand of hair
so he could run the damp washcloth over the young man’s forehead.

Norische could hear someone running towards the door of the suite and prayed that it was
Severus and Remus. The door to the suite flew open and both men were inside within a
moment. Severus was about to explode when he saw his son’s tear streaked face as he
looked up at his father helplessly.

“Norische… what exactly is going on?” Severus asked quietly.

“Father, help him please. He passed out. I can’t get him to wake up. Please father….”
Norische looked up at his father, truly terrified.

“We need to get Mr. LaCroix to the infirmary then.”


“Norische, if something is wrong with him, he needs medical attention.” Remus stated.
Surprised at the level of emotion he was feeling coming from Norische.


“Why Norische… why should we not take him to Madam Pomfrey?”

“NO! Father PLEASE! Just help him…” Norische was sobbing now.

Severus took a deep breath. It went against his better judgment but he didn’t want to
distress his son any more than necessary. Severus nodded and then went over to one of
his cabinets and picked out two bottles, taking them back over to the where Norische
knelt. Uncorking the first bottle, he waived it under the nose of the unconscious boy.
As soon as the scent from the bottle hit Mr. LaCroix’s nose he started coughing and
starting to wake up.

“CHRIS!” Norische grabbed the boys head gently, “Oh gods, Chris, can you hear me?”

“Nori… but it can’t be.”

“Mr. LaCroix, I need you to drink this if you please, it will make things a little clearer.”
Severus handed the young man the vial. The dazed young man took the vial and downed
the content then handed it back to Severus.

“Chris, are you ok… what happened?”

“Nori.” The young man reached up and touched Norische’s face gently almost as if he
were afraid that if he did Norische would suddenly disappear. “You really are here…
but… you are suppose to be dead.” Tears were threatening to fall as he said it.

“No, I’m not dead. Why would you think that?” Norische looked at Chris confused.

“Pops said that you were attacked in New Orleans and that you took out several but that
you died. I couldn’t feel you any more so….”

“Bloody Hell, I am going to kill that bastard this time!” Norische’s eyes started to flicker
black fire and the pure fury within him began to swell to the point that it was almost a
tangible thing.

“Norische what is happening. What is Mr. LaCroix talking about?” Severus asked.

“Chris is my mate, we have been together for over two years. Pops… ah, Chris’s
stepfather, hated the fact that we were together because I am a half-breed, and Chris’s
family are purebloods. Since the day we bonded, he has been trying to separate us.
Thankfully, the law is on our side and he couldn’t do much. This summer he demanded
that Chris go with his family to Canada, instead of going to New Orleans with me. Chris

didn’t want to upset his mother so he agreed to go. About two weeks after we were
separated, I couldn’t feel him any more. I could only think of two reasons, either
something had happened to him and he was dead, or he had decided to break our bond
and have it annulled. I immediately had Pari check into it and she stated that Chris was
alive and with his family in Quebec. So, I assumed that he no longer wanted to have
anything to do with me. That was the reason that I was in the bar the night I was attacked
in the first place, trying to drink myself numb.”

“Nori, no… I never would leave you. I didn’t know you were still alive. Since I couldn’t
feel you any more I had no idea you were still alive if I had known I would have come to
you immediately.” Tears overflowed Chris’ eyes as he caressed Norische’s cheek. “I love
you with all my heart, I would never leave you.”

Chris kept trying to sit up so Norische got up on the couch and put his arm around him,
allowing Chris to lean against him.

“Father, I don’t understand it. Why can’t I feel him, why can’t I hear him? Even when he
was on one side of the continent and I was on the other I could still feel him within me…
now I am sitting right next to him and I feel nothing. I can’t hear his thoughts or feel his
emotions, but I know he is real….” Norische leaned over and sniffed his mate’s neck,
releasing a small moan as he did. “This is definitely my mate, I can smell my own blood
within him. This is his scent, his perfect scent.”

Remus walked over and sat down on the couch next to Chris. “Do you mind?” Chris
looked at Norische. “It’s ok, this is Remus Lupin, he is my Dad, my father’s mate.” Chris
looked at Remus and nodded. Remus leaned in and sniffed Chris then leaned over and
sniffed Norische.

“He’s right Severus, this young man does have some of our son’s blood in him, however
faint, probably due to the length of time since they have shared blood. He definitely has
Norische’s scent on him.” Remus stated.

“Father how can he be here, and I can’t sense him?” Norische pulled Chris close to him,
loving the warmth of his mate, allowing his mate’s scent to fill his senses.

“It could be a spell to block the connection, although it would have to be black magic in
order to block a blood bond. Let me see.”

“Finite Incantatun Maximum!” Severus waived his wand at the two young men.

“Do you notice any difference?” Remus asked

Norische looked within himself. “Not really, well sort of. It is like I can feel him, but he
is too far away to be tangible.” Norische looked down at Chris who nodded agreeing.

“That may be a side effect of the blocking spell. It may have weakened the bond between
the two of you to the point that you may need to be rebounded.” Severus stated.

Norische looked sad, but leaned over to Chris and whispered. “Would you be willing to
be my bond mate again?”

“In a moment’s notice Nori.” Chris rubbed his check against Norische’s chest.

“Well we can redo our previous bonding ceremony pretty easily. It was a fairly private
ceremony and I have the rites written down in my memories book, we should probably
redo the same ritual we did last time.” Norische looked down at Chris who nodded. Then
he looked over to Severus and Remus. “Ah, I don’t know how much you know about
Vampyric rituals but the one we chose was simple but traditional.” Norische hoped he
wouldn’t have to explain it further but seeing the blank looks on his father and dad’s
faces Norische took a deep breath and began explaining.

“Like I said it was a traditional ceremony, there was only the two of us and our two
witnesses, Butch and Philippe. The ceremony was done in the nude basically. First, the
two witnesses cast the circle of power. Once the circle was cast, they removed their
robes, ah… green ones for them, and invoked the four watchers. Once the circle was
prepared, my witness who was Butch came over and opened the circle for me, then
removed my robe, which was white, and led me to my place to the east of the circle. Then
Chris’s witness opened the circle for him and took his robe, which was black, and led him
to his place in the west of the circle. Then they took their places to the north and south.
Chris and I read our decree and then after we kissed, our witness made a small cut on the
palm of our left hands and drained a little blood into a goblet, the blood was mixed with
herbs and red wine then we drank it. Then the bonding was consummated and it was over
with. There was a ritual bathing of course and then the bath water was poured on the
ground to the east to encourage a fertile relationship.”

Chris snuggled close to Norische smiling remembering their ceremony.

“That doesn’t sound too difficult, do you have to have the same two witnesses or will
Severus and I do?” Remus asked.

“Ah…” Norische blushed. “Well like I said it has to be done in the nude, being nude
signifies absolute trust. Also…ah… the witnesses have to well… witness the
consummation of the bonding.”

Remus blushed as well when he realized what Norische meant.

“I mean it would be hard enough to see my dad and my father naked, but to have you two
watch us…. That … ah… no.”

“Well could we turn our backs and simply be present, you could even put up a privacy
ward so that no sound would come through?”

“That wouldn’t work, the main reason that the witnesses are there is so that they can
verify that the bond it complete. I mean who’s to say that when your backs are turned that
we don’t decide to just jack off, and leave it at that. No unfortunately, that is a big part of
the tradition, as much as I hate it.” Norische looked a little green at the idea of his father
watching him have sex.

Severus did not like the idea of seeing Norische and his mate consummating their union,
but he honestly didn’t see any options. “Is there a possibility you could contact your
original witnesses?”

Norische shook his head, “I don’t know where Butch is… I haven’t seen her in maybe
four months. Now give me a week or so and I can find her, but I honestly don’t want to
wait that long.”

Chris looked up at Norische “I haven’t seen Philippe since last year so I have no clue of
where he is. Is there any of the others here that we could ask?”

Norische thought about it. “Not really, the only ones I have really spoken too are Draco,
Blaise and Pansy…but I wouldn’t want any of them at our ceremony. There was also one
guy I think his name was Harry Potter, but same thing. I don’t know anyone well enough
that I would want them to be a part of my bonding with you. It is far too precious to me to
allow just anyone to be there. The only other person that I know would be Pari, and…
ah… HELL NO!”

Both Norische and Chris nuzzled each other as they thought for a few minutes. Severus
broke the silence “If you are wishing to proceed with this ceremony quickly then I see no
alternative, Remus and I will have to be your witnesses.”

Chris kissed Norische, “Are you sure you can do this? I mean these are your parents after

“No I am not sure. In fact I am pretty sure that having sex in front of my father and dad is
somewhere on my I never ever want to do this list. But I don’t want to wait, and like I
told you a long time ago… I will do anything for you. I will say right now though that
you are going to have to be the one on top, there is no way in Hell I would ever be able to
get hard with them watching.” Norische went back to snogging with Chris.

“Well then it is settled. What all do we need. A black robe, a white robe and two green
robes. A goblet, the herbs needed, and some red wine, oh and a knife. Anything else?”
Remus asked.

“Ah yeah we need a platform, preferably sturdy, that is six by three by four. Six feet long,
represents the six points to the seal of Solomon, three feet wide represents the three
stages in life, child, mother, crone, and four feet high represents the four watchers. Other

than that nothing really. I think I still have Chris and my robes and I know I have the
recipe for the herbs and the knife we used, I should still have the goblet too.”

“Well if you can get those things I can manage the rest of it.” Severus stated. “While I
had thought perhaps someday attending your unity this is not exactly what I expected.”


Two hours later Severus, Remus, Norische and Chris were standing outside the Room of
Requirements waiting to enter. Each dressed in their required robes. Severus opened the
door and walked inside. The room had created a rather ancient looking setting; a circle of
columns surrounded a raised marble platform, all in all it was perfect. Norische smiled at
his father and walked over to him, reaching around him Norische gave Severus a hug. “I
don’t know if I can ever thank you enough for this father. This is perfect.”

Chris went about laying the knife out and preparing the goblet with the wine and herbs.
Once the finishing touches were done, the circle was cleared for the ceremony to start.

First Severus walked to the edge of the columns and stepped up. As he entered the area,
he took out his wand and removed his robe. Then facing the east, Severus called out.

“I cast this circle in this place between worlds, beyond the boundaries of time where
night and day, death and birth, joy and sorrow meet as one. I call upon all that is sacred
within this universe to watch over this circle and to empower those that enter here with
perfect love and perfect trust so that they may unite and begin their journey down a new
path as one.” With that Severus waved his want and a silver glow appeared on the ground
where the circle was cast.

He then moved to the northern portion of the circle. “I call on the watcher of the north.
The guardian of spirit and of hope, I do summon you to guard this circle and all those that
may enter here from harm and to witness this rite and to give unto these souls your

Remus walked up to the edge of the circle and waited until Severus came to him “How
do you enter into this circle?” Remus responded “With perfect love and perfect trust.”
Then Severus opened the circle and allowed him in, closing it as soon as Remus was

Remus walked over to the southern side of the circle and removed his robe. Then turning
to the south, he called out. “I call on the watcher of the south. The guardian of passion
and courage, I do summon you to guard this circle and all those that may enter here from
harm and to witness this rite and give unto these souls your blessing.” Remus waived his
wand and a golden light encompassed the circle.

Severus walked over to the eastern side of the circle, turning to face the east he called
out. “I call on the watcher of the east. The guardian of thought and communication, I do
summon you to guard this circle and all those that may enter here from harm and to
witness this rite and give unto these souls your blessing.” Severus waived his wand and
the silver outline of the circle began to glow.

Remus walked over to the western side of the circle, turning to face the west he called
out. “I call on the watcher of the west. The guardian of wisdom and understanding, I do
summon you to guard this circle and all those that may enter here from harm and to
witness this rite and give unto these souls your blessing.” Remus raised his wand and the
golden light encompassing the circle became a solid dome of light.

Norische stepped up to the east side of the circle and waited for Severus. “How do you
enter into this circle?” Norische replied “With perfect love and perfect trust.” Severus
extended his hand and Norische walked into the circle, as soon as he entered Severus
sealed the circle again. Severus took Norische’s robes and laid them aside then escorted
Norische to the appropriate place for him to stand.

Chris stepped up to the same place in the circle and waited for Remus. “How do you
enter into this circle?” Chris replied “With perfect love and perfect trust.” Remus
extended his hand and Chris walked into the circle, Remus also closed the circle and led
Chris to his place after taking away Chris’s robes and placing them to the side.

Norische and Chris stood facing each other at the center of the circle. After a few
moments, they stepped closer together and joined hands, crossing their hands to do so.
Norische started the creed and Chris echoed his words.

I enter into this unity with an open mind and open heart.

I enter into this unity with an open mind and open heart.

I bring to this unity a gift of heart, so that I may share with my mate the love that I
feel within me.

I bring to this unity a gift of heart, so that I may share with my mate the love that I feel
within me.

I bring to this unity a gift of spirit, so that I may understand my mate and bond with
him in full knowledge of all that is honorable and holy.

I bring to this unity a gift of spirit, so that I may understand my mate and bond with him
in full knowledge of all that is good and holy.

I bring to this unity a gift of my body, so that I may give to my mate pleasure and
share my pleasure with him.

I bring to this unity a gift of my body, so that I may give to my mate pleasure and share
my pleasure with him.

I bring to this unity a gift of time, so that from now until eternity my soul shall be
bonded to that of my mate.

I bring to this unity a gift of time, so that from now until eternity my soul shall be bonded
to that of my mate.

I bring to this unity a gift of life, so that I may bring to my mate an heir, to share my
life and love with, to protect and cherish until life ever more.

I bring to this unity a gift of life, so that I may bring to my mate an heir, to share my life
and love with, to protect and cherish until life ever more.

In all these things, I am free, and give unto my mate freely, without hesitation or

In all these things, I am free, and give unto my mate freely, without hesitation or

My life, my hope, my faith, my dreams, my honor… these things I now place at the
feet of my mate, and ask that he accept them in the spirit in which they are given.

My life, my hope, my faith, my dreams, my honor… these things I now place at the feet of
my mate, and ask that he accept them in the spirit in which they are given

“I, Norische Renee De LeNoir, do hereby accept Rashira Alexander LaCroix as my

bond mate.”

“I, Rashira Alexander LaCroix, do hereby accept Norische Renee De LeNoir as my

bond mate.”

“By all that is holy let the universe hereby, witness this union, for now until the end of
time.” Severus and Remus echoed together.

Severus walked over to the platform and picked up the athame and held out his hand to
Norische, who smiled and placed his left hand in his father’s. Severus returned the smile
and quickly made a small cut in the palm of his son’s hand. Turning Norische’s hand to
the side to allow the blood to drip into the goblet. Severus allowed several drops to blend
with the wine. Then did a quick incantation and sealed the wound. Severus then handed
Remus the athame.

Remus repeated the same process with Chris and after allowing several droplets of blood
to spill into the cup he too sealed the wound. Remus then handed the cup to Norische
who lifted the goblet in toast to his mate. “My heart, my soul, my blood, my bond.” With

that, Norische took a large drink of the wine mixture and handed the goblet to Chris.
Chris smiled at him and accepted. Raising the goblet to Norische he stated. “My heart,
my soul, my blood, my bond.” Chris lifted the goblet to his lips and took a large drink as
well. Then handed the goblet back to Remus.

Remus moved over to his place in the southern portion of the circle, and Severus moved
to his place in the northern portion of the circle. Norische leaned in kissed Chris, and
whispered “You are my mate, it is done.” Then the two of them walked hand in hand to
the platform. Norische lifted Chris onto the platform then climbed up onto the hard
surface himself. Norische was trying very hard to forget that less than six feet away his
father stood staring at him, shaking his head Norische focused all his attention on his
mate. Chris laid down flat on his back and Norische moved so that he was positioned
between Chris’ legs. After spending a moment or two to appreciate his mate’s body
Norische moved so that he could kneel between Chris’s legs. Then grasping Chris’s cock
in his hand Norische proceeded to waken his mate’s member with kisses and bites. As
soon as his cock was showing serious interest in what was going on Norische lowered his
mouth over his mate’s cock, taking it all inside of his mouth. Norische raised and lowered
his head over and over again until he could feel the muscles in Chris’ stomach begin to
tighten… a sure sign for Norische that Chris was getting close.

Reluctantly Norische pulled Chris’ cock out of his mouth. As he did, Chris pulled
Norische up to exchange a kiss. Chris could taste his own pre-cum in his mate’s mouth.
Norische took the vial of oil that his father had generously placed near Chris’ head, and
began to anoint Chris’ cock. Then Norische lifted himself up and positioned himself so
that Chris’ cock was rested against his nether opening. Slowly, very slowly Norische
lowered himself down on Chris’ member until he was fully seated. Chris waited to move
until he was sure that Norische was ready. When Norische nodded, Chris began to slowly
move his hips. Very slowly at first, giving Norische a chance to get accustomed to the
invasion. Then as he felt Norische relax Chris began to pick up speed. Soon they were
both moaning and pushing against the other with their passion. Norische threw his head
back and gave into the orgasm that was threatening to take him. As Chris watched his
mate cum, he too accepted the release that was offered. As his back bowed Chris could
feel jet after explosive jet of his fluid fill Norische. Norische yelled out as he exploded all
over himself and his mate.

Panting Norische lifted himself off of his mate, gasping as Chris’ cock slipped out.
Norische knelt there trying to catch his breath. When he realized that his father was
holding the bowl and cloth for him to clean up his mate with. Thankfully taking the damp
cloth, and avoiding his father’s eyes Norische wiped both himself and Chris clean. Then
put the cloth into the water. Then Severus handed Chris a second cloth. Chris took the
cloth and looked at Norische with a half grin. Norische rolled his eyes but turned to face
away from his mate and bend over into a knee/chest position, giving his mate complete
access to his body, and allowing him to clean him up as well. After Chris was satisfied,
Norische turned and wrapped his arms around his mate and they kissed. Chris whispered,
“You are my mate, it is done.” As soon as the words left his mouth, a brilliant silver glow

encompassed both Norische and Chris. As the light faded, Norische began to realize
exactly how happy he was.


As the four of them were going down back down the hallway towards Severus’ suite
Norische realized that He and Chris were suppose to be in Slytherin House right now. “It
isn’t really that late, we probably need to gather up our stuff and rush back over to
Slytherin. I am sure that I am going to be bombarded with questions, and now so will

Severus looked at the two of them as they held each other walking down the hall. “Yes,
but we do need to discuss what we shall do about the two of you.”

“What is there to discuss really, we are in the same House, in the same bedroom even.
Plus we have the suite if we really need to get away. I mean we have been dealing with
this for two years already fathers, we pretty well know the drill. In classes we act like
friends, mostly people make a lot of assumptions and those that know tease us all the
time. In payment for the teasing, we have fun snogging whenever we can. As long as no
one gets pissed off or offended, or we risk our schooling we do ok. Anytime we have to
take care of something privately we do, we have just learned how to do it without getting

Chris wrapped his arm around Norische’s waist and rested his head on his shoulder as
they walked. Chris spoke up. “Um… I don’t honestly know either of you, so this is going
to be weird, but thank you. My world was spiraling to an end just a few hours ago, and
now…well, I have something worth living for again. To be honest… if it hadn’t been for
that stupid promise Nori made me make two years ago, I would have killed myself the
day I was told he was dead.”

“A promise?” Remus asked.

“Yeah, I made Chris promise that if anything ever happened to me that he would take
care of Pari, not that she needs taking care of, but I guess having the old bat around came
in handy this time….” Norische chuckled and kissed the top of Chris’ head. “That
reminds me that I need to call her tomorrow and talk to her about a few things. Since we
are free for the next week I think I may have her come here and talk to you father, it may
answer some questions.”

[Nori, how’s your ass?]

[Hurts why?]

[You were walking a little off, so I was wondering.]

[Oh. Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t notice. By the way I think you have gotten
bigger since the last time I bottomed.]

[I have not…]

[Maybe you finally hit puberty or something.] Norische ducked as Chris tried to slap the
back of his head. “Well its true…” Norische laughed and slapped back.

Remus and Severus knew the two must have been mindspeaking to get such a response
out of the clear blue like that. Remus chuckled and Severus shook his head but kept a
stoic look on his face.

“It is not, I went through puberty two years ago… and you know it, you were there.”

“What can I say… facts are facts.” Norische laughed and dodged another hit. “Stop that,

“Well you are wrong, and don’t call me a bitch, prick.”

“Most guys would be thrilled if I told them they had gotten bigger, what’s your problem.”
Norische kept dodging the playful slaps

“Shut up! Just because you can’t take it, doesn’t mean I am going through puberty
again.” Chris was laughing and poking Norische all the way down the hallway.

[Were we ever that way Remus?]

[No, I don’t think so… but it is so good to see our son happy.]

[Very much so, I just wish they would not be so…open about their discussions along this
line. There are some things I really don’t want to know about my son.] Severus had
almost a scowl on his face, but put on his indifferent look when he realized it.

[Well considering what we witnessed only a few minutes ago I don’t think there is all that
much more that you can learn about our son…] Remus chuckled.

[I must say, I truly enjoy this method of communication. I can be as lude and perverted as
I wish, and make you blush… I can be the hopeless romantic, and make you smile that
ever-perfect smile you have… or I can be a real bitch and no one knows it but you. By
the way I noticed that you ‘enjoyed’ the show back there.] Severus teased Remus, who
immediately went bright red.

As they neared the Slytherin House, Norische slowed down and waited for Severus and
Remus. “Well we had better get in there, if we have any problems we will come back to

the suite so don’t worry. I will probably be over there after lunch to put my stuff in my
room and to pick out what I want to bring to the dorm. By the way, don’t forget we
needed to go shopping for my uniforms and school stuff tomorrow. We may do that
before I unpack, but what ever. We will be over after lunch though….ok?”

“That will be fine… and Chris, since you are now my son-in-law I expect you to realize
that you have the right to come over to the suite any time you wish, we are having a
private doorway put in tomorrow so that you two can come and go as you please and not
have to worry about disturbing Remus and I. Also do plan on coming with us tomorrow
as well, the least we can do is take the two of you out to dinner to celebrate.”

Chris looked at Norische and bashfully smiled, Norische nodded to the unasked question.
So without warning Chris walked over to Severus and gave him a hug, Severus was in
shock at first but quickly wrapped his arms around Chris and returned the sentiment.
Then Chris gave Remus a hug, and whispered his thanks to the werewolf. With a loving
good night, Remus and Severus headed back to the suite and Norische stated the
password to the Slytherin House. As the painting opened to allow them entrance Norische
could hear others talking in the commons room, he quickly pressed his finger to his lips
to indicate to Chris to be quiet and listen.

“What I want to know is how the hell did he do it… I have never seen anyone apparate
inside the walls of the school, not even Dumbledore.” Draco stated.

“Who was that guy anyway, I know Professor Snape said his name but who was he
really?” Pansy asked.

“I wonder why he passed out? He just took one look at Snape Jr and got real pale then
passed out.” Blaise commented.

“I am still wondering about Snape’s son, I mean that is a subject all in itself.”

[I think we had better let them know we are here, if they figure out were listening our jig
is up.]

[Ok how…]

“I still say you are just now hitting puberty.” Norische said with a laugh.

“Bitch! I am not, so quit saying that. Just because you can’t take it doesn’t mean…” Then
Chris realized that all eyes were on him and he quickly shut his mouth and punched
Norische in the arm.

[That was mean]

[But it worked didn’t it]

Norische laughed and rubbed his arm as he walked around and sat down in one of the big

“Hey you two, what happened?” Pansy was the first to speak up.

“Chris passed out and I had to get him to my father’s place so I grabbed him and
apparated over there.” Norische stated. Chris sat down on the arm of the couch, with his
back to Norische pretending to be upset with him.

“What’s the matter, are you ill…ah Chris? I thought your name was Rashira.” Pansy

“It is, Chris is his nickname. His last name means The Cross, so it became Chris Cross. It
is a little bit of an inside joke actually. And to answer, he just had a bit of a shock that’s
all.” Hoping Chris would take the hint. Which he did….

“Little bit of a shock!” Chris exclaimed. “I thought you were dead and you think it was a
little shock?” Chris jumped up from the sofa and leaned over to yell at Norische.

“That wasn’t my fault, so if your plan on yelling at someone then yell at your step father
not me.” Norische stated rather gruffly.

“You thought he was dead. So you guys knew each other before?” Blaise asked.

Chris crossed his arms over his chest and looked over to Blaise. “You could say that, we
have been going to school together since first year.”

“Are you two, like a couple or something?” Blaise was dying to know…

“Yeah I think the or something would cover it.” Norische grinned at him.

“I am not an…or something,” Chris stated, then he swatted Norische on the back of his

“OW! Don’t do that, I still have a headache remember…. gods… I didn’t mean it the way
it sounded prick. You know I don’t like talking about my personal life.” Norische played
this one up to the hilt, as he rubbed the back of his head and glared at Chris…

[Good one hon, I love it when you get all butch on me.]

“Well since it is almost eleven, and the younger kids will be heading up to their rooms
shortly. Why don’t we play a traditional get to know each other game? What do you say
to a game of “I’ve Never”. Pansy asked everyone.

Apparently it was common practice for the first night at Slytherin house for there to be a
party until the wee hours of morning. “I’m game if you are.” Norische looked over to
Draco and winked.

Draco looked at Norische tilting his head to the side slightly, as if asking silently what he
had in mind. “Yeah, that would be great… I should have some fire-whiskey upstairs.
Norische would you mind helping me carry it down?”

“Not at all, lead the way.” Norische looked over at Chris and smiled.

[I think you like him don’t you?]

[Don’t know yet, but there is something about him that…well.. I don’t know. I’ll be back
in a few minutes though… we will talk about him later, and see what you can find out
about him from the others.]

[Ok, luv you]

[Always my mate, always]

Norische got up and followed Draco up the stairs to their dorm room. Norische spotted
his bed and went over to look at it, thankfully, it was right next to Chris’ so they would
not have a problem with waking the other guys up. There were four beds it the room,
each was bigger than a twin but not quite a full sized bed, with four huge posters and
heavy drapes around them. The bedding was typical Slytherin green with silver edges.

Norische remained quiet as Draco went about rummaging through his wardrobe. “So
what’s with the wink?” Draco asked looking over his shoulder.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t give me that crap. You winked at me when Pansy mentioned playing this game.”

Norische didn’t say anything, he just smirked.

Draco apparently found what he was looking for and laid several bottles on the bed next
to him then turned to look at Norische. “What kind of game are you playing Snape?”

Norische saw an opportunity here and decided to take it. “I am not playing any type of
game…” Norische exhaled. “Look, if I tell you something, will you give me your word of
Honor you will tell no one, I mean absolutely no one?”

Draco looked at Norische suspiciously. “I can’t do that until I know what it is you want to

“Then never mind. We need to get those bottles back down there any way.”

“Wait! I will make you a deal, I give you my word of honor as a Slytherin and a Malfoy
that I will not break your confidence, as long as it does not require me to break my oath
as a prefect.” Draco stated, he wanted to hear what Norische had to say.

Norische thought about it for a second then nodded. “You probably are not aware of it
but I am Vampyric, my mother was a pureblood, so I am half. The problem with that is
that it makes me what my people call a tribond.” Norische exhaled, he knew Draco would
have no clue what he meant so he just waited for the question.

“What’s a tribond?” Draco asked still suspicious.

“A tribond is someone that must mate with more than one partner. Because I am half
human and half Vampyric, I must mate with one of each, a human and a vamp. Chris is
Vampyric, although he is a pureblood. Long drawn out story made short. His stepfather
hates me because I am a half blood, so he has been trying to keep up apart for over two
years now…but because of the fact that we are bonded, he has no legal standing. Chris’
family wanted him to go with them to Canada for the summer and so he did, mainly to
keep his mother happy. While Chris was in Quebec, I was in New Orleans. While I was
there, I was jumped by some freaks in black robes and almost killed. Chris’ stepfather
told him I was killed, so that is why he passed out when he saw me…he thought I was
dead. Chris is my mate, but I am still looking for a human partner as well. Before you ask
yes Chris is well aware of that fact, he actually is helping me look.” Norische inhaled
deeply. “So there you have it, my life on a platter sort of speak.”

“I must state that I have never heard of such a thing, although most of the information on
vampyres and their rituals are quite sketchy. Ok then how were you able to apparate
inside the wards of the school. No one can do that, not even the Headmaster.”

“I have no clue. All I know is that I saw Chris falling and I panicked. I guess the fear
allowed me to do it… I know that it felt like I was being ripped into a thousand pieces
and put back wrong… but I made it over to father’s suites with Chris. Normally, I can
apparate without a wand on the outside; I guess it is just a vampyre thing, never really
thought about it. But what ever I did tonight, I don’t want to do ever again… that is what
I meant about a headache earlier… I have had a horrible headache every since.” Norische
tried to look a little stressed but didn’t want to over do it, so he blinked and his normal
look of calm washed over his face.

Draco looked at him and nodded. “From what I understand fear or anger can do that

“All I know is that it hurt like hell and I don’t want to ever have to do it again. But
enough of this crap, lets get those bottles downstairs before Chris thinks I am up here
shagging you or something.” Norische walked over to the bottles and picked up four of
them then headed to the door. Not giving Draco a chance to object. Draco picked up the
remaining bottles and followed Norische back down to the commons room.

Norische saw Chris watching him as he came down the stairs; he gave Chris a little smirk
and brought the bottles of fire-whiskey over to the center of the room where quite a few
people had started to gather.


[Definite potential here, I told him about the tribond, although not everything, and I told
him I am looking for a human partner.]

[How did he react?]

[Well his face showed no interest but below the belt started to pay attention.]

“Where do you guys want these?” Norische asked Pansy

“I’ll take them, Draco did you get the shot glasses?”

“Here you go, and I brought some vodka too. It is muggle but might as well use it up.”
Draco handed Pansy the box of glasses and the bottles.

As soon as everyone was gathered, everyone took a seat on the floor and picked up a full
shot glass setting it in front of him or herself. “Now for those of you who don’t know
how to play the game let me tell you, when it is your turn you start with “I’ve never….
Then you fill in the blank. If you have never done it you set your glass down, if you have
done it then you take a drink. Now when ever it is someone else’s turn you have to do the
same thing so pay attention.”

Norische sat down next to Blaise and Chris sat down next to Norische. “I have a really
bad feeling about this…” Norische mumbled.

“Why do you say that Norische?” Blaise asked.

This time it was Chris who spoke up. “Because he knows he his going to get drunk with
this game, and every time he gets drunk it ends up in an orgy.” Chris grinned then
laughed at Norische’s expression.

“Thanks bitch.” Norische glared at Chris…. [You are too cute, just because you want to
have an orgy with these humans, you use me to get what you want….well they definitely
put you in the right house.]

Chris couldn’t stop laughing. Especially since Draco, Pansy, and Blaise were very
interested in hearing more.

“Lets play the damn game, who goes first?”

Draco held up his glass, “Since I am prefect I will go first. I’ve never kissed a girl.” With
that he downed his drink and poured himself another.

Draco watched as Norische downed his as well.

Vincent Crabbe “I’ve never kissed a guy.” Crabbe sat down his drink.

Norische drank his down and got his refill.

Gregory Goyle “I’ve never shagged a girl.” And downed his drink.

Norische sat his glass down, with a shiver.

Nott “I’ve never shagged a bloke.” And sat his glass down.

Norische drank his down.

Pansy “I’ve never been with more than one person at a time.” She put her drink down.

Norische drank down one more time and grabbed a refill.

People were beginning to take special note of when Norische was drinking, especially

Millicent Bulstrode “I’ve never had sex in a public place.” She sat her glass down.

Norische sat there for a second then picked his up and downed it again. Exhaling, shaking
his head.

Tracey Davis “I’ve never gone down on a guy.” She drank hers down…there were a few
whispers after she did though.

Norische drank his, then laughed when Chris tried to give him his shot glass to down as
well. Filled up again the game continued.

Daphne Greengrass “I’ve never gone down on a girl.” She sat her glass down.

Norische sat his glass down and pushed it away from him with a wrinkle in his nose.

Blaise picked up his drink “I’ve never taken it up the ass.” Then downed his drink.

Norische looked at him then grinned. He looked at his drink for a second and couldn’t
help but grin at it…after all what happened a few hours ago he wanted to laugh out loud.
Chris laughed at him and grabbed Norische’s glass and downed the shot then held his
own glass while Norische drank it down. Afterwards they laughed at their own private
joke about it.

“My turn, let me see. I have never gotten anything other than my ears pierced.” And he
downed his drink.

Draco spoke up. “Ok now that is something I want you to prove. What is pierced?” His
voice had just a slight slur to it but it wasn’t too bad.

“I have five piercings. Both my ears, my nipples and one other.” Norische stated.

Pansy squealed. “Let’s see, please….”

Norische nodded and pulled his silver mesh shirt over his head revealing his chest. Pansy
was in front of him immediately. “They are adorable, little silver bats. Oh they are so

Blaise was enjoying getting the opportunity to get a look at the toned chest and flat
stomach of the young man in front of him. Blaise reached out and touched one of the tiny
bats, then jumped as Norische gasped and jerked away from him.

Chris volunteered. “They are very sensitive. You want to see how sensitive?”

“No he doesn’t!” Norische started to put his shirt back on.

“Yes! Yes I would actually.” Blaise licked his lips in anticipation.

Chris got up and sat down on the couch, then took off his own shirt. Draco could not help
but notice that Chris had matching piercings to those of Norische’s. Chris spread his
knees wide and pulled Norische in between them. At first Norische appeared to struggle
slightly but was persuaded to take his place after Chris whispered something in his ear.
Norische nodded in agreement and pulled his boots off so that he could kneel properly in
front of Chris. Norische then pulled his arms behind himself and grabbed hold of the
waistband of Chris’ pants, so that Chris’s chest was plastered against Norische’s back,
then leaning back against Chris. Norische spread his knees just a little to try and get
better balance then closed his eyes and waited for Chris to start his torture.

Chris looked over at Blaise and smiled. Then Chris reached his arms around Norische
and began to gently rub his hands over Norische’s chest. First avoiding direct contact
with his nipples, but soon just barely grazing them. Norische jerked at the first contact
and inhaled deeply, but did not open his eyes. After a few agonizing minutes, Chris began
a direct assault against Norische’s nipples flicking them with his fingernails, this caused
Norische to bow his back pushing his hips forward, but still he did not open his eyes or
move his hands. Norische started breathing deeply, panting… Draco watched as
Norische’s abdomen jerked and danced every now and then at a specific kind of touch.
Then without warning Chris grabbed the rings and pulled them strait up. Norische let out
a very animalistic growl between clenched teeth, and bowed his back, thrusting his hips

forward. No one in the room had any doubt that Norische had a massive erection right

Blaise was sweating and rubbing his crotch through his dress pants. This was one of the
sexiest things he had ever seen.

[You ready luv?]

[God yes, do it, I need your bite. Make Draco sweat his own piss.]

Chris pushed Norische’s head to the side slightly then with a deep growl, he lowered his
head and bit Norische on the neck. Norische opened his mouth in a silent moan, and laid
his head back on Chris, melting into the bite. Norische couldn’t keep his hips still,
without realizing it he began to pump his hips and pant even more. Then Chris lowered
Norische nipples and grasped each one between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed
with all his might. Norische roared and came hard, panting for several minutes as he
began to relax. Chris let go of his nipples and began to rub Norische’s chest trying to
sooth the pain that he had just caused. After a few more minutes Chris raised his head
from Norische’s neck licking the place he had bitten one more time before he stopped.
Norische couldn’t help but shiver at the touch of his mate’s tongue. Norische flinched as
he released his arms and let his shoulders slouch, still leaning against Chris with his eyes

“Dear Merlin! I have never seen anything so hot in all my life.” Millicent whispered in a
rich husky voice.

Chris grinned and began to rub Norische’s shoulders, he knew exactly how bad they hurt
right now. Norische moaned just a little and rubbed his cheek on Chris’ hands as they
relaxed his muscles and eased the tension of the moment. Chris looked over to Draco and
whispered. “Do you happen to have your wand? Mine is upstairs.” …looking down and
indicating Norische’s crotch with a smile.

Draco looked a little flushed but cleared his throat and with a quick flick of his wand
Draco cast “Scorgio” at Norische’s crotch. Norische could hear Blaise and possibly
Goyle do the same thing, which brought a smirk to his face.

Millicent Bulstrode then spoke up. “Wait a minute, you said you had five piercings and I
only see four, your ears and your nipples. Where is the fifth?”

Norische grinned but kept his eyes closed…laughing he said. “That one will cost you to
see.” Then to his surprise coins started being dropped into his empty shot glass. Norische
opened his eyes and looked down into the shot glass, there were gold and silver coins
filling his little cup. Norische couldn’t help but laugh at this. Looking over to Draco
Norische asked. “Is it ok, I mean I don’t want to get my ass in much more trouble my
first day here.”

Blaise spoke up. “The second gold galleon in the glass came from Draco, luv.” Blaise had
put the first one in.

Norische laughed and stood up slowly, his legs still a little shaky from a few moments
ago. Reaching down he unbuttoned the fly to his green suede pants and lowered them
down to mid thigh level, of course he wore no underwear. Everyone was clearly
impressed with Norische’s physical attributes however… “I don’t see another piercing.”

Chris moved over to where he could see Norische’s crotch. “You just have to know
where to look.” He said with a smile.

Everyone looked confused but didn’t say anything finally, Norische exhaled and lifted his
half limp cock away from his balls and revealed the piercing. Right at the top of his
scrotum was a tiny silver oval dangling from a bar piercing. The oval had “XOXO”
etched into the silver.

“That is so cute. Hugs and Kisses.”

“Not exactly.” Norische cleared his throat and allowed everyone to look at his piercing.

Draco spoke up, even though he didn’t move his eyes from the dark patch of hair and the
magnificent cock he was looking at. “What do you mean, not exactly?”

“Inside joke.” Norische just smiled and left it at that.

“He means,” Chris interjected. “Since my last name is “the Cross” he calls me Chris for
Chris Cross, hence the little ‘x’ then the ‘o’ represents my part in the relationship.”

“Stop it, it isn’t like that and you know it.” Norische put himself back inside his pants and
fastened them. Then turned toward the stairs…

“Is everything ok?” Draco asked.

“Loo.” Was all Norische said and he walked up the stairs to the bathroom.

[Are you ok? I am sorry if that came out wrong… I know what it means luv.]

[It’s ok, I am kinda playing this by ear. Do me a favor and send up Malfoy in a few
minutes. Tell him you think you pissed me off or something, what ever you have to do to
get him to come up here alone.] Norische whispered.

[gods you gave me a scare there. Ok luv, by the way you need to be eating more red
meat, you blood is a little light right now.]

[Nag me later ok, and you know I hate red meat.]

A few minutes went by and Draco walked in. Norische was perched with his ass on one
sink and his bare feet resting on the edge of another sink. He had his head tilted back as if
he were deep in thought, and didn’t react when Draco walked into the room. Even though
Norische new that Draco had been standing outside the bathroom for about over a minute
before he walked in.

“You ok?”

Norische nodded but didn’t say anything.

“Ah, Chris is worried you’re pissed off at him.” Draco stated as he leaned against the
wall opposite of Norische, crossing his arms over his chest.

Again, he said nothing.

“I don’t mean to pry, but I don’t have to be Madam Trelawney to figure out something is

“Who?” Norische looked at Draco confused.

“Our divinations Professor.”

Norische nodded, once again not saying anything.

“Look I know you stated you hate someone knowing your personal business, but after
what happened down there, I think almost everyone in this dorm has a pretty good idea of
your personal business.”

“Great, thanks for reminding me… I knew when this all started that this was going to be

“I didn’t mean it like that. I mean what you two did was the most… the sexiest thing I
have ever seen. It just kinda bothered me that it was two guys but no one can deny that it
was incredible.”

“He is definitely incredible. A guy or not, he can make my body do things that I never
knew were possible. I mean you saw it. I came and he never touched below the waist.”

“Yeah it was incredible. Blaise came just watching you two.”

“What about you, did you enjoy the show?”

Draco looked at Norische, whose eyes were still focused on the wall in front of him.
“Yeah I liked it.”

Norische left it there, not wanting to push his luck.

[Chris, do me a favor and come on up here, we are chatting pretty good but I want to stir
things up a little, oh and don’t get upset if I seem a little rough ok?]

[No problem luv, let me set this up down here and I will be up there in a few.]

“So do you want to talk about what bugged you so much about what Chris had said?”

“Not really.” Norische mumbled

Just then the door opened and Chris walked in. “Nori, are you ok?”


“Oh great…you’re pissed.”

Norische glared at him.

“Norische I know what that emblem means, I didn’t mean to upset you about it.”

Norische kept quiet.

“Dammit are you just going to sit there and glare at me or are we going to talk?” Chris
walked over to stand beside Norische.

“Do you two want me to leave?” Draco asked feeling kind of out of place here.

“Ah, it might be best. We will be down in a few minutes. Thanks.”

Draco left the room, still as confused as he was before. He walked back down to the
group in the commons room. Everybody was waiting to hear what Draco had to say. To
find out what was wrong.

“What’s the matter Draco?” Blaise was the first to speak up.

“That’s their business, not ours.” Draco said.

A few minutes later Norische and Chris were walking back downstairs, snuggling as they
went, and Chris was sporting a very large, very vivid bite mark on his neck. Draco saw
them and sighed, apparently as mad as Norische had appeared to be, it wasn’t too bad
after all.

“Ok, now that I am sober again, lets get drunk. Do we want to continue the game or try
something new.” Norische smiled, surprising everyone.

“I want to play truth or dare. Everyone chooses a truth or a dare, if you can’t do which
ever you chose then you have to drink your shot. What do you guys say?” Blaise
apparently had his own ideas. Everybody nodded. “Well Chris was the next one in line
so, you go first. Pick someone and ask them truth or dare…”

“Ok, ah Blaise…” Evil grin. “Truth or dare?”


“Ok, did you like the show between Norische and I a while ago?”

“Merlin yes, That was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen.”

Draco’s turn.

“Norische, Truth or Dare?”

“Crap, ah Dare.”

“I dare you to bite me.”

“Draco, I don’t think that is a good idea. I don’t think you understand um…”

“Are you passing on the Dare then?”

Norische looked to Chris for help, who shrugged. [He wants you so bad I can smell it, go
ahead hon… mark him…he was practically drooling when he saw mine as I came

“No, I accept the dare.” Norische went over to Draco and extended his hand to help
Draco stand up. “I hope you know what you are asking for.” Draco nodded.

Norische gently tilted Draco’s neck so that he could see every wonderful inch of it.
Norische ran his finger over Draco’s neck looking for the spot he wanted, just barely
touching the skin at all. Finally, he could feel Draco trembling under his touch and
Norische knew why Draco wanted this. He leaned in and sniffed Draco, his scent was
strong, and unique… totally fascinating. Norische sniffed behind Draco’s ear, where the
gland is. Yup, Draco was definitely Veela. This was getting better by the minute. Draco’s
breath was coming in quick pants now. “Are you absolutely sure this is what you want?”
Norische whispered into Draco’s ear. Draco swallowed loudly and nodded. Then with a
low, deep growl that sent shivers down Draco’s spine; Norische opened his mouth, and
buried his fangs in Draco’s neck. Draco wrapped his arms around Norische, moaning
softly as he gave into the pleasure of the bite. Norische didn’t feed on blood often and
since he had already fed from Chris just a few short minutes ago, there was none of that
incredible forbidden hunger to deal with. Only the sensual feeling of being completely

helpless, completely vulnerable and completely at the whim of another, nothing else
touched Draco’s mind right this moment.

Draco opened his mouth in a silent moan as he felt himself cum violently wrapped in
Norische’s arms. The feelings racing through his veins were so unbelievable that putting
them to words was totally impossible right now. Slowly Norische released his hold on
Draco and lowered him down to the couch beside Chris, who immediately tended to him.

Draco leaned against Chris with this relaxed smile on his face, totally floating somewhere
other than where his body was right now. Chris smiled at Draco and patted his thigh,
knowing exactly how the young man felt.

“Ah…Wow!” Blaise looked over Draco, “Draco? Are you ok?”

“Hmmm?” Draco tried to focus his eyes but somehow couldn’t remember how to do it.
“Perfect, I’m absolutely perfect.” With that, the whole room burst out laughing.

Norische couldn’t help but snicker at Draco. Just as Norische was about to say something
the grandfather clock across the room chimed in at four AM. “Crap, Chris we need to get
to bed, we have to go with father and dad tomorrow remember.”

“Oh no… I forgot. Let’s get Draco upstairs and put to bed, then get some sleep.”

“We are sorry guys but we have got some running to do tomorrow so we need to get to
bed, have fun.” Norische stated.

Norische reached over and picked up Draco as if he were barely anything at all, then
waited for Chris to get ahead of him and he started up the stairs. Draco was practically
purring and laid his head in the crook of Norische’s neck. Norische jumped when he felt
Draco kiss his neck. But then he chuckled pulling Draco closer to his chest.

[What is so funny?]

[Draco kissed my neck… it tickled.]

[That’s sweet. What do you think of him luv.]

[Before I bit him, I scented him…. He’s the human we have been looking for. Or at least
the part human, he is part veela as well, so this should be interesting. We will find out

“Veela, how fabulous. I knew you had excellent taste. Let’s get him to bed, and then I
want to thank you for the bite tonight. I have so missed that.”

Norische put Draco in his bed, the only thing he did was remove his shoes. Norische
thought it better than having to explain to Draco the next day where his clothes were and
why he wasn’t wearing them.

Then Norische stripped off his clothes putting them over his trunk that his father had
already gotten delivered. Norische crawled into his bed nude, and almost immediately felt
Chris curl up behind him. “Chris do you mind if we just go to sleep. I am so exhausted,
and my stomach is bugging the hell out of me. I should have know better than feed from
two donors in one night.”

Yawn “Not at all love, I was getting pretty sleepy anyway.” Chris curled up against
Norische’s back and wrapped his arms around him. Norische went to sleep feeling the
soft gentle kisses of his mate on the back of his neck. Neither Norische nor Chris even
bothered to close the curtains around the bed, they didn’t care who saw them, not right at
this moment anyway.


It was almost 9AM when Norische and Chris were rudely awakened by a rather impatient
Professor Snape.

“Will the two of you kindly get up… NOW!”

Norische tentatively opened one eye and looked around. “Father?”

“Yes, and you were suppose to be up early today remember. We have quite a few things
to do and we need to get them done.”

“Father, I love you but if I am not mistaken, I told you we would be down to the suite
after lunch. I absolutely refuse to be up this early, or to force Chris to get up either…. I
like my bits where they are thank you.” Norische mumbled.

“That was before I found out we have to go into London. So, get up! Immediately!”

“What? Why are we going into London?” Norische was awake now, no matter how much
he hated it. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“We have an appointment with the ministry of magic there, so get up… I think Chris
needs to come as well.”

“Crap.” Norische looked over at Chris and saw that sweet adorable face snuggled into his
pillow. “Why would they want to speak to me?”

“That is something you will have to ask them. Now get up, I have to go get some things
ready so I expect you to be in the suite in 45 minutes, no later.”

“Ok, and father can you make sure to take some of the headache and nausea stuff with us,
they may not work great but it is the best I have right now.” Norische sighed and started
to try and wake up Chris.

Severus nodded and walked out of the dorm room leaving the boys to get ready.

“What’s all the noise?” Draco moaned.

“Sorry to wake you Draco, my father is demanding Chris and I get up and meet him in
the suite. We have been called to the Ministry of Magic in London.”

“London, do you think that Severus would mind me tagging along. I need to pick up a
couple of things and I hate going there alone.” Draco yawned.

“Shouldn’t be a problem but he said we have 45 minutes so you had better run to the
showers now before I manage somehow to get Chris awake.” Norische reached over and
licked the bite mark he had given Chris the night before… as soon as Norische touched
the mark Chris’ eyes were instantly wide open.

“Hello luv, I know it is morning and please don’t be mad at me. Father is demanding we
come down to the suites in 45, no now 40 minutes. Apparently, we have been called to
the Ministry of Magic about something. So you need to get up and get a shower if you are
going to take one.”

“Hey, why did I sleep in my clothes last night. I don’t even remember getting in bed?”
Draco looked over to Norische.

“After I bit you, you kinda were out of it, so I carried you upstairs and put you to bed.”

“Oh…” Draco had a very confused look on his face, but reached up and put his hand on
his neck where the bite mark was, and grinned…blushing at the same time. “Yeah, I need
a shower.” Draco rushed around picking out a few things then race out of the room to the

Norische looked over at Chris and realized he was curled up back asleep already.
Norische groaned as he threw back the covers to and sat up, hanging his legs over the
side of the bed. Norische bent over his trunk and picked out his black velvet pants and his
black silk shirt. As he was looking around for the boots he wanted, Norische heard
something from the other bed in the room.

“Damn what a way to wake up.” Blaise was lying there watching Norische’s bare ass
wiggle as he was digging around in the trunk. Norische looked over his shoulder and
realized what Blaise was talking about; grinning Norische shook his head and continued

to go through the trunk. After he found his boots, he went over to Chris’ trunk and picked
out a pair of black dress pants, and a forest green silk shirt, for Chris to wear. Norische
walked back over to the bed and pulled the covers back from Chris who moaned.

“Well since it is taking you forever to wake up. I guess it is a spell for a shower and not a
real one. Abstergeo”. Norische waived his wand at Chris. “Now lets get you dressed.”
Norische mumbled as he pulled Chris’ legs around and off the bed. Norische knelt and
started pulling Chris’ pants on, tugging and jerking here and there to get them on. Chris
just moaned and tried to swat him away. Norische couldn’t help but laugh but continued.
Then he pulled Chris into a sitting position and somehow managed to slip his shirt on
him, amidst the slapping hands and attempts to get back under the covers.

After Chris was dressed, Norische started to get dressed himself. Blaise groaned as
Norische pulled his trousers up over his ass. As Norische was fastening his pants, Draco
walked back into the room running a towel through his hair. Norische picked up his wand
and called out arefacio aiming his wand at Draco. Draco’s hair was perfectly dry, soft
and shimmering as if it had been blown dry. “Thanks, I always forget that one.” Then
Draco sat down on his bed and started putting on his boots. “No problem.”

Norische pulled his shirt on and was fastening the buttons when he realized they only had
ten minutes and they had to get all the way across the campus. [Father, father are you

[I’m here, now the question becomes where are you.] Severus answered.

[I am putting my shirt on, I need to get mine and Chris’ boots on then we will be over
there, oh by the way Draco Malfoy wants to come with us…he needs to pick up a few
things in London and I said he could come… is that a problem?]

[I hope not. Get here as quickly as you can we need to leave soon.] Severus didn’t sound
pleased but then again he didn’t sound upset about it either.

[Yes sir, I am trying.]

Norische sat down on the bed and pulled his boots on quickly then grabbed Chris’ boots
and helped him on with them. Norische grabbed his money pouch and fastened it to his
pants then put his wallet in his back pocket and filled his cigarette case and grabbed a
lighter. Norische went over to Chris and pulled him up into a sitting position again,
leaned down and bit Chris on the same place he had bit him last night. Chris’ eyes flew
open and he began to squirm immediately. “Good your awake, we have to go…” With
that, Norische grabbed Chris’ hand and started pulling him out the door, Draco grabbed
his money pouch and robes and rushed after the two of them.

[Father we’re ready, do you want to meet us at the gates so we don’t waste time?]

[That would be best yes. We are on our way.] Severus responded.

Within five minutes all five of them were standing at the gates of Hogwarts, a few
moments later they were standing in the courtyard of the Ministry of Magic. Severus put
on his typical Snape face, oddly enough so did Norische. Chris was still very drowsy but
he was waking up quite begrudgingly. Severus led the way into the building and down a
long hallway. The door stated Department of Magical Defenses. Norische was very leery
of all this but followed his father nonetheless.

The room was fairly empty, there were several chairs along the walls and some file
cabinets but other than that, the only thing in the room was a bunch of doors and a
gentleman with a clip board and a stack of papers. Once inside Severus went over to the
gentleman and spoke quietly to him. The gentleman nodded and disappeared through one
of the doors only to return a few minutes later, holding the door open for everyone to
follow him into the next area. This section looked almost like a conference room or a
class room of sorts, there were a few big tables where people were sitting around that had
piles of papers and scrolls on them. Then there was a podium where several robed figures
were sitting, they looked almost like judges and made Norische very apprehensive.

Severus guided them over to a series of chairs and had them take a seat. Norische was
anxious to the point of his fight or flight instincts were kicking in. Right now, all he
wanted to do was get the hell out of there. Chris on the other hand was quickly falling
back asleep, leaning on Draco who seemed not to notice Chris’ desire to use him as a
pillow. Draco was also apprehensive, although he did not appear as anxious as Norische
he definitely was not comfortable, but he had that Malfoy air about him so he looked
calm and collected. Remus was quietly whispering to Severus who was watching
everyone in the room all at once and doing do quite successfully.

An older man, tall and regal although weathered in appearance, pounded a gavel and got
everyone’s attention.

“It appears all parties have arrived at this point so lets get these proceedings over with.
Professor Severus Snape please step forward and address the council.”

Professor Snape stood up with a cat like grace and walked slowly to the front of the
room, where he took a defensive stance with his arms folded across his chest.

“Professor Snape, it has come to our attention that one Norische Renee De LeNoir Snape,
claiming to be your son…”

“He IS my son.” Snape interrupted indignantly.

“Well, be that as it may…” The older man huffed at the interruption. “It has been brought
to our attention that the young man has certain abilities that may prove useful to this
council and the service there in. We would like to speak to your…son… and find out
more about him and his skills.”

“My son has no intention of being a pawn for this council or any other department of the
Ministry of Magic, he is barely sixteen years old and I refuse to allow you or anyone else
to use or manipulate him.” Severus growled.

“Professor, at no time did we state we wished to either use or manipulate him, we merely
wish to see his level of skill to better understand what options we have that we can offer
the young man, and may I remind you that the Ministry of Magic has precedence when it
comes to such matters and we can remove Mr. De LeNoir from your care if we feel that it
is necessary.”

Norische had just about enough of this. Norische made his decision and shrugged off his
cape, and with every ounce of calm and dignity that he had available to him Norische
rose and walked across the room to stand behind his father. “I believe my father has made
our wishes quite clear. So if you will excuse us, we have some more important things to
do.” Norische glared at the individual who had been speaking to his father.

“You are Norische De LeNoir, I presume.”

“Norische De LeNoir Snape, but yes. And I have no idea who you are, nor do I care. We
are leaving.” Norische took a defensive stance next to Severus, as if he was waiting for
someone to attempt to stop them.

“Young man, do you have no respect for this committee? Do you know who we are?”

“Respect is earned not demanded, and based on your treatment so far of my father and
myself no, I have no respect for this committee, and I don’t care who you are, I never
asked.” Norische was beginning to ruffle more than just a few feathers. Although he
could hear his father snicker under his breath as he stood next to him.

Another one of the individuals up on the podium spoke out, this time it was a very old,
very worn out old man, who appeared to be getting quite red with frustration at the young
man’s words. “See here, this is the exact reason why this boy should be removed from
Snape’s care. If these reports are correct then allowing him to stay with Snape is both
ignorant and dangerous.”

Norische shook his head and grinned. “Father I think we need to head out, I am getting a
little hungry, besides we have got some shopping to do.”

Severus looked over to his son, and raised an eyebrow. [Father I don’t like this at all, I
can smell their fear and I know they are going to do something foolish. We have to leave
and leave now.]

Severus nodded at his son, turning towards Norische, he placed a fatherly hand on his
son’s shoulder and they started to walk away.

“You were not dismissed! If we have to place you in contempt we will and we will have
both of you locked in a cell faster than you can say Azkaban. Young man you will turn
around and you will address this committee with proper respect.” The tone began to get

Norische glanced over at Chris who was now wide awake and on the edge of his seat,
Chris looked as if he wished to rip the man’s throat out with his bare hands. Draco was
sitting there with his hands clasped in front of him the only thing you could see that
indicated his mood currently was the fact that his eyes were narrowed and glaring.

[Father they are not going to allow us to leave quietly, there are two of them on the sides
that have their wands out… if they start shooting get Remus out safely and I will be
fine…so don’t wait for me.] Norische whispered to Severus.

[Chris, I don’t like this at all, I think we are going to end up fighting to get out of here. If
anything happens get Draco and get out, father will take care of dad, and I will meet you
guys later…]

Neither responded but Norische could tell both had heard him. Out of the corner of his
eye Norische saw the one man in black lift his wand… [right side father!] was all he said
before Norische heard the incantation. ‘Stupify’. Before the curse could manifest
Norische had his wings out and wrapped around his father and himself. Norische could
hear people all around him jumping up and running away from him. [I am going to
release you father, get Remus out of here, I will be right behind you.] Severus nodded,
cursing under his breath, with his wand in hand he indicated to his son he was ready.
Norische opened his wings and turned in the direction that the curse had come from.
Severus rushed to Remus and grabbed his arm, Chris had Draco up and standing next to
Remus before Severus made it too them.




The curses were flying from every direction, but Norische simply ignored them and
walked slowly up to the podium. In one swift movement, Norische flapped his wings and
pounced up on top of the podium. He crouched down and looked at the man who had
addressed him earlier.

“I said we were leaving and I meant it. I suggest you allow us to do so with out further
delay or I WILL get pissed. Your actions have already cost me one of my favorite shirts
so I strongly suggest you stop this foolishness and stay out of our way.” Norische used
the tip of his wing to lift the man’s chin so that they could look eye to eye.

“You dare threaten me?”

“I believe Sir it is you and your ignorant committee that threatened me and my father
first. I don’t do well with threats.” Norische could hear alarms going off and individuals
running into the room but he ignored it all and focused on the man in front of him. “Now
me and my family have some things to do. Perhaps we can chat again sometime when
you wish to be more respectful and polite.” With that, Norische jumped down and started
walking towards the exit. He made it about six feet when the man yelled out “Stop him!!”

Curses of all types were flying from every direction. Multiples of the same thing as well
as many different ones hit him all at once. Norische absorbed the energy being thrown at
him over and over again. Finally, with an almost deafening roar Norische reared back his
head and blasted all the energy back to its source. One right after the other individuals
fell hit by their own spells returned to them.

Norische turned and walked back to the man at the podium who appeared to seriously
need a change of trousers right about now. “I think sir that I have answered all the
questions you were going to ask me today. If you wish to talk further with me I suggest
you learn how to beg really sweetly, perhaps my father can be persuaded to talk. Oh and
yes, I was aware that this was a test to see how I could defend others and myself and how
I would react. I don’t like tests, any more than I like threats. If you have a question you
may ask…but I highly suggest you get some lip balm because you are going to be
needing to do some serious ass kissing to my father now….” Norische turned and walked
out of the room. No one tried to stop him, as he reached the doors, Norische folded his
bruised and injured wings back inside so that he would not draw as much attention.

Norische walked down the hallway to the entry way and no one attempted to interfere
although he did get several rather peculiar looks. As he walked out of the building
Norische called to his father. [Father, where are you.]

[We are in the coffee shop two blocks down to the right. Are you all right?]

[Eh…I’ll live. Be there in a few] Norische could hear the concern in his father’s voice so
he hurried down the street, it only took a few moments for Norische to spot the sign for
the coffee shop. Norische smiled at Chris and Draco as he walked in to the shop. The
scent of exotic coffees and fabulous teas filled the air, as soon as Norische walked in the
door he started drooling at the rich aromas, pausing to inhale deeply Norische grinned his
best little boy grin and walked over to the table where every one was sitting.

“Are you ok son? What happened after we left?” Severus was very business like but
Norische could hear the concern in his voice.

“I will tell you everything but can I have a coffee and some cheesecake first?” Norische

After he placed his order for a cinnamon vanilla double espresso latte and a slice of
German chocolate cheesecake Norische started explaining things to everyone.

“As to am I ok, yeah I guess. I would appreciate it if you could check out my wings
though. I think they got burned in a couple of places.” Norische winced as he moved his
shoulders a little. “As to what happened. Basically, it was all a big test. They wanted to
see not only what I could do, but also how I would react under pressure, and how you
would react with me under fire. So I guess it was a test for both of us. Unfortunately, they
didn’t fair as well as I did, so I might be in some trouble but I don’t know…they didn’t
say. I didn’t use any magic really…I just reflected what they did… they kinda got
knocked out by their own curses. So really no one that wasn’t attacking me was hurt in
any manner.” Norische thanked the clerk when she brought him his coffee and
immediately started in on his cheesecake. Out of the corner of his eye Norische could see
both Chris and Draco eyeing his desert. At first he ignored them then he finally gave in.

“Good grief if you two were any more obvious.” Norische cut a small piece from his
cheesecake and fed it to Chris, then did the same for Draco; both boys were smiling and
licking their lips. They tried giving him the puppy dog looks again but Norische turned
away this time. “Mine!” he said as he licked some of the sticky fudge from his fingers.

After two more bites Norische couldn’t stand it any more “Here…” he handed Chris his
wallet that had muggle money in it. “You and Draco go get what you want and quit
staring at my cheesecake.” Chris smiled and grabbed the wallet, and then he and Draco
went over to the clerk at the counter and started looking at the succulent deserts. A few
minutes later they came back, each of them had two deserts and a drink. Chris gave
Norische his wallet back and thanked him with a caramelized kiss. After Norische licked
the excess caramel from Chris’ sticky bun from his lips, he continued telling Severus and
Remus exactly what had happen.

“You really didn’t tell the Head of the Ministry of Magical Defense to get some lip balm
did you?” Draco asked as he took another bite of his death by chocolate cheesecake.

“Yeah, I mean if he wants to talk to me or father again he is going to have to do some

serious ass kissing, so he might as well be prepared.” Norische smiled at Severus, who
still looked concerned.

“From the paperwork I saw on the desk, I think they are wanting me to do something
undercover, it said ‘covert’ and had something to do with you too. It had a couple of
other names with it too, but I didn’t recognize them.” Norische stated.

“Do you remember the names?” Remus asked.

“Well one of them was Lucas or Lucius, something like that” Draco’s head jerked up.
“… I didn’t see a last name I don’t think. Then there was something weird… that kid at
school, the Gryffindor… ah, Harry…Harry Potter. Why would the have some kids name
in a ‘confidential’ file with the Ministry?” Norische asked as he sipped his coffee.

“Mr. Potter is a very unique individual. However, I don’t like the sound of that. I think I
know what they are planning.” Severus practically growled.

“Well what ever. Father do you have anything for burns and something for pain, and is
there anywhere that we can go for you to look at my wings, they are really starting to
hurt.” Norische whispered.

The expression on Severus face changed, “Yes of course, there should be a lavatory
around here somewhere. Come with me.” Severus got up from the table, as did Norische
who flinched as he rose, but didn’t say anything.

After they made sure no one else was in the loo Severus had Norische take his shirt off.
“Damn that was my favorite black silk too.” Norische mumbled.

“All right Norische, take out your wings and lets have a look at them.” Severus had
already noticed several large bruises on his son’s chest and back, but since Norische
appeared more concerned with his wings that was were Severus was going to focus.
Norische arched his shoulders and the wing flaps that were normally dormant and sealed,
opened and allowed his wings to escape. Norische couldn’t help but groan as his wings

“Well, there is definitely some damage. Bloody Hell what did they hit you with?”
Severus asked as he looked over Norische’s wings

“Well most of it just dissipated into my wings, but then some genius there got the bright
idea to start shooting lightning and that shit hurts. So far the only thing that I have found
that can penetrate my wings is elementals. I really didn’t want anyone to know that either
so I just pretended not to notice the hits, but I have to confess it hurts really bad right
now.” Norische braced himself against the wall for support.

“There are at least four major burns here. Two are third degree at least, I can put a potion
on them to stop the pain but we will have to work on them when we get back to the
suite.” Severus pulled out a vial from his cloak and grabbed a paper towel; gently he
applied the potion to the major burns. Norische inhaled deeply trying not to let his father
know how much it hurt. “Owwie!” Norische exclaimed as Severus accidentally touched a
very sensitive spot.

“Owwie?” Severus raised an eyebrow. “Son you just took on the Ministry, including at
least thirty Aurors and you just said Owwie.”

“Well it hurt….” Norische mumbled. It took a few minutes for Severus to cover all the
damage, but once he had applied the potion to all the areas, Norische’s wings were
definitely feeling better. Before they went back to join the others Severus gave his son a
rather strong pain potion. Norische pulled his wings back in carefully and then got
dressed. Heading back to the table Norische guessed he looked a little paler than normal
because Remus looked at him with concern.

“Severus how bad was it?” Remus asked.

“It will take a couple of days to heal properly and the he has some second even third
degree burns in a couple of places. Although most of the damage is superficial, I gave
him a rather stout pain draught so he will be fine until we get back to the suite.”

“Father is there anyway we can make a side trip. Since my shirt got ripped I was hoping
we could go by Black Rose Emporium it is over by the tracks in the Stables Market.”

Severus looked slightly frustrated but nodded his head. “Great! Thanks…I have wanted
to show Chris that place anyway. Hey Draco have you ever been there?”

“No, it doesn’t sound familiar.” Draco answered as he sipped on his coffee.

“I don’t know how much you like the darker side of fashion but the place is fabulous.”
Everyone could hear the excitement in Norische’s voice.

“Very well then, lets go. Norische can you apparate there or do we need transportation?”
Severus asked, trying not to sound bored with it all.

“I can get us there, no problem.” Everyone got up and headed out side.

Chapter 10

Norische was in heaven. Not only did they have another shirt just like he had on but they
had a new line of velvet shirts that had just come in. While 45 pounds was a bit much to
pay for a shirt, Norische loved the black and purple mercy shirt. He went through and
picked out several shirts and a couple of pairs of pants. Even Chris picked out a couple of
shirts, although he griped about the prices, Norische just grinned and added them to his
pile. Norische even found some items for his room in the suite, a couple of cool bat
candle holders, and some skulls that he thought were just adorable, although his father
rolled his eyes at them. After nearly an hour of shopping they left the store and Norische
was no longer thinking about the pain in his wings

Then they went right down the street to a shop that did leather. Norische bought several
pairs of leather pants, some plain, some ornate with chains and studs. He picked out one
pair of red, one of forest green, one of deep blue and six pair of black. At first Severus
complained about the number of black but quickly realized that it was a loosing battle.
According to Norische you can never have too much black leather.

He even bought Draco three pairs of black leather pants, and a leather jacket. Even
though he was a little uneasy about it all, Draco had to admit it looked really good on
him. Although he had never truly considered himself the ‘leather’ kind of person.

As they were getting ready to leave Norische notice a rack of sale items and found a
number of pairs of velvet and suede pants and just had to get them too. This time both
Draco and Chris joined in, after all it was velvet…

Norische shrunk his bags and put them in his pouch for safe keeping, then grinned at his
father and dad. “Well, I’m happy. Now where did you guys want to go?”

Remus shook his head. “We needed to go to Diagon Alley and get your school clothes
and supplies.”

“Oh yeah, that stuff.” Norische sighed.

They apparated to the Leaky Cauldron and then headed out the back to Diagon Alley.
Chris and Draco headed off to the Madam Malkin’s robe shop. While Norische and
Severus went to the Apothecary shop, thankfully, they had gotten in the order that
Norische had place a few days prior and to Norische’s surprise, they had also gotten in a
new shipment of herbs from Hungary and India. Father and son went through case after
case of herbs, tinctures and potions. Picking through dozens of samples and setting aside
the best of each. While everyone else was occupied, Remus headed over to the Flourish
and Blotts to see if an order he had placed was in yet.

After Norische and Severus finished in the Apothecary, they met up with Draco and
Chris at the robe shop. Chris had ordered three warm weather robes school robes, and
three cold weather school robes all in plain black, five dress robes, one in black, one in
midnight blue, one in forest green and one in royal purple. Eight casual robes, burgundy,
black, charcoal gray, royal blue, midnight blue, forest green, maroon and royal purple. He
also ordered five sets of school uniforms for both of them, and the appropriate matching
robes for himself while he was at it. Then he went about picking out pajamas. Chris
picked up silver, emerald green, forest green, black, blood red, burgundy, maroon, cobalt
blue, navy blue, sapphire blue, and gold pajama sets for himself each with a matching
robe, and then picked out similar sets for Norische but added cream, white, smoky gray,
charcoal gray, amethyst, royal purple and eggplant. While he was at it he picked up
matching silk boxers to go with each set of pajamas. Next came socks, handkerchiefs,
trousers, casual shirts, dress shirts, and shoes. He spent nearly twenty minutes picking out
the perfect formals for the two of them and nearly drove Norische insane with the
obsessive attention to detail. Thankfully by the time Norische had gotten over to the
clothing store Chris had already picked out all the appropriate items for Norische, and it
was just a matter of the fitting. Which Norische put up with quite well, or at least he
thought so.

“Father may I go down to Borgin and Burkes for a few minutes, I wanted to see about a
couple of things.” Norische asked.

“And what exactly are you looking for in that establishment?” Severus looked at his son

“Actually I was wanting to see if they had any more mezimorphisis powder. They were
out of it the other day, and I was hoping to get some while I was here.” Norische

Severus raised an eyebrow and stared down at his son, crossing his arms across his chest.
“I take that as a no….” Norische mumbled.

Draco couldn’t believe that Norische had actually told Severus what he was going to get.
“Norische, we have got to have a talk.” Draco said as he shook his head and slapped
Norische on the back laughing, who cringed, apparently Draco forgot about his wings.

The day went absolutely great. They spent time walking around window shopping and
exploring some of the stores. Finally, as it started getting dark they decided to head back.
They apparated to the gates of Hogwarts and headed inside, Severus had began to notice
Norische wincing if he moved a little off, so he insisted that Norische go directly to the
suite and allow him to take care of his son’s wings. Chris and Draco headed back to the
dorm to put their purchases up and rest for a while before dinner.


“It doesn’t hurt that much Dad…” Norische complained at the attention.

“Norische your father said there were some rather serious burns, so you need to allow
him to look at them and stop complaining about it.” Remus smiled at their son and
pushed him towards his room.

“Take your cloak and shirt off then lay down on the bed, just bring your wings out when
ever you are ready and I will go get some salve and some more pain potion.” Severus
smirked at his son. He knew that Norische wanted to go back to the dorm and go thought
the things he had purchased today, but that would wait until Severus finished with him.

Severus used a burn ointment with a painkiller in it and gently covered the areas. The one
spot that concerned Severus the most was on Norische’s right wing just to the right of the
vertebrae about a hand’s width from the top of his wing. The burn scorched clear thru
Norische’s wing. Severus was furious and began ranting that he was going to file charges
for an unprovoked attack on a minor.

Norische looked at the hole in his wing and winced, it was just big enough to put the tip
of his index finger through. “Ow!” Norische exclaimed as he touched the spot near the
hole. “Father that really, really hurts!”

“We are probably going to have to get Madame Pomfrey to do something about that one,
and I want Dumbledore to see these before they are healed. Come, we are going to the
infirmary.” Severus helped his son up from the bed; Norische didn’t bother to put a shirt
on this time. “Leave your wings out for the moment, I will do a glamour on them so that

no one can see them but we need to get you to Pomfrey immediately. Remus can you go
get Albus, I demand that he see the damage his interference has caused this time.”
Severus was steaming but he smiled gently as Norische leaned against him for support as
they walked down the hall to the infirmary.


Madame Pomfrey was not very busy at the moment so she was able to immediately
attend to Norische. “How is the other issues going dear?” She asked as she examined his
Norische’s wings.

“Better, much better. Although the headache stuff doesn’t get rid of the headache it helps,
so I am not griping.” Norische mumbled hoping she wouldn’t ask too many questions.

Albus Dumbledore entered the infirmary silently, followed closely by Remus who
immediately went to stand beside the bed where Norische was laying face down.
“Dad…” Norische held out his hand, indicating he wanted Remus to hold his hand while
Madam Pomfrey cleaned the wounds. Remus pushed a chair up beside the bed and sat
down taking Norische’s hand in his own. Norische stayed quiet through most of it but
couldn’t help but cry out when the medi-witch had to cut away some of the burned tissue
from the edges of the hole in Norische’s wing. He buried his face in the pillow as Madam
Pomfrey apologized and dabbed on a numbing potion before she continued.

Severus was speaking in a low gruff whisper to Dumbledore, who watched as Norische’s
wounds were cleaned. “No Severus, you are absolutely correct. This is totally uncalled
for and we will be filing charges against the ministry. Norische is a minor and for him to
receive such horrific injuries at their hands is unthinkable.”

Severus nodded, then whispered something else. Albus did not comment but the look on
his face told Norische that Severus had just accused the old man of putting his son in
danger. Dumbledore looked so sad right then, the familiar twinkle in his eye was nowhere
to be seen. To make matters worse Norische cried out in pain at that time. Try as he
might Norische couldn’t stop the tears, normally he handled pain quite well but when it
came to his wings, it was hopeless. Each inch of the surface of his wings had thousands
of nerve endings in them, they had to be that way to be able to flex and work properly.
Madam Pomfrey adamantly apologized and rushed off to get a pain potion.

Severus looked over at his son when Norische had cried out, his heart breaking as he saw
the tears in his son’s eyes. Forgetting about Dumbledore, Severus rushed over to
Norische and knelt next to his son, his face expressing the sadness and concern for his
son’s well being.

Norische kept blinking trying to keep the tears from falling but when his father reached
up and smoothed down his son’s hair, Norische couldn’t stop them.

“Oh child I am so sorry, I wish you would have said how much pain you were in before I
started, I could have given this to you before hand. Severus can you lift his head and help
him take this. It takes about five minutes to work so I am not going to touch you until it
has taken effect.” Poppy handed Severus the potion.

Severus lifted his son’s head and pressed the vial to his lips, helping his son drink the
potion. “Blaaaa… that was nasty.” Norische sniffed.

Madam Pomfrey handed Remus a handkerchief for him to wipe Norische’s face with.
“Animals, pure animals! Albus did you see they burned right through his wing in two
places. Do you realize the force they were hitting this poor child with? I am documenting
everything, and I am going to lodge a complaint of my own so whether you do or not is
of no consequence to me, but this attack was purely barbaric.”

Dumbledore nodded sadly. “I adamantly encourage you to file your complaint, they will
have mine tomorrow, and I am sure one from both Professor Snape and Professor Lupin
as well. This treatment of one of my students will not go unnoticed if I have to contact
the Daily Profit directly. Now if you all will excuse me I feel I must make a few calls
while it is fresh on my mind. Oh and Norische, I am sorry.” With that the Headmaster
slowly walked out of the room, he walked slower than normal as if he were carrying a
heavy weight on his shoulders.

Another twenty minutes of poking, prodding and casting and Norische was patched up
and ready to go. “Now it is best for you to leave your wings out as much as possible to
allow the new skin to stretch like it should, and of course you know to exercise them at
least twenty minutes, twice a day. I am giving you a numbing potion and a healing
draught. Only take the numbing potion if you absolutely need it, you should take the
healing draught every six hours… it is quite strong so you may get sleepy or disoriented
when you take it so do use your best judgment. I expect you to come back and see me
tomorrow or if anything unexpected happens, but right now you may go.”

Norische got up, his wings felt ten times better although right now they felt kinda fuzzy,
well sort of. The best way he could explain it was that his wings felt dizzy. Norische
chuckled at that and got off the infirmary bed. Leaning on his father for support until he
was able to stand by himself.

“I really want to go back to the dorm father, is it ok?”

“I would prefer you staying in the suite but I suppose it will be acceptable. I expect you
to let me know immediately if there is a problem and I want you to come by the suite
tomorrow when you are up and around. We did not get a chance to contact your
godmother and we need to take care of that as soon as possible.”

“Oh Crap! Pari! I forgot. Yeah she is going to be pissed major. By the way, just to let you
know father…” Norische explained as they headed out the door of the infirmary. “Pari is
not only the head of my clan, the Chica clan second strongest clan in the Vampyric

nation, but she also sits on the Council of Elders. So if she says she is going to have
someone’s head on a platter, you can bet she has an army to back her threat up.”

Severus already liked Norische’s godmother, and he had not even met her yet. “All the
more reason we need to speak with her. Now you go back to your dorm and rest, we will
see you in the morning.”


Norische walked into the Slytherin commons and saw Chris and Blaise sitting on the
couch in front of the fireplace talking, Crabbe and Goyle were playing exploding snap at
a side table and Pansy was ready a book cuddled deep into one of the huge overstuffed
chairs in front of the fireplace. Chris looked up as he saw Norische walk into the room,
the first thing he noticed was how hot Norische looked, the second thing was that
Norische was carrying his shirt not wearing it.

“Nori, are you ok?” Chris asked, the worry in his voice was easy to hear. He could see
from the redness in his mate’s eyes that he had been crying. Chris didn’t wait for an
answer he got up and rushed over to Norische’s side wrapping his arms around
Norische’s waist.

“I’m fine. Father insisted I go to the infirmary because there were two places that the
burns went clean through my wings. One place on my right wing was almost the size of a
galleon by the time the Medi-Witch cleaned it up. She gave me some stuff to take so I
really don’t feel my wings at all right now, which feels weird in it self. But I’m fine

“Burned clean through your wings? Oh my gods Nori, you must have been in such pain!
Why didn’t you say anything?” Chris was shocked.

“Father gave me the pain potion and it took care of most of it, until they started messing
with them again, then it hurt like hell.” Norische whispered the last part, not wanting
everyone to hear.

“Let me see them.” Chris insisted. Norische looked around at the room.

[I don’t think that would be a good idea, not with so many people here.]

[Alright then lets go upstairs and get some evening clothes, I am going to have Draco
take us to the prefects bathroom on the fifth floor that he was telling me about, a warm
bath will do you more good than a shower right now.]

“Ok,” Norische smiled down at Chris and pressed his forehead to Chris’.

“Come on luv.” Chris grabbed Norische’s hand and pulled him upstairs to their room.

Draco was sitting on his bed taking the price tags off of his new items, when they walked
in. “Hey how are the wings?”

“Numb but ok,” Norische went over to his trunk and found that Chris had already put his
stuff in the wardrobe next to Norische’s bed. Norische picked out a pair of black silk
loungers and sat down on the bed to take his boots off.

“Draco can you take us up to the prefect’s bathroom you told me about, Nori really needs
a bath rather than a shower tonight and it will make his wings feel so much better.” Chris
asked over his shoulder as he went about getting a pair of casual pants and a t-shirt.

“Sure, I was going to head up there in a few myself.” Draco flushed a little, “You two
won’t mind the company will you?”

Norische was the one that spoke up first. “Not at all.” He said, and then he winked at
Draco, giving him one of his best mischievous grins.

Draco raised an eyebrow and tilted his head just slightly, but didn’t say a thing.


The tub was huge. Norische took one look at the prefect’s bathroom and fell in love. The
tub was the size of a standard swimming pool although it was only about four feet deep at
the deepest part. Around the sides of the tub was a bench that allowed you to sit and
enjoy the steam and bubbles. Draco went over to a massive water system and turned a
few knobs, setting the scent of the water to be sandalwood and vanilla, and excellent
combination, and soon there were bubbles floating all over the room.

Norische inhaled deeply the wonderfully sensual scent that filled the air. Putting his
change of clothes on a bench to the side, Norische started to strip. Chris laid his clothing
next to Norische’s and was already taking his boots off by the time Norische started
getting undressed. Neither of them cared if Draco saw them nude, so they didn’t bother to
hide their bodies from his view in any manner.

Draco took the opportunity to really get a good look at both of them. Norische had
several bruises on his chest and back, some looked pretty painful, but other than that, he
had a perfect body. His skin was pale and perfect; Draco could tell by just the way that
Norische’s skin reflected the light of the room that his skins would be soft and smooth to
the touch. His chest was bare; in fact, Norische had very little body hair above his navel.
At his navel started a trail of short black hairs that lead down to his pubic area. There he
had a lot of hair, although it looked to Draco that Norische kept it neatly trimmed.
Norische turned and put his dirty clothes on the bench beside his loungers. Draco
couldn’t help but admire Norische’s ass, it was covered in a light dusting of dark hair,
and looked firm and full. Norische’s legs were fairly hairy but they were well toned and

Norische could feel Draco staring at him, checking him out. With a smirk, Norische went
over to Chris and helped him take the binder out of his hair. Unfortunately, Chris had
forgotten last night and his hair was slightly knotted around the leather strap holding it in
place. Finally, Norische had freed Chris’ hair, he then turned Chris and kissed him on the
bite mark that Norische had placed on Chris’ neck yesterday. Chris actually had almost
no hair on his body; apparently, he made a habit of shaving his body, which for some
reason the contrast between the two excited Draco.

As Norische got in the water he felt his body begin to surrender to the heat as it
encompassed him, wearing away at the pain, stiffness, and exhaustion that had threatened
to take over not that long ago. He moaned as he leaned back and relaxed into the scented

[gods this is wonderful…] Norische whispers, practically purring

[So did you want to tease your young human?]

[Not sure yet, I don’t want to scare him.]

[Perhaps if we show him what his options are he might come to us without having to ask

Chris stepped down into the bubbling water and moaned as the warmth filled him. “Hey
Draco, I didn’t even think to bring some soap…do you have any we can use?”

“Yeah sure.” Draco reached into the bag he brought with them and handed Chris a bottle
of shower gel, sandalwood and patchouli.

“Excellent. Hey you are going to get in here with us aren’t you? I mean feel free to join
in.” Chris said with a certain twinkle in his eye.

Draco remembered what Norische had stated about Chris helping him look for a human
mate, and blushed just slightly. What the hell, he had wanted to bathe in here anyway
tonight, might as well join in.

Chris poured some of the bath gel in his hand and turned to Norische who was leaning
back against the side of the tub with his eyes closed. Reaching over Chris started rubbing
the gel into Nori’s chest paying special attention to his nipples and nipple jewelry.
Norische moaned at the attentions and shifted on the ledge where he was sitting. He
didn’t open his eyes but Norische reached over and began caressing Chris’ thigh.

“So tell me what it’s like to be a vampyre.”

[He is curious my luv…]

“What would you like to know?” Asked Norische

“I don’t know, the stuff you hear about in the textbooks evidentially isn’t true. Since you
were out all day in the sunlight and you aren’t dead. So I don’t honestly know where to
start.” Draco spoke casually as he began getting undressed.

“Well most of the things you read about is a load of crap. It’s put out by the Council of
Elders as a kind of smoke screen for outsiders so they don’t bother us much;
unfortunately it makes most humans very leery of our kind, if not afraid of us. Some of
the biggest lies are the sunlight thing, while we are sensitive to glare and bright lights
since our senses are so much more acute than a human’s we by no means burst into
flames if caught out on a sunny day. Same way with the garlic thing, I normally don’t
like the smell of it, but that is because the scent is so strong not because it can kill me.
Same with churches, holy water, crosses, and consecrated ground, they are not a problem
unless you are weak to them…which some vamps are mind you… but most are not.”

Draco listened intently as he stepped into the water. Norische had been watching Draco
since he began taking his clothes off, Draco definitely had a nice body. Although it was
very different from Chris’, Draco’s body had almost peach fuzz like covering of pale
blond hair. The patch between his legs was just as pale as the platinum blond hair on his
head. Draco was not as well endowed as Chris in that area… Norische was at least glad
for that, but Draco was definitely not lacking in that department either. His chest was
more along the lines of a boy than of a man, slender and not yet defined like Norische’s
was. As Draco bent over to get something from his bag, Norische got a clear view of his
nether regions, he couldn’t help it… Norische moaned at the sight of that invitingly tight
hole and the delectable mounds on either side of it.

Draco glanced over his shoulder and noticed Norische staring at his ass, he suddenly felt
flushed and quickly got into the waiting water.

‘Ah…like I was saying. Most of the stuff you read about is crap. They only mention one
type of vamp in any of the books and that is Sanguarian. There are several actual types of
vamp. I mean I am pranic, although I do have elemental tendencies as well. Chris is
purely pranic.”

“What’s the difference?” Draco asked as he started relaxing in the heat of the tub.

“A Sanguarian is a blood vamp, they must feed two or three times a week on blood,
personally I think they are almost barbarians but that is merely my opinion. Pranic vamps
feed off of sexual energy, while they can use other things to feed on and still must feed
on blood maybe once a week or once every couple of weeks it is really easy to control
and no where near as dangerous as Sanguarian. An elemental vamp can feed off of
elememental energies, depending on which one they are the most satisfied with they can
use anything from moonlight, to fire, water, practically anything really. As an elemental,
my favorite source is storm… absolute heaven…the only thing better is to make love

during a storm, dear gods the power of it all. If I feed like that, I don’t have to feed for a
month. Although I can get a little woozy from feeding too much, but it is worth it.”

“Ok, so that bite thing you did last night, is that like a normal feeding then?” Draco

“For me, pretty much. Since I had just fed from Chris, I didn’t have the blood lust so it
was fairly gentle and easy. If it has been a while, well… it can be more…demanding I
guess.” Norische explained.

Chris busied himself washing Norische’s feet and legs as he listened. “Demanding my
ass, it can be almost animalistic…” he said with a laugh.

“So what are the benefits to being a vampyre instead of a human?” Draco asked as he
went about washing his hair.

“It depend. Lets say I were to make you my mate… after the bonding you would receive
what my people call gifts, as part of the bonding. Normally you would receive a diluted
form of my abilities, and if the bond became a life bond at a later time then you would
also come into your own abilities as well, and the ones you would have inherited from me
would be strengthened.” Norische splashed Chris with water when he tickled Norische’s

“So what ‘gifts’ would that be then?’

“It depends. Chris received mindspeak... where we can talk to each other telepathically.
He got wings just like mine, normally wings, even for my people are rare, he didn’t have
them on his own. He can apparate through any ward or barrier, and unlock doors or
bindings without a problem. And he has the healing touch. Some of them he is still
learning, it can take years to figure it all out, but in time if he works at it and practices he
can bypass me even.” Norische smiled at Chris.

“Did you get any ‘gifts’ from him?” Draco asked.

“Actually a couple. I can whisper now, oh and just incase you didn’t know…whisper is
where you can speak with any vampyre using a mist link. It is interesting to experience
but it isn’t as personal as mindspeak. It also tends to be one way. Almost like you put a
note on someone’s mind for them to read. My healing abilities have changed quite a bit,
and my empathy has hugely increased.” Norische thought about it and smiled.

“So if you had someone in this tribond thing with you, then they would get something
from each of you?”

“That’s the way it has been explained to me at least. The gifts would be very weak until
the individual learned how to use them properly but they would be there none the less.”

“Since your looking for a human, then you won’t get anything out of the deal though
would you?” Draco pondered as he went about scrubbing his fingernails.

“Not in the way you are referring no.” Norische sighed. “Ok, I am going to tell you
something and to be quite honest it is a little dangerous for me to tell you so I trust you to
keep your same promise you made the other night…ok?”

Draco looked over at him puzzled and nodded.

“Vampyre go through what is called a season. During that time, they emit hormones and
chemicals that are suppose to help in fertilizing a partner. It happens about once every
eight to ten months and can last anywhere from three weeks to three months. The
problem is, that if the vamp doesn’t find someone to mate with during that time, the
chemicals produced by the body can achieve a toxic level.”

Draco looked a little confused but listened intently.

“I am in season. It started about a week ago I guess. If it wasn’t for Chris, I would be
going insane right now. Madame Pomfrey gave me tranquilizers, and stuff for the pain,
the headaches, and nausea but it only dulls it…it doesn’t take it away. The problem is that
even with Chris here, I still require a human partner. So even when we mate, it is like it
takes the edge off, but I still feel like crap. Also, since I missed my last cycle because of
my mother’s death…this time is supposed to be much worse. No one specifically has said
it but, if I don’t find a human mate with in the next few weeks… I may not survive this
cycle.” Norische whispered the last part. Chris pulled Norische close to him and held
him, not wanting to think about it any more.

“So you have no clue who you are looking for yet?” Draco hesitantly asked.

“Actually, I think I may have found the individual but I don’t know. In a way I am afraid
to find out, I really can’t afford to be wrong here.”

“How would you know if it was the right person?”

“We are much like the veela on that basis, I know in my soul the scent of my mates long
before I ever meet them.”

“So what are you waiting for?” Draco asked

“I am not sure if the individual that I have scented likes males or not. I really don’t know
how to ask ‘him’ either.” Chris moved around to Norische’s back and began washing
gently, starting with his wing flaps.

“You don’t really have a lot of time to wait, perhaps it would be your best bet to just ask
him. I mean the worst thing that could happen is that he states he isn’t interested and you
find you have to look somewhere else.” Draco stated.

“I don’t know. If he were obviously gay, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem. But he
would not only have to deal with a tribond, but a gay tribond, and a Vampyric
relationship on top of that. To be honest that is a little more than I think most people can
handle.” Norische mumbled. Chris kissed him on the back of his neck at this comment.

“Yeah, it would be a load to handle. But I think most guys would agree it would be worth
it. I mean look at everything he would be getting, and all he would have to do is love

“You make it sound so simple.” Norische laughed.

Chris leaned over Norische’s shoulder. “It is simple, you are just making it harder than it
needs to be. I had hoped that you would have stopped that annoying habit while we were
separated but apparently not.” Chris chastised him a little, although more in a teasing
fashion than anything else.

“I think you should confront the guy, tell him his options and see what happens. At least
then if he says no then you don’t waste any more time on him and you can start looking
elsewhere.” Draco pointed out.

“Seriously?” Norische asked.

“Yeah, it is better to take the risk than it is to waste what little time you have wondering
about it.” Draco stated.

Norische looked at Draco as if he was pondering what Draco has stated. Then inhaling
deeply Norische decided Draco was right.

“Your right. I mean the worst that can happen is that he refuses and I don’t find anyone
else. The levels of chemicals and hormones go toxic, and I end up in a coma until they
can reprocess enough of my blood to purify it and get rid of the toxins.”

“Don’t be so melodramatic.” Draco chided.

“Fine, I will ask him.” Norische mumbled.

“Dear can you lean over the edge of the tub and bring your wings out, they really need to
be washed.” Chris asked as he finished Norische’s back.

“Yeah…” Norische sounded slightly frustrated, but did as he was asked. “Just be careful,
they are pretty much numb right now but I don’t want to push it yet.”

“No problem dear.”

Norische turned around and knelt on the bench around the outside of the tub, then bent
over the side of the tub, exposing his ass directly to Draco. He arched his shoulders and
the wing flaps opened slowly…apparently having numb wings makes things move a little
slower than normal. In a few minutes, his wings were laid out full and relaxed. Chris did
the best he could at washing the wings from where he stood but he couldn’t get
everywhere so he got out of the tub and crawled over to reach the other places. This time
Draco got a perfect picture of Chris’ ass… which was also a wonderful site to behold.
Watching the two leaning over like that definitely had its effect on Draco. He really
didn’t want to admit it but he was attracted to Norische, not that Chris was bad looking or
anything but Norische just had something about him… Draco leaned back in the tub and
thought about things for a while as he watched the two of them.

[Draco is getting excited watching us, unless you haven’t noticed.] Chris whispered.

[I noticed, I think that answers the whole is he attracted to guys thing for me.]

“Ok Nori, tuck and roll I need to do the fronts.” Chris said as he slapped Norische on his

“Bitch…” But he tucked his wings close to him so he could roll over then laid them flat
again once he was on his back. Norische laced his hands behind him head and looked up
at the ceiling as if he were in contemplation.

“Bitch am I… I’ll show you bitch.” With that, Chris put down the washcloth he was
using and leaned down grabbing Norische’s nipple ring with his teeth. Norische moaned
and closed his eyes tight. Chris then opened his mouth and pulled Norische’s nipple deep
inside. Norische could feel his cock tighten and jump, moaning at the hot wet mouth that
had him under its spell right now. Chris nibbled and bit, in between licks but kept up his
ruthless torture for several minutes, then without notice he suddenly stopped and went
back to washing Norische wings.

“I was right you are a bitch….” Norische looked down at his crotch and at his raging 7-
inch cock. “That was just cruel, maybe I should start calling you a sadistic bitch instead.
Gods I am so hard it hurts.”

“Not my fault you’re the one who was calling me names. So suffer.” Chris ignored his
pleads and went on with what he was doing, snickering the entire time.

“Fine… if you’re going to be a tease then.” Norische reached over and started to stoke his

“Bad boy…” Chris teased him.

“Well then do something about it!” Norische hissed. “What about the fact that I am in
season did you happen to miss?”

“It’s your own fault.”

“I don’t care who’s fault… Chris…help me up….quick!!” Chris jumped up and grabbed
Norische’s hand and pulled him up in one swift move. Norische folded his wings in and
ran to the nearest stall. Thankfully, he made it to the stall in time to empty his stomach
content quite swiftly.

Chris heard the horrible retching sounds coming from the stall and tears began to form in
his eyes… when he realized he had actually hurt his mate by teasing him. Draco saw the
tears and walked through the water to Chris’ side and wrapped his arms around him,
pulling Chris close to him.

“He was being mean, I just wanted to teach him a lesson…I didn’t mean to make him
sick.” Chris cried on Draco’s shoulder. Draco could still hear Norische dry heaving for
some time, even after he had nothing left in his stomach. Twenty minutes passed before
Norische opened the stall door and quietly walked over to a sink, running the water for a
minute he cupped his hand and rinsed his mouth out. He had pulled his wings in
completely by now.

Norische then walked over to the edge of the tub and sat down, sticking his feet in the
warm water. Chris tentatively walked over to Norische.

“I’m so sorry Nori. I didn’t know it had gotten that bad already. Please forgive me, I
didn’t mean to hurt you.” Chris looked at Norische with tear-streaked face, his eyes
begging for forgiveness.

“It’s ok. It’s not like I told you how bad it was or anything. I just hate feeling like this.
It’s not your fault, it’s my body. With everything that has happened today….” Norische
got quiet for a moment. “I need to get some of the medicine from father when we leave.”

“Is this normal? I mean you said you got sick but… I mean… I didn’t think it was this
bad.” Draco moved over to sit next to Chris, his face etched with concern.

“No its not normal. That is just it, because I missed my last cycle things have kinda
multiplied and well, every day I am producing higher and higher levels of these
chemicals. Chris, I think the doctors are wrong… I don’t think I have six months… I can
feel it inside me, it is like acid eating at my stomach.” Norische reached over and put his
hand on Chris’ cheek. “I’m scared.” Was all he said.

Chris sobbed and wrapped his arms around his mate, tears falling freely. Chris buried his
face in Norische’s shoulder and sobbed his heart out.

“Dammit!!” Draco exclaimed. Norische looked over Chris’ head at Draco confused.
“Why are you allowing not only yourself, but Chris as well, to suffer like this? If you
know a person that can stop all this then why the bloody hell aren’t you talking to that
person right now?”

Norische looked at him with sadness in his eyes. “I am.”

“You are what?” Draco asked frustrated and confused.

“I am talking to him.”

“What in hell are you…. Wait a minute…” Draco squinted his eyes and stared at
Norische. “ME!”

Chris pushed himself away from Norische and looked at Draco. “He scented you out last
night when he bit you.” Chris said between sobs.

“Chris don’t.” Norische whispered.

“WHY NOT!” Chris cried. “He said it himself, I am not about to let you leave me, when
I just got you back…” Norische pulled Chris close to him, petting his hair and making
soothing noises to calm him. “It will be ok, I just need some more of the medicine is all…
I probably just went too long with out it.” Norische was very evidently trying to make
Chris feel better about how sick he really was.

“Wait… you are serious, the human that you are interested in…is me?” Draco looked
into Norische’s eyes trying to see if he was understanding this correctly.

“Yes.” Norische closed his eyes and rested his cheek on Chris’ head.

“Why didn’t you just come out and say it, I though you were talking about Blaise…”
Thoughts were running through Draco’s mind so fast he was having a problem
comprehending it all.

“Like I said, I don’t know if you like males, I don’t know how you would feel being in a
tribond, and I don’t know how you would feel about being Vampyric.” Norische said

“Well why don’t you ask me instead of stalling or guessing?” Draco wasn’t sure himself,
but he wasn’t going to let his fear control him right now.

“Well do you like males?” Norische asked.

“I like both actually, I just haven’t done much with a guy.” Draco answered honestly.

“Are you attracted to us, or at least myself?” Norische pushed a little.

“Yes, I have to admit… I am.” Draco didn’t have to think about it, all he had to do was
look into those coal black eyes and he got turned on.

“Would you consider being a part of our life, to being bonded to us?” Norische whispered
the question as if he were afraid of the answer.

“I never really thought about it before, but I have to say I find the idea interesting.” Draco
took a deep breath.

One more major hurdle left, “We are Vampyric, so bonding with us, would mean that you
too would become Vampyric… would you want to do that?”

“After what you told me today, why would anyone not want it. To be immortal, and more
powerful…yes I would.”

Chris pushed himself away from Norische. “Draco please don’t tell us yes if you have
any doubts. We are not joking, and this isn’t something that we can change back once it
is done.”

“I know…that is just it. Every since Norische bit me, it has been all I have been able to
think of. I don’t understand it. When we were at the Ministry of Magic…and they started
being jerks, I don’t understand it but I started getting very… I guess protective…I just
wanted to rip their head off. When we were eating and you gave me a bite of your
cheesecake, I wanted to curl up next you and purr. It is all so weird but it all feels so
right. I don’t understand it, but yes…I mean it.”

Chris looked up at Norische, who returned the look. “I scented him out, the final choice is
up to you luv.” Norische stated. Chris looked at Norische and nodded. Then releasing
Norische, Chris turned to Draco. “May I kiss you?” Draco nodded.

Chris leaned over and put his hand behind Draco’s neck pulling him close to him. Their
lips touched tentatively at first. Each of them a little frightened, but soon Chris’ tongue
was tracing the out line of Draco’s lips, touching softly, teasingly. Draco responded by
parting his lips and darting his own tongue out to touch Chris’. Draco reached up and put
his hand on Chris’ neck pressing Chris’ lips closer to his own. Chris could feel the
passion beginning to boil up inside him. Then just as quickly as it had started the kiss
ended, however reluctantly.

“Well…” Norische asked with a smile, although he could tell his mate had enjoyed the

“This one’s a keeper luv.” Chris whispered. Then looked over at Norische. “You still
need to get rid of some of those hormones hon?”

“I hate to say it because my stomach but yeah.” Norische said reluctantly.

“Draco, if you are serious about this, ah… would you like to explore a little?” Chris

“Explore how?” Draco thought he knew but he wanted clarification.

“Well what do you know about guys and sex?”

“To be honest, not a whole lot. I know the basics but I have never gone beyond a blow

“Oh how sweet, a virgin…OW!.. I wasn’t teasing, I think it is sweet.” Chris rubbed his
head where Norische had swatted him. “Norische since this is his first time do you mind
being the bottom?”

“You will do anything to get me to take it up the ass won’t you?” Norische looked
slightly miffed. “Fine, but he goes first. I meant what I said about you. And Draco just for
future reference I am normally not the bottom, in fact I think I have bottomed in this
relationship maybe four times in over two years, so don’t get used to it.”

Draco nodded and looked a little concerned.

“Don’t worry I am going to be here to teach you how to do this… if you have any
questions feel free to ask…remember I am a pranic vamp…sex is my world.” Chris
giggled and Norische rolled his eyes.

“First, Draco do you have any lube or oil?” Draco shook his head. “Not a problem
necessity is the mother of invention.” Chris walked over through the water and picked up
the shower gel and brought it back. “Just so you’ll know this stuff has alcohol in it so you
don’t want to use this if you have any tears or problems on your butt. Now to start with,
when you have a partner that is tight like Nori, you want to prepare them. You can either
do it with your tongue or your fingers, or both…I am going to show you how to do both
so you will know. Ok luv lets see that ass again.”

Norische started to turn but looked over at Draco. “You are sure you want this, I mean we
can stop at any time, this isn’t like the real bonding yet…we are just getting used to each
other to see if we fit together sexually, the real bonding has to be done with a ceremony
so if this isn’t what you want you can stop this alright?” Norische wanted to make
absolutely sure that Draco realized exactly what they were going to be doing and didn’t
misunderstand. Draco looked into those ebony eyes and nodded.

Norische turned over on his stomach with his knees resting on the bench in the water. He
put his arms under his head and waited for Chris to explain things to Draco. “First, I
know that Nori is clean, because I bathed him myself so, I don’t have to worry about an
odd odor or taste. Personally, I love his taste, but I can understand how someone might
not. Make sure that his legs are spread so that you have easy access.” Chris tapped
Norische on the inner thigh and he automatically spread his legs a little farther apart.
“Since his stomach is still a little sensitive, I am not going to do a lot of the things that I
normally would but I will give you the highlights, and if you want to try something that I
am doing just let me know.” Draco nodded at that.

Chris lowered himself in the water until his head was level with Norische’s butt, then
spreading his cheeks Chris began to kiss Norische’s ass; first tentatively around the anal
opening then directly on the anus. He allowed his tongue to push gently against the
opening and to flick back and forth across the puckered skin. Norische moaned as Chris
slipped his tongue inside the outer ring of his opening. After a few minutes of watching,
Draco tapped Chris on the shoulder. Chris stopped what he was doing and licking his lips
looked at Draco. The Chris moved aside and let Draco take over. Draco knelt down
behind Norische and placed his hands on Norische’s hips, then mirroring Chris’ actions
Draco began to lick and taste Norische in ways he never though he would ever do.

[How’s he doing luv.]

Norische moaned in response. [You two need to speed things up a little my stomach is
getting queasy again.]

Chris allowed Draco to continue for a couple more minutes. Then tapped him on the
shoulder. Draco looked up and reluctantly gave up his position. “Nori’s stomach is
starting to bother him so we are going to skip over some of my more favorite things. Are
you still doing ok luv, do you need me to prepare you more or do you want us to just go

“Well my stomach says lets get this over with and my ass says don’t you dare, so work it
a little but make it quick please.” Norische responded.

“Ok Draco, we are going to rush through this part so pay attention.” Chris poured some
shower gel into his hand and then down the cleft of Norische’s ass. “Normally you should
use lubricant that is made for this or oil, either will do. Now what you do is you put one
finger in his ass at a time, make sure you circle it around and get the lube everywhere. He
has a very tight ass so if you don’t prepare him it will hurt and that pisses him off really
bad.” While Chris was telling Draco how to prepare Norische, he was following his own
instructions. “First you rub the lube in around the opening, then slowly start pushing…
just be careful, when he relaxes enough to allow you in you will know.” Chris said as the
first finger slipped in. “Now like I said move your finger around until his ass is well
coated, then pull it out and add another finger, you need to not only lube him up but to
stretch him just a little.” Chris pulled out and then inserted two fingers. “Now as soon as
you feel him start to loosen up again do the same thing with three fingers, you don’t
normally use more than three and make sure that you fold them like this when you put
them in or you may have problems.” Chris pushed his three fingers together and slowly
pushed them inside of Norische. “Now give me your hand for a minute. I want to show
you something.”

Draco reached his hand over and Chris poured some shower gel over Draco’s fingers.
“Now put just two fingers in his ass, but I want you to feel around, there is this little
pouch called a prostrate gland. It will be about the size of an egg, you will know when
you find it, believe me.”

Draco gently pushed two fingers inside Norische and did as Chris instructed, then all of
the sudden Norische bowed his back, had braced himself up on his arms, and yelled
“BINGO!”. Draco looked surprised but Chris looked thrilled. “You found it great, now
don’t mess with it, just remember where it is. If you touch it too much he will cum right
now, it is one of the thrills of being a bottom. Ok then, now pull out and rinse your hand
off, Nori wanted you to go first so you are just going to have to trust me on this since you
won’t be able to see me doing it first.”

Norische laid back down flat. “Guys my stomach….”

“Ok luv, let me get him ready it will only be a minute or so.” With that Chris got down
on his knees in the water. It went up to almost his neck but he didn’t care. Without
another word, Chris took a hold of Draco’s cock in one hand and slipped it in his mouth.
Within seconds Draco was as hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum. “Ok Draco,” Chris
said as he licked a drop of cum from the head of Draco’s penis. “You need to feel your
way in his ass. I know that sounds strange but you will understand what I mean once you
get there. The first thing you will notice is the outer muscles, they are going to be tight so
don’t push too fast.” Chris pulled Draco into position and lined up his cock with
Norische’s opening. “Now gently and slowly put pressure.” Draco looked down at
Norische’s ass and watched as his cock slowly buried itself inside him. Norische was
breathing deep slow breaths, trying to keep his body relaxed. Finally, when he was fully
seated Draco stopped and waited.

“Ok, now he tightened up didn’t he?” Draco nodded. “That is ok, he does that, it is to let
you know he needs a minute. When he is ready, he will relax again. When he does pull
out slowly, until the only thing left in his ass is the head of your cock. Then push back in
just as slowly.” Draco felt Norische start to relax and so he followed Chris’ instructions.
In a few minutes, Draco was able to move faster and with more confidence. He could feel
himself getting closer to an orgasm. “Gonna cum…” Draco said breathlessly. “It’s ok,
you can cum inside of him, it actually feels good to him.” With a final thrust forward,
Draco shot stream after stream of cum inside of Norische’s ass.

Slowly Draco pulled out leaving a shaking Norische feeling empty and on the edge. “He
didn’t cum?” Draco asked, a little disappointed that he didn’t get Norische off.

“No he held back so that I could get off as well, it isn’t your fault it was his doing so
don’t worry, you did fine.” Chris explained. “Nori, how are you doing, can you take me
or do we need to wait.”

“Can’t wait, my stomach is driving me nuts but I can’t hold back again I will end up
puking up blood this time. Hurry while I am still ready.” Norische panted between words.

Chris reached down and stroked his cock to erect, which didn’t take long since this whole
this was incredibly exciting to him. “Ready?” Chris asked as he positioned himself at
Norische’s opening. Norische nodded and Chris slowly drove his cock home. No niceties

just a solid steady thrust. Norische didn’t tighten up on him so he kept going. Within
minutes Chris could feel Norische getting close, so he reached up and grabbed Norische’s
hair and pulled his head back, just as he got ready to cum Chris bit Norische hard on the
neck, right were he had gotten him the night before. Norische screamed out as he
orgasmed. Then Chris pulled Norische to where he was sitting in his lap, and waited for
his mate to calm down.

After a moment or two, Norische moaned, “Need my potion really bad. Can we hurry, I
can’t handle this much longer.”

“Draco, go get our stuff, I am going to clean him up and we are all going to apparate over
to his father’s place. We need to hurry or he is going to pass out on us.” Before Chris
finished, speaking Draco was out of the water and grabbing their stuff. Chris did a
scorgio to clean Norische and himself up. Then with Draco’s help he got Norische out of
the tub and dried off. Norische leaned against Draco while Chris helped him on with his
loungers, and then stayed there while Chris got dressed real quick.

“Nori, can you get us to your father? Or do we have to walk?” Norische nodded. The
wrapping his arms around both Draco and Chris for support he snapped his fingers and
apparated all three of them to the dungeons.

“Call your father luv, let him know we are here.”

[Father…father…I need you…sick…]

[Norische!? Where are you? What’s the matter?]

[Coming to you…sick….]

Just as the three of them made it to the door to Severus suite, the door flew open and
Severus stood there. He didn’t hesitate for a moment, he reached down and picked up his
son and carried him over to the couch. “What happened?”

“Its my fault Sir, I was teasing him and he got excited. I was mad about something he
said and so I didn’t finish… I didn’t realize it would make him sick Sir. He started
throwing up and then this. I am so sorry, I did know it was this bad.” Chris looked like he
was going to cry again. Draco reached over and put his arm around Chris’ shoulder for

“REMUS!” Severus yelled out… and in seconds, a half naked Remus was running
through the suite. Draco didn’t know that Severus and Remus were together but right
now was not the time to worry with that.

“Severus, what’s wrong with Norische?”

“I think his body is going into toxic shock. We need to get him to the infirmary. I don’t
have necessary experience to help him with this. Get my robes and dress yourself quickly
I need you to help me take him immediately.” Remus nodded and ran back into their
room. “Draco, Chris I need you two to run to the infirmary make sure that Poppy is going
on and to be ready for him, tell her everything and make sure she is aware we will be
right behind you.”

“Yes Sir.” Was all that was said and the boys took off.

Remus ran back out to where Severus was and handed him a set of robes to put on and
finished putting on his own robes.

Then Severus picked up his son and rushed out of the suite, following closely behind
Remus who was opening doors and running ahead of them. As soon as they reached the
infirmary Madam Pomfrey was waiting for them. She had already talked to Chris and had
a pretty good idea of what was going on.

“Over here Professor.” Poppy rushed over and pulled back the bed linens and indicated
where to put Norische. As soon as Severus laid him down Poppy began to examine him,
doing several diagnostic spells one right after the other. “You were right Professor I am
afraid he is going into toxic shock. I need you to get these potions for me quickly,”
Madam Pomfrey wrote down a list and handed it to Severus, then both Severus and
Remus rushed out of the room…

“Boys you may go now, we will take care of it from here.” Pomfrey rushed over to a
cabinet and began setting out a variety of bottles. Putting them on a cart, she wheeled
them over to Norische’s bed. “Boys you really can’t be here.” Poppy tried again, but
neither boy moved.

Chris looked over at Draco, who looked just as freighted as he did. “I am sorry Ma’am
but we aren’t going anywhere.”

“I realize you are worried about your friend but you must allow me to do my job.”

“He isn’t our friend Madam Pomfrey, he is our mate…and we aren’t leaving his side.”
Draco corrected her. Chris looked at Draco, realizing what Draco had just said.

Madam Pomfrey looked at Mr. Malfoy somewhat shocked but decided to ask questions
about that at another time. Right now, her focus was on Norische.

“All right then, Mr. Malfoy you and the other boy need to help sit Mr. Snape up so I can
get these potions in him. I am sorry dear I don’t know your name.” Poppy started
measuring out the needed potions and setting them down on the cart.

“My name is Rashira LaCroix, but please call me Chris. Come on Draco, you get on that
side and help me set him up.” Chris moved to Norische’s side and slipped his arm around

his mate, Draco rushed to the other side of the bed and did the same thing, linking his arm
with Chris’.

“All right boys, lets see if Mr. Snape can swallow this.” Madam Pomfrey pressed the cup
to Norische’s lips and tried to pour a little down his throat, but most of it spilled out
anyway. So she repositioned his head and poured the mixture directly down his throat,
rubbing his neck to encourage him to swallow. It took three times to get enough of the
potion in him to work but finally Norische was beginning to respond ever so slightly.

Just as they managed to get the second potion down Remus came running into the
infirmary with two of the five potions that Madam Pomfrey had requested. “Severus said
these were probably the first two you would need.” Remus panted as he handed them
over. “How is he doing Poppy?”

“It is too early to tell yet, but hopefully we caught it in time.” Poppy said as she took the
two bottles and uncorked the first one pouring a good half glass of the bright blue
mixture. The put the glass to Norische’s lips, unfortunately he still wasn’t responding so
once again they tilted his head back and poured the potion down one tiny bit at a time,
each sip was followed with rubbing Norische’s throat to get him to swallow.

By the time Madam Pomfrey had gotten all of the potions that were ready down
Norische, he was actually somewhat responsive. Although he still couldn’t speak or
focus, at least he could swallow and open his eyes.

Severus came running through the doors of the infirmary with three more bottles in his
hands. Madam Pomfrey took the greenish colored one from Severus. “Go ahead and put
those two down for now. I have given him all that I dare really but he needs to take this
last one to make sure he rests while the others do their work.” Poppy picked up a dosage
cup and poured a goodly amount in. Then held it up to Norische’s lips, who drank it
slowly, making a nasty face while doing so.

“Alright boys you can lay him down now, he will be asleep in a few minutes and then it
is just a matter of time to see if this works.” Draco and Chris slowly lowered Norische
down onto the bed. Draco brushed Norische’s hair from his eyes, trying so hard not to
look frightened.

With that Madam Pomfrey gathered up the used potion bottles and took them into the
other room.

[Pain…stomach…hurts, father…] Norische whispered to Chris.

“Sir, Nori’s stomach is hurting really bad, he says he is in a lot of pain, and he is calling
for you.” Chris looked over at Severus.

“Norische, I am sorry son but we can’t give you any more for the pain yet. We have
given you the strongest potions we have, anything other than that may make you worse.”

Severus reached over and took his son’s hand. Holding on to him, trying to give him what
little comfort he could. Norische looked at his father and nodded. Understanding even
though his eyes were filling with tears.

[Pari…] Norische looked over to Draco.

“Hey, did you hear that…. ah… he said Pari…was I the only one that heard that?” Draco
looked shocked.

“It’s ok Draco, remember the mindspeak he told you about. But he is right Pari might be
able to help.” Chris looked over to Severus. “Sir, can Draco and I go get Nori’s orb and
bring it here?” At Severus’ affirmative answer, Chris grabbed Draco and pulled him with
him to the suite.

Remus pulled up a chair for Severus to sit in and then managed to find one for himself.
Placing a strong hand on Severus’ shoulder Remus tried to help out the best way he
could, just by being there. Norische blinked a few times and then looked over at Remus.

[Dad…you need to do something about Father, he looks like crap.]

Remus couldn’t help but laugh, which brought a raised eyebrow from Severus. “I am
sorry Severus, our son was reprimanding me, telling me I needed to do something about
the fact that you looked like crap…in his own words mind you.” Remus gave Severus a
sad smile.

Severus shook his head and as sternly as possible stated. “Never mind how I look young
man, that is of no consequence at this moment, and just for reference I do not look like
crap.” Severus snickered.

Chris and Draco came running into the infirmary with the orb. “It will take me a minute
to contact her…hopefully she isn’t asleep right now.”

Chris held the orb in his hands and focused on Pari and reached out to her.

[Pari, are you there. Pari this is Rashira…please respond to me.]

[Rashira what in the name of the gods are you doing with Nori’s orb and calling me at
this hour.]

[I honestly don’t have time to explain, but Nori is extremely ill, we may lose him, he
needs you immediately. Please can you come.]

[Good gods yes, put the orb down and back away. Make sure I have about six foot

Chris took the orb to the center or the medi ward and placed it on the floor. No sooner
had he sat it down than a bright golden light flashed and Pari appeared before them. She
had on a beautiful full gown done in deep forest green with silver and black accents. Her
ebony black hair was loose and flowing to just past her waste. Her skin was perfectly pale
and which contrasted beautifully with her deep red lips and her ebony black eyes. Even
though they were not related, she and her godson shared the same black fire eyes. Pari
stood five foot six and had a slender build, with an almost hour glass figure, and the outfit
she had on now definitely accented her best features. Pari had a very regal, almost
authoritarian presence about her, even if she had no intention of doing so. From her
general dress, Chris assumed she had been in a late meeting with the Council or one of
the Clan representatives, but right now, that didn’t matter.

“All right Rashira where is Nori?”

“Right here.” Chris walked over to Norische’s bed.

“Let me see him.” Pari rested her hands on Norische’s abdomen and opened herself up to
him. “Blast…he is so full of human potions I can’t get a clear picture. Someone tell me
exactly what happened.” Pari looked around at the faces in front of her recognizing only

“It’s my fault Pari. I was teasing him… I got him excited and didn’t allow him to release.
He started throwing up, and he got so weak he passed out. We brought him here, but the
medi witch says it is toxic shock and has given him potions to get rid of it. I am so sorry
Pari, I didn’t know this would happen, I was just mad because he was calling me names
and I didn’t think just teasing him would cause him to get sick.” Chris felt the tears
burning down his cheeks.

“Well we will talk about this later, but right now I need to know when the last time he fed
was?” Pari asked.

“Well, last night really.” Chris stated.

“Was it Pranic or just Sang?”

“Just Sang…”

“What about a Pranic feeding?”

“ I don’t know, I have only been here for three days and he hasn’t really fed from me

“You haven’t had sex?”

“Yes but he was the bottom, so he didn’t really feed.”

“Blast.” Pari pulled out her wand and waived it over Nori; a trail of colors slowly
cascaded from her wand and what she saw only seemed to frustrate her. “Rashira, do you
think you can feed him in his condition. It is not just toxic shock, he is starving to death.
He has to feed and immediately.”

“I can try, with Draco’s help we might be able to do it.” Chris looked at Draco who
looked fairly shocked at the suggestion.

“I am assuming that this young man is Draco?” Pari indicated Draco. “Very well then, we
will leave you two boys to take care of this, if you need us we will be near by.”

“Wait one bloody minute. What are you talking about? And I am not leaving my son’s
side.” Severus demanded.

“So you are Severus Snape, I pretty much figured that from the similarity. Nori has used
up almost all of his life energy, and it needs to be replaced. So unless you plan on having
sex with your son I suggest you give these boys some privacy and allow me to explain it
too you somewhere else.”

Severus was shocked but Remus whispered in his ear something, and nodding he got up
and motioned for Pari to follow him into the outer room. Remus put up a silence charm
and a privacy charm before closing the doors completely, to give the boys the privacy
they needed.

“Well this has is not exactly how I expected to meet you the first time, but I suppose
some things are out of our control. Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is
Parinitra, but please feel free to call me Pari. I am aware of who you are, Mr. Snape.
But….” Pari looked over at Remus with a questioning glance.

“My apologies, my name is Remus Lupin, I am the Professor of Defense Against the
Dark Arts here at Hogwarts.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you.” Pari smiled at Remus.

“Madam would you please explain why I just left my son’s side.” Severus demanded.

“Well I can see where my godson got his patience. Very well let’s sit down, we will
probably have a while to speak before they are finished.” Pari walked over to one of hard
framed seats that were common in the medical ward.

“Norische is a pranic vamp, as I assume you know. This means he feeds primarily on
sexual energy, he can get what he needs from blood it is however not the easiest means
for him to assimilate life energy. Since Rashira and he were separated almost four months
ago I know he has not fed on blood, since he will only take that of his mate, and to the
best of my knowledge he has not been with another individual sexually either. So he has

been basically draining his reserves of energy. For a vampyre when your life energy gets
to a certain point, you have two choices, go into hibernation until someone can force-feed
you and bring you out of it, or give into the need and follow your instincts.”

Pari looked at Severus and attempted to judge how much of this he understood before she
continued. “Norische has not fed in a very long time, then to go into season on top of it,
caused his body to shut down. It started producing more of the toxins than he could
handle and therefore the symptoms of toxic shock. His body doesn’t have the energy to
rid itself of the toxins right now… hence the reason you left his side… as I stated unless
you wish to have sex with your son, Rashira and that other boy are who he needs right
now, not you and certainly not that medi-witch.”

Remus understood fairly well, although he had hundreds of questions he wished to ask.
“So you think that Norische will be ok after this?” He asked.

“It is going to take a few days to build up his energy levels again, and he will still be in
season so he will still have some of the symptoms but he shouldn’t get this bad again. I
will speak to Rashira about it and make sure he tends to him, as he should. I have no
doubt in that boys ability to service my godson, but I will discuss it with him.”

“Norische asked me when he had me arrange for the pendants, if I would mind making
the arrangements for you to have access to very restricted books, primarily on potions
and vampyre metaphysics. I think in light of these events I will allow you to come to our
library and choose those volumes that you feel would be the most beneficial. I do request
however that you do not allow anyone else, other than Norische or Rashira of course
access to the information. It goes against my every instinct to give this information to a
human, but trust must start somewhere…” Pari gave Severus a little have grin.

Severus was a little shocked at this information and opportunity. “I am honored Madam,
and I give you my word of honor that no one outside of my house will know that I have
the information or be allowed access to it.” Severus’ eyes sparkled at the possibilities.

“Very well then, when ever you wish to come, simply use Nori’s orb to contact me and I
will set the destination for you. Oh and if you wish you may bring one other with you,
and of course the boys when Nori is well enough to travel.” Pari looked over at Remus
but said nothing.

They continued to talk for several minutes about what options were available and what
choices needed to be made. Severus also explained to Pari about the attack on Norische
and what happened to the boys bond, and the re-bonding. “Made you watch did they….?”
Pari snickered at Severus’ expression… “That is definitely my godson.” Pari was actually
happy that she didn’t have to beat the hell out of Rashira, and that those issues were

After quite a while, the door to the separate ward opened and Chris walked out. Chris was
standing there in only his casual trousers, using his t-shirt to wipe the sweat from his

chest. Not really paying attention to anyone Chris leaned against the wall beside the
doorway and closed his eyes for a moment.

Pari looked at Chris. “Am I to assume that since you are out here now, that my godson
has indeed fed now?”

Chris jumped at her first word. “Yes Pari.”

“Good, How many times?” Pari asked

Chris held up three fingers. “Twice with me and once with Draco.” Explained Chris.

“And how is he right now?” Pari didn’t miss a beat with the last comment.

“I think he is going to sleep, or is sleeping… I don’t know.”

“Very well, I need to speak with him anyway.” Pari got up and walked back into the
other room.

Severus looked at Chris with a scowl. Chris looked him in the eyes for a second then
looked down at the ground. “We will talk later.” Was all that Severus said before he
walked into the other room, followed closely by Remus.


Norische was curled up sleeping quite normally on one bed, and Draco was out cold in
the bed one over from him. Pari could see that Norische was nude under the sheet
covering him, which was verified by the pile of clothing on the floor by the bed. Draco
lay spread out on the next bed over with just his green silk boxers on. Norische definitely
looked better than he had only hours before, and Pari almost didn’t wake him up…but
things needed to be discussed so…

“Nori, wake up.” Pari spoke quite clearly close to Norische’s ear.

With a jump, Norische was awake instantly. Staring at his godmother, he grabbed the
bedding and looking quickly to make sure that he was well covered. “Gods Pari…don’t
do that to me.” Norische exclaimed.

“Young man I have seen your body more times than either of us wish to admit to, so
don’t try and pretend to be shy now.” Pari chastised.

Severus and Remus rushed up to Norische’s bed as soon as they heard his voice.
“Norische are you all right?” Severus asked desperately.

“Yeah. I’m sorry father. I didn’t mean to worry you. I didn’t realize how bad it was
getting. I mean if I would have known I would have fed, I promise. I just…well…”

“You were being stubborn and romantic weren’t you?” Pari stated.

“I can’t help it Pari. You know me. Oh…and I need you to petition for a bonding for me
as soon as possible.” Norische looked at Pari with his eyes sparkling.

“Nori?” She looked over to Draco, who was still fast asleep. “Do you mean to tell me that
this is the human you have been searching for?”

Norische smiled from ear to ear. “Yes, and he has already agreed. He is scared but that is
normal I guess… I scented him out three days ago, and we talked about it last night.
That’s kinda the reason that I didn’t feed from Chris. It isn’t his fault, I didn’t tell him I
needed to feed.” The last part Norische hung his head while saying.

“Young man you are taking on the responsibility of two mates, you cannot allow yourself
to let your emotions get the better of your judgment. What if you had been attacked in
your weakened state, how would you be able to protect them? You have to think of them
first, without you they will go mad, or kill themselves. You must think of what it did to
your mother, never let yourself forget that.” Pari was very frustrated with her godson but
when she saw the pained look on his face, she took a deep breath. “I know you are not
used to thinking of yourself, but you are their protector, their provider, and their heart…
you have to put your well being first, for their sake if nothing else.”

Norische hung his head as he realized what she meant. “Yes Ma’am.”

“I am sorry but I love you, if something happened to you …well…lets just make sure it
doesn’t.” Pari placed her hand on his cheek and raised his head. “You have taken on a lot
for someone so young, but you have a new family now. Never forget that you are not
alone.” Norische smiled at her, even though he had to blink several times as not to allow
the tears to fall.

Remus listened intently as the two spoke and although he didn’t want to interrupt them…
“Norische, am I understanding you correctly. You have chosen Draco as your human
partner?” He asked. Severus also waited for this answer.

“Yes, I scented him out the night I stayed in the dorm.”

Severus asked. “Why didn’t you say something sooner son?”

“Well, I hadn’t talked to him yet and I kinda wanted to know what he thought before I
went nuts. By the way where is Chris?” Norische looked around.

“I’m here.” Chris stated from the doorway, as he slipped his t-shirt over his head. “I just
didn’t know if you wanted me around you right now, so I just figured I would stay out of
the way.”

“Chris…why wouldn’t I want you in here, we are talking about all of our futures?”

“Well… you being here is my fault. I mean; if I hadn’t teased you then you wouldn’t
have gotten so sick. But then when I refused to take care of what I started, you just got so
weak, so fast. It’s all my fault.”

“Come here luv.” Norische lifted the sheet beside him so that Chris could sit on the bed
next to him…making sure that he didn’t expose himself to Pari while doing so.
Chris crawled onto the bed and curled up next to Norische. “Yes what you did was
wrong, but the fact that I hid how bad it was getting and that I didn’t feed when I knew
that I should was also wrong.” Norische lowered his head to nuzzle against Chris’ neck.

Laying his head on Norische’s chest Chris started…“Don’t scare me like that again. The
thought of loosing you was horrible, but the idea of loosing you because of something I
had done was terrifying. I can’t tell you how much I love you; I can’t imagine living my
life without you.” Chris sniffed fighting back the tears. “And don’t you ever play the
romantic and not feed again. I like it just as much as you do, so don’t try and play the
chivalrous knight or none of that crap… what if you had died because of it… I can just
see the headlines now ‘Undersexed hormonal youth dies while waiting for the right

“What can I say, I wanted our first feeding after being separated for so long to be
special.” Norische laughed at Chris’ comment.

“Well it was special all right, you were unconscious and I was on auto pilot in the
medical ward of our school.” He sniffed.

“Sorry, I honestly didn’t know it had gotten that bad. Usually there is some warning, but
well. I guess with everything going on physically I couldn’t tell what was my hunger and
what was being in season.” Norische mumbled.

“Well as soon as you are able we will have your special feeding, but right now you need
to play nice and take care of yourself. I don’t like autopilot. I like it when you’re at the
controls.” Chris snuggled into Norische’s chest.

Madam Pomfrey opened the door and gasped…definitely not expecting what she saw.
“What in Merlin’s name is going on here? Where are your clothes young man, why is
that boy in your bed and why is Mr. Malfoy laying there in his underclothing?”

“Ahh….” Norische started to answer but blushed.

“My name is Pari, I am Norische’s godmother. The reason he is without clothing is
because he has recently fed, the reason that Rashira is on his bed is because Norische
wished him to be, and the reason that young man is in his underclothing is because he
was lunch…per say. Any other questions Madam?”

“Pari, please… Madam Pomfrey has been very nice and did her best. She can’t be
expected to understand our kind. Thanks to the Council, human healers know very little
to nothing about our physiology so please don’t be mean. By the way Draco was not

“Yeah, he was an after dinner snack….” Chris giggled.

“Not funny…” Draco moaned.

“Draco, ah… I didn’t know you were awake…” Chris gasped blushing.

“Apparently.” Draco tried to open his eyes but thought better of it and closed them again.

Madam Pomfrey was still in shock, but bustled over to the bed and did a couple of quick
diagnostic spells. “Well from what I can tell your levels are much better and your energy
although it is lower than it should be is at least is not life threatening. If you will maintain
a mild schedule and follow some instructions you may return to your room when ever
you wish…I will give your father the necessary information.”

Severus looked relieved, as did Remus. “Thank you very much Poppy, I will make sure
that my son follows your instructions, as he will be staying with me for at least a few
days.” Severus gave Norische a rather demanding look, the kind that doesn’t permit
questioning or argument.

“After dinner snack…pfft…” Draco grumbled.

“Well… I can’t call you an appetizer since you didn’t go first, and you certainly weren’t
desert since you didn’t go last…” Chris teased.

“Stop that! Don’t tease him, it was his first feeding…” Norische snickered at the two.
Norische was very glad that the two got along well enough to have fun with each other.
They didn’t show any jealousy, which was something else that Norische was worried
about. After all, Chris had Norische all to himself for over two years, and now he was
going to have to share.

“Let’s get dressed and get out of here, I really appreciate every thing you did for me
Madame Pomfrey but I hate hospitals, I want my own room and my own bed.” Norische
nudged Chris to get up from the bed and motioned for him to hand him his clothing.
Draco heard that and immediately started getting dressed too.

“I am starved, I wonder if there is anything in the kitchens or if we can have something
sent up.” Draco asked.

Remus looked at Severus questionably. [I think we just adopted another son dear.] He
said with a smirk. Severus rolled his eyes at that and exhaled deeply.

“We should be able to request something be brought to the suite. Pari, please do join us
we have so much we wish to talk to you about.” Remus encouraged.

“I would love to. If at all possible, I would like to stay for a few days. While I have no
doubts in your care of my godson I do wish to make certain he is ok before I leave him.”
Pari smiled at Remus and Severus.

Severus spoke up. “Not at all. If you wish I will see if there is a room which you may use
here at Hogwarts or we can make arrangements for you to stay at a inn in Hogsmeade
which is nearby.”

“Thank you, you are definitely a sweetheart. I would like to stay close to Nori if that is
possible. If not what ever arrangements are necessary would be fine.” Pari had a way
with humans, even Severus, that just couldn’t be denied.

Norische lay continently on the couch in Severus’ suite; his head resting on Chris’ lap
and his legs were propped up on Draco’s lap. Draco was still being a prat about being
called a snack so he wasn’t saying much. Chris was actually pretty tired, after two
feedings in a matter of an hour or so…it probably took a lot out of him. Norische thought
about taking his mates to bed and calling it a night but he needed to get a couple of things
taken care of before he forgot.

“Pari, what all do we need to get the bonding authorized by the Council?” Norische

“Well Nori, since it is a tribond it is going to be a little more difficult. I will have to get
the paperwork and have you boys help me fill it out, which all in all shouldn’t be too hard
but getting the approval may be a little problematic.” Pari looked thoughtfully.

“Why, I mean technically we have already bonded….ah….I….” Norische was having a

problem getting the words to come out correctly.

“Nori, is there something you aren’t telling me?”

“Well, other than the ceremony and the paperwork we are bonded, that’s all.”

“Norische Renee De LeNoir, do you mean to tell me that you have already consummated
this bonding, mutually?” Pari looked pissed.

“Ah… well … um, yeah…sort of…” Norische looked at Pari, then looked at his Father
who appeared to be just as interested in his answer…. although Severus was allowing
Pari to ask the questions right now.

“Norische! How could you?!? When?” Pari demanded.

“I’m sorry Pari, that was one of the reasons I didn’t feed yet. I knew that it would
complete the bonding and well, I wanted it to be approved first.”


“Earlier today…” Norische mumbled.

“Before or after you started getting sick?”

“Both. What Chris said was true…he just left out some parts. The three of us had gone to
the Prefect’s bathing room to bathe, my wings had been injured and Chris thought a bath
would be easier on them than a shower. He was washing the backs of my wings and then
slapped me on the ass and told me to turn over so he could wash the fronts…I was kinda
laying on the side of the tub at the time. But anyway, I called him a bitch and he got mad.
When I rolled over he grabbed one of my nipple rings and started playing with it and
biting me, I got excited and then he stopped. I got really pissed about it and started to
stoke off, he called me a bad boy or something like that and I told him to finish it then.”
Norische took a deep breath. “Before I could think about it I got really, really sick, Chris
helped me up and I ran to the loo and puked, I was probably in there for thirty minutes. I
know there wasn’t anything left in my stomach because I just kept trying to puke and
nothing came up. Finally, I managed to get my stomach to calm down and came out.
When I did Draco was holding on to Chris who was crying. He was so upset that him not
finishing made me sick I felt horrible.” Norische stopped for a moment.

“Please continue.” Pari said, the look on her face was a mix of frustration and concern.

“Well Chris asked if I still needed to work off some excess hormones, and I figured that
was one of the reasons I had gotten so sick so I told him yes. But my stomach wasn’t
about to let me top either of them, so I bottomed. I just laid down like I was when Chris
was washing my wings and they did the rest. First Draco, then Chris, after we finished
my stomach was going nuts again and I felt so dizzy I told them to get me to father
quickly. We got dressed and apparated to father and dad and the next thing I remember
was waking up in the infirmary with Chris riding me and force-feeding me energy. By the
time Draco started, I had enough energy to pull it from him since he didn’t know how to
force it. Chris did it one more time because I was still weak and he wasn’t sure if it had
been enough. End of story….”

“Young man do you realize what will happen if the bonding is refused? Do you have any
idea how serious this is?” Pari was livid.

“I am sorry Pari, but I don’t understand. I realize that Draco and Norische have not
known each other long but, why is this such a bad thing?” Remus asked quietly.

“I am sorry Mr. Lupin, you are probably not familiar with our ways. By bonding with the
boy before it was approved Nori put himself and Draco at terrible risk. If the Council
does not approve of the bonding then the boys will have no legal rights. It will not be
considered a valid bonding. The fact that they have already physically bonded means that
if the council does not approve then they will have major problems.”

Severus looked concerned “How so?”

Norische spoke up. “The reason you have to get a bonding approved is because there is
no legal documentation or arrangement that can circumvent a bonding. In other words if
Draco’s parents objected to the bonding they would have no legal rights to do anything
about it. Since we have already consummated the bonding if it gets refused, then his
parents could take him away and I would have no standing to say anything. The problem
with that is that the bond has already been made, so I would have the same basic
problems my mother had, being away from you. I would go insane and eventually kill

Severus looked at him definitely concerned now. “If you knew this was a possibility how
could you do this?”

“I didn’t expect to wake up with me shagging their brains out! I thought I would bottom
and that would be the end of it until the paperwork was done… I didn’t expect to have the
bonding completed for me while I was unconscious.” Norische answered excitedly.

“You will watch your tone young man!” Severus lowered his voice.

Remus knew that Severus was getting upset and defiantly didn’t like that low growl he
heard in Severus’ tone. Remus walked over to Severus’ chair and leaning on the arm of
the chair, he rested his hand on Severus’ shoulder. “I am afraid we can’t exactly blame
him for that one Severus, he was a little out of it at the time, and even though it was
necessary he had no way to predict that it would happen.” Remus gently pointed out.

Draco was trying to calm Norische down by rubbing his legs and feet, but Norische was
not handling the stress very well. Norische could feel his stomach starting to churn and he
took several deep breaths to try and stop the sick feeling that was starting to take over.
Chris noticed Norische getting slightly paler and asked. “Are you alright Nori?”

Norische shook his head and swallowed deeply.

“Do you need to get up?” Chris asked worried. Norische nodded. “Crap!” Chris and
Draco managed to get Norische into a sitting position but it only seemed to make matters
worse. Norische pushed himself up from the couch and ran into his bedroom. Chris

jumped up and rushed after him, neither bothered to close the door to the room so the
sounds of Norische retching over and over again echoed in the now silent living room.

Draco was furious; he had just about enough of this. “Why can’t you guys leave him
alone? Don’t you understand he can’t handle the stress or emotions right now? Get it
through your heads, he is sick….and you guys yelling at him just makes it worse.” Draco
got up and followed Chris. Slamming the door behind him.

Pari looked concerned, shaking her head slowly. “I am so used to that boy being so strong
and independent. I forget sometimes how truly fragile he can be.”

“Not two days ago I watched my son take on the Ministry of Magic and thirty Aurors,
and not hesitate. Then to see him in such a condition is definitely not easy to assimilate.”
Severus shook his head slowly, looking at the closed door. “Remus could you please
order something from the kitchens. I am not sure how much he will wish to eat but make
sure you order him something light, perhaps some baked chicken or pasta, and fruit. Is
there something specific you would enjoy Madam?”

“Pari please, and pasta sounds wonderful thank you.” Pari smiled sadly. “Tell me about
this Ministry of Magic incident…”


Half an hour later the door to the bedroom slowly opened. Norische came through first,
hesitantly. Followed by both Chris and Draco. At first there was an awkward silence in
the room, but Norische ignored it and motioned for Chris and Draco to sit down then
seated him self on the couch between the two. Norische reached over and put his hand on
Draco’s leg, and smiled gently to him, reassuring him.

“I am sorry about getting upset, I shouldn’t have lost my temper.” Draco mumbled.
Norische leaned over and moved Draco’s head so that he could kiss him properly. The
kiss was one filled with love and emotions, something beautiful to see and even more
precious to be a part of.

Pari spoke up. “Actually it is we who should be apologizing, not you young man. We
were well aware of how delicate Nori was and still pushed. You did what your position,
as a mate requires. You may not realize it yet dear, but you are indeed bonded to my
godson. From now on your very nature will be one focused on ensuring that bond, to
protect him and support him in any manner you can. He will do the same, as will
Rashira…that is why the bond is so wonderful… each of you want no more than to live
within the boundaries that the bond has created and to love with all your heart.”

Norische nuzzled Draco, reassuring him and letting him know just how precious he was
to him. Chris leaned over and placed his head on Norische’s back…breathing in deeply
the scent of his mate.

“I will go tomorrow and get the paperwork for the bonding, I should be back before noon.
We can fill out the information, then after the medical exams we should be able to hand
in the information and hopefully have the answer by the following day. Due to my seat
on the Council, I am hoping I have enough pull for them to allow this to go through
without any drama. Draco you will need to get a full medical exam, same with you
Rashira since it has been so long. We can have the Medi-Witch fill in the paper work on
Norische since she has already examined him.” Pari stated.

“Full medical….I don’t like the sounds of that.” Draco looked at Pari skeptically.

“It isn’t fun either, all that poking and prodding. I couldn’t sit right for a week, even
when Norische is drunk he isn’t that bad.” Chris shivered. “Do I really have to do this
Pari, I mean Nori fed twice today… I am a little tender as it is…”

“Unfortunately you do dear, unless you have had a physical within the last three months.”
Chris shook his head. “It won’t be too bad, I doubt that the Medi-Witch will get as much
pleasure at your discomfort as Arthiridore did, he has always been a little peculiar in that
area.” Pari said teasingly.

“Tell me about it….” Chris hid his face and blushed.

“Pari, I was wondering, why the physicals?” Draco asked.

“It is required by law. Since a bonding is for life, each individual must know exactly what
medical risks there are and if there are any issues that need to be addressed before the
bonding is completed. Certain medical conditions could be spread from mate to mate,
also there is a question of fertility that must be addressed as well.”

Chris groaned at that one. Norische laughed at his reaction. Draco looked over at Chris
and asked. “What was that sound for?” Chris groaned again and looked over Norische’s
shoulder and looked at Draco.

“Remember that place that I showed you earlier, the prostrate gland.” Draco nodded.
“Well they play with that until you cum in a stupid little cup.” Draco wrinkled his nose at
the idea.

Severus rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help but smirk at the boy’s conversation.

Norische looked over his shoulder at Chris. “They only did that to you because you
couldn’t do it on your own. They didn’t have to do that with me, I just closed my eyes
and thought of you.”

“Well what do you expect they kept watching me, and besides I was only thirteen.” Chris
blushed and mumbled.

Remus’ eyes widened. “Did you say thirteen years old?”

Norische looked at Remus. “Yeah, he was almost fourteen, we would have bonded earlier
but we had to wait for his awakening. I went through it when I was eight, so I had been
looking for a mate for a while, but from what the healers said I was the youngest on
record. It definitely wasn’t easy, I had to wait five years to find someone and even then I
had to wait almost a year for him to be ready. And then it took another two years to find
the person to complete the tribond.” Norische exhaled deeply.

“Dear Merlin, eight years old…. When you said you have been in season before I
assumed you meant once or twice but not eight years worth…” Remus was shocked.

“I am just glad it will never be like this again.” Norische nuzzled Draco, and reached
around to take Chris’ hand and squeezed.

Chris laid his head on Norische’s back and rubbed his cheek against Norische’s wing
flaps tenderly. “By the way luv we need to put more of that potion on your wings before
we go to bed. So don’t let me forget.”

“I am just glad that Madam Pomfrey seems nicer than that other guy. Although I don’t
know if I can do that in front of her either. Strokin’ it in front of a female is just too
weird…no offense Pari.”

“None taken dear, and you must remember that the Council of Elders may require you to
attend one of their own healers instead.” Pari commented.

As they were speaking a house elf apparated, carrying a silver tray filled with the
requested items. Remus cleared off the low table between the two easy chairs, after the
house elf disappeared everyone picked up a plate and thankfully began to eat. Norische
kind of looked at his food, and pushed it around on his plate for a minute making a face.
When he looked up he saw the scowl on Severus’ face so with a deep exhale Norische
took a tentative bite of the delicious pasta dish. Looking back over to his father Norische
saw him nod and then turn his attention to his own meal.

“Pari do you think that guy they sent me to last time is still there?” Chris asked.

“No dear, he went into private practice last year, I am not sure who took his place though.
I will check for you though…and I am assuming you would all prefer a male healer, am I
correct?” Pari asked as she sat back to enjoy her dinner.

Chris and Draco both nodded. “What about you Nori dear?” Pari asked

“Why would I need to see someone else, you said you could take papers to Madam
Pomfrey and have her fill them out.” Norische picked at his food and tried a piece of

“Nori dear, you know they will want to do the fertility test again and as far as I am aware
the Medi-Witch didn’t do that test.” Pari stated

Remus was enjoying his meal but paused to ask a question. “Excuse me Pari, but why
would fertility be an issue? With the boys, I don’t honestly think it necessary.” Remus
gave a shy smile.

“Yeah, it’s not like anyone of us are going to be getting someone pregnant.” Draco

“I am sorry Remus, I forget you kind know very little about our kind. Almost all vampyre
are bisexual, and our males are quite capable of bearing children.” Pari answered.

“Ah Pari, that is a little impossible isn’t it? I mean we’re guys we don’t have the right
plumbing to have a baby.” Draco looked over at Pari with a smirk.

“Ah Draco…” Chris looked up from his plate. “Pari’s right.”


“Draco dear, our males have a pouch about eight to twelve inches up from the rectal
opening along the intestinal wall, where an egg is created and maintained until fertilized
or disposed of. When ever a male goes into season he will create an egg, that is
maintained until he is no longer in season… that is where a great deal of the hormones
that Nori is suffering from comes from. If he does not conceive during his cycle the egg
will be expelled when he is no longer in season.”

Draco looked at Pari, then over to Chris…”You go through this too?”

“Yup, I hate it. I haven’t been through it anywhere near as much as Nori. Only twice so
far, but I still hate it. Makes my stomach hurt all the time, and I get really moody. And no
matter what I do, I feel like I can’t get enough sex. Ah…that reminds me Nori, I should
probably be going into season in December, at least if it stays to the routine that it has so

“Well that gives me a few months at least.” Norische whispered.

“Is it so bad with him?” Draco asked.

“Lets just say, even though he is normally only in season for three or four weeks, after
the third day I didn’t even bother trying to get out of bed. Every time I would try he
would growl at me and grab me, then start up again. The only time he left me alone for
three weeks was when I would go to the loo, and even then I had to start locking the door
because he would come in anyway. He turns into a bloody shagging machine, non stop
for three weeks…” Norische shook his head. “Luckily he has been going in season the
same time each year so I was off on Christmas vacation. He gets horrible, it got to be if

we went more than two hours without sex he was going nuts, he would wake me up and
beg me…there were even a few times that I don’t think I woke up, but he still did it.”

Draco looked over to Chris who was blushing a deep red and concentrating on the pasta
in his plate. “Chris…?”

“Well what was I suppose to do, he wouldn’t wake up….” Chris mumbled.

“I swear even with the salves that Pari gave me, I had trouble sitting or walking for the
first few days of class after that. I am just glad I didn’t have to miss class though.”

“Wow!” Draco sounded shocked.

“Going into season is a lot harder on a pranic vamp…that is why their season is so much
shorter than a normal vamp…. If they are not careful, they can literally collapse from the
desperate desire to mate. I mean Pari got us some stuff to help with it, but still Chris
needs the emotional contact as well as the physical just like me.” It was Norische’s turn
to blush.

“Stuff?” Draco asked.

Pari took over at this point. “Yes Draco. There is no way that Norische could physically
maintain that pace so I purchased a couple of items for them.” At Draco’s confused look
Pari continued. “They are called dildoes, they are muggle but do come in handy under the
circumstances.” Pari stated quite easily but Remus seemed to be suffering quite
extensively as a piece of pasta went down the wrong way. Severus slapped Remus on the
back several times before Remus quit coughing and sputtering.

“Ah sorry Remus, Pari is a Kinsea. She can be a little bold sometimes.” Nori blushed a
little. Thinking about trying another bite of the pasta.

Draco had a confused look again. “Kinsea?”

Chris explained. “With our kind there are individuals that are specially trained to help a
fledgling or yearling to accept and understand their sexuality. Normally they are pranic
vamps like Pari. I mean who do you think taught me about that prostate thingy. Pari is the
only person I know that I can talk about anything with…and I mean anything.”

“Thank you Rashira dear. Draco, vampyres are very different from humans when it
comes to sexuality. We are very sexual individuals and when a fledgling is awakened, it
can be very frightening. So my people have designated confidantes for each fledging I
normally have four to six young ones that I council at any given point. So if you have any
questions feel free to ask.” Pira glowed with the confidence that Chris showed in her
skills as a Kinsea.

“And she can answer anything, at least anything I have asked. She doesn’t make you feel
embarrassed either, and I’ve asked her some pretty weird things.”

“No you haven’t dear, just things that you wished to know.” Pari stated.

Chris finished his bowl of pasta and reached over to the platter to pick out some fruit.
When he leaned back, Chris asked. “Pari do you think that once Draco has his birthday he
will go into season right then? I mean it is only 16 days away, and I am not sure if even I
can handle both Draco and Nori in season at the same time. Especially his first time, I
remember my first season and I am surprised I didn’t kill Nori. Another thing I was
wondering since both Nori and I are pranic, although Nori has a elemental hint in there as
well, do you think Draco will be pranic or what?”

“Well to your first question, I am afraid so dear. It is our nature to want to mate as soon
as possible. I am sure you realize that it is only eight years of denial and self control that
has allowed Nori to be able to keep calm in this room with the two of you so near. To
your second question, I don’t know. Chances are he will be pranic, at least that is where
the odds are leaning…but fate sometimes serves a surprise when we are not looking.
Never the less I will send you all some things that might help, if necessary they might end
up taking some inhibitors to lesson the cravings for a while.” Pari offered

“Could you send some of that salve you gave me last year too, I have a weird feeling that
I am going to need it.” Chris mumbled, playing with the melon chunks on his plate.

“Of course dear, did you want it flavored or not this time?” Pari asked as she picked up a
dish of strawberries.

“Flavored? I wouldn’t mind trying that, ah if they have either vanilla or like cinnamon
would be ok, what do you think luv?” Chris looked over to Norische

“Vanilla. I have tried the fruity ones and they are gross, so is the chocolate.” Norische

“I like cinnamon, but I don’t know how it would be in something like that….” Draco

Severus was finding this discussion to be very disturbing, however necessary. So he

decided to change topics. “Pari, I meant to thank you for the box of photographs and
keepsakes you sent. We enjoyed them immensely; it made me realize just how much of
my son’s life I had missed. I can’t thank you enough.”

Pari smiled. “I have a lot more of his things if you want me to send them. I actually have
a couple of trunks upstairs that have his first wand, he first spell books, I even have the
very first potion he ever did. Did he tell you he was only three years old when he
successfully completed his first potion? It was a healing potion, and quite strong I might

As they continued to talk, Norische felt a stronger and stronger urge to go get a smoke.
Strange, Norische just realized that he hadn’t smoked at all yesterday. “I am going
outside to smoke, I’ll be back in a few.” Norische stood up and went over to his trunk to
get his cigarettes and lighter. Just as he turned to head out the door, Remus spoke up. “Do
you mind if I come, I could use the fresh air.” Norische smiled and motioned for his Dad
to come with him.

Once outside Norische lit up a clove and took a long drag on it. Gods how he loved the
flavor. Then he walked over to the great limestone bench near the archway to the court
yard and sat down. He looked up into the night sky and noticed it was almost a full moon;
two maybe three days left was all. “So how are you and Father doing?” Norische asked.

Remus smiled his sad little smile. “Somewhere between wonderful and dumbfounded.
Going from just the two of us to having two, now three son’s.” Remus grinned. “Three
apparently very sexual sons” shakes his head laughing silently.

“Hey what do you expect, pranic vamp here. And don’t you dare tell me you don’t like to
get your tail twisted in the full moon light Dad. I can scent my father on you almost every
morning.” Norische teased.

Remus blushed at that, but couldn’t bring himself to speak. Norische looked at the stars
for a moment then made his decision. “Remus can I show you something, it’s kinda
personal though?”

Remus wasn’t sure if he wanted to see what ever it was that his son would want to show
him, but the fact that he called him Remus instead of Dad, told him that what ever it
was…was defiantly important to him. “Of course Norische.”

Norische put down his cigarette and closed his eyes, focusing. Then to Remus’ surprise
where once his son had sat now stood an exquisite black wolf with golden eyes. The wolf
got down from the bench and went over to Remus and placed it’s head on his lap, looking
up at him with the most adorable puppy dog eyes. Remus looked down into those eyes
and saw a reflection of himself in those gentle golden eyes. Remus smoothed his son’s
fur and scratched him behind the ears just where he himself loved to be scratched. This
got Remus a very big, very wet tongue right across the face. Remus was laughing trying
to push Norische off of him… then suddenly Norische’s attitude changed.

Norische jumped down and stuck his nose in the air, scenting something that wasn’t
familiar to him. Remus watched as Norische bristled and growled deeply, before Remus
could react Norische took off in a dead run towards the lake. Remus didn’t even think, he
ran after him as fast as he could.

Remus was running as fast as he could through the underbrush but he was no match for
the agile wolf he was chasing. In the distance, he could hear two distinct canines fighting,
growling and yelping. He also heard something else, a human… oh Merlin it was Harry.

“STOP!” Remus yelled as he got to the clearing and saw the Padfoot and Norische rolling
on the banks of the lake, and Harry desperately trying to stop them. “NORI, STOP!” The
wolf in Norische couldn’t stop until the threat was no longer. Remus knew he had to help
Padfoot, so he threw himself on the pair full force knocking the two of them apart. He
managed not to do any damage to either of them but Padfoot rolled about ten feet from
just the force of the hit, and Norische lay flat on his side whimpering, trying to catch his

Harry yelled. “What in bloody hell is going on here Remus?” Harry ran over to Padfoot
and checked him for wounds.

“Norische, I think you had better change back and explain what just happened.” Remus
stood up and brushed the dirt and sand from his pants, staring down at his son.

As soon as he caught his breath, Norische closed his eyes and was once again in human
form. “Did you really…have to hit…me that h…hard?” Norische grabbed his ribs and
stood up.

Harry was stunned, and whispered something to Padfoot. With a low growl, Padfoot also
changed into his human form. Sirius was livid; he strode up to the boy and yelled in his
face. “Who in Merlin’s name do you think you are?!?”

”CRAP!” Norische looked at Sirius, still holding onto his ribs. Then he looked at Remus.

“Dad? What is this boy talking about Remus?” Sirius asked.

“Well Padfoot, I would like you to meet my adopted son, Norische De LeNoir.” Remus
then looked over at Norische and said. “Norische I would like you to meet a very old and
dear friend of mine, and Harry’s godfather… Sirius Black, or Padfoot.”

“I am so sorry, Sir. I was showing Dad my animagus form and I scented you out. When I
came into the clearing and saw Harry I thought you were going to attack, my instincts
kicked in… I am very sorry.” Norische was still trying to catch his breath from the
bruised ribs but managed to stand up and face Sirius, and apologize properly. Sirius kept
a weary eye on the boy, not trusting him.

Then Norische did something that neither Sirius or Remus expected, Norische took a
humbling stance and flipped his hair to the side baring his neck as an offering to Sirius.
Being werewolf Remus knew exactly what this gesture meant and held his breath. Sirius
had ran with his old friend often enough he had a very good idea of what the young man
was doing. Sirius reached over and put his hand on the boy’s throat, then lifted his hand
away and walked back over to Harry silently. Remus, exhaled deeply, just now realizing
that he had been holding his breath the whole time.

“Ah, Remus… I thought that Norische was Severus’ son…” Harry asked when Sirius
came back over and stood next to him.

“He is. Sirius do your remember a young woman by the name of Angelica De LeNoir
from when we were in school?” Remus asked.

“No, not that I remember.” Sirius answered.

Norische stood silently beside Remus, no longer in the submissive stance he had
displayed earlier. “She was apparently a romantic interests of Severus’, when her father
found out that they were seeing each other he pulled her from school. Unfortunately, it
was a little late, she was pregnant. She was Vampyric; so, when she was separated from
Severus, her mate…she suffered greatly. When her son was old enough to take care of
himself, she committed suicide, which was not quite a year ago. Now Norische has come
to live with Severus and due to Severus’ and my relationship… he is my adopted son.”

Harry looked at Norische. Norische realized that other than Draco no other student knew
the story of his life. “I am sorry Norische, I didn’t know… I mean no one mentioned your
life before here, and the times we have spoken you always seem to have it together and I

“It’s ok. I really don’t want anyone knowing about my history though. I do my best not to
let others know, and I would like to keep it that way.” Norische said a little defensively.

“No problem. Ah why did you attack Padfoot in the first place?” Harry asked.

“Well, I came out of the clearing and saw him standing not too far from you. I guess he
saw me before I really saw him, and he started growling and advancing. I thought he was
growling at you so I jump in before he could get too close.” Norische explained.

“But why bother, I mean you don’t know me…why fight something, or rather someone to
save me?” Harry questioned.

Norische shrugged. “Don’t know. You have been pretty friendly to me since I have
gotten here, and I guess I just didn’t want to see you get hurt.” Norische winced as his
stomach began to churn. “Crap!”

Remus looked over, just in time to see Norische grab his stomach. “Norische!”

Norische stumbled over to the edge of the clearing and began vomiting. Remus was right
beside him helping him stand and holding his hair out of the way. Finally, when his
stomach calmed he straitened up and whipped his mouth with his sleeve. “God I hate
this….” Norische whispered.

“Remus, is everything ok?” Sirius asked, looking concerned.

“No, it isn’t. He is in season and being so far away from his mates has triggered his
stomach again. We need to get him back up to the school quickly before he passes out.
Can you help me Sirius?” Remus looked so concerned for his son, Sirius would never
have considered refusing. “Of course, Harry come on.”

Between the two men, they managed to get Norische back up to the school and into the

“I’m ok. I can walk…I just need some of my medicine and my mates.” Norische insisted.
Remus and Sirius were not yet convinced but allowed him to walk unaided. The four of
them had almost made it to Severus’ suite when Norische got dizzy and had to lean on
Remus for support. “Gods I hate this.” He whispered.

“Harry can you get the door? Sirius can you help me get him inside?” Remus didn’t want
to take any chances of Norische completely blacking out again.

Harry stepped in front of them and opened the door, moving inside the room quickly to
be out of their way. Sirius placed his arm around Norische and helped Remus get him
into the room.

“Nori!” Chris was up and across the room before anyone really noticed that the door was
opened. Draco stood up when he felt the panic coming from Chris. “Dear Merlin.”
Severus was over to Remus’ side and reached down picking up his son he rushed over to
the couch and gently laid him down. Looking to Remus for an explanation.

“Father, I’m sorry. I wandered too far, and strained the bond. It is ok, I just got weak and
my stomach started bugging me again. I just need the medicine for my stomach and need
contact with Chris and Draco I will be fine, it isn’t anything major.” Norische reassured
his father.

Chris heard this and immediately came over and lifted Norische into a sitting position.
“Sir if you can get him the medicine I can take care of this part.” Chris reassured Severus
who nodded and went to get the necessary potions.

“I am going to get you for scaring us again today, as soon as you are better. Draco, come
over on the other side and get close to him, he needs to touch both bonds.” Chris then
raised up and took off his shirt.

[Draco, take your shirt off too, it will make it easier for him to feel your heart beat.]
Chris explained.

Draco followed suit, not even paying attention to Harry who was standing just a few feet
away staring at him. Draco took his shirt off then moved closer to Norische so that he
could feel his warmth. Chris did the same on Norische’s other side.

“Malfoy…what in Merlin’s name is going on here?” Harry asked.

Draco just glared at him, not wishing to explain himself or his actions to Potter. Draco
moved so that his arm right arm was behind Norische and then took hold of Norische’s
left hand.

[Draco, don’t be rude. Harry ask you a question.] Norische reprimanded gently.

[I’m not being rude, I just don’t want to talk about it.]

[Are you… ashamed of our bond?] Norische asked

Draco looked at Norische with hurt in his eyes. [No! How could you think that, I just
don’t like having to explain myself to others.]

Harry watched the three of them move closer together, and was even more confused.
Malfoy was practically snogging with Severus son…this was all too strange.

“Harry, I am assuming you know Draco, and this is Rashira LeNoir…or Chris. They are
my mates.” Norische explained. Taking a deep breath and relaxing as he begins to absorb
his mates bond once again.

“Your mate? Malfoy?” Harry exclaimed.

“Yes, do you have a problem with that?” Norische said with an under toning growl.
Draco glared at Harry but said nothing…he was completely willing to let Norische take
care of this…especially after hearing that growl.

“Ah… no… but could I speak with you privately though…?” Harry asked.

Severus came over to his son, handing him the requested potion. “See father I told you I
was ok, I just was stupid and went too far… I keep forgetting how it was when Chris and
I were first together, I couldn’t even go a hundred feet without feeling the strain on our
bond…and that was almost a year into it. Thank you…” Norische explained but took the
potion thankfully, hoping it would settle his stomach. “By the way where is Pari?”

“It is a good thing for you she went to get a few things and will be back probably within
the hour. If she would have seen this display I am sure you would have remembered for
quite some time not to behave in such a manner.” Severus shook his head at his son.

“Yeah, I know…” Norische looked over at Harry, “If you would like we can speak in my

[Norische don’t do it, he is probably going to tell you horrible things about me, or tell
you to leave me.] Draco whispered anxiously.

[Nothing anyone can say or do will change my heart Draco, so trust me….] “I will be
right back.” With that, he kissed Draco on the forehead and rose from the couch. Heading
toward his room, and indicating that Harry should follow. Draco’s eyes followed him as
Norische left the room.


Harry looked around the room and found the furnishings to be very comfortable; he
especially noticed the skulls and new decorations that Norische had purchased in London
earlier in the week.

“Now that we are alone…what is it you wish to say Harry?” Norische asked as he took a
seat on the bed.

“Well, we don’t know each other well but… um…. Why Draco?” Harry asked. Trying
not to be offensive or too nosey.

“Because I scented him out. He is the one that is my bond mate.” Norische answered
quite easily.

“Do you know much about him? About his past?”

“No, but if he wasn’t compatible then I wouldn’t have scented him out.” Norische stated.

“Ah… Draco and I haven’t ever gotten along, and you seem like a nice guy, so I kinda
hate for you to get hurt and all. I know that it isn’t my place to say anything but you
should really be careful.”

“Harry, I don’t mind you saying anything you want. But please remember that the only
thing I can do is follow my heart. Like Dad was explaining, I am a pranic vamp. When
we bond, it is for life. My mother ended up committing suicide because her chosen was
kept from her. I don’t want to end up that way. Yes, I know Draco has some issues with
his past, but he has yet to treat me in anyway that wasn’t respectful and caring. I know
from his own mind he regrets some of the things from his past, but I wasn’t in his past so
I can’t hold those things against him. All I can do is try and mold his future. He is as
dependant on me as I am on him right now, and that dependency makes him willing to
make changes.” Norische explained.

Harry still looked concerned.

“Harry have you ever done anything in your past that you hope and pray no one finds out
about?” Norische asked

Harry thought about this for a minute, and then nodded.

“So have I, and some of those things are pretty bad. Bad to the point that if Draco found
out about them, he might leave on his own. I made some really shitty choices in my past,
but I learned from my mistakes and moved on. I have to offer him the same opportunity I
pray he offers me.” Norische stated.

Harry thought about it and nodded. “I just hope you aren’t making a mistake.”

Norische laughed. “Well if I am I will just add it to the really long list that I have been
working on for a while. Look, I know he can be an arrogant insufferable git, and he is
over protective and childish at times. I accept those things, I hope that with me by his
side he will change… but right now he is my insufferable git… and I love him.” Norische

Harry nodded again and smiled.

“Harry you seem to be a really cool guy and I hope we can get to know each other better
and become friends. Although we haven’t spoken much, you have been very nice to
me… and I appreciate it… especially under the circumstances. I don’t want to get mushy
or anything but I do want you to know your kindness has been appreciated and well…
needed.” Norische gave Harry a half grin.

“Your welcome. I hope we can be friends too.” Harry smiled back.

“Now I believe I have a terrified mate to attend to, you and your godfather feel free to
stay for a while.” Norische got up from the bed and walked over to the door opening it as
he laughed. “Oh and Harry feel free to come by any time, I would love to get to know
you better.” Norische put a hand on Harry’s shoulder; Harry looked into Norische’s eyes
and nodded.

Draco saw the fact that they were smiling and that Norische had his hand on Harry’s
shoulder and couldn’t help but tremble. He just knew that Norische was going to ask him
to leave now. With terrified eyes, he watched Norische carefully.

Norische walked over to the back of the couch behind where Draco was sitting, He
looked right into Draco’s eyes and smiled as he got closer. Norische leaned over the
couch and wrapped his arms around Draco; he positioned himself where he could
whisper into Draco’s ear. “You will learn to trust me.” Was all he said, then Norische
grabbed Draco by the hair and pulled his head aside, baring Draco’s neck to him. With a
low growl, Norische bared his fangs and bit down. Draco jumped but didn’t try and get
away. Whimpering and trembling Draco gave in to the bite, to Norische. Norische
finished by licking and kissing the spot he had just bitten. Then he pushed Draco towards
Chris and started toward the kitchenette, stopping when he remembered their guests.

“I am sorry, would you or Harry like something to drink?” Addressing Sirius.

Sirius was still a little shocked after watching a vampyre feed right in front of him. “Yeah
actually, do you have some fire-whiskey?” Still staring at the limp Draco being cradled in
Chris’ arms.

Norische looked over to his father, who nodded. “I will get that. Why don’t you see what
Harry wants?”

“Harry?” Norische asked.

“Do you have butterbeer, if not pumpkin juice would be fine?” Harry smiled. “Need

“Actually yeah thanks. Come on.” Norische crooked his head toward the kitchenette.

Harry smiled and followed Norische. Once in the kitchen Norische starting opening the
cabinets until he found a tray and some glasses.

“You mind if I say something?” Harry asked

“Not at all, what’s on your mind?” Norische said as he opened four bottles of butter beer
and poured them into glasses.

“I just wanted to say, I am sorry I ever doubted your ability to take care of yourself.
That…ah… what you did in there to Draco… I mean, wow…” Harry stared at Norische
as if in disbelief.

“I told him to trust me, when I came out of the room…I could see the fear in his eyes. So,
I took care of it. He has to learn to trust me, it isn’t an option.” Norische explained quite

“Yeah but, I mean… well I have never seen him like that. I guess he has changed some.”
Harry whispered the last part.

“Everyone should be given opportunity to change, and to explore…” Norische smiled at

Harry. “You think we should make up some sandwiches or something for everyone? I’m
kinda hungry after I got sick out there and my stomach has calmed down.”

“Actually that would be nice, I am a little hungry.”

“Cool, let me see what father has here and we can whip something up I’m sure.”
Norische opened the refrigerator and started pulling out meats and cheeses, he found
some lettuce and a couple of tomatoes and some pickles and set them all on the counter.
Harry found some bread and the started laying everything out. “Do we want mayo or

“Better get both, just in case.” Harry said with a smile.

“You got it.” Norische pulled out the jars requested and placed them on the island where
Harry had laid out the bread. “Ok, lets do half roast beef and cheddar, and half turkey and
swiss. We can either put the mayo and mustard in a little bowl and let everyone choose
their own or put half of each on the sandwiches.”

“Maybe we should put it on the side, I don’t know what everyone else likes but they
might not like either.” Harry suggested as he started laying out the meats on the slices of

“You’re right. Ok bowls…where did I see bowls?” Norische started rummaging through
cabinets again until he found what he was looking for. Taking two crockery bowls out of
the cabinet Norische proceeded to put an acceptable amount of each in the bowls and
place a knife in each for spreading.

“Ok, the meats and cheeses are done. Should we put the other stuff on the side like the
condiments?” Harry asked as he started slicing the tomatoes.

“Probably on the side, I know I don’t want lettuce. If I have to eat cooked meat, I can’t
handle vegetables with it. Although I love tomatoes and pickles…I normally eat them on
the side anyway.” Norische got some plates out to put the vegetables on and for everyone
to use.

“Cooked meat?”

“Yeah…vampyre remember…” Norische said with a grin…

“Ah.. yeah…” Shivering at the thought of raw meat.

“Hey don’t nock it unless you try it…. I like my meat….raw…” Norische almost growled
the last part in a low, sensuous tone. He also couldn’t help but allow his eyes to wander
over Harry’s body.

Harry looked up just in time to see the hungry look on Norische’s face as he looked at
Harry’s crotch. Harry blushed in spite of himself.

“I have got to have father make some more of my sedation potion.” Norische said as he
licked his lips.

“Huh?” Harry asked.

“Sorry, because I am in season I tend to gravitate to any male that is of breeding age,
especially if they are healthy and attractive….so I take a sedative that calms my senses so
I don’t notice their scent as much.”

“I have a scent?”

“Yeah, a rather pleasant one too. But I have two males; I desperately don’t need to get
myself in trouble. Especially with Draco being so sensitive right now.” Norische grinned.
Then finished what he was doing.

Harry tried to figure out what Norische was saying. Did he mean that he was attracted to
him or what? Harry wasn’t sure what to think but the way that Norische was looking at
him made him shiver run up his spine.

“Ok, we are done. Let’s get this stuff out there and see what’s going on.” Norische
grabbed the tray with the drinks and sandwiches and left the bowls of condiments for
Harry to grab.

When they got out to the living room, Remus and Severus were sitting down drinking
scotch, and apparently, they had conjured a chair for Sirius who was enjoying his fire-
whiskey. Norische noticed that Draco was back with them, smiling nervously at Norische
but smiling nonetheless. Norische started to sit the tray on the low table when he noticed
that a fourth chair had been conjured and that there was a glass of fire-whiskey sitting in
front of it. Norische place the tray on the table and was just about to ask his father who
else was here when he jumped at the sound of the other voice.

“Young man… apparently we have to have a talk!” Pari stated as she walked into the
room, apparently she had been in the loo when Norische came in.

“No Pari… I don’t think we have anything to discuss…” Norische mumbled.

“Norische Renee De LeNoir are you sassing me?” Pari walked right up to him and stood
in front of Norische with her arms folded across her chest.

“No Ma’am, I just don’t think….” Norische started.

“Now that is your problem isn’t it? We are going to have a talk. If your father doesn’t see
fit to discuss your recent careless behaviors I have no problems talking to you about it.”
Pari glanced over at Severus, who just sipped his scotch and watched the two of them not

Norische exhaled, accepting his fate…since his father didn’t seem to be willing to jump
in and save him. “Can we talk later Pari?”

“Absolutely not, we are going to talk right now. I will hear no more argument from you.
Just be glad that out of courtesy for your father’s guests I am willing to talk to you in the
privacy of your room instead of right here this very moment.” Pari was getting very

Norische’s eyes got wide then he hung his head in acceptance. “Yes Ma’am”

“Come with me, and don’t you dare dawdle.” Pari headed over to the door to Norische’s
room; opening the door, she went in, not checking to see if Norische followed.

Norische looked at Chris [Silencing charm quick!]

Chris jumped up and ran over to his robes that had been placed by the door. Just as
Norische walked through the door way to his room Chris cast Silencio on the room. Then
went over to the couch and sat down keeping a leery eye on the bedroom door, placing
his wand next to him on the couch.

[Chris, why is Nori…I don’t know… it’s like he’s scared or something?].

[Be thankful you have never been ‘talked’ too by Pari] Chris pulled his knees up and
rested his head on them. Still watching the door.

Harry was a little confused but went about handing everyone a drink and asking if they
wanted a sandwich. “Ah…Draco… would you like a sandwich?” Harry asked.

Draco couldn’t take his eyes away from the door to their room. “Yes please.” He
answered softly. Taking a sip of his butterbeer.

Harry couldn’t believe that Malfoy had just been polite to him, although he did seem
extremely distracted by the fact that Norische and the new lady were talking in the other
room. “Beef or turkey? And do you want mustard or mayo?”

“Huh…sorry, um…beef please and mayo, with tomato if you have it please.” Draco
looked at Harry for a moment then turned his attention back to the room. Harry fixed the
sandwich like Draco had requested and handed it too him. “Thank you, Harry.” Still
watching the door. Draco took the plate and immediately sat it down on the couch beside
him not touching it.

“Chris what happened?!? Why can’t I feel Nori? A minute ago I could feel nervousness,
and regret and guilt, now I feel nothing from him…what’s wrong?” Draco asked

“He doesn’t want you to know what he is feeling right now. He blocked us out, don’t
worry he will open up in a few minutes, when Pari is through talking to him.”

“I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all…. Severus you need to do something…”

“What exactly am I suppose to do, Pari has the right to talk to Norische if she wishes.”
Severus said. “Besides he deserves a good talking too after his foolishness this

Chris looked up at Severus surprised at what he said, but sadly nodded and put his head
down again.

“Why would he block us out if she is just talking to him… there is something your not
saying isn’t there Chris?” Draco looked at Chris, who simply nodded. “What? What’s
going on in there?” Chris closed his eyes and sent Draco a picture of the last time he was
‘talked to’ by Pari.

“WHAT!” Draco jumped up and rushed over to the door, trying to open it.

“Draco? What’s the matter?” Remus asked.

“She’s beating him!” Draco started pounding on the door.

Severus jumped up from his chair. “WHAT!” Remus stood up immediately as did Sirius.
Harry just looked at Draco in disbelief.

Chris got up and stood in front of Severus, putting a hand on his chest. “Pari isn’t beating
him, Sir… she would never do that.”

“Then explain Draco’s reaction and behavior.” Severus demanded.

Reluctantly Chris showed Severus the same thing that he had shown Draco. Severus
looked down at Chris with a raised eyebrow…

“That’s what she means by ‘talking’ to him. You can tell it in her tone.”

Severus went over to Draco and gently pulled him away from the door. “But Severus she
is hurting him….” Draco cried.

“Draco, he went with her willingly. He had to know what was going to happen. Now
come and sit down.” Severus went back over to his seat and even allowed his trembling
godson to sit in his lap. Remus still unsure sat back down and watched Severus and
Draco carefully. Sirius still wasn’t feeling comfortable enough to sit down…in fact right
now he was thinking this would be an excellent time to leave.

“But she is hurting him…” Draco said between sobs, the tears falling freely down his

Harry was totally shocked by Draco’s behavior. Not only was he worried to the point of
panicking about someone other than himself, but he was also showing emotions to
others…something that Harry had never seen him do before.

Sirius looked at Remus and tried to figure out something to say, but decided to just drop
it and continued to sip on his fire-whiskey and eat his sandwich.

Chris curled back up on the couch and watched the door, worry very apparent on his face.
The room remained uncomfortably silent with the exception of Draco softly crying on

Severus shoulder. Then the door to the Nori’s bedroom opened and Norische walked out
first followed closely by Pari. Everyone in the room was watching Nori as he walked
across the room to stand behind the couch next to Chris. Norische leaned down and rested
his elbows on the couch and when he did so he whispered something in Chris’ ear.

Chris immediately got up and fixed a sandwich for Nori and got him a butterbeer. As
Chris took it back over to Nori he gave Nori a tender look… Norische nodded his thanks
and stood there behind the couch eating.

Draco watched Pari very closely until she was well away from Norische, then he bolted
off Severus’ lap and rushed over to Norische’s side. Wrapping his arms around Norische,
Draco buried his head in the crook of his mate’s neck…sobbing once again.

Norische was trying to eat and calm Draco down at the same time and decided to hand
Chris his sandwich until he could get Draco under control again. Draco nuzzled
Norische’s neck and Norische rested his check on Draco’s head wrapping his arms
around Draco letting him know everything was ok.

After a few minutes, Draco calmed down and turned his head to glare at Pari. Norische
saw the glare and immediately grabbed Draco’s by the jaw and turned his head to where
they were looking eye to eye.

With a growl that was deep and threatening, Norische tightened his grip on Draco’s jaw.
“Don’t you ever look at Pari like that again! Do you understand me!”

“But she hurt you….”

“Do. You. Understand. Me!” Norische was about to explode, he could feel the rage inside
him swelling up, he could also feel his father moving closer and Chris’ hand on his back.

Draco whimpered and nodded as best he could, considering Norische’s grip. Norische let
go of his mates face and wrapped his arms around Draco. Slowly Norische pulled Draco
around to the front of the couch and had him sit down. Desperately feeling as if he
needed to explain a few things to Draco. Norische crouched down by Draco’s knees…not
really wishing to sit down quite yet.

“Draco, you must understand what Pari means to me. When I was little she was the only
one who cared, the only one that took care of me. My mother couldn’t, she could barely
take care of herself. My grandfather wouldn’t, he wouldn’t even help me if I was sick.
Pari would bring me food when my grandfather had my mother locked in the cage; she
made sure that I was ok. When I was sick with being in season she would stay up with me
night and day, holding my hand and telling me it would be alright. The first time I went
into season…” Norische swallowed hard and looked over to Pari….

Pari looked at Norische with tears in her eyes, nodding to him.

“The first time I went into season, was triggered by something my grandfather did. I was
eight years old.” Norische looked into Draco’s eyes “He raped me.” Severus and Remus
gasped. Draco clamped his hand over his mouth and new tears began to fall. “I guess he
did it because of his disgust for me, but I don’t honestly know. Pari found me and took
me to the healers; it took four days, even with the magic, for the tears to heal. They had to
put me in a coma so that I would hurt myself, I honestly don’t remember a lot about it,
they kept me pretty well drugged for the next week or so I think. That is one of the
reasons that I can’t bottom to often, it just hurts too much… But the fact is that Pari was
there, not my mother… and I didn’t know father yet, she was the only one that cared.”
Norische breathed in deeply.

“Pari would never hurt me, but she also makes sure that I don’t do stupid things. Tonight
what I did was stupid. No matter what the reason, stretching the bond after the hell we
have all been through in the last few days was wrong. If Dad hadn’t been there, I may not
have made it back. I mean with Harry and his godfather there I would have made it back
to the dorm, or they would have probably taken me to the medi-witch and not brought me
to father’s. She wouldn’t have done what she did if she didn’t feel it needed to be done.
Sometimes I need to be reminded that for every action there is a consequence and I must
take responsibilities for my actions. I could have refused to go into the room with her, I
could have told father and had him stop it. But I know Pari and I know she loves me. If
she felt I needed to be punished for my carelessness, then I needed to be punished.”
Norische spoke softly, but everyone in the room heard what he said. He looked over to
Pari, who was playing with the bread of her sandwich trying with all her might not to cry.

“No matter what else you may feel about Pari, I will never allow you to disrespect her, or
to harm her in any way. I love you, but I love her as well… she is the mother that I
couldn’t have. Please remember that.” Norische whispered as a tear fell silently to his

Draco moved his hand away from his mouth and reached down and wiped away the tear.
Looking into his mate’s eyes with all the love inside him. “I promise,” Draco then got
down on his knees in front of Norische and wrapped his arms around him, the force
knocked Norische on his butt. Norische yelped as his bruised butt hit the floor hard. “Ow!
The ass, Draco remember the ass….” Norische quickly got back up off his butt, but
everyone in the room broke out laughing including Draco and Norische.

The next several minutes went by rather awkward, but soon the heaviness in the room
dissipated. Pari levitated in two large trunks and presented them to Severus, who raised
an eyebrow to them. “Memories and souvenirs.”

“Oh Pari you didn’t.!” Norische wanted to run and hide, but Remus got down on his
knees and opened the first trunk finding countless treasures inside. Like a wonderful old
stuffed bat that Norische used to sleep with. “Hey! That’s where Leek went, why didn’t
you tell you still had him? Gimmee…”

Harry burst out laughing when Norische grabbed the stuffed toy, “Leek?”

Pari answered for him “Yes when Nori was three, if he had an accident he would claim it
was the bat’s fault… that the bat sprung a leak, hence it was named Leek.” Pari laughed
at Norische’s bright red face. Making up his mind right there and then and quickly
transformed into his wolf form. Grabbing his bat in his teeth Norische went over to the
couch and climbed up between Chris and Draco. Flopping down with his toy.

Severus was a little shocked, but more so, he was very proud of the strong form his son
could manage as an animagus. The wolf form was jet black and huge, bigger than a
natural wolf, it’s fur was slightly longer as well and so black it was almost blue.

Pari brought out the box that had Norische’s first potions in it. Each one was dated and
labeled. Severus was totally surprised at the level of skill his son had at such an early age.
Pari explained that most of his potions were healing potions or the like because of the fact
that his grandfather adamantly refused to get Angelica any form of medical treatment so
the boy took it upon himself to train himself how to make the potions. As early as three,
he was already taking care of his mother more than she was taking care of him.

Remus pulled out a very pathetic miniature broom. Pari informed them that it was Nori’s
when he was five. Then he found a pair of adorable black and gold pajamas with a little
snap bottom on them. Sirius made a comment about how adorable they must have looked
and laughed. Norische snorted into the air and jumped off the couch heading into the
kitchen. Apparently, everyone was preoccupied with the trunk and its treasures because
no one noticed the wolf sneaking back behind Sirius. No one really paid attention until
Pari yelled for Norische to stop it, then everyone paid attention to the direction that she
was looking and notice that Norische was now standing behind Sirius and had raised his
leg as if he were about to urinate on him. Sirius twisted around just in time and pushed
the wolf away from him then changed into his black dog form and took out after the wolf.
Harry laughed so hard he was rolling on the floor grabbing his side. Remus tried hard not
to laugh but he couldn’t hold it in and began to laugh to the point that his face got really

While Severus would have enjoyed seeing his son urinate on Sirius, he did not enjoy the
two of them running through his chambers. “Norische stop that immediately. Padfoot! If
you two break anything you will be chained up out side for the night!”

Norische yelped as Padfoot landed a well-aimed bite on his tender butt. Norische then did
a u-turn in the middle of the room, skidding into a wall, he ran back over where Remus
was sitting on the floor and literally jumped onto Remus’ lap, who was fairly squashed
under the weight of the wolf but laughing grabbed hold. Norische let out several barks in
Padfoot’s direction, as if he were say “Nah, Nah, Nah cant get me now.” Remus looked
down at Norische with a raised eyebrow, Norische looked at him and moved off Remus’
lap just a little, laying his head on Remus’ lap but every now and then he would look up
and Remus with those big golden eyes.

Padfoot was quite proud of himself and pranced over and snorted in Norische’s direction
then walked over to Harry and placed his head and forepaws on Harry’s lap.

“Remus, why do I have a feeling we are in trouble here with these two?”

“Because I think we are Harry.” Remus laughed. “Pari, has Norische never received a
name for his wolf nature?”

“Of course he did, when he first found was able to change when he was thirteen I believe.
It is….”


Pari cleared her throat. “I said, he was called…”


“Stop that young man right this minute…” Pari snapped. “His name was Suiera.”

Chris broke out laughing, but quickly tried to hide his amusement when Norische glared
and growled at him.

“What’s so funny?” Harry asked.

“Suiera is Vampyric, it means Whizzer in your language.” The whole room burst out
laughing at that.

Norische tried to bury his head in Remus’ crotch but was quickly reprimanded when he
was getting a little too “nosey” as it were. “Stop that!” Remus swatted Norische on the
hindquarters, which caused Norische to yelp and whine.

It wasn’t much longer when Harry and Sirius decided they need to leave, both graciously
thanked everyone for the evening and headed out.

Norische yawned and got up from Remus’ lap, walking slowly he went over to the couch
and climbed up, turning around a couple of times before he decided to put his head down
on Draco’s lap and put his tender butt on Chris’ lap. The over sized wolf was asleep in a
few minutes. As was Chris, and Draco.

“Oh my.” Pari yawned. “I think the boys have the right idea.”

Remus got up from the floor; placed all the treasures he had found in the chest, back
carefully. Then extended his hand to Pari and assisted her up. “We have made
arrangements for you to stay in a room right down the hall. If you would like I would
love to escort you there.”

“Such a gentleman. I would like that, thank you.” Pari put her hand on Remus’ arm and
bidding Severus good night, walked out of the door with Remus.

Severus walked over to the boys and gentle shook them awake. “Norische, you need to
go get in your bed, wake up. Chris, Draco wake up, you two should go to bed in the other

Norische got up and transformed back into his human form, and hugged his father good
night. As he was heading to the room Remus walked back in the door so Norische went
over and hugged him as well. “Night” then grabbed a hand of each of his mates and
pulled them into the bedroom.

The three of them stripped and crawled in between the sheets, it ended up with Norische
in the middle, Draco on his left and Chris on his right. No sooner had they gotten
comfortable than they were asleep.


Norische woke in the morning and stretched, loving the feeling of his mates snuggled up
next to him… then he heard it again, a gentle knocking.

“Come in” he called

Remus opened the door and walked in, smiling when he saw the three boys curled up
next to one another. Norische returned the smile. “Morning dad. What’s up?”

Remus assumed that since Norische was not speaking in one-word sentences that
apparently he had been awake for a while. “Nothing really, but Draco really needs to get
back to the dorm before someone gets suspicious. Also Pari came by today already and
Severus and I helped her fill out the paperwork and she has gone to present it to the
Council. She said as soon as she knew about the medical exams she would let us know,
so you three need to get up, you will probably want to take a shower before your
physicals today, Pari also stated that she would make sure it happened today so you need
to be prepared.”

Norische yawned. “Ok, thanks…” Still looking half awake. Remus shook his head and
left the room, closing the door as he left.

Norische laid there drinking in the scent of his mates, feeling the slow burn of desire
starting. Leaning over to Chris, Norische kissed his exposed neck and shoulders, nibbling
here and there in an attempt to wake his mate.

Soon Chris was moaning and grinding his awaking erection into Norische’s hip. Norische
tuned onto his back, pulling Chris with him. Chris spread his legs so that they fell on

either side of Norische’s hips as he curled into his chest. Norische watched as Chris
began to wiggle down his body kissing wish way down Norische’s chest and stomach
until he reached his goal.

Norische groaned as he felt Chris’ lips kiss the head of his excited cock, licking away the
pre-cum that was already seeping from the tip. Chris ran his tongue up the thick vein up
the underside of Norische’s hardening cock. Norische closed his eyes and gave himself
into the sensations that Chris’ mouth was enticing.

Chris growled low in his chest as the need to consume his mate over took him. Lowering
his mouth over the purplish head of Norische’s throbbing cock, Chris couldn’t hold back
the moan of satisfaction, knowing that he was pleasing his mate made Chris’ chest swell
with pride.

Norische wound his fingers into Chris’ hair. ‘gods Chris was good at this’. Norische
didn’t even try to stop his hips from moving as he thrust forward to meet the warm wet
depths that were encircling him. “ahh…oh fuck… oh…uh…”

Chris could feel Norische’s thighs tighten as he trembled with the oncoming orgasm, then
with one final thrust of his hips Norische’s sweet juices hit the back of his throat. Chris
swallowed as quickly as he could, not wishing to waste a drop of the delicious candy, but
he couldn’t prevent some of the milky essence from drizzling down his chin. Licking his
lips, Chris lifted his head and moved back up Norische’s body to kiss him.

Norische tilted Chris’ head gently and licked the trail of his own cum from his mate’s
chin, then proceeded to snog Chris within an inch of his life.


Norische was just stepping out of the shower when Draco walked into the room,
apparently no longer able to wait for the loo to be available. Norische proceeded to dry
off while Draco took care of business and flushed the toilet, and then moved toward the
shower himself still yawning and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Norische hung his damp towel over the bar to dry and headed out into the bedroom to get
dressed. Chris was sitting up and stretching when Norische walked into the room. “You
will want to take a shower too luv, we have those damned physicals to take today.”

Norische went over to the wardrobe and picked out a pair of black leather low rider pants
and a black t-shirt, he decided to keep it pretty simple since they had quite a bit to do

“Pari has already taken the paperwork back to the Council and said she would let us
know what they required for the physicals.”

Norische was picking out his boots when Chris gasped. Norische looked over his
shoulder at Chris. “What?”

“Your poor butt, gods….Pari really did a number on your ass didn’t she?”

Draco was just walking out of the bathroom when he heard Chris’ comment, so he looked
over to Norische and gasped.

“Bloody hell, you have bruises all over your butt. It’s not just red like…I mean… a
spanking… but you have real big bruises.” Draco sounded concerned.

“Of course I have bruises, she isn’t a human you know, she is a lot stronger than most
give her credit for, and it’s ok…. So am I.” Norische put his clothing down on the bed
and walked over to Draco wrapping his arms around him. Holding Draco close Norische
titled Draco’s head up to him and placed a gentle, loving kiss on his lips.

“Just pray that you never need a talking to by Pari. She is the head of my house at this
point and that makes her kinda like your mother, so she can very well spank you too…if
she thought you needed it. She has gotten Chris a couple times in the last two years and
believe me he remembers then well.”

Draco shivered at the thought… “Please never let her do that to me, please.”

“Draco, I know you don’t know much about my culture but let me explain something.
We have houses; we are also a traditionally matriarchal…so the head of our house is a
female. My mother was never able to claim her position as head of house, and so Pari
graciously took the responsibility. Since according to tradition I must be twenty one
human years old before I can be released to start my own house, she is still my guardian
and in some cases disciplinarian. Since you are now bonded to me, and you are my
responsibility, anything you do reflects on me. If she sees something wrong normally, she
will discuss it with me, and then if I don’t take action…she will. It is her duty to maintain
my family name and honor; unfortunately, if she must do the disciplining then I get it as
well; because I didn’t uphold my duties as an alpha male. Unless of course there is a
reason for my not being able to take care of my responsibilities, like the last time… I was
dealing with my mother’s death and Chris was slacking off in his schoolwork, mainly due
to his concern for me. But he almost failed one class, and since I wasn’t there to take care
of things Pari stepped in and made sure he realized that even if I wasn’t there that he had
to maintain the family honor and do his best.”

Chris walked up beside them, putting his arms around both his mates. “I learned a very
hard lesson that day. I learned that my actions directly reflect on Nori, and his house, and
that even though I was worried sick about him, that by my lack of attention to my school
work I had almost brought shame to his house. If it hadn’t been for Pari, I would have
embarrassed Nori, and added that much more stress to his life…which he didn’t need
right after loosing his mother. Draco she won’t do anything to harm you, but she may
remind you of your obligations as a mate and as a member of this household. If you don’t

head her warning…lets just say the idea of sex for the next week or so is not pleasant.”
Chris kissed Draco on the forehead and then turned to go take his own shower.

Norische laughed at Chris’ comment, but realized that Draco was still very apprehensive.
“Draco, Pari always gives you a warning… and if you heed the warning you will never
feel the blunt of her anger. Remember in the infirmary she told me I had to start thinking
of the two of you, and that I would regret it if I didn’t. That was her warning, and stupid,
stubborn me, I didn’t listen. So she had every right to do what she did.” Norische kissed
Draco one more time and then released him. “Now you get dressed and I will go see if
father has anything for the bruises, then we can go get breakfast, ok?” Draco nodded and
went over to his bag and started picking out something to wear.

Norische put on his leather pants and walked out into the living area. He looked around
but didn’t see his father or dad anywhere, so he went over to their bedroom door and
knocked quietly.

There was a muffled curse and a shuffling sound from the other side of the door. “Come

Norische peaked inside hesitantly, seeing his father and Remus laying on their bed with
the rumpled covers around them. “Sorry father, but I need to know if you have a potion
for bruises…I have basically been told my ass looks like I was in the middle of a war,
and it was really scaring Draco. So do you have anything I can use?”

The look on Severus face went from frustrated to concerned. “Yes, just a minute and I
will get it…” Then Severus stopped. “Perhaps you should wait in the living room, I will
be right out.”

“Yes Sir,” Norische wanted to tease his father about needing the privacy but since both
he and Remus were a little hesitant about their sexual relationship, Norische thought he
would pretend as if he didn’t know anything and just closed the door and headed into the
other room.

Norische went into the kitchenette and got himself a glass of pumpkin juice then headed
into the living room. Severus came into the room a few minutes later and went directly to
a cabinet. Severus picked up a jar of salve and then turned to his son. Norische reached
out for the salve but Severus shook his head. “I don’t think so, not after that descriptive
explanation you gave a few minutes ago. I wish to assess the damage myself.”

“Father that really isn’t necessary, they are just over reacting. I have had worse really,
just give me the salve and I can take care of it myself.” Norische begged.

“No. Now go over to the couch and bend over.” Severus didn’t truly wish to see his son’s
ass again but the way Norische had made it sound he definitely wanted to make sure his
son was not just exaggerating. Norische looked into those deep black eyes and realized he

wasn’t going to win this one either, so he walked over to the couch and bent over the
back as he lowered his leathers for his father to see the damage.

“Sweet Merlin!” Severus gasped when he saw the huge deep purple and black bruises.
Remus walked into the room putting on his robe and saw Norische’s bruises as well.
Remus gasped at the sight.

Norische was now completely mortified, and tried to brush it off. “Will you two quit
staring at my ass and give me the salve so I can get one of my mates to take care of this
for me.”

Severus shook his head. “I will take care of this. And when I see Pari I fully intend to
have a discussion with her on her use of excessive force.”

“Father don’t! You don’t understand we are vampyre, she is a lot stronger than a human
and I can take a lot more pain than a human…to get her point across she has to be a little
rough. If she hadn’t put the preventative charm on my butt to keep me from being able to
magically heal or use my Vampyric nature to heal the bruises would already be gone.
Normally I heal within an hour, but she felt I needed to be reminded of this for a while so
she made my butt heal at a human rate… she wasn’t any rougher than normal, she just
wanted the reminder to last for a while.”

“None the less, to spank is one thing, to leave you covered in bruises is quite another.
Now let me get this salve on you, it should take care of the bruises in a few hours, it also
has a pain reliever in it so it should help with any tenderness you have.”

Twenty minutes later Norische, Chris and Draco were heading down the corridor to the
dining hall. They were laughing and teasing each other as they walked into the dinning
hall. Norische noticed immediately that all eyes were on them.

[Draco, Chris…it looks like we are the center of attention guys.]

Chris looks around, immediately focusing on appearance. [Well that wasn’t exactly how I
wanted to introduce myself to the school.] Chris looked a little embarrassed.

Draco on the other hand put on his typical arrogant smirk and walked over to the
Slytherin table.

[Draco, I am going to introduce Chris to Harry’s friends we will be right over luv… save
us a seat please. Oh by the way, I love the way you strut, it makes me want to shag you
right here in front of them all.] Norische hoped his little tease would get Draco’s mind off
the fact that he was going to be a minute.

[I don’t strut, I walk with pride. There is a difference, but if you want to follow up on that
shagging promise, I think I know a broom cupboard around here.] Draco laughed.

[Flirt, and we will discuss this later, I promise] Norische purred.

Norische put his hand on Chris’ back and escorted him over to the Gryffindor table to
where Harry, the redhead and the female were sitting.

“Harry, hope I am not interrupting… I was wondering if you would be so kind as to

introduce Chris to your friends.” Norische said placing his free hand on Harry’s shoulder.

Harry looked over his shoulder at Norische and Chris and smiled. “Hey Norische,
Chris…. Great to see you two. Sure, Chris this is Hermione Granger, and this is Ron
Weasley they are my best friends.”

Chris extended his hands, palms up to the two and bowed slightly. “Mas es emerit”

“It’s ok luv, you don’t have to be formal.” Then looked over to the confused trio. “He
said ‘I am honored.’ I’m sorry he tends to revert to Vampyric customs when it comes to
formal behaviors.” Chris rose and looked at Norische with a slight blush on his cheeks.

Hermione blushed and smiled at Chris. “Wow, your culture seems so fascinating. I mean
the first time we spoke you kissed my hand and now Chris is bowing… it is so I don’t
know… chivalrous.”

“Chris would never dream of taking a lady’s hand. I on the other hand am an alpha male;
hence, I tend to be a little bolder. And thank you for the compliment Hermione, I am sure
if you would like to know more about our clans or traditions that Chris would love to
share with you, he is quite the historian and thrives on the rich culture and tradition of our
people.” Norische smiled freely showing his pride in his mate.

“A lady’s hand…hmmpt.” Ron was a little put off at Hermione’s fascination for the two
of them and didn’t mind letting others know it

Norische looked over to Ron then tilted his head slightly as if he was trying to figure
something out. “Chris I think we should go get something to eat, it appears we have worn
out our welcome. Thank you Harry, Hermione…Ron” Norische placed this hand on the
small of Chris’ back and escorted him over to where Draco was sitting.

Draco was sitting there not really saying much just sipping his juice and watching them.
Norische sat down next to Draco and made room for Chris. As soon as he sat down
Norische reached over and caressed Draco’s thigh lightly though his soft trousers. [Gods
your thighs are tight, how would you like to wrap them around me tonight?]

Draco couldn’t help it; he looked over at Norische who was looking directly in his eyes.
Draco could see both the mischievousness and the lust in his mate’s eyes and for the
second time in the last ten minutes he wished they had skipped breakfast and just headed
to the dorms. Draco didn’t answer but he did raise an eyebrow and give Norische his
typical smirk.

[Why wait for tonight?] Draco replied.

[Actually I probably shouldn’t, I need to feed before the physical that way I can make
sure my energy level is appropriate.] Norische contemplated.

“Well if the two of you are finished we should probably head back and get our stuff then
go to the dorms.” Draco stated with a grin.

Chris was just finishing his eggs and bacon, but nodded with the same evil little grin.

“You two are impossible.” Norische laughed. “What the Hell, lets go.” He grabbed some
toast and put some eggs in between them then got up and headed to the door, munching
on egg sandwich.


Harry scowled at Ron, while he ate.

“What?” Ron finally asked.

“What! I can’t believe you. Norische was being incredibly polite and friendly and you
make a total arse of yourself, by being rude.” Hermione exclaimed.

“He’s Slytherin unless you haven’t noticed.” Ron explained.

“What difference does his house make, both he and his friend seem to be very nice. And
Norische made a special effort to come over here and introduce us to his friend, and you
were a bullock and rude.” Hermione fumed.

“Hermione, Chris isn’t Norische’s friend. Chris is Norische’s mate, they have been
together for two years now, they’re bonded.” Harry corrected quietly.

“What! Now I know I don’t like the bloke… that’s just gross…” Rom exclaimed.

Harry glared at Ron. “Ron sometimes you make me ashamed to be a Gryffindor.” With
that, Harry got up and walked out of the dinning hall.

“What’s up with ‘im?” Ron asked as he watched Harry leave.

“Ron, sometimes you are far too thick to really imagine.” Hermione got up and hurried
after Harry.


After they retrieved the last of their packages from their shopping spree in London,
Norische announced that he needed a cigarette so Draco and Chris walked along with him
and the three took a detour out side for a minute before heading up to the dorm room.

Norische pulled out a clove and lit it, then walked over to one of the grand archways in
the courtyard. Leaning against it, he took a deep drag on his cigarette, enjoying every
moment of its sweet flavor. He was so glad that he had managed to get a few packs while
he was in London. There were three things he hoped he would never have to live without,
leather, silk and cloves…well his mates too but…I mean. Norische chuckled to himself
and closed his eyes and he allowed the smoke to fill his senses.

Norische glanced over to Draco and Chris, watching them. They were going through
some of they stuff they had bought and somewhere they managed to find a catalogue, so
now they were going through it writing down stuff they wanted to buy. Norische rolled
his eyes at the two of them…good gods they both loved to shop. Norische had his days
but Chris, he always loved to shop, it didn’t matter…and from the looks of things so did

[What kind of catalogue do you two have there?]

[Bedding, linens and things.] Chris said.

[See if you can find some black satin or maybe maroon satin bedding. Preferably black, I
want to get some for both the dorm and our bedroom. Also see about some towels, those
things we have to use are disgusting.] Norische suggested. Of course, the boys
immediately started thumbing through the pages intently. Norische smiled and watched
as they pointed things out to each other and turned pages down, presumably for him to
look at later.

Norische was enjoying watching them and didn’t see Harry and Hermione walk up. “Hey

“Hey Harry, Hermione…sorry I didn’t see you two…. Ah where’s Ron?” Norische
asked, exhaling and blowing the smoke of his cigarette away from them. “I’m sorry, do
you mind if I smoke Hermione?” Norische asked holding his cigarette down out of the

“I normally don’t like smoking but those don’t smell horrid like other cigarettes do.”
Hermione appreciated the fact that Norische was polite enough to ask if he could smoke
even though students aren’t suppose to smoke and they had actually walked up on him
and he still asked if it bothered her. “I do appreciate you asking though.”

“It is always appropriate to be polite when it comes to a lady.” Norische smiled.

“Oh and Ron was being a prat earlier. I’m sorry.” Harry apologized.

“It’s ok, I am used to it. I mean I’m an American, I’m gay, I’m Vampyric, I have multiple
mates, I’m pagan, I’m a wizard…. Gods pick your prejudice.” Norische laughed.

Harry and Hermione laughed too. “Well maybe, but it was still wrong. You guys were
just being polite and friendly he shouldn’t have been that way.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it. Oh oh, it looks like those two have found something exciting.”
Norische shook his head as Chris and Draco rushed over with the catalogue.

“All right what have you found that has the two of you grinning like that?” Norische

Chris held the catalogue while Draco pointed out to the satin comforter set and the satin
bedspread they had found.

“Ok, ok, move your hand and let me look. I like this; the fleur de lieu pattern is perfect.
Ok let’s get the spread in a king, in black. Get the deep pocket queen sheet set with it.
Now for the dorm get the black comforter in queen, what do you two think about the bed
ruffle though…I don’t especially like the hunter green… I like the burgundy but that is
just too Gryffindor …sorry Harry, Hermione… why not get the eggplant in it as well.
Chris, go ahead and order a variety of pillows and shams to match, and the bed curtains
to go with it. Now if you two want to order your own go ahead it isn’t a problem.”

“Draco also found these…” Chris went to the next page. “…and they are on sale now

“ ‘Cotton Bath Sheets, Now Fluffier Than Ever’. These sound great, and they are huge. If
you buy six or more we can get them even cheaper. Ok let me see. Go ahead and order
the royal purple, hunter green, burgundy, and black. Get three of each so that we all have
one. They also have that bath ensemble on the other page, it comes with three bath towels
three hand towels and three washcloths so get a matching set in each color too. This is
perfect you two.” Norische leaned over and kissed Chris then Draco. “Now go over there
and write up the order, and see if there is anything else we need.” Both boys rushed back
over to the bench and began filling out the order form as they continued to thumb thru the

Hermione looked at them confused. “Ah…Norische… may I ask you a question?”

Norische took a long drag on his clove and prepared for the inevitable questions he knew
were coming. “Sure ask anything you want.”

“Ah, not to be nosey or anything…but are you, I mean is Malfoy…ah…” Hermione


Norische smiled and looked down for a minute, knowing what she wanted to ask. He then
took a deep breath and looked at her. “Draco is my mate. Not officially yet, but we hope

to resolve that within the next day or so, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t say
anything to anyone.”

“I didn’t mean to pry, but we have known Malfoy for quite a while and well, um…”
Hermione kept trying to think of a delicate way of putting it.

“I know what you are trying to say, and what you are trying not to say, and I thank you
for your concerns. Harry and I have already had this conversation. Something you must
understand is that there is something beyond my control that has drawn me too him, when
I scented him out I had to follow through. It is my nature. Good or bad, he is the one I
have chosen. He is much more than he allows others to see or get to know. Hopefully,
you will see that in time...” Norische said gently, smiling at both Hermione and Harry.

Draco squealed and surprised all of them. Norische turned back towards his mates. “Oh
no, I don’t like the sound of that.” Draco grabbed the catalogue from Chris’ hands and
ran over to Norische.

“Please Nori, can we get this…. For the bedroom I mean…. Please it would fit so perfect,
I promise I won’t ask for anything else, please…” Draco was begging excitedly.

“Stop, stop, stop…. What are you wanting me to look at?”

“This…. See, it would be perfect.” Draco handed Norische the catalogue pointing to a
tapestry he had found. “I can get an advance on my trust and help pay for it…. Please.”

“Calm down, let me see this.” Norische couldn’t help but smile at Draco’s enthusiasm.
He read out loud. “‘Master Alchemist’ tapestry by Edward Burne Jones and William
Morris, created in 1896 by famed masters of British tapestries, a menagerie of colors and
mysticism as the ancient symbols of alchemy dance within the threads of this exquisite
tapestry. The Master Alchemist holds forth his grail to the goddess moon as his faithful
protector… the dragon… guards him. A richly vibrant mille-fleur of golds, burgundies,
greens, and blues on a striking black background surrounds the figures and eludes to the
mysteries within. Hand woven in France by the great masters this tapestry is a piece of
magic within itself. 89” W by 61” H…” Norische read the notice out loud. “Draco, did
you happen to notice the price on this?” Norische looked up at Draco with a raised

Draco bit his bottom lip. “Yes… but I can help pay for it though, I can just ask for an
advance on my trust…”

Norische looked at the picture of the tapestry and clearly understood why Draco had
fallen in love with it. And to be quite honest it would look exquisite in their room on the
wall next to the bathroom door.

Chris had walked slowly up to them and was now standing by the anxious Draco. “Nori
please….” Draco asked…

“Will this make you happy Draco?” Norische asked.

Draco looked at him then walked up to him slowly, and put his hand on Norische’s arm.
“No, I am already happier than I have ever been in my life. There is nothing that could
ever make me more happy than I am right now.” Draco said softly. “But it would look
really, really good in our room…” Looking up with those gorgeous silver eyes smiling.

“Good answer luv, then you may have it.” Norische said.

Draco squealed and wrapped his arms around Norische’s neck kissing him square on the
lips, not caring who saw. Then he ran over to the bench to fill out the paper work to buy
the tapestry. Norische shook his head and rubbed his neck where Draco had squeezed.
Chris just shook his head and walked back over to where Draco was.

Hermione had stood there watching the whole thing, now speechless. Harry looked over
at her and smiled. “Yeah, I know, he has defiantly changed.”

“Draco, come here please.” Norische called. Draco handed the papers to Chris and rushed
over to Norische.

“Draco, perhaps you should thank Hermione and Harry here. It is the fact they have
noticed how much you have changed since last year that encouraged me to spoil you a
little bit.” Norische explained.

Draco didn’t need any further encouragement, he rushed over to Hermione and hugged
her “Thank you so much, this is great!” Then he grabbed Harry and hugged him hard too.
“Thank you Harry, this means so much to me!” Then Draco grabbed Hermione’s hand
and started pulling her over to where Chris was sitting. “You have got to see this, it is

Hermione had a rather helpless look on her face, that fell somewhere between surprise
and total shock. But she allowed herself to be pulled along, then looked at the picture of
the tapestry and Norische could tell she thought it was gorgeous too. Then Hermione’s
eyes got huge… Norische knew that she had spotted the price. She looked over at him in
disbelief; all he could do was grin and shrug.

Harry laughed and looked at Norische “You know that is something that I never expected
Draco to ever to do…well two things actually. Thank me for anything, and give me a
hug. Apparently, you have a unique magic of your own working with him.”

“I like to think so.” Norische took another drag on his cigarette.

“Crap! Look at the time, we need to get our things to our dorm and see if Pari has figured
out anything about the physicals yet.” Norische flicked his cigarette out of the way and
walked over to his mates. “Guys we need to get going, we have to finish this stuff up and

find out about our tests before noon. So grab every thing and lets get over to the dorm.
Oh and Draco, I am fronting the money on the tapestry, but you will be paying half of it.
If you need to pay it back a little each month that’s fine but I expect you to make the
arrangements as soon as you place the order, do I make myself clear?” Norische asked.

“No problem, I will have my solicitor arrange for a monthly transfer to go directly to
where ever you tell me and that will take care of it. Thank you so much.” Draco couldn’t
help but kiss Norische again. Then he picked up several of the bags from their shopping
and smiled waiting for Norische to lead the way. Norische just smiled and silently shook
his head. “See you two later, I hope.” With that he waived goodbye to Hermione and

“Harry, the cost of that tapestry is more than my parents earn in six months….”
Hermione was still in shock.

“Yeah, I kinda figured it was pretty bad. But I guess he doesn’t care about money, the
price didn’t seem to bother him as much as the reason that Draco wanted it… Wow…
Draco has really changed.” Harry observed.

“Yeah.” Was all Hermione could say.


Norische, Chris and Draco were laughing as they entered the Slytherin commons room.
Chris was teasing Draco about being spoiled already and not even being in the
relationship for a week yet. Draco was teasing Chris about having a two-year head start
about being spoiled and that he was just catching up. To say the least anyone who could
see the trio could see that they were enjoying every minute and having way too much fun
too boot.

Pansy Parkinson was the first to notice them when they walked into the room. She
immediately rushed over to Draco and began interrogating him.

“Where in the world have you been Draco?” Pansy questioned

“We went to London with Professor Snape and Professor Lupin, it was great. Merlin we
need to get this stuff upstairs.” Draco laughed.

“You wait just one minute. You have been gone for more than two days and you expect
me to believe that you went on a ‘field trip’ with two professors.” Pansy’s tone was
definitely something Norische did not like.

Before Draco could say another word Norische stepped up. “First, he does not take orders
from you or anyone else. Second, we don’t honestly care what you believe or don’t
believe. Third, don’t you ever take that tone with Draco again…or you will regret it.”

Turning to Chris and Draco…. “Come on let’s get this stuff unpacked, I want to get this
stuff put up and call Pari.” Without another glance at Pansy, he turned and headed up the

Draco simply glared at Pansy and followed quickly behind Norische. Once they got to
their dorm room and had put their stuff down, Draco spoke up. “Nori, you realize that my
father is going to find out about this now…don’t you.”

“Well it was bound to happen sometime…. I was hoping to get our bonding legalized
before it happened though. Hopefully we have a day or so, but we will work with it no
matter what. Don’t stress it yet.” Norische put the bags he was carrying down on his bed.
“Chris take care of these things while I contact Pari.”

Norische retrieved his secondary orb from his trunk and sat down to call Pari.

[Pari? Pari are you able to speak?]

[One moment dear.] Pari was apparently a little busy so Norische waited. Thankfully, it
didn’t take long. [Ok dear, what do you need?]

[I was wondering what you have found out so far, oh and by the way Draco’s friends may
be a problem. One of them was pissed that he was gone for a while and I don’t think she
believed our story about a trip to London with father and dad, so she is probably talking
to Draco’s father as we speak.]

[That is going to be a problem; well I had hoped we could avoid such things. I am talking
to the Council in just over an hour and I will let them know of your dire straights and
medical issues…that alone should force them to authorize the bonding. But I need you
three to get your physicals immediately then we are just one step closer.]

[Do we need to do it here or go there?]

[No one has said yet but I think you should come here and have it done, then there will be
no delays or problems, they won’t be able to question it at all.]

[Ok then, we can be there with in the hour. Do you have the coordinates?]

[Just use port 57, you will have to go to the main medical center and make the
arrangements, I am sorry I can’t do it for you dear but if I leave at this point I will end
up loosing my place on the roster for the review.]

[Not a problem, Ok we will be there. I will contact you when we get there then.]

[Good luck and let me know if the issue with Draco’s father gets worse]


Norische severed his link with Pari and reached up to rub his eyes, this was going to be a
long day he could just feel it. “Ok guys we have got to hurry, we are going to have to port
over to the Councils lands and get the physicals, Pari is going in front of the Council in
less than an hour so we have to hurry.”

Chris looked at Norische and stated, “We can put this stuff up later, we should probably
go then, they might have some waiting time.” Draco nodded as well.

“Ok then, leave that stuff on the beds, get what you need to take with you. Draco you will
need something that proves who you are, if you have a picture ID or something it will

“I have birth certificate, and my school ID, will that work.” He asked.

“Should work, if they need to they can do an identity scan but hopefully they won’t
bother. Lets get over to father’s and get going then. CRAP!” Norische exclaimed. “I still
haven’t fed and my energy has to be high enough to support the two of you but we don’t
have time for me to feed from both of you.”

Chris jumped at Norische’s exclamation. “Well since we don’t have time for both of us,
you can either drain me and I can try and feed from Draco, or we can do a dual feeding…
but that might be a little weird for Draco as well.”

“Dual feeding?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, it is where he feeds from both of us at the same time, he would actually pull it
from you since you haven’t been trained on how to open up or push it, and I would push
the energy through.” Chris stated.

“Ah… how would that work, I mean it is sexual…so how would we both be involved
with him at the same time?” Draco was confused now.

Norische smiled. “Well there are two ways, I can go down on you while Chris rides me,
or you can shag Chris while I shag you… and given your amount of experience I think
the first option is best. So you two strip, Draco, I need you to prepare Chris for me, I need
to go to the loo… I will be right back.” With that Norische headed out the door.

Chris didn’t hesitate he started taking his shoes and trousers off, Draco watched him for a
second then started to strip as well. Chris went into his trunk and got a jar of lube and
handed it to Draco with a smile. Then he turned and got up on all fours on the bed,
looking over his shoulder at Draco he waggled his ass at him…. “Come on luv, you heard
Nori, no time to be shy.” Draco blushed just a little then opened the jar and started
working the lube into Chris’ ass.

Norische walked back in the room just as Draco had finished preparing Chris. “This isn’t
how I planned our next time to be but unfortunately outside influences take over again.”
Norische said as he started to strip. Then he walked over to the bed and laid down.
Norische caressed Chris’ for a few moments then with an exasperated sigh pulled Chris
on top of him. “You need to guide me luv.” Norische said.

Chris started playing with Norische’s nipple rings until he could feel Norische’s erection
hitting him in the butt. With a smile he reached around and started stroking Norische’s
hard cock. “Draco, the lube please.” Chris asked and was promptly rewarded with an
open container of lube. Chris dipped his hand in and then continued his administrations
on Norische’s erection. Once he was ready Chris leaned forward and positioned Norische
so that the head of his cock was right at his opening. Slowly he lowered himself onto
Norische until he was fully seated. Chris waited for Norische to make the next move.

Norische held out his hand to Draco who took it immediately. “Ok luv, we can do this
two ways, you can sit on my chest and face me, or you can kneel over me and face Chris,
if you do it that way the two of you can kiss if do it the other way he can play with your
ass while I take care of your cock…the choice is yours.” Draco thought about it and
crawled over to Norische, then lifting his leg he swung himself over Norische’s chest and
sat firmly down on his chest, making sure not to put too much of his weight on Norische

Draco looked down at his mate, who smiled up at him and gently took him in his mouth.
As soon as Draco felt Norische’s mouth close over him, he moaned. The feel of that
warm, wet, hungry mouth was unbelievable. Draco reached down and entwined his
fingers in Norische’s hair and held on.

Norische slowly started moving his hips letting Chris know to start. Chris started with a
slow and steady pace, building up the energy inside him, then as he felt himself
beginning to reach his peak he reached out and grabbed the lube. Chris pushed Draco
forward just enough so that he could have access to his ass. Chris could hear Draco was
almost there as well so he gently pushed two fingers inside of Draco’s hot tight ass.
Draco arched his back, bowing his head moaning at the feeling. Chris matched the speed
of his fingers to the speed of Norische’s thrusts. The energy built between them until it
exploded in a radiant light of gold that encompassed the entire room. Draco threw his
head back as he screamed, his voice matched that of Chris, the only one whose voice
could not be heard was Norische…but the entire room vibrated with the low growl that
radiated from deep within his chest.

Chris was the first to move, he pulled his fingers out of Draco and silently wiped his hand
on the bed sheets, then disengaged himself from Norische’s cock…groaning at the empty
feeling it left him with. Draco sat panting on Norische’s chest, trying desperately to get
his breathing under control…

“Draco luv… as mush as I adore thish view you are getting’ a lisshle heavy.” Norische

Draco nodded and started walking backwards on his knees until he was even with
Norische’s hips, too worn out to do much more. Norische waited until Draco was far
enough back then he sat up and wrapped his arms around his mate, moving Draco’s head
to the side Norische bit down low on Draco’s neck, both taking blood but also putting
just a little of the energy that he had just taken back into his mate. Draco moaned and
soon was returning the warm embrace that surrounded him.

“Hate to interrupt lovers, but we have just over twenty minutes to get to the healers and
get our physicals.” Chris said, now completely dressed and waiting.

“Jusss wanin to make sure my Shang levelsh were assepsable too…” Norische laughed
and let Draco go. As soon as Draco crawled off of Norische, Norische couldn’t help but
start laughing.

Draco looked at Chris with a questioning glance as he was getting dressed. Chris
answered, “He is a little loopy from excess feeding. It will be ok in a few minutes.”

“Jusss a little.” Norische voice slurred as he tried to speak, but he kept on giggling.

“Come on luv, up you go we need to head out.” Chris grabbed Norische’s hand and sat
him up. Then did a quick scourify and started getting Norische dressed. In three minutes
flat the boys were ready to head out. Norische was humming to himself what may
possibly have been a song but it was completely unrecognizable… Draco snickered at
him and opened the door.

By the time the trio made it down to the commons room Norische was walking a little
better but still way too happy for his own good. He had his arm wrapped around Chris’
waist leaning on him for support with out looking too obvious. He tried to keep his
laughing down to a soft snicker but he was having a real problem with finding everything
around him humorous.

Pansy walked up to then and stood right in front of Norische, blocking their way out of
the dorm. “Oh oh, the bitch is back.” Norische looked right at Pansy.

“You are drunk!” Pansy squealed.

Norische looked over at Chris… “Damn … you were right she is smart.”

Chris rolled his eyes shaking his head. “Pansy, I’m sorry he is a little off. He really has
no clue of what he is saying. I am sure he is going to be very ashamed of this later but
right now we need to get him to his father.”

“Well I am sure that Professor Snape will take care of him.” Pansy said crossing her arms
over her chest.

“Father I can handle but just keep Pari away from my ass… hey Pansy you want to see
the bruises they hurt like hell…make shagging really suck…” Norische laughed again.
“But then again sucking isn’t a bad thing is it….he he he … taste great…less filling.”

Chris shook his head. “No she doesn’t want to see your ass so quit trying to take your
pants off, now come on you annoying git. Your father is not going to believe this.”
Laughing as he moved Norische around toward the doorway.

“Gust mar! Mai putin umplere!” Norische laughed.

Draco asked. “What did he say?”

“Taste great, less filling.” Chris laughed. “Something to do with a muggle beer I think.”

Draco laughed and followed as the two headed down the hall. As soon as they were out
of line of sight of the Slytherin passage Chris apparated the three of them over to the

“Did you know doing that while your drunk is just a little nashy.” Norische looked
sideways at Chris.

“Well at least most of his words are not slurred any more.” Chris noted as they opened
the door to the suite and walked inside.

“Hey daddies….” Norische yelled.

Draco rolled his eyes. “Oh Merlin….”

“What in Merlin’s name is wrong with Norische?” Severus asked Chris.

“A little too much feeding, it makes him loopy for a while. He wanted to make sure that
his energy levels would be good enough for the physical, so he fed off of both of us.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to let him get to a normal level. We only have
twenty minutes to get to the healers. By the time we actually get to see them he should be
normal but right now he is being a real prat.”

“Hey faffer, whish do you like bedder, tashe great or lesh fillin…” Norische started
laughing again, when he saw he father’s expression.

“Don’t ask me Sir, something to do with a muggle beer and his warped mind right
now…” Chris shrugged. “We need to go though.

“Draco grab hold of Nori, since he is loaded I am going to have to take you two there
then come back for Father and Dad.” Draco put his arm around Norische. “Nori, what
port did Pari say?”

Norische shook his head a little to try and clear his thoughts. “Port 57, Medical center.”
Then he placed his head down on Draco’s shoulder “Ewww. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Back in a minute Sir.” Chris pulled out the orb and with a flash of gold, they were gone;
then just as quickly another flash and Chris was back by himself. “When ever you two
Sirs are ready.” At their nod, Chris had each one place a hand on his shoulder and with a
flash of golden light Severus and Remus found themselves in the main medical center of
the Vampyric nation.

When they got there, Remus saw Norische sitting in a chair with his head held
precariously in his hands and Draco had his arms wrapped around him, patting him on the
back sympathetically. Remus walked over and sat in the chair on Norische’s other side.

“Oh Dad, this so sucks. Please make the world stop moving faster than I am.” Norische

Remus snickered. “Why did you take so much? If you knew you would feel like this.”

“I forgot we had to orb here, or I wouldn’t have.” Norische moaned.

“I am going to go over and register us. Father would you mind helping they may need to
talk to you?” Chris looked at Severus. Severus nodded and indicated that Chris should
lead the way. Severus couldn’t help but notice that Chris had started calling him father…
at the moment he wasn’t sure how that made him feel.

After a few minutes, the two of them came back. “We have about ten minutes to wait but
I am going to contact Pari and let her know we are here and what room we will be in.
Apparently we are going to be seeing the same doctor at the same time…great.”

Draco looked concerned. “What about those tests you were talking about the other day?
How are they going to do that?”

Norische moaned at the thought. Chris spoke up though. “Let’s just hope we can stroke it
and get what they want, if not it will be ass up and some strangers hand up your behind.
They don’t take no for an answer on that one.” Chris swallowed hard and proceeded to go
contact Pari. Draco got considerably paler at the thought.

Severus put his hand on his godson’s shoulder. “Draco, don’t let Chris frighten you. You
should have no problem with the test.” He tried to sound reassuring but under his stoic
mask, he couldn’t help but snicker at the terrified look on Draco’s face.

“But Sev, we just had sex not twenty minutes ago, what if I can’t.” Draco sounded

Norische lifted his head, opening his eyes slowly. “Don’t worry about it, as long as they
let us stay in the same room I can take care of that part. No one is going to touch your ass
but me…” Norische smirked.

“Nori must you be so explicit in your statements.” Severus rolled his eyes.

“Sorry father…” Norische murmured.

Chris walked over to them. “Pari is actually going to be here in a few minutes. They
called a recess so they haven’t heard our case yet. Apparently the case before us ran a
little long so they called lunch so if we hurry we can get this over and done with and she
will have it all to take to them.”

As they waited to be called Chris got Norische a cup of coffee, who sipped it
thankfully…trying to pull his mind into a more focused realm.

Pari walked into the medical center just as Norische handed the cup back to Chris for a
refill. “Severus, Remus…I am so glad you two came here with the boys. It depends on
what testing they will require, but the boys may be a little sore or groggy afterwards so it
is best that you two came.”

“Hey Pari, how are you doing?” Draco asked.

“I am doing quite well Draco dear. I understand we might be in for some problems with
your father?” Pari asked not bothering to soften her words

Severus looked quickly as Draco. “What! Draco is there something you haven’t told us.”

“Sort of, nothing has happened yet but we need to get ready for it. Pansy Parkinson was
really upset about the fact that I was gone for so long, we told her that you and Professor
Lupin took us to London to do some shopping, and we were carrying in all our packages
so we had the proof to back up our statement but I think she was suspicious. When we
came downstairs after Nori feeding, he was a little…off… and he said a couple of things
that were pretty bad. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she was contacting Lucius right now.”
Draco explained.

“What did he say to her?” Remus asked.

“Well she stood in our way to leave, and the first thing out of his mouth was something
along the lines of ‘the bitch is back’. Then when she accused him of being drunk…he
made an… um…comment about her intelligence. Then Chris apologized for him and
stated that we were trying to get Nori to Severus, she said something about that maybe
Sev would handle it then. Well that set Nori off; he said something about he wasn’t
worried about Severus, but to keep Pari away from his ass. Then he offered to show her
his bruises and started taking his pants off in the commons room. If Chris hadn’t have
stopped him he would have dropped them right there.”

Norische put his head down again and covered his head with his hands, moaning and
shaking his head. “Chris please tell me I didn’t do that…”

“Sorry hun, it was all I could do to keep you standing up right and with your clothes on.
You were being a real prat.” Chris chuckled at Norische’s embarrassment.

“Gods I am going to have to apologize to Pansy tonight.” He moaned.

“Snape, Malfoy, and LaCroix.” A male apprentice healer called out. When the three of
them stood up the young man turned and led the way to the examination room. “Follow
me please.”

Like any normal medi ward the place smelled sterile and strange, but in reality, it wasn’t
half bad. The walls were painted in a soft golden yellow, and the paintings in the room
were of fields of wild flowers and brilliantly colored birds. There was an exam table and
three chairs and a stool on one side so there were places for everyone to sit. Once in the
room the apprentice healer explained that he needed them to strip and put on the hospital
gowns for him, then he put their files on the counter for the doctor and gave them some

“I hate this crap.” Chris murmured, taking off his shoes and lowering his trousers, and
then he pulled his shirt over his head and grabbed the first gown on the table.

Norische was already putting his on by the time Draco got his boots off, so when Draco
was having problems tying the little strings behind his back Norische helped Draco fix
the ties, then gave him a little swat on the butt.

The healer that came in a few minutes later was younger than Norische would have
expected. But he seemed to be ok. Norische, Chris and Draco sat down in the chairs
provided and the healer started going through their medical files, stopping every now and
then to ask questions or fill out certain area. Childhood illnesses, recent injuries, any
medical problems, things along that line… Soon he was ready for the first of them. He
started to call Draco but Norische intervened.

“Doctor Felms, do you mind very much if I went first. Draco has never been through this
and I have, so I thought it would make him feel a little better if he saw what would
happen to me first.”

The young healer pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose for the twentieth time and
smiled. “It’s not a problem at all, Mr. Snape. If you could lay down on the examining
table I have a couple of routine tests to do first.”

Norische stood up and walked over to the table, then climbed up and laid back. He
watched the healer waive his wand over him in sections… first his head, then his chest,
then abdomen, then groin, and finally his legs and arms. The apprentice healer was

quickly writing down the results of each test and checking off boxes quickly as he came
to them.

“Ok, it says you have wings, so if you would just turn over and present them for me
please.” The healer went over to a cabinet and took out a pair of latex gloves and was
putting them on as he retuned.

Norische wasn’t thrilled with the sound of the gloves snapping in place but did what the
healer told him to do. The healer opened the back of Norische’s hospital gown and soon
he felt his wings being examined and the wing flaps being opened and examined.

“Excellent, although it looks like there has been some recent injuries to your wings.”

“Yes Sir. Lightning.” The Healer nodded and instructed the apprentice on what to write
down on the records.

“Ok, then. We are almost finished. Go ahead and tuck your wings and roll back over onto
your back. I will need you to scoot your butt to the end of the table and put your feet in
the stirrups you find there.

This is what he had been dreading. Norische pushed him self into place and raised his
legs so the heals of his feet were firmly in the stirrups. As he got into position Norische
could feel Draco getting more and more nervous.

The doctor started by explaining what he was doing, which may have been beneficial to
some, but to Norische it just slowed things down. After the doctor checked for visible
sexually transmitted diseases, and birth defects, he gently pressed on Norische’s testicles
searching for tumors. Then he gently inserted a gloved finger into Norische’s anus
checking for internal growths as well as hernias and any tears or damage to the rectal
area. Norische was beginning to breath heavy, and was getting slightly frustrated at how
long it was taking this part of the testing.

“Very well then, I need you to bring yourself erect for me please.” The doctor explained
that he needed to make sure of sexual functionality, so Norische closed his eyes and
reached down and began stroking himself until he was fully erect. “Alright Mr. Snape if
you could stop for a moment.” . Norische stopped and laid back then he felt the healer’s
hands on him again. Apparently, measuring and taking samples of pre-cum that was now
leaking from his painfully erect penis. “Very well we have just one more thing we need, I
need you to ejaculate into this container for me.”

Norische rolled his eyes and pulled him legs down from the stirrups then he pulled
himself into a sitting position with his butt at the edge of the bed. He positioned himself
so that the tip of his penis was in the little cup the healer held out, and then preceded to
stroke off. It seemed like it was taking forever with the healer watching so carefully but
after a few minutes he managed to do it.

“All right then, with that we are finished and you may clean up and get dressed.” The
doctor took the sample and put a lid on it, then wrote some stuff on the label of the jar
and sat it aside.

“Very well, who wishes to be next?” The doctor asked.

Chris and Draco look at each other but neither made a move to get up.

“Chris get your butt up and on the table,” Norische said as he got up after cleaning up
with the washcloth that the healer handed him. Chris thought about protesting but he just
heaved a great big sigh and got up on the examining table. As soon as he did, the doctor
began to ask him specific questions and was doing the same general tests that he had
done on Norische. Norische went over to his clothing and picked up his pants and put
them on. He sat down and slipped on his black dragon skinned boots but didn’t bother
with his t-shirt quite yet.

“Doctor Felms you might want to note that Chris has wings as well. I am not sure if that
is in his files or not, they only opened four months ago.” The healer thanked him for the
information and as soon as he finished with the spell diagnostics then he had Chris roll
over, grabbing another pair of gloves the healer began the wing exam. Thankfully,
pronouncing Chris’ wings to be rather immature, yet still in perfect health. Next came the
part that Chris was dreading.

Norische moved up to stand beside his mate and take his hand. The healer looked at him
questionably. “I am very protective of my mates, I do not enjoy anyone else touching
them in such a familiar manner.”

The young healer nodded. “Well let’s get this over with as quickly as possible.” Chris
squeezed Norische’s hand as the healer began to examine him. After several sharp intakes
of breath from Chris, Norische asked… “How much longer, he is getting rather upset and
I don’t wish to alarm you but I don’t like it when my mates get ‘upset’” Norische
informed the healer in a rather low and serious tone.

“Well, I can see from his medical records that he had the full testing done not that long
ago so I don’t have to repeat part of the tests…if he could get himself erect I can by pass
some of the tests.”

[Do you think you can handle that part or do you want me to do it for you?]

[I can do that, I just don’t know about the next part.] Chris whispered.

Chris reached his unused hand down to his groin and began to stroke himself until he was
hard. “That’s good luv, now let the healer finish what he needs to do.” Norische

Chris moved his hand and squeezed Norische’s hand tightly, thankful that he was here for

The healer took the measurements and sample of pre-cum needed and then handed Chris
a specimen cup. Chris took it and looked at his mate. “Try yourself first and if you can’t,
I’ll take care of it.” Norische encouraged.

Chris nodded and repositioned himself where he could try and stroke off. Unfortunately,
just like last time he couldn’t. Chris looked up at Norische and shook his head silently.
Scared of what might come next, yet ever confident in his mate at the same time.

“Ok luv, kneel up on the table for me.” Norische instructed. Chris gave him a weary look
but did as instructed. Norische had Chris kneel on the table but had him spread his knees
and sit back on his heels. “Ok luv, get the cup in position and let me know when you are
ready.” Chris reached down and positioned himself so that the head of his erect penis was
laying inside the specimen cup, then looked over at Norische and nodded. Norische
walked up behind his mate and placed his hand at the small of his back, not quite
touching but rather just barely away from the surface of his skin. Norische closed his eyes
and concentrated. After a few seconds, Norische’s hand started to glow an interesting
shade of purple. Then Chris began to feel the energy passing from his mate to him. It
didn’t take long for Chris to start panting and moaning, then with a rather loud
exclamation he ejaculated into the cup. Norische slowly lowered the energy going
through his hand and Chris began to relax. After handing the specimen cup to the healer,
he leaned on Norische exhausted, nuzzling his mate’s neck.

“Is there anything else that you need from Chris?” The doctor shook his head and took
the sample, and began to write the necessary information on the cup. Norische helped
Chris get off the table and seated then informed him when he was able, for him to get

Norische turned to Draco who was now extremely nervous. “It’s ok luv, I will be right
here with you.” He helped Draco onto the table then turned to the doctor. “First I must
tell you he is human and veela mix, his sixteenth birthday is in 15 days so he hasn’t come
into his inheritance yet. Second, he has never done this before, while Chris has…so I am
extremely protective of him…if he wishes to stop at anytime then the exam is over, you
will draw your conclusions from the information you have at the time. Third, even though
he is my mate we are newly bonded so he does not have even formative wings at this
point. Fourth, if for one moment I feel that you have frightened him or hurt him in any
manner, they will be looking for your body parts for days…do I make myself perfectly
clear Sir?”

“While I do understand your concern Mr. Snape, I would highly suggest that you not
threaten me.”

Norische stood up and faced the healer. “Sir, do you know who Parinitra is?”

“Yes, she is a member of the High Council of Elders, the representative of the Chica clan
if I am not mistaken.” The doctor raised an eyebrow apprehensively.

“You are correct and she is my godmother, and standing right outside those doors. I
would hate to have to inform her that your treatment of my mate was unsatisfactory or
that you had disrespected my house or my clan by your serious lack of empathy at my
mates’ delicate situation.” Norische spoke in a low even tone that informed the healer he
had every intention of making good on his statement if for one moment Draco was

“I…understand. Mr. Malfoy… I am going to do the standard testing on you, but do to

certain circumstances we will only do those more invasive tests and portions of the exam
that are absolutely necessary and that you feel comfortable with. Please do not hesitate to
inform me of any discomfort you feel.” The healer then looked at Norische.

“Thank you Doctor Felms, your understanding is appreciated.”

The healer rushed through the standard testing and Draco was doing quite well actually.
Then the Doctor went to get a new set of gloves and requested that Draco take his
position at the end of the table in the stirrups. Draco looked up at Norische, not quite
frightened but definitely not comfortable. “It’s ok Draco. Just allow the healer to do as
much as you can, if it gets too bad we will stop immediately.” Norische brushed aside a
loose lock of hair from Draco’s forehead.

Draco appreciated the love and protectiveness that he felt coming from Norische. He took
a deep breath and moved into position. The healer did his best not to be too invasive but
unfortunately, certain things had to be done. When the healer’s finger started to enter his
rectum Draco gasped and tightened his grip on Norische. Norische immediately
demanded the healer to stop, which he did of course.

“How necessary is that?” Norische asked.

“Well, it isn’t mandatory, but we highly suggest it…especially in your form of

relationship.” The healer clarified.

“That is quite alright, if it isn’t mandatory the skip that part, we will have his regular
healer perform that test as soon as possible.” Norische stated to the healer. Then Norische
leaned down and kissed Draco on the forehead. Encouraging him to hold on just a little

“Then the last thing we need is for Mr. Malfoy to manipulate himself to an erection and
then we will need a semen sample.” Stated the healer.

“Draco luv, can you get yourself up or do you need me to do it for you?” Norische asked.

Draco looked mortified. “I’m sorry, but there is no way I can do it… not with strangers
here.” Draco whispered.

“Not a problem luv…” Norische turned to the healer. “Would it be permissible for me to
help him on this part?” The healer nodded and stepped back from Draco, unsure of
exactly how Norische planned to do this.

Norische reached down and caressed Draco’s cheek softly, then turned his head to where
Draco was looking him directly in his eyes. Norische flooded Draco with all the love and
gentleness that he could, then linked directly with his mind. As soon as he felt the link
firmly in place he started showing Draco pictures of their love making, memories of how
Draco looked perched upon his chest, pictures of him bent over the prefects bathing pool
with Draco’s tongue firmly planted in his ass, one right after the other pictures flooded
into Draco’s mind until he was moaning and moving his hips involuntarily.

Norische reluctantly backed out of Draco’s mind but didn’t move away or break contact
with him. “Will that be satisfactory Doctor Felms?” the healer cleared his throat “Quite.”
It was clear the healer was impressed with Norische’s skills at manipulating his mates.

[Oh Merlin I am so horny… oh sweet Merlin,] Draco panted

[I know luv, now when it comes time do you want to try and stroke it yourself, or do you
want me to, or do what I did for Chris?]

[Please I need your touch, please…] Draco looked up into his mate’s eyes begging.

[Not a problem luv, anything for you. It will all be over with in a minute.]

“When ever Mr. Malfoy is ready the only thing we need now is a semen sample.” The
healer stated.

“Ok luv, I need you to kneel up just like what Chris did.” Norische encouraged. Draco
moved himself into the position that Norische instructed and took the little cup that the
healer gave him. Draco took the specimen cup and held it like he saw Chris do. Norische
shook his head and took the cup, sitting it down on the exam table. “Just tell me when
you are going to cum and I will take care of everything else, ok?”

Draco blushed but nodded, closing his eyes.

Norische put his left hand a the base of Draco’s spine and started pushing through the
purple energy that he had previously used on Chris, at the same time Norische reached
over and took a hold of Draco’s throbbing erection and began to stroke it gently. It didn’t
take long and Draco was breathing hard and grabbing onto Norische for support. “Oh
sweet Merlin… I’m gonna…” Draco whispered hoarsely. Norische moved his left and
picked up the specimen cup then angled Draco’s cock to shoot into the cup. Draco
clenched his teeth and came under Norische’s gentle care. Norische handed the healer the

cup and then accepted the warm washcloth offered. As he cleaned his mate Norische
whispered reassuringly to Draco, telling him it was all done, and how proud he was of
him. Draco could hear Norische through the fog of his mind but right now, he couldn’t
really tell what he was saying, so Draco just leaned on Norische and smiled.

Norische helped Draco off the table and into his chair then went over to the sink and
washed his hands. “Is there anything else you need from us Doctor Felms?” Norische
asked as he dried his hands.

“The only thing left is the questions of your sexual actives. From your general behaviors I
am guessing that the three of you are sexually active?”


“Have you noticed any unusual pain or discomfort during sex, or at the time of
ejaculation?” All three shook their heads. The healer asked several rather routine
questions about their sexual activity and offered them educational materials in certain
areas, which Draco accepted. Then with a final scribble on his notepad the healer stood
up and told Norische that he had everything he needed.

“My godmother is outside waiting for your results, she has a current appointment with
the High Council petitioning an approval of Draco and my bonding. I believe you will
wish to speak with her when we leave.” Norische helped Draco put on his clothes and
then slipped his own shirt on.

“Of course Mr. Snape, I should be able to present her with a complete report by then end
of the day but if she would like to have my preliminary conclusions she is more than
welcome to take what I have with her.”

“Thank you.” With that, Norische escorted his mates out of the examination room and
back down to the waiting area where his father, dad and godmother waited. Draco had
been doing pretty good until he saw them, then he got red in the face and moved in close
to Norische. Chris wasn’t much better; he was walking very close to his mate and had
wrapped his arm around him.

“There you boys are.” Pari exclaimed. “I see you two survived…” she said looking at
Draco and Chris, who took turns at seeing who could blush harder. Draco gave up and
simply buried his head in the crook of Norische’s shoulder and hid. Chris wasn’t quite so
bad, but almost.

Remus chuckled at the boy’s responses, and had no doubt at what made them have such a
sudden wave of bashfulness.

The healer came out of the exam room and walked over to Pari. “Madam Parinitra, it is
an honor. I was instructed to have the results of my exams made available to you
immediately. Here is a copy of all three, although I do have some testing to do on a

couple of the samples I took… this information should suffice the Council and cover any
questions they may have. I have given all three young men a clean bill of health and
verified their ability to breed, as well as authorized their right to bond.” The healer
handed over the paperwork and bowed low to Pari.

“Thank you healer. If I have further need of your assistance I will make sure to seek you
out.” Pari brushed him off as if he was dust on her robes, but for all basic purposes, she
was quite civil to him.

With that, the healer turned and left, paying no attention to any of the other individuals in
the group. “Prick…” Was all that Norische said. Pari raised an eyebrow at him, with a
questioning look. “He scared the hell out of Chris, then when it was Draco’s turn… I
ended up having to threatening to rip him into tiny little pieces…I even had to stop him in
the middle of the exam because Draco was having so many problems with the guy’s
groping. Neither one of them felt comfortable enough with him there to be able to give
the semen sample and Draco barely made it that far.” The anger in Norische’s voice was
very apparent. Pari looked at both Draco who still was curled into Norische’s shoulder,
and Chris who was now leaning against Norische’s other side.

“Well he doesn’t have to worry about his bed side manner after I get his report. I can’t
believe he would make the three of you so uncomfortable… but it is very evident that his
professionalism was well below standards. I will see that he is never used by the Council
of Elders or our clan again.” Pari was not about to let this healer get away with such an

“Father can we go home? I need to get these two back… and I am sure we are all hungry
for lunch.” Norische asked.

Severus felt in his heart for what the three boys had been through. “As long as Pari has
nothing else she needs from us, we can leave at any time.”

Pari shook her head. “The Council should start up again in about fifteen minutes, and
then I should have the decision before the end of Council this afternoon. If I need
anything I can call you, so keep your orbs near just in case.” Norische nodded but
appreciated Pari letting them go. “Norische you go take care of your mates and I will talk
to you tonight.” Pari said her goodbyes to Severus and Remus then walked down the hall
of the medical center and disappeared out one of the side doors.

“Ok you two, I am going to take you two back to the suite and then come back for father
and dad.” Looking up to Severus. “If that is alright with you father.” Severus nodded.
Norische took the orb from Remus and in a flash of golden light the three were gone.
After a minute or two another flash and Norische was back. “Ok, they are waiting in the
suite so when every you two are ready…” Severus and Remus each placed a hand on
Norische’s shoulder and one more time the golden glow of the orb flashed them home.


Norische took his mates to bed as soon as he got back, asking his Dad to wake them
when it was time for lunch…but right now they needed rest and that was exactly what
they were going to get. All three stripped and got in under the blankets; it didn’t take long
after Norische laid down with one mate on each side for the trio to be fast asleep.


It was almost two hours later when Remus knocked on the door, to wake the boys. He
heard a muffled sound than shortly. “Come In.” from Norische

“Lunch is in twenty minutes if you three want to get up and get something to eat.”

“Thanks Dad,” Yawn “We need to get over to the dorm anyway, I think I have some
apologizing to do.” Norische mumbled.

Norische softly whispered to Chris to wake up, and started rubbing Draco’s back at the
same time. “Guys it time for lunch we have to get up… come on you two get up. After
lunch we can go back up to the dorm and rest, but right now I am starving.”

Both of the boys just moaned. Norische rolled his eyes and grabbed the edge of the
blanket and threw it off of them. Both Chris and Draco fussed about that but didn’t wake
up. So, Norische crawled to the edge of the bed and got off the bed, then went into the
bathroom. When he came out Chris and Draco were cuddled together with the blanket
back up over them. Norische shook his head and decided to let them sleep. So, he pulled
his leather pants and black t-shirt on then grabbed his boots and headed out into the living
room to put them on.

“Aren’t Chris and Draco going to go to lunch with you?” Remus asked.

“No they are both still out of it. If they make it down fine if they don’t they can wait until
dinner to eat. They need the rest just as much as they need the food. I on the other hand
definitely need the food. So I am out of here.” Norische said goodbye to Remus and
headed down to the dinning hall.

Norische smiled when he saw his father sitting at the head table, so he went up there to
say hello before he went over to the Slytherin table.

Blaise was sitting there talking to Pansy and got real quiet when Norische sat down. The
silence was way to obvious and so Norische had to do something about it.

“Pansy, I have been informed that I was a complete arse this morning, and I wanted to
apologize. I hope that I didn’t cause too many problems or do anything too offensive.”
Norische lowered his eyes as if he were ashamed of his behavior.

“Well you were being a bit of a prat.” Pansy stated. “How much did you drink anyway?”

Norische cleared his throat “May I state something without offending you?”

“Yeah…” Pansy said hesitantly.

“I didn’t drink anything. I was energy drunk. You know I am Vampyric; well I am a
pranic vamp. Which means I feed off of sexual energy. Chris and I had just…well… been
together, and I had taken in too much. It makes me act like I am drunk, slurred words,
disoriented, boisterous, obnoxious, all the things that people normally associate with
being drunk.” He explained. “But you saw how I behaved the other night when we were
playing the game. I was very close to drunk and I didn’t act anything like that, did I?”

Pansy shook her head.

“Please forgive me for being a little bold but… what happens is that when I have sex,
ah…very heated sex…the endorphins in my system trigger a chemical change.
Specifically, they along with enkephalins are released creating an almost euphoric
feeling. I end up rather loopy, and feeling absolutely no pain. Unfortunately, the euphoria
also creates almost a drunken stupor. It only takes about twenty minutes for the level of
chemicals to equalize and return to normal but during that time I can do or say things that
are completely out of my control, many times I don’t even realize I am doing it.”
Norische explained. “Normally I just avoid contact with other individuals at that point but
unfortunately we had an appointment today and well… I didn’t think about it until I was
already in trouble.”

“I honestly hope that my careless behavior did not upset you too much, I really don’t
know exactly what was said, but I was told I should beg for forgiveness and not be
shocked if you slapped me the next time you saw me. Something about trying to take my
pants off, but I didn’t catch all of that.” Norische looked at Pansy as if he were trying to
read her expression.

“Well since you have told me all this, I kinda feel foolish for getting so upset. I mean you
can’t exactly help who you are, or how your body reacts to certain… behaviors. Apology
accepted.” Pansy stated with a smile.

“Thanks, I really appreciate that.” Norische smiled.

“So where is Draco and Chris?” Pansy asked.

“Well Chris was asleep in my room at father’s when I left him but not sure about Draco.”
Norische stated as he began to fill his plate to start eating lunch.

“I thought he was with you two?” Pansy asked.

“He was. Chris and I had to have a physical and he went with us for support. But I have
no clue what he is doing now.” Norische really wasn’t lying, he wasn’t sure if Draco was
asleep or awake or what he was doing.

“Why did you two have to have a physical?”

“My godmother, Pari, requested it.” Norische answered. “Something to do with the
Council of Elders.”

Just about then Chris and Draco walked in the Dinning Hall. [Hey there guys. Quick
overview. I apologized to Pansy, explained the whole pranic vamp and energy thing. I
told her that Chris and I had just had a rather heated session when she had seen me and
hence the ‘drunken’ appearance. She asked where you two were so I told her that Chris
was in my room at father’s asleep last time I saw you, but I wasn’t sure where Draco was.
Then she said she thought Draco was with us, so I informed her that Draco had gone with
Chris and I to for support when we had our physicals, then the nosey bitch wanted to
know why we had to have physicals so I told her that Pari requested it, that it was
something to do with the Council of Elders. Ok that is everything up to the minute.]

[Good grief she can be nosey.] Draco whispered, looking frustrated.

[I have a feeling she was drilling me for information, so be careful…I did my best to keep
you out of things Draco, but I don’t know how much she believed or what she will ask

Chris walked over to the Slytherin table and sat down next to Norische, yawning as he
did so. As soon as he sat down he leaned against Norische who immediately kissed him
on the top of the head. “Did you get any more sleep after I left?”

“A little, but once I noticed you weren’t there I couldn’t sleep so I came up here to get
something to eat.” Chris nuzzled Norische for a moment then yawned one more time and
straightened up. Chris picked a couple of sandwiches and some chips and put them on his
plate then poured himself some pumpkin juice and sleepily started to eat.

Draco sat down across from Norische; he looked his normal perfect self. It looked like he
may have taken another shower or at least wet down his hair a little before coming to

“Draco, where have you been all morning?” Pansy asked.

“None of your business.” He looked at her with a scowl on his face.

“That isn’t very polite.” Pansy stated.

“No, I assume it isn’t, but it still isn’t any of your business.” Draco brushed her off and
picked up a half a sandwich and started eating.

Norische looked at him with a slightly raised eyebrow, but said nothing. Blaise knew
there was more to the conversation than what Draco was saying but didn’t push it either.

After lunch, Norische put his arm around Chris and headed out the doorway down
towards the Slytherin dorms. Chris was pretty much awake by now although still not
quite himself. [Gods I am sleepy, I think I am going to go back to the dorms and take a
nap guys.] Norische whispered. [I think I will join you.] Chris responded. [Same here. I
am so tired right now I can barely walk.] Draco added.

[Ok then, we head back and take a nap, only one problem… where are we all going to
sleep…two do ok to fit into those beds, but three is impossible. And I don’t want to make
it too awkward for Draco. Maybe we should all nap in our own beds, at least for now.]

Chris whimpered and Draco moaned at the thought. [I know guys but we don’t have too
much choice here, those beds aren’t big enough for three, so it is either go back to our
room or go up to the dorms and sleep separately for a while.] Norische thought for a

[I got it! What if we transform Chris and my bed together, No one can say anything since
we are bonded mates and it will give us all the space we need. Draco can put the curtains
up on his bed and then put a privacy spell on them. He can get into bed with us and if
anyone comes in he can apparate to his bed and no one will be the wiser.] Norische
whispered excitedly

[That’s great! Let’s go!] Chris didn’t sound quite as sleepy this time. Norische chuckled
at the enthusiasm in his voice.

“Something funny?” Pansy asked

“Yes, but seeing as how you are a lady, I think it would be inappropriate to discuss it.”
Norische stated with a wicked grin.

Blaise looked over, having been listening in on the whole conversation since the start,
even though he had remained quiet. “Well if you cant tell her, how about me.” He
returned the rather lude grin.

“We are heading back to the room, I can tell you there…where it is more private….if you
like.” Norische winked at Blaise.

[Hey! Quit flirting, you’re going to make me jealous or something stupid like that.] Draco

Norische smile and maneuvered himself where he could reach Draco’s legs from
underneath the table. Then he started running his booted foot up and down Draco’s leg

stopping every now and then to press just right against his crotch. Draco closed his eyes
and tried hard not to moan. [Now about that bed thing?] Norische asked.

[We are so out of here.] Draco stated as he started to get up.

Norische looked at Draco. “Leaving Draco?” He asked almost innocently.

“Yeah, I need to put up all that stuff I got from London before the leather starts to crease,
I didn’t pay all that money just to ruin something.” Draco responded.

“Well if Chris is ready, we can walk with you. We still have a bunch of stuff to put up
and I am supposed to be studying my potions book. I made a huge mistake on my
O.W.L.s with father and I refuse to let that happen again.” Norische just remembered that
school starts in three days and he desperately wanted to make sure that he was ready.

“Chris did I tell you that father has asked the headmaster if I can be his assistant with the
fifth, sixth and seventh year students in his class. I made a 98 on his O.W.L.s and I think
he was really proud of me.” Norische voice revealed his excitement even if his demeanor
was calm.

“98 you have got to be kidding. Draco had the highest score in the class and he made a
97. That is incredible! What kind of mistake did you make?” Blaise asked.

Norische lowered his head, looking somewhat ashamed. “He gave me ten potions to do, I
managed each one without a problem. But he wanted me to do an Invigoration Draught
and I didn’t know what potion he was referring to so I couldn’t make it. He gave me half
credit on the potions since I was able to give him the specifics of two other acceptable
alternatives… but I didn’t know the right one so… I really messed up.”

Draco spoke up. “Well how can you be expected to know every potion Snape uses, from
your end score it sounds like you did great.”

Norische sadly shook his head. “I had my books for almost a week ahead of time, I
should have been reading them and then I would have known. I would have known what
one he wanted and been able to do it. I was lazy and I failed.” Chris leaned over to his
mate and rested his head on Norische’s shoulder… knowing how much it had meant to
him to impress his father.

Blaise spoke up. “Nah failure is when you blow things up, like Neville Longbottom. I say
if you didn’t blow anything up then you did pretty good.” He teased with a grin.

Norische realized that everyone was trying to make him feel better. “Well, I feel that I
have failed my father once and I don’t intend to do it again. So my next three days are
pretty much going to be me reading my potions book and going over some of my other
text books. I mean I can’t disappoint him again.”

Chris looked up at Norische worried and then looked over to Severus who apparently was
looking at his son concerned. [Sir, Nori was telling us about his potions test he had with
you. It really bothers him that he didn’t get that Invigoration Draught right. He said that
he failed you once and that he has no intention of doing it again. He thinks he is a
disappointment to you.] Chris whispered to Severus trying to not let Norische know he
was doing it.

[What! How can he think….] Severus’ voice calmed after a moment or two. [Thank you
for telling me Chris, I will talk to him later about this.] Severus was apparently on a slow
burn… upset that his son would think such a thing.

“Let’s go Chris, I don’t feel much like eating anything else right now.” Norische said in a
hushed tone. Draco, Chris and even Blaise looked at him worried.

Draco spoke up. “Well, I tell you what…it would be an inconvenience to me mind you,
but rather than see you mope around the dorm for the rest of the weekend. I will go over
some of Snape’s basic potions including the Invigoration Draught with you. Just don’t
think I am going to be willing to do this all the time. I am a prefect and you can’t be
hogging all my time you know.”

Norische smiled a little, looking over at Draco. “Thanks I would appreciate it. I just want
so much for my father to be proud of me.” Everyone within earshot could tell how
Norische felt and sympathized with him. Not only was his father a professor at Hogwarts,
but he was also the most feared and toughest teacher in the school.

“Ok then, let’s go. I have got a lot of stuff to put up but then we can meet in the commons
room and we can go over some of the basics.” Draco started to get up. Norische gave him
a sad smile and rose as well, extending his hand to Chris as he did so.

Blaise got up and joined them, “I want to see the stuff you guys got in London, I didn’t
snoop mind you but I couldn’t help but notice the bags. I would love to see it…if that is
ok that is.”

Norische looked over at Blaise and smiled slightly, nodding. “Come on, you can help
take the tags off stuff.” With that, the four of them got up and headed out the door.

Severus couldn’t help but notice the sadness that seemed to weight down on his son right
now. [Remus, Remus are you busy?]

[No luv, just going over some notes for class, what’s wrong?]

[I need your advice about something with Nori, if you have a few moments.]

[Of course, do you wish me to come to the dinning hall or meet you somewhere when
lunch is finished?]

[It will be a while before I am finished here; if you could I would appreciate your time in
the dinning hall]

[Not a problem, be there shortly luv] With that Remus put down the seating chart he was
working on and picked up his cloak, as he headed out the door. [On my way.]


Norische walked back to the dorm quietly, not really listening to the others. As they got
close, Norische changed his mind and said he was going to go out to the courtyard for a
smoke, and told the rest of them to go on up to the room. Chris started to protest but
Norische simply said, “Please” and reluctantly Chris and Draco headed up to the dorm
without him.

Norische walked slowly out to the courtyard, not really paying attention too much. Once
there he found a nice bench and laid down on it. Taking out a cigarette, Norische lit it and
took a long smooth drag. Then leaned back and watched the clouds role by, thinking.


Remus made his way up to the main table where Severus and Minerva were sitting,
Remus sat down in the chair next to Severus and leaned in to speak.

“What’s wrong, you sounded worried?”

“Chris just informed me that Norische feels he failed me, failed us… with his mistake on
his potions test. That apparently because of that, and I presume his medical conditions
that he feels he is a disappointment to me.”

Remus looked sad and shocked at this. “How can he think such a thing, did someone say
something or insinuate something that he might have misunderstood?”

“Not that I am aware of, but I may not know the full story either. I only know what Chris
was willing to state.” Severus whispered.

“What do you suggest? We can’t just go up and tell him he is wrong, because he won’t
believe us, or he will think were just patronizing him. Which will make matters worse. If
we ignore this and allow him to work this out on his own, he may end up thinking we
don’t care or that his assumptions are right.”

“I have no idea, I honestly wish I knew…” Severus looked quite lost as well.

Minerva cleared her throat. “Pardon me professors. But I couldn’t help but overhear your
dilemma. I don’t mean to interfere but I do have a suggestion if you wish to hear it.”

Severus nodded. “Please Minerva continue.”

“Well there is one student here that spends a great deal of his time fighting the feeling
that he has let others down, and dealing with feeling like a failure. It might be helpful if
you asked him to speak with your son and see if it will help.”


Norische took a long drag on his clove and decided that the particular cloud he was
looking at was not a Chinese fire dragon but a welsh blue spiked instead. However, as
much as the cloud whirled and twisted in the breeze it could be a snoogleworm for all
Norische could tell. This brought a half smile to Norische face, then with a sigh the smile
faded away.

“Hey Norische.”

Norische looked over to see Harry walking over to him. “Hey Harry.”

“What’s wrong? You don’t sound too good.” Harry asked as he got closer.


“Ah that again. ‘Nothing’ can be such a pain in the arse.” Harry half tried to be funny, but
Norische didn’t seem to want to laugh.

“Really, you look down. Anything I can do?”

Norische shook his head. “Honest it’s nothing, just something I have to work out in my

“Is it something to do with your health?” Norische shook his head

“Then is it something to do with one of your mates?” Norische knew he was asking if
Draco had done something but he just shook his head.

“Well since school hasn’t started, that leaves something from your past or your
relationship with Professor Snape.” Harry speculated out loud.

When Norische didn’t respond, Harry pushed. “Is it something from you past?” Norische
shook his head, and took a deep drag on his cigarette.

“Ok, well that leaves Professor Snape. What happened? Did you guys have a fight or
something?” Harry asked.

Norische breathed a deep sigh and realized that Harry was trying to help, to be a friend.
“No, he didn’t do anything. It’s me.”

“Ok then, what did you do?”

“I am such a disappointment to him, I don’t see why he hasn’t already asked me to

leave.” Norische sighed.

“What do you mean, a disappointment? Has he said that to you?” Harry looked

“No but, I mean…look at me. I am sick…I have been in and out of the hospital wing so
many times since I have been here I know the entire staff on a first name basis. I do
nothing but cause trouble…look at the ministry of magic incident, then the problem with
your godfather, and then the problem with Pansy. I can’t seem to do anything right, I
even messed up my potions test…” Norische stopped, and took a deep breath. “I had the
books for over a week and I was stupid and lazy and didn’t even bother to go over the

Harry looked at Norische and sat down next to where he was laying. “Well your health
thing isn’t your fault, that is just nature. The ministry well you didn’t exactly plan that
one, while what happened with my godfather was a little dense he seems to really like
you and loved it when you two were running through Severus’ suite chasing each other…
so that is no problem. What’s the problem with Pansy?”

“Oh I got a little loopy from feeding and said some stupid things, but the way I was
acting probably caused her to contact Draco’s father and that is going to cause even more
problems.” Norische responded.

“Did you apologize and explain it to her?” Harry asked.

“Yeah and she is ok with it now but I think she already told Draco’s father.”

“Stop right there, if you don’t know for sure. Don’t go borrowing trouble; you already
have your own fair share of it to start with. Just deal with what is going on right now, we
will deal with that when the time comes. Now what was this about your potions test?”
Harry asked.

“I was an idiot. I had my books for over a week and didn’t go over them. So when father
gave me my potions exam I didn’t know which Invigoration Draught he was referring
too. Since it was a test, he couldn’t tell me so I ended up failing that part. I can’t believe I
was so stupid.” Norische’s voice got lower as he thought about it.

“How many potions did he have you do?”

“Ten. Draught of Living Death, Veritaserum, Polyjuice Potion, Wolfsbane Potion,

Draught of Peace, Invigoration Draught, Dreamless Sleeping Draught, Amortentia,
Purification Potion, and Mandrake Draught… I did all but the Invigoration Draught
perfectly.” Norische listed the different potions as he remembered them.

“Ah…Norische… Snape didn’t give you a standard O.W.L. he gave you the N.E.W.T.
Our O.W.L. only had three potions on it and he gave us a list of ten possible two weeks in
advance so that we could study for them. I know you probably won’t agree but if you get
rid of the one potion you couldn’t do, you still did three times as many potions as anyone
else in the class and did them perfectly. So I honestly think you need to shut up and get
over yourself….” Harry looked at him a little shocked.

Norische sat up and looked at Harry. “Really, I mean you aren’t just telling me that. You
only had three potions?”

“Ask any of the sixth years. We all had the same test.” Harry nodded.

“Wow, no wonder he let me keep my supplies and gave me back my restricted items. He
even asked me to be his apprentice with the fifth, sixth and seventh year students.”
Norische was suddenly feeling a whole lot better about himself.

“Well see, all this worrying for nothing. If I were you, I would just go through and study
the book and be ready for Monday, to assist the class. I know that potions is not one of
my favorite classes so I will probably begging you to help me a lot.” Harry smiled

“Thank you so much Harry. Gods I have been so stupid.” Norische reached over and
hugged Harry. “Ah…sorry about that. I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable or

“So every thing is ok then?” Harry looked a little bashful but let it drop. “Yeah,”
Norische replied. Harry smiled and then the stood up and extended his hand to Norische
helping him up. “I don’t know about you but I have some reading to do, so I will talk to
you later…and if you need to talk…come over and find me, its better than sitting out here

“Thanks Harry.” Norische gave Harry one more smile then headed back inside to the


The dorm room door opened and Norische stepped inside; as soon as he did, he knew
everyone’s eyes were on him. He really didn’t want to discuss it, so he just went over to
his bed…which was now his and Chris’ bed transformed into one…and laid down.

Chris watched Norische but didn’t say anything. Then putting down the shirt he was
trying to hang up he crawled into bed with him. Norische closed his eyes and sighed.
Then he felt Draco watching sadly. Norische looked up and saw Blaise watching them.
Norische made a decision; he held his hand out to Draco and nodded. Draco rushed over
and climbed up on the bed with them and curled up next to Norische.

Smiling Norische looked back at Blaise. “Hey gorgeous, we still have space if you want
to join in?” Blaise laughed and put down the pants he was hanging up and walked over
and laid down behind Chris. Who giggled as he felt Blaise rub himself against his ass.

“MMM…. A bed full of gorgeous males…what else could an alpha want.” Norische
laughed and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Pari, Severus and Remus walked up the stairs to the dorm room talking quietly amongst
themselves. Severus would have knocked but Pari shook her head and then placed her
hand on the door. “It’s safe nothing sexual going on in there right now.” Pari whispered
and opened the door. Severus and Remus were a little shocked to say the least.

“Norische Renee De Lenoir what in the world are you doing.” Pari shrieked.

Blaise who was cuddled up behind Chris fell off the bed and hit the floor hard with a
yelp. Draco jumped up and was standing next to the bed before he realized he was awake.
Norische and Chris just looked at Pari and smiled, Norische waived. “Hello Pari.”

“These two I recognize, but who is that? What are you doing young man, collecting
males?” Pari demanded.

“No Pari that it Blaise he is our room mate, I just didn’t want him to feel left out.”
Norische explained. He honestly didn’t see why his godmother was so upset, everyone
had their clothes on, although Blaise did seem to be rather enjoying snuggling up behind
Chris…if the nature of his dress pants were any indication that is.

Severus looked over to Blaise, taking notice of his state of arousal. “Mr. Zabini you will
leave immediately.” Severus stated…it was clear it was not a request, so Blaise grabbed
his robes and rushed out the door.

“Now boys.” Pari started. “The reason I came by was to tell you that the bonding has
been approved, and can be done immediately.”

Norische let out a shriek and jumped out of the bed, grabbing Pari in a hug and swirling
her around in a circle. “Put me down young man, put me down!!” Pari was laughing and
swatting at Norische head. In the mean time, Chris pounced Draco who was in shock.
Norische sat Pari down carefully and reached over and hugged his father then Remus.
Then turning he jumped over the bed and grabbed both his mates and drug them down on
the bed, laughing.

Pari tried to appear calm and proper, but she was laughing just as much as Norische was.
“Ok boys, we need to get you three bonded, and we need to do it soon. I have already
spoken to Severus and Remus and they agree that if possible we need to do it tonight.
Now what did you three have in mind.”

Norische looked over to Chris and Draco, then went over to Draco. Norische looked into
Draco’s liquid silver eyes and pulled him into a deep embrace. “This is your ceremony
luv, we will do what ever you choose.” Draco wrapped himself around Norische and
nuzzled his neck.

“I want the same ceremony you two had. That way we are all the same.” Draco sighed.

“Ok then, we should still have the stuff from our bonding. All we need is two witnesses.
Personally while I love father and dad, I don’t want a repeat of the last time, that would
just be too weird. Who would you like to be your witness?”

“Well, Blaise is actually my best friend, and I know he would do it without saying much.
Plus he would probably enjoy it.” Draco chuckled. “Who are you going to pick?”

“Would you mind very much if I asked Harry Potter?” Norische looked down at Draco,
waiting for his answer.

Draco was a little shocked at the request but right now, he would do anything for his
mate. “If he is the one you want then that’s is fine with me.”

“I love you Draco. Will you be my mate?”

Tears started falling down Draco’s cheek. “I love you, and it would be my honor.”
Norische reached down and with a loving hand lifted Draco’s chin and kissed him. Their
lips touched and the rest of the world disappeared. Their tongues explored each other,
tasted each other and told each other of their passion.

“Ah hem. BOYS!” Pari was attempting to get their attention for a few moments
apparently. “If we are going to do this then let’s get it done. You two go talk to your
prospective witness and your fathers and I will get everything else set up.”

Draco took off looking for Blaise and Norische ran off in the direction of the Gryffindor
tower. When Norische got to the painting of the fat lady he asked her to relay a message
for him. A moment later, a young Gryffindor opened the painting and peeked out.

“Could you possibly get Harry Potter for me, my name is Norische.”

The boy nodded and closed the painting. A moment later, the Painting opened again and
Harry was standing there smiling. “What can I do for you Norische?”

“Harry I need to talk to you privately it is really, really important…” Norische was
grinning from ear to ear so Harry knew it wasn’t anything bad.

“Sure do you want to come into the commons room?” Harry asked.

“It’s kinda private, can we go to your room?”

“Ah, sure…come on.” Harry opened the door for Norische and led the way through the
commons room, and up the stairs. Ignoring all the stares and glares he was getting from
everyone else. Thankfully, there was no one else in his room, so Harry just put a
silencing spell up and sat down on his bed. Then patted the bed to indicate to Norische
that he should sit down on the bed too. “So what’s up, you are smiling so much you look
like your face is going to explode.” Harry laughed.

“Oh gods Harry I am so happy. Pari, petitioned for Draco and I to be bonded and they
approved it. We are legally bonded now. All we have to do is the ceremony and it is all

Harry’s face lit up and he threw his arms around Norische hugging him with all his
heart.... “Congratulations, this is great! While I still have my doubts about Draco, he has
definitely changed, and if being with you just a week has changed him this much I can’t
wait to see what the next several years brings.”

Norische squeezed Harry back and laughed, “This is so wonderful. I have waited for this
day for eight years, dear gods this is unbelievable.” Norische couldn’t stop himself from
laughing and giggling.

About that time, Ron and Hermione walked through the door. “Bloody Hell! You let
loose of Harry you freak!” Before anyone realized it Ron had drew his wand and had it
aimed at Norische.

“RON!” Harry yelled out.

“Stupify!” Ron called out the curse before anyone could react. Thankfully, even though
Norische’s emotions were running off the charts, his instincts were as sharp as ever.
Before Ron finished saying the curse Norische’s wings were up and wrapped around
Harry and himself.

“Ron! What have you done!?” Hermione shrieked as she ran past Ron over to Norische
and Harry. “Get out Ron! Get out now before I call Professor McGonagall.” As soon as
Ron shut the door behind him, mumbling the whole time mind you, Hermione went over
to the bed and gently moved Norische’s wing and looked down at the two.

Norische looked up at Hermione and grinned. “Hello Hermione, what’s up?” Norische
laughed, and opened up his wings letting Harry loose. “Sorry Harry, it’s instinct.”

“Wow! That was great! Are you hurt, I saw him hit you with the curse but it didn’t effect
you did it?” Hermione exclaimed in disbelief, looking over Norische and Harry to make
sure they weren’t hurt.

“No that curse doesn’t effect me at all, but please keep it to yourself the less people that
know the less people that want to see what other curses and hexes I am immune too.”
Norische folded up his wings. “Gods another shirt, well at least this one is just a t-shirt.
Harry, make sure that Ron gets me another one will you.”

Harry was still a little in shock, so he just nodded. Then it all hit him. “How dare Ron!
How dare he… not only to call you a freak but to curse you as well. This has gone too
far, I am going to tell McGonagall even if you don’t Nori. His prejudice is going to get
someone hurt! I am so sorry… If I had known he would react like that we could have
gone someplace else to talk.” Harry was so mad at Ron for messing up Norische’s good
news. However, apparently Norische wasn’t that shaken over the whole thing.

“It’s ok, I am used to it. I have more important things to think about anyway.” Norische
grinned. “Harry, the reason I wanted to talk to you is because I would like you to be a
witness at mine and Draco’s bonding. I have already asked Draco and he had no
problems, so would you?”

“I honestly don’t know what to say… what do I have to do?” Harry asked.

Over the next few minutes, Norische explained the bonding ritual and obligations of the
witnesses. Answering Harry’s questions as he went.

“Oh it sounds so romantic. If you need more than one witness Norische I would love to
volunteer.” Hermione smiled.

Norische blushed. “Ah Hermione, ah… well… while I am honored there is a small
problem. The witnesses have to witness mine and Draco’s union.” His comment only got
a confused look out of her. So Norische cleared his throat and tried again. “The witnesses
have to watch us through the entire ceremony, I mean they can’t turn away or close their
eyes or anything.”

“So, I think it would be fascinating to watch.” Hermione exclaimed.

Norische turned even brighter red if that was possible. Harry looked at Norische and
asked. “Nori, what exactly are you worried about Hermione watching that you don’t
seem to have a problem with me watching?”

“The witnesses have to watch while Draco and I consummate the bonding.” Norische
quickly explained “Hermione it is nothing against you, I think you are a beautiful lady
and you are really sweet, but you are a lady none the less. I don’t think I could… ah…
well…. gods there is no delicate way to say this. I don’t think I could shag Draco with
you watching, even if my life depended on it.”

Hermione’s eyes got huge. “Oh! That’s what you meant when you said…oh…”
Hermione cleared her throat and then attempted to look very dignified. “Very well, I
understand, but I insist you let us take the three of you guys to dinner in Hogsmeade the
first weekend we get too go.”

Norische grinned and nodded. Then turned back to Harry. “Do you have a problem with
being my witness Harry?”

Harry thought about it for a moment, blushing a little. “No, Hermione is right. It sounds
romantic and absolutely fascinating. I would be honored. Now tell me what I am suppose
to do again.”

“Harry, there is one more thing you should know. Once inside the circle everyone present
must be nude. It is a sign of perfect trust.” Norische explained.

“Ah…who all is going to be there again?” Harry asked getting a little nervous.

“Just myself, Chris, Draco, Blaise and you.”

“Ok, I guess.”

Norische grinned and hugged Harry again. “Thanks Harry this means so much to me.”

Twenty minutes later Harry and Norische met Draco and Blaise, and Chris in front of the
Room of Requirements. Severus, Remus, and Pari were there with their supplies and
robes. As soon as they got there, Norische walked over to Draco and wrapped him in his
arms. Harry on the other hand walked over to Professor Lupin and started talking with
him and Professor Snape.

“He did what!?!” Severus shouted.

“Stupify, thankfully Norische’s wings came out and wrapped around us, and nothing was
hurt except for Norische’s shirt”. Harry looked over to Norische’s shirt and pointed out
that the back of his t-shirt was quite ruined. “Norische didn’t want to cause any problems
but I demand that something be done, Norische did absolutely nothing to cause the attack.
He had just told me about the bonding being authorized and I hugged him to congratulate
him…nothing more. Ron came in and demanded that Norische let go of me and called
him a freak, and then before anyone could say or do anything, he fired. Hermione had to
threaten to get Professor McGonagall before he would leave.”

“I most certainly will see something is done. This time that imbecile has gone too far.
Thank you Harry for telling us. I will take it from here.” Severus fumed.

When they entered the room the boys were thrilled to see that Severus had set up a
separate changing area for them, so they took turns getting into their robes. As Harry was
Norische’s witness he went into the circle first and then placing aside the robes, he cast
the circle and invited the towers as required.

Norische couldn’t help but appreciate the body of the young Gryffindor. Smooth and
athletic, made for speed and dexterity. Norische also took note of a rather healthy male
member, uncut and maybe four inches soft. Definitely nice.

Then Blaise entered the circle and invoked the watchtowers as required. Again, Norische
sneaked a peak. Although Blaise was nice, looking his body was a little softer and less
toned than Harry. He definitely had more body hair but that was probably due to his
lineage, surprisingly he was not built as well as Harry was in the nether regions either,
probably three inches soft, but then again he may be a grower, not a shower. Norische
shook his head to clear his thoughts.

It was his turn. Norische walked up to the edge of the circle.

“How do you enter this circle.” Harry asked

“With perfect love and perfect trust.” Norische answered and Harry allowed him in.
Norische entered the circle and dropped his robes to the side. Harry escorted Norische to
his place in the circle.

Now Draco walked to the circle’s edge and waited for Blaise.

“How do you enter this circle.” Blaise asked

“With perfect love and perfect trust.” Blaise then opened the circle and allowed Draco in,
taking his robes he escorted Draco to the center, to stand beside Norische. Then both
Blaise and Harry took their prospective places to the south and the north of the circle.

Norische reached out and took Draco’s hands. “Draco repeat after me.”

I enter into this unity with an open mind and open heart.

I enter into this unity with an open mind and open heart.

I bring to this unity a gift of heart, so that I may share with my mate the love that I
feel within me.

I bring to this unity a gift of heart, so that I may share with my mate the love that I feel
within me.

I bring to this unity a gift of spirit, so that I may understand my mate and bond with
him in full knowledge of all that is honorable and holy.

I bring to this unity a gift of spirit, so that I may understand my mate and bond with him
in full knowledge of all that is good and holy.

I bring to this unity a gift of my body, so that I may give to my mate pleasure and
share my pleasure with him.

I bring to this unity a gift of my body, so that I may give to my mate pleasure and share
my pleasure with him.

I bring to this unity a gift of time, so that from now until eternity my soul shall be
bonded to that of my mate.

I bring to this unity a gift of time, so that from now until eternity my soul shall be bonded
to that of my mate.

I bring to this unity a gift of life, so that I may bring to my mate an heir, to share my
life and love with, to protect and cherish until life ever more.

I bring to this unity a gift of life, so that I may bring to my mate an heir, to share my life
and love with, to protect and cherish until life ever more.

In all these things, I am free, and give unto my mate freely, without hesitation or

In all these things, I am free, and give unto my mate freely, without hesitation or

My life, my hope, my faith, my dreams, my honor… this things I now place at the
feet of my mate, and ask that he accept them in the spirit in which they are given.

My life, my hope, my faith, my dreams, my honor… this things I now place at the feet of
my mate, and ask that he accept them in the spirit in which they are given

“I, Norische Renee De LeNoir Snape, do hereby accept Draco Lucas Malfoy as my
bond mate.”

“I, Draco Lucas Malfoy, do hereby accept Norische Renee De LeNoir Snape as my
bond mate.”

“By all that is holy, let the universe hereby witness this union, from now until the end of
time.” Harry and Blaise echoed together.

Then Harry walked up to Norische and using the athame he made a small cut in
Norische’s left palm. Setting down the blade, he picked up the goblet and allowed several

drops of blood to fall into the goblet of wine and herbs, before casting the spell to stop
the bleeding.

Blaise walked up to Draco and using the same athame repeated the ritual with Draco,
allowing just a few drops to hit the cup before he did the healing spell and handed the
goblet to Norische. Norische lifted the goblet to his mate in a toast. “My heart, my soul,
my blood, my bond.” With that, Norische took a large drink of the wine mixture and
handed the goblet to Draco. Draco smiled at him and accepted. Raising the goblet to
Norische he stated. “My heart, my soul, my blood, my bond.” Draco lifted the goblet to
his lips and took a large drink as well. Then handed the goblet back to Blaise.

Norische bent down and kissed Draco on the lips. “You are my mate, it is done.” Then he
took Draco’s hand led him over to the podium, and lifted Draco onto the platform.
Norische stood there kissing Draco for a few minutes, then helped ease Draco back to
where he was laying on the his back. Norische got up on the platform and laid down on
top of Draco, spending time to kiss and caress Draco’s neck and chest, paying special
attention to his nipples. “Mine...” Norische whispered as he bit down on Draco’s nipples
first one then the other. Draco moaned and grabbed the edge of the podium.

Norische made his way down Draco’s stomach nibbling and kissing all the way to
Draco’s now very excited cock. Norische licked from the base of Draco’s cock all the
way to the tip, tracing the veins with his tongue. Taking his time to memorize every inch
of his mate’s body. Draco moaned and began to tremble under his touch, Norische took
Draco’s entire cock in his mouth. Feeling the head hit the back of his throat as he raised
and lowered his head. Norische could feel the muscles in Draco’s thighs tighten, and new
he was getting close. [Let yourself go luv, I will catch you]. Draco moaned and bowed
his back and he came, pulse after magnificent pulse hit the back of Norische’s throat and
he drank down every drop, not wanting to waste any of this precious fluid.

After giving Draco a moment to catch his breath, Norische reached over to the jar of
lubricant that was thoughtfully placed near them. Taking the lid off he pushed two fingers
into the scented gel. Then sitting the jar aside Norische reached up and ran his hand up
and down the crack of Draco’s ass, stopping every now and then to press against the
opening he found there. Each time he pressed but didn’t enter Draco would moan,
Norische kept his teasing up until the moans sounded more like begging than just passion
filled exclamations. Using one finger, he slowly entered Draco’s ass, circling, moving
slowly, and stretching. When he felt that Draco was able to handle more, Norische pulled
his hand out and added another finger. Once Draco had relaxed enough, Norische pulled
back and inserted three fingers, pushing and caressing as he went. By this time, Draco
had an erection once again and was moving his hips to the tempo of Norische’s hand.
Slowly Norische moved up to where he could look Draco eye to eye.

[Open your eyes for me luv.] Norische whispered.

Draco slowly opened his eyes; the liquid silver was boiling with passion.

[Do you want this Draco, tell me you want me to do this.]

[Merlin yes, Nori take me, please…] Draco’s voice echoed with passion and desperation.

Norische leaned down and kissed Draco, a warm passionate kiss, a kiss that opened his
heart to his mate and allowed him freedom to wander within his soul. Norische lifted
Draco’s legs and placed his heels on Norische’s shoulders. Then Norische slowly pulled
his fingers out and grasped his own cock, lining it up with Draco’s entrance.

“Draco, when you’re ready, you come to me...” Norische whispered. His words were soft
but they echoed through the silence of the room. Draco whimpered and slowly lowered
himself on Norische’s cock. Easing down until it was completely within him. Draco was
breathing a little hard so Norische gave him a moment to get accustom to the feeling,
then slowly, ever so slowly he began to move. Norische pulled out only an inch or so, and
then pushed slowly back in, keeping this up but making the distance he pulled out a little
more each time. Soon he was pulling out until only the head of his cock stayed inside
Draco’s tight ass. [Are you ready, my luv?] Norische asked. Draco nodded and with that
Norische began to increase the speed of his hips to the point that he was pounding into
Draco without mercy. Draco screamed out his name and grabbed for Norische’s arms, as
wave after magnificent wave hit him. Norische reared back and let out an incredible roar
as he came deep within his mate. Both mates had their eyes closed tight or they would
have noticed the magnificent golden glow that emitted from between them to the farthest
corners of the room. Slowly it faded and those within the room could see again. They
could see a very satisfied Norische slumped over a very exhausted Draco whose legs
were now limply dangling off the sides of the podium.

A few moments later Norische noticed Harry standing next to him with the bowl of water
and a cloth. Norische gave Harry a rather intoxicated smile and accepted the cloth
dunking it in the water he began to wash off his mate and make sure he was nice and
clean. Then Harry handed Draco a similar cloth, although Draco was a little less
cognitive, he still managed to clean off his mate and put the cloth in the bowl that Harry
provided. Norische pulled Draco into a sitting position and wrapped his arms around him.
Draco looked into Norische’s ebony fire eyes and whispered “You are my mate, it is
done.” Then snuggled closer to his mate.

Harry dissolved the circle allowing Chris to enter. Chris came over and wrapped his arms
around both of them and kissed both of them, first Norische and then Draco. “Gods if this
is what watching us perform the ceremony was like, I am surprised we didn’t have to
hose down your father and dad.” Chris laughed. Norische shook his head then noticed
that both Blaise and Harry had incredible erections.

“You two want me to help you with those?” Norische asked pointing to both boys’

Harry blushed but didn’t say anything, Blaise just stood there looking at Norische as if he
were trying to figure out what he meant. “I can take care of those…I don’t mind…and I

promise I won’t even touch you.” Both boys looked even more skeptical now but they
had to admit their curiosity was peaked, they both nodded.

Norische went over behind where they were standing and extended his hand to where it
was positioned just above their tailbones. “Just relax and enjoy.” Norische whispered in a
low husky voice. After only a moment or two his hands began to glow a deep rich purple,
it was apparent that both Harry and Blaise could feel the energy coming from Norische’s
hands. As the glow became brighter and more intense, both boys began to moan and
breath faster. In a matter of minutes Harry and Blaise came simultaneously, shooting
their cum several feet. The Harry leaned back into Norische unable to stand upright real
well right at the moment, and Norische chuckled and moved Harry over to the podium so
he could lean against it for support.

Blaise joined them as soon as his legs would allow him to move.

Norische wrapped his arms around Draco again and then pulled both Draco and Chris
close to him. Draco looked down at Harry, who was watching them, and smiled. “Pranic
vampyre, hehehe, pranic energy is good.” Then he lowered his head onto Norische’s
shoulder chuckling.

It was several minutes before they were able to leave the room, but when they did they
were wrapped in hugs from Hermione as well as Pari, Severus and Remus. Hermione was
actually shocked when Draco laughed and hugged her back, lifting her feet off the floor.
Harry looked at her shocked expression and just smiled and shrugged. “Pranic energy”
was all he said. Pari coughed and blushed just a little, and that caused Harry to blush
when he realized she understood what he had meant.

“Come on young men I believe we have a dinner waiting in your father’s suite. It appears
your fathers have made special arrangements to celebrate.”

[Father would it be ok if Blaise, Harry and Hermione came as well?] Norische asked.

[That would be fine, there should be more than enough for everyone]

[Thank you so much father, I love you so much.] Norische walked over to his father and
put his arms around him in a very meaningful hug. [Thank you for everything.] Then
Norische reached over and hugged Remus who looked as if he was going to cry. “Thank
you dad, for everything.” Remus wrapped his arms around his son [I love you dad.]
Norische whispered to his dad, at that Remus didn’t even bother to try and prevent the
tears he let them fall.

“Pari, I don’t know how to thank you for all that you have done. Once again, you are my
savior. Gods I don’t know what I would do without you.” Norische released his dad and
wrapped his arms around Pari, kissing her on the top of her head.

“Just remember I am here for you darling, I will always be here.” Pari hugged her godson
then swatted him on the butt, mumbling about a cold dinner.

Severus and Remus had arranged a wonderful dinner for everyone and had it especially
prepared by the house elves. Steak and roast duck, with all the trimmings. The even fixed
the steak the way that Norische liked it, which thrilled him to no end. Soon everyone was
sitting in the living room area talking and relaxing. Norische got a twinkle in his eye and
mind spoke to Draco who blushed furiously, Chris chuckled until Norische repeated what
he had said to Draco to Chris, then it was Chris’ turn.

“Ah…sorry folks but…. Ah… bye…” Chris grabbed Norische and Draco and pulled
them into the bedroom and shut the door behind them… thank the gods for silencing

Hermione, Harry and Blaise excused themselves blushing a little as they looked at the
closed door. Then they headed back to their dorms, leaving just the adults… who
honestly stayed up way into the morning hours talking. Pari filled Severus and Remus in
on some of the more sorted issues of Norische’s childhood, and answered their
questions…trying to be as delicate as possible, although there were times that even Pari
couldn’t hold back the tears. Severus thanked Pari for telling them about Norische and his
past, but Pari could tell that hearing all these things made Severus incredibly sad.

“Severus dear. We can’t change the past… and before you start blaming yourself for
something that was out of your control… remember what you have here and now.” Pari
reached over and picked up Remus’ hand. “You and Angelica were not in love, you were
two young people exploring possibilities. She told me once that she knew you were not
her mate, but that you were the only one that was ever kind to her, that wasn’t afraid of
her. She may have found her mate in a few years and left you even if you had been
together…so don’t blame yourself. You have love, a most wonderful and special love,
hold onto that and cherish it…” With that Pari stood up and headed out the door to her


Two weeks into the school year and things were just starting to fall into a routine. Classes
were doing ok, although for the start of the year there sure was a lot of homework. Chris
loved the transfigurations class and excelled in it. Of course Norische’s favorite was
potions, he loved helping his father with the class and watching his father nod
approvingly when he gave the right information to a student, to answer their questions
was wonderful. He knew his father couldn’t show it, but Norische honestly felt his father
was proud of him.

The incident with Ron kinda blew up. Father had filled formal charges as well as docked
Gryffindor one hundred points. Ron’s parents came to the school and begged for him not

to be expelled. With Norische’s pleading, the headmaster negotiated an arrangement.
First, Ron was on a detention with Filtch for three solid months, during which time his
wand was taken away, no Quidditch or field trips and no extra curricular activities were
allowed as well as he had a curfew of 11pm just like the first years. Second, a formal
apology would be issued to both Harry and Norische. Third, Ron had to attend anger
management counseling and Fourth, if Ron so much as bumped into Norische by accident
or spoke word of any of it to anyone then he was instantly expelled.

Also, what happened at the ministry was now front-page news on the Daily Prophet.
Since the ministry didn’t believe they had done anything wrong Dumbledore made good
on his threats and went to every media source in Wizarding Great Britain and told them
what had happened. Although names were left out of the information and some details
were a little sketchy, the fact that the Ministry of Magical Defense attacked an unarmed
minor and caused great physical pain and damage to the boy made everyone in the
Ministry uncomfortable. Norische finally received his formal apology from the Ministry
and notification that all those involved had been disciplined, several of which had been
dismissed one or two had even had their wands removed.

While Severus didn’t like the publicity, he liked the end results. He smirked at the scroll
with when he read it and simply nodded. Handing it to Norische to read.


Tomorrow was Draco’s birthday; Norische had a little surprise in store for him. Chris had
managed to arrange part of his present while Norische was in class, and whispered that
the present had been delivered and was ready. Norische had taken precautions to make
sure that Draco didn’t know what his presents were so he was having fun when Draco
would sit looking at him with those wonderful puppy dog eyes and beg to know what his
presets were.

“No! You will get your presents tomorrow and not a moment earlier, and I am not
speaking about one minute after midnight, I am talking about tomorrow morning after we
get up so don’t keep trying to get me to give them too you.” Norische stated sternly.

“But it’s my birthday I should say when I get my presents.” Draco pouted.

“Keep pouting like that and we will have to have a ‘talk’ about your manners… of course
if you would rather I can have Pari ‘talk’ to you about them.” Norische was getting a little
frustrated but not too bad yet.

When Norische said he would have to have a ‘talk’ with him, Draco’s eyes got big and he
got slightly paler. “You wouldn’t” Then Draco looked into Norische’s eyes…. “You
would… I’m sorry, please don’t make me ‘talk’ to Pari… I’m sorry.” Draco looked truly

“Then I suggest you stop your pouting, and try a little patience, you will get your presents
only if you behave. If you don’t behave then we will have a discussion about your
behavior and wait until I think you have learned your lesson before you get your presents.
Do I make myself clear Draco?” Norische did not like it when Draco pouted, for some
reason it always made him feel like he was being manipulated. Draco nodded but said
nothing, making sure that bottom lip was pulled back in.

That night Norische stated that they were going to spend the night in the suite so after
dinner Chris, and Draco followed Norische down to the dungeons and using their new
private entryway they went into their room. Severus and Remus heard Draco’s scream
from the other room and come running into their son’s room. When the burst into the
room they saw Draco with his legs wrapped around Norische’s waist and his arms
wrapped around Norische’s neck, kissing him passionately.

Chris looked over to Severus and Remus and pointed to the wall. “He saw his first
present.” The gorgeous tapestry that Draco had fallen in love with was hanging proudly
on the wall beside their bed. Both Severus and Remus laughed and shook their heads then
headed back into the main area, leaving the rather excited Draco wrapped around their

“I thought you said I wouldn’t get my presents until tomorrow?” Draco exclaimed.

“Well if you want to be particular about it I can obliviate it from your mind and…”
Norische started

“NO! No… it is wonderful, thank you so much, thank you.” Draco kept kissing Norische
until he was grinding his hips into Norische’s crotch.

“Well since you have already gotten one of your presents do you want your second one?”
Norische asked and looked over Draco’s shoulder to Chris who was grinning.

“Can I, I mean you aren’t teasing are you?” Draco pulled back and looked into
Norische’s eyes.

“No I am not teasing. If you want your second present you can have it now as well.”

“Then I want it.” Draco answered excitedly.

“Ok then, you will have to get down if you want your present.”

Draco carefully climbed down and then stood waiting to be told what to do next. “Draco
do you remember the first time we did anything I told you that during Chris and my
relationship I had bottomed only four times.” Draco nodded. “The first time, was when
we made love for the first time. The second and third times were on his birthday. The
fourth time was when we redid our vows.”

Draco looked at Norische and then realized what he was meaning. “So the first time we
made love you also bottomed, and now it is my birthday so….” Norische nodded. Draco
grinned and reached up to kiss his mate. “I want to unwrap my present right now, can I?”
Norische nodded again, with that Draco set about to enjoy his birthday present.


Three hours later Norische got up out of bed and put on his suede pants not bothering to
put on a shirt or anything else for that matter. Then taking one last look at his sleeping
mates Norische opened the door and shut it quietly behind him. Norische walked silently
over to the cabinet where his father kept his liquor and pulled out the bottle of fire-
whiskey, pouring himself a shot, he downed it and poured another then went over to the
fireplace…and stood there watching the fire dance and crackle apparently oblivious to his
father sitting at the desk in the corner.

Severus watched his son drink the whiskey, wondering what was going on. As Severus
watched, he noticed that Norische’s was crying silently while he watched the fire and
sipped on the drink in his hand. Severus got up and walked over to his son. “Norische?”

Norische jumped and dropped the glass of whiskey, although there wasn’t much left the
glass hit the rock of the fireplace and shattered into tiny pieces. Norische bend down
seemingly intent on cleaning up the mess, and avoiding his father’s eyes.

“Norische, what’s wrong.” Severus asked gently.


“Son, I can see that something is wrong. Please let me help.”

“It’s alright I can deal with it.” Norische spelled away the mess, the stood up and turned
away from his father, wiping his eyes, although the tears kept coming.

[Remus luv, wake up….]

[Yes…yawn…I’m awake, I think]

[I need you out here, Norische just came out of his room and he is crying, He won’t say
what is wrong, he won’t even look me in the eye.]

[I’ll be right there]

“Did you and the boys have an argument?” Severus asked.

“No,” sigh “It’s nothing father, I can deal with it.”

“Perhaps, but helping you deal with it is our job.” Remus stated as he walked out of the
bedroom yawning.

“Father, I wish you wouldn’t have woke up dad, it’s ok…I will be fine”

“He woke me up because he knew I would want to be here, to make sure you’re ok, and
that if he didn’t he would be sleeping on the couch for a week.” Remus said with a sad
smile, as he walked over to Norische.

“Norische, we love you and it hurts us to see you in pain. Please, allow us to help.”
Remus said as he brushed Norische’s hair with his fingers. Then reaching down he lifted
Norische’s head to where he could look him in the eyes. As soon as their eyes made
contact the barrier broke, Norische fell into Remus’ arms and he began to sob. Remus
wrapped his arms around Norische and ran his hands up and down his back trying to
comfort him. Severus came up to the two and put his hands on his son’s shoulders,
wishing he could do more.

Soon the sobs slowed down and Norische just stood there trembling. “Do you want to sit
down?” Remus asked. Norische nodded. The three of them walked over to the couch and
sat down. As soon as they sat down Norische turned and leaned against his father, as if
desperately needing his strong arms for support. Severus gladly wrapped his arms around
his son and waited patiently for Norische.

“Are you going to tell us what is wrong?” Remus asked.

Norische took a deep breath, and said “It’s Draco’s birthday.”

“Yes we know, we have a couple of presents for him when he wakes up.”

Norische shook his head. “No,” sigh. “During me and Chris’ relationship I have bottomed
with him only four times. The first time was when we first made love. The second and
third times were on his birthday, and the fourth time you two witnessed.” Norische wiped
away the tear that was creeping down his cheek. “The first time Draco and I made love I
bottomed, and today is his birthday.”

Remus looked at Severus with understanding in his eyes, although Severus apparently
still did not know what was going on.

“It’s what your grandfather did isn’t it?” Remus asked while rubbing Norische’s back
gently. Severus’ eyes got big as he realized what Remus was asking.

[He said he bottomed on their birthdays, apparently when he does…it triggers some
memories of what his grandfather did.]

[Merlin, I had forgotten…]

Norische nodded. “It’s only once a year, you would think I could handle it… just once a

“Well son, it is actually twice a year at this point and if I am not mistaken this would be
the fourth time in the last month.” Norische looked up to his father, questioning. “Well,
the two episodes in the prefects bathroom, your bonding ritual, and just a little while ago.
That makes four times, and considering you haven’t broken down until now I think you
are doing quite well.”

Norische let a sad smile cross his face, but he shook his head still the same.

“Severus is right dear. You have done very good considering.”

“Well the times in the prefects bathroom I passed out, and well there is this time. So the
only time I didn’t have a major problem was my bonding, and I was still in shock that
Chris was back…so my emotions were not even slightly normal at that point.” Norische
pointed out.

Severus asked. “Norische, if you have this bad of a time with it why do you do it at all?”

Norische sniffed. “Because I love them, and I want to give them something that no one
will ever take from me again. I want them to know how much I love and trust them. And
I can’t let my past control my relationship with my mates.”

Severus nodded, somehow understanding what his son was saying.

“I think I am going to go smoke, I will be back in a little while…don’t worry I’m fine.”
Norische hugged his father then his dad, and stood up and walked out the door heading
towards the courtyard.

As he left the suite the door to his bedroom opened just a bit. It was Chris. As soon as he
saw that Norische had left, he quietly walked over to Severus and Remus, who were now
sitting on the couch holding each other.

“Is he ok?” Chris whispered, apparently not wanting to wake up Draco.

Remus jumped a little not having realized that Chris was there. Severus spoke up. “ He’s
going to be fine.”

Chris sighed. “Good, I wasn’t sure how bad it would be this time, since everything that
has been going on and all.”

Remus looked at Chris. “You knew…. I mean you know about this.”

“Yeah, Pari told me about his grandfather a long time ago, and the first time we made
love he broke down… I thought it was because he was so happy so I let it go. But it

happened again when he bottomed on my birthday. So, I put two and two together and
figured it had to be something to do with his grandfather. I don’t push it, because I figure
if he wanted to tell me he would.”

“If you knew this was affecting him like this why do you allow him to continue?”
Severus asked in a low tone.

“I can’t fight his demons for him, I can only be there to hold him and love him. If I told
him not too then he would think even less of himself, and be even more ashamed of what
happened than he already is. Every time he does it I know how it makes him feel, but I
am not going to hurt him even more by refusing the gift he wants to give me. I know how
much it hurts him, and that is what makes it even more precious to me. I know the
courage it takes for him to do that, and I love him all the more because he is willing to do
that for me…even if it hurts him to do it.” Chris’ eyes filled with tears.

Chris tilted his head to the side and listened intently for a moment. Then went over to the
door to the bedroom and opened it up. “Draco… how long have you been awake?”

Draco walked into the room tears falling slowly down his cheeks. “A while. Why didn’t
you tell me? Why did you let me hurt him like that?”

Chris pulled Draco to him. “Shhh, I know. I didn’t tell you because it wasn’t my place to
tell you, and I allowed it because he wanted it. He wanted to give something of himself
and I am not going to hurt him by telling him he can’t. He loves us, and he is willing to
do anything for us…just remember that. Don’t let him know you know though, it would
crush him.”

Chris held Draco for a moment, then whispered. “He’s coming back, so dry those tears or
else get back to bed.” Draco sniffed and hurriedly brushed away his tears.

Norische opened the door and stopped when he saw Chris and Draco arm in arm. “What
are you two doing up?” He asked cautiously.

“Well I got up when I noticed you were not in bed, and Remus said you went outside to
smoke. Then I must have woke up Draco when I got out of bed so he came out here
looking for you too.” Chris explained.

Draco let go of Chris and bounded over to Norische wrapping his arms around him, with
a big grin on his face. [Gods I had the most wonderful dream, please come back to bed…
I need you to shag me so bad….please…] Draco had his mischievous little boy face on…
with his evil grin. Norische noticed that Draco was rubbing a growing erection against his
thigh and smiled. “Please…”

“Well I guess I can’t refuse can I, since it is your birthday and all.”

“Nope. My birthday, my present. Come on.” Draco turned and started dragging Norische
into their bedroom. Norische laughed and waived good night to Remus and Severus.

Chris leaned down and whispered to the two of them “The boy is learning.” Chris then
turned and sashayed back into the bedroom closing the door behind him.


It was almost two o’clock when Remus softly knocked on the bedroom door, “Come In.”
Norische called out.

Remus opened the door and found Norische laying the bed with a pair of black jeans on
but nothing else, Chris and Draco were nowhere in sight but the shower running that
could be heard through the open door of the bathroom indicated where the boys were.

“How are you doing today?”

“Better, tired but better.” Norische laughed.

Draco called from the bathroom. “Nori, can you have Sev mix up something for my ass, I
think I am going to need it.”

“Sure luv, by the way Remus is here.” Norische responded laughing.

“Crap!” could be heard from the bathroom followed by giggles and laughter.

Remus shook his head and laughed. “I will ask Severus what he has available.”

Norische grinned and shrugged. Then moving rather slowly himself, he got out of bed
and started to get dressed, moaning every now and then when his jeans rubbed just
slightly the wrong way. “I think I am going to have to invest in some underwear or else
some silk pants…. These jeans are murder.”

Chuckling. “Why don’t you do a healing spell, that should take care of most of the
problem?” Remus suggested.

“I did use a healing spell, how do you think I made it through five hours of non-stop sex.
Gods Draco has a wild imagination.” He mumbled.

“I don’t want to know,” Remus laughed as he turned and headed back into the living

Norische grabbed his shirt and started pulling it on, following Remus. “I am going to run
out and catch a smoke, could you see what father might be able to come up with for those

Remus nodded and chuckled as he headed back towards their bedroom. “Sev is just going
to love this.”


Norische walked slowly out to the courtyard, he didn’t even bother to button his maroon
silk shirt that he had slipped on. As soon as he hit the courtyard, he lit up his cigarette.
There were a few students in the courtyard area today but not so many to make him want
to forgo the cigarette and go back inside. Standing there enjoying the first puff on his
clove, Norische closed his eyes and let the cool breeze dance around him.

Norische leaned up against the archway and enjoyed the moment. He could hear girls
whispering maybe twenty feet away, and tilted his head just right so he could hear them

“Merlin, look at those muscles, and how decadent with his shirt open and everything.
Wow, he is so hot.”

“Did you know he is Professor Snape’s son.”

“No really! Wow, all that sex appeal and power too.”

“You better chill out, from what Riza told me, he has a boyfriend.”

“Blast, what a waste.”

Norische chuckled and thought it wasn’t a waste at all, just used for much better things
than gossiping, emotional, girls. Then Norische went over to one of the benches and laid
down slowly, making sure that his jeans didn’t cause any more damage than they already
were. Taking another puff on his cigarette a blast of wind caught his shirt and laid his
chest bare, but Norische didn’t care the breeze felt good on his bare skin, so he just
closed his eyes and relaxed.

As the moments passed, Norische heard familiar voices and opened his eyed to look that
direction. It was Harry and Hermione heading his way. Norische moaned but quickly sat
up and flicked his cigarette away, standing up he started to button his shirt as quickly as

“Sorry Hermione,” Norische apologized as they walked up.

Hermione smiled and blushed then stated, “It’s ok, it looked like you were enjoying the

“Yeah, its really a nice day.” Norische said as he finished buttoning and started tucking
his shirt in, groaning as he did so.

“You ok?” Harry asked concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine… it’s Draco’s birthday.” He looked over at Harry and gave him a half

Harry blushed and knew what he meant but Hermione was not quite sure. But when she
saw that Harry blushed she knew it had something to do with sex, and blushed as well.

“Get away from him Hermione!” Ron’s voice thundered across the courtyard as he
started toward them.

“Don’t you dare tell me what to do Ronald Weasley!” Hermione was embarrassed and

“Go away Ron you’re going to get in trouble.” Harry warned.

“I’m not talking to him, I am talking to Hermione, and I can talk to her if I blasted well
want to.” Ron’s voice kept getting louder

“Ron, why don’t you go, you are upsetting Hermione and causing a scene.” Norische
calmly stated.

“Don’t you dare speak to me you bloody freak, sitting out here half naked in front of my
girlfriend. You’re just plain disgusting.” Ron said with venom in his voice.

“You being naked, now that is disgusting, but me…that is a beauty to behold.” With that
Norische ripped his silk shirt off, popping the buttons and literally shredding the shirt it
self. “Does this bother you Weasley? Maybe its because you like guys better than you
like girls, and are just afraid to admit it.”

“Why you filthy…” Ron started swung his arm but missed.

“By the way, I was half naked when I came out here but I fixed my shirt properly when I
heard Hermione coming over this way…you know why, respect. I covered up out of
respect for her, she is my friend and what she sees in a pathetic excuse for a male like
yourself I have no idea.” Norische knew he was taunting Ron but he was sick and tired of
seeing his friends treated like that.

“Pathetic excuse…. Fuck you! …” Ron swung again, and again he came in contact with
only air.

“Fuck Me? You’d love too. Yeah pathetic, I bet you haven’t even given her a real kiss.
She is a very special lady and deserves to be treated as such. How can something as
pathetic as you even get close to what she needs or deserves.” Norische was circling Ron
as a predator does its prey. The muscles on his chest and arms simply glistened with
sweat as the fury rose inside him.

Several students had already run off to get help.

“You have no clue what she needs. How dare you even talk about her!” Ron shouted.

“I happen to have two very satisfied mates, so I think I know what a mate needs and what
they deserve. I just spent the last five hours shagging my mates Ron, what’s the best you
can do… a ten minute snog, or have you even managed to work up to that yet. You still
stroking it under the sheets at night like a little boy or do you even know how to use it at
all.” Norische egged him on, still walking around Ron, moving, pacing non-stop.

Ron swung again, and to his frustration, once again he hit nothing. “Ron, stop this, this is
insane.” Hermione yelled. Before Harry or Norische could react, Ron swung and hit
Hermione hard, knocking her to the ground unconscious. Harry caught Hermione before
she could hit the ground, staring at her limp body. Screams from all around echoed
through the crowd of students that were quickly gathering.

Ron’s twin brothers Fred and George ran into the courtyard just in time to see their little
brother punch Hermione. They screamed out his name simultaneously but he didn’t hear

The moment Norische saw Ron’s hand make contact with Hermione’s face; Norische hit
him full across the chest. In that split second, Norische transformed into the huge black
wolf and leapt at Ron. They went tumbling for a few feet, but when they stopped rolling
Ron was lying underneath the wolf, and the wolf had Ron’s neck in this jaws.

Professor McGonagall was the first to make it out to the courtyard and she saw from a
distance Ron hit Hermione and Norische change then attack Ron. She came flying around
the corner with her robes billowing behind her and raced over to the wolf and Ron.
Yelling for Norische to let him go. Remus, and Severus made it out to the courtyard just a
moment later, although the first thing they could see was Norische about to rip Ron’s
throat out and Hermione laying on the ground unconscious.

“Fred! George!” Harry yelled out. The two brothers ran over to Harry, he had them pick
up Hermione and lay her on a bench and watch her while he ran over to Norische.

Remus saw Norische with his jaws locked around Ron’s neck and slowly crouched down
and made his way over to his son. “Norische you can’t do this, don’t let what ever Ron
has done ruin your whole school career.” Remus stopped a few feet away as Norische
began to snarl and bristle up. “Norische please, listen to my voice, you need to calm
down… you need to change back and let us take care of this.” Even with his calm tone,
only the sound of his voice made it through the animal fury that was raging inside of
Norische right now.

Harry watched quietly waiting. But Norische didn’t let go. So, Harry decided to try
something different. “Whizzer! Let go of that… and get over here. Hermione needs you

more than that thing does.” Harry walked right up to Whizzer and swatted him on the
butt. “Whizzer get that nasty thing out of your mouth, Merlin only knows when the last
time it bathed was.” Whizzer looked up at Harry and his eyes began to sparkle. Then with
a distinct “Ppfftt” sound Whizzer spit out Ron, and wagged his tail as he went up to
Harry. “Go check on Hermione, she looks like could do with a kiss or two, doggy style.”
Whizzer barked and ran over to the still unconscious Hermione, and began to lick her
face with gusto. Soon her shrieks and laughter could be heard through out the courtyard.
“Ok, ok Whizzer that’s enough I think she’s going to be fine.” Harry laughed and
wrapped his arms around the black wolf, who started licking Harry in response. Having
Sirius as a godfather definitely helped with this situation.

Remus was checking Ron for injuries and found none. Apparently even in his wolf state
Norische had a great deal of self control, not even one puncture wound, although there
were very distinct impressions where each of the wolf’s teeth had made contact with skin
but none had broken the skin. Remus was helping Ron up, when Fred let go of Hermione
and walked over to Ron. Just as Ron looked up, Fred’s fist hit him square in the jaw just
as hard as he could. Ron looked up at Fred from the ground rubbing his jaw.

Fred pointed at Ron and said “You stay down there until Mum and Dad come get you,
and don’t you dare think of getting up.”

“Professor Lupin, Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall. We saw the whole thing, Ron
was being a jerk, he started the argument and Hermione tried to calm him down. He tried
hitting Norische three times but missed; when Hermione told him to quit, he hit her. Then
Norische jumped him and knocked him down. Norische never raised a hand to him or did
anything to provoke this whole thing.” The last part wasn’t quite true, but just words
don’t count…as far as Fred was concerned.

It was Professor McGonagall that spoke first. “Well Mr. Weasley it looks like you are
going to have plenty of time to consider your actions. Since you are already on probation
for cursing an unarmed student, you will undoubtedly be expelled. Contrary to your
brother’s instructions you will get up and come with me to Professor Dumbledore’s
office immediately.” With that she reached down and grabbed Ron by the shirt and drug
him behind her all the way.

Remus suddenly remembered Hermione and raced over to her. “Hermione are you ok?”
Hermione had a pretty bad bruise going and it looked like she might end up with one hell
of a shiner. “We need to get you to the infirmary, to have that looked at.”

Hermione was still laughing at Whizzer’s antics but nodded. Before she could stand up
the wolf transformed back into his human form…. “Oh no you don’t... He hit you pretty
hard there. This time your traveling first class.” Norische picked Hermione up gently and
turned to Harry. “Lead the way.”

Madam Pomfrey quickly decided that there was no damage to her eye or to any of
Hermione’s teeth but the jaw was defiantly bruised badly. So, with a simple spell and a
pain potion she was good to go. Before they left Norische pulled Madam Pomfrey to the
side and whispered something to her, at first she looked a little shocked, but Norische
grinned and shrugged…she just shook her head and walked out of the room. She came
back with a small jar and handed it to Norische, and apparently gave him a good talking

“Ah, I will be right back guys.” Norische yelled to Harry and Hermione. Then he
disappeared around the corner to the loo. A few minutes later, he came out looking a little
more comfortable.

Harry gave him a look that was full of questions. Norische grinned and simply said.
“Friction burns.”

Hermione looked at him confused. “Huh?”

Norische cleared his throat, “Ah… Draco’s birthday.” Norische blushed.

Hermione blushed and then just noticed. “Oh how cute…” pointing to the little bats
hanging from Norische nipple rings.

Norische crossed his arms over his chest. “Crap! I’m sorry Hermione, I forgot.” Suddenly
looking very uncomfortable.

[Guys, I need a shirt down in the infirmary ASAP.]

[Infirmary! What happened? Are you ok?] Draco sounded panicked.

[I’m ok but I need a shirt, now hurry!]

[On our way.] Chris called out.

“It’s ok Norische, can I see them again?” Hermione asked. Norische walked up close to
where she was and lowered his arms, letting her see his tight, well-muscled chest, and
tiny erect nipples. Hermione seemed fascinated with the tiny silver jewelry. “Can I touch

Norische took a step back and tried to cover his chest again, “I don’t think that would be
a good idea.” Just then, Chris and Draco came running around the corner of the infirmary.
Draco was the first to spot Norische and yelled to Chris who almost ran right past the
ward. The two rushed over to his side, breathing heavily. Chris quickly handed him the t-
shirt he brought for him. “Thanks” Norische turned his back to Hermione and pulled the
shirt over his head. Once he had his t-shirt in place and tucked in, he turned back around
to face her.

“So are you going to tell us what happened now?” Draco was confused with Hermione
being the one on the bed instead of his mate.

“Ron went ballistic, he started a fight and he kept trying to hit me but he never managed
to get a hit off. Then Hermione tried to stop him he punched her in the jaw, hard enough
to knock her out. I transformed into my wolf, and kept him down until Harry made me let
him go. McGonagall took him to Dumbledore’s office; I think he is going to be expelled.
Then I brought Hermione here and called to get a shirt.”

“Bloody Hell, Hermione are you ok?” Draco sounded seriously concerned. Draco stepped
over to the bed and took Hermione’s hand. To say the least Hermione was shocked at
this. Harry just smiled and put his hand on Draco’s shoulder.

“She will be fine Draco, nothing broken, just bruised. Oh by the way Happy Birthday.”
Harry winked at Draco knowingly.

Draco blushed and looked away. “By the way Draco, that reminds me…did father have
anything that helped…if not I got some stuff from Madam Pomfrey that worked great.”
Norische asked.

Draco let go of Hermione and moved back over to Norische and punched him on the arm
before wrapping his arms around him and burying his head in the crook of his mate’s
neck. Draco mumbled something that only Norische could hear. “You have got to be
joking. I may not be as sore as I was, but that doesn’t do a thing about my hips or back,
they are still hurting. Good gods, I’ve created a monster.” Norische laughed and slipped
his hand under Draco’s chin, and raised it to meet his kiss. Draco lifted his arms and
wrapped them around Norische’s neck and kissed him deeply and lovingly.

“Ah good, it seems we found everyone together.” Dumbledore’s voice echoed through
the halls of the infirmary; two red headed adults whom Norische assumed were Ron’s
parents, the twins, Ron, Professor Snape, Professor Lupin and Professor McGonagall,
followed him.

Draco moved over to where Hermione was sitting when he saw Ron with them.
Hermione looked at him and wondered if he was actually attempting to protect her… to
her surprise that is what it looked like. “What’s he doing here?” Draco asked nodding at

“Mr. Weasley is here to apologize, and to say goodbye.” Dumbledore looked at Draco
over his glasses and couldn’t help but notice that Draco was holding Hermione’s hand as
if to comfort her.

Molly came over to Hermione and reached up and hugged her. “I am so sorry dear, I am
so ashamed of him…. He will never, ever hurt you again.” She stated and started crying.

Arthur saw Norische and walked up to him. “I assume you are the young man that Ron
tried to hit?”

Norische nodded. “Yes Sir, I am. My name is Norische De LeNoir Snape Sir, I am sorry
that we meet under such circumstances.”

“Understandably, and my name is Arthur Weasley. From what Fred and George told me,
Ron attacked you unprovoked and that you didn’t have even your wand to protect
yourself? Is that true?” Arthur asked.

“Yes Sir. Ron saw that I was talking to Hermione…. I must say that when he first saw
me, I didn’t have my shirt buttoned or properly tucked so I can understand his anger… I
mean it was improper to speak to a lady looking like that. But as soon as I heard her
voice, I stood up and fixed my shirt. Unfortunately, Ron was already upset.” Norische
explained. “Ron made some rather inappropriate comments about my state of dress and I
responded. I am sorry Sir, I probably said some things that just made matters worse but
the way he was screaming at Hermione just wasn’t right and I got mad.”

Arthur nodded but kept listening. “He made some rather disgusting remarks about me
having male mates, my sexuality and our sexual activities. I responded. Then Hermione
tried to get him to calm down and he hit her…he hit her so hard it knocked her out. Harry
managed to catch her before she fell but she was already out. Then I morphed and hit
him dead on in the chest, knocking him down. I just held him there until the Professors

“Yes you’re an animagus, and you transformed into a wolf, is that correct?” Arthur

“Yes Sir.” Norische explained.

Molly looked over at Arthur, and then said. “I am so sorry dear for what Ron has done,
please don’t assume that this is the way he was raised or that his behavior is acceptable in
any manner. Who you choose as mates is none of his business nor does he have any right
to treat you with such disrespect.” Molly patted Hermione on the hand once again and
walked over to Norische.

Norische immediately lowered his head, looked at the ground and clasped his hand
together in front of him. Noticing Norische’s movements Chris immediately did the same
thing. Harry took the hint.

“Mrs. Weasley may I introduce Norische De LeNoir Snape and his mate Rashira
LaCroix, or Chris.” Harry introduced them.

“Well it is nice to meet you young man, I just wish we didn’t have to meet like this.”
Molly was evidentially flustered at the boys’ behavior.

Norische bowed slightly and extended his hands out palms up. “Mas es emerit.” He

Molly was truly confused now. “Ah Mrs. Weasley he said ‘I am honored.’ It’s
Vampyric.” Harry explained.

Hermione chimed in. “Both Norische and Chris are exhibiting what they call formal
manners. In their culture, the mother is the head of the house, and so they are honoring
you as the head of your house. They won’t speak or raise their heads or even look up
until you tell them too.”

Molly looked totally flustered now. “My goodness such manners, well yes, yes of course
boys you may lookup and please feel free to speak. Oh my goodness…”

Dumbledore just stood over to the side and watched the young man, the twinkle in his
eyes just glowing.

Norische straightened up with a nod of thanks; Chris kept his line of sight low, no higher
than Molly’s knees, and moved a more appropriate distance away from Norische.

“Thank you, M’lady. I must apologize for my mate’s inappropriate behavior he has yet to
be trained in proper manner in which to greet a Minde Cladire.” Norische kept his voice
low and did not look Mrs. Weasley in the eyes.

“A Minde Cladire?” Arthur asked.

“Yes Sir, a Grand Lady.” Norische explained.

“Oh my,” Molly flushed at being called a Grand Lady. “Your mate seems to have
impeccable manners as yourself, there is no need to apologize.” Glancing over at Chris.

“Forgive me M’lady, I was speaking of my second mate.” Norische extended his hand
towards Draco, who immediately came over to his side and assumed the same position
that Chris was in.

“Draco Malfoy is your mate?” Her voiced raised.

“I am sorry M’lady, has his presence offended you?” Norische asked, those around him
could tell the worry in his voice.

“No. No he hasn’t offended me… I am just surprised. I have known Mr. Malfoy for a
long time and well I hadn’t heard he had found a mate.” Molly looked at Draco, as if she
were seeing him for the first time today.

“My apologies M’lady, we have told no one outside the school except members of my
house. We have only been bonded for a very short time.”

[Nori, should I apologize or something. This is so strange. I don’t know what you expect
me to do.] Draco said, the stress was clear in his voice.

“M’lady, Draco wishes to speak with you, if he may?” Norische asked, pleased that
Draco took the initiative and didn’t get offended or defensive about this. Norische pushed
through a gentle warm feeling though their link letting Draco know that he was proud of

“Well, yes that would be fine, I guess.” Molly looked at Arthur who had been smiling
through all of this.

Draco raised his head slightly but didn’t look up, just as he had seen Norische do. “My
apologies M’lady,” He decided to use the same title that Norische was using. “I am afraid
that my ignorance of tradition and protocol may have in some manner offended you or
brought shame on your house or the house of my mate. I am greatly ashamed that I have
behaved in such a manner in the presence of a Minde Cladire, and ask that you forgive
me…it was not my intention to disrespect your position, or your house.” Draco finished
softly. Then bowed his head again and waited.

[Excellent, I am so proud of you! You did wonderful…. Pari would be proud of the way
you have behaved here.] Norische immediately let Draco know that he had done very

[Thanks, I was just winging it…but you are going to have to teach me about this protocol
stuff… I don’t want to embarrass you or anyone and I would prefer not having to

[Not a problem, Chris is well trained and will be happy to help, for now what ever Chris
does, just follow.]

“Well, Mr. Malfoy…. Apparently finding a mate has been a great improvement for you.
Your manners are just wonderful. And apology accepted.” Molly was still in shock but
she looked over at Draco, just shook her head and smiled.

“Thank you M’lady. You patience is appreciated.” Norische stated.

“I would honestly love to meet your mother young man, anyone that can bestow such
manners on today’s youth should be congratulated.” Molly smiled.

Norische bowed his head slightly. “My apologies M’lady, my mother has passed.
However if you wish, I can make arrangements for you to meet with the Minde Cladire of
my House, her name is Lady Parinitra of Shadowhaven. I am sure that she would be
honored to meet you.”

“I am sorry dear, about your mother, but I would love to meet the head of your house.”

Norische beamed with pride. “Thank you M’lady, please simply let either myself or one
of my mates know when would be a convenient time and I will make all the

“While all of this formality has been truly refreshing, please let’s just relax and talk about
what happened here today.”

“As you wish, M’lady.” Norische smiled.

He then turned to Chris and whispered something to him. Chris nodded and left the area.
Draco looked at Norische to try and figure out what he should be doing. So, Norische
went over to him. “It’s ok, she requested informal so you can just be yourself. Now don’t
think that you can be disrespectful or act too familiar towards me in her presence but you
can just be yourself. So if you want to go back over and stay with Hermione you can or
you can stay here by me.”

About that time, Chris came back into the room levitating a rather comfortable looking
chair behind him. When he got close, Chris looked at Norische who nodded. “M’lady,
would you like a seat.” Chris still kept his eyes down but he spoke directly to Molly,
which was a little better.

“Well that is just wonderful, thank you yes.” Molly smiled and showed Chris where to
place the chair for her. “And please Chris call me Molly or Mrs. Weasley.”

Chris looked at Norische totally shocked. Norische walked over and explained. “I am
sorry…ah… Mrs. Weasley, but for Chris to address you in such a familiar manner would
be viewed as highly disrespectful. Although if that is what you wish, he may.” Chris’
eyes got as huge and he blushed.

“Well I don’t want to make him uncomfortable, how about Ma’am instead. Would that be
better dear?” Molly looked at Chris, who nodded slowly…still looking at Norische

Norische chuckled at Chris’ lack of comfort. “I’m sorry Ma’am but Chris has never met a
Grand Lady who wishes to be on such familiar terms with him… he doesn’t quite know
what to do.”

“Grand Lady, my goodness… I am just Molly Weasley, no more no less.” Molly said as
she sat down on the comfortable seat.

“Ma’am if it wouldn’t be considered too inappropriate …” Norische knelt on one knee

beside her chair. “You are the Lady of a grand house. From my understanding, you have
six gorgeous sons, and one very beautiful daughter…although I have only been
privileged to meet the youngest four. Your lineage goes back to some of the Wizarding
founders within this area and your heritage is rich with both heroes and heroines within

their own right. It would be unimaginable to think of you as less than a Grand Lady and
treat you accordingly.”

Molly reached over and brushed aside a loose lock of hair from Norische’s eyes. “Well I
have five excellent sons and one wonderful daughter… and I have Ron. Speaking of
which, Ronald Weasley…isn’t there something you need to be doing?”

Ron slumped his shoulders and walked over to Hermione. Who immediately squeezed
Draco’s hand, since as soon as Norische said it was ok Draco had come back over to
Hermione and stood by her. Seeing Draco hold Hermione’s hand Ron almost lost it, but
he tried to keep calm.

“Ah.. I wanted to say I’m sorry.” Ron mumbled. Draco rolled his eyes at the pathetic
excuse for an apology.

Unfortunately, Ron saw him. “Just who the bloody hell you think you are? First
clamoring all over my Mum and now groping my girlfriend, you think that just because
you are a faggot like him that it gives you the right to paw her!” Ron began yelling.

Before Draco could say anything [Draco! No! Let go of Hermione’s hand and come over
and stand by me, let Nori handle this…it is a matter of honor now… and you need to
come here.] Begrudgingly, Draco squeezed Hermione’s hand and then let go and walked
over to Chris. Chris immediately took Draco’s hand and held on…

Norische stood and walked over to Ron, then took up a defensive stance in front of him.
“Mr. Weasley… my mate has never clamored over your mother nor treated her with
anything but respect. Nor has he acted in a disrespectful manner toward Hermione, which
I must say is no longer your girlfriend considering you put her in the infirmary. Also, he
has never been nor will ever be a faggot. I have over looked your insults to me, and your
blatant disrespect for me. But I refuse to stand idly by and allow you to insult my mates.”
Norische’s tone was low and deliberate.

Molly stood up and walked over right between them. “And I refuse to allow you to
disgrace my family again.” With that, she hauled off and back handed Ron just as hard as
she could. Knocking him to the floor. Fred, George and Harry were immediately by her
side just waiting for their little brother to try something.

“From this moment on Ron you are no longer welcome at the burrows, and while I can’t
do anything about you contacting your older brothers you will not be allowed to contact
Fred, George, Harry or Ginny. I will arrange to have a room set up for you at the Leaky
Cauldron for one month, and I will send your things there. After that, you are on your
own.” Molly looked down at her son, who was watching her in disbelief.

Ron slowly got up, careful not to make any sudden moves. Professor McGonagall
stepped up at that point. “Mr. Weasley, come with me. I will stay with you while you

pack your belonging… and I will escort you off school property, after that you will be
restricted from returning here at any time. Am I perfectly clear?”

Ron nodded. What was he going to do? He couldn’t go home? He couldn’t stay? He
couldn’t finish his schooling to be able to get a good job? What was he going to do? The
full force of his actions were finally hitting Ron.

After he left, Dumbledore came over to stand by Molly and Arthur. “I am most sorry for
the way things have turned out here, I truly wish they could have been different. Arthur,
Molly.” With a sad sigh, the Headmaster left the infirmary.

Molly went back to the comfortable chair that Chris had brought for her, and sat down.
She couldn’t help it she put her head in her hands and began to cry. Both Fred and
George quietly walked over their mother and knelt down wrapping their arms around her
to comfort her. Arthur moved over and placed his hand on Molly’s shoulder…hating to
see her cry.

Draco rushed back over to Hermione to see if she was ok. After several minutes of
assuring him, Hermione smiled and thanked him with a kiss on his forehead. “Draco, you
have definitely changed, and I am so happy for you. Happy Birthday.” Harry reached up
and patted him on the shoulder, nodding.

Norische walked over to Chris and wrapped his arm around him. Chris leaned into the
embrace and nuzzled against Norische’s chest, feeling totally helpless as the Minde
Cladire wept.

After a few minutes, Molly quit crying and the twins were not nearly as upset so Remus
suggested that they retire to the dinning hall since dinner was going to be served in a few
minutes anyway. Everyone nodded and Draco and Harry helped Hermione off the
hospital bed and kept a keen eye on her to make sure she was ok.

When they reached the dinning hall Chris, Norische and Draco set up a separate table for
Molly and Arthur and it had enough space for all of them. After everyone sat down
Norische went to Molly and asked her permission for he and his mates to eat with them.
Of course Molly was thrilled. “Of course dear, sit down…” Norische smiled and took a
seat just down from Molly next to Harry, and Chris and Draco sat down accordingly.

It didn’t take long for dinner to be served. Draco started to grab for a plate as soon as the
food appeared but Chris stopped him. [Wait! The Minde Cladire must give us permission
first. Even though it isn’t her house she is still the most senior female and we have to
wait.] Draco put his hands down in his lap and waited.

Molly watched the boys for a moment and then asked. “What’s the matter dears, aren’t
you hungry?” Norische responded. “Yes Ma’am but we did not know if we had your
permission to eat.” Molly laughed and waived her hand at Norische. “Eat, eat…again
with the formal manners.”

Draco smiled at Chris who nodded then both boys grabbed their plates and started
picking foods they liked. Norische waited until his mates had gotten what they wanted
and then started to fill his own plate.

Hermione spoke up. “I’m curious Norische, I think I understand why you waited for Mrs.
Weasley to give you permission to eat, but why did you wait on Chris and Draco?”

Norische smiled as he took a bite of roast beef. “They are my mates and I am alpha, it is
my place to make sure they have what they need before I take what I want. That is the
way it is with everything. They get to shower first, they get to eat first, they get to go to
sleep first…it’s all tradition. I make sure they are taken care of before I worry about

“He can’t do that all of the time though, it gets him in trouble.” Chris stated.

“What do you mean dear?” Molly asked curious now.

“The last time he allowed himself to get sick because he was thinking of others first, he
got in real trouble Ma’am.” Chris said, trying not to give too much information, while
still answering her questions. Embarrassed that he had brought it up in the first place.

“What in the world did you do Norische?” Molly asked.

Norische gave Chris a stern look but answered. “When Draco and I had first bonded, I
went to far… I stretched the bond, and I got ill.”

“What would make you do that?”

“I was outside and I scented something unfamiliar to me, I was in my wolf form so I
tracked it. I came across Harry and his godfather, I mistakenly thought that Padfoot was
going to attack Harry so I attacked Padfoot.” Norische explained.

“And you got in trouble for that?” Molly asked.

“No Ma’am. I got in trouble for stretching the bond and making myself ill.” Norische

There was a moment of silence, and Norische had sighed thinking that the questions had
stopped. Unfortunately, they hadn’t.

Hermione looked at him curiously. “You said you got in trouble, what happened?”

“I am sorry Hermione, I don’t think that would be an appropriate topic to discuss with
you and Ginny present.” Norische hoped that would calm the curiosity he felt radiating
from Hermione.

“Nonsense, what could possibly be inappropriate about that.” Molly was getting a little
tired of these proper manners. “Answer her question young man.”

Norische turned slightly red but nodded, not wishing to offend the Minde Cladire. “The
Minde Cladire of my house, Pari, disciplined me.” Hermione still had a blank look on her
face. “ Es straşnic.” Still she didn’t understand, and the evasive nature of his answers
was frustrating her.

“Well that would explains a lot to me, especially if I knew Vampyric, which I don’t.”
Hermione fumed.

“You are right, that was disrespectful and evasive of me, I apologize. What I said was
that she gave me a spanking.” Norische bowed his head and concentrated on his salad
quite intently.

“A spanking, at your age? How horrible.” Hermione whispered. “I am so sorry, I didn’t

mean to embarrass you… I just never thought it would be something like that.”

“It’s ok. You have to realize that I am only sixteen years old, and Pari is over eight
thousand years old. She pretty well has it down pat as to what works and what doesn’t.
Believe me if you get ‘talked’ to by Pari you will remember it for a few days to say the
least…at least your arse will remember it, even if you happen to forget.”

“Eight thousand years old. My goodness, I forget you are Vampyric.” Hermione was

“Yes, and being the Minde Cladire of my house it is her duty to ensure that I do not bring
dishonor to my house, or my name.” Norische explained further. “The night before I did
not feed when I should have, and hence allowed myself to get ill. Pari warned me that by
not taking care of myself I was indeed putting my mates at risks and hence bringing
shame to my house. The next day when I went too far and stretched the bonds, I again
made myself ill as a consequence of my own actions. So Pari took it upon herself to
punish me as she felt appropriate.”

Fred and George looked at each other, but said nothing. Hermione looked thoughtful but
thankfully didn’t ask any more questions. It was actually Ginny that made the next
comment. “But a spanking… your too old to get spanked, even I don’t get spanked any

Norische groaned, as he was positive that everyone heard her high-pitched voice. He just
closed his eyes and bowed his head, keeping silent.

“Ginny, that was rude… you have embarrassed Norische… you apologize or you will
find that you aren’t too old to get spanked young lady.” Molly was shocked at her
daughter’s behavior.

“I’m sorry.” Ginny mumbled.

“It’s ok.” Keeping his head down. “I realize it’s hard for your kind to understand many of
our traditions and ways. To be quite honest, Pari will probably continue to spank me or
my mates when necessary until I am perhaps sixteen maybe eighteen hundred years old.
Then she will hopefully find some other means.” Norische explained.

Hermione looked shocked. “Your mates?”

Norische looked over at Chris. “ I believe this one is directed to you luv.”

Chris blushed beet red. But considering he was the one who started the whole
conversation, he nodded. “Yes Hermione, Pari has the right as Minde Cladire of my
mate’s house to discipline both myself and Draco if she feels that Norische is unable or
unavailable to do it.”

“So has she spanked you?” Ginny asked.

Chris was sure he couldn’t turn any redder but apparently, he could. “Yes Miss, twice.
Once for poor manners and once because I was being lazy and allowed my grades to

“So has this Pari spanked you Draco?” Ginny asked.

Draco tried to take a drink at the same time Ginny asked her question and everything
went down the wrong way. Chris was slapping Draco on the back trying to keep him
from choking. Norische was laughing at the two of them, then suddenly he got a little

“My apologies Minde Cladire, I find I must excuse myself.” Norische whispered. Chris
started to get up but Norische shook his head. “You stay here with Draco and eat, I will
be right back.” With that Norische got up and quickly headed out the door.

Harry had noticed the fact that he had gotten slightly paler just moments before, so he
decided to follow Norische and make sure everything was all right. Harry got up and ran
after Norische, he made it to the entry of the dinning hall, when he saw Norische run into
the boy’s bathroom. Of course Harry followed.

Harry pushed open the door to the bathroom, and heard Norische throwing up inside.
Harry waited for Norische to come out of the stall and watched as he went over to the
sink. Norische bent down and cupped his hands under the running water and washed his
mouth out then splashed water on his face. Then he folded his arms on the sink and
pressed his head down on them.

“Are you ok Nori?” Harry asked. Norische shook his head.

“Is there any thing I can do?” Harry asked.

Norische looked up at Harry, then stood up and turned to him. “I don’t know, but maybe.
Would you be willing to go to the healer with me tomorrow? I have an idea what is
wrong but I don’t want to say anything until I know for sure, and if I ask anyone else then
they are going to get all concerned and stressed out when it may be nothing.”

Harry looked puzzled. “What do you think is wrong?”

“I would really rather not say… at least not yet. Please you just have to trust me on this
one.” Norische looked desperate so Harry conceded. “What time do you want to go?”

“Thanks Harry,” Norische smiled. “We should probably go around 8am. If that is ok with

“That’s fine, we should probably get back into the dinning hall before someone comes
looking for us.” Harry suggested.


Norische and Harry headed back into the dinning hall and sat back down. Chris
immediately looked at him concerned. “It was nothing luv, I just got a little sick… I
guess it was all the emotions from tonight. I just needed a breath of fresh air. Everything
is fine now.” Chris knew he was being told this so he wouldn’t get upset, but it didn’t
stop him from worrying.


After dinner, Norische excused himself stating he had to get some studying done for his
potions class on Monday, and he headed back up to the Slytherin Dorm. When Norische
got up to his room he sat down on their big bed and took out his books. Making notes
here and there on different part of potions he wanted to clarify for the other students and
parts he needed to talk to his father about. At some point Norische fell asleep, still
holding on to the potions book he was reviewing. Chris walked into the room and smiled.
Then gently took the book from Norische’s hands, and laid down beside him. Draco came
in from the shower and spotted Norische sleeping. Chris put his finger to his lips and
indicated that Draco should be quiet. Draco smiled at the peaceful look on Norische’s
face and dropped his robe, then climbed in bed on the other side. Within minutes, all
three were fast asleep.


Norische woke up earlier than normal and checked the time…it was almost 7am. Well
that gave him just enough time to go take a shower and grab a smoke before meeting with

After he got out of the shower Norische felt a lot better than he did when he got up, but
the slight dizziness was still lingering. He should probably remember to feed tonight, just
incase that was going to cause a problem. Norische put on his black casual pants and a
black t-shirt with his loafers…for some reason he wanted to go comfortable today and
didn’t want to bother with appearances much. He tied back his hair and grabbed his orb
and money pouch then headed out the door.

Norische was waiting for Harry when he came out of the Gryffindor tower. Harry was
wearing blue jeans and a burgundy hoody with his trainers. He looked like a typical
muggle kid. Norische smirked as he saw him.

“What’s that look for?” Harry asked

“You just look very muggle today…” Norische chuckled

Harry looked a little thoughtful and asked. “I didn’t really think about where we are
going, do you think I should change?”

“No it’s alright, they will just think you are my servant, instead of my friend.”

“It will only take me a minute to change.” Harry turned and ran back inside the
Gryffindor area.

Norische took a big sigh and leaned back against the wall and waited, thankfully he
didn’t have to wait long. Harry was back in a pair of black casual pants, with his black
school shoes and a burgundy and gold jumper. “Better?”

“Better. Now let’s go…I don’t want to do this and the longer I wait the more I don’t want
to do this.” Norische explained.

Norische and Harry walked out to main gates of Hogwarts, Norische had Harry grab onto
his arm and he used his orb which he set to port 57, the main medical facility. With a blur
of golden light they were orbed to the medical center in the blink of an eye.

“Gods I don’t want to do this.” Norische mumbled again.

“Is what you think it might be so bad, or do you just hate doctors.” Harry asked.

“Well the last time I came here was the bonding physical, and considering the nature of
that…I really don’t want to do this.” Norische stated. With a sigh he and Harry headed
into the building, Norische went up to the receptionist and made the arrangements to see
a healer.

“Now all we do is wait,” Norische stated as he walked back to where Harry was sitting
thumbing through some Vampyric fashion magazine.

It didn’t take long, a young apprentice healer walked into the waiting area. “Snape?”
With a dreading sigh Norische got up, followed by Harry…then the two quickly followed
the young man. When they got into the examining room the young man instructed
Norische to change into the waiting gown and told him the healer would be about ten
minutes. So, Norische started stripping. After he got the gown on Norische went to sit
down in one of the waiting chairs. Harry who had been pacing the room also sat down.

“So are you going to tell me what you think is wrong yet, or do I have to wait until you
know for sure or not?” Harry asked.

“I’m sorry Harry, but you are just going to have to wait, if my suspicions are correct then
I have a major problem. If not I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to even think
about it.” Norische whispered

“It sounds like it is really bad, I mean could you die from this?” Harry looked concerned.

“Well if it is what I am thinking, then yes I could die, but I don’t want to think about it

The room gathered an eerie silence as Norische and Harry waited. Even though it wasn’t
that long it seemed like forever for Norische, he was just about to get up, get dressed and
leave when the healer knocked on the door and entered. The healer walked in and
Norische gasped. Harry looked at him curiously.

The healer was an attractive young woman, perhaps in her late twenties early thirties. She
had auburn hair that was curled up in a bun at the base of her neck, and there were a
couple of loose ringlets framing her face to complete the picture. Her eyes were sky blue,
with just a sprinkle of what looked like Kelly green. This healer was definitely not what
Norische was expecting.

“Hello there I am Healer Amanda Crane. She extended her hand to Norische, “I assume
you are Mr. Snape, am I correct?” Norische shook her hand still in shock.

“Pardon me Healer Crane but you aren’t exactly who I was expecting.” Norische

Healer Crane smiled, “Its my age isn’t it, it always makes people nervous.” Norische
blushed. “It’s ok, once we get the exam over with, if you wish to talk to someone else…I
will be happy to make all the arrangements.” She knew that in all reality that Norische
had expected a male healer, and his shock had nothing to do with her age.

Norische smiled appreciating her understanding. “Well now Mr. Snape if you could get
up on the table we can start the exam and figure this puzzle out. First I am going to do a
routine diagnostic, but while I am doing that I want you to tell me what your symptoms
are and when you noticed them.”

Norische climbed up on the table and was very thankful when the healer placed a sheet
over his exposed legs. As she started to do the diagnostic spells Norische began. “About a
week ago I started getting sick around sunset or within an hour mainly. It never lasts but
it definitely is a pain. Sometimes I get light headed and dizzy. I have noticed some scents
effect me stronger now, mainly food scents but sometimes other things.”

“When you say getting sick, what do you mean?” The healer asked as she wrote down the
information on the diagnostics.

“Well nausea, sometimes vomiting, stomach cramps, and a general tired feeling.”
Norische replied.

“Am I to assume that this young man is your partner Mr. Snape?” The healer asked,

“No Ma’am, Harry is a good fiend who agreed to come with me while I try and put my
paranoia in check.” Norische smiled.

“Ok, Mr. Snape you can sit up now.” The healer went over to the counter and wrote down
several things on a pad and then went over to a cabinet and started picking out some
brochures. When she came back Norische already knew the answer, but he had to hear it
from her.

“I am afraid Mr. Snape you are not being paranoid, you are indeed pregnant.” The healer
said. Harry sank down in the chair nearest to him in shock. “If I may be so bold, do you
have two mates?”

“Actually I do, why?” Norische asked.

The healer smiled. “Well Mr. Snape, I asked because you are having twins and they have
two very distinctly different energy signatures.”

“Oh brother. Ah…yeah…one human and veela mix and one pranic vamp.” Norische had
been preparing how he was going to tell one of his mates that he was pregnant and try
and make sure the other wasn’t too disappointed, he definitely wasn’t prepared to tell
them that they both were going to be fathers.

“Well that matches what I found. Now here is some information for you, I want you back
here in two weeks, we will need to do some blood work and we will want to get a deep
scan done due to your age.” The healer handed over a stack of information and smiled.
“If you have any complications or questions feel free to contact me, I am going to be
listed as your healer in lue, so if you need me just let me know.” Norische talked to the

healer about a few things but he had hundred of questions racing through his mind but he
just couldn’t figure them out, so he decided to drop it for now. Healer Crane smiled and
then left them alone for Norische to be able to get dressed again.

“Pregnant?” Harry exclaimed.

“Yeah, pregnant. Gods what am I going to tell my father… and Pari is going to kill me.”
Norische said as he pulled on his pants. “I have no clue what to do, I don’t know how to
be a father… I mean I don’t know anything about babies or pregnancy for that matter.”

Norische slipped his t-shirt over his head and put on his shoes. “Pregnant.” He muttered.

“Pari is going to beat my ass so hard the babies won’t have a way out.” Norische said as
he stood up. “Gods I need to talk to somebody, I can’t talk to them, not yet.”

Harry was still in shock but he managed to stand up. “Well, there is one person I know
that knows more about pregnancy, and childbirth than anyone else.”

“Do you think they would be willing to talk to me? I mean I will talk to Severus and
Remus and Pari soon… I kinda have too. And well Chris and Draco I will probably have
to talk to tonight… but they have no clue of babies any more than I do.” Norische asked.

“I think so, but enough chatter. Let’s go find out.” Harry held the door for Norische and
they walked back into the primary area. In moments, they were outside and on their way.
First, they went to Diagon Alley then they apparated over to Harry’s friend’s place.

The burrows was big enough although it appeared to be patched in many places and
needing repairs in one or two places. There was a huge garden and a pigpen, and even a
place for chickens…all in all it was a really pleasant place and Norische could feel the
love coming from the home far before he got there.

“Who lives here? This place is absolutely wonderful…there is so much pure love here…
it feels like home and I have never been here before.” Norische said as he followed Harry

“This is who lives here.” Harry waived his hands at the Weasleys who were just sitting
down for lunch and apparently heard every word Norische had said, because every one of
them were practically beaming. Norische didn’t bother to ask why Fred, George and
Ginny were home for the weekend and not at school.

“Norische, what a wonderful surprise. Harry I am so happy you brought him here, and
your timing is perfect. Now Norische please before you say one word, normal manners
are expected but please don’t be so formal…it makes this house seem stuffy and well…
less like a home.”

Norische smiled. Not quite certain of what to say or do; so he decided just to stay quiet
and stand near Harry. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long…Harry got one whiff of the
food on the table and raced over and sat down, Norische was shocked that Harry would
do such a thing with out being told to or even asking.

“Come on Norische, sit down and grab something to eat. You’ll learn real fast that if
Mum Weasley has food on the table you had better dig in or she will get right techy. Oh
and if you wait to be told to eat you will find yourself getting swatted, she doesn’t like
people feeling afraid to be themselves in this house.” Harry explained as he grabbed
some bangers and piled them on his plate, along with a good helping of eggs and a couple
of biscuits.

Molly laughed at Harry’s comments, but it was Fred and George that got him to come
over and sit down.

“I’m ‘fraid ya did it with all that fancy stuff…” Fred started

“ya did the other day. Looks…” George continued

“like you’re one of the family now mate.” Fred finished

“By the by, if you keep up all those…” Fred

“…manners and being proper and such…”George

“…your gonna make the rest of us…” Fred

“…look like gits.” George

Norische’s head was swinging back and forth between the two of them as they finished
each other’s sentences, but nodding his head Norische agree to be informal and to come
and sit down to eat.

At first Norische sat there patiently waiting, then Molly reached over and did exactly
what Harry has said she would, she swatted him on the back of the head. “Eat!”

Everyone at the table broke out in laughter and Norische couldn’t help it, he laughed as
well. Norische picked up a biscuit and spread on some fruit preserves then started eating.
The whole family made him feel welcomed and a part of their life, they were discussing
work, school, friends, and romance, just like any normal family should. Norische was
eating a piece of apple when a scent hit him. Harry noticed him getting a little green,
when Norische looked at him, Harry just nodded towards the door and Norische got up
and ran…not saying a word. Harry put down his fork and jumped up to follow him.

Harry found Norische out by the garden leaning up against a tree, puking. Harry walked
over and pulled Norische’s hair out of the way for him, then began rubbing his back

gently. It took a few minutes for Norische to catch his breath, but as he straightened up,
he realized he had an audience. Molly, Arthur and the twins were looking at him quite
worried. Norische couldn’t help but blush and desperately wanted to run and hide

“Are you ok dear?” Molly asked.

Norische nodded but when he received a stern look from Harry, he looked down at the
ground and shook his head.

Molly walked over and draped her arms around his shoulder and walked him into the
house, everyone else followed quietly. The twins kept looking at Harry, trying to get him
to tell them what was going on but he just ignored them. Once they all got inside, they
sat down at the table again that apparently Ginny had just cleaned off. Fred got Norische
a glass of water to rinse his mouth out with then sat down at the table as well.

“Well young man, are you going to tell me what is going on?” Molly asked not letting go
of Norische’s hand. Norische blushed a little and looked over at Ginny, but said nothing.
Molly noticed where he was looking.

“Ginny dear, why don’t you go outside for a while…” Molly suggested, but her voice
made it quite clear that it was not a suggestion. Ginny tossed down the rag she was using
to clean the counter and with a huff she marched outside.

“Thank you, I’m sorry Ma’am.” Norische whispered.

“Not at all, now tell me what is wrong?”

“Um … well is it true that I have basically been adopted into your family Ma’am?”
Norische asked skeptical.

“Yes dear, you are such a wonderful young man, after all that Ron has done and you still
treated me and my family as if we are royalty. I would be honored to consider you one of
my boys, just like I do Harry.” Molly assured him.

Norische looked over to Harry who smiled and nodded. Norische cleared his throat and
continued. “Then how do you feel about being a grandmother?” Norische whispered
barely loud enough for Molly to hear it.

“A grandmother…. Young man, are you pregnant?” Molly shrieked.

Norische nodded but didn’t raise his head. The next thing he knew he was being crushed
against Molly’s chest and he felt hands slapping his back and mussing his hair. Molly
leaned back and lifted Norische’s face so that he looked at her.

“Tell me have you been to a doctor yet?” Molly asked seriously.

“Yes Ma’am, Harry went with me this morning… then he brought me here.”

“Very good then, now tell me what the doctor said.” Molly insisted.

“Well she said everything looked fine, and that I was carrying twins…with two distinct
energy patterns, which means one is Draco’s and one is Chris’.”

Fred and George cheered, and Harry laughed at their excitement. “Twins, hooray!”

“Do you know how long?” Molly asked.

Norische blushed, and looked down again thinking…. Then he mumbled something she
couldn’t hear. Molly reached out and took his chin in her hand once again and lifted it up
to meet her gaze. “One more time dear.”

“Since there is one baby from each, it would have had to be September 5th.” Norische
continued. “So that would be almost 6 weeks.”

Fred jabbed George in the side. “The first week of school … the boy works quick.”

Norische blushed again and tried to hide his face in his hands but Molly wouldn’t let him,
and reprimanded the twins. “Now dear don’t let them get to you … that’s what brothers

“Yeah, don’t worry…we love the idea of being uncles.” Fred said.

Norische smiled. He had never had a brother, and now he had a whole new family. “See
what did I tell you, you are out of luck… you have officially become an honorary
Weasley.” Harry teased.

Harry and Norische hung around for an hour or so. Molly gave him several books on
children and taking care of babies, which Harry shrunk and stuffed in his pocket, and
made him promise to return next week for a visit. With all the attention, Norische was
definitely glad to be heading home though. As Harry walked with Norische to the
dungeons, they were talking quietly.

“Harry, is there anyway I can get you to stay with me while I tell father and Dad. I mean I
am not sure if I want to tell everyone all at once or tell them then tell Draco and Chris…
or the other way around. Right now I am just so confused I just need someone that will
help me keep sane.”

“Ah, sure if you want me to, I can hang around. As long as you don’t think I would be
interfering.” Harry stated.

As they walked into the suite Norische paled slightly as he spotted all four of them at
once. Norische started to back out the door, but Harry pushed him on into the room.

“Where have you been Norische? We have all been worried sick about you.” Remus

Norische desperately wanted to turn around and head out the door, in fact he did turn
towards the door…but once again, Harry stopped him. Norische looked at Harry with
pleading eyes, but Harry just smiled and shook his head.

“What is going on Norische?” Severus demanded.

Norische suddenly got noticeably paler; Harry took one look at his face and let him go.
Norische rushed through the door of his room and made it into the bathroom before he
got sick.

“Remus, perhaps it would be best if you went in there to check up on him…” Harry

Remus nodded and followed Norische. Remus closed the door quietly and waited until
the retching sounds stopped. Then he walked into the bathroom just as Norische flushed
the toilet. “Norische are you alright?” Remus asked gently. Norische just nodded.

“I thought you were no longer in season…. What is making you sick?” Remus asked. But
when Norische didn’t answer, he walked over to his son and sniffed him. “You’re no
longer in season… but” Remus sniffed again. “…but you’re breeding?”

Norische looked over at his dad with sad eyes and nodded. Remus immediately wrapped
his arms around Norische. “Oh Norische this is wonderful…” Remus said excitedly.

Norische sniffed. “You’re not mad at me?”

Remus looked down at him with a huge grin. “Of course not. I never dreamed it possible
to have a child, due to the breeding laws associated with werewolves, but to have a
grandchild as well now…this is fabulous!”

“Ah…grandchildren…” Norische clarified.

Remus pushed him away slightly. “Twins?”

Norische nodded. “I went to the medical center today, Harry went with me. They tested
me and said there were twins, with two distinct energy signatures, so one is Draco’s and
one is Chris’. And from what I can figure I am about 6 weeks along.”

“Twins! Oh Merlin… you haven’t told Draco and Chris yet have you…they are going to
be thrilled.” Remus pulled Norische into the bedroom and sat down on the bed with him.

“I realize you are very young, and this wasn’t something you were planning. But I want
you to know that your father and I will be right here for you…never doubt that for a

“Ah could you have Draco and Chris come in here then…I mean if you are sure they
would be happy?” Norische asked hesitantly.

“Of course, but as soon as you talk to them you need to tell your father. I am not going to
be the one to tell him.” Remus stated.

Norische gave a heavy sigh… “Ok, oh and tell Harry to please hang around, if he
wouldn’t mind… I think I am going to need him after I talk to father.”

“Ok I will send them in, do you need a little time before I send them in or do you want
me just to do it….” Remus asked.

“Actually why don’t you go on out there and when you open the door I will call them in.”
Norische stated. Remus nodded and walked to the door, he opened the door and gave
Norische one final smile before leaving.

[Chris, Draco can you come in here please.]

[Sure, on our way.] Chris whispered.

A moment later Chris and Draco came into the room and shut the door. Both came over
to him and sat down. Draco sat down on the floor by his feet and Chris sat down on the

“I have something to tell you two, and I don’t honestly know how you are going to
handle it.” Norische said reaching out to both of them. Chris put his hand in Norische’s
and Draco took his other hand.

“What is it luv?” Chris asked.

“Well this morning I had Harry go with me to see a Healer.”

“Are you alright?” Draco sounded panicked

“I am fine, but the healer found something unexpected.” Norische paused taking a deep
breath. “I’m pregnant.”

Chris looked totally shocked, then the shock turned to the biggest grin he had ever seen
on his mate’s face. Draco looked confused though, almost hurt.

“What’s the matter Draco, aren’t you happy about this?” Norische looked at Draco and
felt his heart begin to hurt… Draco wasn’t happy.

“It’s Chris’ baby, isn’t it? I mean the two of you did the bonding ritual before we fooled
around.” Draco looked so sad, and now Norische new why….he wanted to be the father.

“Draco, I am carrying twins, the healer said they have two distinct energy patterns. One
of human and veela mix and one that is Vampyric, you both are going to be fathers.”

Draco’s face lit up. “Really!”

“Yes luv, really.” Norische laughed. “I am six weeks along so that means I bred the night
we played in the prefects bathroom. Since I go in season, for that time frame I may be
able to breed with multiple males, which is very helpful if you have multiple mates.”

Both Draco and Chris reached over and hugged their mate. It was rather funny when
Draco stopped and pulled back, apologizing to Norische’s stomach for squeezing to tight.
“I am so glad that you two are happy about this, I was so worried.”

“This is one of the happiest moments of my life, I am going to be a dad!” Chris stated.

“Me too!” Chimed in Draco.

Norische kissed each one of them then looked towards the door. “Well that leaves two
more to tell, father and Pari.”

“We are going to have to go shopping for the babies. Did you find out if they are boys or
girls?” Draco asked.

“No, I didn’t want to know. I mean, if you two want to know…I have an appointment in
two weeks to go back and we can find out then. We do need to see about some baby
things though. And we need to find out if we can get authorization to extend onto this
room to make a nursery.”

“I’m sure father would let us, we just have to ask the headmaster.” Chris stated.

“Speaking of which, I think we had better go into the living room, I need to tell father
about this.” Norische sighed.

The three of them got up neither Chris nor Draco wanting to let go. As they opened the
door Harry was watching intently, but he saw the smile on Draco’s face and the look of
pure heaven on Chris’ he knew that everything had gone well. Chris was holding onto
Norische’s hand and Draco had his arm wrapped around Norische’s waste, so it was clear
to everyone that the world was a happy place to be in.

“All right now, since everyone else in the room appears to know what is going on will
someone tell me, so that I might revile in the joy that you are all exhibiting.” Severus

growled … loosing his patience quickly, as the boys sat down on the couch. Harry had
taken the spare chair and sat drinking a cup of tea quietly.

“I’m sorry father.” Norische said. “This isn’t exactly how I wanted to tell everyone but
what’s done is done.” He took a deep breath and began. “Harry went with me today to the
healer, and I found out something that I need to tell you.”

At first, Severus looked concerned but then as he watched Draco nuzzling his son’s neck
he realized it can’t be that bad. “Go ahead.”

“I’m pregnant, and before you ask, I am six weeks along and I am carrying twins. The
healer said there were two distinct energy signatures and that one was human and veela,
the other was Vampyric…so that means I am carrying one baby from each of my mates.”

Severus eyes got big, and he looked at his son in utter shock. “But you are only sixteen
years old!”

Norische stopped smiling, and realized that his father wasn’t going to be taking this as
well as everyone else. “Yes father, but I am a year older than my mother and you were.
My mother had no one, I have all of you… I think I can manage some how.”

“What about your school work.”

“What about it, I am only six weeks along, it is going to be almost summer before I
deliver, and even then I am more than capable of attending classes and taking care of my
babies and myself. I took care of my mother since I was three years old, I can do this too.
Even if I have to do it without your support.” The last part was barely a whisper but
Severus heard it nonetheless.

Severus gave a huge sigh. “I suppose you have indeed, haven’t you. Somehow I had
hoped that you would have the chance to grow up and enjoy your life a little before you
pursued the options of a family.”

“I grew up a long time ago father, and right now I am happier and safer than I have ever
been in my life… for me the time is right.” Norische looked into his father’s eyes.

“Then I assume that I must do some research on male pregnancy and what potions you
are allowed to work with and what are to be restricted.” Slowly a smile spread on Severus

Norische jumped and raced over to his father wrapping his arms around him. “Thank you
father, thank you so much.” Norische buried his face in Severus’ robes.

Severus couldn’t help but wrap his arms around his son. “I will expect you to keep up on
your studies, and if there are any complications or problems with your health you will
inform us immediately, do you understand?”

Norische pushed himself back from his father. “Yes sir, and I can still do the cleaning in
the lab, grade the papers, set up the study sessions, take inventory, place orders, do the
requisition forms, do research and take the notes for you even if you don’t want me
helping with the actual potions.”

“We will have to let the headmaster know that you will be limited in some classes,
especially due to the fact that you are having twins. Later on there will have to be special
compensations for travel time, illness, and frequent breaks, but it should be workable.”
Remus noted.

“Ah…the illness part, well it already kicked in. Because I’m vamp though I apparently
get morning sickness around eight or nine in the evening. Although the healer said that it
may change since I am not on my normal schedule. She also said that I may end up
feeding a lot more, especially since it is twins.” Norische explained

Chris smiled at that. “No you prat I meant Sang not pranic. She also said that will be
effected but probably not until much later in the pregnancy.” Norische looked at his
father. “Right now I feed on blood about once a week or every two weeks but she said
that it may get to the point that I have to feed once a day or maybe even twice a day…oh
and the information she gave me said it isn’t unusual for a pregnant vamp to not eat a lot
of human food, but she didn’t tell me how that would effect me since I am half.”

Remus asked. “Did she tell you anything about the delivery?”

“Not really, but from the literature…I think I’ll just start crying now.” Norische looked

Harry chimed in. “Hey! I got an idea, Hermione would love to help research this, I mean
she already loved your culture and everything I’m sure she would jump at the chance to
study about this part.”

Norische nodded, leaving the comfort and support of his father’s arms he went back over
and sat down in between his mates. “I will probably ask her to see what she can find out

Harry had a thoughtful look then asked. “Norische, if you have to feed twice a day, how
are you going to do that? I mean I don’t know how much blood you consume at a time
but to feed off of Draco and Chris each day, everyday would be hazardous for them
wouldn’t it be?”

“Well from what I have read the mate usually goes out and hunts, bringing their own
blood level much higher, and then it doesn’t cause a problem. Since the hunters tend to
gravitate toward pregnant vamps the pregnant mate usually doesn’t go out hunting or
circulate much.”

Remus perked up. “Hunters?”

“Well, our kind has been hunted by humans for centuries, for everything from wanting to
be turned, wanting to become an immortal, to wanting to do medical experiments on us,
but most just want to kill us, something about thinking we are demons or something. Plus
we have been hunted by the ministry for not falling into their safe species categories,
hunted by dark wizards because they desperately want our blood for their magic, and by
light wizards for the same reasons as humans. But lately some of my kind have been
disappearing because of that guy who had his minions try and take me in New Orleans.”
Norische explained.

“WHAT?!? Norische you never mentioned that you were not the only one that they tried
to take.” Severus sounded shocked.

“Well I didn’t find out about it until I made arrangements to see the healer. From what I
have found out there have been 38 of my kind that have disappeared. Something I
thought was odd was that they have actually taken a couple of kids that had not come into
their awakening yet. I don’t understand why someone hunting vampyres would want a
couple of innocent kids who hadn’t yet changed.” Norische pondered.

Remus looked at Severus. “We honestly need to mention this to Dumbledore tomorrow.”

“Yes, it would appear that for some reason the Dark Lord has an interest in vampyres.
Oddly enough, I haven’t heard anything, but then again I have not been called for almost
a month now. Which is also quite suspicious. Perhaps I should make a visit to the Dark
Lord and see if he has need of my services.”

“Huh?” Norische was totally confused. Did his father just say he worked for the guy to
tried to kidnap him?

“I’ll explain at another time Norische. Right now we have more important things to deal
with.” Severus was apparently trying to avoid the subject.

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking about the possibilities of a nursery, a trip into
London to look at baby things, the next doctor’s appointment, school, and even baby
names. It was getting close to dinnertime so Norische, Draco, Chris and Harry decided to
head up to the dinning hall.

Draco and Chris went over to the Slytherin side and sat down with Blaise, while Harry
went in and got Hermione and asked her to come into the hallway for a minute.

“What in the world is going on Harry?” Hermione asked. Then she spotted Norische.
“Norische hi, I didn’t see you at lunch today, is something wrong?”

Norische grinned from ear to ear. “No nothing is wrong, in fact something is incredibly
right. But I need your help on something, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Well you certainly look happy, what do you need my help with?” She asked.

Harry interrupted. “Well I told Nori that you are the person I always come to when ever I
need someone to research something for me and find out information so when he told me
what has got him smiling so much I thought of you.” Harry smiled.

“Thank you Harry that is so sweet. But it still doesn’t tell me what is wrong.”

Norische looked around and decided to find a more private place to talk so they went into
the nearest classroom. “I’m sorry but I really don’t want everyone knowing about this
any sooner than absolutely necessary.” Norische said. “I need you to find me all the
information you can on male pregnancy.”

Hermione’s eyes got huge. “Who?” Her mind was racing between Chris and Draco trying
to figure out if there had been any physical changes in them that she noticed.

Norische blushed slightly. “Me.”

“You! But I thought, I mean… you said you were the alpha…that is suppose to
mean….I’m confused.” Hermione couldn’t bring herself to say what she was thinking but
her eyes said it all.

“Yes I’m alpha and normally it means that I don’t bottom, but there are two times that I
do. The first time I make love to my mate, and on their birthday. Other than that, I am
always on top. Apparently, when Chris and I bonded with Draco, I got pregnant. That is
the only time that I have been with both of them at the same time.” Norische stated
pacing as he thought, speaking his thoughts out loud.

“I bottomed for Chris when we redid our boning ritual, but that was because with Father
and Remus watching there was no way I could get hard, and Chris once he gets focused
on sex it doesn’t matter who is watching he is absolutely focused… I mean even if there
were girls there he doesn’t care… Actually I think I did get hard, but I don’t think I could
have kept it up if I had been topping…besides that alone would have been incredibly
embarrassing. I mean I had only known father for two days and to find out his son
couldn’t even perform with his own mate, that would have been a little bad.”

Hermione listened in shock… “You mean that Professor Snape and Professor Lupin
watched you and Chris…”

“Mate, yeah it’s tradition. I mean not that your parents watch you but that each member
of the bonding must have a witness, like I told you when Draco and I were going to bond.
The only people I knew at that time well enough to even think about it were father and
dad. So, they stood up for us at our bonding and witnessed the consummation of our
bond. Just like Harry and Blaise did at Draco and my bonding.”

“Yeah but those are your parents, I would be mortified to have my parents even know
what I was going to be doing let alone watch it.” Hermione shook her head.

“Well it is a good thing you aren’t Vampyric then isn’t it. We are raised not to be
ashamed of our bodies and to view sexuality as a natural process, something that should
be treasured and beautiful and never be ashamed of.”

Harry interrupted “Uh guys we are getting a little off topic here.”

Norische started pacing again. “You’re right Harry, sorry. But like I said, it had to be that
night. Oh, by the way, Hermione I am having twins, each has a different energy
signature, one is human, and veela, and the other is vamp. So that means I am having
twins, one from each mate. Which is why it must be that night, because that is the only
time that I bottomed for both of them the same night.”

“Twins! This is wonderful, I was worried about who was the father and how the other
one was going to take it…but with twins you don’t have to worry.” Hermione stated
excitedly. “Well I would love to look up the information for you, do you also need
information on the cultures as well like the human and veela parts?”

“Actually yeah, even though Draco hasn’t come into his inheritance yet he may at
anytime and if he does while I am pregnant it may change a few things. I am honestly not
that familiar with veela at all, so I should probably have you check into that. The human I
have Mrs. Weasley working with me on. She is also going to help teach me about taking
care of the babies after their born. Fred and George seemed so excited when they heard I
was having twins, I don’t know how common twins are among wizarding families but
with my kind it is really rare.” Norische stated.

“Hey guys we need to go get something to eat, we can talk later.” Harry urged.

“Yeah I haven’t eaten yet today so I need to get in there before either of my mates start
going ballistic.” Norische started heading for the door, followed closely by Hermione and

When they got back into the dinning hall Norische noticed Draco watching him as he
came into the room, Norische smiled and headed over to sit between the him and Chris.

“Where have you been, I thought you were going to sit down with us and eat?”

“I had to ask Hermione if she would do some research for me.” Norische stated as he
caressed Draco’s thigh, as he leaned over and nuzzled Draco’s neck just a little.

Draco smirked at this and nuzzled back. “Well you had better eat something, as far as I
know you haven’t eaten all day.”

“Actually I did, but I got sick afterwards so nothing really stayed down.” Norische stated
as he began to put some baked chicken on his plate. Then as Norische started to pick up a
piece, he stopped. “Chris I think it would be better if you could fix me up a plate and take
it up to the dorm when you leave. The smell of cooked meat right now is making my
stomach turn and if I don’t get some fresh air I’m going to lose it again.” Norische swung
one leg over the bench. “Ah, I really want some salad, ranch dressing…so if you could
get that and a couple of pieces of chicken I would appreciate it.” Norische stood up but
leaned over Draco… “Don’t worry dear it is just morning sickness, remember this is
when I would normally be waking up if I were at home. I just need some fresh air.” With
that, he kissed Draco on the cheek, and Draco nodded looking a little less stressed.

Norische walked slowly out of the dinning hall, since he wasn’t running or looked like he
was pale or anything Harry didn’t get up and run after him. Fred and George watched
him leave and noticed Harry’s look of concern. Fred leaned over and whispered to Harry,
“Don’t worry mate, we’ll go out and see if everything is ok. We’ve finished anyway.”
Harry nodded and watched as the twins got up and followed Norische out of the dinning

Norische slowly walked into the courtyard, and sat down on a large granite bench.
Breathing deeply, happy to be away from all the smells of the dinning hall.

“Everything ok mate?” George asked as they spotted him.

At first Norische was startled, not seeing them coming up behind him, but he quickly
smiled and nodded. “It’s just morning sickness, I can’t handle the smell of so much food
right now. Thanks for checking though.”

“Morning sickness? But it’s the middle of the night?” Fred asked.

“Well I’m Vampyric so if I wasn’t in school I would normally be getting up around now,
you know sundown. The doctor did state that it might change since my schedule is more
to that of a human than that of a vamp right now. Either way, it sucks. I can’t even smoke
while I am out here either, since I’m pregnant I can’t smoke for a while. Gods how am I
going to make it 6 ½ months without smoking... I never even thought about that…Crap!”
Norische suddenly looked miserable.

“Sorry mate, that’s gotta be rough.” George stated, sitting down on the bench with him.

“Yeah no smoking, no alcohol, no flying, limited sweets, and after the seventh month
regular sex is going to be a problem too.” Norische mumbled.

“No sex, now that right there would make me have second thoughts about the whole
thing.” Fred laughed.

Norische blushed. Fred noticed that Norische was a little awkward about talking about
sex with them. “It’s ok mate, were both bi… we like blokes too.”

“You’re kidding! With the way your brother spoke I thought….” Norische started but
then realized what he was going to say and closed him mouth.

“Ron is an idiot, he can’t see what is right in front of his face.” George stated.

“Yeah, our brother Bill is a gay too. I mean I like guys more than girls, and George likes
girls and guys pretty much equally so you can talk to us about that stuff, we don’t mind.”

“Especially if you give us graphic details, we like that part.” George came back.

Norische laughed and shook his head at the two. “Well from the information the healer
gave me, I can’t bottom after the seventh month at all…but normally I don’t do that
anyway. Also when my stomach gets too big I will be limited on what I can do topping.
So it suggests other things, although I have a feeling that after my stomach gets to be a
certain size I won’t want to be running around without clothes on let alone worrying
about sex.”

“What other things did it mention?” Fred asked.

“You really do like the graphic details don’t you?” Norische smirked.

“Yes…” They both answered at the same time.

Norische couldn’t help but laugh at them. “Well it mentioned oral, but that would just be
weird to me, having a great big stomach and someone going down on me…” He said
thoughtfully. “And it mentions stroking it, which I guess is ok, but to me that is more
along the lines of just working up to real sex, so it isn’t quite as satisfying somehow.”

“Know what you mean there mate, besides no one can do me as well as I can.” Fred

“Well actually Chris is great, I mean he gets me off every time… but it still isn’t quite
enough somehow. It’s like being allowed the appetizer but not being allow to eat the
steak dinner.” Norische explained. The twins broke up laughing at his analogy… then
teased him about how he likes his steak and what kind of steak he preferred.

Out of the corner of his eye, Norische saw Chris, Draco, Harry and Hermione heading
towards them. As soon as they were within earshot, Norische jumped up.

“Hey guys. Hermione.” Norische nodded to her and waited for her to sit down before he
sat down again.

“So what have you guys been talking about?” Hermione asked.

Norische blushed but the twins stated. “Sex.”

Norische rolled his eyes. “Fred, George it isn’t proper to speak about such things with a
lady present.” He couldn’t believe they even had the nerve to say it to begin with.

“A lady, Hermione isn’t a lady. She’s our kid sister.” Fred stated.

Draco sat down on the ground next to Norische and used his legs as a backrest; while
Chris chose to sit over by the twins.

“Sister or not it isn’t proper.” Norische chastised them just a little.

Harry shook his head and smiled. “ Nori, you have to realize that while you think you are
showing Hermione respect. She thinks you are discriminating against her because of her
being a girl. She has always been in on everything we talk about, or at least most of it…I
means there are still some things that even I don’t think are right to talk about with a girl
around but…shouldn’t it be up to her what she thinks is proper to talk about in front of
her and not what you think is?”

Norische looked at Hermione who had a kinda half smile on her face. “Is that truly how
you feel Hermione? I mean I would never intentionally disrespect you or make you feel
bad…but has my behavior made you feel like that?” Norische asked very seriously.

Hermione looked at him, then at Chris and Draco, who were also watching her. “Well…
yes. I know you think your doing out of respect and everything. But sometimes, like now,
it makes me feel like you don’t want me around, or that you guys would have more fun if
I weren’t around. I love the fact that you think of me as a lady, but sometimes I just want
to be one of the gang, just treated like everyone else.”

Norische looked so sad. “I am so sorry I made you feel that way. I keep forgetting the
differences in our cultures, please accept my apology.”

“It’s ok, and don’t look like that…you make me feel bad for saying something. Just let
me decide what is ok to talk about…. Ok?” Hermione smiled.

Norische nodded and smiled back at her. Although on the inside, he still felt horrible.

“Well now since that is settled. Lets get back to sex.” George stated. The tension in the
air was gone, everyone started laughing. Even Norische, but he just shook his head at the
two of them.

As they went to sleep that night Norische couldn’t help but think about what his future
would bring, how things would change and what would happen to him if they did change.
Draco was part veela, and sometime between now and his seventieth birthday he would
come into his inheritance. Which since he wasn’t full veela may mean nothing, but it may

mean that he transforms into a veela and that he goes out and searches for his own mate
and leaves Norische.

Norische tried very hard not to think about it, but the more he thought the sadder he got.
Finally, he decided to get up and go into the other room, not really feeling like sleeping
right now. Norische climbed out of the bed and slipped on a pair of Draco’s silk pajamas
then headed out into the living room. He honestly didn’t expect to find anyone there,
however, Severus was sitting in his normal chair and Remus was sitting in his lap.
Norische felt bad that he had interrupted what ever they were doing and started to close
the door and go back and lay down, but his father called out.

“Norische, you can come out here. We were just talking and enjoying some tea.”

Norische hesitantly walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. “I’m sorry
father I just couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to keep the two of them awake so I just thought I
could come out here.”

“Is there a problem dear?” Remus asked gently.

“Not really, but there is something I am worried about and…” Norische pulled his legs up
to his chest and got quiet.

Remus looked down at Severus then back to Norische. “Norische?”

Slowly tears began to fall down Norische’s cheeks but he said nothing. Now even
Severus was worried. Severus patted Remus on the back and had him get up, then he
walked over to his son and sat down beside him. “Norische what has you so worried, is it
the babies?”

Norische shook his head. He wanted to say something but he couldn’t bring himself to
talk yet. So he just closed his eyes and buried his head in his knees. A moment later a
firewhiskey was being placed in his hands…

“But I can’t, the babies.” Norische started to protest.

“I think just this once it will be ok, as long as you don’t go overboard.” Severus assured

With a nod, Norische gladly took the glass and started sipping, careful not to drink to
much at once…trying to make the drink last.

“Now, what has you so upset?” Severus asked.

With a sigh Norische began to explain. “Draco is part veela, and he is coming into his
inheritance soon…he has already started changing even if he hasn’t noticed it I have. His
shoulder’s are broader, his chest is more defined, even…well,” Norische cleared his

throat. “He had even gotten more… defined… down there.” Norische tried not to blush
but he honestly didn’t care right now.”

“Soon he will turn completely… I had hoped that since he was only part veela that he
wouldn’t turn. But with what is already changing he is definitely going to.” Norische

“Why are you so worried about that son?” Remus asked gently.

“Because, when he changes fully he will scent out his mate. Unfortunately, there is only a
fifty-fifty chance that the one he chooses will be me.” Norische continued. “He was
transformed to be a vampyre when he became my mate, although that transformation may
take months to complete, but now he is transforming into a veela. The two mate very
differently. A vampyre can choose more than one mate; a veela cannot, at least not that I
am aware of. They have one mate, a life mate and that’s all. So, if he scents someone else
out as his life mate, then he will leave me. He can’t go against his instincts.” Norische
took another drink of fire-whiskey.

Remus began to grasp the depth of what he was saying. “Oh Norische, and if he leaves
you then…you will…”

“Die, yes.” Norische took another sip. “I can’t tell him that though. If he chose someone
else then he would rather die than lose that person. So if I am not the one he chooses,
then I am the one who dies.”

“Oh Merlin!” Remus was shocked. Severus’ face was one of total fear.

“Is there nothing we can do to make sure that he chooses you?” Severus asked.

“No, it is all up to his instincts. The fact that I am pregnant may help; a breeding veela is
very protective of his mate. But because of the fact that I am carrying Chris’ child as
well, may infuriate him, and he may end up killing me anyway. Veela don’t handle
sharing very well.” Norische sighed. “So even if he chooses me, he may end up killing
me or Chris in a pure jealous rage. Or kill Chris and attack me so that I lose the babies
then attempt to breed again. If he kills Chris then I am just as dead….”

Remus was trying to put this all together in his head but there was too much, way too
much for him to think about.

The door to the bedroom opened and Draco stepped out, his eyes red with tears. “I
couldn’t kill either one of you.” He sobbed, and rushed over to Norische’s side.

Norische immediately gathered him into his arms and handed his father the whiskey. “I
know luv, I know.” Norische kept trying to reassure Draco as he curled up in Norische’s
lap. Norische began rocking him back and forth slowly. “I’m so sorry Draco, I didn’t
want you to know…I didn’t want you to worry.”

“How long have you known?” Draco asked as the tears fell.

“Since last week, when your body started changing.” Norische whispered.

“Isn’t there anything we can do? I don’t want to find someone else, I don’t want anyone
else… I love you.” Draco buried his face in Norische’s shoulder.

“I know luv, I love you too. But your instincts may lead you somewhere else and I have
to accept that.” Norische sighed.

“But if I go, you will die. We have bonded now…it’s not like before where you could
survive on medicine. And your carrying my baby, I can’t choose someone else, I just

“I hope not Draco, but only time will tell. When you finally scent out your life mate we
will know.” Norische rubbed Draco’s back hoping that was comforting him somehow.
But neither of them seemed too comforted at this moment.

The next day Norische told Chris about Draco. Chris and Draco held each other for hours
crying, both terrified of the possibilities and yet praying that they weren’t true. No one
slept much for the next few days, and the tension was very high.

In Severus’ classroom he was on a mad rampage, he even began docking points from
Slytherin house for any transgression he could find. Norische knew his father was not
sleeping at all, several times he had walked thru the living area to the kitchen and had
seen his father studying at his desk, with stacks and stacks of books and scrolls
surrounding him.

Norische spent every spare second he had in the library doing research on his own. But it
was Hermione that actually came up with something. She had been doing research for
him on veela pregnancies and came across some interesting information. When Norische
read it, he grabbed the book from her hands and ran to the dungeons as fast as he could.
Calling to his father and dad and both his mates to meet him there immediately. Of
course Remus had to end his first year Defense class thirty minutes early but he didn’t
care he came running down the hallway towards their suite and got there just moments
before Norische did.

“What’s the emergency?” Remus asked breathlessly as he entered the room.

Norische burst into the room and almost ran into his dad who was still standing just
inside the doorway. Draco and Chris ran up to him both begging to know what was

Norische took several deep breaths and smiled at both of them and his parents. “I think
Hermione found it. I think we will be all right.”

Severus ran up to his son. “What do you mean? What did Granger find?”

“Come over here, I have to sit down or I’m gonna puke.” Everyone raced over to sit
down, Severus and Remus turned their wingback chairs so that they faced the couch and
waited anxiously for Norische to start.

“I’m an alpha right?” He asked. Everyone nodded.

“Well that is part of my scent, it is not just by choice that I have taken that position.”
Norische took another deep breath. “Hermione found this ancient manuscript that states if
an alpha veela can prove to his mate that he can maintain a second mate while defending
his position as alpha then his mate will indeed allow him to choose a second. What it
means is that if Draco chooses me, then I will have to prove myself in some manner to
him, some way that he deems worthy and that he will agree to maintain a position as
second mate. Normally it is a test of prowess or strength but it could be anything…it
would be what ever Draco feels is the most important part in choosing a mate.”

Everyone was listening intently, hanging on every word. “Now if I can pass this test then
he will accept his place as a beta, and be a second. If not then he will demand to be alpha
and we will end up having to fight over it…the winner of the battle will be given the right
of alpha and the one who loses will accept the place as second.”

“Also if I can maintain my position as alpha then I can keep both babies. But if he
becomes alpha then it is his right to force a miscarriage and replant his seed. He would
also have the right if he became alpha to kill Chris, or allow him to remain as a second, if
he could prove himself worthy.”

Draco definitely didn’t like the sound of the last bit of information he was given. He
looked at Chris and his bottom lip started to quiver again.

“No Draco, wait…I’m not thru yet. If I can maintain alpha, then we are ok, even if you
become veela you will honor your heritage and accept your place as second mate, you
will be both Chris and my protector and you will stay with us forever.”

“Ok what if I don’t choose you. Then what?” Draco stated.

“That is another thing that I have been thinking about. The potion I used to take to blunt
my senses… father do you think you can adjust it so that it floods the senses instead. If
we can trick Draco’s mind into thinking he is scenting me out, even if there is someone
else then we might be able to keep him from pursuing that person. I mean it would be a
last resort and it would be entirely up to Draco if he wanted to do it but it is a possibility.”

Draco looked at Norische. “Yes! Yes, I’ll do it. I don’t care what some stupid veela
portion of my genes say, my heart says I want you, I want this, I want what we have and
our babies.”

“Draco, you realize that if we do that then you may never know who you were meant to
be with, never know who your true life mate is…if it isn’t me that is.” Norische

“I don’t care, you’re the one I want, both of you.”

Norische turned to Severus. “There is one other possibility. Other than what we have
talked about already. I don’t know how plausible it would be though.” Norische started.

“What is it Norische?” Severus asked.

Norische handed him the book that Hermione had found and pointed to a paragraph on
the right hand side of the page. Severus read the page then quickly flipped to the next
page reading more. Back and forth he went reading and re-reading until he looked up at
Norische a look of shock in his eyes.

“I was not aware that something like this is even possible, but if it could be done
then….well,” Severus looked again at the pages. “Do you know how to do this?”

“No but Pari would, she could me my speaker, and request the audience.” Norische

“Would someone please tell me what you found?” Remus begged.

Severus looked down at the book. “This states that if a immature veela has already
chosen a mate and does not wish to risk his turning to interfere with his current mate that
he can petition the veela council to bind his veela nature so that it does not mature and
that he can remain with his chosen mate without threat of loosing that individual.”

Draco looked at Severus seriously. “What do you mean bind it?”

Severus read a part of the page again. “Well there are some draw backs especially if you
were pure veela. First, your magic would be bound, but since you are not purely veela
then only the veela magic would be bound, it would not affect your other magic at all.
But since your magic has been transformed to Vampyric that is actually stronger than
Wizarding magic, as you learn to utilize that it would matter even less. Second, your
ability to bare children, as a veela you would be able to both father and carry a child, but
again since you are now Vampyric you will have that ability even if you bind your veela
side. Third, you would never know who your true life mate was, but as you stated
Norische and Chris and your children are what you want, and that is where your heart

“Sev, I don’t see the problem with this then, it sounds like I would lose nothing since I
don’t know that part of myself yet.” Draco stated.

“Your appearance would also return to what it was previously.” Severus stated.

“That’s ok, a little more working out and he would have the muscle tone back, and
believe me he can live without that extra inch and a half down there, especially on his
birthday.” Norische teased. Draco grinned but assured Severus that he didn’t care.

Well then let’s contact Pari and get this started.


Pari had made all the arrangements and was actually in the Veela Council right now
making her arguments as to their situation. It had only taken her three days to get a
audience with the council, although they had been three nerve wracking days it was
worth it, here they all stood waiting. Draco was nervous but no one could see it, he had
has Malfoy mask on and presented himself as calm and in control. Severus looked his
normal aloft self. Remus was pacing slowly over by the stairway, his natural wolf
instincts were kicking in and he was beginning to feel the anxiety of the moment. Chris
stood by Norische’s side with all the pride and decorum a first mate should have.
Norische…well on the outside he presented the confidant air of an alpha male, on the
inside he really hoped he didn’t puke in front of the council…father had given him some
medication to take before they apparated here but still the apparating was way too much
for his sensitive stomach at the moment.

Pari came out the doors of the Council Chambers and motioned them all inside. The
chambers were arranged much like a courtroom. At the front of the room was a large
podium where twelve silver haired veela sat regally looking down at the rest of the room.
In the center a female veela sat, with gavel in hand. Her robes were of silver etched in
white, with a glistening silver leaf as a fastener.

“Which is the veela that wishes to speak to the Council?” The female asked.

Draco stepped forward and greeted her as Chris had taught him to. Draco stood with his
head bowed and his eyes on the ground, the palms of his hands upward and his arms
slightly bend and to his side. “Mas es emerit.” Draco made no move to change his
position nor indicated a desire to do so.

The female looked at him and nodded. “I see your mate has taught you the ways of the
Vampyre, very impressive. You may raise your head and speak.”

Since she stated that he could raise his head but did not state he could look up, Draco
decided to play it safe and continued to keep his point of view low to the ground. “How
may I be of service Minde Cladire?” Draco asked.

“Again a show of manners and obedience, excellent. Young one, you may look at me
when you speak, and my title is Lady Sharisha. I would prefer you utilize that for the
time being.”

“As you wish Lady Sharisha.” Draco raised his head and looked directly into the silver
blue eyes of the Head of the Veela Council. Draco decided to take the typical stance he
saw Chris in when he stood beside Norische, which was feet slightly apart and his hands
clasped together in front of him.

“Mr. Malfoy, it is the Council’s understanding that you wish to have your veela nature to
be bound. Is that correct?” Lady Sharisha asked.

“It is, Lady Sharisha.”

“Why is this, are you ashamed of your veela nature?”

Draco looked shocked. “Of course not Lady Sharisha! I seek to have my veela nature
bound because I have already found my mate and I do not wish to risk loosing him. I am
honored to have the royal blood of the veela running through my veins but my heart
would not allow me to live if I turned from my love by a force of nature that I cannot
control.” Draco spoke eloquently and with ease.

“Let me speak to this love of yours.” She requested.

Norische walked over to stand in front and to the left of Draco. Immediately he repeated
the same greeting that Draco had given and again the Council head repeated her
instructions. “Thank you Lady Sharisha.”

“I wish to know from you why you feel that binding your mate is an acceptable
alternative to allowing nature to decide?” She asked.

“Lady Sharisha, I love Draco Malfoy with all my heart and soul, and I carry his child
within me. If I were to lose him I would die, I cannot nor would I wish to exist without
him. At my loss he would lose his child, and the grief from that would cause him to take
his own life, even if he found another mate to take my place. Knowing that his actions
had lead to the death of his child would be more than he could bear. These are his own
words M’lady and I know in my heart they are true.” Norische stated.


[Pari, not now please. Your screaming is making my head hurt and I already feel like I
am going to puke as it is.]

[We will talk later young man.]

[Of that I have no doubt.]

“We were not informed of your being bred. Why is this?” Sharisha asked.

“My apologies M’lady. I had yet the opportunity to inform my Minde Cladire of the
news. I am carrying twins, one from each mate. I am two months along at this time.”
Norische explained.

“Draco Malfoy, since the fact that your mate states that he is has bred will have some
bearing on whether or not we allow this process to be done. The Council wishes to have
verification not only of the breeding, but also the lineage of the kit in question. You and
your mate will go to our healer immediately and allow for the appropriate testing to be
done, to verify this information. Then return here when it is complete.”

“Yes Lady Sharisha, as you wish.” Draco bowed to the council and turned to Norische
who also bowed and together they stepped out of the speaking area. Severus, Remus, and
Pari, as well as Chris walked them down to the healer’s area. Unfortunately, the veela
healing center was quite a ways away from the Council Headquarters but Norische didn’t
mind the walk. What he did mind however was the non-stop yelling by Pari.

“Pari please, I have a headache and I don’t feel good. Please can we talk about this
another time?”

“NO! How dare you not tell me! I have taken care of you since you were a baby… do
you know how many times I stayed up with you all night long?” Pari kept ranting.

Norische made it about half a block before he grabbed Remus’ arm for support. “I don’t
feel good.”

Remus put his arm around Norische’s waist to help support him, then yelled at Severus
who was a few feet in front. Severus turned just as Norische started to fall to the ground.
He rushed over and picked Norische up and raced the twenty yards that was left to the
Healing Center. Pari ran up to the receptionist and demanded a healer immediately. The
receptionist orbed the first available healer who came running out into the central area.

Severus informed the young man that Norische was pregnant and had fainted. The healer
immediately directed them to an available room. Once inside the room Severus gently
laid Norische on the examining table and started trying to revive him. Soon Norische was
moaning and moving his head ever so slightly. Half opening his eyes he whispered to
Draco [headache].

Draco rushed over to the healer who was talking with Remus and Pari trying to fill in the
paperwork. “Sir, Nori states his head is hurting really bad. Can you give him anything for

“Not yet I am afraid, I have to do a diagnostic and see if he is pregnant then if he is I can
choose what potion to give him but it is going to take a few more minutes to get all the
paper work done.”

Draco stood there totally shocked and watched the healer go back to his paper work.
“Who the FUCK cares about paper work! My mate just passed out, and has a splitting
headache and you want to do fucking paperwork!”

The young doctor looked up at Draco. “Your veela right?” Draco nodded, his silver eyes
glistening with the fire behind them. “Sorry Sir,”

The young healer immediately grabbed his wand and ran over to Norische who lay there
quietly crying, the pain in his head steadily getting worse. The healer did a quick
diagnostic to verify the pregnancy and then ran over a cabinet and retrieved a bottle.
Pouring the proper dosage into a small cup, he lifted Norische’s head so he could take the
potion. “It is going to take a couple of minutes to take affect completely but you should
notice some improvement immediately.”

Norische didn’t say anything he just nodded.

The healer looked at Draco and said. “I know it is hard Sir, but I need the paper work
filled out in order to know what medical conditions your mate may have or have had, and
how best to help him. With your permission may I continue.”

Draco looked at Norische who gave him a halfhearted smile, then to the healer, and
nodded. The healer breathed a sigh of relief and rushed back over to Pari and Remus. Pari
looked at the trembling young man.

“Exactly what was that all about?” Pari asked.

“I’m sorry Ma’am but the last infuriated veela that I had with an injured pregnant mate,
ended up breaking both my legs and shattering my right arm because he felt he his mate
was suffering needlessly. I prefer not to spend another holiday as a patient in my own
hospital.” The healer stated.

Pari looked at him and raised an eyebrow, then looked over to Draco who simply
shrugged and turned back to Norische.

After a few minutes, the potion had done its job and the headache was gone. Norische
simply lay there waiting as the healer asked Remus and Pari a huge list of questions,
thankfully between the two of them they knew most of the answers and he didn’t need to
bother Norische quite yet. Draco and Chris stood on one side of Norische while Severus
stood on the other side. Finally, the young man came over, and started talking directly
with Norische.

“Mr. Snape I am going to have to have you change into a gown so that I can examine
you, with your mates permission of course. I am going to step outside to give you some
privacy, I will need you to remove everything and get into this gown. Just have someone
notify me when you are ready.”

Norische nodded and motioned for Draco and Chris to help him sit up, as the healer left
the room. As Draco started helping him off with his shirt, he noticed Pari standing to the
side, looking like she was going to cry. Norische wasn’t used to seeking Pari cry and
hated to see her upset.

“Pari, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I just don’t know what happened. I guess
between the stress and the apparating I….”

“Hush now, it’s ok. I am the one who should apologize to you. You told me you weren’t
feeling good and I ignored that and kept on. I am so sorry dear. I was just so crushed that
I had to find out about your pregnancy in this manner, I guess it was my pride. I don’t
know. I am thrilled for you though and if there is anything I can do for you please just
ask.” Pari smiled at him, although it was a sad smile, it was still a smile.

Chris slipped the gown on his shoulders and tied it around back as Draco was helping
him off with his boots. Then with Chris behind him to block the view of the split tailed
gown and Draco in front they managed to get his jeans off. More than once Norische had
to lean on Chris for support and to keep from falling, but his mate just kissed him and
held on.

After they got him into the gown, they helped him get back up on the examining table
and laid down. While Chris went out to get the doctor, Draco started going through
cabinets looking for a sheet or something to help cover his mate up, since the gown
barely made it to mid thigh. Draco had placed his robes over Norische’s legs until he
could find something, Pari had seen him naked many times, but he sure as hell didn’t
want to expose himself on purpose to his godmother.

Draco asked the healer when he entered the room “Do you have a sheet or blanket or
something that will better cover my mate?”

“Of course Sir, right down here.” The young healer reached down to a drawer under the
examining table and pulled out a nice soft cotton sheet and waited until Draco removed
the robes covering Norische’s legs then placed the sheet over him to cover him fully.

“Now since all the paper work is done and you’re feeling better lets get to why you are
here. I am going to run a few simple scans, they are non evasive so they won’t hurt a bit.”
As Norische lay there, the young healer did several general scans. Then he did one
specifically focused on the babies.

“Do you wish to know the genders of the twins?” the healer asked.

Norische looked at Chris and Draco, who both nodded. “I guess we do then.”

“Well congratulations Mr. Snape you are having two sons. I have verified the heritage of
both and they are both quite healthy. Now I have just a couple of more things to do. I am
afraid the next part is going to be evasive; I have to verify the pouch is secured properly
and that the opening is there. So I do apologize but I am going to have to look internally.”
The healer looked at Draco cautiously.

Norische’s brow wrinkled as he realized what the healer was saying. “Is this absolutely
necessary, there is no other way?”

“Unfortunately, spells will only tell me so much and this is critical to the babies well
being so yes it is necessary.” The healer flinched as Draco growled low.

“Ok, but I only want my mates in here. I want everyone else out.” Norische reached for
Chris and Draco.

“We will be right outside if you need us son.” Severus stated, giving the doctor a rather
frightening glare, which caused the young man to swallow hard.

“Your father isn’t veela as well is he?” The healer asked as the rest of them left the room.

“Not that I am aware of, but I wouldn’t piss him off… I’ve seen him mad before, and it
makes an enraged veela look like a fae princess.”

The healer looked toward the door and nodded. “I can believe that.”

The healer set up the stirrups and gently placed Norische’s heals in the appropriate slots.
“Now I am going to have to prepare you so this will feel odd.”

“Wait! Can Draco do that? I’m sorry but having a stranger…no matter how polite or nice,
touch me there is just very upsetting.” Norische begged.

“To be quite honest, I would prefer if he did, at least that way I know my limbs will
remain intact.” The healer stepped aside and gave Draco the tube of lubricant, then went
to stand over by the counter across the room.

Draco took the tube and went to stand between Norische’s raised legs. Gently he started
circling Norische’s puckered opening. Slowly rubbing in the lubricant. After he felt
Norische relax, he inserted one finger, then two… finally three. Stretching and preparing
Norische for the procedure that was to follow. The whole time Draco never took his eyes
away from Norische’s, watching for any sign of discomfort or stress. When he noticed
that Norische was beginning to bite his lip, Draco stopped and handed the lubricant back
to the healer then went over to the little sink in the corner and washed his hands.

“Ok, now I am going to have to use a speculum to open you up slightly so it will be
uncomfortable unfortunately, but if you will just bare with me it should be over with
shortly. Now if there is too much pain I can use a numbing salve and we can try again.”
The healer pulled a short stool over to where he could sit down and his head was at table
level. The healer put the device up to Norische’s entrance and gently pushed. Norische
immediately reacted, and tried to move away.

“It’s all right luv. Just relax, I know this isn’t easy but it has to be done. We have to make
sure every thing is ok for the babies.” Chris reassured him as he held his hand and brush a
loose strand of hair out of Norische’s eyes.

“Ok, Mr. Snape we are going to try that again. Please do your best not to move. I
apologize and will get this over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.”

The healer tried again, this time he managed to get the device in. Norische was definitely
having a hard time with it though. As the healer began to expand the device, Norische
pulled Draco close to him and buried his face in Draco’s robes. Draco held onto
Norische’s other hand, but soon felt the dampness of his mate’s tears soaking through his

“Get this over with! NOW!” Draco screamed at the young healer. Draco didn’t know if it
was his veela nature or his vampyre side that was making his so upset, all he knew was
that this process was distressing his mate and he would not tolerate it one more minute.

“I’m almost done Mr. Malfoy, it will just take a minute more.” The healer told him.

Norische couldn’t stand it another minute. His mind screamed out for Pari. Before the
young healer knew what was happening the door to the examination room flew off its
hinges and was thrown across the room, the shock caused the young man to fall off his
stool and land quite hard on the floor. When the healer looked up, he was staring at a
crouched vampyre in full rage. Pari burst into the room and leapt onto the end of the
exam table and was now perched near Norische’s hips. Leaning on the stirrups for
support she leaned over baring her fangs to the healer, putting her fangs and claws
between him and her godson. She had thrown off her cloak when she heard Norische’s
scream, her wings had ripped through the back of her black velvet gown, and were at full
span quivering with her rage.

“Oh SHIT!” Was all the healer could state as he stared up into the flaming red eyes of a
vampyre ready to attack.

Remus and Severus raced into the room right behind her, but they never expected to see
what was before them.

Norische was still holding on to Draco and crying, so Chris walked over to where the
healer was.

“Sir, I suggest you instruct me as how to remove that device from my mate, and do so
quickly. I would also suggest that you not move, because if you do Pari has every
intention of killing you.” Chris stated in barely a whisper. The doctor explained quickly
how to remove the endoscope he had been using and how to release the tension on the
speculum. As Chris slowly removed the items from Norische’s body the tension in the
room lowered slightly. Although Pari had not changed back yet, nor had she left her
perch, apparently quite content to glare and hiss at the young healer.

Severus came over to the other side of the examining table and slipped his hand in
Norische’s. As soon as Norische felt his touch he turned to his father and let go of
Draco’s hand, wrapping both arms around his father he began to sob helplessly.

Chris put the two devices on the counter behind him and then did a quick scourgio to
clean Norische up a bit. Taking Norische’s feet, he gently removed Norische’s legs from
the stirrups and placed the sheet back over him to cover him completely. Then Chris
looked at Pari, “Pari you need to get off the table so we can get Norische up and finish
this, and if you wish to kill the healer please wait until he finishes his report so that we
won’t have to put Norische through this again.”

The healer quickly looked over to Chris then back at Pari, who left her perch on the
examination table and leapt over to a nearby counter, never taking her eyes off the healer.

Chris removed the stirrups from the end of the bed. Severus slowly helped Norische into
a sitting position, although Norische didn’t let go of his robes or stop crying.

It took several minutes for Norische to calm down enough to realize that Pari was still
enraged. [Pari, its ok…I’m fine now…please come back to me, I need you.] Norische
whispered to Pari.

She looked at him from her perch on the cabinet and tilted her head then slowly she
allowed herself to calm and return to her former self. As soon as she did, Pari swayed
with the excess energy. Remus was quickly by her side and put his arm around her waist
to steady her, smiling her gratitude, she patted Remus on the arm when she felt she could
again stand on her own.

“We warned you young man, not to harm or frighten Norische in any way. Why did you
not heed our warning?” Pari insisted.

“My apologies Ma’am but the procedure had to be done, thankfully I had enough time to
verify what I was needing to check and so that procedure will not have to be repeated.”
The healer picked up his paper work and stepped over the discarded door. “I will be back
in a few moments with the finished report.”

Before he could leave, Norische looked up and said. “Healer.” He turned. “Just be glad I
didn’t call for my father, they would have had to be replacing the entire wing of this
hospital not just a door.” Norische then laid his head on Severus’ robes and sighed.

Severus gave the healer a death glare and smoothed down his son’s hair. The healer
nodded but stumbled as he tried to leave the room.

Remus shook his head and smiled at the two of them. “That wasn’t very nice you two.”
He playfully chastised them.

“No” Norische chuckled. “But it was fun.” Norische smiled up at his father who chuckled
softly. “It most certainly was.” Severus agreed.

Draco went over and picked up Norische’s clothing and brought it around to the other
side of the bed where Norische was sitting. “Ok Luv let’s get you dressed and out of here.
We still need to present the council with the information and see what they will do.”
Norische nodded and reluctantly let go of his father and allowed Draco to slip his trousers
on his legs. Then when he was ready Chris and Draco helped him off the bed and finished
pulling up his pants. Chris unfastened the gown and pulled it off of him while Draco
retrieved his shirt and held it for Norische while he slipped it on.

Norische was more than ready to leave. The whole experience had brought back some
horrible memories and that he honestly didn’t want to deal with right now. As he walked
back to the Council Center everyone noticed how quiet he was but no one said anything.
Finally as they reached the steps to the main building Pari came over and stood in front of
him, waiting. When the only response she got was that Norische couldn’t look her in the
eyes, she knew instantly what was going through his mind, and pulled him close to her.
He had cried so much when Severus had been holding him he didn’t think there were any
more tears left, apparently, he was wrong. He allowed Pari to hold him for several
minutes, hearing her whisper in his ear soothing words just like she had done when he
was a child. Norische pulled away from her and accepted the handkerchief that Draco
offered. With a huge sigh, Norische leaned on Draco and held on to Chris’ hand as they
made it the rest of the way to the Council’s Chambers.

Once inside, Draco took the scroll that the healer had given him to take with him and
walked right up to Lady Sharisha and slammed the scroll on the counter before her. The
Head of the Veela Council jumped when Draco did this. Looking at him with confusion
then anger.

“What is the meaning of this Mr. Malfoy?” Lady Sharisha demanded.

“The meaning Lady Sharisha is that you and your council have just forced me to put my
mate through a very traumatizing experience and I want you to know that if it wasn’t for
the fact that we need your help with this I would rip each and every one of your heads off
and put them on pikes lining the entry way of this building.” Draco announced

Draco walked over to Norische and gently led him to the area they had stood in
previously. It was plain for anyone there to see from his red-rimmed eyes that he had
been crying and that he wasn’t the same confidant young man that has stood up in front
of them a few moments ago.

“What happened to your mate Mr. Malfoy?” she sounded truly concerned.

“During the exam that you and your colleges forced on him, my mate was forced to relive
some horrible experiences from his child hood. When he was eight years old he was
raped by his own grandfather, one of the tests you required included an invasive internal
exam. This action triggered flashbacks of his molestation and we almost lost our babies
because of you.” Draco yelled, the fury still building up inside of him, Norische turned to
him and buried his head in Draco’s shoulder…knowing full well that Draco’s need to
comfort him right now was all that was keeping him from doing anything foolish.

“I am very, very sorry that we have caused this. If we had know… no, there is no excuse.
The council and myself extend our sincerest apologies, and pray that your mate does not
continue to suffer at our hands.” Lady Sharisha voice echoed the sentiments of all of the
council. She then picked up the scroll and went over it quickly.

“Mr. Malfoy it does indeed that you are the father of one of the male children that your
mate is carrying. Hence, we will agree to your request. However, there is one other
possibility.” Lady Sharisha stated.

Norische removed his head from Draco’s shoulder and accepted the handkerchief from
Chris, nodding his thanks. As he dried his tears, Norische looked up at the Council head
and waited.

“What is the other possibility if I may ask Lady Sharisha?” Draco asked.

“A soul bond. From my understanding, you and your mate already have a life and heart
bond in place. With a soul bond, even the veela instincts you would not pose a risk to
your mate.”

Norische asked. “What about my other mate, Chris… would he be in danger or our son?”

“Mr. Malfoy would never be able to do anything that would cause you harm, if you were
in pain he would feel it, if you were afraid he would know. He would not be able to harm
your other mate, because he would know that you love him as well. As to your babies,
they are a part of you and hence he would never be able to harm them either. I must tell
you the one risk, if either of you die, the other will die as well. It is like the life bond only
more so.”

“In this manner he would not have to give up his veela heritage?” Norische asked.

“That is correct, as you have noticed he has already begun the process and now it is just a
matter of weeks, perhaps months he will come into his inheritance. This will guarantee
the safety of all involved, but allow him to maintain his veela heritage and veela rights.”

“Then that is what we choose.” Norische stated.

“Are you in agreement to this Mr. Malfoy?” Lady Sharisha asked and Draco nodded.

“Then so be it, we will perform the ceremony in three days. I will get you all the
information you need as to what to expect and what, if anything, you will need to bring.
All you need do is to inform us of which ritual you wish and we will make all the
arrangements. Once again Mr. Snape we are truly sorry for all that this has caused.” Lady
Sharisha bowed her head slightly to Norische, who in turn bowed slightly deeper to her.

As they left an assistant brought Norische a book that apparently had all the bonding
information in it. Norische thanked her and headed out the door, leaning on Draco
perhaps a little more than necessary.

Once they orbed back to the suite, Norische sat down and started going through the book
looking at all the possibilities, making mental notes as he went. Finally, he went over to
Draco and pointed out three different ceremonies that might be appropriate. Draco just
shook his head and informed Norische that he had full rein of the choices and that what
ever he wanted would be what they did. So, after much consideration Norische picked the
most ancient and traditional ceremony that was discussed. After Norische informed Pari
of his choice, he decided that now was a wonderful time to get some sleep. So taking
Chris and Draco by the hand the three of them walked back into their room and closed
the door.


At 6AM on the third day, Norische woke Draco with a kiss. Draco groaned and tried to
crawl back under the covers but Norische continued to gently kiss him until he felt Draco
truly begin to respond. “Pari will be here in a couple of hours so we need to get up and
get ready luv.”

Pari orbed in a little early while everyone was still having breakfast. She went over the
ceremony one more time with each individual and made sure that they knew their roles.
While Pari was going over some of the information, Blaise and Harry showed up, both
dressed in solid black as the chosen witnesses to the bonding. Harry was excited for both
Draco and Norische, especially since this way Draco wouldn’t have to give up anything
and there would be no risks.

Blaise kept teasing Draco about being the big bad Veela, until Draco knocked him upside
the head a couple of time. But he hugged his friend and thanked him for coming with
them. “Hey how often to I get the chance to see a true veela ceremony in person? I
wouldn’t think of missing this.” Blaise stated.

While Norische was technically the alpha male, tradition dictated that since Draco was
the only true Veela that he be given the place of dominate within the relationship for this
ceremony. Also since Norische was expecting his place as the submissive male in the

relationship was a little more evident. Draco had protested, but Norische explained the
tradition and he grudgingly went along with it.

At 8AM Severus, Remus, Draco, Chris, Norische, Pari, Blaise and Harry orbed to the
Veela lands, to the coordinates provided by the council.

The ceremony was being held in the ancestral home of Lady Sharisha. It was Unplottable
to any not invited, and large enough to host the accompanying gathering. When they
arrived, four representatives of different veela clans met them to escort them, explaining
that they would act as witnesses to guarantee that all necessary rituals and rites associated
with the bonding were followed precisely.

Pari, Chris, Harry and Blaise were escorted to the area where the ceremony was to be
held. Norische and Draco were taken to separate chambers within the huge house, and,
again under the watchful eyes of their two accompanying witnesses, they each began the
first ritual involved in the ancient bonding of the veela.

The first ceremony was the purification, even though it was the early hours of morning
and there was a chill in the air both Norische and Draco along with their prospective
‘parent’ were quite heated. The purification ritual involved a ceremonial sweat. Severus
had adamantly argued that the stress of the heat and humidity involved in such a
ceremony could easily over tax Norische’s system, especially due to his delicate
situation, Norische was determined to follow each piece of the ceremony to the letter.

So with Severus’ continuous monitoring and fretting, Norische endured the first ritual.
Which honestly he found to be quite pleasant, well he would have if his father hadn’t
been nagging and fussing the entire time.

The second part of the ceremony was the ritual cleansing. This part involved the spouses
to be bathed in a tea made from a special mixture of herbs, some of which even Severus
had never heard of. Once again Severus demanded on clarification as to the specifics on
each ingredient used prior to allowing his son to proceed. Thankfully none of the herbs
used appeared to be detrimental to the well being of the unborn babies so Severus agreed
to allow this procedure to continue. Their closest family bathed both Draco and Norische;
member for Norische that was of course Severus, Remus was chosen to assist Draco for
this portion of the ceremony. At first when Draco asked if Remus would mind helping
with the ceremony, Draco thought the man would have a stroke. Just as Draco was about
to recant his request Remus wrapped his arms around Draco and began crying, stating he
would be honored to act as Draco’s ‘father’.

Draco had felt a slight bit of remorse not being able to include his father in this, but he
had to be honest with himself, he didn’t trust Lucius and he definitely didn’t trust him
around Norische or his unborn son. So Remus was chosen to act as Draco’s ‘father’, and
to be quite honest, Draco had become quite close to the werewolf in the past several
months and could think of no one else that he would rather have fill the position.

Once the cleansing had been completed, Draco and Norische were escorted into separate
changing rooms. Draco robes were emerald green and exquisite, looking at his reflection
in the mirror Draco couldn’t help but admit that he looked gorgeous. Down the lapels and
across the base of the robe were a series of runes done in silver embroidery, each one
representative of one aspect that the couple looked for in their bonding. Honesty, Love,
Protection, Security, Fertility, Honor, Truth, Hope, Passion, each one told a story and had
a special meaning with the bonding couple. Norische’s robes were made similar to
Draco’s, of course taking into account his delicate condition. Although Norische’s robes
were made of the most exquisite sapphire blue with the same silver runes and stitching,
the colors looked perfect even though they were not the typical ‘Slytherin’ colors.
Sharisha had explained that it would be inappropriate for the submissive in the
relationship to were green, since green was a color that meant power, physical strength
and stamina. A submissive should were either gray for even temper, white for purity,
pink for love, or blue for patience…given the choices Norische had decided on blue,
stating that to be with Draco he had to have more than the normal distribution of
patience. To say the least Draco was not pleased with this analogy.

As the guests were assembled for the ceremony itself, Harry, Blaise, Chris and Pari were
given seats in the front row reserved for special guests, both Norische and Draco had
insisted on it.

The ceremony itself was being held in the huge banquet hall of Sharisha’s ancestral
home, although several rooms had been specifically designated for the ceremony and the
following feast. Each room was decorated in eloquence; bouquets of every color were
arranged throughout the rooms each with a specific meaning and purpose.

The next phase of the ceremony would take place in the sacred gardens on the east side of
the estate. As the guests were seated the slow gentle tones of a flute indicated to both
Draco and Norische that they were prepared for the two grooms. First to enter was Draco,
escorted by Remus. Remus wore a beautiful set of robes, that matched in color and style
to that of Draco, representative of their connection as ‘father’ and son.

Remus escorted Draco into the gardens to the area set aside for the ceremony. In the
center of a large clearing surrounded by dozens of flowering vines and huge lilac bushes
was a circle of white candles. The circle was perhaps ten feet across, with a white pillar
candle set every foot of the circumference of the circle. Within the circle was an intricate
mandala of magic symbols, signs and ancient runes, each one representative of different
aspects within the magical realm. After staring at the work for a few moments Draco
realized that the design was made out of colored sand, at that realization he couldn’t but
be amazed at the detail and time that it must have taken to make such an unbelievable

As Draco was mesmerized by the vibrant colors and delicate lines of the design in front
of him he didn’t realize that Norische was being escorted by Severus down the same aisle
that he himself had just walked. Remus cleared his throat to gain Draco’s attention,
looking up Draco saw his handsome mate slowly making his way towards him. Draco

couldn’t help but smile, the grace and beauty that simply flowed from Norische was

As Severus escorted Norische down the aisle he could feel his heart swell with pride.
This was the kind of ceremony that he had hoped his son would have, one filled with
meaning, symbolisms and love. Like Remus, Severus’ robes were similar in nature to that
of his son; anyone that looked at the pair could have no doubt that they were father and

Draco waited for his mate to come close then stepped slightly to the side to allow
Norische to stand beside him in front of the candles, encircling the sand painting. As the
grooms approached the circle, Lady Sharisha walked up to the circle opposite the two
young men. Standing in a flowing robe of white and gold, the standards for the priestess
of the Veela Nations, Lady Sharisha took her place at the edge of the sand painting and
waited for the grooms to turn to her.

“Draco Malfoy, you have come to your people seeking to enter into this union, observing
our most sacred and ancient of traditions. You have honored us by accepting your
heritage, and by bringing your mate to us to join with us as a Veela mated. On this day
we, the Veela Clans, do hereby welcome you into our fold, we welcome you with open
hearts and open arms. Before the universe, all that is holy and sacred, and the honorable
chosen that are gathered here today we offer to you the knowledge and protection of the
veela.” Lady Sharisha raised her arms to those watching the ceremony and upon her
signal they echoed out in union… “It is so.” A united declaration from all those present
that they accepted the young couple into their clans and as part of their nation.

“At this point I ask you Draco Malfoy and Norische Snape to reveal yourselves and step
into the circle before you.” Lady Sharisha indicated the sand painting that was placed
before them with a flourish wave of her arm.

At her words Draco began to unfasten the robes that he was wearing, handing his robes to
Remus. Removing his boots and handing them to Remus as well, Draco turned to the
circle and with careful deliberation he stepped gently into the circle.

Norische waited until Draco had entered the circle to begin to disrobe, quickly handing
his robes and boots to Severus, he too entered the circle to stand beside Draco. Even
though Norische had no problem with being nude or crowds, being nude in front of so
many people was a little nerve racking but he managed. Taking a deep breath Norische
waited for the next part of the ceremony.

“Draco Malfoy, you will walk across this circle to me and take your place of honor.”
Lady Sharisha opened her arm and indicated the place where she wished Draco to walk

Draco walked across the circle, careful not to step on any of the symbols or designs
within the painting. As he crossed the circle he found himself thinking of what each

symbol meant and wondering about what it all meant, even though he had read all the
stuff they had given them on the ceremony he hadn’t really paid that much attention to
the details. Exiting the circle Draco turned and faced Norische as he was instructed to by
Lady Sharisha.

“Norische Snape, you will walk across this circle to me, each step you take will fall into
the footprint of your mate. Come to me and take your place of honor beside your mate
and soon to be bonded.”

Norische looked down at the footsteps that were before him, and gently began his trip
across the sand making sure that each step was placed within one that Draco had also
made. As he exited the circle Norische felt a wave of magic swirl about he and Draco.

“Turn young ones and look to the path you have taken.” Lady Sharisha indicated for
Draco and Norische to look back to the sand paining which they did. “This circle
represents your lives. As when you were born you entered this circle naked and true to
the universe, whole and perfect. When you entered into this world you were two
individuals, alone and independent, as you see the two sets of footprints on the far side.
As you walked through this world your paths crossed and your footsteps united, at times
Draco Malfoy you will carry your mate, support him and bear his burdens. There are
times Norische Snape that you shall carry your mate, you shall support him and help him
bear his burden. But as these footprints show you today, know that you will never again
be alone, from this day forward your paths are forever joined.”

“Draco, as a dominant veela you know it is your duty to love, honor, cherish and protect
your veela mated. By agreeing to walk this path with your mate you have sworn before
the universe that you understand your responsibilities and that you accept them
willingly…do you so swear?” Lady Sharisha asked as she focused completely on Draco’s
eyes as if looking into his very soul.

“I so swear.” Draco called out, even though his heart was about to burst his voice was
strong and steady.

“Norische, as veela mated you know that it is your duty to love, honor, cherish and
protect your veela mate. By agreeing to walk this path with your mate you have sworn
before the universe that you understand your responsibilities and that you accept them
willingly…do you so swear?” Lady Sharisha asked Norische again focusing on his eyes.

“I so swear.” Norische echoed, with no hesitation in his voice.

Lady Sharisha bowed to each of the grooms and turned to the guests. “These two
individuals have today united their lives, they have knowingly and willingly entered into
this union and have sworn before the universe that they are true to their heart and do
hereby accept the responsibility that they have accepted this path and all that may come.
As High Elder of the Veela Nation I have looked within their eyes, within their souls, I
do hereby swear their hearts are true and their love is pure. I do grant this union and

pledge my house and honor to this veela and veela mated, I offer at this time to those
houses represented here, to each clan and each hearth the opportunity to join me in
support of these two veela.”

With her declaration all those present called out in union. “I do so swear.” Even Severus
and Remus’ voices could be heard amongst the many others echoing through the gardens.
At this Lady Sharisha bowed to the guests and turned back to the young couple.

“At this time Norische Snape you will honor your veela mate with the ancient blessings
as you have chosen on this day.”

With that Norische turned to Draco and smiled, looking deep into his eyes, then leaned
forward and placed a gentle, loving kiss on lips. Norische could feel Draco respond to his
kiss, and couldn’t help but feel a stirring in his loins as Draco leaned into the kiss.
Fearing the possible embarrassment of too much of a reaction to such activity, Norische
pulled back and recited the appropriate blessing. “I ask for a blessing on the lips that
bring to me the words of love and hope, that complete my world and give me purpose.”

All those that watched the ceremony called out in union. “Blessed be.”

Next Norische bent and placed his lips over Draco’s chest were he knew his beloved’s
heart resided. Upon straightening Norische smiled at Draco and once again recited the
blessing. “I ask for a blessing on the heart that holds my love, and to who I give my love
and life to willingly.”

Again the gardens echoed. “Blessed be.”

Finally Norische knelt in front of Draco and placed the final blessing he had chosen.
Norische gently place a reverent kiss on the shaft of Draco’s manhood, feeling it jump at
his touch. Then while he was still kneeling, Norische looked up into Draco’s eyes and
spoke. “I ask for a blessing on the loins of my love, so that they may be full of life and
bring forth our children born of love and honor.”

“Blessed be.”

Draco reached down and helped Norische to stand once again. “Draco Malfoy, in turn
you wished to honor your Veela mated with your own request for a blessing as well.”

Draco nodded to Lady Sharisha then turned to Norische. Draco placed his hands on either
side of Norische’s face and gently kissed Norische. Norische closed his eyes and melted
into the kiss, focusing solely on his mate. As they separated Draco could swear that he
heard Norische groan ever so softly, with a slight smirk on his lips Draco recited the
blessing. “I ask for a blessing on the lips that bring to me the words of love and hope, that
complete my world and give me purpose.”

“Blessed be.” The words drifted through the gardens once again.

Then Draco bent forward and placed a gentle kiss on each of Norische’s nipples feeling
them harden immediately under his touch. “I ask for a blessing on the breasts of my mate,
that will bring forth milk and nourish our young and give to them life and health.”

“Blessed be.”

Finally Draco knelt before Norische and placed a gentle kiss on Norische’s stomach, right
over where their son’s were happily residing. Norische reached his hands down and
gently ran his fingers through Draco’s hair as Draco looked up into Norische’s eyes. “I
ask for a blessing on the womb of my mate, so that he may bring into this world new life,
and I ask for a blessing for the life that grows there now.”

Again through the garden the words echoed. “Blessed be.”

Draco rested his check on Norische’s stomach in silent prayer, thanking the universe for
giving him this moment and allowing him to know love that he never thought was

“Draco Malfoy you will now take you chosen one to the alter.” Lady Sharisha extended
her arm to show Draco where she wished him to go. About ten feet from where they
stood was a low marble platform, similar to that used at their first bonding ceremony
except that it was rather low to the ground. As instructed Draco stood and escorted
Norische to the altar and stood beside him as they waited for Lady Sharisha to explain
what was to happen next.

“At this time the two of you will step upon the Altar of Life and kneel facing each other.”
Lady Sharisha moved to stand to the north side of the altar and waited for the couple to
settle into place.

Norische couldn’t help but wish they had a pillow or pad of some kind to kneel on; this
marble wasn’t exactly soft or easy on the knees. But obediently he knelt down in front of
Draco and waited.

“Before the Universe and all here assembled, I pronounce Draco Malfoy and Norische
Snape to be soul bonded. This ceremony will now conclude in the ways of our oldest
traditions, with its primary two participants celebrating their bond and their love.” Lady
Sharisha explained. “Before the ceremony started, the grooms informed me that you are
welcome to remain for this joyous event if you so wish.”

Lady Sharisha left her position beside the altar, when she did so, Severus and Remus
walked up to the alter and placed nine candles strategically around the altar, after lighting
the candles, they transfigured them into an opaque privacy screen that completely
surrounded the altar.

It was a high honor for a newly married couple to invite their wedding guests to witness

such an intimate event so no-one left the hall. Severus and Remus had said a silencing
charm when they raised the privacy screen so no sounds could be heard.

All that could be seen was the intimate silhouettes of the newly bonded pair as Draco
moved over Norische on the altar, carefully surrounding him with his arms and joining
their bodies in the most intimate way that two bodies could be joined. As their bodies
joined, a brilliant golden light encompassed them indicating the formation of a soul bond.

As the light faded, Draco held Norische while he cried, Norische was truly thankful for
the silencing spells that Severus and Remus had placed up. Knowing the sacrifice
Norische had made to bottom today, made their bonding so much more special to Draco.
Draco rocked Norische gently for several minutes, until Chris whispered in to see if
everything was all right.

[Draco, are you two ok. I can’t tell much through the screens but it looks like he broke
down again?]

[Yeah, he’s fine. But it hit him pretty hard, especially being in front of so many people
and having no where to go to.]

[Do you need me in there?]

[No, he is getting better, just give us a few more minutes. Just tell people that his
condition has made him a little emotional if they ask. Oh and I doubt we will stay for the
reception, I don’t think he is in the mood to be around a lot of people, so you might
apologize for us but let them know we will be heading home soon after we get out of

[Ok, I go take care of that now. Let me know if you need me.]

[Thanks. Give us ten minutes and have Severus and Remus lower the barriers to let you
in. I will probably need your help to get him dressed.]

[You got it.]


Norische was glad that the ceremony was over and that they could go home, even though
it was a beautiful experience, being nude in front of so many strangers had been
unnerving and then the consummation of the bonding had been the last straw. His walls
broke down and he fell apart. It took Draco nearly twenty minutes to calm him, and even
then, he felt like he was nowhere near himself.

Chris had come in and helped Draco get him dressed again and made their apologies and
they had thankfully returned home. Once they returned home, Blaise and Harry spent
quite a bit of time in the suite, then reminded Draco that he had a Prefect meeting to
attend and he was on watch that night. Since the beginning of the school year Draco had
pretty well slacked off on his duties but Norische had informed him that he could not do
so any longer so grudgingly he left his mates and went with Blaise back to Slytherin to
meet up with everyone for the meeting.

Norische and Chris spent most of the night working on assignments that were due on
Monday. Severus and Remus gladly gave Pari a tour of the school and introduced her to
several of the Professors, even Dumbledore. Harry stayed around for a while then
decided that he couldn’t put off going and doing his potions essay that he had been
avoiding so he headed by to Gryffindor Tower to work on that.

Severus noticed that Norische was very quiet the rest of the night, but attributed it to
being tired and the amount of stress of the day. No one said anything when Norische
went to bed early, although Pari watched him closely as he left the room.


Norische woke suddenly not quite sure what had woke him up. He could feel Draco
curled up against his back sleeping soundly, and Chris was nuzzling against his front
snoring softly. Everything seemed fine, but Norische couldn’t shake the feeling that
something was terribly, horribly wrong. After lying in bed for quite some time, he cast
tempus to check the time. 3:14AM, gods…what had woke him up. Norische decided to
go out into the living area and check and make sure everything was ok. He untangled
himself from his mates gently and crawled to the bottom of the bed, moving slowly to
make sure he didn’t wake them. Norische put on his black jeans and grabbed a forest
green jumper and slipped it on. He noticed as he was putting on his jeans that he was
going to have to go shopping soon, as he fastened his pants he found a rather noticeable
bulge where his flat, toned belly used to be. Norische stood there for a while rubbing the
bulge and smiling, and decided to leave the top button of his jeans undone just for
comfort sake.

As he entered the living room he found nothing amiss, no one was in there and the only
sound that could be heard was the hissing of the fire in the fireplace. Deciding to go for a
walk Norische grabbed his dragon skin boots and put them on.

Norische walked around for some time then decided to go to the Owlery and check in on
Gazer, it had been way too long since he had seen his old friend. To say the least Gazer
was a little more than miffed, first thing he did was bite Norische quite hard on the finger
when he tried to pet him. After several minutes of apologies and petting the owl finally
gave in and began to nuzzle him like he used to. Norische took him out for an early
morning hunt and decided to hunt with Gazer so he transformed into his wolf form and
followed on the ground. The two of them had hunted like that since Gazer was old

enough to fly, he would spot the unsuspecting prey from the sky and Norische would
stalk it, the thrill was in the hunt and it had created a great bond between the two.

Gazer shrieked in pure joy as he soared high above the black wolf, searching the ground
for any sign of prey. Then he spotted it, a large boar making its way through the forest.
Gazer called out alerting Whizzer to follow him as he dipped down low underneath the
forbidden forest covering. Whizzer got scent of the prey and raced forward, when he had
gotten close to the boar he crouched down and slowly crept forward. Whizzer remained
perfectly still for a few moments, waiting for the right time, then he pounced. Hitting the
huge boar with all of his weight, he managed to sink his teeth into the boar’s hindquarters
crippling it without being gored by the razor sharp tusks, then he went in for the kill.
Sinking his teeth into the neck of the boar, he could feel the blood dripped out of his
mouth. Whizzer gave the limp body several good shakes just to make sure it was dead,
then dropped his prize and leaned back letting loose on a triumphant howl announcing his
kill. Gazer filled the air with his shrill call, declaring for all that could hear, the glory of
the moment.

Whizzer fed on the blood of the boar but allowed Gazer to have the meat. Normally,
Norische couldn’t eat pork but for some reason wild boar didn’t have the same effect as
domestic pig. He never really under stood that but it was just something he was
pondering while he set about cleaning the blood from his fur. Even with the magnificent
hunt and the excellent kill, Norische still felt a horrible loneliness…a sadness that
wouldn’t go away. Then it dawned on him, what today was.

Whizzer walked over to lay underneath a mighty oak and watch Gazer strip the carcass of
the boar. As he laid down he couldn’t help but whimper softly, his golden eyes filled with


Chris got up around 5AM and noticed that Norische wasn’t in bed. At first he thought
maybe Norische was sick again but his mate wasn’t in the bathroom, so he went out into
the living area…nothing, kitchen…nothing. Chris thought maybe he had gone out to the
courtyard for a while…nothing. Now Chris was getting worried. He raced back to the
suite and ran into the room, looking around to see if anything was missing. Norische’s
boots were gone but his money bag and wallet were still there. Chris shook Draco awake.

“Draco. Draco wake up, I can’t find Norische.”

Draco mumbled sleepily. “He probably went down to the kitchen to get something to

“Maybe, come on get up lets go check.”

Draco sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Figuring from Chris’ tone of voice that
he was truly worried. It only took him a few minutes to get dressed. Then the two of them

raced to the kitchens…nothing. Draco suggested their dorm room so off they headed…
nothing. What about the library, they may not really be open right now but that never
stopped Norische… nothing. Now both Draco and Chris were in a panic. They ran back
to the suite and Chris rushed over their father and dad’s door and pounded on it. Inside he
could hear mumbling and a panicked call that was all he needed. Chris opened the door
and ran into the room.

“We can’t find Norische anywhere. He boots are gone but his moneybag and wallet are
here. We have looked all over the castle and can’t find him, and neither of us can feel him
either.” Chris exclaimed.

Severus jumped up from the bed, oblivious of his state of undress. He grabbed his robe
and began asking the boys where they had looked so far. As Chris listed the places both
Severus and Remus got worried, both trying their own link to locate Norische, even the
location charm on their necklaces was unable to find him.

“Alright, you two go check the lake and the quidditch pitch, Remus and I will go to the
potions lab and the classrooms. Keep in touch with the mind link if you find anything.”
Severus ordered.

The boys nodded and raced out the door. Severus grabbed his robes and started putting
them on, Remus jumped out of bed and did the same, handing Severus his boots and
grabbing his as well.

After almost two hours of searching they gathered back together in the great hall. The
boys had checked the lake, the pitch, the infirmary, the Owlery, the green houses and
gardens, and the docks. Severus and Remus had checked all the classrooms and study

“I am going to wake Dumbledore, and the heads of houses. He may be visiting with one
of the other students. Remus you go and alert Pari. Chris you and Draco head to
Hogsmeade, he didn’t take any funds that we are aware of but he still might have gone
there.” Severus ordered, everyone nodded and rushed off in different directions.

Chris decided they needed more help so he had Draco go get Blaise and he headed to
Gryffindor Tower. Breathless he ran up to the painting who was still quite asleep. After
several attempts at being polite and asking the painting to get Harry for him, Chris let out
a loud roar that caused the fat lady to tremble and demanded her to send someone for
Harry or he was going to rip her painting to shreds. Within minutes Harry came running
out followed closely by Hermione.

“What’s wrong Chris? Come in.” Harry asked breathless as he led Chris into the
commons room.

“Norische is missing, we have looked through the entire castle except the towers, he is no
where. None of us are able to sense him or hear him. Draco went to get Blaise, Dad went

to get Pari, and Father went to get Dumbledore, I wanted to know if you would help us
look for him. Father and Dad want us to go to Hogsmeade and look there.”

Worry spread across Harry and Hermione’s face. “Of course we will help. Let me flew
Sirius and tell him, we can have him check the forbidden forest.” When Chris nodded
Harry ran over to the fireplace and quickly called to his godfather, in a matter of minutes
the four of them were racing toward the main gates to meet with Draco and Blaise.

Chris linked with Remus and told him that Sirius was there as well and was going to head
to the forbidden forest to search it. Remus told Chris to have Sirius wait by Hagrid’s
shack and that he would meet him there, they would search the forest together. Chris
passed on the information and Sirius nodded then took off running towards Hagrid’s.

Severus and Pari were running up the stairs to Dumbledore’s suites when it hit Pari. “Oh
merciful gods.” Pari stopped and grabbed her chest.

Fearful that she was having a heart attack or something, Severus stopped and raced back
to her side. “Pari, what is it, what’s wrong?”

“Oh Severus, I have been so stupid. Do you know what today is?” She asked, tears
coming to her eyes.

“November 5th. Why?” Severus answered.

“Oh my poor Nori.”

“What is it Pari, what is so special about today?” Severus honestly had no clue what Pari
was referring too.

“Severus, this is the one year anniversary of the day Nori’s mother committed suicide. I
am so sorry, I would have mentioned it if I had even thought about it. With everything
that was going on I didn’t even think about the date. Oh my baby….” Pari was crying

Severus felt the tears come to his eyes, and he immediately linked with the others letting
them know.

Remus stopped running and fell to his knees when he heard what Pari had told Severus.
Padfoot saw that Remus was no longer beside him and looked back seeing his friend on
his knees with tears streaming down his face. Padfoot ran back to Remus and changed
back to his human form.

“Remus what is it? Did they find him?” Sirius asked.

Remus shook his head, trying to gain the strength to speak. “Pari just reminded Severus,
that today is the one year anniversary of the day Norische’s mother committed suicide.”

“Oh Merlin! Come on Remus get up! We have to keep looking! Get up!” Sirius helped
Remus to his feet and they took off running again.

On the road to Hogsmeade Draco had to hold up Chris to keep him from collapsing. Both
boys had tears streaming down their face.

“I should have remembered. I should have…” Chris cried.

Harry ran over to him. “Remembered what? What’s wrong?”

“Severus just informed us that this is the one year anniversary of when Norische’s mother
committed suicide.” Draco whispered.

Hermione covered her mouth, and tears began to form in her eyes. “You don’t think he
would do anything rash do you?” she whispered.

Chris raised his head. “No, he won’t do anything. But the pain he must be in, that is the
reason he is blocking us, he doesn’t want us to feel his pain.”

“Come on, let’s hurry!” Blaise urged.

Padfoot and Remus were running through the woods stopping every now and then to see
if they scented anything. Suddenly Remus heard in the distance a lone wolf cry, one of
pure agony. Remus looked at Padfoot and they both took of running in the direction of
the call. As they got closer Remus let out a howl of his own, calling to Whizzer,
thankfully Whizzer responded.

Immediately Remus let everyone know, Chris and Draco told Harry, Hermione, and
Blaise and started running back to Hogwarts. Pari, Severus and Dumbledore rushed out
of his office towards Hagrid’s as fast as they could.

Remus kept howling for Whizzer every minute or two, to make sure he knew what
direction to go in. They were no more than two hundred yards when they heard what
sounded like a fight. Whizzer was growling and snarling and snapping at something,
although Remus couldn’t see what yet, then he heard the voice…it was a male. He
couldn’t make out the words yet, but Remus told Padfoot, who burst forward running
much faster on four legs than Remus could on two. As the two of them broke through the
underbrush, they saw a man in a black robe pulling a struggling large black wolf along on
a silver chain. The man looked over his shoulder and waved at them then apparated both
himself and the wolf out of there.

Remus and Padfoot ran over to where they had seen the man apparate, Remus saw
Norische’s owl it was out cold, apparently he had been hexed. Remus grabbed the bird

and then linked to everyone to tell them what he and Padfoot had seen and to have them
all meet up in Dumbledore’s office.


Severus began asking questions the second he spotted Remus and Sirius who had
transformed back.

“When we got there Whizzer was fighting the chain and the man in the robe was pulling
him along.” Remus said breathless.

“Did you get a good look at the man?” Pari asked.

“Yes the bastard must have heard us running up and just before he apparated he turned
and waved at us.” Sirius answered.

“Describe him, did you recognize him?” Pari asked.

“No I’ve never seen him.” Sirius stated and Remus agreed. “He was white male about
forty I would say, black hair with a white streak down one side, it was probably about to
his shoulders, I guess and loose. I really can’t describe him much but if I saw a picture of
him I would be able to tell you.”

Chris and Pari turned ghost white. “Pari? Pari who is it?” Severus begged.

Pari shook her head. “Remus, can you get me the black envelope that was sent with the
pictures quickly.” She said barely whispering. “Gods I hope I am wrong.”

Chris rushed over to Pari and wrapped his arms around her, burying his face in her gown.
Remus took one look at this and raced back to the suite and retrieved the envelope, not
daring to look inside.

When he ran into Dumbledore’s office and handed Pari the envelope, she pushed Chris
away, not wanting him to see what was in the black envelope. Chris was pulled into
Draco’s arms and held tightly.

Pari started to thumb through the pictures only looking at each to know it wasn’t the one
she was looking for. Then finding the one she searching for she put the rest back in the
envelope and used the envelope to cover the lower half of the picture.

“Is this the man you saw take Nori?” She showed the picture to Sirius.

“That’s him! That’s the guy…who is he.” Sirius exclaimed excitedly.

Remus and Severus looked at the picture, and Remus nodded “Yes that’s the man. Who
is he Pari?”

Pari lowered the envelope to show them the bottom half of the picture. Remus
immediately turned and vomited. Severus’ eyes got big and he fought hard not to do the
same. Sirius rushed over to help Remus. Doing a quick scorgio to clean up both the floor
and Remus.

In the picture, a naked little boy was chained to a barrel, behind him stood a man in a
black robe that was open in the front. The boy was evidentially screaming and had tear
streaked face. Although you couldn’t see the exact details, you could tell that the man
behind the boy was raping him; the little boy was Norische when he was eight, the man
was his grandfather.

Pari raced over to the headmaster and showed him the photograph. Even Dumbledore
gagged at the sight. “This is the beast that has my godson. I want you to do something
about this immediately!”

Dumbledore quickly stood up and went over to his fireplace. “Do you know the location
where he may have been taken? Or anything I can tell the Ministry?”

“Let me have a piece of parchment I am going to write down his name and his address. I
want as many people as available there immediately. I am going to go there right now, so
I will meet them and open the wards for them.”

Remus was leaning on Sirius for support, but he looked up at Pari and growled. “You are
going no where without us! I am going to kill him!”

Severus was seething with rage and everyone in the room could literally feel the magic
seeping from him. “Pari why didn’t you tell us that his grandfather was still alive?”

“I thought he was dead. He left her body to rot and disappeared. I prayed he was dead, for
not only Nori’s sake but for his own as well.” Pari hissed. “I am going to kill that bastard
once and for all, anyone who wants to go had damn well better be ready because I am
leaving right now.” The venom on her voice could be heard by all.

Everyone in the room, even Harry and Hermione rushed over to where Pair was standing.
“Everyone grab hold of my gown, it is going to be a rough ride with so many of you, and
Dumbledore remember you didn’t see this.” Pari felt eight hands on her as she apparated
the entire group through the wards of Hogwarts directly to the old mansion where
Norische was raised.

Pari ran through the front gates followed quickly by Severus, Remus and Sirius. Blaise,
Harry and Hermione were following closely behind Chris and Draco. When they got
close to the house Pari let out a wild roar and wings burst forth through her gown. Using
wandless magic, she ripped the front doors of the mansion from their hinges.

“He has probably taken Nori to the dungeons, this way.” Pari hissed.

They raced through the halls of the old house until they reached a narrow stairway
heading down. When they reached the bottom of the stairs they could hear Norische’s

“I am going to kill him myself this time.” Pari swore.

“Only after I have finished with him.” Severus raced in front of Pari towards the sound of
Norische’s screams. Sirius transformed into Padfoot to run beside him. They found
Norische and his grandfather in a room at the far end of the dungeon. Norische was
chained to the same barrel as what was in the photo and his grandfather was behind him
standing with his robes open touching both Norische’s ass and stroking his own cock.

Padfoot charged the man and knocked him away from Norische. Severus did a quick
Exonero to remove Norische’s bonds. Then walked over to the man on the floor. Padfoot
had managed to knock his wand out of his hand and grabbed it, biting the wand in two.
The flash of magic from doing so had knocked him out but otherwise he was unhurt.
Severus looked down at the man and spit on him.

“Mr. De LeNoir I presume. I am Severus Snape… you dared to touch my son, now you
will die.” Severus took aim…

“Father stop!” Norische ran to Severus’ side.

“This is the creature that has caused so much pain in your life and you want me to stop?
Why….” Severus asked, his voice clearly indicating the level of rage he was feeling.

“Remember the Ministry, the Department of Magical Defense?” was all Norische said.

Then it dawned on him, the man would be immune to most of the curses that Severus
could inflict, including the killing curse. He looked into his son’s eyes and saw his own
fury reflected in his eyes. Severus handed Norische his wand and stepped aside.

“This is something I should have done years ago you pathetic piece of meat. I pray to the
gods that they find no mercy for your soul….. Omorator Blestem….” Norische pointed
the wand at his grandfather and watched as he burst into flames, and the ashes scattered
across the dungeon floor.

Norische handed the wand back to his father and looked up at him “Vampyric killing

Severus nodded then pulled Norische close to him. Remus rushed over to them and
placed his cloak around Norische’s shoulders, covering his nakedness.

Harry raced over to Padfoot, thankfully finding him only dazed. As soon as he could
think he changed back. “Wow a wand packs one hell of a punch….remind me not to do
that again will ya kiddo.” Sirius laughed. Harry smiled and hugged his godfather.

Pari pushed the kids out of the room and took them back upstairs to the main entry hall,
where they were met with half a dozen Aurors. Pari began to explain what was going on
to them and then they started their search of the house to make sure no one else was

Norische pushed himself back from his father slightly, and pointed to a corner in the
room. “That’s where he kept her caged father. That is what my mother lived in for all
those years.” Norische indicated a ten by eight heavy iron cage that was on the other side
of the room. “Can we leave father?”

Severus pulled his son close to him and took one last look at the cage, then started
walking away. Harry looked at the cage, and shook his head…memories of his own
cupboard underneath the stairs flooded into his mind. Sirius wrapped his arm around
Harry’s waist and they followed the others back upstairs.

As they reached the entryway, Chris and Draco ran up to Norische and wrapped their
arms around him, both were crying and asking a thousand questions. “Its ok, no he didn’t
rape me, although if you guys hadn’t shown up when you did…” Norische looked at his
father and gave a half smile.

“Pari, can you take us home. Madam Pomfrey is going to be seriously pissed that I
apparated, but she will be even more so if I do it myself.” Norische asked.

Twenty minutes later Norische was laying on a bed in the infirmary being thoroughly
examined by the medi-witch. “Young man, I warned you about apparating, gateways,
ports and such why in the world…”

“I didn’t do them myself, I wasn’t exactly in control the first time.” Norische asked.

Poppy shook her head, “Still you know that such activities are harmful.”

“Yes Ma’am…”

Poppy nodded and then opened the screens she had put up around the bed for privacy to
examine Norische.

“How is he Poppy?” Severus asked.

“Well he and the babies appear to be fine but I want him to be on bed rest for at least two
days just to make sure, and I don’t care how much he complains that is my final say.”
Madam Pomfrey looked over her shoulder and winked at Norische.

“But Madam…. Crap!” Norische began mumbling about people being too protective and
driving him nuts.

Severus walked over to the bed and looked down at his son, Remus and Sirius came over
to stand next to him. Then Draco and Chris walked around the other side. All of them
looked down at him with what appeared to be frustration even anger.

“What in the world were you thinking, what made you leave Hogwarts, and go traipsing
out in the forbidden forest?”

“I’m sorry. I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I headed over to the Owlery to
see Gazer and realized how long it had been since I had seen him. So, I took him out
hunting. I transformed into my wolf and we tracked down a wild boar, the hunt was great
and the kill was magnificent. I fed my fill and let him have the rest. Then as I lay there I
realized what day it was and I began to howl in mourning for my mother… it wasn’t long
after that I heard dad calling me. After a few minutes I could hear them getting close.
Then I saw him, I had been listening for dad so I wasn’t paying attention to what was
behind me. The next thing I know he had a chain around my neck and was pulling me
away. He forced me to return to my human form and chained me up. He had just
started….when you all showed up…” Norische explained.

Pari walked up to the bed and stood at the end. “If I wasn’t afraid I might hurt those
babies you are carrying I would beat your butt bloody. How dare you scare us like that?”

Norische looked down and said. “I’m sorry, I honestly didn’t intend to be gone more than
an hour or two. I planned on being back at the school before anyone woke up. But when I
started thinking about mother…. I kinda lost track of time. When I woke up I knew
something was wrong, I felt so incredibly lonely and sad, I just didn’t know why. All I
wanted to do was forget everything and go for a quick hunt to clear my thoughts. I didn’t
mean to scare anyone.”