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Computer System Architecture Processor Part IIT Chalermek Intanagonwiwat ‘Shides courtesy of John Hemessy and David Patterson at onli yt nlm A What's wrong with our CPI=1 wart ny vo . . Com SUSAR CES Abstract View of our single mmrcemans cycle processor Ma oo. Contr Result Store aalhuserice instruction Fe ure tlood > many cycle tire eal oT niy Instruction ees? conmetcatouean _ PrOCeSSOr? | _Memory Access Time ~ ii. tala vot (po atiemea Rage A oe Ta) — selected wort ine Se Lita crane RTE aT edad! ‘'toroge cll (eC [inst emer [Reg Fie Im ALD [Data em acres ‘atte sranch eco $ sense aps + Long Cycle Time + All instructions take as much time as the slowest + Real memory is not so nice as our idealized memory = cannot always get the job done in one (short) cycle + Physics => fast memories are small (large memories are slow) Huds memory coctuweniy ngs oA next Memory Access Time (cont.) + => Use a hierarchy of memories woods svlrsensin} iow abil ihm, ( vinsormenihna 5.55 2 ly ae 2 [memoy | 20-50 eyces Basic Limits on Cycle Time Next address logic - PC <= branch ? PC + offset : PC +4 Instruction Fetch = InstructionReg <= Mem{PC] Register Access -A&Rirs] ALU operation -ReA+B Reducing Cycle Time + Cut combinational dependency graph and insert register / latch + Do same work in two fast cycles, rather than one slow one e sone ‘oyeic ‘Combinational ‘agi (A) ge ee, cory: ‘Aoyele cote Combinatonat Logie (8) Eatragesement eccets dole fener Ssaaesiemen] °° Basic Limits on Cycle Time (cont.) Mem Access Rest Store manera pamile| Tntnnefesby Btisivirounismuceeitucdug finite Partitioning the CPI=1 Datapath + Add registers between smallest steps | tenn yegistey sin b | cohanrsres pregenrevonebil > Example Multicycle Datapath Equal 3 3 € Recall: Step-by-step Processor Step 4: R- “type (ada, sub, ) Design * Logical Register ony ae an enti i Transfer Step 1: ISA => Logical Register Transfers + Physical _ pe Register Step 2: Components of the Datapath Tronefers : Step 3: RTL + Components => Datapath t ot | Equal Step 4: Datapath + Logical RTs => Physical fe kg PS register ooshinhy ia vege 4-5, F6,28 Hhinaetht Lagica! Reiter a 2 feel: Horete “cennaouTinnitefaciu register les sf Step 5: Physical RTs => Control “wenn o> Perec” euiteinne