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The Washington Post WASHINGTON, 0.c. 20071 ‘Goa sae'7rat February 11, 2008 Maggie Williams Campaign Manager Hillary Clinton for President Dear Ms. Williams: Last week, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign, Phil Singer, told Post reporter Matt Mosk that our colleague Anne Kornblut had been "fired" by The New York Times. The assertion was an effort to demeait Anne and disparage coverage of Sen. Clinton that the campaign might have fund critical. It was not the first time that a colleague had told Anne of a Clinton campaign official claiming that Anne had left The Times under a cloud. Nothing could be more untrue. We worked very hard to recruit Anne from The New York Times, Her political reporting for The Post over the last year has been outstanding. We think her coverage of the presidential campaign has been tough, accurate and fair. If you or anyone on, your staff takes issue with coverage in The Post, please feel free to contact me directly. Sincerely, Fle! hucc— Philip Bénneit, Managing Editor ce Patty Solis Doyle Doug Hattaway Howard Wolfson Kiki McLean