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From: Harold Ickes (] Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 8:09 PM To: hillary 08 - nancy Eiring ; hillary 08, eric kleinfeld; hillary 08, jonathan mantz; hillary O8 - kim molstre; hilary 08 - Jessica OConnell; hillary 08 - ali rubin; Hillary 08 - glenn Rushing; hillary 08, burns strider; Hillary 08 - howard Wolfson ; Hilary 08 - neera Tanden ; Harold Ickes; hillary 08 ~ Gigi Georges - glover park; Howard Wolfson - glover park; Karen Hicks; mandy grunwald; PSP Penn; Mike Henry; palti solis doyle via adam parkhomenko; Patty Solis Doyle - friends of hrc ‘Subject: FW: Florida CONFIDENTIAL NOT FOR CIRCULATION 5.4.07 Below is my email of 5.4.07, to Phil McNamara, director of the DNC's rules & Bylaws Committee, regarding the recent Florida legislation moving the Florida presidential primary to 29 February. | understand that the Florida Democartic Party is considering a range of options, including county caucuses, a firehouse primary, etc. that would be held within the window (on 5 February or later), with the 29 January primary (assuming it is held) to be considered a beauty contest. Harold 5.4.07 Phil, this confirms our telephone conversation today regarding the very recently adopted bill by the Florida legislature (not yet signed by the governor) moving its presidential primary to 29 January 2008, which is outside the § February 2008 window permitted by the DNC's 2008 delegate selection rules. (Apparently the effective date of the bill is 1 July 2007.) You told me that itis the DNC's position that since the Florida Democratic Party has not yet filed its 2008 delegate selection plan with the DNC's Rules & Bylaws Committee ("RBC"), no date has yet been established by the Florida Party for its presidential primary, and, therfore, presidential candidates may "campaign" in Florida, until such date has been set by the Florida Democratic Party, and they will not be in viclation of rule 20.C. 1.6 Once the Florida Party files its delegate selection plan with the RBC (assuming the plan includes a date for the first determining step), that date likely will likely intersect with rule 20's prohibition on campaigning in states outside of the window. Thanks for taking the time to discuss today. Harold 19