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Original Message- Geoffrey Garin [mailto:ggarin@lmimmnnaete, con} Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 7:42 AM To: Ace Smith; Maggie Williams; Cheryl Mills; Guy Cecil; Howard Wolfson; Mandy Grunwald; Mark 3. penn; any Leveton; Jim Andrews; Hune Abedin; Fred Yang Subject: WC Results Attached is the filled in questionnaire from the Worth Carolina survey. We are definitely moving in the right direction, and I believe we are on track to narrow this to single digits -- especially if we fund a competitive effort in the state. While there are still Afican-American voters open to us, the vote among ‘African-Anericans has not moved at all since the previous poll. However, there has been real movement anong whites -- including MAJOR ovenent anong white women of all descriptions. We have built a solid advantage among both non-college white women and white wonen over 55. We have smaller leads with younger white wonen and white college educated women -- but both groups are moving our way. bite men over the age of 55 also have improved significantly for us, and we are leading with non-college educated white men. (We actually have gone backwards slightly with the latter group, but it's a small sample and I assume that 1s polling static as much as anything else.) We are being held back by continuing weak performances among younger white men and college educated white men. our white targets are slightly more male than fenale, and definitely skew under age 50. anong men, we have a higher potential to add new votes anong non-college educated whites, but ‘among white wonen are targets are more likely to be college educated. About 20% of all whites are still moveable to Clinton. ‘The Bosnia controversy is much less top of mind than in our prion poll =+ the biggest criticisms of HRC now relate to negative campaigning. But Wright and Bitter are still very much playing through for Obama. 1