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Original Message—~ From: Philippe Reines Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 21:03:14 To: HC Maggie Willams, Howard Wolfson, Huma Abedin, Andrew Shapiro Subject: March Sth We won on Feb Sth, but then promptly lost the spin war on Feb 6th & 7th when Obama managed to portray his delegate lead as near insurmountable, and their TPs took hold. The nature of the subsequent losses reinforced their claim. On March 4th, we will win Texas, Ohio, and hopefully Rhode Island. 3 out of 4 states. We'l likely pick up delegates. But the press has completely bought into Ploutfe's spin that we need to win by 60-40 margins to close the delegate gap. We will not meat that expectation. So thinking ahead to post 3/4, we need something on March Sth & 6th to feed the beast that will ‘otherwise obsess on how we “failed to change the race by winning bg enough... she can't close the gap in delegates, states, votes.” ‘Whatever we're doing out of sight on Florida & Michigan aside, Andrew & I came up with this for the day after March 4th (assuming the issue of seating the delegations isnt resolved otherwise, and it continue to tooks unlikely) Maggie does a David Ploufe type press conference call and ceclares, "We won Texas. We won Ohio. We've won the biggest bluest states out there. We're going to win Pennsylvania. The people of Florida & Michigan voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. They've been heard loud and clear. Now they deserve to be counted. So we are proposing that those two states hold a re vote, run by the DNC, paid for by the DNC, the state parties, and the two campaigns. We challenge the Obama campaign to meet us in Florida and Ohio on May Xxth “The challenge feeds the beast and fills the vacuum and preempt Obama's reiteration on March Sth that they are still up 100 plus delegates and that we cantt win, ‘Obama can't really say no. We get Nelson, Levin & Granholm to quickly endorse the idea on March 6th ‘The press will love the rematch, like Rocky II - so they'll have more to cover, ease up on the odit writing In the six-week buildup to Aprill 22, there will be only one game in town. As Andrew said, "Pennsylvania is the new Iowa” ‘On 4/22, we win Pennsylvania, probably pretty decisively given that only Dems can vote, and the Demographic of the state Then. Win PA& FL Win Nomination Win Election Fix country