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THAILAND HOW THAILAND LOST HER TERRITORIES TO FRANCE “Pa a f Publicity, Pepergkok Thuan’ November 1940. CONTENTS [ME state in oh of a fe 1B, Potatoes ot ete ! . a Retains Sethian we - ‘screens eae i {HATE cuss teen Fn ier i tn i 4x Royoome de Cag, Con Pa 18 Ja, 1007 ® ! sua 6 eh sede riot ora me nam 0 ss Ci Bo thintios Parsee) ~« + {RENT OF GD et ty te eh Soe Ti Su ee ee ne. eri rapa he Bas om Ro Pan Tent Fw nt Seema Pec Seah ow ‘aco: RAL cele oon Se ye ek ina Pry DuVESITON Dts Pane tS Ms in | yo i DTaclemctensttenowce 72 . “Taailaiate ot Is Prunes Sign! » Bangkns, by 7 Décombew 1997 v. one . 1 PREFACE Wish ve ae lo the negotiation cartel on by the Ths CCororment ws the French Goverment raguating & radjosinens| of Se Tod Ching frntee wo at render i Sn scart with nature ‘ol juion Bis Tolley Majr-Gnoral Laaag,Piblnaongsr, ‘ho Prasat of tho Count of Miniter, bas thnegb 2 Ab St 1 role the got which she pros Government bas lowarls Frans. ‘We once laid 1 Frac reset fr « edjsinen ofthe footie in 1986 Dury the ueottion of the Troayof risnbkip, Cmmene ‘ot Navigation ltween Thaland asl France, apropos! was elit ty te That Goreme to the rant ofthe French Government fer a radjetmact ofthe one 9 att adopt an otal tron. Tow rocch Goveromint bower eked lo walt aad nai i when tresiy wat to be consadod cnonring Tn Chiny, for hla front radjstonat is matter oncening the Tad Cw toate Having gent the freely rebtons exiting tetoun Us two onetriy the ‘Thai Govemimnt cionented nd wailed. In August 100 tat Is sy, bom th ura ft prom mara Bare, Pranco approach ‘Tunhod witha view 0 tbe coctsion of Pact of Noo-Agaaio, vw of tho flndshp exiting two the tre coutees, doe Teak Gororoment reid sat ny were propre onal and cect ® ‘Put of Non-Agason with Franco, bot Sop aed twealbe ‘ eadjoumn of he one in enordaon wh he incon of Tar onal Law and jt The potions wen Set ere on in spc of ‘hopin of Tntoatioal Tam, amy, he aden ofthe das wae ‘bvonal a he rae slong the Malo river. ‘he Feech tal lind ‘seeing 8 revue of th rout fn th elang vr allowing = ‘hasol which a vib tbroghout Unger, and oso an ofl wih the rk of Astamador fom Jhunon forthe parse of vepsiang =