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(C)ABUvER’S PREMIUM OF 6% OF FNAL BID IS PAYABLE BY THE BUYER'S OF ALL VEHICLE LOTS 10% AUTOMOBILIA LOTS Baer unertnd that ey must pay he sur equal 6S PERCENT) ray venice Lot or 10% TEN PERCENT) fo any Automobile pucrased ts usin and tat nee wb auatealy nea el sateen eres lb so ‘scale nes an cess fea, nd pyabe wiht ele Hoos Clase (0) Bir wl be required oy appa aes, loans ascarid by ay aut, unless Hoosier ls rcv stacy examin be determined n Hoos Casi’ sle ‘Ssceter) Novelnds one Mossi Case Ra pal taxs arene fos 2 woes) 2. PASSING OF TILE: one Aclenees al ot'SOLD" te oh oer Lt i pass oe ies Ser acknowledge by he uctneet, seth contin set ot ee ane sich Bier hereon (assures ‘eka reoprsy rc an ater Sse nica Ce fo pes sa egestas oa Savage ays Sa tee besiage oy care nase Fewer’ szanond fw sn a carimaton puchav heres ad wi wip ay el uchace est Al rpary mse emoved ro ex pees yt Bd at or exseee tao. 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