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BIDDER AGREEMENT FORM honslassc@lnecom eal ass rte x nabe (7) 45911 To prevent delays in obtaining your bidder credentials, please be certain to submit the folowing required items: i completed BisserAgreenent For wit signaties, BOTH SIDES. [L Deslers: A copy of your euret dealer icense AND stat resale (xD) cartfeate [[] Bank ater of Guaranto fr suhorzaton a purchase Lots) sing personal or business/deaer check [OR Advance Deposit of 10% of your desires bi mt for cash purchases, Example: $3000 depost for $2,000 bait. [[] OR Cashier's Checks) made out Hoosier Classic equal tothe ful ‘amount of your destred bid it Di cony of current diver license, state ID or passport Dy Proof of current auto insurance ‘Bidder paddles wil not be lsued if aplication is incomplete ori required tems ae omited, Office Use Data Entered by Date: Fee Pais Type: Lota, Bid Limit Method Oonew C1 previous vere woot wra.[ sr nave Eoenmres HOME ADDRESS| crry| stae[_]z0 HOME PHONE #| HOME FAX # CELL PHONE # SOCIAL SECURITY #| DRIVERS LICENSE # state issuep| NOTE you ae a Dealer Hoosier Classe require copes ofboth your current dealer conse and stato ane Youn pester? CI ves CI no tari number: teapes ae ne atached you wits subect To al ppicable Sales Tar [DEALER LICENSE NUMBER stare [__]srare resaverrax 0) nuwaen| stare ‘Where shouls Hoosier Ciassle mail your Bidder Packet? L] Business L] Home ‘COMPANY (or Dealership) NAME OR EMPLOYER | TWTLe ‘ADpREss| crry| stare|_]ze| PHONE #| FAX# CELL PHONE # en ee seer oie teaming Oe Cae ($30,000 minimum 8 Lint) sane oF anon ves rue coupayy[ poco] sooness|— Joe Ee METHOD OF PAYMENT FOR VEHICLE PURCHASE (S): [CHECK WITH BANK LETTER (Original Bank Letter Enclosed) II CASHIER’s CHECKS (Cashier's Check(s) Enclosed) [11CASH Witt ADVANCE DEPOSIT (10% Deposit Enclosed) #2008 JWUINI LSU “BNYN AST BIDDER AGREEMENT: | authorize the investigation of my financial and crit worthiness. | have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Sale as stated on the second page ofthis fom, which spat ofthis Agreement| understand that | alow anyone to use my bidder padle | vl beheld personally responsible to all Tes and Condions ofthis Contract. | understand and agree to the 6% Buyers Premium, Buyers Conditions and Contract of Sal, all applicable taxes and fees, and Buyer's responsibity atthe acceptance of bid upon the fal ofthe auctinee’s hammer. ‘SIGNATURE (Required) DATE: Please read and sign on back the "Terms & Condtons of Sale’, Without a signature on “Terms & Conditions of Sale’, your aplication i invalid OFFICE USE: LOT NUMBER(S) PURCHASED ‘YEAR / MAKE / MODEL, PRICE.