172 When studentsmove to a new school, they sometimes face problems. How can schools help these _ with their problems? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer,

171 Imagine tlllI! you iII. preparing fur a trip, You plan to be away from yourheme for. year_ m addition to clothing and personal care items" youc:m take one .dditionallhing. What w<mld you take and wbi! Use specific "",sons_and details to support yom choice.

Topics in the following list may a~ in yom actual test, You should become familiar with this list, before you take the computer-based TOEFL test, Remember that when you take the test you will not have a choice of topics. YoaIIJllSt.writeonly on the topic that is assigned to you.

170 Groups or organizations are an important part of some people', lives. Why are gmtljJs or organization> important to. pecplef.Use specific reasons and """"'Pies to explain yom answer,

IS5 Y 00 have enough money to purchase either a bouse or a business. Which ",-ould you choose to t.xy'! an", specific reasons to explain yoor choice.

.184 Some students prof er to study alone. Otbers study with "group of studenls_ Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support yilur.answer_

IS3 Films can tell us • lot about the country where they were-made. What have you Ieemed about • country from watclring its movies? Use specific examples .m!I details to support ycur ""1""""'.

IS2 Many people have a close relationship with their.pets. Tbesepecple treer their birds, cats, or other animals as mesnbers.of their family. In your opinion, are snob relationsbjps good? Why or ,.ny not? Use specific reasons and esemples to snpport your answer,

181 ill your oourilry, is there mere neeiI fur land to be left in its Miura! coedificn or is there more need fur land to be developed for hoosing and irnfustry'! Use specific reasons and examples to support yoor answer,

180 Movies are popular all ov er the world &plain ,.ny movies are so popular. Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer,

179 What are some of!he qualities of a good parent'! Use specific details and examples to explain your answer,

169' People listen to mesic for different reasons and at different times. Why is music important to many people? Use specific reasons and example. to "wort your choice,

161l Many _nls choos-e to attend schools or tmrcersities outside their home coccmes, Why do some student. stody ._ uSe specific reasons and detail. to explain yoor.""",,·er.

167 Your ><:IIooHI." enough mdIley to purchase ei1her computers fur students or book, for the h"bI3ry. Which should yoor school choose to buy - computes or books? Use specific reasoaseed OxampIes to support your recommendation.

166 People recogaize a difference.betweenchildren and·odults. \VlW everts (experiences or ceremonies) make. a paWn an adult? Use ~jk reasons and examples to explain your answer,

165 Y 00 have decided to give several hours of your time each mon!h to improve the ooIIll1l1lIrity \Were you live. What is one thing you will do to improve your oommunity? Why? Use specific "'""'lIS and details to explain yoor choice

178 The 21st century bas begun What changes do you thinI: !his new century will hrng? Use examples and details in your answer,

177 A friend of yours has receivedsome money and plans to me all of it either • to go on vacation' to buy • car Your friend bas asked yoo fur advice. Compare your friend's two choice, and explain _ one you think ycur friend should choose Use specific reasons and details to support yoor choice

176 Holidays honor people orev __ IT you could create a new holiday, what persen oreveat wonld it honor and how would you waul people to celebrate it? Use specific reasons and detail. to support yoor answer,

164 164. Peeple do many different fuings to .5I'J' heal1hy_ What do you do for good health? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer,

163 I, the ability to read and write more important today then in the past? Why or why nor? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer,

162 Some famous athletes and entertainers-earn millions of dollars every ye..-_ 00 you think these people deservesuch high salaries? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

161 People remember special gifts or presents that they have received. Why? U so specific reasons and examples to support your answer ..

160 When people reed to complain about a product or poor service, some prof er to complain in \\riling and others prefer to complain in person. Whim way do you prefer? Use specific "'""'lIS and examples to support your answer ..

175 Some _like classes \\here teachers lecture (do all of the tal1:ing) in ci ass , OIher students prefer classes where the students do some of!hetaI1:ing. Whim type ofclass do you prefer? Give specific "'"",lIS and detail. to support yoor choice,

174 Every gereratioa of people is different in important "''l''' How is yoor generation different from ycur parents' generation? Use specific reasons and eaampjes to explain your answer,

159 The twentieth oeaturysew great change.In your opinion, what is one change that should be remembered about the twentieth century? U so specific reasons and details to explain ycur choice,

158 When famous people such as actors, athlete, and rock stars give their opinions; marry people listen. Do yoU! think we should pay attention to these opinions? Use specific reasons' and e::5:.iDDples to support your answer,

173 It is sometimes said that borrowing money from a friend can harm or damage the friendship. 00 yoo agree? Why or why not? Use reasons andspecific examples to explain your answer,

157 In the future, students IIl'J' have the choice of studying at home by using technology such as computers or television or of.studying at traditional schools, Which woold you prefer? Use



reasons and specificdetails to explain your cboice ..

J.j6 Y 00 have the opportunity 10 visit • foreign country fur two weeks. Whim,oouotry would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and de!l!ils to explain l'''''' choice,

141 If you oould make one anpcrtanr change in. school that you attended, what change would you make? Use reasons end specific """"'Pies to support y= answer,

J.j5 PIlInIs can provide food, shelt .. , clothing,. or medicine \Vhat·is one kind ofpliiIII that is importmtto you or thepeepleia your countiy"'Use'specifk """OIlS and details i.oexplain your choice,

140 Soare itensfsach as clothes or flrmiturej ean 00 made by hand or by machine. Wbichdo you prefer - items mode hy hand or items made by machine? Use reasons and specific ex..-nples to explain yOur choice

139 What do YO" consider to be the nest importmt room in a house? Why is this room more inlpoltmt to you than any other room? U so speciflc.reascns.and support your opinion

154 ill some countries, people lire no long.,r·alIowed til smoke in many public places andoffice buildingS. DO you thinI: !his is • good rule or a bad rule? Use specific reasoris and details to

· support your position

153'00 you agree or disagree with the following 5Iatemen!? A 2)00 bas no useful purpcse_ Use

· specific reasons and ex..-nples to explain your answer,

138 Do you agree or disagree with the fuUowing ,llIteinent? It is better to be a member of a grecp than to be the leeder of. groop_ Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

137 Do yoo agree or disagree with !he fhtlowing,tatemad'l High schools should allow students to xtody the courses that students waul to .,tndy. Use specific reescns and examples to SIIJlPOI! your opinion

152 Marry parts of !he wmId are losini;,importiiIIlmhnal r""""""";",,,11 as forests, animals..or clean water, Cheese one resource that is disappearing and explain ,.ny it needs to be saved. Use

· specific reasons and examples to support yom opinion

J.j I What is !he nest important.mDrml in ycur country? Why is the :mimal impoIlmf! Use reasons and·.pecmc details to explain your answer.

150'00 you agree or disagree with thetoilowillg _, Watclring tel",,,"on is had for children U'" specifio detail. and examples to suppetyour.answer.

149.1magin<o that you bavereceived S<lllliO land touse as you wish. How would you use this land?

Use specific details to ,explain your answer. .

136 Do you agree'ordeegree with the following statement? Playing a game is fun only when you win. Use specific reasons and example. to scpport ycur answer.

135 Some high schools require all irtudffiIl to wear ><:Il001 unifurms .. Other high schools permit _ to decide what to we", to school, Which of these two school policies do you think is better? Use specific r.,.",1IS and examples to support ycur Opinion

134 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children ,sI!ouId be required to help with household tasks a. soon as !hey are able to do so. Usespecific reasons and examples to support yoor answer,

1411 Do you agree or disagree with the following .,._? Playing game. toadies us abouthfe, Use specific reasons andesamples to support your answer.

147 Yoor school basreceieeda gift ofIIioneY. \Vhat,do yOu think is the best way fur your school to spend this moIleJ'1 Use specific reasons and details to support ycur choice.

133 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person', childhood Y""'" (the time from birth to twelve years of .ge) are the most importiiIII years of. person's life. Usespecific "'""'lIS and """"'Pies to suppon your answer.

140 Some people Frefa- tospead their free time outdoors. Other people prefer to spend their leisure time indoors. Would you prefer to be ootside or would you prefer to be inside fur your leisure activilies?Use specific reasons-and examples to explain your choice.

132 If you ceald iaveatsometbiag new, what prodoctwoold you develop? Usespecific detail. to explain why this invention is reeded,

131 Do you agree or disagree wiih the following statement? Only people \\ho eam a lot of money are successful Usespecific reasons and examples to support ycur answer,

130 S\lme yeung children spend. great amount of their time practicing.spcrts_ DisCllSSthe odvaulage' and disadvmtages of thi •. U,e """,mc "'Oli<lns and """"'Pies to .support your answO<.

129 A univ=ity plans to de,,,"op a new "'_ center in yoor country_Some people want • center fur bmin= research Other people want a center fur "'_ in ogriculture (fuming)_ Which of these two kinds of research renters do you recommend for your ooimlry? Use specific reasons in your recrn:nmendati.n.

145 Some people·,.y thatad1iertising encourage, us to buy fuings that "".re.ny do not need Others sal' that ,d1i_ tell us aoout new producti; that mal' improve our live" Which viewpoint do yro agree ",iIh? U,e specmc reasons and 'examples 10 mpport your lIICWer_

144 Would ),ou prefer'to li"" in. traditional or _in ,modem apartmeot building'! Use specilic rea,,,,,, to support your choice_

143 Some people believe that.students shon]d be given one long 1iOClI!ion each year_ 0theB believe !hat studimts >honld have "",eialilhort Vacations'throughout the year_ Which w..'P"int do you agree willi? Use specific reasom·and e;wIIple. to support ycur clioice..

142 A gift (such as .carnera,.' sOccer.ball aran animal) can c_ to iI chi!d's"",,eIo_t. What gitl',vOO!d you give to help. child develop? Why?·Use."""ons and spocilic'''"'''''Ples to snpport yoor ohoice.

128 Some people.'"Y that physical =ciso should be a required port of elmy .school dey_Other people belie1le that .studen!. should spend the whole .school d'J' on academic studies, Which opinion do yoo agree Vlith';" Use spocilic reasons and details to :rupport your ilDSVieJ"_

127 Do you agree or disagree with the following st:dement'l Reading fiction (snob., ,",1IeI. and





. short stories) is more enjoyable Ibm watching movies. Use specific reasons and examples 10 explain ywr position,

126 1)., you agree or disagree with the following stllle!!=t1 There is nothing fhat young people am teach older people. Use specific.reasons and esamples 10 suwort.l'our position,

125 1)., you agree or disagree with the following st._? All students should be required to stu<!Y art and nmsicin secondary School. U"'; specific reasons to support yom answer.

people I:binI: thai fiiends·"", the most importmt influenre on yoUDg adults. Which view 00 you agree with? U'" exainp!e' to-support your p.,.;tion

113 Some people I:binI: thai your 00IIlIIIlllri!y would be a good place to locate !he university. Compare tbe advantages and' disadvantage. of establisbiag aneW unive<sity in your comnnmity Use specific deIails in your discussion

112 Some people I:binI: thai children should begin formal education at", veryeariy ,age and ::houId spend most of their time· on school studies. Others believe that young children should spend most oflheir time pl'J'!Iljlare these two views. Which view do you agree with? \Vb)"?

1241)., you agree or disagree witb the statement? It- is more inIpOO:anl fur students 10 study history and literature than· it is for tbem to ,tudy science and mathematics, Use specific reasons and examples to support yom opinion

123 Do you agree or disagree ",illi the following statement? People should read only these boob thai are ebocr real events, real people, and established facts. Use specific-reasons and details to

. support your opinion

112 Do you agree or disagree with· the following _menJ? People-ore never satisfied with whlit they have; they "'"'Y' WlIIII &OIIlfrthing more or something diff __ Use.specific reasons 1D support yoor answer.

121 sOme people tmst ther first impressions about a pesorrs character because tbey believe these judgment. are generally correct, Other people do not judge • persces character quickly became they believe first impressions ereoften wrung. Comparethese two eftiaides. Which .tti!ude do you .gree with? Support your choice with specific esaaiples.

no Decisions can be made quickly, or they can be made _ careful thought Do you agree or disagree v.itb !he following statement? The decisions that people make quickly ore itlwoy' vmmg. Use re as ,,!IS and specific """"'!'Ies to oupport your opinion

III Some people prefer to speed time with one or two close friends. Ofherachcose to spend time .willi a large number of friends. Compare the .d,..mage; "reach choice. Which of these two woy~ of spending· time do yooprefur'! Use specific reasons to suppert your answer.

110 Some people prefer to-spend of their time done O!helldike to be with frienda most of the time. Do you pref .. to spend your time 'alone or witb friends? Use specific reasons to SIlpport your answer,

119 Do you agree or disagree with the folle\viug st._ People beheve diff_tly whEn they wear different clothes. 1)., you agree ilIat different clothes infhience !he w'l' people behave? Use specific examples to support your answ er.

118 Some people enjO}' change, and they look fcewerd to new ezperieuces. Others iike their jivestil stay the sane, and the}' do not chong. iheir usual habit s. Compare' the", two epprcacbes to life. Which approach do you prefer') £.plain ,.ny.

117 Scae people choose !funds who are dift'iorenl frnm ttemseteee. others choose friends MIll are similar to fhenselves, Compare the .dvanIages of having friends wacere differeD! from yon with the advantages "fhoviug frienda who are similar to you. Which kind "ffriend do you prefer for yourself1 Why?

116 People learn in diff<reD! ways_ Some people learn by doing !Irings;oilier people learn by =ding about things; .otherS team by !istening to people talk aboullhings. Which of thesemeihDds of learning is best f"'ym!? Usespecificesemples 10 iupportyrur choice.

115 Some people prefer to plan .clivities.foJ their free time very carefully. Others choose not to 1Il.I:e 3U)' p lans at all fur lheir free time Compare the benelitsofpllIiming free-time activitieS willi the benefits of not making plans. Which 00 you prefer - planning OF not planning for your leisure time? U'" specific r ea ",1lS anll enmp!e. to eaplain your choice.

114 s<,me people think that the filIllily is. the most impmtant inlIuence on young adults. Other

109·Wh>n people move to another ccurury, some of'then decide to foU",,,the customs of the new country __ 0fUeIS prefer to keep their own customs, Co!Iljlare these two-choices, Which one 00 you prefer? Snpport ycer ""'wer.willi specific details.

108 Some people believe that the best way oflearning abcat life is by listening to the adcice of family and friends. Other people believe that the best way oflesrnirig aboet life is Ihreugh persciel experience, Compare the advantages of these two difl'exen! ways cfIeamiag about life, Which do you think is preferable? Use specific """",I", to scpport yonr preference.

107 Somo' people believe that a college or uni''ffSityedilcation should be asaileble to ell stndents. Others believe that higher education should be avililabl" only to good students. Discuss these views. Which view do you agree willi? Explain why.

106 Yon need to travel from yOOf horne 10 a place 40 miles (64 kilome!ers)_aivay. Compare the different kiIIih cftraaspcrtation you could use. Tell wbichmethod oftracel you would choose, Give specific reasons for )'Ou[ ,choice.

105 Students at univ=ities often have a choice. cfptaces to live, They may in university dormitories, ortbey may choose to live inapartnienls in the connuunity. Compare tbe 31fum1age; of living inunivenily housing with the advantage, of living in m'l':rrbneut in the oolllllWlrity _ Where wookl you prefer to Iive? Give reasons for your preference,

W4 WhEn yoo Virile your answer, you are not limited to the esamples 1isted in the question, It is generally agreed thatsociery berefits from the wad: of its members, Corcperetaecoattibunons of artists to society with !he_ 0 __ of scientists to society Which type of <_on do yoo think is valued more by your sociely? Give specific reasoasto support your answ er,

103 In your opinion, whlit is the most imp_ characteristic (fur example, honesty,iniel!igence, a sense ofh1IIIlOI) that :3 peEOD. 'can have to be successful in life? Use specific reaS1JD.S and examples from your experience to e< your answer, When YO" write your answer, you are not limited to the e.<lIIIlpIes listed in the prompt

102 Schools should d studelll:s to evaluate their teachers. Do you .gree ordisagree? Use specific

"""'DS and examples 10 support yourenswer.

101 s<,me people like doing "'OIl by hand. Otbers prefer using machin es ~ Which do you prefer') Use specific.reasons and """"'!'I'" 10 scppcrtyour answer.

100 s<,me people thinkilIat ge\oemment.l should spend as much mcaeyaspcssible on developing or buying coriIplner technology. Other people disagree and Ihink thet thi, mOney should be spent on more basic-needs. \ of these opinions do j;'oo agree with? Use specific reasoaa and detllilil to support-your answer,

&'J What discovery in the last 100y=!iss been mostbeaeficial for people in your ooun!ry? Use specific r"""OIlS and examples to support your choice.

86 If you oould go bock to some time and place in 1IIe past, when and where would you go? Why" Use specific reasons and details-to support your choice.

99. You have been told thai donintory rooms at your university IIIIlst be shared by two ,tudents_ Would yoo·rnther 00'''' tbe university assign a-student to share a room with you, or would yon rather choose yom 0'I0lI0"II. roommate'! Use specific reascaa and details to, expIaii:L your answer,

&'i A foreign visitor has only one day to spend in yourcountry. Where::hould this visitor go on thai <loy? Why" Use specific reasons and details to suppcrt your choi<:e.

84 Some peoplesay thai the Internet provides people ",itb • lot ofvaluable infOlmarnmO!beril tlIink access to so much infolllllltion creates problems. Which vi",,' do you agree with? Use. specific reasons and examples to support your opini=

&3 Do you agree or disagree with the'following !t>tement' Modern technology is creating a single ·worldcul!ure. Use specific """,om and examples 10 .upp<irlynur opinion.

98 If you were asked to send one thing representing your country to ... i:nrernationlll eshibitice, _ would. you choose? WhY'! Use specific reasons and details 10 esplairiyccr-choice.

97 Do you agree or disagree with the follewing stateIllell!? l",cbe<s::hould be paid according to how IlIlICh their _les= Give specific reasoos and e..mple, to SI1JlIMlr! your opinion.

% People have differenj WlIj~ ofe=ping the str"''-'lId dil'lkullies ofmodemlife. Some reod; ,,,,,",,e:sercise; ,otba-s w",kin their g~ Whaf do you Ihink are Ihe best.Wal" ofreducing stress? Use specific de!ails and e.<lIIIlpIes in your aDS,';er.

95 Sorlie people thi:Iik ~ should',peDd .. IIIm:h money as """,Ole exploring outer '1'''''' (for """""Ie; _<ling to Ihe Moon and to'otherplmets)_ Other pe<!(Jle.ruagree and I:binI: ge""rnmellls should spen<I tIill money fur our bssic needs on Emh Which m these two opinions 00 you agree with? Use specific. reasons. and: details to sopport yom .3DSl.JieI" ..

&2 Do you agree or disagree with the foll<lwing statemenJ? Advertising can fiill}"", ~ 101 ,bon! , crnmtry_ U,especific reasm:is and"""""les to suppOrt yonr answer.

S! Do you agree or disagree willi 1he folWwiug stilt"""""? TecImoIogy !iss made·the world a better pfuce to live. Use specific·r .. ",ns and examples to supp.,rt your opini""-

Slille=:ibe a Cllslon. from your crnmtrythat l"'" W<luld likepe6ple fromo!ber countries to adopf. £ your choice, using.specific reosoIlJl and """""Ies.

94 Do )'00 agree or disogreewifu.the following stlllement7Dlmcingplal'~ m importmt role in • cullllre. Use 'pecific rea,ons and enmp!e, to _rt your __ .

79 Your city has decided 10 build a st.tue or IOOIIIIIIleIII: to honor a fiImou, p=OTI in )""US C<lunlIy:

Who would you ch"""e? Use """""" and specific exomples Ie >lIppOrl your thoi",,_

7ll1s rt more imp<rIanl to be able 10 wmk with • gronp ofpoople <in • team or 1D willk m<lependently? U,e reasons and specific eaaruples 10 _rt your """;N_

93 Many shIcEnts: ha,,-e t.o live with roommates: while going to schoOl or mllvmity. What are:s.ome oftbe importmtqualities or. goodroOIllllllOIe? Use specific reasons ande.<llIllples why these qualities are import.nt

92 Some,peopleprefe<to live in places thai ha,," the sanoe·wealli", or chma.te all yeor long. 0iheI> likelo live"""""" where the Weolb<rchauges =...,.] 1imos')""'T. Which dil, youprefeI'! Use specili:< reasom and.exarIl!'les· 10 support yom choire.

9lIfyon could:nd: a fiunoos pawn _question, whalwould)"", ask? Why? Use specific reasons and details to, support your answer_

TI Do}'<lI1 agree or disagree with the fullewiug stIltement? BOy. and girls ::houId_.ttend ,,,!,arole school •. U""speciJic reaoons and e.<lIIIlpIes to support yoor answer_

76 Do you agree or <!isagree willi tbe fullowing statomad'! Children '::houId begin lesrinug a foreign!anguage as ""'II" they start ,chool Use specific reasons.ande=nples to '"PI'ortyour. position

75 Some lini,,,,.<ities require students to tilke'classes in many SIlbj __ Othe< uni,mties require _ to specillli2e in one suhject 1,Vhich i, better? U,e specific r"""os and eaaruples to _rt·yooHillswer.

00 Ifyffil • &mollS ~r or .thlete, Who would ihat be, 'and why? U,e specific reasons and examples 10 support yonr chore

89 Ifyffil oould travel bock in time to meet'a'_ pawn I'rcin:! history, whal peri<m would you like 10 meet? U,e specific """""'" and examples to -support your choice

88 Do.l"'" agree or disagree with the following statement? lelepooll<S and ,..Jail !isve mide rollllllllllicabOll between poople 1"" persona1 Use specific """,ns and esainples to support your

opinion .' .

74 Do you agree or disogree willi the folWwiug statemeot'! The best way to travel i. in a group led b)' • trurguide Use specific ,..-. .and""""",!es to _rt your answer.

73 So_ people soy thaI oo!Iljluters haw made life easier and IIlllre ooll\oeuieut Other people_,oy that :OOmpute .. !is"" made·1ife in<lre complex and stressful. What is your opinion? Use-spocilic ""roIlS and """",les to support y<mr answer.

72'Do l"'" agree or diEagree willi the followmg,s!>.temont? Grades (niaIh) encoUIllge _ 10 Iemc U"" specific reasom and """",les to """,ort your opini<m_





11 Which would you choose: a high-pojing job will! long hotm that would give you liIiIe time with family and friend> or a lower-payingjob with shorter hours !hat would give yoo more time with fumiIy and fi:iaJdS? Esplain yrur choice, using specific reasons and detail a

70 Some people IhiDI: that the automobile has impwed modern life. Olher;; think .taat the automobile has caused serious problems. What is.your opinion?· Use specific """OIlS and esampJes to scpport ycur answer.

69 If you could'hHly a subject that you have 00""", had the opportunity to study, what would you choose? ExpJam your choice, wing specific reasons and details,

/ill Many teachers assign homework to >tudenfJ; every day. Do you IhiDI: lilat daiIJ1 homework is nece=ry for _1 Use specific reasons and detllils te 'upper! yourllIisWa-.

(i! If you were anercployer, which kind <if worker would yro hire: an mes.perienced worker at a 10_ salary or an experienced worker at a higher salary? Use specific. reasons and details to support your"""'''-.

IiIj Do. you agree or disagree wililtile following sta~ Classmates Ole amore impe_ influence lilau parents on • child', SIICCes, in school, Use specific reasons and examples. to support yotU"iUlS\l'eL

primarilyto amuse andentertain. Which!J-pe ofmovie da you prefer? Use specific re<iSODS and examples to. scppcrr your answer.

56 A company is going to. give some money e:i1her to scppertfhe arts or 10 protect the enviroarrent. Which do you _·the compony Should choose? Use specific reasons .. d examples

10 support your answer. . .

5'i'Do you .greeor disagree ",-tth the foUowing stateneat? A peson should never mnke IIIl IDlportanf decision alone, Use specific reasons end-esamples tosnppcrt youromwer.

54 Do you agree or disagree with the futloWing statement? One shouldnever judge a pe:rson by external appearances. Use specific reasons and details to "'W"fI your answer.

53 Do you agree or disagree with the fo.tloWing statem:enl'! The most IDlportanf. aspect of a job is the maney peIS<ln earns. Use specific reasons and examples to support YOUI 1IIlSWer.

52 What chaDge would make yoor hom:etown'more appealing to people Yool age? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion

51 s.:m., people believe that success in life cones from !liking risks or chances. Others believe that success results from carefhl planning. In your opinion, wbet does successcome from? Use specific r"""OILS and examples to snpport your answer.

65 Should a city try to preserve ils old, historic buildings or dessroy 1hern and replace them with modem bui:ldingl'? Use specific reasons and exnuples to. "'I'P"'I. your opinion,

64 Some people prefer to work fur themsejres.or own. business. Others preform work fer an employer. Wauld you rather be self-=q>loyed, "ork fur,,,,,",,,",, else, or own a business? U" specific reasons to expJam jourchoice ..

63 Do you agree or disagree ,,-tth the fuU""ing stateneat? Most experiences in our lives that seemed d:ifficult at·the time beocmevaheble lessons furtheli.rture. Use reasons and specific exampleS tc scppcrt 'our answer;

50 Some people'Jike 10 do only what they already do well. Other people prefer touynew thing< and take risks. Which do yoo prefur'! Use specific reasons and eaemples to support your choice

49 Do you agree or disagree with tile following state:rnen!? Face-in-face oomnninicahon is better than other 'YI"'" cf cecrmuaieatica, such" I_;'emai!, ortelephooe tall s. U;" specific ""SODS and details to SIlpport.your answer,

'Ill People work because they noed!Il<lnej' to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Disease one or more of1hese reasons. Use specific examples and detail.s: to support your answer,

62 What do you wantmost ina ftiead- someone wee is intelligent, or:s.omeonewho has a sense of hamer, or someone • is reliable? 'Which one of these cbaracteistics is most important to

you? Use reasons and specific eaaraples to explain ycarchcice. .

61 Do. you agree or disagree with tile following ,tatement? Parents or otaer adult relauves .oouJd make important decisions for !he:ir older (15 to I g year -<lId) teenage, children Use specific reasoaa and exlllllpI<, to support yourcpinicn

47 Some people prefer to. work fur a Jarge company. Others prefer to work fora small company. Which would you prefet! Use specific reasons and details to support Jom choice,

4li Whatare·theiIrIpomm·<jualih", of'a good son or daughrer? Havefhese <jualities changed or remained the saroe ""'" time in yrur culture? Use specific reasons andexaraples to support your. :aD:S'PieT.

60 Do you agree or disaaree ,,-tth the funo.,ing stateneat? Ganes-are as impnrtmI_for adults-as

they are for children US;;!pOcifk reasons and'ioouiJpre, to support yoUr answer. .

45 Some people prefer to got upearly in the morning and "art tile day', work. Others prefer to gj1 up later in tho day and work unlillate ,t night. Which do ycaprejer? Use specific reasons and

examples to support yom choice, .

44 Some people like to tcMol wilil a- companion. Other people prefar to travel alone. Which do you prefff! Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

43 Wily do yro fhink some people are attracted to. dangerous sports. or Other dangerous activities? Use specific reasons and examples to- support your answer.

42- Whal is a.\'6I}' IDlportanf skill a person should learn in order to be saccessfial in tile world today? Cheese one skill and use specific reasons and OxampIes to support ywi: choice ..

19 Some people . are always inaImrry te g_o placesand get tiIing. done Other-people prefer to take their time and live life ,.I a slower pace Which do you prefer? U", specific reasons and exampleS tc scpport yourenswer.

58 Do }'OU agree or disagree with !be follo.wing statement? Businesses should do anything liley Can to make aprcfit, Use specific reaso~ and esamples to support-your position. .

57 Some movies are serious, dasigned to make tho audience think. Other movies are designed




41 Some people _ that binnanneeds fur farmland, hOILSing, andimhIstry are more important than for endangered animals. Do you agree cr disagree wiib this point of view? Wily or why no!?'Use specific reasons and. examples to support yoor answer.

4ll The expression "Never, never give up. means to. keep trying and nwer stop working for your goals. D". you agree or disagree with this statement? U so specific reasoaa and examples your answer.

27 Do l'ouagree or disagreewi1b. the following shI.temen!? People shouId.ometimes do things that they do IIOt enj"y doing. Use specific reasons and exnup\es to support your answer.

2." II has recently beea aanounced that • new ,,",vie theater ""'Y be linilt in your neighborhood. Do yoo support or oppose this plao:? Why" Use specific r"""OILS and details. 10 support your :aD:S'PieT.

39 Do. you agree 0.- disagree with the folloWing siat_ \Vill! ire help uf'technology, studeats ·nowadays can learn more infiurnahonand Iennit'mare qnickIy. Use specific reasons and aamples to support your answer.

38 Learning about the pest has no value for _ ofus liIIing in tho present Do )"U agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

37 Do)'OO agree or disagree !hat pr<lgre5' is always'goad? Use specific reasons and examples to

. sapport yoar answer, .

25 II has recently been announced that a large .hopping center may be built in your aeighbcrhccd, Do yoo support or oppose this plan? Why" Use speciflc, reasons andde!:iils to support your answer.

36 Choose one of the fullowing transportation vehicle, and ""Plain why yro think it has changed people's lives .• automobiles' bicycles' airplane. Use specific reasons andexarcples to scppert yom:: ans\\~~.

24 A pe:rson you kmw is planning to. move to your town or oiiy. What do you _ this person would like m:l dislike about li1iing in your town or tilj1 Why" Use specific reasons and details to develop your.essal'.

2lIn some coectries, teenager. have jobs wbile they are still students. Do you think this is a good ;deal Support yrur opinion b}'uSmg specific. reasons and details .

22 We all work or will work in our jobs with I!laIIj' ditfereatkmdsof'people, In your opinion, are some . .impcrtant characteristics of a co-worker (someone yoo work closely with)? Use reasons and specific examples 10 explain why jbesecharacteristics.are iniportJmt

21 In general, people ere ii.\inglonger now. Discuss the caases cf'this plieIlOOlalon. Use specific =",ns and detoils ro davelop your """y.

2~'n is better fur children to grow up in tile C<RlIIIry>ide than in a big city. Do. yoo agree or disagree? Use specific re"""" and examples to. de;-eJop your essay.

35 Do }'OU agree or disagree with tile futlowing sta~ Attending • live perfbnnaace (fur example, a play, concert, or "I'orting'ei'e!Il) is moreenjoyahre.lilan watching tile sa meevert on television_ Use specific rellWIlS and examples to support your opinion

34Bwines"" should hire employees for their.entire lives. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reaS<lns and exansples to support yOur answer,

33 Yro have """",'ed a gift ofmonay. The money i, enoogh to. buy e:ithe!:, piece ofjewe!ryyou like or tickets to a oonrert y<ll1 WlUlt 10 a-.L Which would you buy' Use specific reas"I1S and details ro Sllpp<>rt your"""'''-.

:n Is it bette:J: to enjOy your money when you ,earn it Or is it ~ to save your money fur ~ tinie'in the future? U'" apecific rea"""" and exansples to support.youropiniOIL

3l SOIIie people apend !he:ir ."m", tives in one place, Otheci !II"'''' a _ of mnes tlirnughoul 1he:ir lives, lo.oking fur a betterjo.b, house, 00IIlIIIllIlity, or even 'clinia1e. Which do you prefer. s!a}ing in "",,·place.or IIlO>ing in ",",ch of _ place? Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion.

30 It has recently been aonounced that a new !llgh school IWIy be built in yom conmamity. Do you support or oppe;" this piau? Why' Use specific reasons and details in your """""'.

19 Should go\'errIllle!lt. apend more money on improlliIg mads and highways, or should go\'eIIIIDeIIIs apend more lIIOney on in:Ipro1Iin~ pnblic !tanap<!rtation (buses, traim, SIlbways)? Why" Use apecific re"",ns and detoils ro ~elop your essay.

18 What are ,moe important qualities of a good supavili<lr (boss)? Use .apecilic detail, and examples to. explain why lI!ese qualities are important

17 Some people _ that liley can learn better by themsel\"" lilau wi1h a teacher. 0theB _ that il i. always better to. have • teacher. Which da yoo prefer? Use .specific rea!<lIlS ro ~elop your ,essay_

29 Some ,people believe that the Earth i. being harmed (damaged) hy Innnan activity. Other.l feel ·thatInnnan_activitym>kestile Earthal>etter place to !We. What is YOUI opimon' Use specific reasons and """"'Pies to support your answer.

28 Do you agree or disagree with the fullaWing ,iatement'! TeI"';,""n, '"""'I'IIJ'=, lIlligazIDes, and other medi. p')' roo irIuch iiIteinion ro tile li1i'e.s of ilIinou5 peopre such as puolic figures and celebritie,. U .. apecific ",""",,·and details to explain youropinioIc

16 II has recenlly _ announced lilat a new restauranl may bo buill in your neiglIDort..od_ Do you .SllPport or opP"se this piau? Why? Use specific re:ISOIlS and details ro SIlpp"rt your answer ..

15 Ne:ighbors ..., tho peopre who live near us. In YOUI opinion, what are the <jualities of a good neighbor? Use .apecilic details and """"'Pies in your answer.

14 Some people believe that university student. should bo required to. attend classes. Other:s belie\", that going to classes should bo optional for _. Which peint of \Oew do you agree with? Use specific reasons :;md details to explain your answer_

13 Some peopre prefer to. eat at fo.o.d ,tands or restaurants, Other peopre prefer to. prepare and eat fuod at home Which da yoo prefer? Use.!pOcifk """"'" and """'"I're, 10 support your answer.







12 Many people visit IIIllSeIlIIlS When !hey Imvel to new places. Why do you Ihink people visit nmseuIIlS'> Use specific ""SOIlS and examples to support yOur answer.

11 Deyon egree or disagree'withthe fuIlowmg",-· Universities shoold give the.""", amountofmaaey to 1heir stI1Iienls' sport. activities as-they giee tofheir university libraries. Use . specific reasons end esamples to support ywr opinion.

\0 When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do wiIh success, • Do yo<> agree or di sa gree with the quotation move? Use specific """'OD> and examples to explain ycur posjticn,

9 Some people.prefer to live in • =ill town Others prefer to live in a big city. WhichpJ:.ce would yo<> prefer to live in? U'" specific reasons end details to support your·aruwer.

& Do you agree OF disagree with thefollowmg statement'! Television bas destroyed communication """'"'llliiffids and funily. U", specific reasons and esamples tosupport your .opinimi.

7 How do movies ort"",,"sioD infhIence pe<lple's behavior' Use.reasons and specific esamples to support yoor·onswer -,


Some people who study in college or university l1iiiId: to make mare friends: and increase their interperscaal skills. They enjoy their lives in nniv<nity or college an<! tend·to socialize • lot. They can meet more people who have the similar jnrerests with themselves. They can go to uni hall after school and make more friends who they trust

The people who graduate fimn college seem more confident iri our ccmmmity. These people are more respected by,ociety, Many people want to be respected and to be important by family, friends, their bosses, and.others in their lives. They lind that most of them can confidently till and do their job, as they are more educated Tlerefbre, most people want to gel the coafideace througb.·themri>=ity or college study.

10 today's Society, people need morebmwledge and.skills to be adapted. The university .00 collegestl1liy is • good Wlil' to achieve this ..

Topic: I

6 If you could change one important thing ,boot your hometown, what would yon clmnge?·Use reasons an<! specificesaznpl es to support yOur I!IlSWeL

5 A company has announced ihat it wishes to build a large -ry ""aryour~ty. Discuss the.advantages an<! disadvantages of-this new influence on J"eur community. 1)0 yeuscppcrt or oppose the factory? Explain yonr position.

4 It has beensaid, "Not everything that is learned is contained in books." COmpare and 00_ knowledge gained fromexperieace with knowledge gained from books, Jn your opinion, which scarce is more important? Why?

3 Nowadays, food bas become easier to prepare. Has this change impr01ied the way people li1ie? Use specific reasons and ea amples to support yom answer ..

2 Do you agree or disagree wi1b the follewing statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons andexamples to support your answer.

10 China, mere and more people try 1heir be>! to attend college OJ; university. What are the. reesoas that make people long for it?

VIIS! of all, in my opinion; the most irnpmtant reason is to gain competence to live a better life in the future. CmnpetiIion of om rlaJ~ bas become mere and more drastic, endeven a very simple job or lew position will attract hundreds of candidates to IiPPly for it. Only those who _. ·good education and generall:ni:rn1edge can gain better work. So, we should IIIIend college or uni';-er;sity fur better competence

Second, attending college or university can change our life. For example, to myself, I am a .tudent from ccururyside, 1= ODe of the:few people who can attend college or uoiversily. Most of those. Mm bave not studied inccllege orunil."eJSity go towosk early in a-small factory in a small tOlMlOI .oa a farm in their hometown. Just because I have taken higber education, I CIiI! get better chances 1D study or work in the rapiral of our coiriIlry.where a-lot of people w:ml to go to. Why'? Good education gives me chances to change my life.

1 People attend college or university fur many different """'OIlS (forexample, newexperienre s, career preparation, increased bmwledgel. Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and ea amples to support yom answer ..

The third ""'<011 for attending a college is to in<:re.", knowledge. Study i, a ,0. irderesfing thing that it make.cur life rich and colorful If expands om eyesigar by informing us with lois of'eew things whaf we cannot gain from uur .common life or espenecce. On the othar hand, by aitenrling college or urll"""'ity, you can learn the kIlOwledge or skill necessary for your future work.

Peopl~ a~ college or umversity for various: reasons. Some rilay attend for ~ experiences, and ethers may think about other things. What I have uenfiored is just ''erJ' rev. of them.

Topic: I

People s!lJdy in college or nnivenity for many different reasons. I think the most important "'OS<ln is to gain more knowledge and learn more skills. Of course, there are also many other "'OS<lIlS tim in college such as to gel more ftieads, and increase one', .self-confidenoe.

Topic: I

Md.Oxingzhi, the _ fumous educator in Chino, once ,.00: the li:iggest-'nisfortm.,-in one', lin; is' that one does, not receive a un.ini\lNSly education. N eedless to say, a universi.ty degree often helps • person achieve his goal with IOOre ease. However; do we attend university just in pu=it of. degree? Dee, a university ordy provide us nothing beaefieial besides a paper-nade diploma? As far as 1 am concerned, we enjoy a-university education in the followIDg aspects which

These days, IIlQSt jobs require people who are educeted and have good joo skills. Therefore, the people who want a good job have to study hard and at 1_ gradaate with a high ediicatien, Finthemere, as technology advances all 0''''' the world, more an<! more education is required of





Vrn;dy, with the knowledge learned in .a univ=ity ,we will have. deep lIIIiler;standing with onr society. It is lure that gennine bmwledge correa froni practice, har it can not be denied that geuninebmwladge, tells us hcwtopractise, A thorough study in. college or tmive ... ity, of couee, enabl es us to realize how the society work, and how to cope with certain problems arisnig from IT in a more efficiently, more skillful "'~.

Second, an univenity edec a tion usually make IT possible thatwe aC<Jirire a decent job. Because of an accomplislonerII ;'ra four-year study; it is not difficult fur us to find • good job in most cases, How cerrwe imagine tim. graduate· majoring in rnrnnorny. has to be. vendor in the streetl Undoubtfully, besbe should sit in lIis.her labcrtory, making 3 reseech on aircraft-on a romplitor.Obvion41',.' univ=ity,education aasurea Ions'lier edeceatjob.

Last, rut·oot the least, we can help others nndt beuer if!'lltiing what we learn in. ~ty into use, A university education corrects our values, ellb:mce our skills, end bread our horizons. With these, we are moe capoble of giving. hand to those who are in need of help than before.

"Knowledge i'.powe,-".when achieving a degree IT!' university, wetan gel. better understanding "fthe soc:iety,liucl adecenrjob in an easy way, mdbelpothers better. All of these are due to the knoMedge learned in • uoi\..mty.


can change OlIO'., d..tiny lind uni;-.,rsily is the bestplace to achieve cee's goal". Of course this inftueocedme.l monglybelieve-thata-.!inguniversity is tbe'best choice fur me. 1 do not have a .bit· ofhesitation to attend it univenity_

Topic: 1

Topic: I

Why 00 people need to attend colleges or ~ties~ Different people have. different answers to this question. I believe that the three most COlIIIIl.QII. reasons are to prepare fur il career, to have new experiences, audto incr ea se their knowledge of themselves and the wcdd-around them.

Career preparation is beconeag more and more impe_ to YWDg people. For many, -this is the . primary reason hl go to college They bmw that the jebmatket is ceecpetitive, At college, they 'can learn rew skill for careers with a lot of oppornmities. This means careers, :such as information jechnclogy, that are expected to reedalesge wnrl .. force in the coming Y=-

Also, students go to colleges-and universities to have new espedeaces. This oiIen means having the opportunity 10 meet people different from tho", in their hometowns. For most .tudenls,going to college is the first time tbej'vebeen away from home by thernseIves. In addition, this is the first time they've bad to make decisions on.their 'own. Making these decisions increases their knowledge of 111=1"",.

Besides looking fur self-bmwledgo, people also attend a university or _<I their knowledge in subjects they flad inferesting, For many, this will betbeir last chance for dong time to learn about some1hing that doe",1 relate to their career.

People attend a college or •. univerntyfor the following reasons, to acqinreknowledge which·is nec,essaI}' fur a esreer, to oontn"bute to the society, and to experience life,

I would recommend that people not be so focused on a career. They should go to college to have newesperiecces and learn about themselves and the world !hey liVe in.

tEsssYID: 71 ~i!'~IK\R:i.dedbf Eiin!B.illy of'ill'WW.T~gK.oom)

Firstly college edacation is a necessary st~ fur a person whowants to start a career in science and technology areas. If a.student wants to become a scientist, it is·i.mportmf fur- him to go to a science schoel; if be wants to be an enginea:, lin engineering >Choof is the best plare for hirn_ 'lbere is iID other I'l3Oe than • college """'" • studelIl can get "",histiCated edllcation in order to bo qualified ro become·~ proressional in a specilic are~.

Topic: I

Secondly, • COIl benelit both the Society and the student. By attending college one O->It gel himself prepared fur and oootribute to. the oociety, wliich seems to dem.nd .dvanced bmwledge IiIDre ... d more One the other hand, .. knowledge pl.ys a very important role in today', economy, ii his ilio boccme the capital and asset of the_who ""'''' it:. iI college education can bring wealth not only to the societ}', 1m! aho benefit the individual who processes it

Now do)". more and more people are trying to. attend college or university. Different people 00 '" fur different reaoons_ SoIIle" typical reasDns are Ilffili experi.enre;, career prepiifiuion and increased knowledge 10 my opinion; it is the·fart developeroont; oI!IIIlSt explosion; of onr world thaI moke people to consider .ttending college oruni'-<mlity.

In addition, oolleyedu~tloo is II wo~ experience in one' Only ina college. one can be taught by the finest. schobrs·md meet wiIh the most intelligent people in the nation. Education can also biing happm.., to the student. When. 'tndent lias oonqnered • difficult rnathematiall problem, he ", .. "'" the joy which learning has.brought to him, md feels tim i.e·is the hi!ppiesi·

man in the \\~d_ .

People would USII3lIy get bored when they focus on <me Iield fur • long time. For this reason, !hey go to oollege·to.pursue.~ences in new:areas_ We often hear that an ,electrical enginea:went to·. uni\..rnty to study art or IIllli;C. With the new ,experience .. they _d·their ken. Maybe some good ideas would jump out during their daily work

As fur the ymmg, they attend oollege fur Career preparation. Not only "",Id they gel knowledge needed for their future work, they cOFdd learn bow to think and haw to· ,ol"e.questions. The projects .tudent. attended· are very like theD- future W()Ii.

Some peop1e, who ha"" been gradmted from mrit.""iti.. for I"""", are ahn plllllDing to go ""-ok ro school. Most of them reattend nniveniti.. to increase 1heir kno~ae_ Techlogy is developing '0 fus! that peopl.cmdd not k",!, tip with them unless !hey keop increHing their kn""'ledge.

All in all, people, who attend college or univ<nity, are preporiIlg for their better futures.

Of course; learning in a campus does not mean as moch for e1ierybody, but it does mean • lot to ID<. I w.s brought up ina bmwledge-respecling family My _ is an·.",gmeer and my _ is a te",her in • primary scbeol. They ....-e both mrit.""ity graduates. My fafba-, boing the most infhientiol person in my life .00 the "'" of a .pmr Chinese _, did chonge the destiny ofhis "",. by le:mring bard to earn a university degree. Therefore bo·fumly believes that "knowledge







to do the real work.,

Topic: 1

Then, you can get ~ esperieace :from lmivernty_ You can join the student union or join a dub. Y 00 em learn '" lot from it. Firat, you can learn how to conmmnicate with the different people. And II can learn how to organize a meeting or a party,

AndaIso you can prepare for your career. '!'here are lots of'programs to let the trained fur a job. University runs the program by """""",ting with some wry large compmy, some manager from lherompany give us scme coarses.whichteach us bow to run aoompany~chow to lead your gronp 1D finish !he work, how to cope wiIh some problem, and how to be more confidenf. Andtleyalso ten us whiCh kind Ofeinployee !bey·.illIlt in the'compmy. 'These things, ore quite useful for us. especially for those who WlIIIt to get.a job after graduatioo.

Now yorr krill", that IIDi"Efiity is quite useful, .but the most in¥- thing it teaches us is not the knowledge nor the espeneece, it. is bowtc think and learn

College is', place that the studentS, 'can learn more and new knowledge and experienc e in it. Of OOUISe,. different,people have ilifferentreason ro'study in college.Fer example, some people want to be to go on a further study after they graduate from the college; some people hope to find a, good job after their siJ.tdi'ing in the college and also some people wish to exchange their present sihlation,thrWgh studying in the-college.In my opinion, no rmtier what reason people study in the college for, studying in the college is jus! a preparation for their future we,

First Of all, students can leam new knowledgo and experiences £rom the .mdylng in the college. There are many teachers, professors with ahnndmt teadllngexperience who reach _lohI of new lnowledge aod help them to solve tbe probIeIm in their study. With their help., ,IDdent Can

Ie am a lot ofuseful basic and professiceal knowledgo whicb is ""'Y hoIpful for their future work, and study, After !bey finish tbeirstudy in the college; sIDden" ,go to work in the society and contribute to the different fields.

Secondly, students can le am hoi. to mange tbeir own time reasonably. Before their studying in college, their we often arranged hy tOO,- parens and their study often manged by their teachers. It is ""'Y different fur them to live and study in college; because sroden!, studying in college have til ~ their Iife and study by themselves. They have right to mange their part time, such as when to get np. ",hen i.the 'Pori-time, when to finish the assignment etc. This is ""'Y impo_ experience fur _Is' work and liJe in the fuIm'e

Secondly, siJ.tdi'ing in the college make _ent>,halliIg opportmrity to live with other studaitand learn how to coepeate with otberpeople. Usnally, people often have unoornfurttble 'feeling to live with a stranger, because they do not knowoacb other and perhaps their hahil and personality are _nt Bul for the long run, it is good fur them They have to ceoperate with each other and solve e lotofproblems they will face rogether. Gradually, they can le am how to care and understand other people, It is a preparation fur students to go to cooperate with other people in 'the society

Topic: 1

NOWltda}~, more, and IOOre young people attend the mIivec!ities for different reasons. Ac.oording

to the ""''''Y, the main goal Of what zuost of them 00 so is for career preparation '

All in all, .tudent> _only can Ieam lots Of DeW knowledgo from the books but also can Ie am nmcb more necessary experience how to arrange time and how to ooopeIl!tewitb_ people, It is ver impOrf:aid'furthffir future work and we,

There lire JI!.'Uly reasons to demonstrate it. The most primary reason is that is that uni\~' are the most suitable spot to absorb knowledge, whiCh umstly determines your career development, With the development of the society, 'knowledge is power" has been a rule: the.more knowledgo ,ODe pcssesses.tbe more ea5iIy besucceeds in his career. For instance, it is ofIenreported thai MBA gDI_ infamous IIDivEfiities, such as Harvard, will acquire high ,tartpayrnenl when the companies employ them fur the firs! time. After several works. abundant working experience and solid knoMerlgo base will make them further develop in the manager cl aa s,

,Another reason is that noi\'ecities will provide one with 1101 only knowledge but also many other abilities, including comnaaucafion ability, ccrporaficn ability, and independency ability etc, Whicb are _1iciaI to future career. IlJ the same lime, he can make moods wi,th his schoolmates and deal. with an kioi:ls of people, who often become his cotleagues Or business partner in the'future. Furthermore, in this way, his view will be widened and abilities will be imploved_ When he goes 'Off the campus, he alw''l'' has stronger oornpotition ability than these who de not go to the untversffies.

Today rn<>ie and more people attend 'college or university. But ",-hy?ru a student of a key university, I wmI te giee my opinion.

Of'course, we attend rrni"""";ty to'io:reaseknowl,eoge. Uuiveraitypmvides sone basic knowledge for om research or ouT career in the following }'eaIS_ It provides, basic ~,ti.on about the majm we chose, .sach as what it research in. IT you find tbat yru erenot interested in that major, u can change it, till u find, one II are interested in. II abo prIDiides knowledge for all majo'r., SIIdI as advanced mathematic, English, FbYsic~ basic cbemistry. Teacher there can help,you to' decide _ yon ,de in the furure, to enter a.gradnate school or tc take,' job. We must de' dot of eXperiment during the s.cbool years, thai makes us quite capable, We visit a fue!ory in the second year to get a general ide. aboat the work our major do. And we have a internship in the third ,year

La," but not thel"""t one is that in contrast, history illustrates that people refused by the universities have few to succeed in their career develcpnenr, Because of their low educetieual level, most companies would rather einploy them lIS phy~ical work", than =to! workers. in this way, the development ofteclmology and science will full them into disese, Sucb as in many manufacturin,g factories now, there ape automatic. machines as substitute for workers,

In. word, ofmaayreascns fur people to go to unrsereitiea, career preparatienhas been themo>! primary, When education background becomes more importmt in career developmen!, it will atIracl more people to' de so fur a long period

Topic: 1




There are many people want to go te university or college every year end they decide to do so for many different reasons. I believe there are three common reasons are to prepare fur career, increase tbeir knowledge and get new experience,

Prepare fur career is ""'Y important for yoongpeople nowadays. In a cempetifive society, if they have not a goededacational background, they will not get a good opportonity in tbeir career or even cannot:find! a job, so college and university can provide them new :s.kills: to meet the requirements of career ..

'Some people believe parents maybe a ;-ery imporIant teacher for children, lnrt ,will be taken place hy teacher after children g<> to school, however, I believe parent. always are the best teacher II!l matter bow many knowledge children bave acquired from school, the reasons why I think so go as follow.

FIIS! ,children alw'l" imitate their parents from birth, so the parents' influence on children is great, Fer-example, reseerchers said that paI<Ids' espressicncen influence-the growih oftbeir 'children character, if parents "ways smell end watch their 'child wbite he is playing, the child' confidence will be greater than other child whose parent always Ieeve him home.

Also, _ dlend to university or college cm increase their knowledge in subjects they interested for many people, this is maybe the primary reason te go to ccllege.Tbere are many excellent professors and experts can give us a plenty of'kucwledge Whicb including many areas. For many people this maybe tbeir last cbance for along time to get knowledge that don't relate to their career,

Second, parents are also the best teecber for children in emotional area. For example, If a ohild feeloppression or feel frustrated in school, be al",,,y' not talk \0 hi, teacher, at this time, parents can heIi> him and child are also willing to tell his inoer feeling tohis parents,

Third, althongh child get many knowledge from teacher, basic skills in his whole life are COII>e £rom his parents. For example, om basic language iliII, basicrealize iliII and "'-.. basic sport skill ore all acquaed from parents. Because of this basic skill parents teach their child, the influence of parents will.follow the child', whole life.

Besides looking fur knowledge.some people want te go to college or university became they decide to live a new life. University can support young people 3D. environment where they can intercomrmmicate about many tcpics such as literature, goal of life, art and emotions whicb are hard to talked ahou! after their university lives, '0 it is a special experience fur young people to live end study in college or university.

All in a word I prefer increase knowledgo and got a special experience to prepare for career in university because getting good opportunities in career is partly depend on your knowledge end experiences' on diverse areas.

All in a word, the effect pareets take 00 the child', education process is greater than any teachers in school, they are the best teacher,

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Parent> in!Inence greatly tbelr children for a lifetine, I think people are molded hy two factors, family and the society that they are in. From birth, humans are influenced by the surroonding people for their characteristics Parents take a big rote in bringing up children, whicb affect. their live, fur a longtime,

In early inf'anthood\ bahies are looking to moms imd dads' to learn besic IWIIIIlOr.! to be accepted in society, Some Of the", manners include Dol running around in restaurant> or hitting other kids, A. they grow up, !bey learn more from parent •• oout socialeliquetle, whicb makes them more suitable to li,,,, in .society. Children tend to look to their parents fur role model. knowingly or UIIi:nowiDgly.

Topic; 2

Who'teacbes you to walk? Who teacbe, you to· speak? II is yom parnd:l who teach you to do these besic'lhin!'I' in your life. So don't.yOO think that parents are the,_ teacbers'

Firs!Iy, parents know us ;-ery much, Parents. gi'''' Us,life, i!lld I think thJa we will spaid Iarge anJ01mt of time with them So !hOy know our merit imd demerit indetaW. Meanwhile, theywill help us ro get rid Of oor demerit

Furthermore; parents po_sed many experiences. Sinoe they are older than ill, !bey have experiencedmany thingS. Scmetimes, they are just like our m<>iIeI~ And as the saying, goes: "&ample is !Je!k< than precepf" So we will onconsciously oopy SiOOle of oor parnd:l' hahit>- and sI)1esofbehavior, i,e, we can 1 ..... many thing< '!iom them

Ilesi.des, parnd:l can also affect childIen', srody habit., OhiIdren of _ , lawyers, inves_ benkers, and other professional. see their rnothen and fathers work a lot of time, reading books, and poncbing I:eyboo",fu,even :II horDe. They are showing tbeir children how ro .study by their (Wj]l behavior.

,Finally, parent> will _us everything. Since ,cboolteadla:s can jus! teadI "" knowledge from the books. our _porents can teacb us ""eiything. For,e.ampIe,I learn J:nitting, cooking imd, makeup from my III!ltber, ,lhiIe I""" fixing 1e.J:y f.ruce! from my father. They ,are the persons who love me mos~ so !bey willteacb me everj-thing without reservations,

Just, as the ""}ing _: "There is no place lil:e home," And I think there is no ·teacher like our parenfs. They are the best te&ClI<rs in om life.

However, parents can also be a bad exaIIljIle for their kids, II is diflicuIt for ahildIen who have .busi,,,, parents ro lead a normaI childhood and is possible that !bey may become.similar to their .busi,,,, parents when !bey grow up. In this ""'""', the pareDIs' negati"" role in ,haping the children, personality cannot be emphasized more.

In conclusion, pl!rerIls are the _teachers for their children. They leave big n ... is on their children'. Ii,,,,, and are lherefure more in!IuentiaI teachers then any others they may ha"" in fum lives,

Topic: 2






Topic; 2

Food longer of that imp<rtlmoe. This is. not I!Il """"""'ging tread, People are 100 cIopen<EDt on preprocessed or precooked food, which no longer bas the.fresbresa it caee had, Such foods I"""" their mineral and vitamin content and are not as healthy lIS fresh feed That is why the !IIlIllber of diseases is also rising. People have also shifted to high calorieconteat food like French fries, pizzas, and ice' cream, ete., Mllch is c:ru5ing obesity, fatigDe, etc. k man is l>ocoming busy and too involved in his busy schedule, he bIIS 00 time even to takecare ofhis own personal needs.

Fm-thamore, cooling is an art which is dying out. People once enj.<iy«I cooling _ It was • means of eliminoting stress and tension, People were. once able to relax daring this time. and reflect 00 their Iives.

Who are thebest teachers in our life? In my opinion, die fuot teachers we have in our lives in mart C>SeS are oor parents. They leach us to walk, to spook, arid to hove good IIWIIl<rs before we reach "the real wodd. • More fum even the ptcfesaional teachers tbat We hove in school, pareets are generally the I!II>S! involved in the <lev<Jopmeot arid edacation of children

The main reason fur my ~ is: that our parents are the rest teachers at the begInning of OlD" fives, _ actually corresponds to the parents' role in nature, Parents are most committed and involved ill teaching their £hildren; they-have a.kind of instinct to ~acriJke a part offhenselves for the, betterment oflheir·chi!dr-en. They love us and have great peheace while passing down their krulwledge to us. The}' wish II> a SlII:= and thus MIl not teach II> had iIllng s. An<! of course.fmglicitlearning occurs \\bat children unoonsciously copy some of their parents' habib and styles ofbehaoior,

Also, dming the second stageof child deveJOJl1D"!!I; adolescence, parents C>Il still be in the best pesitica to offer adoice even. though the children might not accept it. In this case, perhaps tire child', friends would be the best teachers. Adolescents are notoriously rebellious in m:iny cultures and may anronsatically reject any advice from !heir parent s. My fint marriage far instance, was solely': matter "fdoing the 01'1'''';1< when my parent. fried to intrude in offering !heir advice. So in Such matters, parents should be much more flexible and be rather the pataers with their . childr-en. So we can see that being a teecber of growing child become more. arid more complicated coso as the time 1"'= and'm:my parents are simply not able to meet the increased demands.

On the other hand, I would say that parent. are not professional.teachers and !hey tend to be ""'Y biased by tleir I"",, of their children. So wishing good !bings and sn easy life may prevent clriIdren from matmotimc In 1iIIj'=e, pateais nsualIy can pre.ent only one Viewpoint of the world, while good teaching shru]d be based on differeot attitudes. Thm, \\bat children'gc to school and haw, a greatdiversity cfteachers, they learn much more than their parems could probably give them. Funhermore, cace our patims got older, !hey become more. conservative and cannot oJw"Y' be-objective in regard to 1OO<!em trends and fashions. Thm we need to take their advice with caution during that-period However, some kind of iatuition which Ibelieve shared between relatives shout what eileJ}'body needs and great love _ edstain a families still

make. oor parent. vff'J good teachersaad adviser.s at aIiJ' time. .

In short, whileparenis are notthe ideal teachers, and well-rounded childi'eIl will generally need a great divenity of teachers in fheir Irces in order to have a mare accurate ~iew of the world, parents are generally the mast committed of all teachers and have tle.greatest eeoticeal investmentui their clrildraJ end tIreii future.

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People may tendto argue tire! by \ising precooled arid preprocessed food !hey are efficiently ~ing time endcan rise tluspreoiocs time saved for other purpo~s. But is It really worth it? This is. a question whose answer can invile machspeculetien about'whether by saving this tittle time we are in;iting lot. of other problems, _ could easily be . avoided It is actually miliDg oar live> not simpler bet 1IlOIe_ complicated, We have lost many of the simpler things in our lives, lik.!he SIllIJlle acts of selecting our evening meal, preparing it, and enjoying it with oar loved ones, and

we are worse off for it .

Topic: 3

Nowaday.s~ wherever we turn our gaze, w~ can see different types of food that are easier to prepare. For instance, we can buy frozen: foods in a >IIp<lIIIIlIrl: and just prepare's in a couple-of IIlIIIlTIes, \W'ereas before it could have tiken us =yre hours tc _ore !his kind of neals.I would accept that fhis so-called inJPr"'- has changodom lives, but I believe that-thereare some

drawbrl ... well. .

It is true that these kinds of food do ... 1 involve hard work to prejlare, but food that is easy to prepare generally hasaeme.artificial ingredients ensed in it that mak es rl"easy-kH:ool" Ifwe take time to.rea.d tire ingrediffib, we would d<li.nitely come across words like preeercatives or artificial flavenags. II w· as just a couple of days ago that I came across. _ article which stated that someone was poisoned because he ate this type of food. H. was bcspitalized for almost a month..

Not having to cook has also taken the lim out of rooting_ Cooking is an art, but in today's world, this is no more true. People are so brisy'with tleir work that they just rely on this simplefbods. Theinvenlion.mJ prodactioa of this foods have mode people lazy not onIyfor cooking but also fur. well fumily get-together. It was not like former time, when families would sit together.and :..,_ fuosbIy baked feed Instead, they .oregotlingthese artificial things with minimal IIlIllients in

Topic: 3

Min, through the ages, bIIS undergone many changes, from a period when hO Iamted fur his food to the present era when man is dependent on preprocessed foods. During this period not m.Jy bIIS man changed his IIIOde of eating but his 'Obole lifestyle as well, ln pursuit of'more in-this competitive worjd, man no longer has time as he once bad. He is caught in a race against die clock A person who _ more in lesser considered moreefficient .: This pressure to do more in I"", time bas affected his-eating habib as well mel, as result, man no Longer has time to <X>IIk feed. Eaily man'. only objective-was to seek food to sustain him and hi. fmnity .Ncwadays . finding food bIIS taken. hack seat to other priorities, Such as career andeducation,

Cooking in the yesteryears WIIS muah better 1hlIo ioday,. People would speaduiore time in the kitchen, preparing the food in the way that they liked it This brought families closer together and also contributed to the high quality and nutrition of the food. Granted, people are busier nowadays and do not have", muah time as they did in the pa;~ but I believe that people have forgotten the rmportance of healthy, fresh food arid of tbe time. family spends tog<lher preparing the food So, I would say tlret,hoving food that is easy to P"'I'are has had many disadeentages.


Topic: 3

It can not be doubted tlret our eating style has encountered a revolutionary chango in the last few decades. It is the change in the type of food that bas had the greatest inJ1uence .. Not only have the recipes of certain food types have been altered, but also absolutely new ones have been created, Examples include yet are not restricted to beef hamburgers, I"'llito chips, end cola drinks. All of 'these changes contribute-to making food preparation as fast and easy as possible. It cannot be

. neglected thatmodem cocking facilities play a dramatic role in this trend.

'Some people regord·thi. trend as a spoiler of O\II lrees. Their arganent focuses on two main 1"'ID1:l. First, many neWIj' emerged types of food have not the essence of a "complete meal" as defuted by nutritionists. To add to the problem, fhese food type. are often served alcee.In fact, 'there lire IIIlIIl}'medicoJ reports Warning people from dep=bugUp<ln such fast meals in their food Other reports indicate • high poIenliaI of malmdrition """"'ll those who are "addicted' to the common duet of'bergers and cola,

Second, tire advantage of gathering fanllly·member.; around a meal o! home' is loot Fast prepared food types are urualIy eaten oubide home_ With the absence ofregn1ar funily meetings, relatiOIISlrip are likely to be weaker.

Others thinI: that fast prepared food types do Improve our style of life. This opinion oomes especially from brisy I"'ople, wod:ing wives, and ymmger I"'ople- hy believe that we have mmy things in life m<>re than eating. Tm., Spent on food prepliIati,;n is considered wasted by· them. \1[""", ",ill have "."" time to take oar< of!heir fumilies' ,ouls ""t just stomachs: Fomily reIahonshil" WiII get mmiger. Business men and w<>inen WiII have.more time tOcoDc_te 00 theii business wilhcut worrying about food ~_In general, people MIl have a ,gr_ opportunity to take care of Iheir minds and hearts. Reporu estimate the time Spent on fuod arrangements '" a large peroeomgo of our tit.",,_

!hey doo't want to cook a lot of_ dishes. it', common now to eat ourat restaurants several

times • week .

Healthful eating is alsoeasier than ever now_When pilopla 'cook, they Can use new fi!t' sabstitates and cooling 'prol'~ III cut fat and calories. 'Ihis reduces the risk of heart-disease and high cholesterol, Additionally, we can buy fruits and vegetables fresh. frozen orcanaed. They're easy to.prep!ITl', so many of us eat mare of those mrtritious items daily. A himdred years ag<>, you couldn't imagine the process oftaking some frozen fruit and ice from the freezer. addllJ!.; Some low-fat yogurt from • plastic CIlp and some juice from • can in the refrigOIlllor,.and wbipping up a low-fat .moilthie in the blender!

Our lifestyle is fast, but people still like good food food preparation reclmology has given us is more choices: 'I oday~ we can prepare' food that is. more ccccenieat,",.and of great er variety than ever.before in history.


Topic: 4

I agree with that fuod preparation should take ili necessary time iIrnI care_ Otherwise, the time .,,<00 in fuod preparntion can lead to.looger times ofbeadache or "'".. of staying in ho",itals srdfering from malnutrition.

There are Iw<>.m.:in chi!rmeJs fur:people to learn knowledgo -from books arid from experience. Generally, knowledge g>ined frOm booI:, ·is. theoretic:d, tlret g>ined from esperii=e is proctical_ It is diflicuIt i<J :msWer which i. more inIpor1llIii i<J we poOple_It depend> On tire phases and ",'eOJlS ·of our learning_ Knowledgo le:uned from book. is instructive, which perhaps cannct Ieam directly from'esperience We often bear thunders and"" lightning in the sky, and \recan emily find that lightning MIl be seen oooner than sound will be hemL According to our ""I"'nenc., oJ_, we caimot tell why it had happened But when we Ieam some physio. in textbooks, we will find !he answer clearly tIiat because light travels fu;1er fum.<>and does, it takes I .. , time for light to _-<I the.ame dislanDe tImn fu.- .ound Therefore, book knowledge can iriform us some useful themies thatCllIl gi;-;,_'us generel ide .. and help us und<r>tmd tire real pben!HIleIlOn better.

In turn, practice knowledge cbecI: out· the tIreories g>ined from books. There is an old Chinese saying thatpractire;s tire onIycritorion ofinspecting the truth So nOt all knowledge. from book,is credible, eVeIl falSe. When Aristotle wrote in his _pt, tlret the earth i.!he conter of our planets; 00 one doubt. thi, fu.-centories. However, when Galileo read abetJt i~ he did not suspect it ,t fim, but when he made",,,,,, ohs=-atiooOm! researCh, he foam iris IIDt!he tnnh_ Then

oome, the new theory-Stm renIN theory_ . .

fu our daily life, we cim I"""" III!lci! infurmatioo fromproctice._Toleam swiinrning. it is useless to be absorbed in reoding !.kill. written in books. ClnIy \\bat yru learn it in a swrinrrring poo~ can you make it There are still a lot of things you nmst leom from yom 01'''' experience, such lIS driving a .car, riding a bicycle, q><riting a 1Ill>Cbine. An<! the =st importanl is thai it is often easii.-lfom knowledg~ from practice than from books. As far'",!he aver.gepeopte.are ot>ncerIl€d, it is

naturlll to learn from ""!"'ri=. Primitivo people learned skill. hand hy hand which i.the ""'y !hey were fumdod dDwnfrom one g<=I31i00 to .,,<>!her.

Modern _lealso leam things in practice. In w",hOOps, leading wOlken team .ppreotices carefull}~ in acti,.ty clubs, 'leachers leach youngst..--i to be fainiliar with !heir hobbieS_It is 00\'''''' that :ill of things considered knoMedgo gaiI>ed from practice is more close and direct than from the book,_

Topic: 3

The twentieth century has brought Mth it many .dvances_ With the", ,dvances, hirman li\'eS have changed drunaticolly. In srn:ne ""Y' lifo i,worse, but mostly it is __ Changes in food _"",lion methods, fu.- esm:IJl1e; have improved our 1i\'eS greatly_

The convenience of preparing food rod'J' i. amazing. E\'e!l stoves have gotten 100 slow fu.-us. Microwave III!lci! easier. We can press a few _ODS and a mcaI is compretely cooked in just a short time. POiljlle used to spend hours preparing an """",-eooked meal, and now they can usethal time for <>!her, _things. Pius., th<re are all kini:fu of portable, prepackaged foods we can bil)'_ Heaf.them in tire of!ice microwave, and lunch at wnd: i, quick and easy_

Food proparation today allOws for more ;-me!)'_ With refrigoratoo; and freezen; we C>Il preserve a lot of differeot foods in .. = honaes. Since.tOclmology malresrooking .0 Im1ch faster, p<lOple are Mlling to make • .,,,erel dishes for.,,,,,,,, small'meaL PaTenb. are =re likely t.o let clriIdi'eIl'be picky, nOw that !hey cm ,eosily bast them up- some prepackaged maCaroni arid cheese on the ,ide. Needless to·.,y. adnIts living in the ...,.,hot",e may have ''EI}' different eating habiB as well If

Therefore, rn'o kinds ofJ::nowledge has importililce. For research _le , knowledge from books is more importrn~ while fu.- our "''fflIg'' people, knowledgo from "",ctice is more inIpo __ As students, we il1IlSt first learn J:noMedgo from books Well, ",d at the .....; tiine we nmst ha\", !be





. good sense to rei! from what is right end what is wrong.

Topic: 4

We gain our knowledge about tire world.and our life from two sources; fromespeneace.and from' book s. These two resources lire both importlllJ!, but which of tbem is more ~

Topic: 5

Kno>Medge from bool:s forms a \'ery import:mt port of our knowledge sncmre. In schools and colleges, we learn knowledgo which is 'fimdame!!l!il to our future career _ We loom J:ooMedge from books- in crder tc make our oootribuliOns to this society in the future_ A smdeet leems matbematic equations mil other scientific knowledge and becoee • scientist or 'enginee<_ We ",ill be illiterate and igoOIlllll withrut-le..mng knowledge froro books. Moreover, we acquire knowledgo.boullife and tire world by reading book" magazines and "''''''P'P''''-'This is ill", veryimportant as we cannot experience everything all by ourselceaTherefore.books are, rery import:mt source ofkmwlodgo.

On the other band, we.cen't leanreeerytaing from. book. "Experience is tire best teacher" is m old eliche, but I .gree with it 1'b. most ~ 'end sometimes the hardest, 1 es sons _ learn in: life come from mII participa.tion in sinutions. We limn bow to get along -..ifu oihe!s or hcwtc have self-respect from ourexperience, not from books. We C>IIIIOt learn emotional feelings, such as 10'''' and care, furoogb book,; they come from our real life esperience. Kmwledgo from expereece is also a v"'Y import:mt sUpplement to knowledge from books.

Needless to "'y both learning sources, book, and experience, are v"'Y important ill us. Bulin my opinion J:oowlodgo frcnresperieece is more ~ because without knowledge from experience, jtia anpcssible 10 get • reallIDll<rslanding of knowledge from books, and bow 10 apply this knowledge to real world snuations.


I support tire ide, that • factory to be built rear our cOImminity_ I Iist III)' reasons as fol.low:s. Fmtly, a new fur"'}' eear our corininmily help. to improve living standardof people in 001 community. The factorywill employ a lot ofwmk=_IIIl. conseqrn=e, the unemplcynent rete will drop ::ignificantly_ Many people in oar conaaunity will find. job in the factory. N, people', income increases; they will be able to sperulmore.IllilIIO)' on their food, clo1hrng andleisme firre,

and the quality of life will be increased, .

Secondly, a new factory will bring prosperity to rur corininmity_ The' tax collected from afactory is an i.r:oportant source' of'recenae for our town. As people beve higher income, in.c.ome ~ collectedwill also be increased. The town will be able to speodninre money onmfrastructures and ether dev~opinen1 Moreover, in order to: iiCOOInIIlDlfaf".e mnre workers, more oomes and stores will be needed. ThO. will boos! realestete developmem in OIII oonmninity_

Same people say that a liictory would bring smog and pOllulioo, and destroy tire quiIlity of the·air end water in town, This is not the IIirth Moden teclmologies have made today', factories tedmology intensive md brougbl pollutions to the minimum. There are else worries that the ,OCiaI structure of this corininmity will be changed end the traditional life will be effected, We should understand thet society needs to ecclve and we cannot always .tay in the old time

'Of coarse, lheIe will be some drawbacks of building a new furory bere, But in my opinion, tire benefits ..,!weigh tire dangers_ I ,trongly support to build .liIctmy bore, ... d hope thai oIbert; feel the Sa.r:JE way_"

Tepic; 5

I have been living in. P"~'" and quiet town fer about 10 y=. All people :uouniI bore is '0 kind, and the landscape is so beautiful that I love this towa rery rrrucli_ Recently Ihesrd news that • compimy will set "I' a """' liIctmy near my conmiIinity_ I was shocked end I held a negative opinion ilbout this: decision

(Il=yIDo7tl) Topic: 5-

'Ibe main rerum wby 1"1'1"''''' !his plan is that-establishing'. !leW factmy will canso air pollution, As we know, a liIctory will give off a lot of waste air which is harmful to people's beaIth_ Even thongh tire factory will toke measurements io purify the air, it coo 001 make tha IIir as clean sa Mote .. It is no doubt that people's be:dth will be affected by the air emitted from the factory. Anotha-reoson is that a factorymskes roo mach noise. My collII!llIIrityis always .a. quiet-place md this is just whot I like the most A'fuctory will cause the town to become 100 noisy. For example, e1leIJ morning, we.can be-awake from our dreams by the ucise of buses whicli take work"" 10 the factory. The noise ofengineswill also irIfIu3lt OIII temper, and may cause iIS susceptible to angel, and ea oily lose temper.

Fm-thamore, • strong reason to oppose this idea is that building a fan .. tory will destroy. tire landscape of this town Mcstpeople living in this town make their living by cuIlivuting and .harvesting crops. The liIctmy is inappropriate with theLm,"",ape of the town will oc""l'l'

the. Iandfhat is used 10 farming. .

If. largo factory is going 10 he built near yourcorininmity, is it good or bad? It's a quite difficult question to answer, Because there are ma.ny aspects to take into your consideration, the advantages and the. disadvantage s. Let'; talk about that

FIISI, • Iargo liictory, especially • large chemical factory is quite harmful to oereevironmeetwben it is built near oor conrrminity_ It will_ <>III drily life a lot All the chemical factories WiIl prodace .a lot of waste endmost of tire wastes are barmfullo the envirODIlllint, including poisonous go. and liquid. Some of them coo DOl beentirelybrcken dowa, If they ar e released into the mOT ihenver, it will, affect our health And also ·the·liIc-lory IDlI)' produce a lot of noise. The environment we want to live in is it quiet and peaceful one, so the noise will be quite boring. And yes, noise also affects our health.

Still one thing, a factory coo he \<ery dsngercus. Because a-fire or. explcsionmaybreek out in the.factory. Ifi!', rery nearour borne, it's quitedangerous.

But in other bend , a factory may be a good uews 10 us. It con proWle more job; fur us, especially




for the yeung people in our community. Since the factory is near, if's: so ccnvenienr to go to

wOn: .. md the liIctorywill getmare chances to cur area lllVill belp to devebp OUI area. Soiffhe factory em binig us a lot of chamles, we will agree to build, 0""- BtIl the 100-" important things ar~

unemployment will decrease and the people's standard of living will increase in _degree. '0, no doubt, people will accept the liIctory willingly and ropidIy_

Another reason why 1 prefer te tire sti!eineut liesin the&ct-that with the developing offhe factory, many other establishments will be founded aremd it These _bIishmenn; will make the lives of tire people of the community more. convenient. FOI eaample, drugstores, restaurants, even hospital, '"'" bus stop will be buill up. People bore will enjoy the coaveaience tho factory hiingi It is uruIiini>b1e that the liIctory will bring ,ome problems,.<U<:b as the noise, air pollutiniL Wbatever, these disadvanlogo will be limited into a low level '0 that they em not contaminate the envirOJJIllelll of tire conrrminity_

From what has bean discussed above, we can >afely dcaw the conclusion that it is beneficial to Wild a large factory ""or om comnnmity.

1. Build the liIctory in. me distenoefrom om conmnmity, not roo near,

], Make sure that the factcry can deal with tire waste properly, Do not release the poisonous gas into Ihe air, and.not release the waste water into the river neillby_

3. Make' sure the security guard in the.factory weeks 1l"'Y well. (Il=yIDo_)

Topic:' 5

A cOIIJ!"IIl' has announced that it wishes to build.12rge factory near <>III commvinty. To be frank, I have·mixed emotions about this.

Obviously, _ are """" advantages bavillg snch • furory nearby_ For <X1IIDP1e, it em provide. mOre job opportunities md mmy people IlI'J' wolk in the fodory_ What is more. it &SO, gives • good chance for the development of o1ha- business ,in rur comrminity ",eli :is shop~_ theatres md resta1IIlllJ1s._ Furtha-OIore, th" products the furory maoufactmos will improve our quiIlity of living.

On the other him<!, there lire some disadvanllige> building. fu£rory bore .. First, it will di,turb the quiescence of 001 conmiIinity. Oru:e 1he !>.<:tory is setup; • lot of_le will rum into om romrmmrty to work, and the rood will get crm.ded. To trmsfer tIre.'IlIW materiaJII the liIctmy needs, lh<re will be many tmt:ks coining md _furoogh the ,_. md the.ooise will disturb resideutsmd it is urnafa far «II cliildren who .Jways play lieely in the street. before.

Seamd, tire liictory will prodlIce mmy wlISle product ... elichy, and _ will he !IIIIcli wai>le WlI.ter ooming out from tire liIctmy md it will polinte our river._ We do no! woot to bave roo "'" lnmdreds ood thousliI!ds tons of_ pilod_ OIIIhouses, md we dono! wimf ro see Our nearby Ii,,,,,,, tmning into blacl: dishes- either_

After weighing the od'oanlage. and disad,o;mlages, I decido to opPose to set up rucli a furory neor rurcorininmity becanse·",-e _ qtriei "",ounding, bhle sky md cleao rivers_

Topic; 6'

Everything in tire Iiniverseis in oonstant changO. And eVetything needs contionill iniprm_ if the everdianging and increasing d_ oflmmankind are to be met. If] ame"", g;:,= the cliange one impo_t thing >bout IDJ home rown, il would be internet servire_ Needl"" to sa}' that nothing g<=raIIIy IeVohitionize.f tIre'way we li,,,, .. internet 'in the pllS! dearde Ihu&, an impnn.-ement in Ihi.s vital sen-iee would mean an even more., u:nhean:l! betterment to the people in IDJ home lowrL

fi is said th:a:t :infonn.dion·is .pm",,-u_ True saying .iruEed! I can eIL\oision ~\l' ev:aything in my home town couldiniprm<e dramatically. if the_ servire in it were made free, fllS! and stayIDgoo! th"", like electricity, telephmie 01' _ter all tire time. One·thing,. fist free md reliable internet ,ervire could inipro\", in my home, IDwn is the Way people work. If there is • this ssid servi"" _Ie in IDJ borne town nwst not oeres..ruy oo=te to • far pbce to do their job_ This in lIIm \¥ould IDem less: traffic jams, spacious worl: place, more for :fum.ily iiD.d recreation and 00 on.

The way people learn would he another importanlthing that • liIst, free md reliable internet ~ could better in my home IoWIL People will 1m" the chance to go furoogh trernemloo. and differenj information r<=UIrel in a rery small amount oflime_ 1'hey, .apparently will also Ioke less

_time 10 ;bare it_ This = , more fulfilled life fur IDJ horne town people_ .

'Since it. adv-ent; internet tonclied every port of om life. 11 in , dazzling way inipro'oOO tha Way we do hininess., learn md oomrminicate. A cliaoge in _ .ernee implies good way of living for'

every one in my home town.. .

Topic:, 5

Weather it is beneficial to boild • large f,dory IlO3I our corininmity is • prevalent topic .UIldergoing serious debate. Two dilferenj opinions ob"iouslyexist to rupport and to opp= After poIidering the opinion; froon"""-era] ~ personally, I agreewith tlreidea that it is beneficial to boild • large fodory near our conmiIinily_

By o-oroparing the od\'liIIlIigo md disodvanI:oge they will gei, people judge which rolelbey should bold In IDJ opinion, thndv.moge in this case is superior than the disad"antage. we can see it below_

Topic: 6'

If I cordd chmg< one important-thing "bout Ill)' homeloWII, it woold he air pollution problem, md I will g;:re the following reasons toellPbini why I wimf to sof,.·e tha problem.

The main rea:son for IDJ propensil}' fur the choice is that the liIctmy will supply wlsof employment opportlinil:ies for society> especially the pecple of tire. oomnninity nearoy. The

The 1mt and most importaot re""n i, that I hope that my hometown Cl!II booome .·beaotiful city_ As an old industrial cily, IDJ hometown has made , Y"'t deoI of oontributian for the oouutry's eConomio ""'--elopmen!_ M • re<ul~ the n:IfimlI envini=t of tire city bas been badly damoged_ The forest has disappei!red; tire mountains ba,,,, beoome bald, md the most owfulthing i. that tire air <juillity become-; more mdmore wm:se. People ..,]ciom ... the blne sky dining mosllime of








Ano1h<rreaoon M1y I want to cbaegemybometown's air pclhrtion situation is that fhe city', development reeds dean and tidy environment to attract iacestors. Nowadays people have come to know thlIt the city', environment, which is so called "software fuciIiIy offue city", plays an important role in the city's future. For esample, due to the fact thlIt theenviromnenl of the city is veryPOOT, many lccal sfudeets wac-pursue their studyeat ofltiecity wouldrnlher find themselves a job in other cities _ coming back to their bometown _ tlrey 'graduated,

Topic: (;

\Vl1h 1he deve]opemeDf ofmy hometown in 1he past few }"O""', 1he population is eopanding Very fast The city is expirienciag IIOt only. higha biJtImIre than ever, but also W'''''' of immigration, The streets in 1hecity are crowed or even j aaed during 1he rush hours, If I could changeone thing .00u! my bometown, I would.develope enadvenced public Irallic system.

In order to hold snclI an exploding populetioa, the city has &tende.l uiiles hy miles wi1boul n:rucb plan. It is common for people to mll;e! from the ,outhmo,t part to the norIhmo,t part of1he'city to .go to work everyday. They have to spend fhree hcurs or more on the WllY tlrey go to w<>Ik and oome home. Eight hours' work is • heavy burden, wlnle people have to spend hours before ODd efte- the work. A _y running ihrough or ormmiI the city om solve the problem People oould Sve further away from the dcwmcwn witbou! worrying about spending roo n:ruch time on the w'l'.

Some people buy their own car or take • taxi to workeresyday. If, really &penS"''' fur moot of' the.people in 1hecity. They can1 affcrdpaying so much Oil traffic fares. Many civil engineering experts advocate that sharing. pohlic traffic system is the most efficient Way. Peoplecould reduce their fares • lot by using the public traffic System, and they can spend the IDon'J' on some

other things. .

In addition, nowadays people have paid more and more attention to their beslllL If air pollution problem cannot be sclved as quicldy eapcssible, people's roquiremeof for-a bealthy body will never he realized

In my mind <:hanging'air pollution will apparently be my first-choice ifl can change one important thing about my hometown, Fenuaately people in my hometown are gr a dmilli'aware of the serious problem

Topic: (;

If i could change one·thing ebout my hometown, i would like to build 1ljJ ""me useful and advanced facilities for their use, A modem library, on advanced broad band System and on integrated gym moy bring alot ofcbmgo' to people liVing in my hometown and keep them "" with· tbe latest information and technology.

In my opicnion, a modem library in my bomerown can provide a good envircmnenl for the local peopletc study and "Pgrade lhemsevles. There area Iotef newspeper, magazines and reference books for their use. They "",know what heppered ercund the woddandkeep up with the fastpore of this developing world FrUID lots of cuhural books, they '""0 caacwa • good habit of reeding and leom to gel kruiwledgo from books. "K1iilwledge is strengh" . Knnwledge CllOgi''e lIS guidance to overcome problems we meet in the daily life.

Even there lire more and more-people who can afford buying a cor or lliking taxi everyday, It is still.:mggesIed to using the public.traffic systen, Because the road develcpement can never keep 1ljJ with 1he demand of the increasing cars; thaeara may jam on fue roods dmingru>hhours. Usually, the speed of the car in that time is no high<r than. hycicle! And pollution is IIIIOther corieern So many private cas running in the city win bring us an emoir<inmen1al problem, On the other hand, the pollnhon from the public traffic system is much lighter ..

AU iIi all, :oIl._ public 'traffic system time efficient, cost efficient, and pollution preventing. This is the trend of advanced cities.

(E'SBSY ID: 256. This i.!I 31 :5 p;!im oI!SS3)'}

'fo popularizefhe breed bond at hoiiJe also is a quick access-to lntanel and movie cllanneI, whiCh em give people much more chances to, choose their eof:ertrinme.nt Because of the Internet, our lives have been changed a lot no matter waeberwe accept or not We em readnews, buy items

. from e-commerce companies, send a free'e-eard to our friends; mailourbe.ruliful photo, to anyone we like or watchde.mcvi es online. Aoytwrj', In_ brings lIS obvious changes. Additionally, broad band also can provide movie channel to \JSeIS. Can yro iinagine 1haI yoo con watch the movies yoo like just hy cliking on. button? It provide different types'of'mcvie fer you to cboose, People have more choice to enjoy the life and.~dvanced technology at home.

Besides importm! infmrnation we need to know and advanced techaolegy we use, we also need to de exercise to keep oor healthy life. This is the reason why i wml to set "P an iIitegrntod gym in my bceetown, 'Fhr00gh doing nimy various eaeanses, such a s, sWimming, joggingpl.ying bodmiIiton or tennice, pecpple ean enhance their >hili!}' to resist the virus and enjoy the life happily. Pinthemore, peoplewbc often de esercee have positive attitudes towards life althongh wheo facing difficahies. This is really what i bope to see.

Topic: (;

I om from Arroz e Feijae, • small town in the northeast of Brazil, Building. factory in there win bring a lot of iidvmtager and disadvantages, but I befiece that ADm e Feijao win mostly benefit from the boiIding of a new factory because it is largely-popclated by poor people arid the factory would.bring many benefitsto this small _"II. However, of course, • fuaory' has disadvantages as well

As yoo know, factories usually bring pclhnioa, If'this factory is not m:maged ''eTJ' effectively and efficiently acconliog' to specific roles, if, prone to polluting the local air and water, What's more, factories usually riIaIre noise. Beside clean drink ab' Ie water mil freSh air,.on ideaI romnniIrity >houId he qniet.Jf the factory CilIIDOt maintain this situation to the cOIllIDIlllity, it win not last long. A fa:c.tory that is too noisy or pollutes roo nnrch win eventually he relocated' to a new area.

In S\lIIIIIlllI"j', i wan! my hometown to be. city equipped with .·modem h"brary, anndvaneedbroed bond system and filled with people liI:ing exercise, loving life and possessing positive a ttimdes towards life. Thus, i wan! to build "'" .bove-iIllmtiooe:l facilities fus!.


On the other hand, a factory could bring a lot of benefits to the community. So I would support the plan to. build. factory to my oommunity for. all the reasons I will describe below.

First of all, the factory', constructiorrwill surely improve the local infrastructure. To run smootlity, the factary will have to lIn" • steady, reliable "'!'Ply of water and electricity. Some old pipes will he changed, and some facilities will he renovated ·The residaIts' living .standard get improved as a





result of these widel;pread Changes, on importani berefit iriADm e Feijeo, Mleremsnypeople de ·oot have ilCCeSS to cleanwater.

Secondly, to make the emp!oyee comaate more convenient; 1he local roOm will have to be rebuilt and broadened, resulting in improved public jransportatien, '!he town', residents can take a polilic bus to go shopping or go to work. ru a result, air pollution and fuel C<l""nmption !nigh! be red\lced_

.with the characters on "Seinfeld" or "friends" than go chat with our owa ueigabors. Imaginary people have eaciting lives. Is it any w<>n<lff thet some people would rnIher Jive e fantasy life than their own?:MoVies and television also can make people more violent The more we see vioJem actson tefeasion, the less sensitive we become to them: violence _1 soan wrong, We may even commit violent acts oursel v res. This is especially true because we don't atways realize that violeree hasccnsequences. ~ can he killed and oome back furanotberrrnivie. 'Sometime, we confuse thitt with reality. We fbrgef tlet killillg someone is ~

Mo.t IDlportanI, • factory'. _lishment-will bring "P' lot of employment opporbmities fur the cormmmity. A factory """'" experts from vilriow fie].k The residents Can flIke jush fev.' IrIirrutel to go to the factory fo _d. So, the local ~ can gel great _fils from this fui:toIy.

GeneraI.ty speaking, I agree with the plan to build • faclory near my COIIlIIIllIlity.lf the facrory """ he IWIDlIged succo",fully, the'factory and local residents. CI!ll bore mutual _fit

(ill.,-ID.31O """"''''''''"Y_b}'_BilIy ofwww.n._"",.oomj

Of cou:rse, watching movies :and te.le\9sUm..Ciin also be. good fur us_ It can give us.a: b~ .window on the world. For exarupIe, seeing rm>ie; can expose us to p"'p1e of different races and cultures. We can then 0\'"eIC0DE some prejudices more·easil}r. R.eceotly there have been more harJdicol'pe(!ljJie iIi films, and !hi> olso help, Teduce prejudice.

~ best influence on OlD" be.b.avior is: that movies and teIe\ri.s:i.on reduc:f: stress. Warcbing :Iilm:s1 "We can escape oWl" own problems fur .a little while_ AJso.. DlO"\ show poositive ways to =[,,'e problems we ill face. While TV and movies shcuIdu1 be • way to hide fiDm Iife, sometimes they CI!ll help, us rope.

Topic:, (;

It is true that DID'li'ies .and reJ.evision"can.infi:uence our be.havi.or negi!.ti.vetiy_Ifowe\.-er~ I also. beiie'lle that they influence ""II behavior in positive ways. How tlrey affect you depends on how n:ruch you watch, MIai you w.tcl!,. and how you respond to wImIyou watCh.

Ha,'e you heen waiting fur !ruses at bus station fur an hour iIi an extremely bot day? Have.yon heen 'taying in. car wading hmrrs fur the liea;-y' traffic? Have yon seen the scene thlIt tons of people"", crnmned on a small bus? Maybe yoo think 1haI', iru:redible, but it', true in my hemetOWIL So the thing I WlIIlI to chango most ,boot my hcndairn i. the rna", lranspclfation

~srem .

Mass .fumsportation system is • very IDlportanI pm oh city. It infInencespeopJe', daily Iife, weak mil ent __ An effective """" transpcrtahon sys_·can """'people', time so that p"'ple can do more work hence to increase the city", efficiency. Ifyoo were the·mayor, would you like the people in fue city to sit in 1he cars or ,tand at bus iitahonswaitfor hmrrs or wwld yon like tbf:m to Sit· in the offices or. :stand in factories wOIk fur hmrn;?

Topic: 7

Hesilating I 0_ my house, the lighlootside is dimming and the ,hadows mobeeverything 'I'P"'" u:nfamiliar. I know that my hcsbond has not returned from work )"'1, ,imply beeause his car is not in the garage. lam abme.l corefully cl!eck all the rooms, abnoot eapecting scmething to happen mdd<n!y. I held myb.g in my band as if il were • we"poIL·After the.mole hcusehas'been declored "clear," I start to brestheIlOIIllally againmil. ,rroIe "I'Jl"IIIS on my fuoo os I ",.ahze, onc;:e.agaDi, how a .simple movie ~ at the cinema a week earlier ran modifY my.artions.

sometimes I wonder if I should woIch TV, with all its shows·1haI make me ",onder.whether I exercise EIIOllgh whether I om slim eoough, or Wbetheo: 1_ my pets· with the care they deser\",: am I really'concerned >boot·thm mEnlaI health? Not to menhon the himdreds ·of COIllIlJercials thlIt try to make me believe I need a water purifier to. remain elive since the ",_I am currently drinking is ties"ily polluted! And countles,'are 1he times wheo I ha1ie heard pe!ljJle·talking; hy quotations le:ouod from m<I,';"'. We need to wotch shows and films to know what to sl!Jl, how to .he., how to act We are '0 ·:u!dicted to ill this thlIt it almost """"" like we canoot thin!: on om OW!L

Moreover, • cit)' with bad mass. tuonsporWion SystOIll can't be qualifie<i as a.good city, regmlles' bow riCh the cily i, md how big the', essimtia] for a city to have. good mas. trnmpcrtlltion 'Y'- to he qualified, good city. Fur "'"""I'ie, big cities such" Toronto, Tokyo, Now YOlk all bo,,,, very good'masS tramporta.tion ~stems whiChcm bring.P"'p!e onyMIerethey want in a shOO.time. A bad mas, tnmspcrtaticn System W<luld limit the city to grow andil Wlluld he~ handicap fur the city '" de;oeJ"I' in.the·future.

Finally; .. we ean,ee,.ifmy hcndown eanimprove the'"""" IrnIsportationsystem, people win appreciare it. oo!. It will he •. great thing whiCh henefrts everyone in the cil)' and makes om liies more oon,,-enieni

Topic:. 7

I cannot lieIp,thinking .bOlrt what happened to me' some days >go, m example 1haI clearly shows what kind ofpo",,,rTV has ov",people. My husband and I '''''''' in .• restmmmt wheol heard my youog nOighher pronouocing violeol words in • low angry ,'<lice Srnpri,ed, I turned to bett..understand 1he situation and I saw thlIt he WlIS holding .• fake niilitary device and was acting as if he w"", filming a war mo"ie. I am sure that ifl bad been • little be m<>I'e updated _ this.type of movie, I would ha,,, recogoized what he was saying'" , quotah<HL N",,', I wonder ifhe uses such. language abJo with his friends and with his .parents, ifhe is aggrassi1ie, and if "" whether his IIttiIude has really nothing to do wi1h what be WlitChes uo TV.

Do mo;ies and television affect our behavior? I belie,'e IlIat mo"ies and television de influence our behavior, both fur the better and fur ~ WQJse..

Mm.ies and television influence om behavior becaillie·~ make u.s less active.: ~oking at films is • passiveactivi.ty.Ifwe watCh roo lll!lch, we becomeunheolJhy, both mentally and']lhysically. We stop using our 0""" imagination when we ,ee things a:c.ted!ouI for us. Mentall_.l:>ecomo. physical laziness:, we'd rather wat:h sports on TV than play sports oursel\'es~ We'd rather visit

1'hlrt """'" "''OIling on the way heme I ,aw two cars stopped one '""" to the·other at • !reJlic light and as soon .. 1he light turned green they started rncing, in ~ middle of town. In !hi> case not eVen'. major knov.'ledgoofmm<ies-and TV prograInswffilld have helped me: there lire just to







IWIIIj' of !hem on the market sbcwing the exact same thing: people racing with cars.

I amsare 1hat everybody, if asked, could easily list many other '''''''''PIeS of bow TV and movies can modify WI behavior and 1herefure our life but, I wonder, ifwe will alw'Y' be able to draw the Iiaebetweea a TV.>how and real life, between wIist u.,y """'" ill think we wan! and whlit instead we really need and ore ond believe.

In short, 100 not belie; .. fhat television has <lostroyoo or even banned inlerpI=ma:l comnnmicatiou IIIIlJlng IIlOSt people. Most MI. realize fhaf television is mere1y a teaiporary diversion anddo not use it to replace intezpersonalcenmnmicaficu, I believe that the damage ·attributed 10 television is. greatly .eKaggerne,o and tharsucb dmmge is 1IlOS1likely attributoble to other more I"""aful sociel factors.

Topic; 8

Topic: 8

When asked about wlist bas beea brnugh! by lelevision , different people have dill'erem answers. ' some people wbo don'I like TV ")'ing that television has destroyed comnamications among friends and family_ however other people take. a negative attitude on !his issue. In my opinion, 1 disagree with 'i:J:E above staterrent _ The reasons are green below _

'Iejeeision is ondoubtedly one of the most I""'erfui infansof co!lll'IlllIlicat in the hisl",y of humankind, rivaled only by such other forms of c01DlIlllllication a. the Internet, the lel"l'hone, movies, and, of CO""", simple. low-tech speech Television, with its wide availability and rich _ with image and =<1, is diffil:oll In ignore and even seductive in its appeal, Television is as nmch a part of our lives as are om neala, weak, or school; studies consistently.shew that.the average American child spends almost as much tiire ""tclring television as she does in school, Fi.Jrthfonore, because television is so rich in its media, it often requires. our full attention or is more attraction to us than are om daily lrses. Nannally, the more time one spends watching television, the less timeshe bas with her family and frienrls_ Thus, we em clearly see why some have clilim,;cHhat television has been bmnful fur connmmication among f:mrili' and friends. However, I believe that, while television has been ~ harmful in its effects, it has hardly "destroyed" oo!lll'IlllIlicat among liuinly and friends fur nest people, although for Some, this maybe tne.

Most people nmch prefa- spending time with 1hoir families and friends 10 spending time watching television liiliwisicmi, of CCUI>e an irnportanrpart ol'IIllIrIj'people" lives, bermcst peoplewonld gladly choose family and friends <>VeT television were they given the choice. Furthermore, most educatedpeople are i1Ware.ofthe deleterious effects of too IIII1Ch television andeitber avoid excessive time watching television cr aotJmlly do not enjoy it I, forexmnple,afier • long day at work, would nmch rather spend time tIlking with IIlj' wife and playing with my children than I wouId watching some unrealistic po~aI of life on television. For me and my fumill', our time together is precious and beautiful, and could never be..placed or burt by television.

Furth=ore, the effect of televisica is ,imply not so great.dat il could be said to have

"destroyed" oommimication among family and friends. Gr.mtingthat oonmnmicationamong family and friend> in industrialized countries has decreased in recent rem, it migb! be tempting to blame !his problem on television since Us rise roughly coincided with the decrease in time we

. spend.with om families. However, I believe !his situation is ,..,re likely dne toirereased pressure. relating frcmi work, school, and the ecooomy. In my care, for example, I 1incI that my l'="11re, from work are '0 great thai I 1IJllsI often sacrifice time at horne so that I can meet fhechalleages ofnminngmy Own busieess. Many ofmy friends are in similar situations-my best friend; for example, has just finished 1.., school, which look about. sixty becrs.e ",eek ofhis time. In.a word, peoplenowadays have ''eTJ' little time fur 3ll}'thiog, but televisioa is not the ceuse.-it is increased desire to succeed;

In some sifuatioas, beweeer, television bas surely contnbuted to a eommuni.cation among liuinly meInbas .. In my childhood in the countryside, I often saw parents and children watching television I'm hoursoa end, rarely spe"'ing with oae another: It seened for !hem that television MIS a way to """ope from their sad, miserable exissenoe, Howeoer.ecen in this case, I would ,al' that television miirely cOlllritinted to the bad situauen, but did not cause it; were television not existent,' surely these people would have found other =pes, a1coml or gambling. foi example.In other wcnJs,.peOple always find a way 10'00 what theywmHo do.

Television is only one instrurI>ml I'm people to relax, There is IWIIIj' ways-of amusement for people to select after the working time ncwadsys. Youcan select to ~t your fi:i.ends, to accompmyyonrp:lffil!s or 10 take parlin some sports activities. Watching berne is simply one Way to lrve, It is too narrowly to regard TV as one main reason to damage rel •. tionship among friends and family just because some people bas spent a lot of'firue on it

Another reason that I disagree with the above statenent is that TV can provide some additional topics furcomnmniCation amoog.liiends and family. Talkingabcutthe news, the soap drama-or soccer g~ watchirigon'tlie 1V last nigb! is also good cOIIlIIlIlIlication ways to increase yonr affections with yonr friends and yonr liuinly_ Also sometimes, skipping one TV progr.m:t could probllilly make you lose ","cos among your friends.

Last but not [east, wiilclJing TV is one good medicine to cure the lonelin= wben yeerfriends and parents can not aoconipany with )""'- I would not forget the warm which was brongbt by TV what along outside the hemetown

I can1deny thai some people has ignored friends and family when u.,y are .ddictedinto watching TV_ However, """'}'thing bas ir, tao aides. All the factors mentioned above dete:nnined me to draw Ihe conclusion that it is not reaseaable to siJY television has destroyed oonmmnicati.ons among friends and family_

Topic: 8

Some people believe tbat televisioa bas destroyed ccmmmication among funds and family. I think this is an eaaggeration.In IIlj' opinion, whether or net television hurtsccnmnmicatien depends on ",list type ofprogram is being viewed More importantly, it depends on the type of viewer.

There are empty programs and educational prognons_ Empty progrlIIIlS do rnl cl!aIIenge people, They have just enough storyline to keep them from switching channels. There are elsepassive and arrive viewers. A passive viewer will just watch tele'l.o-Eon without about what he or she is seang~ The combination of an empty program and a passive viewer makes oonmnmica1ion unlikely _ Passive viewers just oontinne to watch, actaally enjoying the fact that they don'thave to think. They ]',"On't break away to talk.aboulprogIlinnning--with friends and family. E,,,.. with .better Progrunming, passive viewers still woiit think or comrmmicatemach, They'll probably even




prefer the ernply programs because the better progr.mmmg is too, mach work.

On the other hand, active viewers watching ediEaliooaI progrnnming always wan! to share what they see ,vith friends and family_ "Educational" dcesnt necessarily mean doaaneataries on PBS. They could be dramas with realistic relationships or actim shows with clever plcflines. When acti, -e viewers watch programs, they have ideas and-tall: about them with others. Good progmmning inspires thein 10 chOnge their thinking arid 1hoir lives. Uulikepassive viewers; they don'I wmt to watch more and more without thinking.

In short, television may destroy comnnmicatioa """'''ll, passive viewers, Those viewers probably don'I wmt to communicate with friends arid fllIIlily nnu:h 3nJ'W'Y_ For aoti> .. vi""""" who already enj<>y oomnmnicating, tele<ision is _y helpful'

roy everyday necessities'at a low priee __ Furthermcae, people concemmore abnrt their health arid safety than other thiags in their fives. Inbig cities. medical facilities and =gency services are easily accessible than in oounIryside. Big cities also have ecuvenieat nansportaticn and'utility systems. They also o!ferfaiter In!emet connections. These all make our life easier in big cities.

In addition, wecan take pari in a variety of esents in big cities .. Human being likes to. live together and need tointeract with each other. In, big city, the population density is high therefure there ore affi",ys plenty of social activities, sport> events-and concerts. There are more.recreational

.. plsc es in big eities, such as opera hoeses, movie fbeatres, dtID~_ arid ~ pools. Y 011 will have IlIlIIlj' kinds of entertainnenr in big 'ci!ie>., and meet manypecple In ccuctryside, however, the lire may be dnlI and qirite,. and you mal' only have a few neighbors. Living-alene with re.. aGtivities em ,easily cause mental m.seases_


Some mal' argue that the pcllution in cities IDlIkes people ,iok_ However, with 3lttoIlKlbil .. and modem highways we <measill' take. bre'" to.""""", to fresh air in C<ltlII!ry>i<fu and sunshine on the beach.

Topic: 9

I grew up in a'small town and then moved to. big city, so i have experienced the good md bod si<los ofhellL I never thought thet I "ould like living in • big city, but I MIS wrong, After ten I""'" ofhving in one, I can1 imagine ever li'mg in, small town again

In conclusiCln, I strongly hold that living in big cities is nmcl! betler than living in counlryside because of the advanced fucilities and social iictivities in cities_ More«",r, the autoo and highways _b1e us to enjoy 'the nahIraland'qiriet S\lITOunding. in' OOlIlltryside


Small!OWIlS and big cities hothha<" ,ome problems in terms of~tiOIl In. small town, you have to OWTI a CD" to.·ensure·,a ,ro:mfurtable living. You can't get iIl"OUDd m.thout one because there iSn~any kind ofpublic transpomtion. Big cities gen<AIly have heal!)' trnific andexpensive parking, bol there you ha,," a choice of taking pUblic tnimportati';n. It', mit free, but it', often cheaper than driving when you consider gas and tifue. Especially if you don't have • CIir, you're better 011' in the city_

I love the <=ilemenl of big cities_ Small tow,", have • slow p""". Large cities !IlelIIIl'ou have In. adapt 10 a variety of situalions, lilre thiding a new rollIe Ie! work or trying, new resllmranl. I enjoy that challenge ''''Y mnch Anothe!: p311 of the eKcitoment of city living is the variety of cultural available., 1'h:re is a mde assortment ,m 1he~tre:, music and dance perf~~ av.riIable in big cities. These·things are rnre in small ones_

The final tliingl like about Jarge.-citiesis the di,,,,,,ty of the peopte: The UnilodStafes is made up' ofpeople of di_ races, religionS., abililie~ and _t:l_lfuwever, yon sel_thid sndta variety ofpeople in~ sma!Ier.Ie!",TI. I think that living in"",.",. where everyone was just like me would quidcly bic.-mne.boring_

Topic: 9

In English, there is • well-know" fairy ,tory abelut • poor COUlltry hoy, Dick Whittington, who _ to London beea_ he believe> that the streets of that city are'''pa:ued with gold'_ The stmy is a tale·of"frcmi rag> to riches" Dick eventnally becomes the LOld_Mayor -ofLondoo Lilre the hero ofthet story, 1 alWays find wonder and ad,,,,,ture in cities_

Cities crmfain a great =mtrnent of people .. \Vhen«Ver i wall< aronnd • shopping precinct at middayOD' weelcend, I "'" filscinated by all the diffeIent type> of people burryingoround the shops.. Sometimes, I just sit on ,public: bench and simply watch the variegated streams of >hopper.;_ Today; in the age of globe-trotting transport and OOllIIIIlIIlicaIlS, city life is.more. mixed thanil has """"been Capital cities are'not ~ohtan:, and eagerto.ttru:.-t foreign trade and CllIT<=y_ There is a ooulemporary English jake ,miCh teIIs 1hat 1'00 can never find OIl F=)ishmm in Londcin"_

Of course., sea..u:ity IS a conc.em., and that's one'area where smaI.l towns are ~ to, big ,cities. 'StilI, I would ciIhar be • bit lllOre cauIious arulli>" in • large city _Ie! feel ,erure but bored

Whether rightly or wrongly, govemmenls arid lociI authorities usnaIly build public amenitie, in the big cities .. Money i. investedin transport, h1>rarie~ pms and IIIIlSalIllS. Often, countries will compete with each other fur the best "show-"""," boilding.· Malaysia ha. buill. skyscrnpet that is taller _ is anything in NeW York_ In large countries, region will 00mpete against region New Yori against Cbicagn, Shanghai against Hong Kong;and Beijing.

Topic:. 9

All of this is good fur the citizen The magic of the Dirk Whittington "tory is rekiodledin me.what I enter a library in a maginfioeDl building_- If a person ;. at univenity 'tudying 3rt OF mnsi<;.a large city usnaIly oIfus galleries and publio perfcmnmces_ [""" .. a teenager, I appreciated the worth of living ina city becmsetwo or three times a}"'2I there """. rock concert by a filwrite h:md

Archit.cture is the urban landscape.. If. person bas an .ppreciaiion of ardntecrure, , city 'can he .. 'isnaIly exciting as the IIiInaIayas_ A modan metropolis is • IIlOllIltsio range of height, hgb!' arid solidn=_ And then there·are the old boildinll" the.quaint, unspoiled ,i_ or abelps and oomes' from,lhatantage_ If'apemon In'edall ofbis life inono large ci.ty, he would ,continue to

Where should we live' Some maychoose· in big cities, while other like the nmual and quiet snrroondingJ; in oountryside_ As far as I am 'cOnc:emed, I would like to live in " big city becmse liWig in • big city bas'more adtillntages!han hving in cClllIl!ryside_

To begin wilh,·the cit}' is the symbel ofhuman ciViImotion 3lld there are a many facilities·for living, recreation and herdth care .. Therefore, living mere i, more cooveinent than hving in oounlIyside.. For. exJ!IIIpie, """ ClIIIthid a plenty of millis around our neighhmhood, where we <II[[







Mm is a 'social aniaal'. He talks, mixes and ceates. Cities offer the libraries, mrivasitie>and Cafe bars for him to meet olhels of his kinJ.

hard worlt When faced with fhe "had times", we. ollen find oomforl in the idea that we are special in om degree Ofioisfurbme. I feel that sudrerrattitrrde is negative, and !hat it can bring

ooIy furtIJer mis_, . . .

Mmy _ly successful people have begun from small origins. Mao was. fhe sea of. (mOOestly prosperous) peasant; the esplorer Coptain Cook was so poor that, as a child; be had to work by day ami study by riight; many ofthe.1Ifiluen! Americans of today are the children of the poor IDnnigrants of yesterday. BeetJi""en,it shouldbe remembered, became deefbefore the end of his career, Tbere.are many, many. more people who have also made genuine, thoogh Jess spectacular, successes against the odds.


Topic: 10

I fully all"'" with the claim that there is no correlation between success and luck Moreover, I understand success to refer 00 one', ability to achieve the predeminanl part of his goals in hi. fifetine, which in tum leads to a correlefioa between SIl00esS and income since the >C~ of",,", a natural gpal as to provide a good future for yom 1000ed ones demands the.means. What is the 'imples! and IOOSIlawfid way to earn enough in consider yourself a successful person? To receive a geodedccarion and to.find a good job_ Bo1h receiving'an education and making a career pre""PJl"S< one', readiness to work hard, and success withont hard work is .siniply not possible for the vast majority of the world', populatiOn. The reasons and examples listedbelow will strengthen my point of view .

F_ of all, considering m edm:atioTI end a career lIS key factors ofsuccess, one will choose to I""'ll" a degree fruru a ",!leg!' or a university. One "'~ to be admitted OOIhe mrn.iornly will have to take 'several tests. 11 is dOnbtfi:d that someone will be solucky thatknowing nothing be couldpass the test with a high score. A law score means fuilure,.and that test taker-will not likety be admitted. Therefore, in order to be successful, one should prepare fur the test. and work hard, became a good education will provide him wiill a good job and an oPFortunity to accomplish some cflns goals and dreams, In ID'f life!ime, I have never met a JleIli<'il who could gr-a_ from a college without working bard.

Secondly, it is impassible 00 make a career if one is indolent and Iadcing knawl«lge, IIIl=t in developed countries, Luck plays DO role in achieving thiS success. Even if SOOleO""_ was unbeIie'liably lucl:y enoogh 00 become a manage> not being qnalifieiI enough, be will be asked 00 resign in the near future because of hi, inability due 00 lack ofkncwledge and experience-to make right decisions.Per instance, I used 00 wmk for • very small OOInpony owned by a ffiend ']'his 00_ was .later closed becanse'of bankruptcy. The cause of bankruptcy was wrong strategies and decisions made by the owner. Afti,,'the failnre, be went to-a univer>ity and worked for. another company so that be could obtain ~e and become a successful basinessmaa Nowadays, he considers himself a successful person became be hadturned into reality his two biggest dreams ofjlIDifucing COllSUIlleT goods cfhigh ,quality and making charitable donations to needy_leo

WII:b:in Iris own terms, a: pemon who is born' into poverty in 'India is a 'great success if he manages to own a house in later life. Poverty cermet be. reduced by merely complaining and blaming others: no matter how gnilly other people are, each indiVidu.1 mist-reach cut to .success fur hi:nneIf.1ndeed, some· economists be!ie;-e·thatthe world operates by what they calI"lherule of thejungle"_ They believe that in economics a person always ,.tternpts to gainprofit from his neighbor; that .gi_ the chance Ihe poor man would 'quickly make himself'rich by trading 10 his'Dadvantage.. .

Also., if is presumptuous 10 judge aIII>!he> .a cccrdingtohis OTher"JlP'll"ittforfiJne. No man can ever truly uaderstaad the suffenngs of tis neighlior_ A man who "I'P"'" comtortablynch may have suffered.elsewhere in his life - through the death of a roved one, for example, Retired bnsinessmen hare cftea worked Iring hours in their youth, Smety, it mnst be wiser to respect achieveID<D!, than to deny thai anyone has achieved good in the world

To rely on notions of luck - to believe that life is a kind of lottery - is an attercpt to "'cape reality. I'aradaxically, the Only time a P'"'on· can claim that luck is "",[0 important than wed: is when he teflects en-his owneuccess. Because oftbat ~ty, thegreat man'then becomes even greeter.

Topic: 11

Ja.sum, as long as: someone understands: success as. an ability to tt:on into reality some of his <Iieaino. and will bace to wed: hard. because he will need money_ And his chances 00 earn that money will remarkably increase if be could graduate from a college and make a career, All of these things are simplj'IHlt possiblewilhcut hard work. Luck has roplece ui sucb a scheme of events,

In mypoiol cf'view.sports activities are as important as jfnot more important lhangood libraries.So it is wise for universities to give the some iIIIlOmI! of money to their.stnden!,' sports ectivities as they give their university libraries -, There are numerous clear reasons and j would explore rome·important ones here.

Fmrt,gOOd health is the prerequiste for fubire success. Unrveraities are not Only the place fu.r students to ""!"""I their minds, rut iii", a place for student to build their bo<Iy A good beiilth is very eseenaal for strJdy and futirre success.In om university,there are several middle-aged reachers and researchers soffer fio:m diseases.seme even died when they were atill at the acme of their ecadenic achievements, ']'his is a greet 10'"' for their families and our university. ..

Secoml,through sports activities,strJdenl6m benefit both physically and mon\iilly_Anyone who has played in a football game know, that the cooperation ,",d rompaliti<m are important fur success.They are two basic traits for those who want to succeedand stadeat who em'combine them harmmriously have better chance of success in Ihe frrture_


Topic: 10

'Ihirdinvesuoent in sports activities em save money in 1he long nmJn China, all of students medical ""1""""" are patronized by govemmeni am this is aheavy hurdenlfthe ,tudeoi:s health ImpOIved,a 101 of moIl<)' can be saved every year.Willi these money,univer>ities can build more cfassrccms.laberatories and libraries.

There is.a bmnorous ssyingm English-lIre grlISs is alwaYs greener on the oilier side oftha wiley' _ The.saying is used ironically 00 poiol out that there is a temptation in TIS all 00 insist that othersare more.fortunate than we are. ncwberemore tnrethan on theqaestien oflucl:: end





Of course; good libraries are also ilnportim! for univer>itiesA good library with: its large collection ofbcoka is the pride and syinboI of a prominentuniveraity.Bobt libraries and sports activities are indispeeeble fur mncem.ty"s.o it is. wise fur unicvenities give the-same am01.IIlt ofDJ.ODe'f to their

stud<ni activities as they give to their hlmlries_ .


Topic; 11

I disagree strongly with the idea that the same amount of money should go-to mriven;dy sports activities as to Uoi,,,,,,ity libraries. AIthouilh playing sports is a wondeJful way 10 learn about teamwork, m.regy ead reaching your goals, it should not be the principal focus of a tmiver>ity educetien,

Considering the operation of the estabjishments, we Sbruld certainly P'Y more to run alibJary than the sports activities. With the dev<l0Jl"1'l"lIlI of the infatmationalization of the world, more andeore boob are published, In order to possess the"; books, universjties rnast pay a lot money on"l:l:iem. While a stadium ia much more easier,

Because mIive¢ty is. place to study, it is natmal that more students go 10 the library. Wbeaever you go to the Iibrery, yon will seediligenl student. studying there. Especially in the examination period, you can hardly find a vacant-seat,

To sum np~ sports actrcities are very important to, tnt if there is limited money,. we have to spend more money on libraries than on sports activities. Became libraries ere necessities of a university, whicltneedalargearnoont of money tome, and lIIlIIly _ enjoy them.

Students need the most up-to-date librery facilities available 00 get the best education. Mmy of those facilities are very expensive to hny and rnsintain. These include 'computerized programsand ecces to Intemet research databases that students can use to find information all·arOund the world. If. mri,'eI>ity is only offeaing its .tudants-resources of a decade ago, iI', depriving those

stodants of a tremendOus- anlIluni of information .

Even the book and magazin< budget ofuniver>ities has gme TIP tremendousJy in the last decade, More is being published on Overy snbjec~-ande'''''Ymri""",ity\Vllnls to h:rue this infOrmation

available 10 its 'fuden!s. .. .

Topic: 12

It also oostS money for mri,..mti", to keep their hOraries Open. Students need to haw, aCcess to all the !ibrnies' reseIlrCh tools as IIDIch of the time as """,ible_ Bee""",, students .are young and can stry up aU night studying, many mriver>iti", are starting to leave their lilmllies open all night during exam periods. ']'his costs money, becanse Ihe staffhas to be pai<Le_ to be there. It also costs money to TIm thebuilding {electricity, heat) duringtha! time_

StodanIs at univasities are only going to benefit m.m their edrrca.tion if they em gel to. all the!>Oed to·.learn Sporn .are secondary to the.resoorces' that,tndent, need from univer>ity lihraries. For this reason, libnni", ,mwld always be _ frmded than ",orts activities.

When people travel to new places, they often choose the local museums as a nmst.see place. Sometimes the Im.ISe1.IIIlS are even IIIDre attractive than the mcst fuinmJs. placeof'inrerest, This phenomenon em be easily explained iflhe function ofmuseums is taken into account. AI; we have known, museums canhelp usknow thehistory, the customs and Ihe most repreoentative prodncts of that place.

Different place has _en! histOIY_ And the mosl corn/emen! way io·knaw the history is to viii> the local nmseum wt year when l_'e!ed to Xi' an, '"' ald' city, I went_ to' the history mnseum 00 explore theoourse of itsdevelnpment WIth the hackground knawledge provided by the inus<mn, I found !hat it _easier fur me to lI!lderstmd the·city_ So the IIIll><UIIl can clear away the barrierr between Iwrists and the city by making them fumiIiar with ifu history. 10 .• touriSt, the mDst attractive pari of a place isumally its =torns, whiCh.Can be demonstrated by the lochl nm= In Ihe Beijing custom mrn;eum, the real1ife of typical Beijjngers is ~n-id.ty ,tiewn_ A tmn:ist can

.. tisfyhis Curiosity by knowing the origin'and cliaru:teristics of the, the most classical hcilding in Beijing. With the help of museurns, (wrists Can have a deeper understanding. of the life of people.


Every place has its own representative FJll<Iucts., which are n=illy handcrafts_1oorists canhav-e the aceess to • W<lIldeifuI ,bow of these handcr:alIs in the local ImISalllL For =mlJlle, in Jingde town, the most fiimcus JIOttery-making pl'ce in Chini!, twrists can be =ited by the beautiful pottery prodmts 'and the roruplieate.:l making proc"". exhibited in the JIOttery museum. II w:ill be a pity far.. tmuis( not to experience the·WODdarfuI ,bow oflhe local products in the DIlIseum·

In • word, rnllieums sffi<e as a bridge between toorists and the plare they tr",-el to. ThaI is Miy people are so eager to "isit IIIlJseums. when they t:ra\rel to new places...


Both libnine, and sports activiIie.i are ",-eh:ome in the mriver>ities. Students OOuId study in the h1mrries "0 build up their knowledge. They could get the infu!Illlition that thej'oannol gel in the class But not all fur the ,tuden!.~ They .rewillingto have sporn frequenlly_ !lny<me cannot go on hi, study withrut a healthy 00dy. Unfortmrately, ifwe ha"" limited resources to put on the construction and operation of libnri.e;s. OT sport ~cfu.,'ite:s, how oould we make a' decision? I disagree'with the s1atemenl that mriveziilies should gM> the same azoount of mon,,), 00 spmts activiIie.i lIS hhraries.

The librnie is nee .. ",), part 'ofit mri,,",,,,ty _ Weoannot imagine a mriveziity withont an)' librny_ siudeot would like to find bookS in the hbrary 10 facilitate their strJdy. The time in the·cIa .. is very limited So they could get more academic infurmalion in the n"br",), _ On the other hand, students could enjoy sports outside the =rljKlS. Marry "I;' just like-running, which doesn't need any

investment. .

Topic: 12

""""= are prosents the whole w()!id left tollS, with which we can learn rots of things we'did not previously know, be aware of what ha, happened in the PlISt as well lIS what is going to haW" in the future, or gain soelf-_anding_ Personally, ilmoDg, countless factors which influence the reason for \ 1IB1SeUIIlS~ there are 1hree consplcuous a.speCts as: foUows.







The main-reason fer my proPensity for visiIiDg ImisruJ:m; is 1hlIt more about local histories can be known in.1bis WlIj'_ Nowaday>, IIWlJ' museums are mainly Opeming for responsjbilities to collect, preserve historic treasures md e.hibil fine art andantiquities. F OF instance, lire National Musemo of Chinese History, lire Ifui of these bids to be establiShed in China hal; over 300,000 items, IDcludiIJg nere !bai. 2,000 first-grade pieces items, 100,000 photograpiisof cultural relics.and over 200,000 prcfesaicnal books. As you walk IiroUlld !be General Cbinese History exhibition rooms, looking ,f the relics end imagining-the past, you may feel1haI yOll "'" traveling along a pafuspaniling lIre'cOIme'ofChinese history.

want to get more pleasure from their j~_

(E'SBSj'ID: 419: This i.!I3I :5p;!iJIt.essay}

Topic: 12

People love to visit IIIUli<OUIIlS when !rave!ing to new places. 1 think this is because IDl1SalIIlS tell tbem a lot abouIthe culture of those places. Musenns Memo fun_ 11', ahnost impcssible to get bored in iii museum. Every museum will hare at least one tlring of interest to ~mnebody .

. Ano1her reason em be seen by "very person is. fhat you can see ~ rare So much as-unique in m1JSelDDS_ For example, Emperor QinShilinan,g; the lim """""'" in Cbinese hist",y,"i, known aa the Emperor om', Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. Today, !be·EmperorQiri', Terra-cotta M.!seum, "the eighth Wonw of the world", is not only a treasure house where the tourists can

Ie am histories, but also-a main scenic 'Jl"I of China. ThO vivid pottery figure., colorful tmifurms and \~US, w~pom, acclaimed as: 1::IE peak cfpefecticc, ~ unique forever,

When visiiing someplecenew, you can lind <rut.buut the culture of that place iamaayways. You ~ go-to a movie OF a pleceofworship or a nigb:tclub. Another option is to: ~ in the park and listea 00 the people around you. The ernest way to.Je am !!b<rut a-place', culture, !hough, is by 1iisitiIJg its IIII1SalIIlS. Museums wi.lI sh"", you lire historyof the place you're viiOting. They'll show you what-art the·loco!, think is' important IT there arutt any museums, 1hlIt tells you ;6methiDg" too.

Fm1hennore, visiting museums em enrich Our knowledge about various sides, such as preventive measures uf'adisease, the reason cf'earthquake, man's region, the latest development of the I aser and so oo_ The urceative genius IIIlIy be mspired in sorneone.bymaking eshi"hits, because knowledge is acquired more easily in this way than being truglit in cl ass.

Still, peoplemight list 'other reasons to esplain .my they a1'M1)'S visit muaeems while traveling to new places, but the tliree poinrs I have explored in the above discussion" I believe, are moo relevant to the issue under discussion.

Mrneuuis areflm E""" ifyru're not interested in art or bistory, there is always something to get your attention, Many museums IlOW have·what they call 'banda-on" exhibits. These were. originally designed to keep children occupied while their parents were looking at eohioitL However, IIlIlSeIIIIlS have fo1md 1haI adults enjoy hands-on opportunities jus! as inuch as children, These exhibits have activities like pushing • lmtton to hear mare about what you're looking at, creating your O'LltTI work of art, OT trying on clothes like these on the models in Ihe museum

Pecyle aIso"';oy vislting.nm......,. aboo! IlIIillU!I! subjects, For instance, in my home!owu there', a muaearu devoted to the'po __ This made out of potatoes. It- mo. tells ill about the history of thepotato, and sell; potato ID<!IleIItos like key chains and poiato dells, People <njoy visiting this ImI"""'" become if, <lill'erenL If, not soinething theyd £nil in their hometown and the rrnneuIIi, curators eujoy talking ,.bout the Great Potato,

Museuim:are popular because they-are about us. Tla'J' reflect our creations, Our values, and our dreams .. No matter who y"o11 are or.what you" like, somewhere th-ere is anntsean that will amaze ~d interest you.

Topic; 12

Many people visitIllllieurus when they travel torew places. By visiting· musenns, one, can learn

as. IIDlCh as possible iibouf those places where one. lo;m in a shout time. .

Pirstef all, one con learn about the history of the places in.IrIUSe\lIIlS_ Today, abncsteyerytcwn in the worldhas realized the importance 00' set up their own museums to e<!noil historic items which belong to their post. When we visit auewplaee, wecaa get aImo<teVerything we need about its history in the museums. Last SUIllIIlf:I vacetioa, I and several classmates traveled to the city of Taian, At the foot of Moun! Tai located a museum ~bout Geeeral F"'ll Y usiang_ After visiting it" We knew a let about Mr. Feng and what he did to the local people, He was respected by there people, mil so did as,

Second, visitirrgumseums giVes infoIllllition about local culture. After .1oDg eslilrustiug journey, MOO a good thing to sIT in fhemuseam theatre watcliirtg • performance about local culture. \Vh£:n we travel to a new place, especially for a limited time \\hen you cannot -go everywhere, '"', )'Oll can get as much information as! local culture by visiting !IIIlSeIIIIIS_

What is more, visitiIJg museumsgives us • good chance to make new friends. Surely, there are • .jciorpecple will \r~it~ like us. We can t:hat lHith them about what we see and what· we beer. At the end of visiting, we sit together to have a cup of coffee endwe become good friends. By exchanging telephone iriImber, we can also keep m touch with each other late. What. good experi~!

In a word, more and IOOre people visit = when they travel to new places because they


Topic: 12

Do yoo like to. wit a IlIUSeum when you visit a new place? Jd love to. Because it's. an easy way to knew the histery, tbecustem, the people, the-culture and.natural environment there.

When you arrive at a place, ask which kind of museum they have, To do this you cen snow MOO the people there like. FOI example, if there are a lot of'ere rcuseums, the people IIllIi! like art '''''Y much SO you em enjoy ... atmosplere of art there ..

If there i s a historymuseam, ifs!be bestwey to knew the histoiy~fthis area.It can tell youwben the area was built, whether it has e Iccg history, who came here first, whirt liappeued in this area-maybe a revolutionor a war, what changed the people', life there, mil so on. IT you want to saew the people there, you !mist Imow the history there. Because it, history whirt affect people', .behavior, emotiou and custom If'there is'a ~'" festival, maybe ifs related with a his!i:riCal aIlirir_

Want to visit. nature IIlllSalIII? Irs.e good idea. There must be .introduction about the natural





ou,,:ironmen! there. WIr), to know·tha!'l We can get infcimmtioo about whypeople there eat this kind of food, maybe ifs because of the westher_ AIi<I where is the best place 10 ,'isH in Ibis area,

Go to visit en art museum, Wbich'bnd.o£ ail you lind there? Modern art? Theu it mal' be a modern place. Cllw:ic.J art? It may be a citywith,.1oDg hist"'}'. Maybe you con enjoyan old way of life there. .

house don't alway> have tim" to cook. They like the convenience of eating 0IIl Overajl, Ihough_ if is cbeeper and healthier to est at ho_

While ea ling in restaurants is fast, the money you speadcaa add up_ \Iihen Lhave dinner at a restaurant with a friend, the bill is usually over tweuty doll=_ I <an buy a lot of groceries with that much mcaey.Evea hmch at a fast-food stand usuaity cost. live or sixdollars for one pernell. Thaf's enough 00 feed the whole family .1 hame,

DOOt forget the science IIII1Semo. It Can tell you how the people _oped their technology, ~ the science there is well developed. Do people usenew technology to develop this eree? IT not, it', the best explanation to, the question why people there full behiud "ith people in other areas.

Eating .t home·is better far you, too. Meals at restaurants are o!leu high in fat and calories, and they sen", big plates cf food-mneh zrorefood-than youneed to ea t o! one DIEhl IT you 0001: food at home, you have more control over 1:he mgredieats. You can useaarganzreinsteed of butter on your potatoes, or not put somuch cheese on top of your pizza, At horne, you can control your portion size. Yon em serve yourself as little as you want In • restaurant, you may eat a 1iIl! pia., of fuod ''becsw!e you paid far it"

So go to a IDU.SeIlIIl, rt can tell you about • uew place more thim you think

Topic: I2

It is an inja-esting phmornouoo thai, wh<n tmJeIing 10 new pJaoes they have n""" been to before, many people choose to visit ·IIlllSfUIUS. Why rIIUSel1IUS are people', common clioire? &red oumYP"""naI esperi<noemd """'!ding to myObservstiOIlS, I think this·i< becimse = tell people. wi !!bout !be culture of those_places and give them ple>rures_

It i, eaS)' to lind <rut many ""Y" to obtain knowledge about the culture of the place where poople ;isit for'!he lim time. You eliIl go to a theo!er or worship OI • uiglilchlb. Another option i< to sit in fu. park md listen !o the people arouud you Amoug various "I'tID"",. ""iling IIIlISeIIIUS miglil be the ernest way_Museums show you !be hisl"'}' and art md Ilioselhings 1haI the-]ocab; think importaut by exhibiting ooject. md wOIk., sorue of which migli! be tmique 'in-the wm:Id. Ou the other himd, the_IIll1Seu:II>S Iile=elves are part of the Iandsc"", ofllre places. Mmy IIJIIl!e1lIIlS are built based on the his!orieaI and artistie cliaracleristics of the pIaoes where fu. IIIllSeUIDS are located in. The Frubidden City Museum i. the most favorite tourist site becsarse not ooIl' ifcontaills • large \..nety of his!oriciil or! ;'mto but mo it is the representati,-e_ of Chinese hiSt"'l' and the highest Cbinese OIJcie:ot architeCture ocliie\'eIIleUt As -a result, people are wi.lIing to',eIec! musamIS ., their lim des!inatiOIl·tO understmd rnI!ure of the place they "isit_

Museums also give people pleasure. Even if you are oot interested in art or hi.t"'}', there i. always ,omething !o' get your .tteoti= MaIlY"""""",,, now Irave whirt they call "im=.cti",," exhibit._ The "im=.ctive"· activities """" <iriginaIIy desigue<I·to 10"", children ~ied \rlIile their parents were k101ring ,at exhiliits. HO'We\'-er, the interesting :thing is that· adulfu are keal to these as well as 1heir-rbildren. It is fascinating to create your own l,liork ofpa:inting In it art mu.sernn or tD design an appearan<,e ofa robot byyoo=lfin a science IIIllSeIlIIL People can be reilly pleased through'performing lire "intenctive" worloi in ~ as well" gaining related kllilwledge_

It', true!hid .. ling out i< convenient Yiltrdon1 ha''eto',hop, or Cook, or it"", IIp_ But rei! home Cooking <Ioesn1 ha,,,,to'!okeup • lot of time_ Tha:e are lots of ";,,,pIe meals that don't t"'eloug to· maJ:e_ In fact, they're faste,!him eatiog out, espeeiilly HYOU tIrink of~time you spenddri;ing to -a re.taUIllIl!, parkirig, wailing fOI • tibl.';', wailing for "",ice, md driving home_

'Both eatiog ,t resl:a1IIllIlts md «Joking .t home em be satisfying. Both "'" taste good eujoyed with fumily and fu","", 1 pref..- cooking at home because of the money iIiiiI heoI!h issues, rut people will make the clioire thai fits their Iif<Ostyle best_ .

(Il=,- IDe 92)

Topic: I3

In the moxIem life IlOW, more and IOOre people prefer to eat at food_OF res!.mrlm!s. They think thai wi.lI save time so ·1hlIt·they em have ... ough timeto do their jobs. But I still prefer to""t £00.:1 at home_ .

Museums are weIoomed by both local peopJe md!lOW C"""",, becouse they ore IIII essenliiI part of our life. Tla'J' reflect our himOF}'. ourarl, our1ialue;, our creations an<! our """""_ No·matter you are and what you liL::e, smnell.Wa-e there is. a museum 1:h:I_t will amaze and iiJieres.l you.

There ,everllI ","SODS_ First of all, you <all SO\'" rn<lIIey if you eat at'hO<Ue_1n gen=l,!o get profit the restaunmls asl: fur more money on the """'" food you cook .t home. ·Thatis the waste of money. To •• ,,-e money, you nial' prefer to p~ you foOd at home with less I!l()ney_

The ,econd, nsuaIly, the foed in the ""flnmmt. is uot wliat you are eopecting you may dislike the W3j'the re<ta1lIllIlt co.ok the sSIiJe dislres as )'rudo at limue F or ~ the other d:ry, I asl!ed foIpotato in. restaurant Afier the Iir~ bit", 1 thoughht ""a. ,o'awfuLMy mom never cooked ,uch pot.!o fui: me! TIra bad 11II1Ch eve!! destroyed my mood in thai d:ry.

The third, ifyoo prep:ire foed by yil=elf, you wi.lI hinre • happy mood .. lieu you eat it, regmlless of the reaI .. ""r .fthe food. I! goes a 'iIj'ingwell "IlIbar brings happine,,"_In aJdition,you can cIraIlge yoormethOO of cooking considering yourtasie on thai day.


The,easons ,bovemay can answer why I prefer.toeat food.1 horue_ Cooking even lia> become mylrobby now. COme b.c.k-oodIrave your deticiOIlS food, I':Ii1.sureyou will like it!:)

Topic: I3

Topic: 13

Sorue people lil:e to eat oul at fuod ,lsuds md restaunmls, while others like to prepare food a! home. O!leu it depends 00 the kiniI of lifestyle poople have. .Th",e v.-ith very busy job, outside the






negative.attitede fhat they prefer to eat aut sida in restaurant or at foodstands. As far as I am concened, it is better to eat at borne. There are numerous reasces why I hold OD, and_! would

explore only a few primary _ here, .

H aionot be denied IIIat tha-e is some advantage to the lim points. Frr.tIy, the condition of !he restaurantis mare comfortable and the food of!here·is more delicious usually. Then eatmg in restaurant become a good choice of gettiog together with friends. In addition, eat 0\11 side take people convenience ami shortcut. For thepeople who are l=y on working, prepare food for themseves will make troubles and waste time. For the young person who are not ahle to cook for

themseoes, eat .t foodstands resolve the problem. .

The main reason for my propensity for eating at horreis IIIat eat at home and prepru:e food for th.msev.. em enhance the emotion among the member of fiilllily and bring pleasure to everyone. In modem society, everyday, perents are busyen worl:ing.aniI""cillIity, and children are l=y on study and ploying. For convenience and saving time, they om"" chioce eat out side. Then there kit so few time "fthem io share_.!!haringthe dinner ar bcae is not ouIyealingbut also provide a chance to talking, rilaking joke and exchange feeling with each other. Maybe""""""" tlrink 1haJ make dinner is a heav-y bUrden. But I believe prep are food with fimrily is-also a happy, likely have dinner with family is. pIeosure. With your sisters andbrotheis help your mofher de "",,01 in weekend, end enjoy !he food.and YOll will feel'e,'ef)thingis '0 nice" reason is that 1 think that eat at home is more economical than go to restaurant and save mooey. lkingthe same number ofmon<y yOu can buy more andbetter food from shop than from restaurant You csn do nourishing meal for your children rather than tho junk food from foodstaads. And you can spend the saved mooey. on mmy the ether W'J'. such as buy new clothes and see a movie.

Gates, have such powerful ability by not otteodiog some classes when they were in university. Admittedly, being required to attendclasses bas odwnniges of disciplining tho student, however. considering most mi\<e<>ity students can discipline themselves on their own. 1 believe it is sagacious to agree with that going to classes should be optional fix college or uni\'ersity studeuls.

Topic: 14

!!bould university students berequired to.atteudclasses? There are two. diffe_ opinions. Some people claim thai attending classed i s a must to students. Other people, however, .argue that'it ahouJd be for __ to decide whether tleywanrtc go to class or net.As far ,,111111 concened, IIfI matter wbetber students like it or not, they nnrst attend clessea

General speaking, eat out side is: oomfortahle and ccireenieace to our live, while home can share happy with farniIy. Taking into ecceunt of'all these, I prefer to p"'f"If" food for ouzseves and'eat at hcine..

Studeats wbo don'l like to gn to classes have their reasons. The main one is, they em leem knowledge hy themselves. Jf they were .;ked to attend tho cl ass in which the professor teaches something they already have J::nown, it a pain. Not ._ding class, studeuls coo ccmrcl their time more freely end are likely not to waste time.

Although I .gree that there m"y be-one OJ" two advantages to not'atternling 0"",', Linsist thai the edvantages of joining classes far overweigh them. In the lim place, professors can teach students • lot of thing> that cannot be obtained from books. In Chinese dictiODlll}' •• university is defined io be a place whire forward what they know to students. In tho book, uonnalJy there is jus! ~ knowledge. How the Miler get> and develops it is aquestion, How to answer this question? Go to the class. The prcfesser will IIIlt only teach you some knowledge, but also let ynu know how to use and deveI"p it As. Cbineseslang ''J'', " o..'IIing. key is owning. bouse.' Th.1t is memos;!: ~rtmtrea.S6n people want to ~ in university.

Iu the second place, you will be benefited from discussing with your classmates ihtteodiog classes, Different peoplehave their own special ""P'bility. Onepeeple cannot be good ,I """'Y aspect: What is the best way to share yoor knowledge with others and learn from others? the class. Professor alw:ry' gives some topicsfbr ,tudents to discuss, In ibe discussion, }"'" will he mrprised that so mmy great frosh though1s are pushing to-yea from yoor colleagues and they are free.

Topic: 14

NOWIldays, i! becomes a heatedly debatedtopic wbetber a student should he required to attend classesor not. Some people hold the opinion thai tho uni'<emity _ts should be required to gn 1D classes. However, others have a negative atfitnde. IT I were forced to agree with one of the two positions, I would stand behind the latter. My Alguments for this poinl are listed as follows.

I agree with the statement that going to classes sbcald be optional for university atudeuIs without reservation since I believe ot.student is supposed to ilttend those claseeshe or.she.isinterested in, N,turally, interest is the mother of study. Whau attracted by a wuoderfuI doss. you will attend it unforcedly and immediately. Necefbeless, not all classes IIIe so pcpular inreelity aud no one has inlerest in everyclass. Gonsetjoeutly, you shciild ,eke! the d as sea you like to attend for • higher efficiency of studying. Itcan be' given a goad exampIe,'in cunent ueiversifies, mmy exoelleut _ ahnosthave the record of skipping some holing and uudesirabIecla= __

In conclusion, 1 believe that students should attend classes rot oalybecause professors can teach yon the medrod of haw to master and dovel"l' knowledge, but also because students can learn from eechothe- in !he do", In short, attend classes ifyru select tc atIrnd.mriv""ity.


.Ano1ba- reason that can be seen by every one is. that It contributes: to build a IfDiv.enity student's: ahilily cf'Ieaming by himself or herself Obviously, hy choosing geed-and meaningful classes,

· giving up these undesirable, or 'tudying these classes yon cau not atteod sOn><bow by yourself yOu will learn bow 10 distribute yoor study rime and acquire the capability ofleaming by yornaelI,

· which is uemeudously important to modem mriveuity students. Mmy celebrities, such as Bill

Topic: 14

Some people may believe thai going to classes should be optional, but I disagree. I don't understand haw mri\=llty stadents em expect to learn anything if !hey don'! atleud classes. Personal experience can help people learn .hmt themselves and the world outside the classroom, hut wIom it comes to leaming about academic subjects, students need to be in class.

In do" they receive the benefit of the teacher', knowledge. The host teachers do more thanjust go. over ~ material in the class tesfbook, They draw their ,tudenI:lI into discussion of the material They present "I'!""ing points of view. They _,.,.guest speakers to come; gtve the sh!dents odditioJial information, or shew <Iocume!rIary films On the subject.



Also, attending cl asa es on any subject teaches more than just fscts. It teacles students how 10 to absorb info!Illation and then apply whlll they've Ieemed to ctber sih",tioos. Their teacher is the best OD" to help them with these skills, They can't team theiu just by reading the texlliOOi:. '.

Going to class also teaohes._lmw to work with tteother nembes of the class. Many timeS students will be given group assignneats. This is different !TOTO "hat they did in secondary school. Hore they're with people from different backgrounds and experiences. In this situation, they learn Imwto handle wmking with "Ie differenl from themselves to achieve • 00IIlID0n goal

Going to closs also teaches s!udeuts responsibility and discipline. Having ro he iii a particular place lila particular time prepares th=-for getting a job. Being III IIIat plaoe on time with an aasigmuenI oompl_ prep!lreS th= for a career.

In short, by going to clllSS students Ieam more _ jusi informatiOI' from the t_.They .also JellIIlhowro learn, how t"work with othaIS, and how to woak resp<lllSibly. These are not optional

· "'ills in life, '" attending olas"", shruld not ,be optional in oo!lege.


Topic: IS

If you have a good neighber, ynu are a lucky pemon. YOll have'sorne<1ne who cares abeut-your neOds and your propaty, wbo is helpful in the little daj'-to-day si.luati"", !hat come up. and who i, soppmti.\o-e in iI::imes of cris.i~ic

Topic: IS

NelgiibOllLS are tho people wbo live near us, and thelr behaviour influence oor daily lire. Good neighbours can make us feel comtortable and give us maIlJ help, and """'Yone will benefit from • good relationship _ neighhoors: Inmy point of view, these are three conspicuous aspects of the qualities of. 'good ... .ighbour>

One ofthe'most- iraportanr climcter:istio of gOOd neighbour-; is that they ba'<e • gnOl! living babit and are frieru:Ily to othe!:s. A pefson with bad habit will affect ynur daily life. For elWIlj>le; childrenare..."t likely t" be infbmced hy bad neighbOr.; and carry on had habits. On the other hand, being friendly is also an impoi-tant na:Iure ·of good neighOOrs. If neighbouL-lare uofuendty. they "'" Iwd to 'l'P'ooOO and difficult to get along with.

Another important 'spect of of good neighhora i, IIIaI they sh6u!d be willing to halp otb= In our daily life, emergency situations umy hap, and we may encoun!er.dilliculti~, which can not be reaoL"edhynorselves. Attlris ~ the quid",t. help ",;,can get is probably from our neighbors. To 'ome degI-ee, neighbou.--s are as importaut "" rela:1ives ro, us, """""" they could provide the immediat help. In the same waY,.a neighbour, to help othe!:s will get help in return. Help ",ch.oihors """ fonn. liieudtyand 1mmoni0ll.! relationship anlOog ibe neighboUrs.

All in IIll, • good ueighhoor is someone who ha"" a gOOd hoing babit; is fi:iendty and is willing to help others. Taking int.o aocomd of all these factors, we mal' reach the conclusion that • gnod reIlItionship among neighbouL-l need the maintenance from \1S,

A good neighbor is someone wbo, for inst:mre, Illldentmds that .Y"UI children may occasionally l1lIl ",ro" his l.wIl,- even though you tell th=no! to. He1l realize thai children =be <:lII<l"" .houl things like tha~. and he WillI't make , big. fuss .hm! ·it urilio5S it heci>mes a regulIIl thing In the ,ame vein, he knows that youlI understau:I if ",me of the tI1Ish from his tIlIsh cans blows across iol-o your yaTIi In other words, he is sensiti,,,, t" the unintentional thing> that can Iuppen_ Fk doe.n1 make a big dealabOlrt them.

A good neighbor is also respoctfuI of 1'0lIf propffiy. For """"",le;siJe oslo; yourperrnission.befure deing anything that in_ with what, YOllIS. Thi, means sho wouldIit plant a huge Iree ill between your houses W:i1h:out'osking haw ynu felt _ it: If she wanted to put up a J'ence,; she would let you know first She might wmk with ycu 10 dfcide where it Should be plooed Ma)Ibe th. two of you would ",,'en split tho'oost_

Agpodn<ighOOr woold.kud you ,omemiIk ifynuran oul~Sbe'd giv'eynu a ride to work ifynor carw"" broken, .andlet ynor children stayat~!>fi lID"",in the eWlling if you got stuck working "'_ You would do the same fN h",. Beth of you would help make tho othff, life easier.

Wbeu oomething really w.foI haW""" 10 you, like a death in tho family, .• good neighbor ""ill volunteer !o help in any w;ry he can This oould """" oomething small, liI:. making ,ome =sa-oIes to pot in yoor freezer to feed visiting reIlItiveL Or d could mean. something big, liI:e heIpiog you g<>tthrough the·,adnes, "fthe funeral

I think only SIlll>e01le who haS experieiIred • bad neighlID.rcan really ~iale , good o,.,! A goodneighhor can be·. gnod liiend He or she ·canmake all the differeuce in the world !oyour lire.

Topic: 16

I ClIIl ,ee Imth '_ges and dis'-ges to having. new restaurant built in our neighborhood rm worried._ tIlIllie aod'h"w it will affect our oeighberltood However, I think thet it will .benefrt looall"sin""", andin<:Jease,"PPr",istion for our.neighberhood 0veJ:all, I think it is. goad idea

Traffic congestion is alw.y,. courerr' when you buold stIllIeIhing DeW. Our streets are 1llrrOW, with parking on both .:ides: Mnre can tIlIveIing thrmigh tho neighborhood could """"" • lot of oongestion. TllIffic JIleIlllS. porking probl"""-, too. Our nffighborhood'hos 'NY Jew _ attached to' the houses .. M",t ofils d~oo·linding. '1'''''' to pm on the street. If the new ""tauranl i, built, we'll he competing fNthese spa=wilh therestrnranf, piilrom. Plus, if the reatauianl offers valet parking, itlI be. "'''''' v.'OISe. Villel pOrk.,. woak in teams to grab """'Y possible spitre mul.ble 00 tho street.

fm als.o ooncertJed .beut the type m p,trons thi, new _ will hring iol-o' our neighbodtood A fiImil}' ;",_ wouldn't be • problem. However, if if, going have. bar and dancing, then there oould be problems. The restaunml wonld stay <>pen lloer, and P"'Ple leaving the restaurant. might be druol:. Who wouldn't WOIII' abcu! rowdy cwtooi= otaggering around our neighborhood in the early llIOming Imurs, looking for thein: ... ?

I ha,,,, f" admit, though, there are ._ages to • new restauiant. Our neighbmhood oould certainly llSe the jobs the resI:lIurlint would provide. Not only thaj"the money neighberhooo . reaideu!s Would earn there would like!)' he Spelt'at oth", neighbelhOOd b1l5ine!SeS. This would give a hoost ro those businesses aod make our neighhoIhoo<! ,""Te prosperous.






There are a lot of details to consider, but all in all, I support tho idea of this new restaurant in our neighborhood,

A good boss evaluates her employees 00. a reasonable set of criteria, not <in bow she feel, about them personally. And she lets the employees knew what those criteria are, so they have a fair chance of meeting them She gives both praise andcrilicismina ,trnighlfOIWlllll.·IWII!IleT. She also offeIS guidance when needed, A l"'or supervisor will criticize without gi'Ulg any suggestions on

how to improve. .

M",t iinportmlly, • good sopervimr sets the standards for her employees by her own behavior, She works hard and treats enployees like v.lnable assets to the complIIly. 'Ihis pronot es good morale IiIIlOIIg her workers; andthis is of great benefit-to her business.


AneW restaurant would also attract, let of people to oorneigbboIbood. They cceldsee what,

· nice area this is to live. That migbt,ltrlIct new residents 10 the neighborhood. That would be a

· good lhiDg, because we're been losing residents to the _ the last couple of'years.

Topic: 17

Most cfus can learn how to do some1bing simple on' our ,own with just a set ofmsl:rnctiom_ However .to learn "'out "'me1hing more complex, it', always best to have a teacher.

Topic: 19'

Should 1l"''eIIIIIleIl!s spend more IIKlney on impr"'<ing roads and highways' or on imprm<ingpoblic traaspertations? There seems to be a diffiGEJ.l:t problem sinoe ~r reasons f.hould be involvei However, after carefully pondering it, I buttress the last ODe, open<Iing !he.IIlOIIel' OIl improving public transportation, The '"",OIlS are presented below:

Teachers bring with them varied and nseful backgrounds. They've been trained 10 teach mmvidual. in different w.ys depending on their style, For instance, some students learn better by disctlsiing. topic. Othe;rs leammcre by writing ebout it. Teachers can help students learn in the way 1hat'. best for each ,,,,dent. A _bodk or a manual can ooIy gi;'" you one "''l' of learnUJg' something Plus they're oaly as helpful !IS yrnr obility to _,tand them A good teacher can adapt her teoching to yonr needs.

There is no denying that iinpIOVing!he poblio transportation will surely alleviate the pelhttion given offby enormous cars. If a city has not a developed pahlic traaspertaticn, the air will be pollutedmcreheavily. What. dirt}' onciromnen! we will five in! Every.cIoy bIeo1hiDginro!be:ill filled with the flour of!be gasoline, seeing !he sly with the chill·c"l.,,- will be the ti!l< of our life. So the essence of enviroezrerrt has been realized by ao increasingly JIlIIIIber of people. to !be 'go\'E:IDDleDts,:.;the protection of envimm:nent is especially iID undeniable mission

Teachers help you focus on what you're Ieeming, If you're learning s.omething by yourself it's easy to become distracted and go on to other activities, Teachers keep your aneution on !be subject. They also 'PJlIO'clJ a subject Iogically,·taking it one step at a time. Onyour own, it', tempting to ,lip parts of the Ie:rnring pro= you think yea don'! need. That can hicde ycur ability to really undeIstmd the subject

Another reason I agree with it is Ihat developed public transportation will decrease the frequency of the treffic jams. Perhaps no WOIse wcrddan "traffic jams" ,;,;;,.., to the busiressmea who believe in "Time is mOney". Traffic jams not 'only cost the people time and ""P"""', but also create a bad mood-for work. It greatly decreases the efficiency of the whole city. I imogine how een a city whose avenue fuU of traffic jams develop its economiCS!'

Learning a dJject OIl yom own is a very IllIITOW way cf learuing, Yoo can only me the information you get from the texfbock. WIth a teacher, you get the infin:motion in the written materials-as well as the tellclier's ownl:nowledgo of the topic. Teachers can also prceideesna material. to broaden the '''''I''' of what yoo're learning

There's nothing wrong. willi studying on your own, and .a 1_ can always benefit ftomscme quiet study. For the best p"",iblo-lellIning, though, a good teacher is the biggest bell' you can .

have. . .

FmaIIy, I wan! to "'l' lhatimproving.!be public transportation provide a great JIlIIIIber of",.,,, of transportation fOI mast of tbe poOI people who cm not afford to buy a car. It is known that oar citizens is not made of ooly people who has the ability to own a car, but !be ''''l' poor people HIe also included I believe that hov."011..-!he teclmology is improved, the public' apparatus >hould not be ignored, because it serves the people all 0""' the·city.

Topic; 111

Even though job situations can be ''''l'differeD!, there are several qualities that all good snper.i.sOIs have in comznen, A good bose treats all her employees faidy. She doesn't single out one employee for better (or wo=) treahnenfthsn the others. A poor supervisor has favorites. Sometimes she'll even use her f",~orites to spy on other """,loy"",. She expects !hom to tell her what the ethers are "J'ing3b<Jm.her. This can cause a lot of bad feeling> emoagemplcyees.

Nevestlieless, the pri .... rate transportation has its. 0WIl! a{h ... antages, for instance, itcan save a lot of time in some CO"",: provide some convenience fur people. But inJpro;ing on roe and highWll)~ is advantageous ooly conditionally. Based on the above discussion, I agree with the opinion Ihat the goveuaent should spend InOIIeJ' on improving public transportation not ooIy it can protect environment and save time for people, but it also can create a convenient em.'ironmem fur all the cihzens.


A good supervisorgives clear and and_le directions, She dcesc't cowtanlly ch:mge her mind about whatsbe w_ emp!oyees to de. She also. dcesctget angry willi lIn'employee who is confused and needs ber tc explain the directiom again or IllOIeflllly. Delegotinganthoritywell is another quality.of. good scpervisor. She knows bow to use the skills of her employees tcbest advantago. A poOl. supervisor insists on doing everyihing _. She is unwilling to give any

authority to others. . .

Topic: 19

Governments shwld delinite!y spend mOIe,DOney en improving all forms of public transportation, These inclIJde buses, .rubways and trains. 'Ihisis the best way to preserve natural resources and redure pollution.





AS a planet, we're dealingwith a finite amount cfnafnral resources. Once they're gone, they can'! be replaced They can't fill our need fer oil and gasoline forever, But we seem to forge! Ihat and ronsmne tb:eni:at an incredible rare. In wealthier countries.some families have WO ortbree 'cars. AS soon as teenagers geUooir driller, licenses, they're givencars so theirparen!s won't have-to drive them places.

Public transportation hasn't been sufficiently developed Because of this suburban areas

· smrounding cities have been allowed to sprawl more and more widely. This means Ihat people can:t even go tofae store withinn having. to hop into the car, E,-erything is too' fur away from where they live. If there were better and more frequent public' tcmsportation, people woo]d be able to give IIp their cera for local driving.

As a result of all the cars-being driven, were dealing with terrible pollution problems. In big cities, there are days during the SlIIIlIDff when the elderly and people wilb respiratory problems are advij;ed!lOt to leave fhe hcuse. Ten yeers'ago this was unbeerdof Now iI" the norm, Public tramportati!ln would cut diw.'Il ot>nsidembly on :Dr poUutiOll.

Public trampoitation alm enoourages a ,eose of oonmnmity. P~le who !r:ival to worl: together all the time get to I:ncw eaCh other. c.r. isol,te lIS from our n<ighboIK How",,,,r; people feel they need to driw. because they can't depeod on pttblic transportlllion to fit their schedules. If"",re money were ,vailable. lin=. ,,"hwll)" and trains could nm 24 ~. dey. Then they would be 31iailable all the time to !be poople who need them.

I aIwa}~ try to llIke pllhhc timsportation whenever.possible; and I encourage friends and neighbors to tr)' it roo I think weIllllSt sopport.)mlilic trnnsportotion' in order !o creole a betteI world.

AIoo.lil:e we suidens, there are many adult, tr>IILSfiming their work place in order to grasp' better opportunities. No matter in industry, in agriculture or in service, workers have right. to choose thm workcompanies which leads them to work from place to place and their they .00000000000te precious expenecce and skills to g-et pnonties to others.

People not only jransfer in lheir own cOlln!Iy, but alsogo abroadfo get edacatica, work or live thIOUgh the rest of'fheir lifein appropriate countries, We can see tbat many stodenls including me WlInI to gn to the foreign couatries to study firrther and forge ourselves, and that many parents send fheirIittlescns or daughters to foreign coumries to study. AfIeT all, diverse circumstances give persons new esperieace and broaden their-narrow sighI,. even help them get more comprehensive ~ of the world.the society and our lire rtoelf

However, some people may say that if people mcvearocnd, they will P'l' for much such as ""'ney, time and energy. It is right to ''l' that it takes one person seme time to get used to hi. or her new eovironment, new personal rel"onship which indeed influences the gro,,;'th of children, the efliciency of our wcrk and !he.stllbili.ty ofour society and family. And I hove to admit Ihat people 3hoo1d make considerste plans before changing !haiI phc", md""'Y not mm.rer aimlessly and frequentlJ'. Bui I think ",metimes it is just all the friction that has made the world wealthier ""d mOle beautiful 1herefo.-e, I.still think it is better !o travel around 1han to li,,,, in one place.

(Il=ym '02.)

Topic: 26

Topic:. 26

There are advantage, and 1h3ad_tages ro achildbood meither the cmmtJym a city.lfs _ to :s;a:y which is bet"tH_ Growing up in Ihe t:-mmtry :means: a certain amrn.m~·of isolation. You're in :a 'smalI town oron.limn,andnot with a lot of_Ie. E"enJDOIeimportari!, the people yon meet every dJty tend to bejIlst like),Ol.L Moil will be'!he same race asy<iu, have !he.,,,,,,, backgwtoid lis you, and will have gone to !be same scliools as you. In !he city, !he'l""'I'le yon meet are all different There. are different races and di:fferenj cul!ure<. Y 00 get a more interesting mix.

City people !ffid to come from , lot of different places and Il1011e around a lot So, there isn'l !be sense of cOIllIllll!lity in the city that you have in·the commy. 'People in the city cmli,,,, in !be same 3plII!mffi! building for twenty years and never get to I:now!heir ne:ighhorS. In the cOlln!Iy, everybody l:nows·everybOdy. For , d:riI~ this means' the country is more _. A clriId can get lost or Inn! in the city and have no one to turn to. In !he counlry, «-eryone's 'nBghbar. People in !be countiy feel oonnectad to eoch other.

AclriId growing; up in the city has the .dv.lIIltllgo of • lot of interesting and exciting plores to visit. f:he can go to the 2,00, miJseum:s, art galleries and concerts. There are a lot ofrestaurant; with different kindsoffood. If,easyto ,eee""'Ynew movie Ihat comes ·out. Children in the oountiy den', have a lot offuese activities ne.roy.

AU in all, 1 think a childhood in the city is betIeI bec'ause it prepru:es you more far what real life is· llk,,'

Wllh the deval"l'ment of the trnIisportation system and smne re:ridenoe institution, the world is gotting smalIeI and smaller, andl""'l'le are'ootrestricted in ooly.ono """.10 ,ddition to the convenient oondition, because tbeie are .different places with different .ClIIturel, bving ,tandards. educatiOn 'en,irenmenl and other disparity, they are inclined to transrer from one plitre to the other: hi ·it better to molj,re aroond than stly in one place'! I believe.1:here are no unifOlm amwer.s, but in ID!j opinion, I do agree with !he ciainl that to """'" be_1han ro st"l'in one place.

Mort peopie', growihcomes with the Inmsf"", in!haiI life: AS'forme, when I """ young I hved in a srnall 00IIII!y . Becan>< the «:bool in there ,... not ,intllble to IDe, I transferred nom my little county to • city to get • bettereducatiOJl_ AS soon as I get !o !be city, I was amozed Ihat the wOIld here w" '0 different bete as ID!j hometown .IfI ,till h_ved m my h~own, ;! was impossible t.o make !he wddest gness it! whit! !he real world loo1:ed lil:e. The first transfuI ha. made me to imagine IIly.= lire and spur on me !o go further. With lbe <oofidence,l went into • univasity which 1 would DeJil-e.r fuink of it befu~Th.e unI\reISity is lOCa.ted"ilI ~ difffferd: city so ~t. I have

to oome into another world. Compared "'ithmy living city, the oneis more complicated in which there are different people, more convenient trmsportati.o_n, more COI[lpetih,,-e environment I lcrve

· all of this very·much. COIiImunicating with different students and teacheJ-s, I have Je.ined tIIlICli from!hem which will_t me throughout my life and my lifestyle. Now I am in', gram.,!e school also ,o.beiru!iful that 1 will ,"",er ,egret my seleCtiori ofleaving my bometown becall"" the tiansfer has given me , splendid life

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Topic: 26

Where i. a better pIaoe for children to grow up, !be oounttyside or the big city? The answeI !o this questinn diff"" from indi,idual to individual. A, fuI all I am conoemed, it is better for children to







. grow up ina big city.

Some people argoe that the countryside is on ideal place fer children to grffi>l up. For one tIriIJg, it is less-polluted Ihan Ihe city. The air is fresh in the C<ll1II!ry:lide. The sky is bluer. and the water is clearer. Living in such a-place is good ID the clIildren', health. For enotlier, lIS cbildren like playing, ooly the oounIr}<>idetan .. tisli' them well. They can J\Ill everywhere, pI.y games in the field, swim in the river. 00 the contrary, the city cannot provide >UCh places for children. Maybe they con at home and watch 1V

Although I do _ that growing up in the countryside has one or more __ I insist thai it is far better to choose the city as the righrplace for children, To begin with, liWig in tlecity tan broadon!heir horizons. Theycanmeet a lot ofpeeple andheor.!IUIIlber of things that will never happen in the countryside,

In addition. city means zrere chance tcrecereebetter edncetion, Inmostcountries, it is no doubt that tho education level in tho city is higher than that of the country. A5 a result.children can moe! better teacbers and receive high quality ofedncatioa in the city.

Los! but not least children can aIso develop mmy hobbies in the city. They em learn to play the piano, draw and so on" which are impossible :in the country,

Topic: 21

Nowada}~, more and mere ccemmmties for old people are founded everywhere allover the world. WlHm),,,,, wall: in a dep_ store, you will find that more and more products for 01<1 people bave been put OIl the ohei"". The populmon of old people in the world is growing rapidly, and the reason is people are living longer mw. There ore """En! explanations for this paeeeroenon,

FJIst, under the deveI~ of science and technology, it', obviously the standards of living have been impJ01ied a lot, People WIld: less and relax more-these d'J'. thantenyears ago. More entertainment bas also been provided, hence people hare more chances. 10 entertain and keep a good moodeveryday, whicb is essential for being hoalthy and .living 10_.

Moreover, highly developed health system is ...,tli..: .<igoilicm! factor for people to five for a long trine. k the goverumeaits pulmorefundfor health espendinne, more people are ,'it1ied from Ihe torrure.of'illness.

In conclusion, I believe that-it is better for children 10 grow up in the city not only because it can broaden thell horizons, but also because Ihey can receive better education and have a chance 10'

develop m>IlJ' hobbies thoro. .

Fmthe-meae, theimpro,""""" in medicine also pI'l" an important role. There>, an undeniable fact that after people. discovered the mysteri es of _ more and more newly' developed medicine cured a let cfillress that can't he cured before. Besides all these explanations we discussed above, thei-e are also many other reasons. But the main causes of'pecple's longer life is the deveI~ of science and teclmalogy, efficient heaUh ;y.tem:mil imprm=- in medicine,

tEssayID: 479. Thisi5:J s Patm'I!S!".B}'}


Topic: 21

With the dev<iopme<rt ofhuman society, people ore living longer now. Many factors iaterecting togother to easble the long er life. Thore are fhree most imp"rt!Inl caases: the qu.lity. of food bas been greatly unproved; people cruld have medical services; more and IOOre people realize that regular sports benefit Iheir health.

Theimpr~ quality of oar food is themes! important factor of the longer life. We cculdhave not unly enough food as we WlIIII, but else tbehealfhier food. When we preparing food, we nc longer consider Ihe cost, rut I"Y more attention to tbenataticos of tho food. Wdh tho developmem of trnnspcrtation systems, inland people now could also enjoy seafood and tropical fruit.

Topic: 21

WlIh!be development ofmodanmedicii>e., people are IilliIg hmgernow. There ore mmy filct"", why people em Jive a longer life. 10 my opinion, thoro are three mast inlportimt reasons; the qoalityof feed has been greatly improved; people _fit from improved medical services; and mmeaiJil more people reelizejbe imporlanoeofregolar ~rtS .. d escercises to IhoirheaUlc

Furthermore, governments arepeymgmore and more _ on medical establishments. Citizens could have medical services more easily.Because of the convenient nedical Service more illnesses could be detected .t m eerlierstege. Also, mimi' illnesses that had been considered fatal "",ill he cured today. Tho belt er detection and rnremenI enable people', longer life.

The impr~ quality of our feed is the most-important factor for a longer life. With the convenience ofinodem transportation and foo'd precessing technology, we can fuid any food in the market; aod lIS our ,!anderd of living end inoome increases, we Can affort to buy any kind of food we want. we no longer worry about the cost, but pay more attention to the uutntious balance of the food. Bolter food and better mItrilioo give-us • healthier body.

To rum up, thede1ielopment of om secietyceuses the ionger life efpeopla People have better food and better medical services. And people spend more time on sports to biuld up stronger bodies. ru we could predict people eregoing to li,,,, even longer.

Furthermore, the devehJpmen! of medical teclmolgy and method = a longer life for people Many f.ttaI deceases which were considered incurable before can aew he treated and cured Govemneats are paying more and more money on medical care and trainingof doctors and nurses, People can ace esa medical services eaSily: regular physical examinations ensure that deceases can he I'mm;l eali er and therefore Can be treated in a timely fusion.

Last hut not least, people Care more about Ihoir own healfh and realised the importance of escerdses to their heillfu E1iery'morning you' cruld see people doing sports outside. MOre and more people have realized tho 'oying "Life is iocomotion". Regular sports build up a strong body. Sports like hiking, jogging, and swHmning em all henifit our health. NatmaIly, people with str<inga body could resist more deseases, and thorofoTe can live loager,

Last but IIIlt !ellS! inlportimt'i. fum people care more for their own bealfh. Every morning you could see people deiDg sports outside. More and more people lin" realized the ")'ing "life is 'IOOOlOOtion" Reguiarsports build up. Stroog body. Naturally, people with.stioiIger body cruld resist III( deseases.




To rum up, the progress of our society is tho reason \my people Jive a longer 'life Il<JW. People eat food and have access 10 better medical services. And people spend more time on sports and exceaaces to-build stronger bodies. ru We could predict, people are going to bveeeea longer'in

the future. . .

.wilIingto do whstever'it tskeste get the job done. She doean't keep back ofhow often she hasto finish anotheAwod: or take on extra work. Some co-workers do thellown job, period. They ha1ie lID sense of office co!IlIIlUIlity. They ouly want to do their worl:,.got paid and go home.

A good 00- wod:er is • 'J'lllpitlhetic Iatener, and never uses what she loami; against people. She <10=1 go><ip .. A bad co-worker uses uegatrcennaors-to tIke ._.go of others.

Being a good co-worker i",,'t too bard, hut some people'just cent seem 10 IIllIIlJ!!l" it. Wouldo't it be a wonderful world if everyone could"

(Il=ym350) Topic; 21

Todsy people 'are li\;ng to bemuch elder than ever before. Some of Ihe main reasons fur this/are the impro1ied health care and better mtrition available to everyone.

Medical care is more available to people. Although not everyone con gel tho best health· care. everyone can got basic health care and advice. WlHm people are seriously ill, they can go to a pahlie h"",iW and he taken care of. Years ago., health care WIIS01 available to e;-ery.,ne Some people dide't Iive near a-doctor or a hospital, and others couldn't pay for the core they needed. They made do with herbal medicines Or fulk remedies Of course, """'" of these worked, but not for the uore serious diseases.


Topic: 22

The.quality ofnedical care bas improved, That's also afactor in longevity. Doctors know more now aeoirtwhat causes diseaseaad b<JW to cure it Years >go; doctors only know about the most basic diseases and cures. Medicioe ", as not \'«}' advanced; Y iJu could die from oomething as simple as an infection from a cut Now we have antibiotics and other medicines to help cure

. infections.

We all work with man}' dilferen! kinds of people. Different co-workers have dilI'eren! personality.

To me, my co-workers shoUld have aeme important characteristics such as independence, .

cptimian, and t.amwod: spirit

1!hin1 a gocdcc-worker must have his cwnopinions. A co-worker shoUld dare to propo'" his own cpiaions. He should not "l' the same as ofliers and hide his opinions. Only """'Y""" tries his best 10 analyze e\'ery aspect of a thing, it can be dcee best, So independence of!hin1ing is important fora co-worker.

People are aIw living Longer now beeause ofbetter nulrition. Were· .. ling better and more healthfully !han we used to. That', reduced thenumhesofpeople with hem dis""",>nd =. We try to eol lowAilt foods and eat!OOre ,oegotables andl'ruIt.., \\hich are oow 3\-.ilable l-' round.

Anotheriluporfllnt_eristic is optimism. Jfwehave some difficult problems, ho must be brave and should IIDt fear them. He should OIEourage others io lind methixIll to. ",,11i< problems. This pcait is very important because one', mood can inti"""", ethers easily. Once a co-worker shows • little fear of diffirullies, others may become disrouragoci ,soon. So , good C<>-W<ld:er should be optimistic.

hupro1iedmedical oare and healIhy .. ling habits bas. geatIy """anded our life spans. What we need to ~{) now is rilake 'Sure that ever}rOn~ in the world has fue~ ~_ .

(Es»y m 104 i.

In addition, te""""" spirit is an llupc_ characteristic of a co·wod:er. Although a oo-wod:er should he independeuIlo analyze. thing, ho should he tolerant to the different people and their W'J" of_!king. He shooM be willing to dedicate hi. energy, time and knowledgo 10 reach the goal of whole lemL

indq>endence, optimism and teamwod: spirit are important chlmIcteristics of a oo-wod:er. IT everyone in a wod: group has these _eristics, tho group can overcome difficulties and reach its:goaIs..

Topic: 22

We spend more time Wilhour oo.worirers during , week !han we do with our fainity. ThIlS, if, important for our co-wolkers to he l"opIe We em gel along with I've wod:ed in • lot of offices, and fve found there are certain characteristics 1hat all good co-worl::ers,have in. common...

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Topic: 23

A good ",,-wolke< is ''''1' cooperative She does her best to gel along with ofliers. Sho me, 10

keep her oed of thing> flowing smoothly 10 help others in tho. office. She realizes that if one _ <10=1 got bar wod: done., it ""' hold up "'''''Y'''''' olse. She bas al"sitivuttitudethat cr&res a pleasant wod:ing eo1!llo!Illleilt

A goood co-woiker is ,daptabk 'She is nOt ttubhom aboul changes in ,ched"I" or routines, and <lDesn1 object to having. her jnb description w.oised. n..i can make'liiemiserable for everyone aronnd her. A good co-worker is v.illing 10 chango her schedole to .oooIllIllOdate _ wolker's ~. She bas nQl'roblEm with new procodnres ""d welcome, changes whee they oomec

I doDJ !hin1 it i. a good ide:t for teeoag= to have jobs >Mllle they are ,till stu_. It can interfere with their studies, it can disrupt their horne life, and it tlkes .way pan of their childhood that they can """er replace.

A good Go·wod:er is helpful She pitches in when ""meone fall. behind in his or her work. She',

Education todoy is very compl'" and difIicult. 10 order to learn and got good grades., a ,tudeuI must w"d: \"ery _ and ooncentrate.This means atteoding classes from early in the mmoing untillateaftemoon, thee doing research for projects, thee goiDg home and doing hmnew"d:. Ifs. hosy schedule for any""". For .someone trying 10 hold dowu a job, it', = harder. SIDdeot. oeed all their ""ergy for Ihoir .stOOi ... Ifthey're w"d:ing after class at night, they're going 10 be tired the ~ doy.They WOIl~ be oble 10 ooncenl:crte.This will ha\'e a negative impact on their learning, and eveotually on their grades.







Topic: 24

If a person II:now is planning to move to IIl}'city, what this person would like and dislike about living in my city? It is an interesting question fur me, Frankly ~ living im my city - Taipei fur, longtime, I never thougbl of:mcl! a question before Lsterted to write this essay. In my point of'view, '! lire many good sites about this city and my mend will enjoy living here ..

Pirst, 1I1ipei;'. city.werelln-eJois of)ob epponmities. Job opportunitie,;' vayimportantwbeo an ootader wants to start a new life in acity. Taipei, aseverybody knows, bas many factories, companies and international headquaters, With Sl1Jlerior mbm enviroomenI end infustructure, Thipei not ealy attracted 1IllIlly foreiga institaticns, but also man)' domestic investors 10 set tbeir offices and build fueir factories bereTheretore, you can lind mall)' jcfvacancies 00 the web- or

newspepers in Iaipoe '

livin!l ina large city is exciting. \mI you pay " price fur it There are lolsofintererting thing; to do, and good restaurants with food limn around the world. There are museums, IIJ! galleries, and lots of movie theaters. However, the crime me is high, and people ,110,,,, 10 be cerefal eboat where they ge cil niglif There' a lot of traffic most of the time, end finding, piid:ing space canbe a problem. There are also. lot ofpeeple living here. Sometimes a feel> tee crowded

In • big city likemine, housing is, ' espeesive. It ""'"' a lot evea ifyoulre jU;1 renting an efficiency apartment, 'Ihe'gocd side is !bot there'" lot of choice about where you waIil to jive and how you want to .live. You can find epartmeae of all sizes in different settings. Houses of equal1iaIiety are available for: sale or rent

If my friend hkes the great outdoors, she nrighl be disappcmted, Unfertenately, my city doesn't have a lot of wide: open green spaces, 'and there. aren't a lot of trees. on the streets. We're net near the ocean, and the mountains are a day'. driVe from JereStill, we do have serre natural areas. F(J[ """,","""we have, beautiful big park. II even has a lake in the ,middle that', used for-ice ,koting in the winter. There', a diff..-ent kind ofbe-2IIly in fhe city.

Thinking about i1, 1 Sl1JlIIOOI' whelhor my friend likes my city will depend on whether or not she lik", exciting places. I hopo she likes .101 ofvanety as far ,,'hoUsing.oo activities are concerned. If ,110 does, then this is thepjaca for her,

(Il=ym HI'l)

Having a job can also disrupt', teenager' home life. Families speed less and lees time to,gether. If a teenager bas • job to go tc _ school, he WillI't be homo for dinner, He won'! be hmne_ dinner, either; and may notget homo until late at nightThis means he doesn't have ,; lot of time 10 .speadwith his family, If be doe3n1 hove • car, it canmean cliimges'in hisparents' scledales, too. Theyhave to drive him to work and pick him lIP. '

The main drnvbad of a teenager hoving, job while he', &till a sl",lent is that he', missing rut 'on the fun of being young He has a whole lifetime in MUCh hen 110,,,, to earn a living, This is the la.t free time'ball hove. It', the 10l0I chance hell hove to hong out with fiiends and just enjoy himseIf Soon enough him have to ".-orry about paying fhe.reat and buyingfcod

Jobs bring money, but money iSn't everything, A teenager with, job gives up too rnnch_ No oae .should spend ill his time at work, and especially not. teenager.

(Il=ym '(0)

Second, Taipei is a place where you can leam what yon want to learn. There are so mauy colleges, schools, training classes in Taipei, The Jearning oJl!l<l11unities is available ill y""- ronnd_ If you want to learn English composition fher are a lot of schools and classes fill you to, cbccse.Hycu wnii! to learn <iom:ing, you ClIIl join ",",ofmany dancing club. in 'the perk, where teachers teach people <iom:ing fur free,

Topic: 24

Recently 'one of my friends will move to Sbangbai from New ZeaIani:I and she asked me whicll oapects '"'" rnigh! not adept in Sbangbai, I tlrink that it is as follows:

FIrstly, she moy W that the air pclhnicn is very severe in Sbanghoi, As everyone knows that New' Zealand is • developed country knowu fur its beautiful natural-eacironment, There are fewer industry plllIlls in New Zeabmd fum in Shaugbai, So New z.e.Jand is a very clean and beautiful country, just like, gnden. However, !n'Sh.mgbai the aa polhnion is still out of eoatrel, When you rome bock horne IIDm yOO! rompany e\'eI}' a.y, you will find that yom shoes are covered with

dusts '

Last but not least, you never feel bored in Taipei, There are so many places where you can go, and so many actiVities jhat yall can do. When you gel up in'the morning, YOllcall go-to the nearest coffee shop and eqoy drinking 'COP of coffee. Or yon can choose to 'eat Chinese foods. -There oIwal'~ lin" a variety of thing for Y"" to choose. lfyou feel lIP"", you can f!!' to niglil pub. listening scree tender music,

Take whot I have mentioned above into consideration, living in my hmue roWI! is a great pleasure. 1 fuinJ: my friend will like living in my homo Iown.

\Vbat is more. my frieodmay lind th:!t the streets in ShongIIlIi is very creweded with tr.allic. The populiilion of Sbangbai is 13 million, which is rnucll more fum that of New Zealand. Sbe rnigh! 'find """Omfurtabletm,"llilIg intbe streets of Sbangbai'Dming rush hears.

Finally, I thinJ: thol she may oomplain ,bout some o!he!: srna111hingv about Shonghsi For OxarnpIem soppose she Walk, on !he 1""'''''''''' and will find that there ore 100 IDIIrIy bicycle. parked 011. it whicll block the sidewalk. Somotimes she-lias to Walk on the street 1 thinJ: having heed in New Z,eoJand fur , long time, these small things in Sbangbai mol' bewilder her,

In a word, Hhink thot my friend will dislike the air pollution; crowded transportation and other aspects of Sbanghai. Ai; a ,Sbanghoiese, I thinJ:,we ill should try our best 10 make Sbanghoi • better piece to live in the future,

Topic; 24

A friend ofmine from college is moving to my cily. so I'ha ve been tlrinking obout what she would and wouldn't like about itTd "'Y the quality of life here. as far as fun and activities are concerned, is very good. The quality of life isn't verygood, though, in other important ""l""

Topic: 25





There are both advantages anddisadvantages ~J establishing a shcppingmall in ocr ueighbcrboed, I"" worried about-traffic and how ilwill:dl'ect ocr coaammity. However, I believe rl will benefit Jocal business and increase appreciation> fur local ores. AJl in all, 1 thinI: it is a geed idea,

For those what 1 am worried about, _ congestion ani! parking prcbfenare obverse, First of all, traffic congestion is always a ecncem when building something new. Our street. ore narrow. with p:uking oil botli sides, A shopping center will oertainly bring more traffic fum ever before, and beevy _0 means big oongestiOrl. At the same time, parking is also a problem in this are> There lire few Il""'go' attached to houses. Most of residents depend on finding spaces on the street for paIling, If. shopping nmlI is build, we must Compete with customers an<! patrons for those parking Sp"""" Furthermore, if the !.hewing center offers valet paIking service, it would be even worse because valet paIling works in term> to grab e\'eI}' possible 'P"'" ovailable in street.

cent" niiglit also become a place where-unruly teenager; would gather. This could cease trooldn. Om- town would need a ccmnnmity cenrer far them to go to instead.

OD.the whole. ihmlgh..! think my neighOOrhood should support hoving a shopping oaI!erlmill here, It would bring more variety to our shopping, give us fhe eppcrtanity to amuse ourselves at movie _ and restaurants, and .. bring more jabs in., the area

(E_m "'<)

On the other hood building up a shopping center will give IIris neighborhood more opportunities and benefits. Residents in this are. could ceminIy take the job that shopping center offers. People would earn moreIllOOOy and speed on other business, sum as ent_ and,edncation, whicl! are opersting inoorneigliborhood ",>ilj.ceDl oommlmitie3, As. result; not ooly loe" busir!e-;, liut also busir!e-;, boost,lIP and, prodigious am:runl oHortune will be accmrIllIated to ocr neighliorhood. A shopping renter can also aIIract people to ,iSif our oonmnmity. When !hey driveto!he shopping center; they will see whot, Dice pJace,lIris aresi, to live: 'Ih<Rfure, We would have m inr:reasing IIllrIIber of residents in then"'" couple of years, It is very important to inIrodoce new rmmbers becouse we heve lost rnaily residauts w "uIiurl>' during recen! years, '

Topic: 26

Ikncw from the media that • uew movie theater may be liuiIt in my neighborhood. Going to see a movie is: one ofthemost common ways ofentertaimnent. Wi1h lhemovie theater nearby, I cceld go tel see a movie more convenieat, However there are more reasons to cppoae the building of a new heater, especially near oar community,

In a short, there ore ",,'era! det:Uh to "misiderwbeoplarming;. shopping renter, In my port, 1 support ttl bave a new shopping center in my' oonmnmity bee""", its advantages outweigh di,ad"nnlage3.

If ~ moyie ·theater is: built in Our neigliborlmod" it ,certaiolj' p:ro,..i~ us the cOJWeDiere to see a We no longer need to drive downtown to see it, but w:!Ik to !he movie theater atrerdinner 'witheut any hostIe, It will ""'" a Jot of time on the way to the realer. And we will_ W<lJJ)' about finding , paIking lot

Hi>we\-er, the movie th_ De2rby will also bring some problems. Fmt, the noise of the people going to !he !hester will botli..-oth..- people in 1heoommunity. The movies Usllally end very late People who agoy the movies will Off1ainIY'discuss it wheu stepping out 'the theatei. ,ome people will argue or even ory fOr the moVie. Furihermore.the uoiseof!he em engines will make !he condition worse. The poople who live in the commnmiy nearlly will suffer from the noise. of poople """ c ... ,

Am1her disadvantage of building ,movie theater ne.roy lies that it will c:ruse lrafic jlllIl drn:ing the hoors poople going home People who live far """'Y ",ill drive to the theater .. Tbe,e cars together with the cars of the people after woIi: will pose, he,\,), burden on !he trafic system of the town The trafic jam wilI..,t ouly make many _Ie late fur the movie, but also bring us who live ne.roy bad mocds before going home


Topic:, 25

There would be'both adWnlago' and disadvmt_ to having a shopping cenler buill in my neighliorhood. One odvmlage would be the cOllVf:Ilience, I would like to hove all those ""'res close by. Shopping woul<! be muoheas;er and foster because I wouldn1 110,,,, to 'iJrj,,,, great, disl:mc", to get to the stores.

A shopping <_, would rneim = choices. because there would be more -.. selling d:i:I'fereII! products. ! migh! hove a movie theat" nearby, becallse 50 many shopping oen!= these days include movie the.ter;s in their plims. Most shopping cenIeI:; alio ho"e Test:rur->nt., and a food court: Thatmeam a greater wri~ of places to eat in"om"i!rea_

C<lnsidering the ad\'ontage ani! disad"anlage factors abo>-e., 1 oppose to build, new movie the.ter in my neigliborlrood\ because !he problems outweigh the benefit., We usually see movies once , mouth I carmot affurd suffering IIDm the!r:lfic j om; ani! uoises in the late evening throughout the mouth except fur the day I ambJe there to ,ee, movie.


lIning , ,hopping oenter buill in the neighborhood would also moan more jobs for the conmmrrity, Initially. these jobs would be in the building of the renter. Later tlie jobs wool<! be in

the .tores, theaters, and food ert.blisbrnents. ' '

Topic: 26

It ba> recenIIy been annouDIled thet , new movie the.1re may be Imill in my neighliorhood, Howe\-e:r, as f..-" 1 arnconcemed, 1 danot,Sl1Jlp<>rtthis pIlUL The orgumenI ofmy .iow gees os follows:

Of course, there would be some disadwnt_, Probobly the biggost problem would be traffic. A 101 ofpeople would,be'ooming to the shopping center. They'd drive thmngh our neigliborliood to 'get to !hecen!er. In edditim, iflhere wasn't enough parking at the eader" tliel' rnight,Jook fur paIking'spa"es near om homes.

A ;hopping center migh! also mile more crime into our ueigbborhood PaIking lots _ daIk are , big temptation tD robbe<>, Tbay!mow people are there with money to apend_ The,'""'pping

10 begin ",i1h, people ,seldom go out 10 watoh movie U<lWlIIfuys. With the de>-elopment of science and tedmoJogy.P""ple bave, Jot ofmethods to enjoy thern;e]ve" Tbey can ""tm TV at home, ge ro watoh the soccer grune, ploy bo,ketball and so ODc In my ho""""",,,, feweF and fower clioose to watch movie in:it 1heater. They prefer to watch movie on TV ill home, which is more comfortable..






In addition, lilrink there are enough tl!eiitres !lOW. A!J I know, if is only fifteen minutes' walk between the two ! in my community. A!J a result, it asobvious unnecess.ry 10 build the third one. If we do build ancfber fhestre, fhe.average peI>OIlS per theater will decrease, MIich IDlIi.= """'" thea!er earns I"", IIlOII'J',

Lost but oot least, it is, 10 some degree, a waste. of money. No",.day.l, we mnst """money in quite a number of fields. For instance, there is only one primary school here. II takes ecnechildrea half an hour to go to school from their home. If wecan build another" school instead of1he theatre, _ will spend less time on fheir way, which is safer because there are mlIIly buses and cars on the road

Take persceal tasks. Who enjoys going 10 the deutis!'! Very few people enjoy having their ........ check-up with the doctor. Not a Ict of people enjoy clmnging the oil in !heir car or mowing !heir lawns. These are all things we do because we have. to, not because we want to. We realize that takingc,"", of our physical health is' the sensible thingta do. We knriw that ifwed<m't cl!ange the oil in our cars, our com; won't run, We unders:t3nd that gra~ gr'lJ1)iS andifwe don't mow it, om !awns will 1001: like tropical forests.

Prcfessional tasksare another part of the same equation, No one likes to-be stuck with a boring assignment or. to be told we have \0 wort with· someone no oreelse gets along witIL Sometimes we bavetc put up willi unfair criticism froma scpeciecr or resfmment those we supervise. If we're in maragemen, we may have had 1heuupleasanl task ofhaving to fire someone. Nenecf tbese are fun things. Unfortunately, they're all part.of'eammg a living, something the majority of adults have to do,

In conclusion, a IIIIlS! be explained tbat these three reasons sometimes intertwine to form an organic.whoIe and thus beoome more persuasive one of them 'IIren I!II}'thinking.!"""on nmst agree that it is: not necessary to build a movie theatre.

Topic; 26

Some people will say that • new movie ·theater in our neighOOrhOod would be a bad thing. However, I fully support the plan-to t.ri1l one. I feel that a mOvie theater would bring more oppornnuties fur recreation, reduce teenage delinquency, and lead to """""" improvements m the 1DWIL

'On the ether hand sometimes d<>ing. something we don'l enjoy deiagcan lead to enjoymenf 'Simply by trying-it again, we IIllI)' decide wahke '®mg it For instanCe, we may have convinced oerselves we dance, We agree to go to a club only to please someone else, Yet, for-some =0, this time we enjoy dancing. We\'e been chealing oursefves ofenjoymeol w-tthout even knowing ir Tho ,'iune can be true of trying new foods or going to a new type of museum,

Doing what we don't enjoy doesn't alwoys """" to be a bother, does itnt'; just.part of life.

(E=ym 110)

As it steads, there i~ little to do in my town There ore no puh here, and there is certainly no nightlife. Additionally, the nearest movie theater is III!lre then thirty mimrtes """l'. That is inoonVimieni for .'''''r"Olle here. Many movies end late ,I night Who wanI:s • long drive heme-at 1l:3Op= or nsidnigbt'!

Topic: 28

I think the media pay too much _00 to 1he private Jive> of famws people. Television, '""'''P'peIS, magazin<:s'and ",OJnites dig up all kinds of past bad actions. They say that ffiese are true reflections ofa persons character. 'This may be true if they occurred only a few years before, but some ef'fhese are things-people did as reeru.goor s. People in their forties areespected to explain S<lme!hing they did wheIi. they were fifteen. If they killedsomeone, ebvicaely that'. more then a yonlhful mistake. Usually, theugh these.incidents invol,,,, experimeuts with drugs or being reckless in a car. They're not oome!hing that the peblic needs to knIlw.

The media love 10 say jhat the public has a right to know. 'Ibafs act true. We dim't need to knew if. moviestar or politician bas had an extramarital affair. That is, somefuing of concern only to the people mvolved, We do need to know if someone we're electing to public office has been waived in shady businessdeals, but we' don't need to klliJW ifbe or shedefoulted on a loon twenty y= ago.

II seems 1he media dig up th";" facts wiIhout giving thoughtful consideration to what'mi.ghI happen II bas m effect on the celebrity', family, especially the drildren. A celebrity's good name and credibility may be ruined before he OF sbe can prove that rumor.s are false. If a case goes to court, paying e lawyer cen use up. all their money. Even'if,! d<>e3n~ come to that, they may lind their career rumed,

Building a new movie fheafer here will reduce juveaife d< everyone else, I,"""" bere are bored. They need activities to keep them busy .mil out of trouble. The job, that tire theatre will provide will help teens, too. We need more bnsioesses that ore willing mil eagerto employ young people,

av.rr.n; the new theater will bring mI!II}' iluprovernents to the !oWIL For example, it will help other businesses. That is because the movie theater will attractcustomers from neLghboring towns, 'Iboseneigbbces do DOt ~e a reason tQ rome to this town now, However, if1hey are coming here fur a movie, they will be more likely to stay here' 10 shop. Ifwe gel more visitors, we'll need better roads. While this may be costly, d will also make treceteener fur people living here We will be .ble 10 gel around faster. sorely will be improved with the new roads, because they will be . in better condition IIIan mI!II}' that we have now.

I believe that our townneeds a new movietbeeter. Again, I support it fnlll'.lhope that others in our comnnnnty will join me to coDvince residents and local geveanreat

Topic; 27

Legree that people should S<>metimes do things tim! the)' don't enjoy doing. This is a basic part of being all adult. Pbas, some things that aruit "fun" lire still geed for us in the-lang nm

When arewe, the public, going to m>ke it dear to the media that we're tired cf'having to watch this kind of thing OIl the Ilf:WS1 WouIdntit be better ifthel' wouldconcennate on more important issues?




Topic: 28

an effective _d to diminate the green-house effect.

Althrugh we have advanced machines and our lire seems more comfortable then before, we have less chances to approach natures and less 'Poe", to act The cities become bigg..- and ifwe want to have'. 'picnic wi!h our liii.nds, we have to drive • long distance to lind a natural place. In fact, the spares of1wman acti,-tty are being damaged by the skyscrapers-and factories.

From the aOO'''' statements, we can conchide fimt h1lIILOIl activity brings !he.E3rth nlauy damages. ForIlmaIeIy people have recognized the point and I believe that the Earth will become" better place to live withoor ceaseless efforts.


Santa tubla famous man in front of a flashing, well decorated chritmas tree;"Y oucould make three wishes, .mil just only three best wishes for the coming newyear," Wwld you beeager III know whal are !he!hree_.? Tben, be wiohad·,"lirst!y,may God S<IId me my own calm and tracgml persceel lire without an}' jctereveneticn; Secondly.I want to keep myself and my funiIy away from spotlights and ell the media focuses as far as possible. Last but rot leas~.rI what I have wished ill the very-secret between God and me.

To think • well known man standing high above the masses, to our sinprisewas making such a hard and transparent Iiving.Ir is certain the! "'-eryone bas !heir curiosity.and in !heir image- nation famous people. are so. perfect that fhere aOOuk] be noflew in !heir lifetimeJlllt how couldthat he? ru an old-saying gees, "No lIllII1 is jnfallible, "In my opinion,therefore,media has negative effects OIl !heir persona! life:

I feel that this phawmenon mggesis that those who are interested in famous peap~, personal life are, in fact, jealous of !heir achivements. Almost e""'Y """"",,,fullignre has experiercedfailure, rubs and what they have owned today proves that !heir efforts ere paid off A .winner has a zest fOJ life, wOlk,p1.y,lOOd ,other people and the world ornamre .alsc enjoy>his own ocooruplishmen!s without gnilly.Why do they soar wheIi.otheI:l sink' 11 depends on your OWl! effort and deJjg,mce.

A celebrated public figure has' e' .. er said," Winner, have different potentials. Achievement is nat !he most important thing. Allthenticity is,The anilientiq)el1l<lllexperierirei the rea1i.ty of himself by """""'- mghimself;being himself and becoming a credible,responsiVepeI5<>!L Indeed Ielevision,magaziiles and othe. media needn1 pay '0' mnch atten- tion to 1he perrona1lives of famoUs people public figureS and relfhDbes.

Plea.<e never rehea= another m.degy of Diana ,a beloved Britishprinre'" who now may enjoy her ca1m life in the poradise. What lOOS! deeply impressed me in Diana', eulogy' is-- How great ""'su!feringis·;wecannote\'eIl imagine __ .


Topic; 29

Topic: 29

People ha;,,, been living on the Earth fur thensa.m ofy.,HS. lliIman activity infIUenDes the Earth Some people be!ievelhot the Earth is beinghanned by hUmllIl >elivity. ClIhors frel thet 1mman activity makes the E3rth • better place to hve. ln!Ily opinion, the earth i, being damaged by 1wman actMty. There are _ statements supporting my opinion.

lliIman activity """ damaged nmmu ,,""im=t and alioost eJOWSted ""turaI resoorrel. Modem mdnsbyneeds!!IDre and more """""""',jncluding,irIinera!a;·fuels andwil!er. So we ·confront of the serious prolJlems such;'. !helaok of fuels 1IIldwaier. Ecological balmceis damaged·because factories oocup)' many place' where :minia!i and p1_ li",,- More.and more buildings are construc<ed and fu'_ becorne1ess and I"",. If,,,,, C!IIIllot recognm, !heseproblems androke them soon, w"would finalIy'lo",,·the environment suitable for om h'ing.

Nowadays our Earth faces a number of serious problemasuch as the enviromnen! pellution, the increasing population, the fate! effectscf'rnclear weepons, and so OIL So some people believethat the Earth is being 1wmed by 1wman activity. But as IiII as I am concerned that human activity makes the Earth a belt e place to Jive arid also makes some negati"'; effect. in !hi. process. My argnmcrits 'for this point are Iisted as fellows.

E""" though we face so _ crisis, no one can deny that Earth are more suitable fur 1mman habitation That is the resuk of'the efforts cf'generations ofpeople, Ifwi1h:oul fhat, we iniglit also Sve jncaves. and eat the cruda lOOd _;u.t like wild animal •. Iflhot is true, we _ ha\-en't time ond eneIgy to think· over the problems of the Earth because wo ha\'e to 1001: 'for food a1id .void becoming 1he·fuod of other aninla!i~ At that sIlIre, ,vbeIher the·Earth were hmned is not iruportml for 1m:man 'becanse s,ome oertain cruises can annihilate the total ~_tion.,_ such as: ~

iofectioos disease or the a change of dirnate;. .

11 i. ine;ihoble' to prodnco """" positive aspect fundioru v.-lien-llUIlJjin are struggle 10 imprO\'e the ""'"''' obilities'and fiom tho experiences of history we aIoo have make great effort to ""01",,,!his kinda of problems. For example, ImJst 'ofpeople hope to limit the ""'P" ofIWdear '"""pens and the protection ofenviramr!enl is accept by alioost ""elY one. Mo>t of probIeIW are Controlled by oorsel\"", and ,ome of them have 1he hope to be Ie301ved in years. We are finding the balance between the develop=nt and the protection .fom Earth_ So it is 1IIlIlOIJes.S!U to deny the _ofliumin_

FOJ the reasons presented aoove, we admit fimt there are sorne problerIl!l in the process of the human de\-e1opmen1:, birt 1hese problems are resolving and as • whole we make the Earth a better place 10 live. Humanevolved'in 1he mode ·of continuing to correct theii mistake3 and making a .bet(er progr""'.

!IJJ. other seriouS problem' is "the green-house effect." lliIman activity deereases furests and mere""", the lmage of fuels '" that·the gas of carI>on dioxide is ouIpoI IIlOI" and more and there are not enough plerits to .- it Th< green-house effoct is Irl()reobvious 'and moTe sensible these l"""". Due to the _~ irebergs in the ,onth polar and norlh polar meJt.and the sea level beoomes bigher than More. I am ",ODie.! about the cibes nearby !he sea and hope scientists find

Topic:. 29

Theqll.lily of human life has imprm,"ed greatly over !he past few cenluries, but ~ is.being haImed more and more by 1mman aelivity. ru we de\-e1op our tedmol<1gy, we demand moIe from our planet. E\'eIltua!ly, this willlwm'peopIe as well.

Our plane! gives us ""eryIhing we need, but nmn-a! resources are nOt end!es>. Strip mining dewstat~ whole regions, leaving bare .mil we! ... ground. Deforestation remo\"", old growth trees \hat CaIl'! berepla£ed Too much fishing may Mm,-fish pcpu1 •. tions to the point where they






can't recover. We are too careless in taking what we W3Il.t without giving anything back.

Even ifl W5e to move to anofher part of my city, 1 would enoounter i>ew people: Each neighoorhood has. distinct personality. Whorl 1 move 10 that neighborhood, 1 would meet the shopkeepers and resident. that shape that personality. 1 may even adopt part of their manner as my ov.'ll '0 1 c<iuId be-recognized as.part of that oonmmnily.

There are more people than eve; Jiving longer than ever. So is it my surprise tha!many areas .mffer fromtoo much development? Anyoneli\'ing in or rear city has experienced "urban

· sprawl. II' There is; :3 new shopping area on e\o-ery come and new houses, townhoiises IiIId apartments everywhere. Traffic gets-worse and worse because plaeners cent keep up with gr"",1IL Keeping up with buman demand is hard enough Enviroameatalccaoens come in last.

With growth comes pollution., and communities dump _info water. UmdIills are full of trash, Emissions fromfactones pollute the air. Barrels of industrial ,...te and worse, radioactive waste, have no safe place to go. 'Ifwe're not careful, we can harm om planet befond


If 1 wan! to encounter dl:f!erem weather patterns, 1 would have to move beyond my cit)'. Where 1 live now, it is the same temperature all yeer.J wriuId like-to go-to a place wherethere are rom seasons so 1 can experience really cold ~. 1 would like to MOIk in the snow and pedeps go skiing. 1 could learn winter sports if Hived in the north

People need to respect the Earth and trytc preseve it. If we don't, what kind of future will we ha\o-e?

Now, of course, I live with my pareets in their home. Itis a one ,tory house buill around • courtyard where our familyspends a lot of time. If L were-to move, I would Iike to live in 00 apartnecr on a veJ}' high floor so I could see ell arecndne. I could 01", meetniyneighoors'm the elevator and we coold get together for coffee in'my apartment,

The more I move the more I woold experience change.I would meetrew people in """'YP1,ce I lived; 1 could move roo sample ccunmes with four' seasons-or even a cmltinent lile Antm:tie31 which only has 11'<0. Wherever I lived, I wculdesperieace living'in housing particular to IlIat area. I would then 00 a citizen of the world, wouldn't I? Could ymrcall me a foreignerifl called everyplace my home?

Topic; 30

I oppose ha'<ing a Dow high school built in my neighbcrhood, AlIhoogh I know there', a real ooed fur, new facility, Lhace tosay that I don~.wanl ODe builtso close to IIl<.1 think it would eauae a lot ofproblems.

First of all, there are ''''''I few teenager. in this neighborhood or in oor ,ubmban suhdivision;for that matter. Most of Ihe, residents here ore either retired or are just starting out with young children. This means that 1IIe kids corning to the new high school wouldn't be waII:ing They would come on buses orwoold be driving to tbeechool. Eitherway, this wooldmean a Iot morettafflc

on om streets. .

(Il=ym 114)

Topic: 31

Some people spend their entire Jives m one plaoe. Others mnve IIllIlI)' Ii=. throughout their lives in crderto looking'for a better job, house, oonmmnity, or even climate, &, for as I am concerned, the latter is more enjoyable tlianthe former. The-reasons for I:hi.s view go as follows:

In addition to the traffic 00 school days, there also would 00 tr:d!it ",henelrer there "OS a sporting event, such as a basketsall or football game, or activities at the school. Would there be eoough parking in the school lot for .everyone attending those events? Prob.bly not, Consequently, these extra COTS weald end upin our neighborhood.

In the first place, some people have found a better job for away where they Ji,. re runen!ly. In this kind of situation, de you move fu, the better career or do you still Iivein the old placewlere you are alreIdy fim:iiliar with everything nearby Ab",hitly, I will choose moving not only because it -gives me a. geed career but also because movIng is very esciting,

My neighbors and.I would also 00 upset aboulthe loss of the park, which is the site that', been selected for Ihe high school MotheP.l with yeung childreng_ there every !Ill)rning fmtheir kids to play togetlies. People my age like to take a walk after dinner. On weekends, thaf pad: is a plecefcrpicnics sndrelaxatice. We'd be sorry tolose oorneigliborltood paIk"

I also have some concerns about ill these yeung people being in oar neighhmhood. Would there 00 problems with drug, or Ilgbts'1 Could Ihe school district guarantee us thai secmtywoald 00 apriority? These arecoaeerna that I don't think can 00 addressed sullic:ienlly for me to support a new high school in my neighOOthoo<i

In the second place, moving is very exciting, Fining a new house, buying the new furniture, all of tbese are wonderl'ul thing. For example, iflintve, I WliIll ford. single.boose·instead of the sewn home, 00ich I live now, because a single boase can possess more.gras" which my son I",,, '''''Y much. Moreover, I want choose a big kitchen that. all my family can "I • big dinner table and have dincer togather.

In the, third place, iiving.ia a place in all my live Jocks lilre too bering fu.r me. Moving to different place, I cammjiJy different oonmmnity and diffe:renj climate. For example; I can enjo), the mild temparennein ·the· ",urth America; and also I de no! miss the beautiful snow in the nurthan_

FTOm Mial I havediscussed above, movingi. <=itingnot only because it gives.ine a new jab oppertiouture but also becenseit can let me enjoy thebeach of scuth andthe snow in the north. Therefore. I prefer moving in search of "",!bar place instead of s1'J'IDg in one place.

(Il=ym 113)

Topic; 31-

Even thrugh 1 have hved in the seme house, in the same neighOOrhood, in the same city my ""tire life; I snowI would 00 happy lIvingin'a wrieIy efplaces. Moving-would ""1"'''' me to new people, rrewweather, aadnew haosing.

Topic: 31




Sorne people hold the opinion that living,in oaeplace is superior to movingiIi search another pla",Others,ho-..-ever,com:adict it.Petsonally, I would like to vote for moving to _ place. There lire no less than three adv...mges in it as rendered below;

Perl"'I" this point is themost important one for the coming .ge of information and technology and fulling.political and _ barriers, k, peepjefrcm all over the world migrate more freely in search of better lives, they will necessarily have to Iearatc be tolerant of different worldviews. People mw do K will learn to accept people who do Y and perhaps evenespeamenr with the new w:ry. By accepting cultures different from our own, we leammore of the broad range of the h1lmllIl experience and We are richer people for seeing beaoty and truth in' its many forms.

Pirst and foremost, moving to another place may contribute to one', development.People always choose a better place than their present ones tobe their destination That way; they can learn samenew knowledge, oonmmnicate ",ith new friends and find sorne merechances. Those wha change-their majNS mayiesm even m..-e.There will 00 a new world open to them.So,moving to another place is really gccdfor us.

There is:mother factor that deserves some words bere. ChiuL::ing tbeir charu::ter.l or habits IDay be one of tots of reasons fur some people's moving. For instance;ifyou 00 not like your present statue, yon should liyto mcee te a new place which ycabave not been to. Certainly, y()m mood

and attitude will ehange with the new circumstance. .

In addition, if you hle to make friends, mo~ing to a eewplace will 00 fit feryon.Whorl you coree to ;, new place,yoo will communicate with."""", new friends.and you can help each other. So, changing • place will make you more sociable,

Topic: 31

Moving. number of times tImmghtou!lheir li_looI:ing-for. better job, house, conmnmity, or eVeo climate, are the righr artifcte 10 the life. I prefer this opinion

For ,omeIJody who spend their entire lives in one place, they can only know the oulside of oomet!lWllby television, newspaper and books. They may live with unhappy en;iroment. such as cold, sand storm and pclhnion, Only know somebody who is old clas=te and have a. lew people can IaIk with So, their imcwledge is less _ soroe body who hle to move ..

If you would Like to move from one place to another you ,C·aTI find one ihalls ymrr choise, }'OU will happy wi1h the climate and enj.oy the fresh air and run shine. It is ""'Y tckeep yom body healthy. yeu will be for9ing'fuosh and girting new friem with yeu will gat diff"""t new idea.bout the life, . The newculture will !Ii'''' you more knowle'dge, more mterestiog. Forlbmore, yoo can make·more new friendship to help each other.

So I prefurto """'" ood se.:IIdt _placeilliher _ spend my adire lives·in one ploce. One of the famoose man .aids: the tree will 00 died after moved, but man alive. . .

It is undeniable that st:rymg in one place has its own merits, You can dr your wmk step, by step. You will spend lot. of time withyour ole friends,and you can feel comfcrtable ia the place

with which yea.are very fammilar. .

. Nonetheless, I ,till prefer moving to _ plarecom!antIy. Because I can 1Illlke new friend:>,lool for some chanres and beccme more experieuredI love changes ..

Topic: 31

It """,,-,.like the "mid is becoming III!laller and ,maller, alnrost'by Ihe mimrte. Whorl I was a'cliiJd, I had !le\'er met anybody from outside my hometown, nwch less somebody from ootIher country. Howe-;<er, """""'}~ I rrutin<ly interact with people from all "''''' the world I might discuss a rojlic with my clas:srnat<£ from !Ian, Ko"", Brnzil, or Palestine; buy oomputer part. from the shop run by Ghiiteoe; have lunch al , Mexican resta=t; 'Cr buy R=ian pastries at the cafe IlfOT my 00""". In the", experiences I COIl see the product of a wo.rId·in whidt borders are falling. and _le are free 10 move .bout as they wi>lL There is nothing more invigorating for me than bang a,part "fthis """"ging "globe] uillage."

Topic.: 32

I ha,,,, now lived in three different COlIlltties, Argeulina, &.nee, and the United States and am ron"inred that I ama better per=1 for it Jneac):l oountryl fotIlld somothing different.l remember the _ ofthehiuooo interaction ofmy hometown in AIgen!ina; I enjoyed Ihe great """" of culture and wit in FIlIIlCe;. in the United States, j_ IIIIl imp""""" b), the.feeIiDg of liberty and acceptince. In eacb oonnliy I have le:oned , difl'erent language, experienced a different climate;c~ with people in different ways. I have learned that eoch place has 'something

· special ,boot it and that no, pia"" on Earth is a perfect place. We may lose one thing when we le"", , country, but we oIw:rys gain something else iIi ,Is plaoe.

So, the greatest benefit of having met sO'many _le from all over the world has been le:lIlIing that each p<T.lon and·eiach clllture 1m. , dl:f!erem yet valid' woy of seeing the world I ClIimot Say that Argentines have a monopoly on how to view the world; nor can I say IlIat the Americoo

· systero of dring things is best I = ,only ""y thai ftom my e<perien<:e=h sy,;em wod:, for·each cul_ ood that each one i, a valid way of seeing the world.

"Save it fer rainy d'J'," That's my motto. WlEnI have a clmice between spendingmy'money or !"Ifing it io my ",;-mgncOO<lJJ! at Ihe hank, I always po.t it in the bonk I will have alot.of expemes in the future likemy'educalion, tr.IV.~ andunforeseaJ ,emergencies. I need to lw,,,. money· .. t as!de.fur these expense ..

Educ:rtion is _"",. I c:an'1 depend on my parenls t.o pay all my bills. I have tuition, room and ooard; book,,- and incidental """"""" to pay for. ru try to get a scholarship to cover ""me of these costs, but I know I will be respoIcible fur , lot of the "'1""""'. If I ; roone)' now, I .woDt be able to pay for my edi"",tioiL I need to save IrlOII'J' for: my edil<:.nmc

T"""I is alio '''''YexpensLve. I don't mean ,,,,cation travel. I mom travel to get to·ood from scbool Tuinspacilic airfare'costs a'loteven special redilred fures.llirst have to get to ,cl!ool am then, of 00UJre, I w:ml ro return to my family fur important f",tivali and occasions. Going brl

ami forth will 00 OO'rtly, but worth it. Lnred io save money for these trips. .

~iesoouldlllrive .fanymoment I might ha\.,; an unexpected illness whilelllIrl ,t >cliool. There might be ""m that. "",,-'t c",'eIed by the school inrurnJce. One of my family manhers may need·heIp.1 will have to send them money. You can~predict """"g<ltICies like this, buI you cm be 1""I"'Od. I need to save money for theoe emergencies.







When you.are not rich, you cannot spend your IIlODOj c.rele!Sly. You IIlIlSl plan ahead Iknow'ia my life, I will have expense, I'm- my ,d!ooling and far traveling to and-from my home. Ilmow that I will also have 1II1eXpOCfed ""P"""" related to unforeseenemergencies. I nnist be prepared I reed to save H!OIIey for these events.

I would feel \""l' rich'willl'my jewelry. I wouldha,,,. good investment which is permanent and fashionable. Tben, when scaneoae invite, me to • concert (and P"Y' for my ticket), I will have something.beautiful to wear.


Topic: 32

When fared with tbe decioion of saving your money for some time in tle.future or enjoyiIig your nsoney when you earn it, quite. few. weald claim to enjoy their money" but Others, in contrast, deem to save their mo:uey as the premier choice and that is also my point. This quite different view is based on the every possible reason.

Topic: 34

There lire many advantages end diss_ges tccff'emplcyees job security for life.In Jepan, fur .example, prospective employees know that their employers will provide them with job security fur their·entire.wmkingdaJl":md Ihey are better able to plan fortheir future and family. However, many businesses are now realizing-that tbsir.employees have less motreatioa'te work and this leads to less profit. fur the ",,_.1 will describe ihe:tdv!mtages and.disaduanfage s oftais system in this essey and! will show th.tullimately)obs for lifiC is not good fm .a society.

Fore most reason fur saving the money for fim:o-e use-is when you reed a lot of deal with some emergent tliiDgs. that happen to you, you should not worry about the fund or land some nsoney everywhere at that time. For example, two J"'lII" ag<l, I speed my <IlIIlI!IeI oolidlly in a famous rinery pot, after. wonderful trip ofdIe first-day, I lost my wallet unconsciously, rlreo I took out some mooey in the hank to .finishthe trip. lfyou did not bave.scece depcsit, you can irlllgine hcwercberressed you are.

Second, I have finished my college .ctndy, and I am going 10 W' ebreed to get a master degree to enhance the abilily to fare the challenge in the Society . Plenty of mooey is '--ery imp<rtmI to me, so I have tosase ill·themoneythat I economized for future use,

Third. the economy condition ofmy family isnotso W'0d tho! I decide to earn enough money to buy • big boose for my deeply loving parents.

Job security is very imp<rtmI for. both the employee and the employer. F", the employee, job security isimportant because sbecee depend on her source of income and better plan her future accordingly. For the employer, the employee represents on ~t becauseofthe number of hour> oftorining requiied IIIld the company Will Continne to ha.". retcm OIl this invesirrent As we allknew, feeling =. about where our future income will come from is very iinportmt for our well~, wha has loi!! a job and bas had trouble finding. new one knows lhat this transition period can cause • lot ef anaiety.

This is arbitrary Iojndge . saving money for future 1ISe according only to the eacuae I mentioned in the above paragraph But I do not deny tho! enjoyiIig the life is also important to """I}'One because ofbrief'life, That is 10 .say, I will enjoy my money if I deposit enough

However, job security tends to lead to decreased proouctivily. In general, employees who are certain that they can-never lose their jobs tendfc work less dlicienlly, 1her.ty ccetnbuting to an ",'<fill redaction ofproduCtiy;tyin dIe oompaII)'. A COllIIllO!l example all 0"" the world is that of cMI servants. In Thailand, for exainple, many ~ worker, are so indolent that itcan take days or months for something 10 be finisbed tho! should only take a-few cloys. It is not lInoommon to walk into a gecemnent Office and see employees IiliIlg their nails, making personal calls on the

telepb<>ne; taking three-hour hmches, or surfing the 10_ for fun. .

Paally, the model of capitalism is proving to be the most efficieut'mo<leI that we have right now. This model of job security coropletely.conIrnlicts the fouadatioas of capnalisan We can see in the .United S1:ates now that peopJe are starting to c.hany: jobs, ~en careers more and more often, Some, career consultants even recommend that employees fiiId Dew jobs """'Y three to five years. Even in ccumries tho! still offer job security for life, this mo<leI is showing signs of dying out For example, in Japan, once liHnous fur its lifel<>ng jobs, both employees and employers are starting to expect lillltthe.sejobs will nut los! a lifetime.- Many of my Jepeaese friends travel back and forth between !be United SWes and Japan are have been ahlo to findtemporary prcfessicaal jobs while Ihey are in Japan.

In short, I disagree that companies should offer their employees jobs fo.-life. We em see this &ample in some parts of the world and in other areas in Ih> United Stoles, hm these esamples ore generally regarded as outmoded ways of cODducting bosiness. Finolly; the model. of capitalism, 'even though· it may seem cruel, the so-called "law offhe jangle, " are proving to.bethe meat effective '''''y 10 raise the standard of ~ving of. cmmlry.

Topic: 33

The choice between spending mooey on ticket. to a concert or spending money OD jewelry is on easy one. Given this choice, I would buy jewelry. The "',,"lIS ore obvious, Jewelry is m investment; it is permanent; ani! it is fashionable.

Jewelry like a W'1d bracelet for example is a very good inv es _. It is important for women (and fur men, 100) to have gold jewelry. lfyou have some serious financial problem, you could always set your jewelry 10 help you over any rough spots. You could notsell your used concert ticket.

Jewelry, unless you sell it, is permanent. You olw'l" have it to wear. Each time you put it on, you will rememba- dIe dlIy you bought it, It will give yoo pleasure fur YO'" and years. You could not wear the ticket ctnb from the concert,

Jewelry is \'eI}' fashionable, I would feel very smart wearing • beautiful geld bracelet or diamoniI pine People would comment and tell meb<>wmucb they loved myjewelay. They would compliment me on my geed taste.

Topic: 34

Should business hire employees fur rlreiJ-'entire lives'! My answer is 110. A business bas the





responsibility to takecare of'fhe right and interests of ita employees, lherefure it should keep them as long as TIClIIL But-it is not realistic tho! • business con hire its employees for. their entire Jives,

Firstly, on thebusineesside, in order to """"""mil tbrive.a tnauess.Iike a-human body, needs to constantly bring in new idea. and fresh minds into the·torporo!ioo, and eliminate thi>se pesiticus which are nut needed any longer. AlthOugh this might sound cruel, but it is for the survival of the basiress. If the business rtself cannet continue, every employee will lose his job. People geo<'r.illy think big companies like IBM or Nonel are the kind of place where people con keep their jobs for ever, but these days we often hear ebout lb. new. that these companies also I'l' offlnmdreds and thousands CtfpeDpJ~ due to economic situations.

prefer the latter.

Watching 'IV is boring and exhastive.Just sitting before the grey box will mole you sleepy. Yon can not feel the atnmephere in the auditorium which makes the aadieaces feel refreshed and excited You can appreciate all the progrnns through your own ey'" not though the "'lore glass screen.

There ore many other 'audience, as well as you sitting _ and watching the perfunnance ..mch moles you feel accempanied.And you can communicate ·with others .bout what 1'00 have just seen orthimgh!.Thi. gives you BII cppcrraaity to ""1'1"'" your opnionAnd jouknow yua arenot

a1one__ .

Secondly, on the employee side, securing a we-time jab in ODe company ia nut good for his persceal advancement. He tends to be satisfied with his-current job, and make-no plans for future cereer advaacenent, This is haImful for-both the company end himself. In fact, it is, tccse hop around among dIfIerent companies who can get a big increase in RmIS of salary and benefits, and bring newesperiecoes and skills to their new employee.

In eonclusica, I think it is not a good irlea to hireereplcyees fur their entire lives. It is both bamiful to business anditsemplo}'ees,.md 1berefure, also bamiful to dIe sociely.

(E=ym IlOj,

Going to seetbe pecform:mile out cf'ycer hcuseis 01", good to ycarbody.For yoa moyhllv e a walk after the ",tivity even go to a good bar and fin<! something to dnak.You can.else see some friends .fter fhe sbcw .Though I om nut ""'l' srne.sbout others I will coromonly do such things efter .• concert.Itmakes me feel great take pert in , living show is my favorite chioce.Iatsead of watching 'IV I would like to hlIve ,omeperf"""",",epubhcally.It i, be!t..-tIian dIeprograrn in TV 1 think.

Topic: 35

'Some pecpIe like-Io ._d a Ii"" perfunnance MUle others think· that watching ibe """'" .".,.,m 00 more enjoyable_ To ~, I choose w:atching.:an e1."BIt on tele\rision because it is·easier and not limiled and you ha\'e cIIoi"" and em know. IIlore details of !be event

Watching on event i:;easier !ban attending it You need only • 'IV set in your room. You do nut have to buy. ticket ordri\'e to dIe-piace whare dIeevei:tt is perfonned. You can drink ,ome oofI"". or tea when you want But if you a_a concert or a pl'l', you have no dIe freedom to drink Or do somet!mig else. inaddinon,. yOu donut 1Il'ed to Worry _the ImIlic j ani and beiDg late.fur the event, '" you have light·mood to enjoy the .,--_

The o1hei" adwniage o·fwatc~ an ,event on television is that you em enjoy it a.t any time and you can choo.e what you like from many cIwmel>. But if you ._d an ",=t md fiiId you have no interest on it;. you would regret and VIi""3sre time and money_ Wa.tching it OD tel.evi.sion can avoid it If you are'~ in the play, you can ctayon it; if yro ore bored it, you can change the cbanneI to fimI some interesting.

W.tchIDg an evenlon television bas anolber od\..mage that yro can get moredotrils of !be ""en! . from the inteq>rebition Y ouean Imow the background, u., present s:ituation :md such informathin 01 the "'-"111 But if you .-.1 if; you cannot 1earn more koowledge atxmt it.

So I choose watching an ""","'00 lelevisioo. I think TI·is more enjoyable than .ttenrling • li,,, performance.

Topic: 35

Some people llIreattending live perf<lIIIlllIlCe·_than wotchingthe ,ome ",,-en! on television They think that will bee!ijo)"bIe. Others like me; howevei, do nut think 50. There ilre no.less than fur"" disadvantages in ._g . live pffi'onnmce rendered below:

Fust md foremoot,people woo ",ill W' to • live perfurm:mce may not see or lister 10 cleody. Not all "".ts there are the best ploc.May be you will feel disappiouted ofter attending il:,anil you must tImiI: dIe price fur tidet i:; not worth tIiat_

There i:; another faclor that des"""", .S<>Ine words llimoTbe quality of the peIfonn:mce will depends on ,ome external factors.Soppose that you ge to a concert outdoo:cdlefure you leave home., you have 10 ""noider oow the wbother will be golt i:; likely that oudiances· are wet because of coin dining the pecformanco.So,e\'en though !be perfu!lD3!lCe i:; in high qrnilily,you may not :feel comfortable more or less.

In oddition, attending • live pecf()!1IlanCO mol' _te your time. You must ge there aheod of time,and you have to park.That will spend ImIch time.

I can IlOt deny that ottending a live pecfOJml!lCe bas its own merit,N onetheless,ba...-l on the .bove discussion, I ctrongIy disagree with tho opionion tho! attanding • live perfOTIWlDl]e is more enjoyable.

(E:;sayID: 412. Thi5 i.5 31 5 p.;m: I!S!";S)')


Topic: 3S

I do not ogree with the.statement that attending a live perlbnn:mce rucb as • play, ooncert or 'Port event is more en]'0)'3ble than the:same event on TV, because there are many disodvantages in attending • real pecf()!1IlOIlco.

Topic: 3S

Do }1"iI1'bke w.tcbing TV?Do you watclt it regularly?If • living perfurmance i< lIVlIilable Mlat, do yoU think,will yru cboose,w:dching 'IV or .ttending the peIfumance?But if I were ym I will







Firstly, too mueb. troublein atlelding a real performance, You have to buy tickers, sometimes ,tan<! in along queue; you have to plan the trip and set out a few hours before the

. show started. Afte .... rrived ,t the theatre. or stadnnn, you will have great trouble liilding a parking piece, During, sport event, yourpatsorud safetymigbi bejecperdized the '1'_ funs: might get too excited ebocttfeesent, am'lI!ro" bottles. Marry people might have beard the news that a girl was killed by. puck dmiog a hockey game. If you lake public transport or. a taxi· home.after the

. show, you mightftnd it veryd.ifficidl to catch a bus or call a-cab.

Wl1h these faregorie advani,geoi, we may so}' that attending the live performance is definitely ID!lci! more enjoyable !han TV watching.

Secandly, the seating arrangement can greatly offeet the comfort cf'seeing the show. Jfycur seet is far from the stage cr playgrcand, y"" can't evenaee.tbe show clearly. People's hoods'and cheers will distract you from'viffi<ing the show. and in the end yoo dOll't even know whom you have seen in apl.ay~ or who wins in ill sports evectl

Topic: 36

An aitphure is a funnoftrnisportation that has ~d people', lives. Thank. 10 the plane, oor lives :are now faster, more·~iting, and more convenient that before.

Thirdly, there is no Ilexibilily in • real show. After you have been through so nmclt trouble-and eventually start to enjoy the show,.you might find that you are quite disappointed about the show _ all, Unlike waldling TV programs, you neither simply change channels nor I ea ve the -. ill the middle of a ccncert OTPlHy. Yru mighispendalot ofmoney to suffer ftom a show that you 00 not like.

You cliIIIlO!deny that • pllme is fait For """",Ie, the Conoorde flies at supers ODic speed A"canleilVe Paris at 11 a.m in the morning.andarriveinNew York at g a.m, the Si!iDE morning in limo fur aday'e work. Many busin es s people in Europe will fly to London fur a noon meeting. and theo return home to'Rome or Madrid fur dinner.

It is a1ways",iiting to take.' plane trip. WhaJ you take • trip by plane, you know that you migbi cross many tiine zones, many oceans, and many countries, WhaJ yru get offtheplme, yoo Could .be ill a-place that speaks adiffererrtlaaguage. A plane is like', magician', frick, You get ill a box .and y"" ccme out sonewbere totally different.

On fheccatrary, watching TV at hone, .wIlere you can make yourself • cup of coffee, sit back comf_bly and relax, watCh the show closely, and enjoy the realistic image and soundftmn your SONY heme-theatre system. Besides, you can W"!ch programs wleteverycu like. and go to bed

right wben the show has ended. . .

A1theugh many people enjoy the excitement of watch a realshew, I think nothing is more convenient and comfortable than watdlTV at horne

No1hing can beat tbecorreeaienceof a plane. In 1he old days, it might take you days lode what the plane cando it aahour. Boats, for example, only leave on certaindays of tae week and take a long tmieto get 10 their destination. Planes-give you the option to leave several timee a day and get you to yom destination quickly.

Topic: 3S

A1theugh other forms of transportation may be more comfortable, none has changed the woy we 00' business and live our lives more than the plane, Thank, to the speed excitement, and

convenience of the planes, our lives are richer, .

(Il=ym 120)

To many people, attending • live performance, such as • melodrama, a concert, or a. sporting

event is '0 incredibly attractive that they will go all ouIto get a ticket, regardless of tbeespease or the difficalty involved But why not enjey 1he performance on television while y"" can comf_bly lie in your sofa or couch with popcom at band? That is because attending. live perfennance provide y"" with far more enjoyment than watch it on TV.

In a live performance, you will feel1haI y"" are in the company ofmany friends-who are in<fulged in the same interest, who can share your sorrow or pleasure or escitemeat, This' kind of resonance at heart is se rarely sensed in our daily life that this one reason itself issufficieateacugh for many people to attend a live performance. While watching it on TV, we certainly 1ind it hard to feel the emotion-sharing, and our loneliness is bardly mitigated.

F-ur1hennore, .ttending a live perfcrmaace gives you a sense of participation which ClIIIOOt be achieved by watcbing on TV. Live pertormance is an Ictercourse between the audience and the performers, and both port, of the perflnmance decide whether it will be a wondeJfuI one. In this W'J' , You may larnen! or laugh, may.sob or smile as you are so influenced by tbe mi>flntune or happiness of tbe characters. You may fall into the inda,cribable intoxication while listen to a favorite piece of music. And cmrespondingly, 1heperf"""""",ill receive the response of1heir audience and oct accordingly. So tbe finalsucces of the perfcrmaace results also from the participation and interaction of the audience, of\\hich y"" are a member.

Topic; 36

Tha modem society have beencbaagedby the enoIIl101lS impact of the invention of the traasportaetion.such as the automobile, wbich has become indispensable in.the daily live. The automobiles are So popular that almost "'~ fiImiIy or even """'Yon< bas ,one. Since the li.mctioo and effect' of inItomohile is known by everyone, In this essay, I would diseaseanother imlention of the transportantica that is as important as the automobile in the modern society, the plane. As fur ~,I am concerned, these are three cccspicoes aspects as follows.

The.main reason fur my propensity-to choose plane is that plane is th. V€hiele·used by people IIIDSt frequently. Usually, people dnvecar in short way, while they fake phure in lOng travel. The most important reason people choose it for Ioag distance is that the speed of plane is much faster thanotbers, The imlentiOn cfplaaecreate a oompeIeteJy new live. Nowad'J's. we can travel around the eerfh within twffity-fourbours., that is somethirig.",l' we can reach anyplace of the word in one day. And there. are mall}' people who Iice m a place and work in the o!her city evee the other nation.for the phure em bring them go home ill weekend,

An:other-reason can be seen by e'l"wy pe:r.son is 1:hat plareis knawn as: one of the most safe 'and convenient V€hicl... It is reported from the relative data that the accident ratio cf'tbeplane is fur under that of the train, the ship, the automobile and >ny other else, With 1he 'developenment of the hi-tech, faster, sorer and more comfortable plane are rnadeSinre the supersorac plane "I'P""",





both speed and _tyrnpidly irnprove.Furthermcre, new type plane provide various of the equipnems to alleviate the fatigue of the p3Sl,engeI" and ~'e the degree of comfort,

In addition, the charge for taking plane,i> affordable to common peI>OIL Similar ro the most 'fiimily caD. take enongh""""'Y ill buy a tar, most people have enrugh moneytc buy. ticket cf'plare. Especially, there are '0 many discounts fur students.old men and children by the ailine oompany.

General speaking. the new teclmoIogy has brongbl rilany invention to us in the modem eooiety Taking into account of all there things, we may reach the coaclusica that", a important transportantion V€hicle the plane-changes our daily live and at 1he·same limo brings the enormous influence·to the modern society.

liVing emlronmenland become extinct eventually. The ail is polluted end it is not suitable fur people. The water is also polluted and people are lacing deliciency of drinking water ill some countries.

Progress makes tee.speed of life faster and faster because of the usage of computers-and automatic machines, People have-to work faster than before. and d makes them nervous, More and'more physical and psychological problems. disturb-people's lire. Many peoplede not have tiine fcr'recreetion

From the above.~ it-can beccacluded that progres" is notal""),, good II haS its own negative influences On rur life. Maybe fhcse problems can be' solved by more progress.

(E:i!ayID: 361}

Topic; 37

Who wood disagree wi1h 1he·stiteinent· "progre sa is good"? Without progress, there would beto ~. Witbout progres~ there would be 00 change in our ecoaomy, our standard of living, or cur health,

Tepic; 37

AIll 0\"" the woddpeople are welroming progress into 1heir home, 1heir business and thBr ·educati= Larg corporations use progr"'" in technology, industries use progres, in.their IIWIllfucture process, How' ever, wben we think about in larger pictare, it is clear fiIat progress. can be dainagiog in: SOII:lf: cases. We as ascciety have to check ourselfs once and a wllil.e to make sure, that tbe progf"'" is not making to much damage to certain ccminunities around the world.

Speaking lIS a I!IeIIJber of avery spacial oomimmity called a Kibbutz, which used to provid to our _le from the agriclllfiIreproducts we grnw in oor own feilds, and sdI in rnarlret>. Wben progr= ,ame to oor counby, nmiy industries !lOt ,lronger,.and f""""" like <JUIlieifu found their ",lis withmrt a future fur 1heir 'ogriculture imresmem, that they walled and buill for years. In !hi> case progress bas damaged alarg corrmnmity,. and mad" them face .lwiI Jineocial fueture.

Another unfmrrtuna!e vaw on progress, i> the use of cOIllJlUllIres ill entertain childreIL In the yoar 2000, wben.""')' home has adopted the progress' in C01IlpIIfl1res; children 1ind tbemselfs siIIing longhour:s iofront oflile c<impure insiteadofplaying outside or in'iting fiiends 0'''''. This way of .spending. to n:IilCh time,on the complltme is ,~ damaging to thier social skills, and eveil a """en fua weight gain :unmmg )'OOIlg children

After looking ala diffemI""pecb ofprogress,j em sal' cl_Iy, that progreas. haS to be suparvised. Thai in"ome Ca= progress is making a big damage fur our society. People sould welcorne progres.s in many fuilds of life, but always have your eros open for litle! "hind mines" that could make an unreve;rs;abIe s:i:tuaiioo and fuhi;re:_

Progress is required to keep the econearymesing.fcrward, New products need to be developed; new services need to be created Wilhent progress. our economy would standstill, There would be no cbange. Withrut progress, there v;ould be no supermarkets fresh produre brouglII in from allm=thewmld.

Progre;s i, required 10 iinprove "" .... timdard of ~Ving. Our homes today are more efficient and use :Less natunli re;;ources 1h.aDks to improvement in home construction tecbnique;;. Our clothes are wmnerand safer thenl::s to developments in textile manufacturing. Our educatioual ayst<m is better thanI:, to the me of the oomputers and the lnternet

Progress i, required!o Improve the he.alth ofthe·world populatiOrL Withrut progre"', there would be no vaccines against OOadly diseases like =allp<lx_ Without pro_ there would be.increased iufanj mortality. Thanks to progress, our lives are longer and bealtlrier.

Progress .is :a namnJ..state.., we would not evoJve_; our economy, our standard o[liVing; and Our heoltb would deteriorate. Who could deny !be necessity of progress?


Topic: 37

Is progress a1W'J' •. g60d" Scientiflc progre;s brings us many conveniences and ,_ed mach:ines, :.ruch ,as oo:mpute:c>, ·ilUtomobiles, and S{) CIIl. Progress seems to ha .... -e made life IIlore simple and more comfortable. But ifwe analyze it carefully, wewill find thatprogre;s"' not· always good

Topic: 37

The nobleness& the use ofprogr= in""}' fiald, to m indivitlrial, or to 1he .ociety OR thewbole, will depend on what use the progres, i> being put to, and] feel, cIiIIIlO! be geiler>Iized as stated

above. .

Modem industry briIlgs \1S more convenient life. Bul .,.1he """'" time., ''''"' problems appear. Foc example. "the greeu-hm= effect" is a ''''Y serio.m;·pr<>b1em that scientistJ; try to ·",1"" it as early as po;sible. It increase; the eartb temperature and some icebergs melt >nd the """ level becOIllfS higher and higher gradually. Maybe son:Jeday the sea will swallow some big <:iii .. neaIby the sea.

Progress has been inherent with the -... I"OCe. As the humim brain developed, '0 haS progress. .heel! aahieved in _ all fields known to man. The cuJturnl progre;s over !be ages, ba\", made humans better and made !hi> world, , better place to li"" in. Similorly, ,cientific progress has heel! effective ill eradicating diseases, provitting better foodcrop~ faciliiating transportatinn Ok. Iiteaary progr= 'has belped us better document our bistory end ha, produced works fua!'have made us think. Progress in OOIDIIIIlDication tec!mique; ha"" =.oerged !hi> wbo\e wmld of ours,

ProgresS'enban=; the product efficiency, Inrt it also brings us an o!her serious problem-puthition. Pothilion "' '0 ser:i""" that ecological balance i, damaged and many IIIIimaIs and pI'_ lose theit






into the 'global village'.

ignoring the past The past, in a sense, canbfind us to the truth,. we can become bound by tradition. F", eXilmple. at Olio lime, Ieoding thinkm in Europe tbeUght IlIitt the Earth was at tire renter ofllIit universe.and those who disagreed were persecuted .s heretics, even Cbpanicus, \Wo.we now know WIIS correct about his heliocentric, model of the Solar System However, scientists were eventually obi" to breek from the past am accept the new model of the universe ..

Ia short, teaming from am analyzing the past bas enormous win< for II> anrllifu as Vie know it "" Earth today would uctbepossible without thebenefit of'thousards of years cfhistcry end acrnmulated knowledge. II is unpertant, however, to ignore tire p"SI. so that we can make a step forwanl, aud such free thinking shouldbe encouraged; although not at the expense of past knriwledge. Learning from the past is something like' learning from our parents-in most cases, their past help, us bsve a better future, but there ore times when weneed to make a break from the past am make a bold·step into on ~"]I future,

If we Jook " the above e .. mples, we see that they are all oimed at the betterment of oor world Here progres' is being applied for the society', good.

The products from the same progres.:s' in the various fields, when in wrong bands, wreak havoc in the same society that they are supposed to make better.

Sophisticated arms & esplcsives in the hands of terrorist. & children, science of binnaa cloning in the h.ands. of'scientists, crop control technologies in the bands of corporations etc., are :some of the examples ofhcw progress <au go "'Tong. ThinI: of bow much better the world would be, without nuclear and biological we'Pom, without nnrtated food grainset al. Think ofhow m:my people would not have died or maimed for life, if there had been no hmd mines 1 After witnessing the _ve me the Dynamite could be put to, Alfred Nobel himselfrepeIIted his own creation of Dynamite '0 umah that he set up the Nobel prize, to be awarded to people who work fur the betterment offhehamaa society.

Therefore, it is my strong contention that progres' is only good when it is put to the rigbt me, fur the betterment am upliftrnent of the ind'ividied am the society, on a wbole, Progress put to aIIY ulterior uses should be oulrighlly condemned

Topic: 39

lechoo]Qgy has greot1yimproved the wey weget information. Students. can now get more infimnation, get it mere qurldy, and gel itmcreconveniently.

The Intanet and the World Wide, Web has opened everyuiejcr library am database to _em. aroond the world. lnforniation OOIIII",oot orrly in print foao, but also in multimedia. You em get audio and video data, Y 00 can get information about events in the past as well as events that, unfold as you watch yom computer monitor.

Information comes at lire speed ofib. Internet which is to say in'uaIlOSI'COIIru. ? YOu Can type in • few key words in your searcheagine, and the engine will search tire entire WWW to find informationon yoar topic.You dcc't hav .. tospeed hours pouring 0\'& card catalogs in thelilirary and looking ,.I the shelves. This research is dane, fur you instmtly on the Web.

It is certainly more convenient to sit a.t home and do research on your computer. Your computer is ope:124-hours a day, unlike a h1moy or office which has limited beersand hzuited resources. You cen do research in your pajamas-while youerd breakfast What could be more cOll\iellient?

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Topic: 38

I disagree wholehe..-tedly.iliat learning about the past has-no value fur those of us living in the present In fact, the definition of learning includes the idea of IUl accunmJation of experiences from the past LelllDing ian only take place if we 'make an associationbetween thing, that have happened in the past or between something in !be past am SO!I1ething that we predict will happen in the future. All knowledge that we acquire as we grow is from the past-language, customs, ecadenic subjects, and so OIL \VbiIe it moy be'helPful ",milimes to be.ble'to ovedook previous knowledge in order to awid the oomtrniul =iforrility; the·vast majority of knowledge that we learn is a huge boost-imagine if each of us had to discover by """,,1\';'; thaI 2 + 2 = 4! Sc, in a veryreal Sense, oil learning depends on past everts.

We ere only .ble to live in this world with our cnreer standard of living because we hare learned

· from the past We receive knowledge from the past am we are able to use it and improve it We examine our actions in tire past and we make jud~ abon! what was rigbI am what was wrong. Then, it is h"l"'f, we MIl alternpt to avoid those same mistakes again_ For example, one of the great mistakes ill over the world has been cIepriving women am the disempowered classes status in society am IDaIIJ ind'irstrial'ized and devaopingcountries oil Oliff tire world are attempting to atloid such mistakes both iri the present am in the future.

Purthermore, oil of the knowledge that we have today is. a result of all the work of our predecessor, The.mcient Greek, develceed geometry, which helped other European scientists molY"" the solar system, which in tum gave usa DeW understanding of our place in the anarerse. The great majority of technology·today depends directly 00 several tbeuseeds cf'yeers of work of past thinkers, To ignore tlrel:nowledge of the past would be to throw away live thousand 1''''''' of

history am e~ . ..

There is, however, "'''''' seemingly small, but important vahe. toignoring the past It is often the case-that history or-tradition has the effect of constraining our thought in the present and maiIy important philosophical and scientific breakthroughs ha, 'e orrly been po,sible as a direct result of

Technology, especially the Internethas certainly chinged the quantity am quality ofib. information we get, The speed and convenience of'a computer helps strrdents Ieam more, more quickly

Topic; 40

I do strongly suppratfhe idea tbetwe ,houldkeep trying and never stop-wmkmg for our goals. I _ tID. is the mostimportont thing thatcan help us to ochie\ -e our.goals.lhelieve that everybody meets IDaIIJ obstaclesia their lrses before achieving their goals. I hare I~ tbe .bi_by of some famous people in the past, I found that almost all of them persevered through enormous hardships in order to reach fueir goals. In fhis essay, I will give yon an example of the attemptof a great iacenrcr cf'theworid uarn<>lThorna;s, Edism

I am quite sure that O\ieryt<><\Y kIlO"" Thomas Edison. He made IDaIIJ invention> dUring his lifetime. Aeoording to his biogmphy, it stare. that he always met obstacles in tmer to _ sonseIhing. However, he Still kept trying in.order to moe! his goal s, I personally think !bet this is





the II<lSt important.thing thafrnruJe him reeclrhis goals. Some scienliits said that it was iinpossible to invent ...nothing ru::h as electric li._1!hl am movie projector. Howeser, becould make them

· success. In my opinion, the greatest invention of Edison was electric light I have learned that he

· got 'many hardship, andfailnres, but he never geve lIP. He spent about two years to achieve it He used to soy that his successes came from harrlwork'ing more Ihau luck or fate.

In concluaion, Ibelieve that iweJyone cannot achieve their goal. if they always give up when they moe! the obstacles and hardships, I think that we have to try. to solve the problems we will meet I am quite sure i:hat we em do everything success ifwe are confident that we can do it.and never .give it 11(1'_

the ether parts. For example, if certain trees are cut di:mn, bats will hav -e no place to mort lfthey cannot roost, they cannot breed, lfthere are no bats, there will be no animal, or bird to eat certain insect. that plague our ""'1""

Our enviromneDl has been affected by the absence of certain :rnirnaI s. Certain flowers are pollinated by butterflies which migrate from Canada 10 Mexico. Some of tire breeding grounds of these butterflies were destroyed. Now those flowers are dis"!'P"'ring from certain are as. We will no longer be able to enjoy their beauty.

Topic: oro

"N",..,,-, never give up. means to keep trying. and never stOp working for yom goals, I think if, a ""'Y good piece of advice fur ill ofus.

Never stepworking wryonr gcalsdcesn't meOTI you IIll1St besuccessfbkir doesn't even memthal you IIJl.IS! .chieve your goal, but if, very mipo_ to keep it in your mind.

You want to be a great basketball player birt you are 1,6Om tall; you 10m! to be .e great pianist but what you have studied in the univeIsity was physics; you want to establish yom- own oompllIlY, but yon ... just •. ded< in , >mill company. These examples are \""}' C<lmmon in om

realli,,,,,,. .

The quaIiIy of our we has been changed. America used to be covered ",iih giant trees. Now we have to visit them in oresmall park. Rainforests rnllJDI! the world are being cut down to make room for humans. We will rever be able 10 see or study this fragile ecosystem,

I would enoourago us humans to Jook for other alternatives fur our farmlands, musing, and industries. We have alternatives; the animals do not

There are ,<Dough IIofllVorabie conditions which make our li1ies diffimll; but ",-bat important fur us is ro make efforts tow.",1S your goal or your dream If yon bave gil.= your best for yourgolll or your dream.,. whe~you succ.eed or not, at lea:s~ you won't lea\'e any regre:t in your life. \JJha,fs IIlOIe,_ wm knows, what will. happen in the ~ 10 years?

You might IHlt be • fionous boske1boll ployor, but you cotiId becorue • good player in the basJ:eltoll-ieam of)'our school You might not he a'great piaDiirt, but you ploy the piano very wefi and enjoy yourself after the heavy wmk every day. You might 1101 be.hle to establish your own company yet, .butyou are just c<>llecting experienc~ am knowledge as a good'manage:r, and mayhein 10 years, you will beoome the boss of yom """company.

FeW <if us have peifect li,,,,,, What I w.mi to "ay is, don1 gil.-e up working fur your go:d <ir your dream If you ,\l,:reed, you ",ill taste great joy in your lire. If you don't succ....!, you woo't hare regret in yoor life bec:ruse you Im'e given your best. Besides, in trying to ",hie;-e your goals., yon mighi find oul that perhaps your goals are not cOl",'1 or not p=ticaht·alI, thi,n you can improve. them ,meL make your life mme beautiful


Topic: 42

Upon the question that what is the ""'Y important skill a personshould Jearn in the world today, different people have diffent opinions. In my point of view, I perfer to think that communication is the most impotanl skill fur almost everyper>OIL There are many reasom ro support my view.

Pirstly, c~ation is a bridge between people. Nobody i. ornnipoteul; people depeniI on one another in their d:Iily hve~ We all bope we can be become the person who masters e""'Y.skills and C3Il compLete e1iery kind wmk by ourselves. Howe\ier the real world tells us that thisjust i. a dream Theiefure, people are int .. dopendanl, IlO can em soy'thafhe doer not oeed o1herpeople~ help. The society requires cooperation among people. Communication i, the link. C<>mmunicalion is the fust step of suCcessful cooperation ainoiIg people. By communiCatiOn, we exchango of thongbIs andinfOl'lWltiOn, andg<l oilier people understand our needs am ideo3. FOLexample, in·. company, big or. small, a mmagiLr.always bas ro rornrmmicatewith his.boss, roleagues am sobordin>tes.

'Secondly; cornrmmicationcimheip "'keep fi:iendship and make new fiiends Frierukoeed to OOIIlIlIIIllicate to. each other. '0 tbal they know each otheI', needs and feeling~ Indeed the most important qualities or. fiiend is oonmwnicillion and tmderstanding. If you are a good COIIlIIIImicator, it is ,,~}'ea.yfor i"'" ro keep your friendship and make n.w frienik IfY(Ju do not OOIIlIlIIIllicate with your fiiffids, yon wiIl..,t onIJ' feel lonely , but '"'" """ e1ien!ually 10'" your friends~.

From oil .rove, I think that corurmmac.tion is' the moot important sJ:ill fur people to suriIiv-e in this society. I hope e\ieI}'bodywod:, hard to get the skill_

Topic: 41

In the post, there hav., been IDaIIJ endangered .inimaIs, Now !bey are _ Does it matter'! Has our environment beau affected by their .bsence?"!"'" the quality of our 0,,""]1 life been cbanged' The answer to Ihfse questions is '"Y~."

Topic:. 42

Nowada}~ people soy that wemve st"PJ"'dinlo "The InfmmationAgo", therefore oomputer.skills are one of the most importmr,kilIs in today", society. Being able to operate a computer is IIII adv_ed ieclmique and: can'increase one', wod:efficiency and oimplIfY manywod:,.

Using. computer cm help people do IDaIIJ oomple< wod:~ You can calcuhle , very oomples

II does matter ifwe demoy an endangered species babiWto do""lop more furuland, hous:iJ!g or . inrlustrial parl<s. There is • delicate balance of ushIIe. If 0IIe >mill I'D! is ~ it will illect ill






arithmetic problem. Milly ari1hmetic problems in engineering are too complex to ,,,orli: out by ~. A computer cen lID these works conveniadly and earoy. You c.n 01", look fur some reteresces from a foreign country from a computer if yoo login in h Internet Y oucaa save)'OIlI documorlts in some discs 00 • compnt er no matter how large. they are and you lID not need 10 lake a lot orpeper.

Using. OOIIlplnercan increase your work efficiency. With its h<lp, YOll can book plane tickets and hotelrooms for a business hip.Tou can easily compile your files in a shortertime aad retrive them wherever you need IfYOll are aa engineer, yoo cancoutrol machines _ticalIywith the help of. computer. The prcdncts are more precise _ tho", controlled by bauds and the product efficiency is highOr. You can save a lot of time toconsider other things'and this is. important fur YOWSUCCe5:S_

in the world, you will get a variety of aaswera !fYOll ask a person who is about my ago 1he same ques!i.m, pi=mlahIy, EigbI out often will give the same answer aa mino--cilmputer. skill is the

most imp_ skill, person should learn, .

Why I thinI: ~ter skill is the most impoitilill skill? Fum, i:omi>uter skilk such as operating a won! processing software package or typing are ccmrenient and efficient. For example, I am writing thisessay by wing a compula. If 1 do not have computer skill, I cannot make a coreposnicc lIS qind:ly as p",,;,bIe; maybe I can mill' write on paper. Another vivid erimp!e'is that man)' colleges is offeting oriline classes, fur student to choose, which rneam the students can study in lite comfrut offheir homes mil acquire thffi knowledge by means ofusingoomprder at home.

If you can operate a computer, you can sit down in your Own home arid coatrel distant work. All you need 10 do is pressing sene-keys. With the help of a computer, your work em be simphfied, Youalso can use a computer' to commmiicatewith your friends by e-mail, and il is quicker .. d safer than ordinary means,

There are many other- skills a person should Jearn to be successful, hut I think that being able to operating a computer is the most importmt


Secondly, computers is an imporhinl tool fOT teaching andcourmunicoting between teachers and _Is. Recently, school teechers hove an increasiIlgly demand on students to, turning in their 'papers or school works, and the teachers can score online. Ifthe teacher has a assigomeni, they just send an e-mail to the students, In addnen, many young people use computers to cODJImIDi.cate with each other. They useonline chat rooms, ICQsandm=engers. They even play online games throogMhe internet Therefore computer skills lire importmt f(J[ stadents to tOIlllllUllicate with their teachers and fellow students.

Topic: 42

With the development of science, the world is DO longer whid it used to be ... Everyone should master one OJ moreskills in order to survive and succeed in the world. As fur as I am concerned, the most important skill one should learn is to teach himself or_.

To begin with, no one can depend on, teacher'in the whore life. ill high school mil uaieersuy, several. teachers can 1i:3ch YOll physics, chemistry, hiolollJl aod so OIL Ilul wboo you find a joo and Ie"" school, few people ",ill tell you 00.. to solve the problem yru encOunter in the job. \!!hat . l'0ucan do is to rea d booksand find the answer, .yourself·If you do not have h. ability to teach yourself. if is difficult to mrvili'e in the world.

Last but IIIlt least, computer skill help a person to liruI a good job after they graduate. k, we opan """"I"pers and search fur a geed job, we can find that "'mputer skill is a required skill for nearly eVeJy job. Indeed, whOtlte< you wed: lIS a recerticeest, •• Jesperson, warehouse manager and office clerk, you have to operate a computer and therefore computer skills is absolutely """"ossaI)' for these jcos and most others.

Althengh there are many other importanf skills fur a pa><in to succeed in joday's world, judging from whot I he; re mentioned .00;'), I think my point of-view is solid and sound. Having computer skills is one of the most important thing in today'. world

Topic: 42

In addition, what we have learned in the school is probably not enough. NowadaY'lIOWscience and technology develop ""'Yrnpidly. Suppose you are majored in computer. k, we all know, the computer.scieece is changing fast New idea. and concept may 'ppe:iI e\"'J"by. Once you stop studying, you may probably 1 ea ve behind and even to", your job.

Last but not least, keeping studyingcan lead you 10 a high salary job. if you understand the most advanced knowledge. lots of companies may hire you, because the more scieace one nan master, the higher prodnctivity he willlm·e. Do yca Iave a dream to have a geed job? Ifyoo do.Ieam how to teach yourseIfriJlbt DOW.

The one skill I would choose for snceess is tolerance, I 00 not define success economically; I define succesa.sccielly. To succeed in the futnre.we will nee'! to be tolerant of one'anojhers background, opinions, and Iifestyle,

The work! is becoming increasingly moIJile. We no longer are ,ble to live and work only with people wbo Went to h same schools and weDt to !he same parties lIS om parents and we did. Now, we will work directly with people who", backgr<lllDil> are complerely difIHad from OOIS. We must he toIenilill of these differences as they nnisfbe tolerant 'of", if.we are to live and work together amiably

So from what bas been discussed, onecan reach mily this conclusion that teaching himself or herself is a very important skill a person shonld learn in order to be suocessfbl in the world today.

We cannot stop speaking to people or start 3 war just because tlereris a.difference in opinion. We IDIISt lean. til be tolerant-of one another and respect these differences in opinion. We have to find a C'ODlInOU ground, :an idea we can both agree on Once we have agreement on one subject, "it will be ea sie- to settle dil'l'erello", in other subjects.

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Topic: 42

DilferenI people have differen! jifestyles. We must accept these differences """" though they may be differen! than wliet we are used to. Women Can Iive on hir own, hold importarit jobs, and raise children on their 'own. Merrcen stJy 'home and fake care Of children Social roles can change end we must be tolerant of these changes.

Two years ago,. if you ask a I"'rsoD what do they thinI: is the most importanl skill m be =OfUI




To succeed socially, you IIlI1>t get use 10 varieties. You mmt be tolerant of all peoples regerdless of their background; thffi opinions, OT their lifestyles.

Topic: 43

Have you espeieeced the fear ofbungeejumping'ilIa\" you ever enjoyed !he excitenenfof car Illcing7 Nowadays, more and more people are IIItracted to sach dangerous activities, especially !he youog people. Wondering: why? After thinking abcur fhe'Iifestyle of those people, the reason goes

:itS follows. . .. .

Topic: 44

Tt>veIing is a very pleasant thing. Some people like to travel with several friends, Other people, bewever.would prefer to trevel alone.Each way has itsadvantages. & fur as I am coreemed,

traveling with my friend); is my choice. .

Why do seme people like to 1""",1 just himself or h=eIf/ For one thing. they have more freedom They lID not need to discuss the rontin:ewith others. \Vhat he OT she ", to go, just go. For another, they can bavemore relax, They do not need to keep an eye on how to get along with friends.

While the world;' becoming-more and mere rompetitive, the task on each person', shoulder beccmes beevier endheevier. 'People', aotivity everyday is very intOnse and they get moreand more burdened afterdays of hard work. So everyone wants a rei ease and h best w'l' to relax and get relieved is to do the ~"'l"iiOIivitie._ because wlrileyou are doing ,,,,,,.,thing dangerous, you have to becoacentrated oa it, and you can't think about anything else. Hence you relieved allh unhappiness mil !he troubles you bad in daily work,

In addition, to take risks md try ont """,.things is one of human being's basic instincts. People always like to do 'omething newespecially wben 'omething is popular •• well Acoording to some stastisfics, the dangerous activities are becoming esrrenely popnl..- _ young people. If you don't try sene dangerous activities, people willthink thet you are a-coward and afraid of doing it So irs r eaa oneble enough for them to lID daDgerou< activiho, to show thffi bra""""",.

llowever, I IIDn't like dangerous activities mil I believe the phenomenon that _Ie are IIItracted m dangernm activme. is ju>t ~whim_ After realizing oountl= disa_ges __ le will

reoon<ider about them. Some safer acti;ities to help people til get reli""ed will be _opod afta:wards.

Altheugh there lIllI}' be one-or more advantages to traveling alone, 1 insist thot traveling willi friends-far overweigh them Irrthe first place, you can make tbe nip easy.Traveling is net a very easy actiVity. Ferexample, yon need to find transportation tools.hotel and restaurant in strange places. Several friends can a,,-erage these tasks so that such things will not bether e",ery one much and enjoy the jomney mOI<"

In the second pi..,., yoo can get help when you need There will be many muoxpected surprising thing during the jOurney. SlH:h'" get lost be ,id, Cannot wake"P earl)' for the rOOrning 'IlighL It is VeP,' Ioogh for people to handle these situations by thomseIve, ~y wben they _'" ., • strange place. !Friends can give you • band to ovemome all these difficulties. k ~ Chinese ,lang "'}~, "ioveJy one needs the Iielp wm others."

In addition, you can have more fun. EnjOylng the scene spots is wondaful; while traveling on h road is boring. How to spend this bering time? Talking with fiiends, playing am:Is will help you out

Topic: 43

Dangerous sports or.,ctivilies attract a certriit lJ-peofperion. This person i. oflen. ri;'ktaker, an optimist, :ind a fatalist

Feople who take risks ore found both in 'dangerou.s ,parts·and·\msines •. Bul it is • special penon <rltc tak"" a'risk with hi. own life'as opposed to his money. My futheJ ".." • risk takeJ. He pm everything ho owned in., his business, but be stopped playing risky sport. like horseback riding and skiing, Oiioe his business was a """''''''' and be no lOnger bad to WOIl)' .bout providing fOT "'be returned, at the age of 60, to the risl.1' ",_that he'did itS a youth.

Someone who pIa)~ dangeroiis '1'_ IDIIStbe anoptiniisl Theyc:initot iniagioethat anything will howen to them· They never think aboul breaking their leg while skiing, falling off. Cliffwhile rod climbing, fitting on their head while sky diving. They fire fur h thrill of the lOOIllem wiIhouh thought to the many things !hat~ould go "'Tong.

Rod climlJeJ> and 'P"rts car driv= must be Ilrtalist They iniJlbt plan fur potential proolems, but ""'" they have done ev«yihing they can do, the outcome is .Olrt ,of their bauds. A lDDtoFcycli,. who jumps ocro"" , narrow oanyon will get !he liisrest, strongest hike available that ",ill e.rry him or bel" itemss: tl;!e caD.)'DD:. Hmvevel", w:Lnd conditions or olher problems might ~ and the

In ronclnsinn, 1 prefer to _-eI with friends ",ther tlmn tiavel .Jone not only because 1he trip will be easier with fiiends:, but also because more help and fini ",'ill be go! fIDm friend.s,


Topic: 44

I prefu to irnvel with a companion.

F"IIS!, you can,."" pleoty of time and moDel'. in hlra\"", you ha,,, lot. of things nmst do excepl see landscape >Dch as booking'hote~ buying tickels, looking 'fur 1m. >ta.tionsetc. If you have a companion can do these things'with you, you will bave mOTe time to see landscape and to rest. Ifs !he most inipoIiiml that you will hove • good mood rather than be upset by those smaIl beer. Monay is .• ' big problem If you like to traVel alone, you iOnst afford all But if yon have. companion, you can ,ove mooey in tmnsport, hote~e\"'" tickets. That n:iay let you travel rIJl)re days than you plan.

Y= and mooey i. impoIilm! to· you, but when you have trouble wbat you w· .. ,iricerely help. I 'like clirnbing·mmmtain. I bave"""" to the Truzhaigeuin h Sichil3Dprovinoe. 11 is very






beautiful place, but it locate high altitude. We meet big trouble ofbreath when w<climboiI mounlllio_ in the way, my.friend and IhlId a rum on carrying o"ll' .no helping each other when we felt tired when we-reached the moontain jeak, we embraced We all knOw the one thing that ify"" have no belp from your friend, ynu cannot reach the peak.

In most of time, ycu m:ry &,1 funs from your friend: When you want 10 get a photo, your friend can take ~ picnire fur you. \JJhen yon feel-scared, your friend can eru:ournge you.. When you are Ion,"~, your friend can joke YOlL When you get a beautiful place. you.can shore yom happiness,

inspjratioa with your friend. '.

A companion can bring ecme belp, .sa ve time and money; also you can feel hum"n'. spirirm the some time. Y eur'eyes not only see nice'nahne, but the beautiful landscape ofhmnm beings.

example, if eve.;·one in the family gel> op early, wife will have eDOugh time 10 prepare the .breakfast fur the whole fumily, children will have enoogh lime to caich the school bus, 1wsIJ.oo will-rever forget 10 change his dirty shirt, E\'«}1hingis on the-order ..

Admittodlj., ,Onie people who work until midnight .. d get op later in the d'J' claim that wurl:ing in the midnight is mereefficient andean concentrate the work witheut distraction. However, the ad_&" of g~ op early cmy more weight than those of getting op later.

To Sl1IIl op, from what I have discussed above, we eon ..rely draw a conclusion that &,ttingop early can benefit not only because IT is good' fur ours health but aloo it is eo')' fur us to take care of everyday work s, Therefore. I prefertc get up early in themcming .00 start the doy', work

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Topic: 45

Some people prefer 10 get up-early in the morning 10 start the doy's wm:I:; while other people Iike 10 get op later in the day to work until late at night Which option do yoo prefer'! I w<inld choose'

10 get up early in the moming. This. view is based on the follwing reasons. .

Topic: 44

Traveling alone is the only way to travel Ifycu.talre someone with ynll, ycu take your home with you. When yoo travel alone, you neet new people. have new experiences, end learn more about


By getting up early in the morn:ing you can enjoy a lot of good·things·that natme off= Y Oil C!IIl breath fresh air; smell aroma of flowers, listen the birds singing in the morning. What a bealiful wmM_I In the meantime, these can refresh onr brains and quickly get ready fur the day, wm:I:. We am ~Iy coaceitrete in the work, and solve the problems with great el!icreucy. For exa:mple,.when I was in· senior middle school, I go! op early in the morning eve.;-doy to go over my I""""", .00 prepare the courses fhat I would have that day. I found n was so efficient md I material so doeply. On the contrary, people who getup late and go to bed late lend to leave aIIlhe doy', work 10 the nigbt" and rend to go-to bed unIil the fioisl\ the doy's work, Ibis is not. good living habit and also not an efficiently way ofwmking.·

When I trav<l with • friend, I spend all my time with that friend. We eat together and sightsee tDgether. When I travel alone, I spend my time looking for new _.11 is ""l' to lind other people, either other tourist. or locals, 10 eat with or have a coffee ",ith. When yoo shore meals with slrn!g<rs.,they become friends.

When I travel with a friend, my routine is predictable. We maintain the sene scbednle tbarwe do . at home. When I travel alone, I adopt the d!:ythm of the pia"; I visit, I might take. mp in the afternoonand eat dinner at 11 pru I might go 10'. disco and dance all night

When 1 travel with a friend, we know how we will react to things. When i travel alone, eecbnew experience requires • new reaction If I don't try ..... things, I won't be able to decide if I like :s¢.me-ib:ing or not: Shall I ride an os:t:riclJ or eat one?

I think it is always imporlmt 10 do things on )'ourown. Y eu can find new fiiecds, collect new memories, ecdedcpt differenl ways of doing things. I;n't that the point of travel?

(Es»ym mi,

AnothaTeaoonwhy I wOlrldlike 10 get upeeriy to start. day', work is because I believe thai it is 'good for our health. The body', cycle follows the nature: when the sua rise, it is. lime to get op; when the moon rise, it is timeto go to bed. Besides, by getIiug up early' we can have lime 10 do scmeescercises such as jogging, hiking and ,,,,imming, wbiclt will benilit our heoIth_ Many statistics show that moot pecplewha live. a long life get ujI early'and &' 10 bed earl)I. Wbilegetling op late and go to bed late violates butmm biology and _ will do hann to Iile health. AM peopel who get up late never got a chance 10 do rrioming escercises.

In • word, &,tting op early in' the rrioming to start a'daj's wod: is. anartcboice fer people, it """ benifit both people', wod: and health.

Topic: 45

Some people prefer to getup earlyiit the rriomingmd start thedoy'. wrn:k. Otters, however, prefer to get op _ in the day and work until late .1 night A2. far as 1 am concerned, getting op early is a good habit because it .is good fur health easy 10 take core of ev..yd'J' works.

In the lim place, everyone know, tho! getIiug up early is a very good habit for our health You am enjoy the fresh air in !he early morinng, and also yoooan get a &,00 night sleep during the quiet midnighftime. Moreover ifyoo.get up early, before go to wed, Y"";>tiIl haveeacagh lime to do 5OOli> esemises, such as woII:ing, running and riding the bike. WIlhmrt doubt, all of the exercises do help your health.

In the second place, it as-a httle bit ""'l' to take care of everyday works ifpeople get up early. For


Topic: 45

I ",erer Sleeping Me and sf'J'irlg up late III night Ibis rrutine fits my body. rhythm, my work scbedale, and my social bre.

I believe in followingmy bodys natura! rhjtlim My body tells ueto Sleep until I am ready 10 get op' and go to bed when I am sleepy. Ibis means I rever get op early in the morning. My 00dy tell, moit likes me to get & to 10 hcurscfsleep a <!>y.

Sleeping late also fits my work schedule, Actnally I denl have thet mnch work to do. I can easily



finish my wod: between butch and dinner. I think that if one workstoemcch, there is not ,enough time left to enj oy one':i self

wishes end desires despitefhe objection of parents.

My active socii! life is another reason I'prefer to sleep iate, Who gel> op early in !he moaning to have fun? No One. Anything 3IIIllSing, such as c""=t., dances, parties, dincers, alIlmppen at night Ifl got up-early in !he morning, I would be too fued to enjoy myself in the evening.

I will maintain this pattern forever I hope. I think it is aJways important 10 listen to YOll[ body and if your body tells ycu to my in bed, you should listen-to it By listening 10 ynnr will never let workunerfere with yom social life.

(Es»ym "0)

The second qualify fur a geed son is that we should care for om parents when we grow up. Ncwadays.we have akeady attended Iile nin,'ffSily, =ally fur away frompaien!s. So weshoold keep in -touch with !hem by telephone, Jetter and e-m.iI,- not iniling them feellenely. We ni'J' tdk about their life .a t home, such :IS their work and their healfu In fact every time when I give 0 call to my parents, I may tee! that they are very happy because of the telephone. The rerum is that not only can the get the information mout me, but also they know that their son concerns himself with his parents.

Topic: 46

The qualities of. good SOIl and.danghter-obedience, IOj..J:l:y, respect-have nctcbanged, Any parent will tell ynu that, like tbeir aacestors, they expect these qualities from their cInldreu However, thoy do not always get what they expect from their children

Parents demand that their IiOIIS and daughters, regardless' of '&" obey them. hen ifthe·chiIdren ore married and have their own children, they sboukl still de whatever their parents ask of them. At least, thaf, fheway it was. Now.cbildrea lend to obey theirpomm; unIil the children are of college "&,. Than they feel they are.dclt enough and am make their own deC1isam even if these decisions <D"e against-the parent's wi'.shes_

A good SIOn shoold have rnariy.merit>. From my point efview, respecting the pareets and coring, fur them are the most important for """'}'One What'. more, they con "t be cl=g~ with the . developinen! ~Jthe society bee aase , they are the fundaniental qualities for a' g<>od son or danghler.


Topic: 47

No doubt, I choose to work for • small company because there are 100 m:my _fit. that 00_ TIs dislldwnbges not to choose But worting'for a largeccmpa.ny has >d':an!lIge. no

more than its disadv.mtllg"". .

Parents also <xped loynlty from thffi childreu If there was , dispute in the neighborhood or _-een families, the pllffills -would expect thffi child'reo 10 side with their ol'iII·family. Ibis quality i, probobly still ''''l' COIIlIDOIL Mosf _n tod'J' will support thffi family .goinst others.

i'arents,of c=e, demand re.pect As people become more mabile, and child'reo are __ 10 non-traditional ways of doing Ihingli, this quality m:ry ,",I endisre 'I'orent. are ,ameIimes viewed .. ·old-fashione<i QUId'reo dent think iheiI parenlJ; ClIII appreci.te the way life really is. Th<y think theirparenls are too old 10 un<Ier.!llln<i. Th<y lose,,;,pee; fur their.parentr.

Obedience, loynlly, and,respect are vD1nes !hat are being challenged· today. We may not obey our parent, give them the loyalty or respect they wish or d""""e, but I hope my ohilrlrn! obey me, ore loyal ro me, and respect me.

(E=ym .. )

The most importanl ~of wurl:ing fb.-., small company is !hat 1 will '""" I!WI}' chances 10 develop. In gerneral, • small ooIlll""Y i •• dcvshipingenterprise md n is not ""'J' to absorb many ex.,,]]enlempWy"'.lf I enteT this small cOmpany, I think thaf the oms will 'ppreci"'e nse and give me I!WI}' opportlinities to reveal DlY,hilities. Only I lei the job do ",-ell, I om sure that I will rise very rapidly.

On contrary to this., .larg< ccaop:my i, alreody • high developed institutions. There are mony prominent Weot worting-for it. Agood position ... ·ilhbsorb inmdreill; of opponeiII •. It will take me • lot oflime and vigor 10 g,;t this positi()JL Maybe I ha;,,,.,, chmcelo win this competition at all

Another benefit of working fur. small company., which wurl:ing fur .larg< 00_ almost CllIlIlot achieve, is !hat I can learn mnre skills in. small OOInpouy'_ in • large company. A2. shown abm.-e, • ·smallcompany is • <I<veIoping enteprise. Ibis =ai><thot it have no • greal des! oflOOney 10 "",!,Ioy mony pe=ns. So, I can do all kinds of jobs althe~ame lime 1 think·!hat Ihis 'wiII be useful to compete in the society. But in o.l..-ge.comp:my, moybe I ouIy eiIgage. monotonow; job over • long period of lime .1 beliel1e that this will be helple,. to impro'''' my C3p.rny.

Topic:. 46

When asked Ilbout the importantqua!il:ies of. good oon or danghter, people have all kind of views conoemingit. From my point ofview; Iilennportant qualities of a good ,on", danghter consist of ~ to the right .dvice from J>llll'!I!&, taking """ of pomm; when growing op md respecting

Of course, choosiDg to work fur alar&, oompai>y al;;o has '_ge; 10 ,,"'., extent For example, it will afford handsome ,abry and ",ill be not""l' to fail in "mines, oompetilicn. But from my own develcyment, I stiIl'wmtlo wed: in. small company. In addition, I believe !hat every lar&, comp:my originates from. small company. Maybe 1 will become'an iroportanI person when the small company in wbiclt I work become alarg< company.

Themillfiroportanl quality, I think, is that we srnnld respect ourpllffills.lf was om parents'who brought ill into the wodd """ brought us ope They provided us food and clothes, and =d Us 10 school 10 sIl1dy knowledge. They tried their _10 make our life happy md conifortable. Accoidrngly, IT was om reoporcibility to respect WI p..-Ents., including their labor lind opiniom. W. shonld not spend toe J[ll]ch money on useles, things because it 00!Ile'l, from parentr' hbor. AI the same time, we IllIlSt baIen to the.right ><lvioe from pomll' and don'l oct according to our OWII

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Topic:. 47

I wonld prefer 10 work·in. IID)le c""'!':my·rather than a small one. A largecourpany ha. more to

offer in terms of a:dwnrement, training, """ presIi&,. .






In a lal]ec01lJ!lmy, lean start alan entry-level position and work myselfup to the top. I could start in the mailroom and, once I bow the company, can apply for a managerial position In a small c_y, there is not as much room to grow.

In • large company, there are> variety cf'jobs. I could work in sales, in marketing, in distribotion, in shipping, or in any dep_ I applied for. I could be trained in a varietyofpesitious and would hove valuable experience. In • small company, there would not be the same opportunity.

All that I h1I;i, said above boils dDwn to the .ccectcsion thai ifyouere • person \We Craves for competitilienoss and desire. to be on intemationalor Inter-prcviacial Went, you shoLIl<I choose !he big firms fur your future de\"e!opmenl.

In a large c01lJ!lany, there would be more prestige. I could brag to my friends thai I worked fur one of the biggest companies in the wodd, I would always lim, some1liiog to till alioutwlien I netstrangers. If I worked for a small c01lJ!lany, I would always hove toe.aplain wli:d !he oompany did

Topic; 48

In modem society, work bas already been. ne<essarymeans by which all !he people live in the world, in spire of. few escepnons. First of all, people IIIIlS! work in order to get the money to meet !heir living. Besides, there are some more reasons thatere also important for people', working, of which making continuous progress is what I mostly want to emphasize. .

Working for a small compmy would -not give me 1he same opportunities for advancement or onthe-job training as woIking for a larger c01lJ!lany would Nor would I be as prow to work for a small company-unlessjhesnell compmy was my OW"Ilc

(Il=ym 100)

As we all know, the lruman being is an-animal greatly mere advanced than, and greatly different in mmy aspects from, other common animals in the world such as cats. hones, or:mges and so osi,

So feeding is not the only aim that people live fur, as is said in a Chinese '1Ij'ing, «human beings are not living for only living," Pecpfe'alse need to make continuous progress personally in the modern and continually changing world And all kinds ofwork give people one of the most effective w"Y' to make pro_~ which can be illustrated by scme reasons below

Topic: 47

First of all_le can learn verieties of basic bowledge and abilities thet they need to deal with all kinds of'prcblena they may meet in ,tody, life, or wmk iii current society. All the abilities, except for Ihoie phySiological ·functions: peoplereed to live iii the world are netinnately, of which Ilunily aadscheol couldsupply only. small part, and most of'themmast be given by work. For example, proper relationship in woIk is the basic warranty of your woIking'ru=",fulIy. While in work, you would learo how to deal with the relationship between you and your leaders of your company, if you are an ordinary employee, or the relationship between you and your following. if you ore • director mastering the company. Further more, this rule can surely also be used when you affiliate wiih other people you meet in society,

Some people shew special interest in woIking for a big company, while other are more willing to work forsmall ceesl Of course, every indi;idiial has hi> own opinion about the strengIhs and weakness when it comes: 00· serving in a or a one .for iIIIe, my chaice is de:liniteIy to

work fur , big c01IJ!lany! . .

Now let', use the Onalysis of ·SWOT', which was o1woy'eraployed in the field of ecoaomics to get tire above-said problemslovedl Here, S stands fur "strengIhs",W for "Weakness",O for "oppcrtaaities" and T for "target"!

Working for a big oompany ",ill have mall}' aspects of '!reogJhs fur your· developmenl iii your career; because, in my head, a big company usually provides more compeliti"""" sa and d demands itS employees to be self-educated at the ""Y beginning of becoming oreuersber of the group or he or she will be dismissed wi_ besitetioa, for as a big oompany, there are always a. pool of'talenra woiling fur the position which lie or she cccepied before! Besides, in. big company, you will deal will! shades. of people. who lire maybe froro diffuent provinces or-even <Ii1rereJJl countries, ha\Ong various education, as well as fumily background, and so on, in ..rt way you will be ineVitably influenced by "multi-culture" ~ of the, various cultures of different provinces, or of <IifI\ireof nations, which is of great importance fur a 11=011. with the bepe cf'tailoring hiinselfto bean international talent Finally, in. big C01IJ!lmyyou will be given mote opportunities 10 be charged up in yoor free time either at heme or abroad and be eiidcwed with more chances to ccatact with more elites iii the specific field or other fields.

When spe:!I:iDg of the weakness, Inmlble opinion, 0; course, every thing is • double-edged sword, woIkiilg for a big rompanymigbl have lirtle chance for those who.have little ofperts to get rut due-to the bulk of W_, but ccccpered with s!rengtli.s and the opportunities mentioned above, it-can be omitted, to put d exre.dingly!.

Besides, on the woy of making continuous progress. people usually c",,1 central fhemselves correctly by themselves in two b as ic aspects: the direction and motivation of progress. However, in the course ofwerk, people will rot lest their basic direction according to the daily task given to them.. As 1he same time, once you have a JierJI task that can interest you, yoU! else will process: the motivation to finish it, which keep you ricling progress in your life.

In a word. there are various kinds reasons that people need to work, some of which usually combine to each ofber, So fur as to me, however, making c.ont:inuous progress is one the most impo_ reasons because it is people's one of the mostexpecled aims in their life, and work gives people • \'ery effective approach to reach the aim

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Topic: 48

When it COlDfS totbe target, you, as a member ofa big company, yO\1 will be more likely III motorizeyorn .targO! because of the plentiful resources including mafenal resources, as well as lruman resomees.

Altheugh people work to eam money, money is ..,1 the main reason peoplestay in their jobs. They also work because they enjoy wmking, they receive job satisfaction, and they like tbesense of ocoompliJJunent.

Most people work for work's sake. They enjoy going to m office, or store, Or school each day. They like to interact with other people. They like to help people solve problems, learo.5OIIlething, or got a product. People like to help other people.






A lot of people keep the same job because the joo gives them • lot of satisfactionThey genuinely enjoy wli:d they de. This is true for most teachers. A teacbers pay is not very great, but the job satisfaction can be ""Y high Helpiagsoneoae leam is one of the greatest things anyonecm do.

Firstly, in face-to-face commmication people can gel direct response from tire other party. When we talk with our friends, we can get feedback immediately from th<ir verbal reap=, body language .. d facial eapressieas. Based on the", r"'¥'!IlIeS, we= knew what's the next step to take, such as how to ciiII)' on the conversation, andchange the direction or:linlsb. tbe'corrcersetioa if'neeessary. Sccretines; speaJ:ing words and bedy language, may not mean tlie '1IIIle thing, Althmgh we em hear words froro a !elaphoneconve=hon from WI mends butwe do I10t

oIllillYS mew if they reallymeen it. This is also true in criminal inspections. Police inspectors can judge whether the suspect is telling the truth throngh hi> or her body languages, therefore get new clUes and ~ve:a criminal case more "quickly. Thus, face-to-face commanication is more perceptible andean help us 1JIldersIand a speaker's true fueling better than other wlIJIS of

oonmnmication. .

People enjoy their work because they like the sense of ocoomplishmenl. They like to know thai they finished a project. People who work in factories lake pride in the cor they prodace or the television they assemble, When they see a car on the street, they can feel a. sense of accomplishment, They helped make that car.

Money is nice, but it is not the only reason people get up and go to work each dO}'. 1 believe that people work because they enjoy the actofwcrking; they find tbeir work personally rewarding; and they like the feeling of. job well done.

Secondly, face-to-face cemmmication is the most helpful w>y 10 express ourselves. In comnmnication it is just not enough for us to sl!}' the words; VI-e need. eye contact, body language .to express WI feelings. Sometimesweere so happy ",·angrythat we are oul ofwords, At these times, there is nothing mere efficieet to express om happiness or anger than a big Iwg or tum our face to molher side. 'When we are a tomist in a foreign country, language is. not always ~ugb, and gesticulations mighl help 'E gel mi<lerstood more quicli:ly. We can order in a restaurant by simply pointing our fingers to the menu when we do not know how 10 pronounce en item exactly.

FJIlJIlIy, face-to-face conmnmication is indispensable in situations soch as a refutionship.· LilverJI need body contact ..rt as • bug, • .,'" and inOre, which cannol be done in lett"", or email,. . Altheogh I"""" can use letlers·or ernails to coron:nmicate, being apart fm- • long time i> defiDitely not benefiCial to > relationship.

Topic: 48

When talking about working, some people always complain • lot about it. They regard workiag as affliction which means hardship, vapidity and lew earnings. They ""ye\'en dream that they can also live> happy life wifhoarworking, But aswe all know, that won't come true. Everyone.needs to worl:: for many different reasoo..s_ I believe the three most common reilOODS' is to ilCquire knowledge, to ,eek fame and to enjoy life.

In the first place, we _ to practice om sJ:ills and we have to learn mmy aspects of knowledge to solve the problems and to overcome <lifliculties. So woIking make, us si:illful andeffortles~ The experiences we leom from wmking are the mo.t important wealth They are the ""ior sources of wisdom. lfwe don ~t work, bow,can we Improve our intelligence..and fum how em we create wonrlerfullives?

In bJ:ie:t; liIre-to-fiIce cormmmicotioo is a ""Y impo_ way foru,. II is good fur better llIl<larstaodin. It is more "iI;ible, direct and more effecti\'e than an}' other v.--.ys.

In the second pl:ire, we _ to realize our val"" by producing lal]e amount of goods and·rerving the others. Former·is not.1'armer 1IIltil be plan! corps, teocha: is not • teacher until she instruct classes. The)' :ill bave th<ir reapcnsibility :md they also recei;'e om reapects rec.u.;, of their oonlributiom ro the socioly.Tha!', the meaoing of the life, which gi""" us com.geand confidence til <xertour powers to build happ}' home.

In addition, we wmk ro keep us heallh}'. We can coron:nmicate with each other during _. Meanwhile,we orehelpd·andencooragedalllogether. However> Ifwe doo)_, we will becOme to!pid and ful We have to ",-oIl< to niliev" WI pressure. When you do something you ore· \'ery oon~tem tn, you will view it as a kind of,entertainnJeut You even find joi from them

In OOnclllSion, I beheve waIking i> > tool by with we Can make a key to !he gete ofknOwle<!ge, il is • roOO w!rich·leads, to toJnoJrooi, and it i, .·drug, which con keep us fit All in all woIkiiIg provides '" ",'much thel I love _.


Topic: 49

I would ba\.., to agree thaf.fure-to.-face cornmunic.lion i>. the best type of oomnnrnication. Faceto-me., conmuniicaoon Can elimutitte misunderstanding" immedialely, cemenl relaliomhips, and enr::ourage ·continned·:interaction.

if you ore talking to "","",ne directly, you cm 5eO righf 0W3J' ifthey·don1 urn:lersbmd l""'- A 11=00', body lengooge will tall you they disogree or don1 follow your line of though! Y 00 can repeat )'OlJI"'lf or paraph=e your ..-gurneot lfy"" had sent an e-mail, the person may hove miiintiIpreted what you wanted 10 s.y. He or shecou1d be inrulted and you would have·to waste

.time explaining yourself in :mother e-mail, .

When you talk fac,e-lo-face, you t::-t'IIIlIl1llIlie with DlCIJ-e words_ You oomnrunic~te. wIth youre)'eS and your hands. Yon cOlllllltlllicole with your woole body. p"""te ClIIl se<ISe that you really wan! to oonmnnric,\e with !hem Thi, energy hoods poople together. Your relotiooship with a person ca:o grow much strooger whel:!: you "cOlllllltlllicote in penon..

Topic:. 49

Face-to-face """" _ _.tew ro go on longer than other forms of communicalioIL An e-m>il ""ts • ,eoond;. > telephone call> fuw mimrtes. However,.when you ""'" fa.oe-to>fare, you've made.:n effort to meet ",-jfu the person, and !he por.lon has made an effort to meet with yoo_ Y 00 will prolJably .speIJ<llong..- together tilling. The longer you htIk,. the more you 'oy. The more you "y, the· strooget- yoor relationshlp will be.

There are IIWl)I different ways ,of coron:nmicatio.., soch .. lett=-, emaili, or telephone call,. However fuce-to...fuoe c.miImunication still FeDJ.a.ins 1h.e mo:~ efficient wilY ofoomnninication

between people. .






In SIlIIlIWIJ)', if you want to establish a relationship with another human being, the best WII)' is taIIring face-to-face, 'When Y0ll! communicate directly, you em avoid misunderstandings that may 0CC\lI in writing. Y ru can communicate on levels: other than just words and you can spend! more time doing it

Amenc.n bmmy or Engli<h history. The !llUIIeS lire ccafhsing and the stone. not inIe=ting to me. I don't want-to learn about anything else. Cbmese history is my subject,

I IIIlIJ' seem -a bit stubborn, hat I have learned. what makes me happy. I don'! like 10 lake. risk .with uew'things'.llike to focus my attention on one subject, de it well, and not try anylIriDgnew.


(E=yIDo "0)

Topic: 49

Wi1h the rapid grow1h of high technology, OOIDJ'lter, telephone and other comnnmication tools have become more and more important in our daily what people have gradually ignored face to face communications,

Topic: 50

Whau asked about the approaches to life, many people have the idea thet cIiange and new experiences bring us a meaningfnllife. However, others take the view that·,toying the ; . .",. and IIOt changing the usual habits is the better woy of the life. In fact both approaches have its ailVllIlllIge' and disadvantages, much are listed as foll=

If I were asked whether face-to-face COOlIllIlIlication is better than o1her forms of conmnmicatioas, such as email, phone calls or letters, I would choose email and p1mne calls. Here I am going to enumerate :some reasons to support my choice,

Some people believe chang. and new experiences provide us.a meanIngfuI bEe because when we adapt to the change and new environments; we mast face the difficulties and try our bests to overcome them. TIlls process not only builds our persanality, hut also gives us • varied and memingfullife. Wha!" mere, the chaage arcundus nnp.-",.." our odaptlrtionand indepeadeace.. They have it benefit form to compete fur survival: in the society. Let's: suppose we always stey the """" and do not cIiange the'envirmimelll. Then if someday we have 10 step into another

environment, how can we adapt to m? .

The main reilOOTI is that comnnmicatioa by telephone or by e-mail is more convenient There is no need to make "PP"intment ",iih friends before meetings; all y"" need is just 10 remembe.-1heir phone IIlJIIlber.! or email addresses. Wberever you ore and wherever it will be, coomrunication is as easy as face-to-face talking. Moreover, it is moreeflicient for people to comnnmicate,

Another important reasoa is 1hat the way people conned by email can make more ffieads. I have many friends on the Internet and wecemrrainicete ea eli other regularly, so I have gained'more information and knowledge in many o1her fields.

Last but not le as t;indirect communication such lIS emails and phone cells can avoid direct confrontation and embarrassment. S<metimes we may not feel comfortable to borrow something or ask for .a favor from our friends, because we do aofknowfheir reactions. At this time, anenail or a phnaeeall 'can be more convenient and can avoid' emberrassroent.

On the oth..- hand, people who bold an oppo.rre' view consider that sticking to usual habitsis the better way to life. They point out 1hat the longer you keep the same habits, 1ha more adaptive yeo are and you Ill"}, live corofortslity. They firmly point out that USI1al ,changes make you acquaint . 'will! nothing,-and ttiea it ia hnpossihle fer you to have a happy life.ln order to see this point clearly, they give us g good esample: If yeo cIiange your em<iroomenl every monliI, you have to always change your habib and customs, Theo bcwcea you have a me:mingfullife?

As far as I :un. concerned, the .m.aulagesof cIiange carry more, weight than those of 5layi:ng iii" same because I need to improve my.adeptaticn. Only in this way, O~ I survive in the society after my' gradaation,

(E=yIDo m)

If sll taese factors """conlempbted ,the advantages of communication through email or telepheee carry more weight than those of face-to-face oonmnmication


Topic: 50

I am nota risk I like to do just those thing> that I emproficient at. Ibavejeaned that it is better to focus my attention, do one1hi:ng and de it well, andnottry:mything""""

Wben I "'1IIl }'OUllgeI, I was alwaY' ~ with a lot of d:iffereDt things, First I Wanted to be a dress designer '0 l studied drawiag. I couldn't draw so I decided to be'. veterinarian, because I liked-animals. I didn't like to see sick-animals so I be. historian. That suited me peitectIj' since aliI had to do was.sit in a library and read. l leamed to focus my attention on one

~~ . .

I'm a very good reader-and Jll.tmy is very interesting to me 1 decided not to read anyo1her mbjecl I only read history books. I ", .... focused my attention on CIrinese history. I only read hiarory books on Chinese bistory.J do one thing and I do it well

I don't 'like to try anything new. If I read thing. in anetber area, I don't do well I doIit rmde!:stBrul

Topic: 51

The question about what- success- comes fiDmhas been so mncIi debatedin om society. Some may think that :careful planning coarribtites to seccess, Traditionally, yoong peopleturn to'the successful people for guidance because yoong people believe that they can make <=elIent achi«_ through careful planning. Today, this view mighl be reversed. More and more people are taking a fresh 1001 at it.Based on ~theypi-efertakingriSb rather than simply careful planoing.

The moat persuasive erguaent is that people taking risk, or chances _, mme Iikefy to succeed than the others. Risk, or chances are Dot questiccs fhat people wha disagree the point can shrug offlightly. With the advent ofad,=ed international conmnmication,a great number of opportImiti'" yeo will face to hy whicli the traditional careful phuming is threatened. The difference between the two opinions is courage to challenge ywrseIf Actnally, the only me.rep in the gap is not beundly oonquered al all, in most cases, whieli JlIl'V"DIIoo many cowards frmo succeedieg at last, People being short of'bravery-c-jffheyare prepared to ,dmit it--<:omiIleam one. or two from the brave.ores who actually not only have courage but also are wise and







oonfident One of the biggest lessees they should learn is that bow to phi:nk up your courage.

There is a tide in the affairs ofm.en

Whicli, taken at the flood, leads on the fortune Omitted, all the voyage of their life

Is bound in shadows and in miseries.

---By Shakespeare

The rewume from which courage. comes is nothing more than experience. It is hardly possible to decidewbether to take, risk in front of'scme important affairs without any esperieace, To gain experience, 000 of the most necessary approaches for )''''' is to learn how 10 analyze and sum up w.b.a:t yoo have. done uematte jouwon or lost . .k anold saying goes "Failures team success." Confidenreis the basis to your goal, Never give up' ""lid aims in lire.1od eoOO1II1ige yourself fio:m time to time as AlmIhamlincoln once said, ~ I will prepare and sO±neday my chance willcome,"

Fmally, taking risk, or chances can be regarded as a break with the tradition, Theeo:IplWi. oa 1he challenge lias been exactly expected because 1hat TI is surely help people .succeed avoiding wasting time. No other reasonable solution in-intensive completion provides many opportunities to accomplish your object in life .

From the above what I have discussed, we can draw a conclusion that super;licially;the careful phuming is a ,mind solution, but wben we weighting in mind attenIively, we find that taking risk>

or d::tances.. is mcreaecessey to success. .' .

Admittedly, chance cansometimes help a man to succeed But on 1he other hand. not everyone will have such luck. How can a businessman wbo succeeds by taking riskssustain his dealing with his business when he is .suddenly out of luckl Most likely, their company will be out ofbusiness if they have not made an all-rounded plan.

Neverfhele sa , chance favors. prepared mind. The opportunity is equal to all the people. The key to success is not waiting fur a chance, but seizing it Ob;iousty, c..-eful plODDing will guide a man definitely, from which, he can not only lind a destination and prevent him from aimlessness. but also assist him to grip the chances on his WII)' to success. For instance, an entrepreneur .shwld understand the power of a cautious pl:m which may help him define his business concepts. estimate costs, predict sales, control risks, and 01I"en incre ase the chances of.succeeding. The plan may ten him what he mould do and how to do it (l<>ing into business without a plan is just like having an expedition in the extensive ocean without a compilSl.S~

Topic; 51

NothingV'entured Nothing gained. If our great6!pl"""" and ecieafists didnotliv" by this creed, _woold we boll thi:nI:·that we must all take.risks mour lives, bulIheseIll",;t be c.lculale,f risks. Lil:e the great thi:nl:e<s of our time., We must plan cOrefully, ,.,;." all opportunities, and ree'li,duare our plans.

In 1he second place, • comprehensive plm is also a reliable backup. Although the original plan is followed, .suffering may come forsome unpredictable occasions. In 1hat way, a well-considered plan that mentions all the possibilities can be very helpful.

There is no sucIi thing an cIiance 00"'"""""- Cohm:IDus in m; """eli fm the Indies drew ma!", plotted his roule carefully, and set out. Madame Curie worked diligenfiy in her labomtory re<lordlng e,"'Y aspect ofbei-~t •. You need to have a carefiIi plan S<I you can measore yom-S:tlCi:ess..

From what lias been discusaed move, chances and taking risks may be una\'Oidmle., but succes, results primarily from careful planning. A CllIIJ!l11'hemive ,chednIe, .imil..- to a ginde in .6!pImations, i. a necessity fm- ",hievemeot

Topic: 52

Even a careful plliD, change, ocellI. Columbus ", .. looking fur the Indies, but ended up in 1he, Caribbean. Lewis. and am: were looking for. rn"eI p"'sage w"'~ but discovered much more. You ha\" to be ready to t_lII:e ad"!IIltage ofnew thing:s .. they occur.

Everything in the lmiverse is in constant change .. And e\"'l'ihing needs continualnnpro_ if the eVer cbangi:ng and i:n<:reasiIIg demands oflrumimkind are to. be met If I am over g;,...,ll the chance to change one importanl thing mOln my borne Ioo!n, it would be inlemet ,ervice. Need]"" ro "')'1itat nothing genernllyrevolutionized·the Wlly we live as _ in thepasldocade. Thus, :an imprmremei:tt in tb.i:s 'lo-"'ital ~~ would ~1eII more, 1IIlhe3Id betterri::ient to the peOple in my homaown_

II;' said'that i:nforor:dionis pov.-<I. Trne saying indeedl I canenvisionbowoverything in my bometown corM imp""" dom:iotically if the 10_ """ice in it·wore made free, fast and <laying out there like electricity, teIepwne or water all the time. One thing, a fils! free and'rehable Internet seTvioecouid improve in my hametown is the WRy people work. If there is • this 5lIid service people'mmy borne.townnant mt necess:n:ily oo!IlIIllIte to. mpl,ee to do1heir job. TIlls in turn would mean]"", trnfiic jams, spacious wo:rk place,.= time for funily and recreation and '0 on_

Whau thing:s'go against pJan, you must be ready to cIiange direction.Colmnbm didn~ bring bod spires from the East Jnthes, be haoughl bad gold from the West lDdies. It is impartanI to "'" the positive >ide of thing:s~ yOOr mistake. ""Ik furyou

You will ne1i'eI sue<eedin life ifyru'don1 take chanceS. B,U Wme you stlll1, yeo"""t plan ciirefully so you are re,dy to !eire ii_age of ewr,' opp.orttmity and turn JIlisIalres. to your advlInllige,

(E=y IDo 140)

Topic:. 51-

Every day, ne .. _sses are created. Some of these businesses will 5ucreed, but many will fall by the ""yside. Smne venll1res may be on shaky grormd at the start but with p=everance and plmning, they will pre\-aiI in the end. Hopefully a c!ireful plan will not kad to a Surprise

but rather an expected resu1t and sucre",. . .

The WII)' people ]""", would be .,.,thex ~ thing thll! • fust, free and relimle ·Internet seTvioe could better in my hame!OWIL People will have 1ha ~ ro go througli tremendoUs and differenj informaiionresouroes in. very sniall amoun! of time: They Ilpparentlywill also tilieleS,' time 10 share TI. TIlls a= , = fuI1illed life fur my hillneto-wn people.






Since it. advent, Internet touchedevery part of our life. It in • dazzling way improved the way we Go business, learn and cemmuaicate, A ahange in Jntemet service implies good way of living fur every one in my hometown...

(Il=ym 141)

Topic: 54

In most cases, one s1muld never judge a person by external oppeorances. Sometimes when I woIk GoV'-ll the street at nigh!, I a1loid people who ore acting tough and lrud, but in general, I prefer to reserve judgment until 1 get to J:now someone. Judging someone by external awear>nce can be deceptive. Judgments based on external 'PJ"'II"lIlC" prevent you from getting to know a per.!on, reinforce stereotypes, and aresuperficial and limiting.

Topic: 53

The most importmt aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Wheu I get ajcb, I want to earn a lot of money. Ifl earn a lot of money, people will knew I om successful, smart, and a good cerdidete fur marriage

In bigh .sclH>ol I stayed owoy from students who were called the "bad students" because they dressed, certain way. I wonted uothnig to do ",iih theru I 1_ bad the chance to meet one of these 'bad studeats" because his mother was a frieud of my mother .. Since we had to be polite to each o1her because of our mothers, we started tailing and I realized that we had a lot in oommon. My impression of IIim was very differeD! once I got to kuow biru

Mouey equals success. Ifl earn a lot of money, I can wear nice clothes, get a big cor, bcymy parents a nice 'l'ortment,:miI spend a let ofmoueyoll my friends. Everyone will J:now I am rich :;md very sucoessflil,

Earning a lot of money will sbow people bcwsecert I om Everyone knows yon cent be stupid and earn a lot of money. Who will trust semeeae stupid to do a joo?

When learn • lot ofmouey, my mother will be able to 1ind me, good wife. Sbe will be eble to tell everyone what an iznportant Job I have. It will make it easy for her to :find! someone for me since all girls wantje.maaya rich man

I don't care whot kind ofwork I do as long as I earn a lot ofmoaey.Thafs the most important thing fur me. Having a welfpaying job "ill sbow """')'One !bat I om SU<:CeSSful, smart, and a good catchl

If you form an opinion of :someone based on stereotypes, you risk never getting to know someone Mm is different You may be missing out on m opporbmity to make a good friend. Iu addition, you ore reinforcing that stereotype by believing it without given the person a chance, If you take the time to get to J:now the penon, you might become friends.

Judging people by external 'l'P"orance is superficial and often unfair, After all, you dOll'1 know whIII circumstances the perS<ln might be facing or who the person really is, Perhaps the person cones from • less fortunate farnily fum you and cannot afford the kind of stylish cloth es your friends wear .. However, that does not mean the per.!on is less intelligent or interesting than you ore.


Peeple should not be Il3f1.", about uew people 1hey meet but.should take time to get to know them, External appearmce often does not tell us ouything about. per.!ou. Judging someone by their ~ is mi>lAoading, reinforces stereotypes, and is limiting. Doing so could prevent you from making • true fi:iend_


Topic: 54

What do you feel when • handsome gentleman or abeautiful lady pas"" by'! Then how about a litt sbortpescn wearing, dirty ,hirt'> You feel differeotly?'yes_ mcstpeopledo.Jrs \""}' cOmmon fur people to judge. penon byesterral ~ beceuse irs easy and direct, and it, instinctive. Appearance is a very important aspect of, per.!on and reflects one's personalities. Sometimes you can tell the pei'Soo's cbaraetensfics from his appearance. Howeeer, in most cases, you can't tell exac-tly what the persca isIike just from the ~ appeererce and etaicelly.we

. should not judge a perS<ln just by one glance III his external ~. .

"Beauty :mil beast" end "Suow whiteand seven dwarves" are two stories that are almost known by everyone. Although there ore flIble~. tbere.eredeep meaniugs inside them What you can learn from them is thai people that. are no! '0. good-looking can be very good people internally. And octualIy there are toes ofexampl"" in reality. Napoleon is. very sbcrt guy, but be wes one of the """I famous people in the history. Theodore Rccsevelt, former US president during World Wor I[ is hlmdicopped;.buI he is ooe of the most successful presidents in Amer;oan history. So no", can you tell-about the people from their external sppeerence?

Moreover, there are othe,-,mdenioble facts which shewthat'a beautiful person may be rotten inside. There are many pffis_ on the busystreets. It'. OO\'iously!bat they are verybealltiful, but are they really righteous people? A beauIiful appear.u1'" is a good thing, but. righteou; heart .is more valuable. Finsll)', as we can see; it'. out of qtesticn that we sIroukI not judge people just from their eatemal appearance. The most important stenderdis their internal peracnalify.

Topic: 54

Some people judge a persou only by his or her external 'l'P"orances, I disagree with their attitade, I think that one .should never judge a person by.extemal 'l'P"orances.

Judging a per.!0Il by his or her external 'PJ"'II"lIlC' may mialead your Il!lderstandlrn him or her. A person who bas • pretty litre and we", beautiful clother may not havesame kind of hem inside. On the other hand, the internal characters of, perS<ln can not be judged by his or her external appearances.

If you judge • person only by hi. or herexternal 'l'P"ormces, yon may lose chances to make good friends; Everycre. has his own habits to choose clothes, hair style and the w.y to Iive. Maybe both of you have interests :mil hobbies in C01lJIllOIl_ You can not know 1his point because your v<T<mg judgment from his different ""Y" to deal with.!<llIIething prevents you from knowing his interesI and keeps you too fir from him to make good friends.

Judging a per.!on by external appeaI3Dlles is unfair and ore-sided. To evaluate a person fairly, you have to kuow his family, hi. situation and IIim entirely :mil clearly. A perS<lll who is from poor






family may be intelligent and diligent The one who can afford espensive clothes "",y be

indifferent with others .

So I thinI: that judging '·per.!Cn by hi. er her external appearances o1woy, leads IIS to draw a' MOOg conclusion .bou! e per.!""- It is limiting and unfair, E1.'<iryono longs for the 1inderstmdllng from others. So we should givecfhers chances to show all cf'tbeir characters and at the same time we should evehietethem fairly .. d ~bjectiiieJy.

Secondjhe though! of a clri1:l might not correct.Ibe bod progrnnmes in the televisionseme articles in the magazine have negative effects on tho child,they em also lead the clri1:l to • wroug way.So,as poreDI>,they should infoIm theclri1:l how to tell tho had from the goodlri this way ,they cen make sure their child will no! makea wroug decision.So miling a correct decision depends on

the parents. .

However, when the child is growing up,yes,when be is not a child my louger,sImuld we Ie! be make OIl miportant decision aloueTI thinI: it is right time for him to make an importmt decision alone.

Topic: 55

A """,on should nevor make OIl importanl deciSion alone. Important decisions- sIroukI be well though! out People who, i:mw you well, snew whIII is best for J'OIl- People dose to you Can give you good advice, give you a diffur-eDlperspective, orshere their OWI! experience.'

In the first plece,e person'em never depend OIl his p!lIellt~fiiends forever Every._ has his ""iII .woy to go,no one em help you all the time.As tho I'ngbah saying goeK"God only help the", who can help tbenselves. "Sahe IIlllS! learn how to make a deecisiouMaybe at fiist,he will not fuel oomfortable,moybe it will not correct.bat I thinI: it is benefit for his 'growing.

When I had dillirnlty deciding which classes to take in college, I talked to my teachers and advisors. They had tho knowledge and espertise to help me determine whichclasses were the best ones to take for my future career, Withoot their adcice, I might have chosen unsniiable courses,

In college, I had convinced myself that I was not good enough to act In the school play. Therefore, I decided not to auditioneven thoogb drama had alw.ys been my passion, The cloy of the auditions, __ 0 friend of mirie asked me wh)' I wasn't audihoning.

When I told her I didDt feel I was gocdeeouga, she was shocked, She was .bi< 10 provide me with auother perspective on my llIIer!Is and myself. I rethrugh! my decision and tried out..; and got a lead in the plsy.

Lost year when 1W3SIr}'ing 10 decide whether or not I should IIIudy overseas, I tilled 10 my friend. 'Ihis'was the best Omig I rould bare done. '!his WlIS , big d",,-iSion fur me because I had never been O\"eISeason'my ownmdl ",=1 sme I could de it Sbehad studied 0""""" the. previous Y""'. She lold me .• brnr! the <:hallenges and opportunities I might encounler md helped me m>lre the right decisiou I wen!' ODd it,..., omazingr

Whenever I am heed with m imporl!inl decision, I ,eek advice from others so !hat I om ,.-ell informed md hove the'henefitofthcir~ andexperieuce..

(Il=ymm) ..

Second as the importimt decision is made by himselfalone,he can IlOl1er Nome on someone else;be must have respcasibihty fur IimiseJEAad it is obvious that the decision' be makes 00!Ile< from hi, "",rintereSt,so howill do better ..

In conclusion, when .a child makes an important decisionhe s1muld listen to his pareets more.Bur .m.m lie grows np,he shoald leem to-aake a decision alone.

Topic: 56

Deciding between supporting tho arts and protecting the enviromneot is a difficult-choice to-make, but I think I would choose protecting the .<IlVimmnad_ Arts help to maintain our culture 3Ild serve as a seurcecf eDterta:iDment. However. we need a healthy enviraninent in order to SUl"Ville so we IIlll>I protect it We need to prorect tho emoironrnent now to help prevent hoolth problem;; to maintain the ecosystem, md to pre;erve the Earth for our childreu

Pollutiou from factories:and can; can = damage to the environment Moreover; pollution """es health problems porticulorl}' for chiIdreD md ~ elderly who have weaker inmnm< S)'-.teru>. We need to --erisure that there areconrrois on the amou:ut of pollution when p.ossible so as

to prevent health problemscansed by bresthing dirty air. .

Topic: 55

A dllld can decide 10 buy hi, favourite eondy,lio can make a decisiou to get lire books he is longing fur,and ho can also' detennine to make fhonrls with other kiw.Ho\\",ver,can ba make an important decision alone?For. example, which school is better for him to ,tteod?Which road. of life will he go 1In my "I'mion,. child shJuld ue,,,,, make an importind decioion aloue?There ore :se\rera1 reaSoOOS for my point

We alao need to pay ._n 10 the eco'l"'rem Trees, p1mt life, md people .udepald on each other .. Aa uribe:dth}' euviro=t COIl haVe Iimrrli:d effects'on the ecosysteru for e:<lIIIl!'le, if. p1mt di .. because'of <--ballges.lo th,,<=iro!lDleIl! and that planti. food for, mimal:,!hat anim:d won't I.."e my food Ifbmnms Use tbot anim:d'as a food SOUIio" there cruldbe bigproNems.

If we do not respect om envJrOIlIIlellt now, It will continue to get w~ and our chi.ldraJ will soffer the oousequenres, Thoy would not ,hove the·""",,' quality of air 10 breathe 'OT n.nur-al bealIty to __ That would he,.d.

Fuslof 011 ,he has fewer ~ than his parenfs. Tho eu;:ironmmt ho.liires in ispure,in litct,the Society is not os 'imple os he migh! thinI:.\Vhile his porads irnnw our society better,thoy have done nmch,and they have seen much ,so they may thinI: much.In mother word\ when they face an imporl!inl decision,theywillo<mSider all kinds of'litctoIS,SUl:h os and the

resulbi,while iI child"cmnever do that. .

\VlIhoul cleaa air to bresthe; • heallh)' EOOS)'-.tan, .and a future fur our children, the human rare wouldnol ""vi"". 1haI', whl'protectirig our environment is importmt Ifwe have .:healthy en1lrioIlIIl<ht, we ba"" healthy children who will be .ble t.o participate Il!ld aJlllrecillle the """.








Topic; 57

Topic: 58

Alffi:l getnry degree, I pi ... 10 start a business. My goi!I is to make money, a lot ofmoney. However, 1 can'! forge!·that !here are more important things in life than e:uJIing a profit 1 must consider thepeeple 1 work with, \he customers 1 serve, and !he community fliv. in

My colleagues are nery important part ofmy business. Without them, i woeldnot have. busmees, 1 depend an them to help me carry an \he day-to-day operatiors. I depend on them for their adcice <in wfurt 10 soli and bow 10 soli it. I must ccmpeasate them for their wed. 1 CIiIl~ take IaIge profits without sIwing with !he people who made it responsible.

Similiidy, I would no! have a business withcut my Custon.",,- I can """..- forget tbat they could take their business elsewhere.I must give them geed value-for their mcrey.I can't cvercbarge them, I must also remember that money is: as important to them as it is to me. I wi!Id: my customers to trust me and keep coming back

My employees and I all live in the same communily as our customers. We Ole a pari ot Ihe social life "four rommunity. We can~ignore it. We must playan active partin ill feel it is importJiDI that some of the profits !IIy busaess earns from the community be returned to tbe ccmmmity. We need to "'1'1""1 c-OlllIllll!lily programs like S\III!IIlel" jobs for high school Shlden!s, campaigns to clean op the parks, and efforts to make !he shopping area more attractive,

A business must make profits, but we ell-workers, customers, comnnmify-uiust profit frO!Il • saccessfhl busiress.

Movi es have beoomo: more and more popular in our doily life .. Many people like 10 cheese 10 go to a'theiiteI: or watch movies, on TV in their-spare time. However, itseems that d:ifrerent people have different tastes. ForexalI!Pl.e:, some people like-to see some serious movies; on the contrary; others lIl.yeajoy the 000, just entertaining themselves. A, faras I om concerned, I prefor the fm:me<

ones, the kind of movies designed to make us Ihink .

Firstly, serious movies can ua sometIring 10 think about, Unlike anmiling ones, pmbobly !here is no1Iiing still left 'in our mind after a certain period of lime .. Comp.""hveIy, seaeus movies lire "'I'P"""i 10 stipulate ihe'audience to think, .cqnire SO!I1eIhing varnaNe frOm the thinking and then keep it in mind for a relatively longer period of'time, .&.:his a kindofcourse ofleaming,.:ind what we obtain in this way maybe tum out to be a DeCeS""'Y supplement to what we learn from 'the textbook

Furthennore"~ serious movies ~ help II.'! gain some life experiences we might have not had in our real life before. Through ourselves baing in the plot we may get ro know how 10 make the pmper reectioas in dIfferent situations. Also the movies give ill the opportunity 10 think or value whether the-roles act right or ""~ through 00ich we 0Ie.S\lIe to become smarter than before, which is <>eftrritely benefit 1.0 our future life.

Fer us.young generation, weneed 10 learn sanJe!hing ""'""'''''J' day by differem ""'l"-In 1his case, thinking is isJeredible fer us. Fortunately, serious movies play aright role in leading us to. more thinking life_


Topic; 57

Movies have the powea: 10 make yoo laugh, cry, OF think about an iSsue that you migli! not otherwise think about, Although 1 sometime watch movies that are serious in _ I prefer movies that amuse and entertain. When I see.en amusing movie it makes me relax, laugh, and keeps me in good spirits.

After. a long day et school and worn, I need. break and wmething to take my mind off of the troubles ofthe.doy_ I learn do thai with anemertaiaingmcvie, Whenl watch an ama sing movie, I don't have to think. I just wan! to sit hack aad rein. After a movie, 11hea feel ready to get book to work on my studies,

Topic: 59

Life is short, Haste makes waste What', your Imny'!Tbese three sayingscharacterize the way I =g. my day to day chores. I dce't want to rush tbrongli things; I prefer to take my tiroe.

Annaingmovies make people Jaur,h- Laughing is important for the soul, Laughing not only makes people feel good, but a1"" 00_ people When people lough togethor, t!rey become friends,

Alffi: _clUng an enIertllining movie, _ relaxes me and makes me Iaugli, I feel good. When I feel good I caa.fbcns more on other important things like my studies and work.Bemg in good ",irits makes me feel better .bout myself and gives me a positive wllook on life.

While lean appreciate serious movies that make you think, I prefer to' be ","mod and entertained after. long day ofwolk_ Such movies allow me to take a break from the rigors of life by making me lougli and pntting me in. good mood.


Life is short, You never know wbat·IIlOY happen tomorrow so it is irnportanr to enjoy today. Of course, some people will "'Y that's why ;1 is 'imp_1o crama lot into • day. But-then, liow would you possibly have time 10 enjoy all of these experiences. -By doing a few things slowly and ooing them well, you can savor the experience.

Haste mall". waste. We Ole not machines. We cent msb thinugh things mechanically_ Ifwe do, we migli! forget something-,.we might take sbcrtcuts. By taking our time, we can do-a chore . carefully, ,eompleteiy, and'currectly

What', yoor!amy'! Where's the 'fire? I doll t see my need to rush 10 the neat eaperience. 1bere', still. lot to see and learn from the chores arrund you. Iaking core of your baby brother for instance can be very rewarding. You could simply keep him near you while you walch 1\1 and wnte a !ott..- and talk on !he phone _ _Or you could devote yoor whole attention to him and observe his reactions 10 his ...w-oninen!_ You can observe carefuIly, if you are trying to 00 fum things ,(

the Sa.IIE lime. .

To twist iii eorumon saying, "Don~t just do :something, sit there!" Take life '~ ani! savor each

mimrt e, -Life is shorter than you tIiink. '.





Topic: 66

The youag of most mammals, including humans, like 10 play. Scientists cIairn that with ~1lDS, fur example, play figbIing prepares the cubs fur their fitture life as a hunter and killer, The question is _ g:unes and play teach Immans abouf lrfe, Many people believe that- games accustom the player to Iife-skilla such as porreveran'" end competitiveness.

However, I disagree with the title st a teriJenI became 1 consider games 10 be maiIilyfor children In childhood, we do not heve responsibility fOJ tbe worki, Tho child is always eagor to grow up -to become a yearclder t or to reach the legal ago of an odult Children find happiness ing:unes_by !fiIIend'ing to be 2II adlllt in the real world. The pmblem is thot·games are optional; !hey routain too rIl1JciI happiness end too little hardship to eve-be real, An adult, by contrast.finds illUDing in hi, life by accepting that there are gre.ter things in \he world ilion his own happiness.

One of the dangers-of g:unes is the! some people .ttempt to translate the rules of. game.onto reality_ The modem esample of this problem is televiaion aad computer games. Pecple ia the West are now growing ccrcereed fhat children aild teenagers occasicaally imitate violence which they see on the screen,

Outdoor. g,m." are at least as important in the development of. healthy body as physical ecnvities trigger the body's metabolism to-hum excess fit! erid calories. Studies have shown that people are not susceptible to diseases and subsequently live Iceger m;, regular routine' of daily exercise which is very often in the form of games_ Popular game, like tornis soccer have beoome many itduIl.' favorites aft er a long; hard d'J' at walk.

In conclusion, there are many advantages in playing games for working adults. While many adults to-day are lindingit difficult tcjnclude.ganes in their leisure, dis jmpcrtant torealize tbabeneftts !hot ore IlCOOIIIjlaIlin by activities- such as playing games_ 'Playing games not only helps relieves stress accunmlatedfrom an IDdi"idlili!', domanding worn life but ore also funto indulge in. It Ilist..-. geed social relations amongst friends and finnily members andthns a reason why games ore mrlispensable aadshonld be included in one', lifestyle.

(&;a,- m 31""_ Samp"''''''- __ by _!lilly ~www.Te;iMagic.a>D)

Death is fimon a computer game and unstable teenagers who "zepvpecple in computer games can forge! the wJue of Iife_ Americ:m films "'" eften.ccused ofmaking violence ·glamorous:

This is not to say ilIat games did not deceive poople before the in,-..dion oftele1lision and the microchip_ Sucress as , 'I'orts-strr can leod ~ ployor to self-importance. If. foottall pl.yer is mitdacaptrin of his team and recei,,,,,, praise from the local press, lie might ba tempted 10 assume !hot he is "the boss" in other area, ofhis life, ,ueh :is within friendslrip>_ AlSo, lie might be stuprisedlo lind thai '1""1 is simply not impo __

F:inally, ,gambling ,hould alllo be meaI:ianad" • danger"", game AItheugli gambling and the accept:in<Je of ruck ore aooeptableTeotures ofmanycultures, a selfuh gambler """neglect his financial doties towards his finnily. E~, gambbug can beooIlJea drug 00ich dem"l~ life.

Topic: 6(}

Playing games hos alWays been though! to be important 10 thedeve~ cfwell-balanced and creative children; however, what port, if any, they should play in the lives of adults has never beenreseercjed thai deeply _ I believe that playing games is every bit as impoi1mt fur adults as fur children Nol only is taking time out to play games with our children ond other .dults vabulbJe to boildlng interpersonal relationship, but ;"also • wonderful way to reI .... buill up tension.

Ibare', '"'thing my.lirnband enjoys more :iller • bard doy of worn tba.n 10 come borne aild·play. game of Chess with someone. This enobleo him 10 unwind from the doy" aeri1riIieo and to di""",,, the highs ond Iowa of·the doy in~ non-<hreatening, kick back enviromnent A clase friOnd receWed one of my most memOJiIble wedding gills, • BackgllllIIIlOIl so.t I cled him \Wy'in the world ha had gi_1ieIl us ,uch a gift Herepliad thot he felt that an impo_t.'JI"cI ofmarriagewa.· fur a cruple to ne1ier quit playing games Ioper. Over the yoars, ... 1 have CORle 10 purchase ond pI'J', with other cooples &.cowOIkin, msny games hl;,: MOnopoly, CI!uI<s &Ladders, Mastermind, Dweebs, Geel., & Weirdos, et£_l con reflect an the integral part they bave pI'J'Od' in o""weekends ondoor '!l:!ut-<lffthe r_ V_ onddo something_more ,tirnnlabng" weeb .. They have enriched my life and mode it more interesting .. Sadly,.many adnlts forgot that games eVe. existlIDII have'!"I them .-way in the "",boards, forgo_ mdilthe grllDllchildren come 0'''''_

All too otren, adnlts get so canglil up in worl:ing to'Pay the bills and keeping np with the

") aneoe,~ thot they neglect m harness the fun in life; the fui:, thotcan be the reward of eajoying • relaxing game with anothor """,on. Rho, be<m ,aid thot "mon i. thot lie migli! have joy' but all too often we sk.te thrwgb life wifliouI nmcb of it Playing games allow, '"' to: relax, learn sanJe!hing ~ and sbmulJdiDg, interact with poople on'. <liJlffim! more conifortablele\-el, and to enjoy nan-threotening CO!IIpetition_ For theae ~ adults should place. higher priority on playing gomes in their lives_

Io on extent, life f<lImo>! people is precario'"' enwgb to include """" oogree of-v.'innilIg .ml lasing, and of adventure. Also., on unexpected oppmtunily or rocky find is oo:e of the joy, of life. But sooner or lale< we haveto _down ond face the grind of .dult life.


Topic:. 60

Many people have mluIged in games ond haVe bad fun m a good game at ,ome point in their live~ Games prirnarilyexistuypm"ide pIeosure as aleisoreacfuityfor people of all ages. Imlay, it is belie,oed that the hectic walk schedule of an .dulfs life has prevenled him from indIJigUig in games ",bather indoor or outdoor_ Some of !he better known indoor g:unes ore bo..-d games like chess; while tho more popular outdoor game, include many sports like Oocrer, hadminton, and· tennis.

(E:;s:JyID: 142,

I feel thai games play an "' role in the de .. ,,~ 0[; healthy hllllllI!l being. An """"'I'Je. ohn indoor game _ I think i, <=eIlent is chess_ Chess i. a game enjoyed bpnany adnlIs today because of the cballenge it presents one's mind in his "inIeIligence' to defeat his oppoDBI1 Io many people, theyIeeI that "=cising" the mind with !he indulgence of the!Ill)res mtelligence m an individual because \ trigge<s the mind to think and cons1anlly questions

Topic: 60

Nowa<layS, there are mare and.more games fur u, 10 pial'. ond people are plajcing game II10re than before. We tan play alone'o1 ,,,th others_ The qileshon is _ playing game is imp_ fur adult~ Some·think that IT is a Ml>le of time, while otheIs regard it as importanl part of our life.







I think that playing game is one impo_ part of our life because it relexes me from long time. WOJk ,",<I adds more klliJwledge,,,,,,,,, play group )lllIDIi ceaeecbecce the personal relationship.

AfIff kmg tine work, peoplewi1l get tired andneed seme relex. gam< is ooe .fthe pl_way to do >0 For example, playing. table tennis after work will not only roles yutl but also goodfbr

beolfu .

types, physical and mental, The former keeps the body fit whereas, the latter lteep, tbe mind fit The following are the reaSODS to SiIJlIIO.rt my answer,

Physical games include indoor g;ones like table tennis and outdoor games like f'oofuall and basketball. These games not only increases bloodcirculatioo but also burn> the eacess fat present in oor body that seepsus fresh and thus improves oor working habits. Tbese game, also teachesdiscipline, co-operation, respect for others, builds self-confideare endteecbes us to fare defeat .bravely, which in _ helps-us face failures in life too'.

secondly .people can learn some knowledge while play games. word game can build tip vocabulary, plsy chess can train people to think more cleeer.

Anothe.- reason that game is important is thai it can build tip a good relatieuship between people. P""""" with the same interest in o-m game will go! totcer more often.The fiiendship will be strenghtened and the theycan.learn fium each other more things,

Eveo thoogh I think the._ is important, I do mot me an that it can be pl'l' without limits. Excessive indolge in tha _ will waste time and do 00 good to the beoIIIL But this can not be regarded as' the reason to PT""enI game playing.

MemaI games include. chess, puzzle, quiz and IQ. These games im:reoses our meutaI ability and thinking power. These games teaches tomake decisions, increases om knowledge, iinproves our way of thinking and the ability to remember things, and thus keep, us mentally alert and allow, to take the right decision in lire.

By looking .t the above reasons, I conclude that game, wbether they are physical or mental, indoor or. outdoor net only unproves our lifestylli. but also helps us achieve our goals in life.

Therefore, plsying games is important fur adolls, (Il=y!Do 300,)

Topic: 60

I agree with the statement "Playing games is imporlirn! for adults" In this chaIlengiug world,

. adults WOJk VeT}' hard 00 earn a _jiVing and thusdon't go! time to keep their body and mind fit By ple}ing games •• dalts can not oo!y remain fit but em enjoy life too.

Garnes can be offwo types: physical endnental. The farner keeps the body fit whereas, the latter keeps the mind fit The following ore the reasons to support my answer,

Physical games include indoor games like table teDin, and outdoor game.< like football and basketball. 'Ibesegeroes oot only increases blood circulation but also burns the escese fat PT"'OOt in om body that keep. us fresh and thus unprcees om working habits. Theseganes also teach discipline, co-operation, respect for ethers, builds self-confideoce and teaches U'l to fare defeat bravely, which in tarn beIps us face failures in life too. "

Memal games include chess, puzzle, quiz and IQ. These games increase om mental lIbility and thinking power. These games _ to make decisions, increases cur knowledge, improves our way of thinking and fhe .a biliIy to remember things, and thus keeps us mentally alert and allows to take the right decision in life.

By looking at the above reasons, I conclude thet games whether they are physical.or mental, indoor or outdoor nat only unproves our lifestyle but also hel",us achieve om goals in life.

Therefore, playing gamesis important fur adnlts.


Topic: 6(}

I do stroogly support the idea that playing g"""'" is important fur adults.Itis useful andfiIIl,too.It is one of the most important'ways 00 cope with the problems ofbusiress and daily life.1here are' several benefits of playing games for adultsFirst,playing games createsleisure tane thaieVeT}' adllIt most have to lessen-the stress of business life.Its another benefi t is that It can improve reflex,inlellig<:Doe or health depeoding OIl the kind of the game.,lIIld il also gives pleasore 00 the adults as well as children.

Topic: 6(}

I agree with the statement "Playing games is.important for .dulIs" In this chaIIenglug world, edults WOJk very bard 00 earn a _liVing and thus don1 go! time·to keep their body and mind fit. By playing games, adalts Cannot oo!y remain fit bot can enjoy life too. Games can beof two

As we know today business life is a place full of stress.People generally oome to their home, being tired and irritated'i'lErefore,every individIialadolt must create leisure times to frirget the daily life', problems and to feel reli .... ed.~laying some ltinds of games can help !hem to have i'ree,withrut stress.times ODd to relaxJ'arails aIw,by tliis WlIl',cmmake a bettor comnamicefion with tbeir children by playing seme g;ones such lIS backgammonchess, pazzies OJ: computer games.Childreo ginu self.confidence due to this-rel •. tionship with their perents.too.It certainly is a notable point ofpl.ying game, referring to a fuiinl}' life.G~YJllsying gomes alone or with their families gives scppen odotIs'oo pre"""" their healths,to lessen their stresses and to deal with business problems.

With.the de\'elopmeut of rechnojogypeoplebofh adults and cbildren,began to give more and more iraportance 00 computer basedgames.Thecempater based technology acmally made games more interesting and more complicated tlw! were they before.Becan ae of their visual ani! sophisticated subjects, the computer based. ganaes can easily contribute to maintain an .dillf. reflex and intelligence thJmks to their interactive skills.Moreover.brain gymnastic, with ihese. games ere beneficial fur .duIfu to 501,'0 their personal problems.For example;some business men or oonsuIIanIs achieve much sucre", or. make better decisions after playing some computer games .wen tried ofwOIkiug.lhi.! neans that.ccmputers seem to remove theidea thaf games are merely

~k~. .

EnjO}"""" is another factor that sbould becoasiderated while thinking of the relation between adults and games.1t is certain to believe thai many adults get very IIJiIch pleasure from games.They gain the IiIIllJSeIIle!I of their previous clrildbood_gainand.gain wbileplaying games





with the chi1:I.lMng,in their spirits.Scjf a director of a COIIl!"'IlY or. president of·. cooutry is seen while he or sbe is playing a COOlJ'IIer _ or playiug foothall with Some should not be peculiOT.Ob\'iow.!y;they will >pall! more happier.tine than any chi1:I will and forget every lJ'JI"S of problems thai they have during the game. Lost but not leas. i wish to ""l' thai playing games is important for adillts as well as a111mman beings.It is u>eful,necesary,enjoyable and educationaI3moe life,itsel£js a game in which the players are we,it is unavoidable to spend time without pl.yirig games oj any age.

(EssayID_ :ns _ Sampll!'e~pI\1'Uid!dby EliI] Billy ofwww.TE!ii!'r1agi.c.oom)

When I was ymmg, my parents would invite children over to play with me. Over the·years., I have become VeT}' close to fhesechildren They are Iike 111)' forllily. We celebratebolidays and .birthdsys together. We eeen go to theJllD\lllfinus together in the SIlDII[lO[. My parents do not want me to fall into the wroog crowd. The), de not wan! me to meet and fall in love with sorreoae they do not know. I uaderstaad that and I want-to make them happy.

My father runs • VeT}' successful business and my motheri s a well-snowrrpclitician. They are very well connected end they _ mmy friends woo would like me to work for them when 1 finish school. 'Ihis is a '-ery good ..,_...t for me.

Topic: 60

Some people assert that ploying games is important fu,- odlliti. In'my opinion the importance of playiug games depends OIl the types of ganes considered While some ganaes IllIIj' benefit to health, mental abilities, working capacity, or help to refax-otlers may harm the person playiug in different ways. I think the games that ore imponant-for adults to play include the", requiring action, intensive thinking and teazn wmk. 11 bas been medically preven that physical trniniug is extremely important fill adults. It helps not only to maintain fitaess; but also enhances !be dlp>city oflhinking and working. 1herefure p:D1ic:iJlllting in sports games., such as basketball, footbalI, tennis aniI other action games is essential, o.m.;, thai require intensive thinking delIelop logic, attention and uru:01IVeII!i0nal apprcech.. Among this type of gornes ore puzzles, crosswords, and strategy games. And last, but not least, gimes that involve team _ are impo_ to develop further comuumicabililJ', ,bility to' make conect decisions with coasideratioa of opinions of dif&rent people and other skills, because these skills ore often wed in everyday situations,

Still there."",, other types of games that IllIIj' be hamrliiL The", """ majorly ClmIpUter games, which callie SelIeTe eye--strinu and exposore to rnliation Moreover, coroprJter games oat only ba.-m health, but also have • negotive impm on the working copocity. Many compaines have stringent rule, against their employees plsying g:ones during _-OOOTS.

If allchildren faU"",' their parents" wisbes, they would probably be happier. P_ only wan! the best fur their clriIdren

Topic; 62

Frieods are VeT}' important in everyone'. hfe. But there lire diJl'eWll types of fueuds: some of them ore very inIeIligenI,. some have a. good sense of humor and some are reliable, What I want most is the friend who has egccdsecse ef lnnncr,

Huinrir is a very iriJportant character of:a penon, because a person WID ishcmorous can always bring you happiness. I have a friend, wbo js not VeT}'inteIligenl and reliable, buthe is one ofmy best frieods., just becmse he has • good seose of Orauor. \VhenevIo- yro call him, talk with him, he alwayS te!ls.)'OO .ome fminy j 01= that make you Isughing. E,,,,,, though you ore in • "ery bad mood, he "'" make you IlIUgh and furget the sad.thing>. A friend wilh a good sense oflmm", i.! VeT}' optimistic; they can make your world full of hgbt.

There is also· one categDry of gilDJ.eS which I believe can be bo1h hann:ful md beneficial_ These are games played fur money. On one band, wiooing.>Ucl! a g;sne the playe.-feeIs posili,.., emotions; which ha,'e an overall positive infIueoce on the player:s health and finoncial >ituation On the other band, loosing the game can drive the pe.-soo plsying inoo disappoin_ and e,'eIl into depression, thllS banning hi.! health, not 10 mention the los, of money.

ThllS, in my opinion, the importance of adillts playing games can beevlIluated depending on the level of positive or negati''e influences !hat those g;sne IllIIj' have on the per:soo involved.


·If i! person doesn1 ha,,,, a seo>e o_f Orauor at all, thar, really bad. ·No IIllItIei: bow iD";lligent he is., no matte< mwTahable he;'_he.will ne""'bringyro happiness., althooghhecmheIjJ you ,01"". few problems., hi.! world is wi.theullal>gbler. In my dass there i.! • VeT}' mwt goy, but because of hi.! lack oflmmor, -..-. don't like to ploy with him,'althOllgb it seems. that bo knows """'>-thing.

Friend pl"l~ _ very siginfieanI role in "''''l'one'.life. But Orauor is the most important chaJ>_ in • friend,hecause brauorous'fi:iendsmake Y"" happy and see tha world optiinistiCaIly. They make

yourworld full ofbope, andfiill oflaugbter. .

Topic: 61

Topic.: 62

No one know:i;' me as well itS my parentL No one wants: the best fur me like my parents:.. It is natura! thai I.should allow my pareuts to make important deci.!ior;s for me. I think all older teenagers (1 j 10 18 year-olds) .should lake their porents od"ice on deci>ions that concern their education, their social life, and their firhrre coreer:s.

I tliink wball wanlmo>! in_ friend i.! some one' woo i>rehabk There is two.-ea:sons: first, I think _ relia.1< per.lon can be trusted, then, I think w_-er I ba>.., trouble, I can m}' 0Il'him, he will be sureto belp me _lot

First of all, os • frieud ofmine, he must be relillhle, .0 that I can trust him 1 think friendi ore the ""'" wbo share secrets with IDe. I IDItsI inake ""'" !hat'he i, reliable, then I Cli!I rell my "' .... the deepesl.ecret in my heart, may be the skeletou in the cupho..-d. Well, I'm just lidding, but I do think .that being Teliable i.! the most important fioctor of a ftiend_ Imagine that once you told your ;.,ciet. to'YOlJ[ friend, and )'00 fOlIIld in the following day tbal'everybody in the school,... talking aheut yoru secret--not , secret any more--oow wonld yro feel? Ir, Such .mIIible thing isn't it? Besides .. your boge anger,.the only thing )'00 could do i, to.regret that yoo didu't

My pareuts have alw'y> chasen the best schools for me to _. They have·encounged me 10 attend .special prep closses to make sure that I wa, well prepared for the exams. They ba,.., given me tutors to make sore that I understood my SIIbjecls well. When it comes to choosing a oollege, I will trust my porenill to make that decisiOll They know what they can afford and what will gi'''' me _ good education







choose a reIioble friend. Now you em see how importml choosing a reliable friend is,

me some funny j ekes !hat make me laughing. Even Ihough I am in a very bad mood, he can make melimgh anilfmget ab<mithe sa dlhing •. Inedditioa a J'ffi"n with a-good S<DSe oflnmior is".ery

optimistiC; they can make ourworldfnll of hght, , '

But if. person doesa't have a sease ofhnmllr ot .ill, 11m!', really bad No matter how inlelIigent he is, no motIer how reliohle he is, he will never bung us happiness, olthoogh he em help ua to solve a few problems, bathis wcddis w:i:thout Iaughrer.lnmy class Ihere is. very smart guy, but became ofhis lock of limnor, we don't like to play with him, aIIhough'rt seems thal beknows

"""'l'ihing, "

Secondly, a reliable alw3J" reedytc help you Mimeveryou are in trouble. 'l1Ere is ail old s:ryiIig that "a fiiead in need is a fi:iend indeed" which is very me:mingful. That is whot a reliable fi:ieud does. You ',can always rely on b:i:o:i: We can say that a reliable mend is a Ime mend. One,is Iud:y ifbe has even one reliable friend in hi. life. Not too many words are needed for a reliable friend to help yO\~ just one ..menee"thank yea, my friend" is you needn't thin!: horn inthe pay hack becense tbat is not necessary. Th:J!', the reason m.y I see reliability as

1M IIlO.!t important !actor when I choose my friends, '

A reliable J'ffi"ll can be trusted and relied on-that', the two reasons why I tbiDk rehability is I want most in a friend

Friends are very iInportllill in everyone's life, anillnmior is IMIDOst importmi characteristic in. friend, becausehamorous friends make us happy. They make om life full of joy • ."d full of laughter.

Topic; 62

Topic: 62

A!nw.,t every _ in the world needs friends. Dill'erenl people hold diflhenl opinions in choosing friends. Some ",nsid<rin!elligeuce lIS 1M """,! importllill characteristics in jheirfiiends; otbers regard • sense oflnmJor as the most significant personality, A3 faras 1 am ceecemed, reliability, whidi rreans filith, confidence and trust, is ofvila! impomnce. The reasons go as follows,

The answer of this statement depends 00 }'OUr own esperieace and life style.In my point view, the """t importmt quality for a friend is reliable. Among ccemtlese fectces which influonoe 1M choice, these are three ccaspicuous aspects as fuIlQ¥is.

1'0 me, reliability is 1M most important quaIiIy of'a friend. A friend is penon whomweknow, like, and trust We may 'know end Like a person "Mro is .intelligent, or who has il sense ofbnmor, but Vie cannot em him a friend unless he is also f>iIhful and _y. Perhaps we all know 1M famous novel by Victor Hugo., NOtre-Dame de Paris, and wish that we had a friend like Quasunodc. Allhough he is ugly, 1M man has a kind heart and a very loyal nature, He seems dedicatedrc anyone who Will show him in tum kindness. E:ven if semecee we know who does IKIt have a sense ofbamcr, or does not in!elligen! enough, he 'C3!l still be om friend because be is 1M one we em trust.

FrrstIy"based on reliability, fiieodship em be lI!Sti'ng. On the one bond, wlieu your friends, are fai!hfuJ, you WQuId 10"'" to 'get in dose !ouch with them. For instance, you could reveal your secrets to them wilhi:llrl'wm:ryabnut remg betrayed, and tell them your pleasure se as to double 1M joys. On the other hand, _ you are loyol to your friends, !hay would also like ID keep relationship between each ofher, Uridoubted!y, you will he freqt=!ly iInoited to funds' gettogethers and discussions, m'm.ich your "!'mions w:i:ll' be, full}' bik,;" into consideration since your friends respect you and know yoar suggestion does good no! only to yoorselfbut also to them as well, Thus, willing ofbnth your friends and you to e<m!irme the funned friendship wilIleed to your perpetual friendship,

Another reason em be-seer by "''''Y person is that a friend must a person whorn we Can depeud ~ He is willing to listen to lIS, give us spppeets, and sympathizes Vro"ith us when we are in reed, "A,friend iII ~ is • friend indeed" A friend is • person whom we can trust our feelings ."d inner thoogh!s with, and do not fear that he will betray us. I! is hard 10 imagine Ihat anyone will share his thonghi:! wrth • J'ffi"TI who, eftewards will spread the content of their conver aa tion to everyone else in the world

Of course, :i:ntelIigent and lmmorous are.also impertanf qualities of. friend. A friend who is menially acrte can give us sound judgrIienl and raticnality when "" have problems; a mend who is funny can give ill onenioyoble time, and add 'Pice to our-fife. But-for me, I still thin!: that the most important quality of. friend is being reliable,

What's more, reliability makes real frieudship more solid and deeper. Take borrowing lOOney as Oxarnple, it is almost completely sure that; probably besides, yonr fiuniIy, people you ask for nIO!leJ' are your moo! reliable friends" You turn ID then because you trust their sincerity to give you help, and at the same time;they eaet themselves to meet yoar need because they are mnlideut of your .tti!ude to yom friendship,. 10 be more specific, your promise ID return money. Friendslrip between thea" friends 'and you, thereby, gets flnthe., develcpuent and finally becomes really invaluable friendship just iII coincide with 1M old soying- a friend iII need is • friend indeed

In conclusion, reliability'em be. nonn to exam !he real friendship and motivate people to-deepen their friendship. When I choose my mends; rehabili!y is the foremost factor to be considered. No! only should my friends. he reliable to oar friendship. but also 1 should too.


Topic: 62

l'riendship is • \'Ory:i:mport:ml part in everyone', life, There are different kinds of friends: """" of them ore in!elligenl, ,ome have • good sense of hnmer and some.are.reliable, What I wantmost is the fiieud who has a good sense ofhmnor.


Topic; 63

Humor is a very:i:mport:ml character for a person, because a·person who is humm-ou:s: can always bring us heppiaees, I have "mend, who is no! veryuitelligent, but Ire is ",",ofmy bestfriends, simply because Ire has a goodsense ofbumor, ~er fcall him, tall: with him, he always tells

Some people assume that mos! experiences in our lives !hat seemed difficult at the time will become valuable less",", fur !Ire future. I agree with it In my Opinion, """I difficult eapenences we go through now will beJP de\"'lap our personalities, such as persistence; independence md





confideore, wbich'are most vaiuable fur our future ..

Persistence is the first lesson most difficult experiences w:i:ll teach us, Wheu I was a little girl, -teacbers andporeutsol""ys!aughlmetha!:i:fyouwanHo succeed in our firtma, _you must lelllIlhow 10 keep OUISeI"", persisting on ourgoals. From that-tine, I Iinowno matter what kind of dreams I held, I rmstpersist in realizingthmL Forme,o_g. _ity is a very &""d example. During,my high school, I felt nurth was !Ire most difficult subject fur me. I oI=,o! gave up 'my dreams because of my poor moth scores. However my mom asked me no! te give up my plan end eucourage me to keep going on. Finally I srn:reeded m entering • prestigiOllS lmiVers:ity,

Afler entering thelmiversity.lleansed my ,eoond,Iesearu' - independence, I! wos ~ reillY' difficult time fur me because l:was never far i1.~y from my parents fO!' such a long time:. \\bat"s more, I need to toke care ofm)""lfno!'onIy about liviDg,conrlilions bul a1", about my study, At the first period I really didu~ know how ID adapt myself:i:nID the new emiirnnmen!, it wa, no surprise!hat I got lost dIJring that time. LucI:ily, 1 have my parent. aniI mends', euoouragoIDl'll! ID lrelp me go through that quire difficult tiine. Now I am working in Singapore aniI I tbiDk what makes me get' used 10' this filst sOciety 'is dlJe,ID my cOllego" experieuce" I believe that I will beaJme mote iIldependen! thm before,

1M first few weeks can be extremely painful and we' ""'l' fuel OUOIlllOUS pressure and difficulties. Aod we will try our best to 'djU>!; to Ieam and to tbiDk, how ID do this job better. The more difficulties we feel, the harder we try 10 acquire the skills and knowtedge 10 overcome it. Learning and this stage is ememety efficient and om prbblem,soIViDg skills well increase. A1Ier we overcome more .and more problems, we can.become m ,experienced worker in 'this field anJ 'Will be able 10 bike on more challenges. We w:i:ll never fear that we will face tbe same J:indofproblem again. This means that we have accunnrlsted wJuable experienCes fOr the future",

In aword, a dllliculi experience is a gift that life gives us. We should eppreciateit and take it as a preciOusopp<>rbmity to gain howledgo and esperieu<:e ohout our study, wmk and,life.

Topic: 64

Building euooghcoufld<=e is IIllOther l=n the diffirult experieuce, teiiches me. Not everyone is born ro be oonlident, What helps me build my coulidence is also throngh most failures I wen! through. There i. an uld soying. foil"", is the mother of soccer.". Yes, ii is true! lhroilghfoilures we con loam Miat we are short of and gain. 101 oflessons from others, Building conlidence is a gradUal process. I! bikes time and you may see our iInpIm<ement a few years later. I thin!: 1M chmre'ofgetlingthisjob greatly rchea """"",elf to show n:mchooufide..nci; tha!! ain do' this job well

There iiJ-e m..any ,iJd\rmages ~ people ~ woik fur 1hem:seI.\Iffi. ~d 1ia\;'e their own business... For erimple, you don't need to wOoy ,boot getting lip too late for wOrli:; you <loo1 need to worry al:iout 1M relati"""lIip between )'0lI and yoor boss; }"""inoy go to ",oil: at any time you wllJd, because you ore 1M bos, of your own bus:iner" You ID'J' leed. rnore.'l'ou!meous and life. In spite ofthis"persouolty.l would like mwerk fur 'omeo:IE elee.

There i,11O denying that three :i:mport:mI J'ffi"nali!ies I learned from IIlQSt difficultespeTI"""" befOre make my life totally dilI'ererd now, In, short, "",need to go furongh riIany experii=as no matter they are ""eel or bitler. Although !ill)s! experiences are currently diflirult or a bit tough fur Us, ilis belie\oed lliat this kind of infIueuce i,powerfuI and deliiiitelyw:i:ll be wJwble for our

future, ' ,

No matter wh,a:t kind ,of t.1sin:ess you (JIiIiJ),.,a doniestic or international oompany, OT il small one like. SlllId: shop, )'ffil,have t" tol:ecare ofmany throgs ,uch as a licen>e, ren!, yourpe<Soanel, yourC<lll:lp'>titon,, even !Ire weather,ifyou own an umbrella shop,

That is what I don't like. I don't like a cmoplicated life, I mean, I IiIIl just ,nor:mal female who ham1 much iilI!bition either m my life or in my career. I am used to haviug" simple life, • regoIar life with discipline, wiIMut nmcI! risk, What is most importm! for me, bes:ider worl:, is !hat I C3!l still have free time the thing. I enjoy daing, aud <loo1 need 10 think about the bnsine", ill the time. Forme, remg a _ .. owner might have too nwchrisk aniI,1ress,

Of course, heing au employee, you are subject ID discipline; aud pay attention to yonr boss., but that'., • part of life, just like fur o~ p.ying attention ID II!eir own bus:ine"" earning • lot of money, aniI having risk are ports of therr h\'eS.

In a phri!Se, I ",ould rather ID woil: for ,omeone else, I just """,t to have my own .simple aniI regoIar life!

Topic: 63

Some people argue that mo.! experiis>ces iII our live, that.seemed diflicuIt at 1M time, 'can later herome valuable I "CiUID.Ot~gree with fuem. more~ 1'hf:re iIfe mIIIlefOUs: reasons \vhy I hold ",ulidence on this opinion, and I woold """lore on!y " few prinmy ones here.

Difficulties are beneficial 10 our pe<S0IiaI growth.ln the comse "four life, we are going ID fi= II\lIIleroUS difficulties aniI obstacle,. and each difficulty will help ll!l grow up, and beaJme • 'voIllablelesoon fur th:el\rtme, A toddler felIs,offthe groUnd furmmytimes before he know, how to walk, anila child learns how to swim after he drinks wa!or m the ,wimming pooL In addition, only after we experieru:ed failures., we know the veIue of rucress, We will never appreciate

, anything that cmues so eI!SY. Dillirullies "'" make us feel ,tronger aniI be more confident for !Ire future obst.cles,

Topic: 64

,Some people prefer to W{lrk fur!hemsel""" or own. busines"Othen prefer to wOrli: fur on employer. Personally, I prefer ID woil: for myself, I choose ID be .self_loyed because of the reasons as follows.

Furthermore, diffirullies iII our work Clill help us gain more experience aud knowledgo, Mos! of 1M times we can gain knowledgo and experiences filster fiuoogh experiencing difficulties iII our life aniI trying to futd , solutions ro the perplexities !hat we fi=. There i., famrus saying. no pTIn,"" gain. For esample, wlleu we taIre on. new job that we da nnt have IlIUchesperieore~

I C3!l decide Miat I da accordIDg my OWl:! willing aniI in!erest This poin! i. the most important because one person em find wmk moti""ty from his inferes!. lillso cau decide how ID da the thing, I C3!l choose my own directi""" and ways, w"herei!S IMse who are employed by o!hers must do woil: ocoording !o the direcbcns of theiI eroployl=

The other importm! poin! is !hat I hove freedom to decide _I da the thing. The time I wmk i. de!ennined by myself. I am not constricted by other people. Hence, ii lillil tired, I can res! m the







daytime; if! have more """ID', I can worl: late at night I have-mere freedom on the choice of woIk time than those who work fur an ,ernplo}"",,.

I work fur IIlJI"'lf; so I only can ~ on myself This can train me 10 learn more J::now\edge and to worl: hard and teach me to-face fhe suceeas .. d the failure correctly. I can learn how to lake .m-.ntage of different conditions and deal with different situations from the practice, I can learn to encO\lIlIge myself \\hen I succeed and not to-be afuid of difficulties and fiiilures,

FODIlfr Imperial Pakace in China, where ancient emper= bace ever stayed, has had a l\lDgstanding history as lOIig as over 2,000 years. TInoilgh i~ we can not only remember !IllIIlY fumous historical events, but ear! also know that ancien! people have grasped VerY advanced architecture techaiqaes and methods,

I believe ifwe demolish these valuable buildings, we will destroy an significant piece of history also. More seriously, we won't be able-to rebuild them, What!""'Ple need isn't the dnplication or ropy, 1n!IlllIlY old cities, there are sorueoldhoeses at where there W<re!IlllIlY imporunlmee!iDg. hold When we visited old meeting sites; we seemed 10 bock to thai turbulent or, escited time, k, ;r we can beer again whal those irnport>nt historic characters were talked abouteach other vigorously

Baaed 011 the abovestatenenfs, llhink !hat selferoplojing has mare '_ges. So I prefer to be self-esnployed.

Topic: 64

Many teach= prefer 10 assigo ho_ 10 their students e_l'doy, Scae people may think that <lady homework is UllIlOIle<SaI}' and thai itmzy. be even an em. burden io children I believe. however, it will definitely ~ _ study their subjects well, Assignmg ~ to studem,

is totally DeCeS'Iirj' for their study. '

Moving on 10 wider tbenes; I admit that some old bnilding.,have got • bit dilapidated and unsightly, and haven't generated any"""""'" fur us, any more, But if we can refuilJi>h them, I .believe that tIrey could start to attract visitors to cities again

From. what-has been discussed .00,,,, I,,",, safely dn!.w lhe.oondusiim that wesliouldp.-""""",

these old end histone buildiog~ ,

It is an important W!I)' 'of studying to assign homework to students everyday. There are • lot of W'J" of otudJ-ing fur students, such lIS attending classes, discussion, 'fidel trips and so forth, But ooiIig homework is LIIUch more a cbrect and intensive woy Ofiotlldying By doing ~ _ can absorb those viewpoints thai teachers have. lectured in class more thoroughly and keep !hero deeply in mind by reviewing !liem over and over,

Children caIl be easily distracted by something lim III home and dowu street and finally spending all their timeploying. ThlllteacheIs assign theroho_ and ask for handing in Mteo 1hey rerum to school will push .students to go to study lIS frequently es possible. Thus ensures students

do well instudy. .

Also, assigning ~ to students everyday will help thero learn self-discipline and responsibility. S_ IIIIl5t alwal~ remind them"e"'eS that 1hey are _,and studying is their .nem job rather than pliiying. They must realize thahfthey did not aooomplish their honewcrk, they ,would be puniabed by tbeir teechers. They must knew their responsibility and'enfbme ' 'themselves 10 ,tDdy. These, the ""ISe of responsihility and 'elf-<lisciJ}line, are useful qualifies heIpiIig a child form to be a person,

Topic: 65

Overall, it is a good ideo that teachers aesiga homework to students everyday. It can ensure them to spend mare time on sIDdying and esenmally Iead to • success at Study. Itcan also help _ laam responsibility and self-discipline-that will them in social life in the future. For these ' reasons, I think thafall teachers sOOuld assigahomework 10 their _ everyday,

It is a oontrov-ernaJ problem that whe1ba- • city slnuld preserve its eldhistorie buildings or destroy than and replore Iham with modm Iinilding:l$lime people think thai. city sbcnld prose"'" its old)IislDric buildings because 1hey are the witness of the pas!,<>Ih= think that a city should destroy Iham and replace Iham with modem Iinildings because they lake up .101 of places.As Iior ... 1 om concerted, I prefer the previous idea that the okfhistcric ~ shouldbe

~,,~ .

Although the oldhistcne buildings would take up a 101 of places arul1he modem society will reed these place, to building tha DeW buildings such as sky=aper>,1hO old,bistoric 'Iinildings are the, 'witress of the history.It is known thai, a uoderucity OODleS from thepast history which had. valuableexperience.The oldhistoac building:l could tell peoplewcatbeppered in the past and Mial was the past like.From tlretpeople oould gain kowoledge and experience to contribute to the DII>Ilem society better,

The ojdhistoric t.iiklIngs could also be offered to edlo.2lion:Ihey.caIl bee",", the teaching bases fur caildren.It is neces~ fm: children tc J::now tha pastno that they can kown better about the present society.In additioa.chifdren will be interested in the strange structure of the buildings and the funny things HI the buildings, wbicll will promote the childem to slDdy

Fmalll',the preserved bnildingwould offer the importanl clue, fur ercbedcgists tostudy thepast.It ia more valuable 10 rnainIai:n them well !han destroy thero 10 build. new ones,

.(E"i.!iay ID: :5'22. This jg. 31 j po;rEm: 1!5s:ay)

Topic; 65

Whether the city should try to preserve its old, historic bnilding crdestmy thero? I believe thai differempeople will bace differadopinio= Aocordiog to my experiences, I think that we shoold preseee these old, historic bIJiIding. I like 10 use following reasons to """han wby 1 thirJk '0.

The first and importin! reason is that eo"'Y old building represents an important piece ofhist'my, Undoubtedly, they can reflect contemporary culane, custom and life style, etc. For example. the

In conclusicnrhe oldhistoric building:l should be preserved for the 0=00> .bo",,,FD5I is tha!!hey are the witness of tha pas!,theu they could teachchildren sometIring and 1a5l1hey ore the ' impornmt clues for archeologists.

Topic; 65





The issue here". wbetber old, historic buildings'iri a city should be preserved or replaced by modesn Iinilding;>. In my opinion, building,ofhist;,rici! value should _y be protected ra ther than destroyed I base my point ofview 00 following reasons.

From. the above discussed, 1_ thai classmates will influence. child more in his School success because th<y have more time together, tIrey understand him better than his parents, and they have '0 mnch corcmen inIeres! together.

(E=y IDo 151 )

First1y, each historical building is precious.properIy of human being, Like an antic. the vahie of en old bnilding can not be measured by maney. We will 10", those valuable histerical buildiags pe!IDlIIll'IIfI ifwe don't preselVe them. Once ahistorical buildiog is.desnojed, we can never restore it; even ifit is restored to-ita original look, the ""'" building is onlya fake replica; the historical value will never ceme back-to us,

Topic; <Hi

Althor1gh sfudents >lay with their classmates all time in school, pareses lire • more important influeree-oa :3 cbilifs; success. I disagree \:Vi:th.the statement that classmeteaare a more impm:tmt

influenoe on a child'ssuccess in school" becaase.ofthe reasons as fritlows.. .

Serondly, a historic building always represents history and ha. educational functions, Each one of !hero can telluaa story. For example, some buildings sreecideaces cf'foreign invasion, others are signs ofverioas religious ·."a,IM HI poSt decades. peOple nowadays 'con iilw"l" obtain historic or coIturnl inforrnatioo thJOugh viciting. these old 1milding3 and sites, Althongh we con Jearn tha past from books, pictures andby visiting rIIlISalIIIS, nothing can oompare with fhe actual historical buildings ttemselses, which can bring vivid edocatinnal material to us,

Thirdly, historical buildings are a symbol of'a cily and. valuable tourist resource; therefore a-city cannot go without historical OOildings. Beijing is rtilresemed by tha Forbidden Uty, tha S1lIIIIIlf:I Palace, which lire all historiciil reli<" It is hard 10 inlagine thai """"'"'Y the City of Beijing OOcidas thst all these buildings obould be ~ed and modero bulIding:l be built on 1bfir, sites. Because those historicil relics and b.Jildings are too importanl to the oity imd tan genenle profmmd tourist income, A oity will beuefi! more by protecting its historic building:i than by replacing them withmoxlem buildings.

FHS! of all, parent. are the people who unde!:stimd their OWl! children best, They know the 'children', good sides and bad habits. They eanconect the children'sbad ideo end make them give rid of the bed hahiIs. So children can foond a.good base to getseccess in school, But classmates can DDt,do these work ..

For all reasons given abo,,,, r will ,troogly 'ugge5la city llWIli£ipal'should preseTI'" the old, historiobuil~

The other Ie"",n is that parents baveexpeTIenres on 0101 of matter:s. If children'have prOOlerns, parent; "'" give them their,experience' to help them solve problems. Ifpareots have 00 Simihu experieru;es, they ,till can give their c:biIdrm some advice. and maJ:e them avoid the wroog diroctions, Classmate> can al"" give children ,ome help. but they do oot 1In,,·more.~ !han,parents, So their influ~Ilre ".Iess !han Ilia! of paren"-

I'iren1s also lin .. other importanl inlluenre OIl their children', succes, in school. Plirenls mil' analyze S<>me!hing in diffeienj ways and ha,,,, dilfe_ opiniOos from children, Oassmales also can have different opinions on one thing, but they are III the 'same OOOdiliOrlS with other, their opinions may be· similar or ItaJIov.'_ Children can leam more comprehernive 'knowledge aboout ,on thing from theirpl!renls,

So, hased on the aoo,,,, discussion, I think it is oleiirthal parenl.! ore, more'lmportant influence than classmates on i!I. child's succe:ss in school

Topic:. <Hi

I strongly agree that cias.mmtes are'more influential to • child', ""= in school than j>iireIIIs. This I "'l'I"'rt with the following reasons.

A child ~ '0 IID1ch lime with his cl""""",re. in school. The), study Iogether, play together, and v;rile exams Iogether. I'l;y<:hotogist. agree that during their fi:rst yean in schoo~ children or" more influenced by their oornpanie. during theiremtional and ~ grnwfu k, • ",snit, clnsmares are • lid oo:ntoct most in school and willlherefuTe lin" mnch impact an his acme:,r, .. rements in school_

(Essay ID: 2153. This. ig 31 :) poaLm <l!Ssay}

Topic: <Hi

Ac"'rdiug 10 my experience, I fully agree the w",,' that cia""""le. are. more imponant inlluence than parents 00. chiId',.ucues.s in .mool.llike rouse following""""",, to explain why 1 think do.

In odditinn, a child has nothing 10 hide with his tenns ofacadomic perfurmance. For inmmce, a child who dres • bad job in math = will be revealed on his grodas; • cbill ",ho wins the fi:rst prize in mal dOb.1e C<inle<1 will be reward<d before the whole greop of students, So his cla=nllles J::naw both his good and had ,ide-; of his school H"""""" • child will oonceal something to his parerll' while d>:scribing hi. oonduct in school_ften limil in those ,good points. From thi" weoan easily ooncIude thai only those WID undersnmd more :ibout·. child can exert moTe influence ·on him.

FlIIlIIly, cl",smIIIes "'" of simiJar'go with a child They share so mnch cormnon. S'o .' child is more sentimentally ._ by hi. clo=otes' .ctivilies.lf he is in • group of children \We are intere<tedin inoov2lioos, he ",ill more IilreIy 10 think of inventing 'omethingall w,'. So cl=rna:te, ore ''''Y helpful in hismcces, in schooL

The firsl and I!lI)s] iniportaiIt reasoo i. children coo e:illly share Ih<iT theirghls with pe<= UndoulJiedIy, children can readilyexct.nge their ide ... t the _ of chus.mllles. I cleiirly rernembe.- thsl I like 10 ronfide my troubles to my little friends w100 I fuuod that III)' porenIs rould uot utterly urnIerstand my thimghts, SlIIOelimesww. I could,nol get a better soore, with which only my parenti were not sal:isfied, my friends could g),,, my lIIlderstaodiog and cmofort 'Ibeir words of comfort let me refresh \ocoulinue to sIlldy hllId

Another equally irnportanl reasoll,is that !he rommunicotion with c,",=ates frequently i. good fur fue cllihv:ation of ow: d::taracteris.:ti.c_ When we often c-ontac.t 'With our classmates or fi:iends, we coo Jlnd our ov.'Iladv3ntoges and_ads that I may he not 'c<iilscious of at the'fronl ofmrr 'paren"'. Classmotes cm frankly point rul our shortages and those helps will play ao intportllIll role in wr firturelifa.







~ing 011,10 !he wider theme, yoong",ctiveand vigorous virtueswill drive us nmre likely 10 stey with our classmates. After :ill, ",.IID" more topics with our faeads. We can freely tall about our dreams, our ·idols, even our secret>, which only belong 10 om <JWIL

disadvantages of the two, and there ore always different situations, my personal option is that different strategy should be .pp!ied for difforml situations.

Of course, I adIIiit that parents ean also give us IiwIy help. For example; they can teach us how to 2IllIlJl"" positive andoegativ. sides of every thing. \Vheo we encounter """'1' difficultiea.pareots can give ill' immedi,te help. But if aU factors ore OOlltempl.te.i, the advantageS of classmates

cony more weight thao those ofpareae. .

From what has been discussed above, wecan safely draw the conclusion that classmates are a more importml: intluence than parents on il child's Success in school.

(&s:fj-ID_ B4 _ S3mpl~~pI\1'O~by Erin Billy af1\WR'.Tesfi!rbl~~

For sitnatices where basic and simple jobs which requires less training, and cutting down the cost is. important fur the survival of the business, 1 would pre ... to lriiE sorreoae who bas 1= experience, and willing to w()!k \1Ilder a Iower p.y. For example, "factory shceld hire mere inexperienced laborers to w",l on the part of the plant where less skill but more physical strength is needed; and a restaurant owner should hire a cheaper kilch<n himd rather limn more chef. 10

cut down the cost of operation' .

on·the other hand; fur situations when more knowledge and skills-is crucial fur ajob, Iwoald tead to hire someone who ;.; more experienced and would rather pay more salary. Training an inexperienced person for an advanced position can cost a great deal of money, and, mistake an inexperienced mal", SOiIIeiimos cen bring disaster to a ooorpany. Therefore an experienced personnel is a valaable-asset for a business, Sometimes the value caimot be measured by rooney. A_any may los! millions of dollars of revenue when scree iinp<>rhinl positions are ",cord and rl 110. to look fuT,omeim:e whois qaalifiedor take a lot oflime to train anew person

In conclusion, wher! we decide whether to mre a inexperienced, cheaper work", or an experienced, bJI more-expensive worker, it is alv.-oys depend on the nature of the business and the 'position, the anenmtofjraining required, and of course , the employers' personlll preferences,

Topic: 67

According to myespederce, I prefer to hire an esporiimced wceserat a higher salary. I like 10 use

fullawing reasons 10 """lain why I think so. .

The fast andimportauf reason is that experienced workers themselves mean higher ~.l reIlEllJberthe words say;' Time is mccey" AoexperierJ<:e<! worker just can IDee! this demand. Such as, many factories now adopt the system that worker's salary will depend on the rnrrnbe< of theirquahfiedprrdncts. hi such e ase , althoogti some esperieeced workers can get vay higti salaries, considered-the poteotial profit made by those products, I prefer to eJqJloy those experienced workers

Aootha- equally importl!rd reason is thai experienced workers neen iess accident a .1 1he worlcltop. Now people', insurance cccsciocsee ss becomes stronger and stronger. If the accidents happened; the employer will pay enormous compensation fee for injured WOIb"'L As far the apprentice, the -accidenls are ''''1' easily caused and almost inevitable 'only becauseheshe has no eooogti work experiences. In effect, the factory or oemp""Y can fully avoid these ,cciderrt, and ~ finarcial fuss thr<mgti hiring espeneoced employees.

Topic; 67

If i were an employer, I weald beglad to.hire an inexperienced worker at ajower salary, My reaaoas are as'follows:

VIIS!, those who can accept the lower salary are those not care too JiJuch about uoney, what they core the most ispeisonal de\-el~. The success andfailure or. oompany are correlated to employees' altitude, a success: oompany needs. scmemen with the been that eager to success"

Of CO\IC3e., as fir as s:noing enterprise's expense is: cencemed, a Iewer salary may be a better appeal for some oompanies Or fectories, But if aU the factors are oorrIerIr»lated, the ,dvl!rdages of experienced workerscarry more weigh! than those of inesporieooed workers.

There lire many other reasons that should be considered, but all in all, Lretter bireenespeneneed employee ,I a higher salary then emplOy lin inexperienced worker at a Iower salary,

(E=ym l51.j.

Second; inexperieooed III<D are·alway. modes! and··_y, they like to learn and listen to otheP.l opinion or suggestion, so they can improve their working skills by eccept scene rigtitopini=. These are two importantdw.cteristics of •. good employee, nof ouly they can bring success lolsiness to the ooorpany but also can set up a good company jmpressioa to the pebtic.

Third, those inexperienced employees aremcstly just.gradaated from school They are .clive and enrbusiastic.Ic so"'; extent, they prefer worsicg together as a team to working alone. teamwork censpeed up the working efficiOm:y andalso make the cemp""'l fill witha.ergy.

Moving 00 to the wider tbene, esperieaced work ... are also.the pledge of factories. and companies' ability. Now people hove gradually realized that experienced worker, fhat-is so-called talents, will be the most impertairt factor for the enterprise's fiiture prosperity. Such as, mmy famous cempeaies prefer to provide more attractive welfare than other companies in order to get their ideal talents, and then keep thi=eIves long stable devel<ipmaii_

Since there are so mimi' advantages, v;hy not hire inexperienced guys! tE:;.say ID: j~_ This. Is :J j Patm ,~SB)'}

Topic: 67

When'it comes to wtetber an employer should hire workers with 1"", espeneaces and lower pa)', or. to hire experienced workers with. higher salary, since there are ajways ,dvmtages and

Topic: 67

'Some employers prefer to hire-people who hove work experiences and poy them higher salaries. 1hey"maythink that if'they want to make a SOC""" ill business, thel' do so. If! were an employer, however, I would ra tber hire the inexperieoredemployees endpaid them. relotively !IJwer. salaries.I do, not care about whether experiences an employee has or not, I reaDy care ,brut the cost. Besides, it needs not only experiences to do a job well mil experienced worker,




Hiring an experienced employee to do a job thai he bas esperieaced me aas that he can eo>:il)l make thejoodone ordo d efficiently, But here is the problem I am a poor boss, As a young man, I have not earned much money rrI}'SeIf The eaperieaced worker alw"Y' asks too higti salary to afford III my present financial comMon If I managed to pay employees higher salaries, rl would probably push me 10 close my t=inesse\'BIlllaUy. So,I need to'hire'1he inexpaiericed workers with lower salaries 10 cut down thecost of my business.

To run business well, I hove 10 consider a lot of other factors of all employee, not only the employee', espeaence.Js the employee loyal 10 me? Goold he probably cheat me inbusiaess openlion?·I reaUy = with these questioos. Ifhe chme to be not furaJ to'me or chose 10 cheat me at wilIk, the experi= he hos would be ooeIe;ss for my business .. Considering of this,I wonld rather hire a wOIk", who is inexperierJ<:e<! bulloyal to me and _1WortIry.

Ao emp10yee who hos • lot of experi""'" does'not al_ys _ that be i> just suitable to an assignedjob. Someone who hosexperiences does not mean thai he bas experierJ<:e<! just this l"""'n1 job. His""""ri= ore simply related with his fomter jo~ Everything C30 bechimged 0= time and the need; for the same job '''' be changfrl, roo. So, if I lrired an.~ worm, perlIaps I wonld still ho\'e to tDtin him fur just !he pre"""t job again. 11ms, if I hove to· train me<paieoredemployee and pi<}' him higher salary, why nottDtin an in<xperienced employee and P'l' him lower saJary, ""'" thai I ,""" to train my emplOyee aJI}"..y> The cost of training i> just the ,ame, but the..:l:nies I have to pay·litter are dillerent: the furmer i>higtier;. the WIer, lower. AIl},""" who hos nrn:mal """" Will definitely cl!oose the 1,_ the inexperieooed but cl!o'l"" emploj'''''".

In short, tlIi:ing.the cost, thesintahility and the loyally .oJ honesty of employee, into considerstion, if I """ Oll employer" I wooId definitely hire the inexperierJ<:e<! emp-l"l""'" and pi<}' th<mlower salaries,

(E=ym 525 j.

~.either for.all the students or for a single ODe. \1Tdhoutoome feedback, itis'inlpossible for the teacher to do this. A test is also. good form of feedheck, but obviocslycee or two tests ore not eoougti, and sometimes this kind of _ad: just comes to late.

However, This conclusion might be misleading thai one IlI")' believe'all forms of hoDJework ore ner:essaJ}'. Actually, only proper amomtl of hornev;ork in proper forma is acceptable; some homework may m! ouly fail 10 help the students, but <in contrary bore them, '0 nnicl! so thst·they IlI"}' lose theiriImate interest to Stud;'. ''Proper'''homework, in my opionion, should ''''Y in its forms; it might be some extensive reading, a paper, or even just a gimJe,.as well as other ordinary escercises .. And it should leave ~ freedom to the stud"nts so that they rould do things they really like to do with self-motivation, rather than unwilIingnes'. We should always remember thet homework is 'onreth:ing far 1lS to guide fhe students, rather limn drive them Only if. teacher keep this in hislherDJind, the homework could he ofm",t help to the 'h!dents.


Topic: 68

''¥ ffil runst finish your assigmnerrl.wen coming bad: froin ,choo~"my mother alw!rys tOld"'; when I"",. r:hild_ 1herefore, I am used 10 doing my homework as my fust thing .t horne

Acrording to my habits.aad.fu""""" I .... unanimous with this _ thai ieocher .s.sign homework e\eqdoy. Maybe oth"", hate doing homework "=yday became they !like it· as', burden which will reofure their time for playing g;nnes. Here!Let me tell roo why I advocate il

The mamrellOOll·i> thai teocheI:l assigiimghoroework Ol1eryd'J'reaDy helps me go over my I_ I have hod on clos •. Through my he",,,work I conllI!ders.!and the koowledge by mysalf and get MIIIIthe .teacher: said the ..."t impo_ thing. in orda: in my brnin_ I reaDy liked playing and postponedhoro.wurk1o the ne>tday. Wool 'lhaI realize an old'SOling "Bire more than.roo C30 chow" .

Topic: 68

There', much OOlltrm""'Yaoout the neceSsity of daily'h~ for ,~. Some ~ hemework is neressaJ}' sinoe only practice makes perfuct, ",ioIe o.tberit disagree because they believe a ,tudenl should hove the freedoro to ,tudy whatever in whate"", funns just .. he/,he likes to.

An6ther reason' is that cempletiog homev.-ork e\wday will hoIp to raise hiibit thai everyone need think inhislher own way independontlyWhatteacher learne. us i> j1l-"t 1heir1Jlldentmding track and what we gain on clll", is just otheIli'experieooe ..

What I disClissed 000\'0 is just I''''point. ofIlllOIY persuasive ones. To ,omeeXlenl,""'may 00ey the rule-- "Always work and srudf IIllIke3 J ad , daD boy'

But ·ifiill these ·factors ore oonteruplated the sdvanlage of .signing homeWork e\""Yd'l' carry more weigh! thao thOse of the oPF",ite """.What I agree with is"just peIWiJl!I id",:Maybe roo can remember ibi. Word. "Going 0\"" _you've learned will gn.'e yoo """" new knowledge.'

In my opinion, rlaily h~ i, '""""'"'Y fur ,tlIdent,."F"'~ a teocher oonId ... ign homework '" • guido .fur the .students to 'hul}'. To lesrn ,omething. A sh!dent.r>OrO<Is help of, teocher because bel""' does not hove an 0.-erall1Jlldentmding of the knowledge he is going to shIdy os the teocher. This means, III the begiinng a studorrtconldnot well plan hisIher study, just os. kid who ;, fuT the lim time in • iwiniming pool Could do nothing but play with wafer. And • teacher could make a good srudy pi,," fur himIber, '0 that he/she conld lesrn efficierrlly. Secondly, SoniJe!imes, evm when • stlJderrt espociaUy • yormg "ne, hos alreaily understand what he/,he should do in order to master ",me sI:ill orlmowledge, belsbei>.till unwilling to do thi, fuTthe· lack ofmoti\",ti·on. Hey, ,don~ tell me that you 110"" never beer! lazy af aU when l"'" were l''OllDg. Soroe homework could' function os • task 'fur the studorrt to peITOIIIl which is heipful to motiv3je himIber. Thirdly, homework i> IifI importlint'furm of feedback fur , _ to underrund the _vity of hislher v.-ork. As I hove mentioned before, 0 teocher make, • ,tudy plan fur the _DIs; but 00... il reaDy work? or doe. it v.-ork for all the _ts? I!', not di:flicult to know this only ilthe teacher pay oorne·atteolion to the hornewo:rk of the s!trdeut~·Tbeo belshe IlI"}' be"We to find if there', "'''"'problems in hisIher teaching, . .m make corresponding ~ ofhislber

Topic: 68

Many 1ear:heJ:; .,';go hemework to stadenIs """'}'day; and they ;eldon> doubt it Howev",; os far ~,I am ~ it is not n~essary_

To.begio with, not e.-ery teocherhas clos"" eveJYd>y. For instmce,.a cbeimstryteacher ""'1' hovenoclo .. onMm<by.lfIllllke3s~ lesrn""thingniw:!bout chemis!pithatd'J'. As. resul~ it bee= ~ fN !he clle!llisilry reacher' to "';go homework. Ilecowe if !he !eacher still assigns _, perlup. the sludants will not hove enougti time to review_






th.y havelearned that day, such lIS physics and biology.

At Iirst, home:wmk is helpful fOT studentsto recall the knowledg< that they study at the same day .. In.g<Dff1il,_b wookIlilre to Pl"J'. After going home,iffuereis no homework, !hey will only play all J:iods of games. M.ybe they willfcrget all knowledge, Bat homewad: will force them to sit their chairs to review what they learn So, hmnew<Hk "ill help students study better,

In addition, everyone !IIIlSt hove his or bercwc leisure time. Students are not machine" They cannot wad: withou! any rest E,,,,,, if a machine works everyday, it> efficiency will become I"""", and lower.and re fuse 10 w<Hk finally. So tbe: teachers ""'" I.'" students haVe some spare tine; whm they caaplay g;unes. hoveopianic and do olherthings they like. II is good 10 cbiliren·s


S=ndly, homework will help teachers understand how their students study. Throngh e=niniDg their studenls' homewoik, !hey can 1m"", whether their student> understand what !hey teach in the class. I feel that it will help reacbers improve their educotionalquality.

Of course, there are &!!IDe people who ceatradict homewmk because they think that assigning homowmk e\"f:J)Iday will eehanoe the students' load, BUll thelthat study is the most'impcnant b'" of a student Alia- going homo, they should spend some timo reviewing their kacwledge, ,OiIIy Iikefhis, jheycaa acquire progress.

After 1lItdam=Iing the rease.oing ebrove, I thin!< that nobody would doubt Ibis ides that teachers shoiil<l assign bcroewors. ~<day.

La," but net least, assigning homewmk everyd:ry is not a scientific way of studying. Scppose you DR",t do physics homowmk everyday. After severn! will probably think physics is so boring ht it no 1_ interests you. How could one learn physics well undersuch circumstance? I think the only way to solvefuis problem is uet to .a ssiga physicshoIDewoike1!ffYday.

So from what has been discussed; one can reach ooIy this conclusion that daily homev""rk 'is. not necessary at ell,


Moststudents in thiswmld struggle daily MIh their homewoik. Mllnj'~ believe that daily homowoIk is the key 10 education md school success, 1 agree will! this cpinien Here are my reasons.

Pirst, ,daily homework em reinforce !he kucwledge students learned at school. A student cannot concentrate ev-ay mimne, aod remember eVffYthiog that • _ taugbt in class. Daily oomowmk is the best WIl)' for students to review ",-hat be leamedduring the day, and study on the problems that be do uct uaderstead, and prepsrefor the nest day's work.

Second, daily homewoik is the bases of succeed in exams, This is especially true far those students who are net so bright, and the only way to Succeed in school is doing hamewmk eech day. Whenever the horrework flags taecl ass behavior dips., tbe'socal behavior is muddledand the grades take a nosedive. No matter what the .bility of a student, daily homework is the key to students' school success.

Topic; 69

In a modern society, IDOSt people ""'easy to change jobs. However, they ma), feel that they dent have machconfidence ".-It",'facing ,new job. ""I becaase of a newenviotn_t but also'. lack ofkncwledge about the new job. Dne to _ requirements from different backgrcands, 1 think vocational educatin is in need The reasons are as funO'lrli~

Third, daily homework can help.students develop good Ieommg habit a. Learning is IIDt all'i3}~ an enj cyableexperience .and students always need to spend hard time 00 it DOily homewoik can form .a kind of habit of leaming fur students, Once. habil is formed, leaming is 001 ,uch a painful 'thing end e stndenrcan fiodilmore mdmore interesting. ObViO\lS_ly this will greatly benefit 10. student

Firstly, IIOClIIi:oiI education",", help us: adapt to a new enviroarrent fast Although one is doing the same job in a field, there ere-also differencesexMting, io different fields. For example, an Engfuh translator needs _ background 1rnowIe<lge ifbe is w<Hking in chemistry end IT field. Wh en he __ some articles or does some inferpIelatiom about IT field, he needs ID !mow the knowI<dge about IT, like the technical tenus. -Suppcse that be doesn't knaw any technical terms, how can he uodeJ>bod some special meanings of the", words, or even do a translatiou:suCcessfiilly? This is the reason lhat he needs oorne vocational training about IT, ''''lOb as basic skills or COIIIIOOIl terms. Once he knows more, he will adapl the cow environment fast lIIId have a oonfi<le='io doing his job.

In conclusion, daily honiewoik is crucial to stud<n!3' success.Life requires us 10 keep leoming in order to catch 00 with this fast pacing society, A good learning habit and meibod that we' developed when we are students can beaefitus.fortae rest of our. life.

(Il=ym 153)

In addition, vocational educationean mcrease a pescc's value. As: a humanbein.g, we arelearning everyday. No matter whatkind cf'knowledgewe 1=" long as tteyare good, we Can benefit from them This.society is full of cow technologies and cow imIeDtinns, Of cocrse we cannot finish leaming:ill wheo we lire in school. But we also cannot gi"eup leamingwbenmrting ajcb .. We still need 10 upgrate ourselves to get used to this fas!-dJanging society. In order to achieve thiS goal, we need vccaticnal education to help us, They are more practical than the knowledge we Ieamed:from schools because this IrnowIedge yon need touse everyday. amy mastering Lt fumIy can we do the job well.

La," but not least, voc,ahono! edecation coo help ill to be promoted to a bigh levek As we know, a PffSOll to be promoted to a lIll!IIager or director needs to have a theOOllgh understanding about the job and the field he is doing. By lIIlkmanding the kno_ge or skills be needs, he has a strong competition _pt other people. In o!her words; he bas a prioritj-to be promoted if he knows hi. job ",-e11 throogh vocational edu<ation

In short, without vocational educ.tioo people use whal they beve already learned, bul!hey wonl

Topic; 68

I dostrmJgly Ibis ideafhat reachers should assign homewmk to students everyday, There are IIIlI!leIOUS reasons why 1 advocete the·attitude of assigning homework everyday, end I would in here explain. reo. of the mostimportant cees.




focUs 00 what kind of knowledge the)' should learn in order to adapt their new e..w~ add their vaI.ue:; mel increase their competitions. Above explanations are reasons i 1hiDl: vocational education is very important to us. Thus, if i oouId study a subject that i have never had the opportunityrostudy, i will chooaevccational edaeation,


SecmdIy, computer programming- is imporIimI to.teehnological """""S. Will! the "'ill of

oo~ter progr.mmririg, scientists can ~te progmns to monitor their scientific research and esperimeets, tc analyze the trend of teclmoIogical d<Velopmeot, an<l to forecast the.fuIure_ Computer programs can simuIote • scientific experiment in a IIIllclt cost-effective end timely manner, tlws can save scientists 310t cf'time andmcney, therefore it em greatly taster t:I:Je pilCe of the df:velopm<Ill of'technclogy. For exampIe,. civil engineer c .... use. modeling progranrte siI:r:a.Uate the water flow of en urban area; when there is .a storm, he can quickly know which part> of the city have the danger ofbeing under the water and dispatch hi. crew to that area 10 prevent the di sas 5.

Topic: 69

If 1 could study a subject thet I have never had opportunity to study, 1 would choose 10 study how ID use the Internet There ore • lot of adv-.otages that the Intenercan bring to us. For example, it can get usinfonned timely, elI!'",e us to a lot of chances of knowing other peoples-end their. ailtures, and help us obtain the ruaterials for our studies COlllierUeoi!y. If I xncw how to, I can take the. advantages of it

'The Inlemetcan get me informed tifueJy. There is .tWlI),'" 101 ofne"" 00 the Iiiiemet that is broad=ting 24 houri everyday and npdating timeJy.1 em reod the headlines, !he finaocial news, the spmts pomts, aod the we.ther reports every timo when 1 co!IIlecl my phone modem MIh my oonJinlier.'From reading the news on the Inlemet I con know ,,<erytliing: happening arouod !lie. I! is veryinsp_ for deal with my daily we with this infonmtioo I! gives me • lot of chanDe to know different peoples. l.con knaw what they are thinkIDg about aod haw they are living !heir lives. The wOrld Wide, will Sites include all of !he 00_ and religions' infoIlOlllioo. I can rourinlematimmlly <II! Net wi!hoot going olll of my house. From visiting their poges, I COIl know more details .bout them That is helpful to us s:iooe :ill of !he peoples io the wodd,should lJIldeIstmd eaeli olliff ro make sure that.we oould live together _fully.

The Inlemet gives me the convenience of getting aImo,t any useful materials for my study. I coo jwt type a few letters· ... d ehel< the search engioe to g<l them I can do them m the early'morning in my pajama wbile having my breakfrlSt at the """" 1iIne. Nothing could be more oonveoie!lt than the Internel in doing """",eh wmk like this.

In short, ifl OOuld elioose one subjecl to study, I would defunlely choose to study the lilt"""'" fur it. timoly Iipdating new:; 'md its cooverUeJlDe.1 would IIloo like 10 travel to cOw worlds and meet other differeot peoples. That will be really helpful fur me to live a life "lc",or.,fulIy.

La," but not least; computer programming teclmique' ClIO help us- earn higher salaries in our future jobs. Since oomp_ pro~ is ii-upartmllo om society end daily life, pmgraIllIllffS can usually have-a higher salary than other piojessionals. Many people have shifted to computer programming from other careers. during the economic boom, end even when !he ocooomy is going low .1 the moment, prograrnrner>' .aodcllll:IplJler engin<er.l' coo 5Iill fille a belt..-life than others.

From:ill aoove, 1 <= safely draw. concllEioo that ifl ha"e a chanoe to study, I wooldoot hesitate ro choose oomputer programming

(Il=ym 154)

Topic: 70

I SIlppOrt the ,tat~ thallllllomobile hiiO caused "";ons problems. While auiomobile hiiO brougbt us many convenieores, it surely has broughlus IlllIII}'lIII!!eiiIable consequeores, ofwhieh three Clill be 'singled·rut traffic, congestion, aiI pollution, and bighwoy accideab.

AllImnobiles have congested City streets. The problem is more obvious when the masses ·of motor vehicles enter. or lea,,,, cities .t p<Ok traffic hourS. The com!aotly growing mrmber of aot<>l!lDbile, throoghou! the world hiiO "",do the ooogestioo prognuo.worse md wor>e bee""", pImn= aod eogi=r ,imply caonot lind • sohI!i<lI! to keep up with the inffeasing "chIme of the Iraflic growth. The widespread me ·of automobiles for ~ tr,,"[ hiiO also led in many cities to • decbne in ~hc_;tr.msit sys,tems, ~ result in more and more-me of private CiiIS., and ex:itCeIbate the. congesIioo problenis.

Topic: 69

If 1 rould study. subject that 1 hove never had !he opportunity to study, I would _ c<lJlll!'Ul8 programming, becanse'''''~ programming is '" vital to loday', society.

Fusfly, cllll:IplJlerprogramming- is importlllllro om daily life. With the advanreof_oIogy, we are pmcticalIy f.cing ao infoIlI!ation age; """'ry pi"'" of informatioo today is stared in the informatioo bighway, which colEist>, of oompuIe!:s aod _'olks as hardware, <J>"rating- S)<-,;tems and software. Wilhoul sol!w.ire in5Ialled in these sysIem-l, the computers lire like bodies wifuenl soul,.and will not'be :IDle ID fimction at all. 0iIIy with programming- laogoages, infmmatioo can be retrieved aod,_ed into the infOIlllldion highway. Whether we hook np aphooe line ar. television cable, book a tidie!, tra"" to a fureign oouidry, aw1Y fur a passport; 1m operator will immedii!lely elieckO\lI informJltioo from the computet network. lfthe rompti!et 'Y.>iems are' down, we =oot gnmyWhere or do ""ything. We coo safeIy,oy lhaI'oomputer piJ>gramming- loopges are

. ubiquitous in our daily lire. .

Air pollulioo is another program·coosed by !he automobile. Automobile ,exhmst> comroonly ronln1mre half Ihe atmosph.e.ric potllltmts in bJ,ge cities and ~ mm:e· in cities where '-spberic and lopognIphic conditio", cause the smog furmatioo A1thoogh many cities require the:Ln:smllation ofcDa1ytic con\rerter.s, and,olliff-ronlrols on motOl' v-ehicle:s torestric.t fuee:mission ofpothitanb, the oonrentratioo ofmmythous:mds ofmolorvehicle; in large cities hIlS given the problem. oew dimens:ion_

Highway aa:idouIS ""'.Ie a dis\ress:ing toll offatalities and injuries whereot..-fuere is wi<lespreld use of automobiles. Each year.there'arehuodreds oflhousam:ls of motor veIllcle fatalities worldwide·and aooIllSQ,OOO in the UniIeiI Stat", alone. The social ani! economic 00,", of suoh ~ci.dents are emrmcus. Effurt§·tO imprnVehigbway si!fety bave been succes~ in moot oOlmtrie., hot a reduction in the ratio of fatalities and injuries peF dis""",,, tra,'e!ed is often o1ISeI byiocreases inlWlllbers of:=ident. because of the =-gowinguse of motor vebicles.

In short, automobile hiiO brooght us more bane than boon_ We should take public'lrnlsporiatioo whenever po",ible, and reduce the mrmber of coos moning in urban _ .







Topic; 70

1hano1hertrmsportatiom_A=ing tim.! a train takes about two hours to reach Suzhou from 'Shmgbai, but, car only needs about one hour. So we can use thebalance ore hour tc do my other Ilrings or enj (J'j tho view, first. After all, time means a lot to modem _ It COIl meliIl """"'Y to besmessmen, knowledge to school students and profit 10 companies. By means of cutting limO with the help ofjhe automobile, we cenirerease the e:Iliciency in a sm:ioly_

Of'ccerse.I met admit that m th. ""'_ the _bile·a1"" bring:; out, lot of problems such as _0 jam and air polhnien, BIn these 00_ cannot be avoided during the developuent of

a society. I believe we will have. better solution 10 salve allfuoso problems.

AlthOugh arrtomobifes have impro v ed our modern life .in some wilY for its speed, convecieece, and COF'0ity of carrying things.we have bad to I"Y the price for it Now, as more and more entomobiles have been putting into use, the problems ilu.t the ..rnimobile bas caused ore seemed 1D be more and more serious accordingly. These problems, in my mind, like !he accidents, the·air pollution,;the damage of the ozone layers should be given more attention than anytime before.

There are a lot of problems &'1 has been causing by the eutomcbile, II kills hrmrlreds of thrusmds of people and disables many more """ry yellT_ It drinks up our precious fossil faels &'1 cannot be replaced, New roads fur the actomobile also eat up our precicas'farmlaads wbile many children are starving all around the world. 'Iheseproblems ere really serious and upsettingm:my ofus,

The most serious problemcaused by !he automobile is the air polluticu It is said tiIat itemita millions of tons ofhmofill glI'. into the air everyday. no, dirt air harms <lUI iIIIman beIDgs health badly, It can eauae a variety of diseases such as plurubisrn, insomnia, mentid dissbility and even certain kinds of caeeer, That is really terrible.

Generallyspeaking, I would like to 'OY lhe automobile bas improved modem life throogh proWling.more coriv-enienre to people and eahancing the efficiency, We should encomage society \0 support automobile industry and develop different kinds of automobiles to meet various customer reeds.

Topic: 71

Air pollution caused by the. aatomobjle can give.rise to even more.serious conse:que:nces. One '!hmg, it will destr6y1he 0"""' layem lliotprofect1he lives on !he earth from the hurt of the strong and direct ultra"iolet 0I'f'- Mach more uIlravioLet ClIIl also destroy !he fiagile ecosystem on the earth, It is just the lifecircle in which we. survive, Another thing " tiIat the.air pollntioncaused by 'the automobile can lead to the global ""arming_ Hthe weetber is getting warner and Warmer, !lie icebergs scattered ui b.oth of1he two poles of the earth will be melted, which will ceusefbe sea level rising and flooding all the cities and ~ IIlong the seashores. The Icst of the lives and property will be countless. That is really a trerteodous disaster,

I do not JIleIIII to deny the fact fhat the automobile has improved our modem life in many acts • vital role in our scciafIife, It also supports om industries. It is indispensable in WI modem life, We cannot imaginebow We can live , modern life Without the automobile, However, the problems it bas caused today, such as the live; and properties lost, the dir:ty air and the co""",!,,<nCeS of the poUutioo, seems 10 be more dangerous andobvions than anytimO Therefore, IT will """..- over do to emphasize the seriousness of there problems and luge' the g<>lIBIIIIlfIIIs and other responsible organizations 10 solve them

There is lIIIlCh discussion 00 !he relationship between mcome and leisure bours. .Some people like high-p'j'ingjoo. &'1 demand 50 I!Dlch v.-ork time Ihat little time cenbe shared with 1iuruly md friends. However, others choose lewer-payingjcbs that give lhem IOOre leisure tiree.

Admittedly, by earning more money, one", ""Ie to pmchase more expensive things, liI:e alarge house wilh lrsaaydeccratioes. The moment he get those, be moy feel great fuIfilImenL However, an ironic question 00"";' up to him inm:>idiately: does he have eIl<lDgh.time to enjoy what.he has earned? Just imagine that Ibis p<=m speid as nwch as 6U pm:ent cfhis life on ,,'OIk, wbile the rest 30 percent is !>ken up by his sleep. Whether tbe hcase is large enOugh makes no difference to him, and lot along the decontion --::- he has 00 time to appreciate-it ,.\ all What he really need-at hollie is only. comfortable bed Similarly, it is !rue that he bas'sufticieDj money to taste delicious feeds in different restaurants, but only I O'peroent of hi. life is left fur eating, so hi the only choice for him is the cheap fast food scldreer hi. wo:rk place.

Topic; 70

So people'shceldask themselves such a serions'question, "WHaI is the purpose of om bard Vi~?" Chle of the most important answers is for a better life, Maybe sometimes people make less money with shorter wcrk hours, hot Ibey 1m" more free lime to spend With their beloveds, to expenenre the best moments that life offers them An ancient Greek philosopher said, "Happiness ia doubled when shared with others." With enough leisure time, lhey can _tch stmrise at ~ with their lovers, or count .stes a t a _aintup; lhey moy eat. wonderful dinner attheir little cox; homes witb their f:muly, chatting about amusing tbings. All fhese de not reed nwch money, but. great deo! of tine.

Partlenncre, 1iuruly and friends give people WaI emotional support. There are countless annoying things hoppeningm everyday life. When people drag their heavy feet beck home, the warmtIt of, :fumily help 10. dispel most of their tiredeess- and worries. Also, when !liey,<neounter frustrations, lhey elm confide their troubles to their friends. The consolation and eccouragenent from friends will tum into strings of mmmileus note; to disperse their 1IIlOO!lIfurtable feeling:i. 'With lit!le time shared withthem, one will bear more andmore-pr=ures and bitterness, and njncurofpowers

eceatuelly, .

From whht bas been discussed above, in order 10, lead a meaning1i~ and pleasuring life, I prefer • lower income job tiIat gives more free time to me to spend with my furniJy and friends.

(&;a,- IDo 1>1 _ Samp"''''''- __ by _!lilly afwww.Th5iMagic.a>D)

.Since the first automobile wasiarrcdnced to our l,ife, we can notice that there are a Iot of chang~ hawened around us. A~ a modem transportation, it not only brings conveaieace to WI daily life, rut also enhances the efficiency.

One of advantages of using '!:IE mtomobil.e is that it can give the users much more convenience. compared with other transportations, such •• bike or bus .. F or me, I like to supermarl:et once per w<ek and normal buy majority foods at one time. am yoo unegine &'1 I need to carry a lot of foodisofi and maybe take a crowded bus 10 reach borne How", it inconvenient' Suppose that I have. car, and !heo I will feel very relaxed be= whilt I need to do is to put all my stull at the beck of the car . .I can goback with nice music and happy mood of just shopping -.

On the other hand, the an!omOOile ean sa veour time and enOrgy_ Driving the ..mimobile, we can go wneTe\'ef we wantor esen fiJrihff place. We can decide the destination and reach there faster





Topic: 71

Some people III'J' prefer to have a Iower-payiagjob as loag as the job ask, fur .shorter working boUTS so they can have more free time spending with theirfuends and f:muly. However, I would rather be given e higher-paying job witb longer hoim; -evea ifl wonld Ita". little time with my fu"lIIls and 1iuruly_ I do net much =< .hoot !he 1ivetime spending with my fi:iends and fiunily ncw.doys; 1 really =< about tbe.-money_ Besides, all my friends and my fiunily manber.l are 1lSlIalIy busy m working. Furthermore, if I do not earn a 101 ofmoney~ I carmot spend my free time with my fu<mds and family happiIy.-

fumily and my friends can muler.tand me. Foemy f>rOily, I thirJI: !bey sheald know.whom I de this for. For my fuenda lheywill think how success I am and they will proud of'ne,

ln conclusion, money is so important to me that I mast choose. high-poyingjod regardless of the oonsequem:~, it will cause.

I really care .boot lhe money becouse my budget i, too tigh! nowodays.- I am '0 poor. ,tudent The Illition is too high, but I ha\", 10 I"y'it I also have to I"Y my rental, of room and P'l' the beard. 1 tove 10 poy the lrltruporIotion fares, !he book~ the clothes and. lot of daily SlJ!ll'lieS. All these seem to be • Ilea,,}, financial burden to me. So, 1 hal." 10 loo1: for • job tiIat conld 000 me higher..JlII}'_

My friends aod my Wnily rn<mbec! are all very bUsy all doy long. Some of !hem are busy m worl<m~ oth= are busy in,tndying They ore muaIIy having lit!le free time to ,pend with their fueilds and families, including me. HI were.given. ,_ hours job.aod more' free time, I cOuld . oot meet !hem frequenfl), eitlier. Bill the money I would to,,,, lost

BesideS, even;r my friends or my Wnily IlIid I to,,,, managed to find OlIt some leisure time 10 spend together. iflhave DOt gotten enough money, where the fun will be? !lJr; meeting or p3lly rosm • fornme, ""at the simplest picnic_ If we ba\", 00 money 10 be spem for our g>thermg, we have: to jus! sit ove< there and 00.1. We ,viti feel boring sooner. Knowing Ibis, I am 'esger for.' higber-yaying job >0 tle:i! 1 can get the money ready for the rneetirJg> m the firture_

For all_ reasons, 1 would like to ba\", • higher-paying job. to support myself and earn O!lO\1gh IIIOIlOy to meet riIybusy_ and Wnily somodoyl •. ter. Although \hi> job cannot offer_more time to spe:od wilh my friends and fiunily II""', I believe thaI I will compens.te it after I have 0000me ,orne kind· of millionaire m the future.

Topic:. 72

MarJy people m tbe wotId share • belief &.t grodes make _13 work bard l.gree. with fue above statement be= I believe that high grnIes are mote helpful in getting a.bright future.

One'ofbene1i1s ·of the high grade i, tle:i! it promotes a 'ieIUIlei, mteresf_lnterest i, the best moti",tion to encoungestudents to learn H .Ieamer to. a geod ,oore'm Englllh, he will find tiIat English is • beauti1iil language. For.exampIe 110,,,, 10 ieIUIl math, because it briiIgs me haPl'niesl; _ I get , higlrsrore in a math ."..m_ When I went to vinversilyo I 5eIect r .. 'ch as my rnajoi:_

The ,econd """"" i, &'1 5cliooJ.s give os • chance to learo Imowledge, why not try our best 10 get ll_ In WI lilies lhese knowledge. bas importanl effect on WI mIDd which need be wi>e by an by_ In addition, self-eredit moy be in>Iruct by geod IIllIIb_ It is aIsa importanl to our life .

A furthej- ,,,lid BIgUDlOIlt fur tbe high grade isc&'1 it me"", • good future c"""'. Many cornpinies would rather hire &tudents who are' with high gradas,_

As far :as I am c~cemed, 1 ,come'to the noti.aD that theTe are· main reasons, why I support that grades '''':''mlIge ,_ to 1= Fmtll', high SOOTes. spring lemler' interest._ Secondly, ,\udent,. get seIf-credit through it. Furthermore, A good joo rnay wait _ student. who have high marks.

Topic: 71

Between a high--I"}ing job with long bmrrs'and .I"",-er"~g job widt ohorter hours, I will delinetely choose a high-~g job widt long hoim, although I might h,,,,e lit!le time to spend with my fiImiIy and friends_

Topic:. 72

Jo m:my school~ teacbersevahiate ,tudents by their grades_ MarJy pe<1>le !hmk tiIat it "' oofair and one-sided 10 'evaluate students by gradas and will &~ &tudents to learn. I believe, ho""""" ~ enoourage students to leam The' reasons em be analyzed .. fuUows.

10 begin with, usIDg gradas ",standilId to evaluate students em give 'htdonts_ stress of learoing. No ,tress., no motivity _ Jo order to get high grades,. ,tudents,'mnsr &tllJ:ty.1wd_ They IIl!l.!.! read "",re bebk~ do theirhomework·tarefully. Stress makes lhem leam more knowledge. SIr"", of grades sinmltane<ru;]y furce and encourage ,htdonts to learn

Gndes CIiIlern:ourage stud<nts to <XlIIlp!'lewilheach other. The modem societyi' full of competition. Stode!!Iscan learn the cone,!,1 of competition through grades. At the same time, lhey c:mlearn tbe spirit ofcoriIpetition. To compete-witli other.l. and obtUn good -on, &tudents mnst ieIUIl m:my techniques and gel high gradas_ Competing gra<b in schools can make students more adaptable 10 the society_

Grad"" Can aIsa give _ the feeling of ,u=_ When they get high gradas tbrough bard wod, siodB!!Is 1II'l'1hinI: ht lhey make • grelll achievement The feeling of su= will encourage,hldents to stndy harder and harder. AJ'!he.= time, !he """"""" in schools eI>I:<Jur'ge' studen!. to fmdch.Dees to sucoee<im society.

FiralIy. money e",belp mydrelUllS come !rue_ I need • lot of money io do many things. For example, I want to buy .Iwge hoose wilh. gar~ and • swimming pool. I aIsa wan! to have an expensi'''' <>II. M>ybe my relatives, need my fmancial =i>timce_ Especi.:uy, lhepe my fiImiIy can have. k:ind ofcolIlforl.ble life. My children elm go to • fumo", private vinversity to get exoeIleot edocirtion. If! have no money, alIof'my dreams _ come !rue.

Jo addilioo, to me, maJ::ing • lot of money i, , sign. of SOOrel •. I think ht "" one respects • poor m:m m today', moly_ From Il!'",_Io, teJevis:i<>n, almost all media focus on ,".io!thy people ·:inmad·ofthe poor. I cannot let the others: consider incompetent man..

Ofc6=e,.mal:i:iIg1hi> choice me:ms that I have 10. pay • price Perhaps, I emnoi spent too nwch time with my fimIily and friends. Bot I De,"" regret my decision becanse I believe that both my







From 1he abeve aralysea, it is DOt drll'icidtto gel the conclusion tha! grades enCOlJ[llge students to lOlII!L Graden give _ the sires. and malre than compete with each other so that they mast study and work bard to. succeed.


reachers measure students' Jeamingebility andlOlilIlingprogre»~ Therefore, grades.encourage studeats to studyfor eaaminations, and it is good system for !hem to leam tae subjects

Secondly, test.scores lire a standard ~t for students' learning ability andkncwledge le,'Ol Most people would agree-with this.jherefore universities ill 011er the world take test results as a standard ~ to give admission to DOW stcdents, to offer fellowships, and 10 decide \\heIher to grant a studeut·gradmition. High ,mool teachers OS< test results as a means to evaluate the effects of teaching, and .ruden!s'Ie:irning progress. Bytes! scores, teachers also know each mm",duiI_' s ability to learn.

'Thirdly, lest results caa.etimulate a sloden! to wOIk hard on hi, cocrses, The ·te'sting·mochanisni encourages students to work bard in order to achieve a better result; they Will devote more time on.rudy, and develop, "neva- give up" spirit This will not onJy_ttheir study. rut also teach than a Iru!h, !hitt eveIYone needs.constant learning and hlird working in order to be usefulto 1IIis society. Students who have deaelcped sudi learning habit and never give up nature will not ordy have good performance in school" but can also superior to othe:ra in other .liJI"CI>; for example, such natures are iIqJortanl_' O1ieTI after finishing schools. Lbelieve most students understand the importance of these.qualities and iIqJ_ on their life; !herefore they kaow how important It-is 10 work bard and try to achieve a better score.

In conclusion, marks can stimulatestudent to Jearn, and good mark< can give than advantages in going to a good university and finding • good job. Therefore I strongly support tbestalemeat that ID8Iks: can enoOUI,a~ students: to.ieam,

1J'=<y!Do 15;)

Topic: 72

Al=<t in 01ierf modem society, grad", play an import role in assessing _ acadenio ability. There are all kinds of test, to winnow out weak stude!!ls. KnowLadge itself is so complicate and vast, each one 'of tbetest usually can'tcoverevery aspect of it So I wonder whether grades em really eooomge students to learn.

The basic reason why Fdisapprove of the title siat_lies inthe belief that grades usually don'thave positive iIqJoct on ~t who is stronger- weak alike, Take the e=npIe of .tuden! who has high grades- If Tom go! good grades in tbe.class, mImaiy lie can1 fuel conceited This siluaJion certainly won't lead bun into finding """" blind spot> or weak points in his study. And he. won't realize that may be just his good IlElII<lIizlrtation helps him a lot or this kiadof lest suits bun well. Le1',"" look aootlier example; Suppo5e Johnny ~,gOOd.t nemerization, but lie as at bome witb anaIy:zation and deductioo. Unfurtunate!y. be got poor graees in tests facilitate nemorizaticn One: em foresee what'harm will bring to him due to !he poor grades. In all these cases, the grades play a negative role in encourging.:stnden1:s to team

Most irupo_ of all, fhe grades usually. convenient ""'Y of assessing a students academic ability. But rt is hy no means 0 scientific one. Teachers can't determine limn the grildes ",lieIher 'the sluder!! i,bardwOrk:ing(diligeof) or rut ofcrazn The tests given to ell stndents reg>rd!= Of their indiVidllal', character traits, just like force ",,..;, -one to wear shoes of same size. Famous educatienist.Contncms said 1\\'0 fhcusaadsyears ago: "Ieachsnrdents in ecccrdarce of their eptitade". Our wor1d is 0 colorful world, sO shceld be our educational world. Grades especially poor grades ",ill frustrate greilly potential successful 'students tc learn. l! will give !hem a 11_ impression that their intelligence =y be infaior to other studenfs.Tbe worn! thing about poor grades is thai it may have repercaseices in. underai:liievef, beertwoee all his fellow students and t e accer baveIcng furgottenc In fact, tle'pcteatial WeD! of a sfudenI will be sIrulgIecl by tccse poor grades. A real pity (0 the student himself and the society.

Topic: 73

Theuse of computer is Increasingly popular in medea society. Some pecplefhink that the computer makes life mere convenient and easier because theY can oompi1O documents, buy goods through the Internet and do other works on the computer: Nevertheless, in my opinion, tho oompul'" makes life more complex and stressful. Tlie:re are many instances supporting my OJllDlClll...

Last but not the· least, there is some advantage in laking grades as 0 tool to "valuate _ academic performance. A. in my bumble opinion, they sbculdbe comliine with other scientific metIrods to eaccurge _ to gain knowledge but not '"!ely focus !heir energy 00 bow to win

high grades. After all, it is tho knowledge that IT'" power, not the grades. .


Before the compmer was invented, people Oldy need tolearu the knowledge ofmathematica physics, chemistry and so on. H.,.;·"""",, lode)' people have to learn how to ope:rOt,,!he computer, 10 use a variety of software aod iffhe computer 00.,. no! work, people have to learn how to repair IT. People hav< to learn not Oldy the knowledge of ",!'!mIre hot also tha! of hardware. No ending learning makes people eshausted and their life more ccmples;

The oompuleF else makes life more stressful, The society in which we live is called "information ,ociety& qnot ;. Thanks for the development of tho coruputer, the rliythrnof life are iDcreasingly rapid. The business IIlI\n has so.many meetings to .tIend, '0 many e-mails to deal with that they have no time to have his luecb, Some sntdents have to work late on the computer to do the homework at night There are more andmore peopleslrnggling from tiie nervous sickness and OOIIIjIlaining!he "busy life".

Topic; 72

A Ill! cf'peeple claim tim! marks in .. tests·enoourage students to learn. l.greewith this etetenent, because examinations ere a.geed 1&df for a student to review "I;I!,' students beve learned; test scores are.a _d measurement fer- students' Ieaming ability and knDwLadge 1000e~ and the test system em benefit their future.

Ther.pidlfuvelopmeni of the computer makes people feel stressftdteo. The new generation of the· software an<! the hardware, the update oftbem, ill of the se make J"'lPIe have to pay more and more time and lOOney on their oomputers ..

First of alI,. tests areirnportanl fo.- studenW leliIIling_ Attending classes is not.eoough f(j[ stude!!ls 1D learn the subj_ no matter how carefully they iistea tc what teachers sily. They need examinztions to ",,';ew·the.lessons. In most C","", grades OF marks are the only means hy m.ich

AIlhough tho computer lias become an indispensable part of 011[ life, it can be ooncluded from the above statements !hitt'tho computer makes life more corupl"" and stressful.





Topic: 73

Some people sa,. that computers have made life more complex.' and stressful, but I totally disagree, In my opinion, computers: have really made our lives easier and more comenient in roIllIlllllliCating, gotting informed and doing re.e..-ch weak, if you have known how to wOIk with •

computer. .

However, just as what other people ~ that computer, give us some negative effects in the memtime. For esampje, Irradiatioa does harm fur cur bodies and eyf!S, so we can not made people seat too long in front of oompuIen;. lli:ckingis • reaI1y trouble, and we are supposed to control and technology. .

In general, computers give people an easier and eoaveaiertt hfe, Although there exists so"", bad effects of OOIIIjIIlten ., mentioned abcce. We are supposed to de our best to solve the problems and P"y more attention on their good effects. I believe that our society wiIllienefil more ffom than in the fuiure:

The e-mail service and Internet ba:s.ed on computer make Us connmmicating others much easily andceasenieutly.Ia the.past, we have to write lettersor meet in persoo in order to communicate with others. 'Ibe mails sean roo take forever to arrive .and meejing in penon means 1D pet out a lot of effbrrs. Now, the e-reail lests only a few seconds to send and to receive end we can always: meet new people 'e:'I."'eII. foreigners: in chat room whenever "We set up om computers. It reaI1y makes "'" ,ocializing easier., i.t is very com~nt a.nd much e3:S}' to do IeSe3TdJ wo~ with a .compui:er tumiJ;Igcn

Y OR cm save your work on computers too' ecily:more!hitn justlyping • few letteTI;, no matter _.your woli is, "" .... ""ilio OJ: video dol .. Y ru em also type a few keys to pcirrt them out· neatly. Also, you un ,e..-ch _'Or material. y"" wan! willioot the trouble of looking fur books or magozines in hbrnries ..

Topic: 73

Nowadays scane may hold tho OpirOOII thai computes lin" made life easier and more concenieat but others have a negative attitcde; they soy tha!·computers lIni,made life more complex and sIressfoI .. As far a. hm con~ logr .. Ilial OOmputfIS have brought IOOre aiIwnlage' !bon ilisadv:mIages to our life: My argurnenls fOr thi, point are listed !Ill follOws.

One .fthe primary cause, i, that coruput .... ha,'e improved !he quality .flife In I'I\I[wety. They liaV€ brougb! !o us more conveniences !bon ever before: ",be!her "' .. book a plane ticlre!, :tITlIIIge a tr.lvel to foreign countries, or _ up • telop1mne line, willi the'holp of co!IIjllllim and modero technologies, they cm be done in a few minute,.b}' simply • phone ei!lI or •. few key strokes; we will not have·t.eI- nm from one place:"m another~ and 'g,,'ai.t fur thousands ofye:ars before we can get tl:J..f: servic·es we lWDt_

The news on the In_ is being _osted 24·hours e1iOJYd'l' and tailored to .your >pecific

· in_. Yon em alw,Y' 0_ yoor telephone and IIIOIlem with 0 oomputer them. Iis'Ieoing to ram" or wotching television can be info.-ined with what are happening around you conveniently too,. but jusI on the computer can you ,easily rend the specific new, in which you are

· intaesled without'having to buy newspapers. 'So, up to IIDW, it·is tho !Il1lS! .mIDreoieni wa,. to read

· news; .at home..

,Some people think that computers ha"" made life oomplex ani! stressful. They may not be very familiar with C<lmputers or do not i:mw how ro wOIl wi1h • corupu!erelficien!ly. It doe, not matter .. Only Ilfter a few week, of training, they cm probably eosilyenjoy the oonveinence of oomputers in ,ocializing, reading news and doing re.e..-ch job.

1J'=<y!Do '" ) :it :further more:subtle point we IItllSt consider_ Because computers em make ~ of more personal dehnk ,bout people, rompanres can provide cusI= with more indiVidualized service !fum before. Take.booling fur a pllme·tiiliI for """"Pie, as soon .s the.operator inpul our......, aod telephone IIlllIlber moo tho oomptrter, the system coo rotrievo om infOIIIl.tion from !he <latab_, and i1 will anaIjlzellIlJ pre;ious traveling patterns and h.bits, aod decide !he best fair, airline, trare!ing time and "" •. ting fur "'" The computer ClIO also :tITlIIIge acelllllIllOdatinns atrer we arrive ,l!he destination. All1hese em be done in just. few.seconds.

Topic: 73

What is more., ooIUpUteD give people more COO\renl.ent access to useful infmmation and Nowadays computers ani! internet is nbiquirous in 01i0I)' corner of Iltlr.wmki We use oomput .... · in hbrnries and pOhlic .gem:ies to check Up fur useful information and !he books We rieed. ~e we il.CCess :intemet or CD-Rom to get. whate:l."'a" infuIm.ahon we want Before traveling 10 a new place, we can check 00 the oompu1er what tho pI.ce look,> like, what 'Pots are mIISt-s~, and how we can get there. We ciID. .. gd infOl:ma"tion frQm the internet on how to get ill drivers.license,. how to lMite an article: on :it ~opic.,. and·even tak.e.simnlat:i.oo tests on a speei.fu::: subject. The computer is snch a gre->t learning and informstiOn Iool!

R=gnizing tho fact IlIat computer is '0 indispensilhle to our daily life, we can safelycoodude that computers'have made life easier and more c-onvenient fur lIS_

,Some people believe that oomputeB provide·easier and more C<lm'eoienl lives for them In their opirOon, computers help than surf inlemet and.iJIare infurrnatiOll They may comnomicate directly by Email. But o!hera hold tha! OOIIIjIuters have made life more corupleK and .stre.,ltd and they poinl mrt tha! computers bring many bad effect. to human beings, such os information security problem beuose of hacking attack andenvironmenlal pollution becanse ofimldi.tion. A. far as I C<lnce:rned, I prefer the fim opinion rn1her !bon the .second "ow.

MY opirOon C<lmes frore fullorving thiee ""1""'1" First of all, oomputer made life more ·elficieot !bon before For example, people migIII access websites, gain a lot of valuable information and oontact each other orouod the worlilL Secondly, corupu!er made life more rei"" and easier. o,mputers provide varity kinds of games aod people oould eojoy and relax from !hem~. Hnally. oompute help people ,olve many C<lmplicoted problem by ,oftware, .suclJ as in1iO_ aod finane", 1herefure, people', life becomemoresiruplO andcOIIvenieni.

Topic: 74

Thore are • lot oh<iews..-or the best way to 1r.!",,1 i. in·a group led hy 0 tom guide. Diffueot _Ie lias different vi""1'oint. In my upinioo, a group led hy • !our the best way ro







travel. The erguaent for Ibis view goes as follows:

ifl ameo travel witb e gronp led by a tom guide, this pleasure seems impossible.

In the lim place, fhere are many advantages wlEn people travel ill a group. First, people will not feeI boring ill , long trip. People can talk, laugh and make joking like a big family. Second, the

- gronp _will help you a lot have anyemeTgem:y. The people in the grimp could-help yoo

-figure oat the awkward sitaaticn that will be unimaginable when you trnreI. alene. Third, wi!h the

- group discount, such as the discOlIIil for airplane ticket, the betel; and the admission ticket

_1Ol= can savea let ofmcney when they Use the groop_ discounl

In the second place, there are many advantages too when people travel led by a tour guide. The tom geide will >IIJIDg< all the details abcut the trip in advance, The traveler need not worry .0001 .mere to lind the betel, where to- rent Ihe car, and bow to lind the direction, It will make the !rip .a little bit easy. Another ' is that led by a tour guide will save IIIllCn time than traveling alone Wilh 1he professional knowledge;tuor guide will make 1he smartest .schedule. I would never forge! that ODe of my friend, a city lour guide in the Shanghai, China, said that sbe carriead traveler to ";';t the \mole city by one day which people should spend two or three day. to finish it

T_ alone.means &ii-I can meet new people more freeJy. I em meet not only the other travelers, but also the local residents whenever I travel to a new place.Iffhe person 1 want tc meet is-not available at the present time; I can even reschedule my time_ But if I travel in a gronp led by. tour-guide, I have I<> ,tiel: to the schedirle.I have I<> IaIre other people's time into consideration. That means I will lose a lot of chances to meet new people.

T_ alone also means 1 can try new things parsonally_ I can go anywhere I w..t and do something different from my 1ifes1)'1e_ However, if 1 jravel in a group, the place wh<re 1 go and the lhings- that I will deal with are all arranged and fixed-in advance. I have uo choice but to foHow_ That will be misellIbie fo.- me as a _1Oler .

In eonclusicn, there are many edvanteges wlEn-peeple travels in. gronp led by. tom guide, soch as, save incmey, SO"" tiroe, do not feel beringand is e"Y to toke care of Therefore, I'strcngly

.gree that the best way I<> travel is in a groop Jed by a tour guide, -

When IIiDally mangel<> take-a """,,1, Iwant to relax mj'selftondlJ'. WoIk is roo hard to do, and 1 am reilly ""ga- to have on enjoyable break. However, I am in a group -and I have ID stick to tha "",1Ol schedule, to consider the other groop' members' feelings, to go wlEreva- the rocr guide leadS ID. That seems justlike Illinon my doty-_:ilv.-ork again. I cannot-really gerrelasatien

I always prefer to travel aloud would like to meet a lot of different people, experiencing new things OIl my W'J' in _"ehrig, I think thai only scheduling my travel time more casually ca. make me'relax completely. Would not that be tee-only porpose of_,eIing" I wonld like I<> encotIrOge yoo to travel alone IDo. In aoy case, do not travel in • gronp led by a tom guide,

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No doubi"I do strongly odvOCare this -idea_ that the best '"'Y to travel in a group led by a tam guido There are rmzrerous "'''ODS why I agree witl;-this opinion, and I wwld in here explain a few cffhemcst impcrant ones.

A11irst, I em get many conveniences if Ijravel in a groop led by a tour guide. 1 don't wOlIJ' .boul some things such lIS residence, traaspertatica, and eating. During tha-wbole journey, I can rompierely enjoy the pleasure of tr .. -eling-wilheul beingdisturbed by some trivial thing~

Another reasoa wby 1_ wiIh Ibis ide. is _that tra,'eling with a gronp people is more ,enjoyable 'then traveling alone. We can s1wewith Ihe beauliful view each oliler and can express our feeling each other. In oddition, ifl encounter certain difflcalifies, there will be many people to help me. Sc, this tra,'eling pattern will else more safe.

Topic; 74

Topic; 74

There are basically two wayS of_'e!ing: traveling in a groupfed by a tour guide, OJ; traveling iridepeodentIY. There are ad'l!Ilbges and disadvantages of the both, By traveling ill a group, you will enjoy the companiombip, ccmfbrt'aad safety of group travel, and learn moreiDforrrurtion .bout Ihe place froni , tOOT guide; while traveling indepaIdffilly, you can maintain Ihe freedom, Ileiibility and individuali=- Some- people sa y that for most people, the best way to travel is in a group led by a lour guide. I agree wiIh tIriS opinion

Firstly, you will enjoy the companionship when traveling in a group_ Usually a tour group consists of around 20_people, The", people travel together, eat togetler and-stay in the same hotel, During the trip, yru cenajweys lind lI<lIIle<l1IeYou like to talk with, and you will never feeI lonely as m.a. yoo ore travelling alone,

Secondly, you will enjoy the oomiort· and ..rety of group travel WbflllrllveliDg ill a group, everything is pre-arranged by the IrlIvel.gen!, and you do not hove-to wonY about booking , ticket, finding a hotel, decide what places to visit, and '0 OIl In tbe '(OO lire not preoccupied with arranging the trip by yourself, you may lind yourself concenlrll!e IDOre ontbe trip itself and_enjoy_it mere, In addition, it is IIllEh safer to travel in a group. Your personal safely is always token cered ofby '<>IhEB

Thirdly, you can learn more infu:rmation about the place from a tour guide, and not worrying ,boot mis'ing an important 'pot The toor gaicle will take you to each spct tlet ibould be visited and give you detailed infu:rmation about the place you visit Y OIl never have to lind infurrrurtiOIl about the places yoo ore guing to through the lnternet or boy a book from the bookstore, Traveling in. group can save yoo time and money on inforinStion Searching,

'Ibe Iasrreasea is that a tour guild will let ill learumoreknowledge eboutwherewe will ge 'because we aren't fumiliarwith that place, Maybe dne to our ignoracce, we will miss many - interesting places wiIhout • tour guild

Uod=tanding the reasoning above, it is quire sore now to say. the best w:ry to travel is in , gronp led by a tour guild

Some people mal' think that the best woy to travel is in • gronp led-by. tour guide,-buI it is just .mere I differ from lito", people: llhiok the best waJ' to _ is to travelalone. If'Ifravel alone, I can enjoy the pleasure ofmeetiDg new people, trying new things and toially relaxing. However,

In conclusion, there lire many odvantiges of traveling in , gronp. Although for young people,




traveling alone is more advantages and,timulating, for most people, _"ling in, group is thebes! choice.

for 'example, can include 1he toeories of journalism, tbebistones of journalism.beth domestic and international, tiie IJe\Io~ writing skills, the interview courses and the ,editorialS writing and so OIl. The students have to study all offhese above course as journalism major. It does mean a lot of _wad to do even if studEnts just specialize one subject

I do not deny there are • couple of advantages for universities I<> require students I<> take in many SIlbjectS, ODe thing, the wad places require so-called g~i today. Studenls mro takemarry subjects may probebly mean the "l'Portunity of meeting that request Another istbet students who take in man)' .>Ubject> em also help their main subject. Thus-probably can help them .mdy what Ihey are majoring better, Whatever the benefit it will be, bowever,'_ taking any other subjects Should not interfere their main target

In the.whole, l!hought that universities could allow students to take-subjects as inariy as possible if.their tmies and energies were available, How"""" I think- that possibility is faint. So I have to '"}' thet it is better for utrivemities jusllD urge stu_ to speciaIize in one subject_. Afte< all, the main sulJject is already • lot of wad to ciJpe with, considering thedeplh aD<i widlh of one subject


Some unrcersities require students to choose a variety of subjects; ctbers only require students to specialize in one subjeet I deem the firs! one as the-premier choice, AmoIIg'C<ll1Illl= factors, there lire three conspicuous aspect. as follows,

The main """OIl for my pr<>p<=ity that students shouldtake classes in many that they cenmake full use of the ahundant resources the! • university has to offer.-A uniwrn1y has pIeoty of educational and research resources. It is • very good ide. I<> make full me "fthese- ,..Juable

.. _ While 'htdjnIg in the uni\..rnty. The best way !o aclri£:1." this is to-bke , variety of subjects .,1llIlch lIS poSsible. Through leaming m..e oourses, a _nt can get acc"" io knowledge and res<KImeS indifferent """". On the contrary, if. studad only specializes in one subject, be will not have il , to g:et. access to other TeSOUIees: offered by the 1.DJ:i.venity_

Another TeasOIl em be seen by e1iery person i. that by cho"'ing IIWI\' subjects students em booaden their knowledge and make a ",M foundatiOn for their firture coitcelllratid ,tudy_ 'W'bateve::r 1he.sblden.t"WilJ. ooIlCeIl..tJ'm: on in.his senior yearn' in college; it is.necess;nylhat he choore • wide rnnge of-subjects to build the knowledge founillIIion_- T:d:e Ihe fieI<l of Business Mmagemeut for example, fue ,h!den! bas to o<:qUire knowledge in writing, acoouuting, eoonomic. aD<i boman resource ~ before he can succeSsfully start his major ooDCeIllrll.tion study.

Topic: 76

I think thet children should begin to te.rn • foreign l>nguage as soon lIS they.tlIrt school EVen maDY pareJJts bIIgbl their chddren Ihe foreign langnage before elementary sd!oollt is obvious that rWly necessary.

People oan Learn .langnage eosily wben Ihey are young. Many older people oflEn say that Ihey are too old to leorn. foreign 1 __ They car(fremernbeJ: the words or phr.ises even after lrundsadscoftimesrec:iting_ It', bord fui fu"",in faith, but while if, quite diff~ fIDm the young. A healfuy child ha, • better and qairkei memory, '0 -the DOW lhings he te.rnod may n<>t be forgotten easily will! Ihe process ofhme.

When you go to the primary !citro!, j"'" begin to learn tbe knowledge from your- teachers. Moot -of lh= use their ,",tive langnage while teaching you. IT yoo don't tonch the foreign Lmguage you want to leam, 1h.e longer you recei .... -e ·the.edoca.tion., the mOle d:ifIicult fOF you to learn :i.tJ...fure and more oppornmiti'" tll speak CbiDese will affect on Ihe oonsequence of foreign laitguage study directly, rmI"" We start lenning it as SOOIl as the school begin,s.

An6ther reason for=lj' Ianguage study is thet the ymmg'may dare to talk with fureigners 'and_i(; • very good chaDDe to practioe- ornl sIriUs. & yoo know, many grown-ups are baSliful to talk wi!h lheforeigoars,-but Gl:ade_One or Two students can do '" very easily, furlhey do!ll care their gnumnar or'expresSiom_rigbtor notJn-ract, neilherdo fue foreign""~ !fthey sbut!" learn. foreign langnage as soon .. they_go to schoo!, lhey=y also talk wiIh,each other in it What, geod chancer Jt.will help • lot, 1 think ..

In • word, Ieaming. f"oreign language'as sOOn .. 'tarting ,chool is helpful and impertant 11', not • borden but one of the be,t ways of-learinng.

The_t-I ""!'P"rl in_the lirnparagraph is also in. position ofadvlIIltage beclwse ,tudent> can be more adaptable-in tIreir future c:rreer if Ihey choose • variety of subjects during fueir imiv¢ity study. It i. obviou, !bat 1he dovelopmeutof modorn >Ociety requires peeple withiiiferdisciplinary and romprehensive knowledge_ IT. sIudeut chooSes a variety of sulJj_ ill his utrivernity sIl1dy, and gain.,J-' breath md widlh ofJ:nowledge., be ",ill be more adajItllble to the requirement-of fue society, aD<i be able i" ",Sily Odjuot !o m:my kinds of jobs_ This will benelit his ":future career_

In a word, hling. _ acOOunt of alllhese li!ctors,_ we mal' reach the conclusion that ,Iudents should W::e classa in many subjectS: in :it 1mi¥ersity_

rJl=Ym '.')

Topic: 7S

The wltoIe point ofmy_a=ver is_ thatit is betrer fu:r utrivmities to reqinle ,\udent>-to spec:iilize in one SIlbjecl It i. jillt what the majors are called for, ""'" though there are-. coorle of Ihe adVllIltill''''' of _. tokiog cl=es. in many subjoct>.

I! is • more-sensi.le decision that univ<nities requm, ._ I<> specialize in one subjeet They nmst hove known that the deplh of. c_ sulJjoct is infinite wlIile both Ihe ,_' energy and time are liniited It probabty tells tbe trilliL Only wben , student just specialize. in one SI1bject, can be focus on it 11ms it <=UreS the stu_ more likeI)' to· be , J:ind of expert in.""", subject

wlteo they are gi\'eIl1he degree._ That i. ju>t the purpose of sp-called educatiOIl.

It does not meaIl that students have not 1<>0- m:my classes to attend even if they jus!" """"ialize one subject_ There ore a lot of sob-subjects or divisions-of. main subject The rieitce of journalism,

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Topic: 76

Nowadays, some may hold Ihe ""inion that children should begin leaming .-foreign language as ""'" _as they start ,choo.!, but <>!hers have. neg.hve attitude that leaming a foreign language early







will PO"" teo-mach pressure on kids and will affect their mother-tongue learning. p", far :IS I am . concerned, I agree thlIt bilingual education should start :IS eerfyaspossible. My ..-gumeots fur this poilit ere-listed as follows.

I agree with the statement wilhool reservation.since children leam second languages quickly than adults. p", we li.n.., observed, children can learn languages faster than adults; and immigcmt children translate for their p..-erm; who have notfeemed the!anguage; and that child 1""",,,", speak without a foreign accent, wboreas this is impossible for adult learners. Therefore Ibe earlier kidsleem a second l_ge, the 1= difficulties they "auld meet wben they grow "I' and have 10 'face a foreign language spe:dcingenvironInenl

Another reason \\1ly I agree with the :W_ statement is that I believe thlIt bilingual education em be fun and stinailete children', learning interest, Many parents and teacbers know how to teach kids a second languegein an interesting way. One of my <ludents told me that, when he was in . ~ every day his nmm !>ught him a few Chinese characters as well as than- meIIIllIlg m English. p""timepaased, the kidbecane.keen 10 loam EngIisli Sometimes be g3Vl' mrnnam dada quiz by speaking "'me English wotds mdaaking them _ their meaning is.

Bilingu"J education will not affect the mother-<loogue study ofchildren_ p", we are tilling in an envir_ ofpure Chinese coaversefioa and tilIditiOlJll! culture; it is impossible fur us'lo give up cercultcre and language, Teachers also are trying 10 arrange the cmriculum in • proper way. For instance, they create an English-speaking environinent for children in the InOIIring, and a Chinesespeaking em<ironinenl in the·oftemoon_

BiIingnaI education has become a trend, No matter we like it or. not, future educational undertakings will become more intemancnal, end _ges between scheols throughout the world will increase. OW"" this, speaking a oommon llIngoage is important and, to this purpose, bilingual re:iching is an inevitable ""y.


FInally, :IS we em see, if, definitely iinpcrtmt fur boys and girls 10 attend schools together, so . that they c ... leam from eacb other. OOIIlIIllIIIicate with each other and they can know each other well, which is very valuabje for their future.


Topic: 77

Nowadaya.eone may hold the opinion that bel" and girls should attend separate schools. others have a negative.attitude. p", far as I am concerned, I agree that beys and girls should go 10 separate schools. My argunentafbr this poiDl are follows,

I agree with the statement since single-rex education provide allIlvirmImen! fur beys Olld girls to concentrate on their study. Research shows that • 'ingle-sex school environment can eliminate. the distraction fimn meIIlbOrs o{the opposite sea, and therefore is ecadernically beneficial to students. Girls in anejl-female school-can establish self-esteem, am avoid the situation faced by ymmg women in co-ed schools such as struggle to survive emotionaDy. They will be able to focus more on their academic curricumm, scmetimes specifically de.sigoed, and prepare.for tbeir future education'and career. The single-sex 'Bting eliminates social distractions and allows for better concentration on academics.

Tepic; 77

Should hay, end girls attend· separate oclioob1 This question is ,-..y arguable. Before rendering my opinion, let's consider.the advaaages for boys mdgirb to attend separate school a Since boys and girlsare different in many lVll}~, they hare differeafboboies.end the """1" to learn new things. If they attend separate schools, the educetioa cim be more efficient because the school em teach them differently according to their perscaalities. Bm the disadvantages of it is greater. Whil.e boy. and girls attend separate schools, tcere're few chances for them to OOIIlIIllIIIicae with cppceiteseses, which will become a handle", fur them tccenmnmicate with each other in their future.

Another reason why I agree with the ,1>0\", statement is that traditional gender stereotype. are often reinfoiced in single-= academies. Boys _d 10 be tmlght in mere regaeentedtraditional and individualistic fuhiim and girls in mare nurtllring, cooperative and open en,<ironmaIIs. This will develop their virtue and prepare tbarn !'OF their future roles in the society.

Taking mto account of all these factors, we IIIlI)' reach the conclusion that boys and girls shonld attend ""J"I'1de schools, Of coarse, there ore also disadvantages of single-gender.edncation, and simply separating boys and girls does not always improve the quality of edncetion, Alot of effort, should be made 10 ensure thar a single-per education systern be successful iinpIatrented.

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Topic: 78

In a modem-society, employers always face the dilemma of whether 10 choose a perso" 10 work with a group ofpeople or to work independently. This problem is a mach-debated onein that it affects everybody in his or her <iady Jives, While ,00th of the wli}~ Imy have their advantages md disadvantages, they can be applied under different i:ircmnsbiru:es_-Afterw..-ds; I will explain my opinion" about it.

p", far as I concerned, boys and gids should not attend separate schools. Among countless reason one can thinI: of the first and foremost.reason is that people shwld have experience with opposite sex when they are in school, because in. Society tliere're both males and females, people beve 10, leam'how to comrrainicate with the opposite sea, \\bich is it essential factor for people to-succeed, in<l<p<!Klently h:IS the obvious advaljIage that it em pro"" the ahility of a employee. One em use his own knowledge and ""y 10 solve the difficulties met <loring the work. But there lies intrinsic haImfuI characteristic in this method. Some people warn tho! a parson choosing to work independen!ly niay lock the ability of communicating with other people. Furthemrore,a pi=in:, knowledge and ability areliniile!i We·needother.!' help or '01,,,, the problems. By means: of it, we can improve the e.ffic-i~ so that a company eiiD make good use ofhamen reaoarcee.

Moreover, people have 10 learn fimn opposite sea, For ""mIpIe, while females should leam braveness from males. males should learn "",01"1"",, fromfemales.Ia addition, in. fim:Iily, 10 learn from cppcsite sea becomes more important 10 keep the family harmonious. In addition, the !:nowledge of opposite sex iselso important, without such m,wledge, dealing with the relationships Mth opposite sea becomes ~ difficult especially .fter one'. married

On the otberhand, choosing 10 work with a group of people als.'has adv:mtages.ID soneesteat FTODl most adcertiserrents, Vie can uetice 1hat unwedays more and more cempames concentrate on communication skills .and team-cooperated abilities. The reason is that they belie,,"€ Iwo heads




are alvi3y> better than one's. With the combination of all people's knowledge, we ClIIl solve the prOblem or bring out·, better solution", soon as possible, In addition, to work with teemalso em save the time and make more money for companies. N.. we knew, it is :3 strong competitive society.Tine can meaaa a let to a ootupany _ To work 'With a teazu can, reduce 1he timetofhe lowest eatend '0 that the company em increase their oompclition ·AIthough 10 work with a team does baVe ils profound ad,..m.,ges, ot .the mean time there lies some drawbacks in it such as an indiVidual miy rely on the others in a team,

But if all ihese factors are contemplated, the advantages of workIng with a greupcfpeople.carry more weight than those ofworking indepatdEntly because the first one fits me>! companies better in two way" In the first place, we cannot live .irr a society independently sad we need 10 communicate with each other, so the comnnmicatioa skill is very important 10 us, Through teamwork, we can enhance this ahility. Seccadly, furough teamwork, we can try each one', best 10 give a better idea to save time and make more profrt !'OF ccmpanies. 'Iberefore from who.! w.lia1i€ discussed, we may safely come 10 the conclusion that choosing to work with. group of people is a rather ~Se decisii¥l-


Topic: 78

Topic: 78

In • modem society, employers lllways fare ihe dilemmit of whether mohoo",' a p<=lII ill work with. group'ofpeople or 10 work inJepaIdently. This prol>lemis a nmch-<lebeted one in that 11 affects ",-.:rybody in his or liar &rill' hves. While both of the W'j~ may have their adVJlllta~, and disad\'llrIlages. they can ba applied uOOer dill'erenl cirrnmstmces. Afterwards, I will """lain my opinion.a'OOut it""

Some peoplelike to work independently, while others would prefer 10 work in a team Is it mose important to be eble 10 work witn a grwp of people on" team or to work independently'! Depending on differeoj personal traits and wml:ir!g environnerus, people will have different answer to this question, I think being able to work ina teamis moreimportmt for me,

VIIS!, modem society end industry is a complicated system which require> team work, communication and cooperation between companies.and individuah.. Take a computer system fur .example, it comprises of hardware, operating system sad software.which are mamrl'achIJed separately hy different c01llJl"';"'. Not one single oompany can aoooriJplish a computer syst."'" without using pn><mcts and technologies from other companies. Similarly,. in • COIDplllly, rolllIllIIIlication and .teamwork is more and more importmt because I Can not do my work properly withmrt~g with my ~oi ond!Ily ooI!e:lgn"".

'Second, there ara many odv:mtages ofworl:'ng in. group _ working.alone. TellIllwoik provides me Mth a coopeiative, friendly ondenjoyable woIk enviromnent The team em alsO be helpful Mth my questious andproblems, therefore. increase the efficiency ofmy work. T=orl: em cliallenge my .bili1ies and 1 em learn valuable experlenrel from it.From teamwork, I can also "",de valuable contacIs with other professionals, which is quite helpful ro my future career.

Tlrird, the .• biIi!y of working independently does,not c<intradict with the ahility 1.0 work' in a team For """"",Ie, in a team environment, I enjoyad being a major contributor to my Ie...,. The fiict . that others dq>ended on my work made me feel like I w .. doing worth",irile things. For esample, I ""'" in charge of the front end fu.- the Gill for the new lest manager. Thi. w .. very "a1uable, because I !:now how important working on • team is.

inclusion, I think !lie II>OS! important quality for me in my worken"iro1lIlleni is the :wility to work with others in il team.

To work independently m the .bvi= advantage that it em prove the ahility of a empI"l""'- One cim use his OWII knowledge and way ID solve the iliffic.u1.ties·IIiet doring the work. But !hare lieS inlIinsic harmful cliarncteristie in,this methode Some people warn that a parson chooSing 10 work in<Iependentll' may l,ck the _hility of'communic'ting Mth other people. Fmthennore, a person', !:nowledge aadahility are limited We need other.!'heIp or assistance to sol,,,, the.problems. By meaDs: of it" we can improve the e.fficiern::y so that.a companycm.make good use ofhmn:an resources_


On the other hand, choosing to work with , group ofpeople'also has adv:mtages 10.""",,_1. From most advertisements, we can IlJ.1tire 1ha.t nowadays 1IliJre.:and more companies t:O'Ilren1rate on C<lmnrunicahon ;killS and I,;am~ abilities. Tliereas(JIJ is ·that.they baliei.'e two heads are alwaY' better than one',. Wl1h the combination of all people', J:nowIedges, we = solve the problem'or bring out a _uolution a. '0011 lIS pOSSIble. In ,dditcn, to work team alio em sa .... -e the time and make. mme..m.o:n.ey fur oompanies. k we :knLJw~ It is :3 :strong c~tive societY_ Time c:anmeans a lot to, a oompany. To work·a team can redu:c:f:.1he time to the Irn.l.'est extend so that the oompany ~ ~ their competition. A.I.tb.ougb. to work with:a team does haveilsprofound ad,'l!II!ages".t the mean tiine!hare lies ,oine drawback, in it' such lIS m i:ndiVidvaJ may rely on the others ill a Ie",,-

Bnt·if aD these factors.are contemplated, the a_ges ·of wml:ir!g with'a gmup ofpilO!lle carry mOre weighl than those of working independently because the first·one fits InO," comparnes better in two WOj~·,'In the first plllce, we.ClIIIIIOi a society independentl), mdwe need 10 ronmmnic<rte~"1th 'each otl::!ei, so ftIf: commm:ti.cati-on skill is very importmt to us.. ~ team wolk; we:= enhance this ahility. Secondly, through team work, we. can' try each one', best 10 give:a belter. id~i!! to m1e bme and.ma1::e mriIe· profit fQr c~es_ Ther~~ from mmt 1I(e hav,e discusSed, we may ,areJY come 10 the conclusion that cho"'ing to -.;ork Mth. group of people is. rather wise decision.

Topic: 79

The answer to this question depends on yOllI OWl:! experienDe and life style. In my pomt view, if ¥ore ,should build a statue or momonem ;to. honor someone important to our city~ this person is, no one else rut people in 0llI city. Among coontles, _IS which influence the choice, these are three conspiCllous aspects :as: follows.

The main """"" fu.- my propensity for ruilding a monnmenl for people is that people are the greatest reoources of 0llI city. (. .... .)

Another reason can ba seen bye,,,,,}, persoll i, thlIt peaple are prodnctive fur-ces. ( ..... ) F-urthermore, IllJl!l)' work, in the city em never fuIIy ba automatad hy ooII!pU!eB ond machine,. A1theugh we em use !lie West _ologie., we no,,,,, forget that there is no suhstitute fur hmnm sI:ill ond creativity.

In sh~ !lie II>OS! important and honor:Ible person in this city is not •. single per.!0D, it is the people. People are heroes. For our city 10 .=vive and thrive, it is essential that the city ""dote it.






"I'PfO"cMo managing its most imp<mnt asset - the people,

firms. It is not only in the iadastrial sector that technological chlInge. prm= to be very effective, In the sector, for example, the inlroduction ofnew technologies in increasing production has-been very effective in expmding agricultraal produce. These-are just a few &amples to illustrate the advantages oftoclmologieal advancement

Topic: 80

On the other hand, cotmtnes should be IIlOJe careful on their choice of technology since it nnnt be noted that while certain types oftoclmology are adaptable 10 developed economies the same type of technology m:ry not fit the environment of developing cmm!ries due-to differing economic, social, onItunl, and political factors. F(J[ example, inftastructare ID:Jprovemeots such as ,; construction of ungation dam ill the mrunt.rins of the Philippines where several natives residem:ry likely be resisted by the.population due to cultural factors. They may Prefer not 10 have such improvement! ill vrew of traditional values. Another esample is. the pollution impact of some technologic" imprevemearts pariirnlarl)' ill the industrial sectors.

The choice aad adaptability of new technclegy should Iharefore be carefully studied. The short, medium, IIIIiIlong tenn impact of such toclmology is v""f iaJportant perticularlj fordevaloping economies. The benefits should always be greater dian thecosts.

I am inclined to support beth positions because both vi ..... have their own validity. However, I am more convinced that tedmological aavanremmt is beneficial to couatries so long on they are aware of the disadvantages o-f such technology.

(&;ayIDo 170 _....,-_by_lIillyafMrn'.Te;~.a>D)

The answer to fhis <[IIOSI:io-n depends on yon['o"", experience lIIId the country you were brnugbt "l'- In my point view, the most important custom from my country that I would like people from other countries to adopt is filial piety_

According ro Chinese lradition, filial piety is the primary duty of all Chinese. Being a filial sen me ens show respect to _'s parents duriDgtbeit lifetime and_ they Uew older-taking the best

pos,ible care of them '.

A story can best illustratefhe concept of filial pity_ During the Chin Dynasty (4th-5ih century CE), a bey named Wu Meng was liIready serving his parents ill exemplary lilial piety altheugh be was just eight ye= old. The family,... so poor 1hat they could not. even afford • g>IIZe ret apt- the mosquitoes. Therefore every night in !be SUIIIIIIer swarms cf'mosquitoes would com, and bite them Wu Moog 1<1 them all feast on his naked stomach, Evon theogb there were so . mimy, be did.not drilletbem away_ He feared that the mosqnito-es, having left him, woold instead bite hi. parents. His heart was truly filled with 10;'0 for hisparents.

Filial piety is a good virtual of Chinese people-and people from other countries should also learn from it: Parents 'gave us birth and mofured us, llierefore we have the ohligaboo to respect them and to-take care of them when theycan no longer take care of themselves. Western cmm!ries have complete ,OCiaI welfare systems to support people firumciaIIy _!hey retire, birt older people often face Joreliness; they long fur ,omebody to talk to them especially their children and grand-children, We should try our best to spend more-time wi1h them tlIlk to them end take them to fumily gaiberings and trips to the-nature.

Topic: 81

Nowailllys,we are in an age ef'technclogical revulotions. Many ccevenieeces have been brnugbt to us hy ledmooogy and science. I agree with the steterrent that technology has made the world a bert", place to Iive, The reasons and examples are chiefly 'as follows:

Filial piety am _1 our society.It caamake our limIily tie monger; end children am learn a lot from our attitude to om parents and from theic grand parents. They can. realize how iaJportanl a family is 10 o,pemoo, aad develop a strong sense efresponsibility to !heir families and friends __ Fer &ample, when it is neoessary to stand out 10 defaId om fannlies and even the nation for danger, we wiIlnot hesitate to do so, because we Irnow bow important our families and ourcountJy is to


The.developnenta oIoompudte'rs and inlanet have improved our life styles dramaticelly. Ccmpatershave chavged our traditional w:I}" ofreading and writing, which bring us great convenience. 'Ihecombanation of computers and inlemet has made our living quite diJlirr-enI from before. Elecofrceicruail is a useful example. computer users can conammicate with one another across the globe. Electronic mail is particul.uly _Jioial for language ,tudents_ Learners-can enjoy language exchange withuatise speekera tbrougb electronic mail,

Another good example is the invention of automobiles. AcroaJJy automobiles have been lIII integral part of every iadastrieleconrany. Mmy """"Ie use 1III aUtomobile 10 get to WoIlt, mlIII)' otbers -frademan, salesman, taxi drivers, police men - use automobiles as port of their well_ On a larger-scale, car production is possibly lbemosl imp_ element ofuational indiotrial perfannance. All in all, d is iD::rediable to imagine a mordem.wcrfd will belike wilhout

emztomctales. .

In short, the most important ",.10m from my coursry thaI I would like people from other countries to adopt is to be good to tleir'parents, It is not only ensure 1hat our parentscan be !l!ken good care of when they are getting old, but alschelp onr children to develop gocdvirnes and spirits-

Topic: 81

Likewise, inlemotional jet transport has-had some reeolatioanry effectsca our lif es tyles. Beaceuse !be high speed and relabvely low costs ofthis type oftravel, il has chavged the way people look al the world. Today the world is much smaller !ben .t was in the past.

Adimittadly, tecbaologicel advances also Caused so UIIJlleasanl effects such as pollntion of automobileexhaust fumes, and noise of'transport vechiels.But as people.have realized fhose problems and lire lind ways 10 ",1"" them, onthe mwle.l believe, th3tn Iheclinnoogy has made the world a better place to live.


These-are several viewpcinte on the unplieationscf technologicalchange and edvancement end such schools of!hwgbl which considerably ''''Y have !heir respective val:idity_ change has its advantages !III!! di=IvlIIItzges. For one, it is true-that -it partly solves problems and make, Iife·better_ At the,...., time, lecitriooogical changes may likely create new problems thereby threatening or damaging quality oflife. In the deJJeloping economies, fur instance, tedmoIogical advantages has beth ita merit. end demerits, The introduction aad seeming acceptability and usefulness of compnfeIs have sorcebew belped iacreese.tbe efficiency of several





Topic: 81 MD: MPJ· or walbnan, Surfing theintenet or watching digital movies, all of these entertainments make oar life wonderfuL In conclusion, liItheogh tecbnology bas brougblaooul some problems, such as ais pollution caused hy increasing automobiles, ethnic problems caused hy cloning human being>, tho benefits of'technolcgy fur otdweigh uti badinfheaces. So' it is safe to

say that technclcgy has made tho world a better place to m;e. .


Standing at the tum of the newcenrury, we observe !be tweniefhcentury as a great a<!>'lIIICe in technology, With those advances, human Jrces have clw!gad _caIty_ in some ways, life is worse, but mostly,it is better, So per><inaly speaking, I am, and prohably will always. be, one of those woo agree with the idea that technology has made tho wortd • better place to live.

FJIsI of all, toclmology has brougbl with ii • more comfurtable life. Not oilly do we lire airccnditicn and beating system during the sommer and winter, but also do we take many changes ill food preparation methods to.make '0 delicious food Due to the developmenl of architecture and so on, living conditions are greatly iIrIpnwed nowadays.

Besides, the, World is now more.oom<eni<inl in live. We em travel around by. aeroplane and raiheaynefwork. We ClIII talk to each otber Ilimwll}' by telephone. Se\.ffafsoore yearsago, it was even daydreaming that we could today oo!3in information as well as OOIIIIIIOdities vi. Internet

Topic: 81

\Vbethei- technclagy has "",de the world a better place to live is a prevalent topic undergoing serioius debata Aft", ponderiag it from several aspects, I totally agree' it is true that technology hasmade theworlda better place to five. This 1 support with the,!<>llmviogreasons

ru we know, firstly technolo-gy can help people to live a 1_ Iife, A small example em give some light to this point. At the stone age, ouranr,eslo-rs'.'-eragO age is abeUf25_ Due to tho developm<nl of medical toclmology, now people'. two or three timeo of that time.

An6ther """'OIl ;Wy I'prefer to thiS clro:ice lies in the facl1hat technology OmeIio",te the environment ill which peopl< liviog in_ for example, tID_ of yeas .go peopleli"ed in c.,=, whicit areculd in winter lIIId hot ill SlIIIlIIler_ With nsing .Archirectural tecbnologj', people build up bo""", >k)'s""l""'. Living in them, _Ie enjoy the comfortable hves witIDu! wOII}<ing aboot the wbether it is -OOt,cold or rainy outside_

FInally I WlIIII 10 mention that 10000000gy bes bring our lives more and Ir!()re convenience_ For iastlIIIce, mlIII)' people like Illllilic, cl=;ic music or pop music_ At the bEginning, peepLe must 'go'1o the theater whenever be. ".-_ad 10 bear • song. TOday, by using great teclmoIogies, waII:JrwI and discman are '''!'Plied for the Illllilic fiIns. 11Ien they canenjo-y !heir favmite 'ooi>'I arrywhere and anytime.

From what bas been disru=d above, we ClIII safely <!raw the conclnsiOll1hat technology has "",de the, world a 'better place 10 live:

The Iast but II!It the Least, Ihrongh·the proce<s of technology impro=ent; people begin ro realize' the fiet 1hat only recoociling with the naiureCllII we keep a oonlinuoos _pmeot. That is wby we today pay so IIlI!cit iilten!ion to en\-iroIIrI>OIltai protecho-lL Many factOries have acJlle,.'ed ecOIlomic grov.1b withoot po-tlution under certain new tecltnology_ The"" cities are beginning 10 be very belIIItiful places 10 Ii"" in.

inStances of the """"_ am bemultipbed_finiteJy. \Vhen taking into _ all these

. meriflI we may safely arrive at tha conclusion that advantages of technology olllweigb any disadviiDlage it may bring 1000r liVes. Though I most admit that people sometimes im'en1 """" thing:l that-threaten !he h\'es'of themselves, no one can ignore the additional convenience lIIId satisfaction offered hy teclmoIogy, and just v.i1h .,"cit experience the human beiag forge ahead swifUY101he future.

Topic: 81

Wi1h the development of loclmoIogy, there have been a lot of cbanges 10 our life Admittedly, some oftbeoechllnge.. are bad( causing mlIII)' """ironmenlal problems. However, most of tbeoe ahanges comibute 10 making our life more convenient, more comfortable and more wonderful.

FIrst of al1, due ro the improvement oftedmooogy, pecple can enjoy more convenience !ben ever_ Forexample, il ouly!l!ke, travelers or bO>ine= """""" bouc! to go 10 other ~ hy jet plane, whicb make. !he world.seem 10 be mocb .smaller .. Wi1h the belp of Internet, _le at differenl corners of the world ClIII co-mmunicale with significantly high speed and low cost It is lecbnooogy that bas cleared away the barriers thaI once prevented people from leading a convenient life.

Topic: 82

Nowadays some may hold. the opinion 1hat a"''alisingcan tell yotl a I", abcut a cmmlry_ As fur as I am concerned, I agree with this _t My·.arguments for this point. are listOO as follows_

·One. of the primary :couses is thaldvertising.i. always" reflection of a country's culture and customs_ ArIv-ertising varies from =try to coontJy, dopending on the·oountry's.pariirnlar coIWeutions. For example, a Japanese ad,'ertisement may feature a Japane>e lady with traditional lcimono, while an AmeriCllII ad~nt may feall1re. we;tem cowboy with3 hat· and ride a be"",_ TIno-ugb adffitisement, we ClIII have • general understaading ohmt _le from otbeF OOlnItrie, look like, what they wear during their daily life, what tbeJ' ea~ what kind of tramp_tion they use, and what they do during their """" times. We em alw"l" learn diffe_ cultures of differenl conntries !hrciugb those rulfilre specific ad,'ertisements.

A further more subtle point we IIIII>I oonsider is that we ClIII 1IIlderstand a commy hy ib, producb_ When we see a Toyota.or, S<Th'Y ad"misOmentOIl TV, we realize that Japanese people see quality as a vitalaspectoftheir·produc!s., .!lIId we J:now that bow tbeoe people are always trying their best ill higb tecbnooogy development, and ensure tho best quality in tbeit pro-ducb_ WhEn we

Secondly, lecboology bas made-our life as comfortable os we can imagine. 'sitting ill airconditioned rooms, people do not have 10 suffer the _emely cold or hot weather any mora W'hate\'er \regetahle or fruit we want to eat, we can always find it in a supamarket without WOJIying aoout the season. We can also ge ro woll ill a place fur away from our bomes hy using automobiles or public -.p<>rtation 1ocls.

In addition, technology pro;ides us mlIIIy choice, 10 speniI our.spare time_ listening 10 music hy







have gamed • deeper understanding of. product, we can also gain a deeper _landing of that country and people,

In modern society, technology has brougIn us amazing smprises ",,",),day, Someone claims that IIIIJdeffi Ie<:linology is creating • single world culnae, 1 co:mplotely disagree ",i1l1 this statement, I will list some, of my "'"""TIS here,

'What is more, when we become curious' i!hout the culture and customs of it ,eoUJd:ry through sdvertisemeet, we",'; willing to spend mil!" time on "",<hog.bout the country, eXplore more deeply about it, and even someday trove! to a country we like to visit. All these might have started with, smalllldvertisemad on 'IV! Is that am>ring?,

In short. a<Ivertising can really ten yoo • lot about a eoontry's culture and customs,

Firstly, I believe that 'modem teclinnlogy has improVed nmlti-rulturalism'311d the comnnmicatioa between cultures. With modem conmnmication technology such as TVs: and phones, we can see whalpe<lple.t the ether and ofthewodd is doing, and withe modern aiIplane,we can travel to every corner ofm.: wcdd, This will greatly help us IlDdemmiI theculhmd rli\<enity of this world, lind wewill le am tc appreciate the cultural difference ofpeopldrom different-part of theearth

$eamdly, modern'teclinnlogy increases 1he commimicetioa between cultures. Eastem people c .... learn good Wtual from western culture, such as pcliieness and self-crlnvation; """ western people can also ieam a great deal of good virtual from eastern cultcre such as modesty and filial pity of one's. parents. By ootmmm:i.~on., oae cuIture can learn from. other-culture and evolve.

(Il=yIDo nI)

Topic; 83

I slrongly ~gree with the statement that modem creoting a single world culture. Modern teclmology like oompnter and internet is bringing people rog~, and making the world getting smaller.

Thirdly, modern tecl=logy helps us 10 preserve our cultural relics and world treasures, and discover OlD" culture in the past, We can also explore end discover more about our past, ilIIIIi have abetter nndernondiog'ofnow and the future, For instance, Xi'an is famous for ita ligure, of, warriors and horses buried in the ercpeor's tombs. In the modem "mid, we esplore some of these tombs so that we would understand the remote and longslmdingrn!ture of Qin Dynasty in China's history.

Jndeed; modem teclini>logy has shorten the distance betweencultures, .aad made this world smaller. Bntwe calloot "y that it is cre.llling asingle world cul!ure.' On the contrary, with the belp ofIn<Klan technology, we find this worldmore and more diversify and colorful,

(Il=yIDo 1'72'. Samp"'....,-_by_lIilly afwww.Th5iM¥ic.a>D)

First of all, with the develcprrent ofmodern technologies soch as computers, English is beroming the.most important language in the world, and the importmre of other languages is getting weaker and weaker, Adinilor net, the mast common language wed tmlay on the _ is English, this make, English becomes the one and only most jmpcrtaat language in the world. On the other band, computers can cross the barrier ofhuman language, No matter w!Jere people are, and no mallei: which!anguage people speak, they always me computers the same way" and b""cll' they are rising the same I:iDd of software packages, lite Wmdows Operating Systems and wood procoessing software packages. Compnter hmgnage is alae a universal language Progrnnmers -fremdiffereatpart .fthe world can work in the Silicon ValIy, AIIhoogh they might have di1lk:ulties in ooIIlIllllIlitation in English, they have "" problem at ill writing progmns with Java, or C++.

Besides, thedevelopmeul of the ;memo! is Uniformiziog people's life style. lnIernet is being Used in almo.t ""OIj' OOIml[ the world. People are ooing almost evOIj1hing with the mtemet, lite getting all seas of information, shopping online, paying fur their bills and checking their balances in the online bank, Over 00 per rent of people in the world use the sarre kind of internet browser - MS Inleruet fuplOJa', andalmos! every internet page look, like the some, although taeyuse differeul language and design. People from all over the world ""doing the """" thiDg ea ch dol' on the internet, and their Ji''inghabil is becoming closer and closer with each passing day.

In addition, modem teclmoIgy has facililirtid the comannneanons among people from ill over the world, and therefore result" ,.mgle world ouIfiIre. For instance, people coo chat with, friend or a stranger who live s a broad on the phone, iotemet, and they em alae see and listen to himIher thioogh ._ camera and a micr""ilone just like face 10 face. This helps onecalfure learns from .iliff rullnre, and bring,the worldtogether. 'Before people can see'each other through'TV, they used 10 wear their local costcmes; oowllilal" I-shirt and,biue jeans haw become a universal custom fur, people. This is • concreate eXample that modern de\-eloprDl'Ill is creating • .mgle world culture

Based on the points discussed above, we can see why I agree with that medea technology is cr.,;ting a single world culture,.


Topic: 84

What thing>. can be widely used in education, busiress, govemnent, !iuni1y and almost an the other Belds an over the world? One answer is the Internet, which is a great ,=rIIIBllIiC>tiO tool in the 21st century. 'Some people claim that the 21>1 century could lID! exist withmrl the Internet, 'I'h€refore, children andyoung adults should use the InIemeI freely everywhere. Personally, I have the impression that there are some Ii awa in this seemingly indispuI;Ible,propositimc CInIdren and young adults should not use the InIemeI freely for three reasons, and some safe programs and filters-are indeed needed in the Internet,

Topic: 83

For one thing, the children and }"<>nng adult> that 'use the _ freely IiIight gel the Mung information by chance. Children and yoong .mIl:; coo be influenced easily by rIWI)' ""'" tmng.~, The Internet is so wide that it include!; some wrong information sach a. violence and pomcgraphy. Thatinformation <'an cause m:io:y bad effects on the,children and young adulb, which are bod fur them are growing. For example; there is rome violence inforiwltion in the Internet. After the children end young adults watch that by chance. they might follow the violence way from the Internet to solve the problems, Consequently, we have to me some kinds of software to block this I:iDd of information. This highly tecanical sofhaare has already been ,do.,-elope:I well Parent. can just trust this kind of software in order to prevent children from accessing the blocked wecsites, ,which inclodes the wrong inform:iIioo.

For another thing; the children and yaung adults using fhe Inleruet freely might cause some computer problems A. the Internet is used on the computers, it is related 10 the Computers closely, The computer is, bighlytecluiicalmachine thai Sii1rlletime; is hard to control, M; result, some bad thing> may have loopholes to get into theOOIllpUler suchas the computerviruse.s.lfthe





childrmand juung adnltsuse the Inleruet freelywithrut scene safe programs.theircomputers win proliably be infected with computer viruses. For """"Pie, m>ny y= ogp, I used my computer on the lnIernet withoul any safe progr=. One day, I found my computer was abnormal and called a oompliterexpertro 1001: ever it. He said my computer mast beinteoed with computer viruses from the Internet and 'suggested I use 1he safe program to prevent the viruses. Since then, I have used the InIemet with the sa" program every time, and never get the cornpater viruses my more. In addition, there are also some computer backers on !he _ who alWays _<:I: otters' computers or, steal the data from others' computers, which is a serious problem for- the oomputer users. Therefore, a safe progrl!lIl is really needed fur thecompnter nsen 10 prevent the viruse.s and hack= ,,!rile they are using 1he Internet

F-nrtbennore, by using ,ome lilters we con '''''' a 1<>1 of time 10 di~ the usefu:l,ond nnneces'IIr)' informotirirL Moo! people lise 1he Internet to lind and get infOrmation. There are '" , great qnmtities of infurmation on the,hItemet that we usually hn" ro,spend quite • long time to lind the nsefulIDformation. \VItore"'-, if"e use ,ome lilt""" we candistinginsh'theusefu:l and nnnecess:iJy infonmtion easily __ F or 0=npIe, my E-mail be. 'alv."l"Heceives'"""", pomogrnphic junk mail, which are "01)' disogree,ble. After luse,the IiIter.; to block these mails' sendeR, that mail cannot get mto my ~maiI 00. any more Howe""", the Inrernet is 'SIlch an mrere.ting: thing that people "no eojOj' it may Ireop on surfing on the net, People wbe have little ability of self oonIrol Will lose,themselve, in the infurmationhiglIw'}' spendingalongtin:Jein fum! of1he """"'Il, which is absolutely bad for their healllL Thus, the IiIIers :Ire quite useM when we nse'ib.; Internet,

outside, of fuonal education, SWdeols benefit because the Internet provides. resource. to snppleruental infonnalion for any subject, Educators benefit because the Internet provides' a cast ,knowledge base to prepare for topic>. People are no! only learning from the Internet, they are oonlnbulingand ,sh>ring knowledge throogb networked cemnnmities; The Internet is the advan-cement of education for all its, lISeIS_

Internet can deliver better customer, services to people. 'Ihe'Intemet is changing the w:ry We do business, Using Inleruet broadcasting, we are able 10 target the righllllldie!ire, prop>re and present a teclmical pr""""ation on ,popular t""ic, inreract with new cusIm!ers, and collect Inmdredi of highly qualified Ie¢!. M 1nI"""" oo:mpliIlies 'continl1e ro lind innova,tive ways ro leverage tIE capabilities of the'lnleruet for businesses, the more "e will learn how ro provile optimal solutiona for =Iomers. I!ihich in lorn, will ~y benefit P"'ple,

The InIemeltoday'is, way to trmsfer and shareinfoIInaJiOlc On the whole, it is, benefit to illiIi.idoals of allltind;. We do hn" problems sm:rormdiog 1he Inleruet thaI neEd ro be wIved, but '" with ill new tednologies' there are d~1es and ""inions. Sinre !he Intemo! technology is spreading, it win'&OO!l'become "" populllI as all other forms of ronmnmiCatwn. If you hn .. DDt tried it, do "'-

Topic: 85

'Some people hold that children and young adult. use 1he Inleruet freely cao widen their ey'" of the world. However, I think nsing,!he Internet v.ith the IiIter.; can also 'get tIE'information muth enoogh 10 widen therr eyes, Moslparent> do nOl use the fillers'boca_they donoti:now how usefu:l1he liIIers,are The lilt&.; are '" geed now that we can chooSe tIE different "'"1" to get tIE different kiDds of'infunrmion. Using the IiIIers cao'rnake the hmit to help 1he children 'imd yOOIig adult. kown more ',bout'the thing. that are modiu for them IT the children 'and young adult> use the Intemet freely, they may !rue their directions. ru a result, they might no! ouIy widen their ey"', but also waste alol of time, The fil_ conheJpm to prevent getting into the'websires that we win "",<en"" them mywey so that we oould widen om eyes of the world bynsing the 1iIIers,

ru the Internet becomes more and more popular, the way "fwing Inleruet will also become mOre and more advanoed. CoosequenIIy, drildren and young adolls sbouId use the Internet v.ithsome new advanced programs to get the infunrmion easily. They should try ro lemt the better =y ro use 1he lniernet 'ouch lIS by the safe progr.t= and Iiltors~ M • remIl,. the Interne! win be really

good for them ' '

IT),,,,, attend. oonference mChina, and would like to take. one-dey-visiI on site seeing and shopping, there "'" three factOr, ,Y"" might consi<l<r, this place IIIIlS! have special tOurist features ,whil:hcmreprereul Chins, and this plaremnst 00 close to tIE'plooe _ the mechng is held, therefore yon do not have 10 spend too mud:! time on traveling,

IT yoo are m northern part of China, the best plaoe 1I1ot you .should \<iSiI is 1he city of Beijing, although spending one day in Beijing is too short of a period 10 fuIlyeaplore 1he .splend"" of the city. Ne;-er!heles~ fur those ofyoo withrut thelUXlJI}' of time, make.sure yoo don't mi ... few key pomt> of inlffiest-,the Summer PoIooe, 1he Forbidden Palace, the Forbrdden City, and 1he Great Wall of China.

(Il=yIDo 452,)

The Summer Palare i. a royol _:II located on the bank of a large loke Visitors can wall: a10ng a woteJfron! promenade that leads to a concrete ,hip docked at 1he far end of the wall:, At the ooncreie ship, you coo take a ferry back ro 1he entrmce of the paI= Something you may want to 00 while :II the Stmnna- Palace is go mto the giflllhop, get diessed in traditional Ohinese clothing, and pose for a S(,uvenir phorograph.

The FOIbidden Paloce is absolutely breathtaking. There are a ,erie, of gates that lend ro the main paloce grounds. Pay particular :dtenIion ro 1he stairwell. in the paIare comtyards.'I'h€re are .alab, carved with mlricate ""'gon design>., _ the emperor _ ruopended over in a ClImJan

whenever he left the paIare grounds, 11 would be a good i<lea to get • local guide 10 lead yeo arrund the palare and eaplain the .siginlicmce ofvarions buildings,

Topic:, 84

The 'Internet Provides people with a lot of informati<lIl, \ is this, information valuable, or so much mfunnatIDn create problems for u1! hI my point of.iew, ,every thiDg has it< tWo sides, and the value of the Inleruet far rut\veigha the, disa __ it brings to 1]&

The lnIeme! has been benefioiallo people >rOand the globe. My IIiew i. a-c""""""", one, oo.ed on 1he fact 1I1ot the Web is • vast 'torehouse ofinfoIInaJion and opiniOIl, which can be scientific, lit..."., politieal,,~ or sexual, Anyone with = ro, computer and, dialup coiniectiro,can nnlock the door imd trawl through it> offerinJis~

Fmally, oon't miss 1he Great Wall. It'., loc_ outside of!he city and it takes up most of1he doy, rut it', well worth it When you =end the Great Wall, there ore two paths--<lne veering to !he kit and the one veering ro 1he righLThe path on 1he right is 1= ,teep and all easier ctimb. How,",,,,, if you take the pa1h ro1he left, you can,,,,, the remains of the original wall, and therei. :it cable Cilf you cm take down. to· the parking 3Jf:iL

The 'Internet tan be u,ed'"". broad b,se 'of knowledge that contriru!es 10 theedm:ational sys __ , S!udents and !eachen bertefit liom !he use of the Inremet, .; well .. odmiiJistrators imd others

Sml'l'ing in Beijing i. beoomingmore oonvenient by the d'J', The Silk Malket.t Xi",huiJiei.







favorite, among tourists, experts and locals alike. '!'here you em bargain wilh the sbop owneJS and loiy gcodqualiry cloths wilh 0 ""l' low price, yoo can even see plenty ofpireted ~ ironically. v.iIhin'igbI of the US Embassy.

So, there you have ii. 1 encoonige oIlymle to spend ,I least a rew days iII Beijing, because there

areso rcuch to see, ". . .

she carne 10 my house. 1 enjoyed her cooking, and evelylhing looked fine as usual, The uect mornirig, she cooked the breakfast for me

Before !left, she kissed me and said " Jackey, good jack.I love you!-! replied: "Ihsoks, ho""y"]_ we yw, 100." The test goes fiDe. After the-test, my Cell phone rang as ! tmned it OIL It is 0'"' of my best ffieads Moon He said" Jockey, Christina wen! bad: to Jap!IIL She tried IoI:iII heIself Now she is in the hospital and she is in danger period Younrust amve Io'the airport in Ihree minutes. The vise, ~SJl'?rt aiJrl the air ticket are in the car, You has ... e to rome to Japan right now. We will see you in Japan!"

Wben I saw her, she said - llhinkyDUI business is more important than me. I do not think you need me any iwre! Goodbye, forever," She sleeps forever. If! go' bad: 10 the tine, ! wilI.tay with her and spend mnch more time 00 ber.I eveacandrcpray business,

In fact, it is impos"ible ror backing !hat time! Chri_ is died There isnot another Christina for me, but will have fum time. per y"" for the IDEFL test The lost would never he back ..

<Jl=Ym 174)


If. fureign visitor has only _ day to spend in my 001lIl!Iy - China, ! ""ill ~ him to m.e in an overoge Chinese family fur 1haI special day. There is no denying that the one-day esperieace wilh a .vemll" Chinese family will he invaluable fur hi, life and future career, if gWm • chance to wurl: or live in Chim in the·fureseeoble future! J:oown to all, 00 livev.-iIh IIIl ""erngeChine;efamily for only one day, the foreigo vWtar could no! get an overall picture of the '''''''ge Chinese', life style and their cidIure; but in another woy,"''''' at the-eery begimriIIg cfbemg eiI!hwia.tically welcomed at the threshold of the house, he must he ovewbebred by the adImsia= delivered by Cfunese people who are famous fur their hospitality; so tbet he is given 0 vivid lesson oheut!he characteristics nf the-Chinese people. Of course, bospi!alily;' niaely one of the virtues Chinese people PO""""", 1m! it is cfvital.importanca til get familiar wilb !he natives, the thoughts of!he natives through their marmes, or even their gestures, and fi:mlly be' emerged into the life.of the native Chinese mare harmoniously than those woo do not have such an experience!

Besides, 10 live with !Ill .""rage Chinese family, 0 'foreigner will' gEl first-band mformation about the situefioa of the common Chinesepeople's the life quality, their main eapeme~ and their hobbies in.their spare time and", on. This fml-bandiIIformatioD is ofpreliminary importance if he'wan!s 10 get. all insidff. viewof'thia COUIltIJ'.

The lhird reason is that it is the best way for a foreigner 10 confirm whethe< be. bas read or heard ·in hi> own country 'is true ornot is to look into the .''''1ige·Chinese people's life iII P"""lL If'a foreigner Is also a "ell-informed persort, he 1IIIlSthe buried with bulb of irIfurmation all shouting .boo! "insider, view" aboat the circumstances of the life of the·Ctinese people in today', China; and ifho is a critical reader, he .sbeuld no! swallow all that without even asking "is that true'!" Accordingly, I would say 10 the foreigoertha!!o liv. withan overoge Chinese family will deserve all your endeavour and it is the perfect way 10 spend your one-day-tour in China!

Topic: 86

If I wore afforded !he opporturrity 10 go bad: to .a specific time and place in tliepast, I would venture bark to ancient Greece. DurirJg the 5th century B.'C., the Greeks were in the proces' of developing and reforming a wide range of cultural, social, and scieIIlifio pursuits which still have • sigmficent iIq>oct OIl the world !oday.

In the art s; Greece excelled in many fields. particularly dramatic literature. The wmks of Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophaoes have had a trenendous influence no! oIIIy On western literature, but alaowestem theughl in gereral, The willks offheseplaywriglrts are still performed on stages around the world today. Heweee; it would he 0 rnre and e.<ci!ing opp.,.tunity to-see these pia;"" performed for the firs! time.

The -=ienl Greek. also excelled in the social sciences. Perhaps their greatest ccnfnbutioa iII tins are. oaine iII !he form of democracy. The Greek words "Demo" and "Gracy" mean "People" and ''Rn1e'' respectively. Today, many offhewodd's greatnations have adopted, and to .a certain e:rt<nl, modified Ihe ancient Greeksystem Yetits birth and emyIiiatllralionperiooaD took place in enciect Greece,

IJ'=<y m 405 )

Academic subj_ such as PhiJo"",hy, As!rOnmny, Physics and Biology else received 0 great deal of attention in the ancient Greek world The philosophical ~ of'Heraclims, Plato, and Amtotle have had a profound infIuenoe on western scbolarship for well ever tao thousand years. The Mathema!ical theoriesofPytlmgoTIlS and Euclid, combined Wifu jheories from o1her great ancient civilizations, provided a foundation upon which later mathematicians such as Newton and Einstein based their wad.

Topic: 86

Bad: to January 19!h;lOO2

Till nowfhere is enty one thing that maio", me 1M repentant of My girlfriern:l1hed iri Japan, and at that time 1 was doing my. IDEFL test, If I could go bad: to SODle time and place in the 1""1, ! choose 00 go back 00 J mnary 19th 200:L

! will use 0 story to show the reasons fur cOOosing this time in the past: My girlfriend'. was Chris!ina_ Her father is Japanese, and her mother js Chinese. That is why she looks aa hemIiful as an angel Los! winter vacation, ! was preparing for the TOEFL test, Of course, I did not pay enoogh·timdor her as usual. I only sewber for twice amonth, before the IDEFL lest,

The world of the Ancie!l! Greek, would most certainly he an e.<ci!ing and stimulating place 10 go back to. Politics, Drama, Physics, and 0 number of other subjects were ,till in !he:iT infmcy, and aD were being, fiercely debeted and esamiaed ltwould imdoubtedly be and enriclrirIg experience toobserse and take par! in such a fascinating civilization


Topic: 87




! think the mool important discovery that has been the most beneficial for people in my 00UIIlry is the invention of Internet So far lIS I can tell, the Internet has been beneficial to people around the globe. My view is • eommonsease 0IIe, based on the fact ihat the Web is 0 vast storehouse of information and epinion, whichcan be scientific, literuy, political, sporting or sexual. Anyone wilh access to a computer and , dialup connection em unlock the door and trowllbrongh its olferingi

The Internet can he used aa a. broad base of knowledge thai coambeses to the edncatioaal system, Siudenis and teadersbeeefit from the use of the Internet, as well as administrators and Others outside of formal edncetion, sru_ benefit because the Ioleme! provides. reaouree to mppJemental infonnalioo for any sabject. Educators henelil becaese the imam.'! provides. vast koowledg,e base to _are fur topics. People ore no! only leamin'g frOIIl the Internet, they are coritributing and sharing knowledge through ne!waded.oonmrunitie s, The Interne! is the advancement ofedecationfcr all rtsnsers,

ph<ine calls to our friends and folks. or send electronic caro.through <mail, wi>hing them a .happy

new year, instead of.rnWly travel to their frie'ods' house to make a visit. .

In conclusion, telephones. andeaail are ccaveaient \VOIYS to cennmmicate andean actually increase ihe corrammioatioa between people. They meybe less personal, but !hey ore surely more effective mems: of communication,

Topic: 89'

If! could travel bad: in time!o meet a famous person, I would.most like 10 meet and speak with Siddlbariha..GanlllDllL The.Buddha, If by "onIigh!enmeDl"one ""'lIDS a complete UIlder;landing of .the universe, then Buddha, having achieved "enlightenment", would he fully capable ofmsweriIIg all questions.relating to the origins, condinon, anddeslirry of!heuni,,,,,,e.

Intemcl can dem",·_ CUIS!omer ,ervice, to people. The lnte_ i. changirrg tbe woy we do . bus:iness. U'ing _ breadeasting, we ore able 10 !mget therighi oudience" propere. and.present o teclurical """",".tion on a popular !epic, _ wilb new oilsloIr!Or.l, and collect _ of highly quaIi1ied leeds. As Interne! corop:miescODtimre ro find imli111lInve W3)"l1o leverage !he capabilities of the Interne! for busir>=es.. the',,",re """ will'lfarn bow 10 provide Qptin:W soJrrtions for "",Iomers. Which in tum, will grelllly bene:IiI people.

Perhap. the find thing I would like to discl!~llpo]rrn""ting Boddha, would he·!heev-ent.l mrrmmding the birtlt of the DIIive=. How and wby did·the universe come into being? I\re conlempornry pby.!ici ... oorrec! in assuming 1hat :ill IlllItteI emerged spontaneously IIDm 0 'ingle point heyend time and 'I'lICe? The Big Bang' And.-does this theorycomplirn<ot or oontratltct the theories of o1her great raligious tlmikers who dsimed 1hat :ill life eroerged from a pri=rdiaI sooroe. The "void"

Follow:ing omdi>CUSlion of the origins of the mllve:rse, 1 would like 10 ..... Buddha. IlUIlIlberof ques!iOIlS .com:erniog the "hioi:i:m conditiOll." Why'"",' Mankind lbe plarJe! Earth and the uni,-er:se structured the way they are? Wha!';' tbe purpose of life? Why does eoisteriaH:onllIin such drastic _rites love and bolio, good and evil, joy and soffer:ing?

Having, gained an mtdemandiIIg of both !he univ=e and the hi1lIlm cooditioIl, I would !hen like to.move on"to a·diScus.sion ofl'danlrind's destiDy_ Wbatis!:hen ultimate fute Qf~uni.verSe, ;mdin tum, life? ls it1rue, •• ,ome grea.t !hirJker:s have >llgg<lS!ed, that tlte universe and everything in i! return to the void fumi which rl.~? And Mlat aboot God? Is God , ~IllII entity, ItS ,ome. religions "laim? Or;' God the io:JpawnaI ,= of all that<Jrisls'! The'impeI>onol 00= of the voidf

The Iritemet today ;. • way 10 \rmsfer and share irIfurmation. On the whole, it;' • _Ii! to indivimtal. of all kinds. We do Imre pro!>l""" surroUIldiog the lnIeme! ihal need 10 be solVed, bul "" wilh:ill ~ !eclrnologies 1here are, deb_ and opinions. Since the lnlemet !eclmology ;. spreading, il will >OOll become as popular ., all other fomis of oonmrunicatien. If you 1m;' ..,1 triedi!,de So.

Topic:. 88

At-find ghince, this s!atement may sound I'lamible becauso.e![cep! from per>onaI coDIact, every other farms of camrminicatiort, indIIding telephones and erIl3iI'l, are inIJirect VIaJIS of oomrminicauOll. But shall we get • <"""mion 1haI !elepborie-l and· email have·made comnnuricalioo _"'" people I",,, personal? To answer this qrrestion, we sbeuld 10<1: at the following poiIIts:

FIISt, telephone and email "'" more ellicien! ways of oonmrunicati= Telephones and email are ~ more and more importJml fur US' today. We use·teIephones fur 'coII>"""tionS !o'our friends and lim:JiIy; we use email 10 trund'er imporlant iIIfo:rmalion and documen!s, even pboto and nmlti-medi. files. \Vilb • pbone,.we OllIl .-.-der services and make enquires regarding 0 service withoul pbysically prerenl in the place, 1hi> will ~e us ",. much time and energy. In time of ~ies, wbmit·;. iIq>rusib1e fur us to physicelly go to, poJire.s!ation or, he'l'itoj we can sirr¥y caD 911, • emergency vehicle will rome !o us ,in ten min_~ Imagine bow him! it will he forus ifwe de not w.e access 00. telephanennderemergellc), situations,

Throughout hi>!ory, inlelligen! men and women'lmre thrmgh! deeply .boot God, fate, destiny,.and tlte origins of the Imiv-erse. The opportunity to have these ques!iOIlS answered by one wbo lived iII the 001100 1it;tm1 past, would truly he 0 reIIllIlk.ble '''''J'l'Ii=,

Seoond, te!epbolles and·emaiI increase thechrmces ihat people,comrnunicale_ Although boo-tofa", pec!oIllll oonlact is more dose and intimate 1han maJ:ing ph<ine calls or sending emaiIs, "'" octuaIIydo not ha,,,, nnu:h'time!o ;-;'i! ei!cl! other. Furthermore, people ba"" their 0l'0'Il private Iife_ Some!imes they do not wan! 10 be dis!robed by visiIors.. A ph<ine call or all email message ;. alWays the. moot proper andcourteoos way !o maioe'conlact w:i1h people, and are not restrained by time or occasions~ For example, during the·'Cbirtese New YearS. !IIIlre and more people make

Topic: 90

Everyone dream> !o he handsome, !ich and happy. Famom oct"", and· -=eo, pep -. or ·athletes are '0 popular beeause they re.!ized the lire""", manyordinaJy people _ If! could ~ a famous _or ,.&tete, thi,.person will he Julia RDhert"

Julia Roberts ;. , ;-ery talented· actress, She COIl play many cham_' and each one ;., """' and different Stie.,,,,,= 1<,. become the perso:ri ,he ;. and gi>.." a 1O()"l.·10 the perl'omwIce. Pretty Women ;. my fj",6rite because il was !he firs! Juli, IIlmIie ihat ! saw and it was her big .break_! s!ill ",'3Ich the IllIlvieto'!hi> day and enjoy it Steel M.goulia:s is 2nd Juli. was in the oompany of a verl' tlllented c .. l.and held her OWIL If,. classic, oomedring you alVIaJISenjoy ",".!ching.






I loved Notiinghill because tbe movie was full ofmimy emotions. It made you feel bappy after seeing-it. I enjoyall of ber movies. I see them even if thecritics dish the movie. Hsheis in a movie I know her perfumIance will be worth seeing. Her Oscar was ''ff'f worthy ofher as she \\'lIS of it. Her Oscar was a long time corning. I'm sure we Can all look forward to many more grear 'films to come end ber always Oscar winuing performance, Julia, Roberts is not only beautiful, but .sbeeaeones the characters she plays '0 "ell, that she can almost bring us to team, __ almost,

H I hada chance to meet Julia, I would also !hank her fur always thinI:ing of the pooT aad ihe needed After the disaster inNew Yolk and Pennsylvania, her face looked the sincerest of ill of !he stars, Also', I hUm on the-news that Julia ga,'e $2'milliro as a tribute. Recenffy, you 'pleaded at us oongres' fa- money on achildren's disease, 'IhanI: Julia for helping wittrsech a kind heart especially during a time when so many have lost so, nnrehl I know thaf!hey appreciate your support end thonghtl'ulness, Julia,

(E-;S:JYID: S1.7. This ta a 5 ~1!5~

Topic: 91

Hlhad the opportunity to sit down and meet one ofmy idols or heroes, I could oome np with himdi-eds of questions to find Out what they did to get wha:e they are, rut in' particular- I like to' have asked Helen Keller, what 'would she-hal.., made of the technology availeble today to blind end deafblind individuals?

Sudti. Julia Roberts;a pretty woman and America's sweet heart, and she is the star fhat I deli.nilelywmt to neetfhe most,


When Helen Kaller was nineteen months old, a sences illness almost tool: her Wi>_ She survived the disease had left her both blind and deaf Her education coetributed to her first teacher, Anne SuUiWIl. Anne taiJghl Holen to finger_speIl, andmaaagefo let her unda:.t:md fuememingof words. Imagine how bard d is for" per.son both_blind and deaf to relate words with real world objects, althoogb slie never had a chance to see those objects !

Topic: 91

Another teacher Mary Swift Lamson who over the coming year w as to try and teach Helen to speak: This was oomething that Holen de.p<nlely wanted and aIIhoogh sbe leamoid to understand what somebody else was saying bY touching then lips and throat, her efforts to speak herself proved to be unsuccessful. However, Helen moved on to tho Cambridge School for Young Ladies and later entered Radcliff College, becoming_the first deafbfind pa:son to hit, -e Over enrolled at an iIIstitution of higher learning,

After World War Two, Helen spentyears traveling the world limdraiJ;ing,fo.- fue American Foundation for'!be 0"""""" Blind They visited Japan, An>tralia, Sooth America, Europe and AJiica Her hard work and achievemffits was widely.recognized tbroughrut the world, and abe 'was .dmOwledged as "!be Miracle Worker"_

H loould ask a famous peP.lon one question, I would like to ask the world famous scientist Li Sigumg if O\II city could build. ,tame or monnment to bonor him. Because I think that he definitely deserves to be hollered in S01Il<O methods for his great ~ and building. statue or rooIlUllleid to honor him 'is apprripriitte. Besides, to honor him will>timulate our children to model this famous scientist-and push themselves to .tudy berd But I hav-e to ask his permission

The famous geologist Zhao Sigmmg had made-great ecbieveeenrs in geology, One ofhis famous diaccvesies 'is tha:I be reaewedfbe continental drift tbeory in China, By applying his new theory into practical we, protector> have been eXploring a lot of erode oil wells and precious mineral sitesia china, These discoveries hal" beco promonng our iodositrie, greatly and.therefore IIIlIde himfamou.s_both in our country end in the world we need 10 honor himfor these achi,,_,

There are, lot of ways to honor" famous scientist Iike Li Sigu:mg, such as to _blisb anextra holiday, to name. meet after his 'mine besides buildiog' '1aIue crmonnnem, Howecer, establishing a new holiday will involve a seies of legislative proc= and there is alTeedy a street thatis called after his IIlIIDe in our city_ The left choice is, to \mild a statae or monnment to honor him Besides, 00 was bora in om city_My city 'is his hometown. So, I iIiink nothing can be more appropriate to honor him than to build. _ or mo:oument

After the statue or mronment having been built, our ~er,g_rations offue city ClIII model him more easily. Our children lire U>Ila!Jy to snow this famous geologist from books and magazines, or bearing his name from theil: teaches, It is a little more difficult for our children to adore him because ill tbe stories abont the famous people lire seemed to be similar to one another. From building a statue or rno~ to honor him, obildren can look up to him anytime and know that he was bom in fue city and just standing over there, This will stimulate them to study bard and bope tbeIrneJveS to-be as famous as himin the futnre,

Oeeall, ifl bed the opportunily to ask • famous per.son one question, I would really want to know if our city could build a statue or IDonumenttn hrmcr Li Sigeang, We really should honor him fur his achieieneats and his potential positive effect upon our children. However, he is too modest 'a peP.lou So, I ask him about tliis qaestion and hope thai he will "'Y "yes" to me,

If Helen Ketler were, hem tcdey her life would !lIldm1btedly have been oomplelely different Her hfeloog'dream was to be able to talk, "'mething thot.he was neva-really able to master. Tod'J' the teaching methods exist that would have bflped Holen to realize this dream What would Helen have made of the technology availeble today to blind lI!lddeafbbod incmidwds? Teclmology of tooay bas enabled blind end deaf blind people, lil:eJ!eIen, to .cennmmicate directly, and independentl)', with anybody in !be wodd,


Topic: 92

There is DO denyirrg the' fae! that whether to choose, place that have the same weether all year long" or a place where the weather changes several times • year is a popular topic Mllch'is nmch talked about, Althongb it seems that norrnally we cannot ten which one outweigh tbe other between tbeseswo kinds of pia ces, they deserve sorne close e!I1IIIIinalion.

H three criteria were taken into account, I would prefer Iiving_in areas where the weatber changes several times a yeor to living in places that have the same """ther '" climate all year loog_ Tbere <Ire no .less, fJ:Jim three-advantages' in this as: rendered below, .

First, varied w_ or climate broadens the rlIIlgo of our pastimes. For """",,,le, we can go swimming in SI1IllIrler :mil go skiing in ",inter_ H we live in bas only bot weather all year ~ng, like Singapore, moot of us can never go skiing in our hves.

Secondly, !he ,ClImge of climate gives us opporturrities to wear many kinds of clothes. Some say it




is awaste of money to buyclolhes dej>ending on seasons; However, wearing various clothes, looking at others" fashion, and feeling the change of seasons is very interesting fur me,

Thirdly, ~ of seasons isgeedforom,bealth_ When winter cones our body's metabolism slows down, and when oummer come, it speeds that om bodycan _ a good ih:ythn:L Also <nOWS in the winter can kill. lot ofbecteria and bed insects, so that in the spring om chance of being infected tc a disease is decreased and we can enjoy nice annosplere and sceneries.

rocnnrates. However, to, live wdb other people is Iieither easy nor dilliciili_ Yen >hould Jearn how

to 00 a good roommate, basically ,

Believe or not; dormitoiy life is, a extremIy happy thing, 'Yon make new ftieads, experience. independeoe, difficulties and enjoy the freedom But ill of these are base on your behaves as a good roommate.

For fuese, reasons, I prefer to live in areas that beve several changes of'weather, Only these tbree reasons eiiD make It person draw the conclusion that living in areas that have season ebangee is better, not to mention there are more ..

FIrslJy;you should !mow bow to respect people, Not only your roommataalso people around YOlL It is tbe most important filcJorin our commmications. Whatever what is yom background, yon are the SlIIIle asyour roommates, you goy. lire allequal, To respect yourioonimate, respect theil: religions and cultures. Do not laugh at enthetic people or racism. That is mde end stupid We' should respect what God created for us, Besides, you must respect your roommates' privately, everyone:have righlto ba\", their secret._

(E=ym '01)

Topic:, 93

AI first glance it ,eems '''''Y difficult fur us to define what are the impornmt qualities of. good roommate. However, after serious comiderations. VIote can see fuat 11IIrlH most cin::umstarJ.CeS, iI good roomIllllt" sheuld at le", have the fulIowing three qualities_

Take your duty lI!ld re;ponsibility_ Y wean ""t ingere lI!ld think .brut those ,are negbgibIe_ Do DOt \i,od to ask your mlI1eS to do things what you' hav" to do_ R.member, D,O one willlil:e • lazy and irresponsible roorrun>te. Jn general, you should help to cleaning, pnt ,litter begs to dllSth",p., put things back after)'''' """d ,To 00 quitewben others are stndying, take care of your men i.,another factor 1iDlIlIql_

In addition, Yon are one ofIneIllbero of your domIiiory_ Do nothideyonrselfbelllnd, yon are liuIdyofyoorm<>IIlIIIlIliis_ Try to ,bareyoor ideas, ~ of study and life, yom heppin= etc. And yoolisten to your matesexperienoe as well Take'care of your motes You dormitr.l' will 00 lively then.

First of all, • 'good IOOIIIID2te should be open and "illing tn CODlIIIUDicate_ There are al""l" is""" regarding rent, bills, food .. d heusehold doties, goestl, privacy, noises, shacing and borrowing, to name , few, lI!ld interestlll!ld bobbies'o[roommates, are not al""l" the identical There will alwal'~ be conflicts 3IIlO1I!\ roommate .. When problem'."r conflic!s orise, JOOIDID3!es nmst openly di,,,,,,, the i,sne and quickly reach,' ",lulion tn the proolem In addition,. socces.ful roommate sitillltion require' go'ed cODIImInicatiOlL Take lim< to talk frequerdl)' 10 each other, chatting with eochother helps keep np the basic relationship which can prmida the un:deJpinning for a hermonious oelstionship. Therefore open and willing to ""rIlIIIIlnicate is the 1in!t important quality of a good roommate

All in all, as long a. 1'00 enjoy your dormitory life, got "en with your friends, then you should be,a ,good JOODIIDaIe_ Whale<,,- what yon expaiences, those of them will be , beautiful memorial of yourr .. ! ofWi>, JRYIT,

(Essay ID: 493. This. ig 31 :) poaLm <l!Ssay}

,Secondly, an imporlmt quality of, good roommate i. oonsi_ and under>Ianding. A good roommate ander:stands what)'ou need; He is , good friend lI!ld a good listener, lI!ld offer)'ou help when you need it Of C<lUr1ie., yeu .sheuld not depend on )'CUI" JOOnlIWI!e to satisfY all yoor.oocial needs. Make other friends lI!ld get involved in acti;ities is alw impoIlan!, and could Ie",e more private time for your roommate.

Topic: 94

Dancing is an importmt :ut !bnn, lI!ld also pIli}" lIIl important role in a culmre. Some dence .SP~tru:ifoously h~ itt ce_l.eJJIationS ilS i!Ii. ~ession,cf~n or 50~ happen in OJ. nmre stru.ctu:re.d manner itt caanon:ies_

The third important quality of. good roommate i, that ha .should be a herd worker, and heve the desire to do better. A, we know, roomIlllltes willlll""l" influence each other in"""" "'"YS, A, an old Chinese proverb, one who mixes wdb vennilion ",ill turn red, one who touches pitch.shalI be de:filed \ha:e",ith. So like choosing. friend!, it i, very important to choose. JOOnlIWI!e ",ha bas geed qualities,

Dancing plays an iniportant roJ), in """,""Dial eventS in =y cultures, Forexmnple, doring !he I'aknmani C<iremOOy fue dan= perl'mmed refIect the relationship to the deceased, In Lebanon, the classical belly dancing still plays lIIl important part .t weddings; representing the trms:itioo from viigin bride t,o sensnal woinan, lI!ld i. also popular in nightclubs. On the other hand, residents 'of the Greenland believe thet fue dancing lI!ld dnnn can be used as , tool tn' dissolve conlIicts ,between people.

Of cour:se, some roommates ",t and ,ocialize 'eparately lI!ld baral)' get to know each other_They never beC<lIlliO friends, Still, if your roommate 1""""''''' the .bove-mentioned qualities. yom residential Wi> will be peaceful and enjoyable_

Ils we may see IIDm the oheve examples, dancing is an integilil part ofmanycultures_ OfC<lUr1ie., dancing doer not have,the same fimctiom' in our modern Wi>, but IlIllIIlJ' people in our society still find dancing an enjoyable form of_lI!ld art Yoongpoopje,go fo disoo ",ith their friends to release theil: .....-gies, and they find dancing • good wa), !o reJax ,and make frie","" Older people dence together as , social even! and • good m= of exfITise Jn oddition, IlIllIIlJ' peoplego'to tl:teotres to 'onjoypa:formanees ofbellet and modem dan=_ EnjoJUIgthose beauJ:i:ful dancing, IIl!lsic ,and oostumes in , dlI!lee performance, ~lIIl gWe us • beauJ:i:ful experiimoe, lI!ld help 'm; develop _eciation of art, .. d'enrich our ofler work Wi>_

Topic: 93

The important qrnilitie. of, good roomate

We become more indepen<lent lI!ld learn more Wi> experience while live without families. but your






In conclusion, no one em d<ny that dancing plays ... iinpcrtmt role in a culture. (E_ml")

(E-;s:JY ID: .300. This i.!I 31 5 ~ 1!5~


When we see phoiographs of.,tarvingclrildJ"en, if, hord to say thai we should sp=ihllioos of dollars on speceesplcestica, But that', just what we shoold de. ChildJm don't need to be starving, rut we de need to-explore space. Right now, we have enoogh money to feed every person on Earth. Children are starving because ofmisrwmagement of'resources and simplelwmm greed. Those are problems we Can solve rigb! here on earth That shouldn't stop our need to-find out ..mrs beyond 0IIr ""'" solar system

Topic: 96

Stress is one of our biggest enemies. If affects om bealjh, cur persoaality, andoorrelationships with otbers.In order to get rid of stress, I first have to identify the cause. I hove different antidotes 10 stress depending on the cause. The lOOsi'COOlIIlDn typesofstress I face are With work, With ftieuds, and wi1h lIl)I'ielf

Work-related,tres,.is the easiest to combat I simply·ctop worl:iDg for • ..we. If I find myself picking up.fhe sione piece of paper furirtimes • day and never doiDg anythiDgWith it, I blame stress, If I findc myself staring at 1he computer Without finishing a report, I blame stress. The bact tiring to de is to de something else. Sometimes, I get up from my desk and go down the ball to. talk colleagues, but I drin1 talk .bOlrt work rel •. ted subjects, Other times, I will take a short walk around the blOck and get some fresh air. Wmk-reI_ stress O->Il be cured by gettiDg awa y from the work.

We may never make cceaact willi. whatever other species tbere may be out there in space_ EVa] so, there are still two v -ery practical and positive consequences (if ~ exploration. One is: a certainty and the otler ie a possibility. The certainty is medical research. Yes, we COIl oondUct research bore tin earth But mnchofthe research done in space.fbr esajnple, im the effects of gravity on bonemarrew, is making a differencein medicine here on Earth. When we de research in 3pilCe" we also Jearn more about spiu:e explor.ilim:L Also, many of the. .inventions that were deVeloped for space travel have been adapted to good use on Earth_

The.possible consequence of 'Paoe exploration is finding mother planet bnman beings COIl colonize.Overpepulatiea is • huge problem on <XlI planet People are living longer, more hoalthful fives, andfhars a'gocdthing. Bubt means there are fewer-people 'dying and more peoplebeing boIIL Even!ually well have less spaoe, f"",'eo: resources-and major distribmion problems.Ifwe emfind another plaaet to live <in, we can relieve the problems of overpopcleticaon om planc!_

It', • tragedy that there are human beings. sUffering on'Iarth However; if we wait.untilev"l'one bas. perfect life, we will never' explore space-and that; too, wouldbe a kind of m.gedl'.

SIres, ceased by friend! is more difficult to cure. Often the cause as.more complicated: My fiieads could.have a peasoual problem that causes them and me iio1h anxieil'. Or my friend> oould be angry ilt me or vice versa, Here, 1he-rute·furst:ress"istalking about the problem and being· my friends. Unlike work, you =~ walk "-""'Y from yoor fiiendi

Stress I cause myself is also not '0 .,.sy to get'rid of If I feel bothered by en exam or anxious about the future, 1here is very ·little for me to do'. I just hove .to tell IIlJ"'eIf that I can cinly do my best and leave the rest up to fate.

It is impertant to try to Iead a. stress-flee life. If yon cm avoid stress by walkiDg """y from it (like at work), taIking through it (like with yom friends) or firing it beed on (like ",i1h yourself), your bealfh, personality and relationships will benefit.

(Il=ym 105)

Topic; 96

In today's society, everyday we may face scmekmd of'stress and difficulties from work, school OJ family.ln order to escape them; people have dill'ereni methods. Some read, some eaercise, while, others worl: in thfir gardens, From my point of view, I would like to use differ"" W3J" ocoording 1D different stress.

Topic: 97

'some communities have ~ided! to base evaluations of teachers on students' test scores. U's these evaluations thai determine Imw much teachers will be paid. I drin~ think fuis i s a very good idea forseveral reasons.

Past, the stress from work and school maybe the most oommon stress, In fuis cjrcumstance, llike to listen to. 011";", especially some inspiring IIIlJSic. When I appreciate i4 I can transiently forget thoseuepl ...... 1hiDgs and let my beed sober. After listeningto those inspiring IIIlJSic, I feel that I am frill of enoomogo overoomiog difficulities. Then I ",ill calmly ana1yre my circumstance and

lind the "''1 to solve problems. .

Ifmy stress come from my family or my friend!{ IDe esemple, .some mi"'_g and squabbles}, 1 think that the best way to erase fuis stress is a siaere conversation, I will positively converse Willi my relataes and friends. I hope that I can know what is their opinion and also, Ie; them HIlderstand me. I feel fhat when we rmderstandeach otber.ellconflict will disappear.

Pirst of all, ifteacheB' salaries are goiDg to be based on how much sIlJ_ learn, then some teachers willstart to teach their students only what they need to get high test scoresThis means that ._em. will miss out on • lot of education fhat cent be measured on a test

For instance, one of the best metheds to help students uaderstanda subject is encouraging them to discuss it. A common practice is to divide the class into groups, have each group discuss the

SI1bj ect, and then have them report bock to the \\hole class, This kiniI of shared learning can Iead to • fuller understanding. It also teaches students how to discuss and debate ideas. However, it doesn't supply fact. to show off on. test

In a word, everyone can lind the best way taaris suitable for hiImelfi'her>el[ But conservation and appreciating ri:w.sic. are the most suitable for me to erase stress.

Another problem With basing teachers' salaries on how much their students learn is that teachers may ignore students who have learning difficulties. Some students learn more slowly than otbers and need more personal attention, IT. teacher is worried about tests, he may feel he has to push the majority of the students to cram facts, That effort will take ill hi. time. He won't be able to





help the Jess .ble students.


It', true 1here are teachers who ''burn out' after many year'. teaching and just don't care how mnch their students ieam,, their salaries on fueir stud.enls' test scores ilIlay improve tl::ieii" efforts, However, it', not fair for the ""jority of teachers. They deserve and need to bi;_jndged by other criteria.

Topic: 98

IT I were asked to send one thiDg represeIIling my country to an international exhibition, Td send somethiDg unexpected; one week's worth of television progmmning, These pro_ would bact represent my country. They show Imw tcecmzens ofmy country live and what they think and

feel .

Topic: HIO

I realize that ifs important ro stay up to dale With oar technology. So much, like om spare end defense programs, depends on it I've also rem that we shouldn't let other geverumeats get ahead of the raoe for better tecanclcgy. This oould eventually put us at a disadsantage and om m.ole economy could saffer. Despite ill this, 1 think om: government 'hmild spend WI taa dojlars on mere basic, items before it get.; into fbebasiness of.developing computer !e<:hnology.

We have '0 many problems iii ocr.society, and it seems every solution needs money. For instance, we tall.: about getting people cffwelfare. To do that we need mOney to. give them jobs until they 'can support themselves. That means support trainiDg, day care for fheir children, and probably a' monthly rent subsidy. All "fthose 1hiDgs ClIII costbandreds of millions of dollars. However, ifwe could sefce it major. problem like that, wouldn't it ImproVe our society even more than De~' tedmology'!

Another problem is that om transpcrtaticn system is filling apart, Bridges have cracks iii 1hem_ Higbways buckle, Accidents happen because of these.preblerns. We shouldn't put money inlo imprm-ing a computer chip 00aJ we have basic needs like these,

The dramas on televisiori are·very realistic. They show hew people-in dif'fffint parts of the oountry go about thfir daily lives. They show how' they eam their li\'iDg'_ bew.tbey deal with crime,. and Imw they interact Wi1h each otber, The dramas ""'0 show how people iii vanous OCOMmit gr""l" dress, >Waf kinds ofheuses they live in, and what kinds ofedncatioa their children receive.

The comedies iildicale what people in my country think is finmy. E_lliDugh the sitaations are exeggereted, they reflect how my culture: deals With very bane human situations, People everywhere _ fulling in love, raising • family, aod earning alivin&

Besides, \\hy should.the government be in the business of develcpiag technclogy? Aren't ther e. very >IJCOeSSfuI ooiporations doiogju<t that? Yes, it's prooably 1"", expensive in the long run for the govemmeot to deveJol'-the technology. Neverthel=, in the short rim, 1here are basi<: needs.iiI OIII society that aren1 beiDg.met I think thaf, ",bore the money should go.

(Il=ym "0)

Topic:. 99

fd ra~ have,ilie. IIIli\iercity assign ii TOODlDlilte to share a room with me.. k. fur ilS rm cooc,.emed, this is part of1he university eaperience. Students should meet ""'" people and be open to new experiences. I like leaving this IIp to·chanoe ..

Topic: HIO

Some people thinl thai go""'""""" should 'I"'fi'I .. much money lIS poSsible on de\<elopiDg or boyiog computer tedmology, while others de nOt As hr' lIS I lU!l'rnIICerned, this nioney sheuId be spent on ,ome more basic needs,-sod! "'protecting the environment and improviog!be poblic :seIVI.Ce_

A<:toally, """" though the university will choose, n', not totally a matter of'chanoe_ W.·ill fiIled rut informatiOn _. The school knows what we're majOring in, what ominle=ls are, 3m! our stody habits and om gOiili .. I thinI: th:eyre pr_li' very good at matchiDg roommales uSing.fuis information They've had. 101 ofpractire. Besides, if. mistok. is ""de, I COIl change my room assigoma.t_ seIIlfSter.

In the first place, nowedays the pollotion of environment has berome the main 00= in the ,advanoed sOCiety. The research said that brn:nan Imtng would not liD! the clean water tD drink if they did-not de some work·to "eep thfir water clean. There would·be .., fresh IIir if every_Ie iii the car to go and from work. And 1herewould be no more wild animals ifpeople let the forest b. destroyed like _ i, to be done now. For e=ui>l;" the forest; which is the main habitat 'of the i'llrioos animals, has been destroj'ed More and more wild :mirnaI. fa"" the danger of ex!inction because of the sboruge of hobitds. Therefore, there are more basio tlrings that • SIICC=ful government should do soch .s keeping the water dean, keeping the iIir fresh, and

keeping the :mirnaI hoallhy. .

If I did want to·choose my own roommate, I'd first pick some candidates from the lisl supplied by the UID1ieriity. Then,I'd -..--rite., themlliiil they'd wiite.bacl.:.. Throughmn letters, we'd-lind out if we· shared common :inieresbi,. such as· sports or DlO\rl.es_ Mote iIllp(Irtantly~ we'd find out nVi ... e"liked <l<>ing!be """'" 1hiDgs in om free time. Becau.e ofmy imreshgation, I'd probably go! someone oompatihIe wi1ll me. Ifs. lot of work to go' throngb, though. Besides, the pioces, oJ lindiDg s:imilar.interests isn't 'all that dill'ereni from wbat the mIi,'eIsity does.

TIj-ing to predict whom I'm going to·get lIlong With is not a "",,,",e. I migh! choose '<lIIle()]Je wOo SOiIllds jU5llike me and .till lind thai the two· of·us just drin1 get lIlong as rooinmales. Besides, I think it would be boriDg to room wilh ,0000000ody who', just the ,ame as me. Ed.rather be ",,111 =neODewho b •• diff......t inter";t:l and likes to do _1hiDgs. MaybeI'd""", lll't. roomma~ from .another culture.. After .al.( one of the reiiWns rm goIng to tlre university. is ·to· be. «poSed to dot of"",,' experiences. So, fdIllther hove the mrivemity choose !IIj'roonnnatefor

In the second place, ,ome public service, "",h as the pobbc trnlspOrtation in the oity, aIso is .. big problem. The bits in the rush Imurs'is overcrov.-illld; some peopie "'!Ioot gO to ",ork' on time bee""", they do no! artch the regular bits; some oommnt", spent 100 mnch time an the bus or tcinn because of the' traffic on the mad C<mseq~', government should spend more inaney to . imprm'e their public traosport>tillD, which ",illbenefit their people a'lot and benefit them ins!ant:meoosljr .






From whaf I have discussed abeee, '''''''IJ'ODO can see that fuere are more things a government should do 1ban buying computer; such as Ilro!ecting 1be eevironmeat'and impro;ing the public """;00. Therefore, I think a successful goverllIllent'should speed more IIlOIIeY on thO basic demands ofthm people im_ of spending asm""h llI!IIiOy as !>oo,jb]" on developing or buying computer technology.


Topic; 1111

Here's 1beprnl>lern l'm sloppy, Thai', why I like to use macbiees to do my wrn:k rather than do thingJ; by hmd.· Machires can be creative, precise, and efficient.

Most people _ that you can <mIl' be creative if you do things by haDd However, it takes creativity to set the machine up. Ooceit', setup, itcan repeat the same task over-and 0"'"' and 0\"'" peIfectIy_ lfyou WIIIlI to write ten letters, Y'" can set up your word prnc=or to do it, pres. • button, .nd ten letters will be prinllid II would· take me forever by hand, and I would make a lot of mistake a By hand, each 1_ would be di_.·By machine, each one is pefecr.

Macaires are veryprecise. They dou1 gettiredand CuI thewrcng way_Tbey don't get distracted end drop some mustard 011 the paper_ Ai> Lsaid, Iui sloppy, but I like neatness, 'Ihafs why I prefer to use machioes:.

mDIIeIs that lire DeCeSSaJ}' for machine-made IWIIIllficturin- Fcresample, in baud-made pottery making, people caD wmk out their DeW'design III any tine. In macbino-made manufacturing, however, moile!s have to be deeelopedin advance, and .fterward all finished products bas ed on one model beve completely same looks. If. dilfereut look needed, people nws! devise another model first. Moreover; there ore still senethings cannot beprcduced by maclrim; because ofoo

matched models, .

(Il=ym 190)

Topic: lin

I agree that school should ask students evahite their teacbers.Thee'are threereescns;

The first, the educatinon is a acfivity that communicete each other. The information that _ evaluate is given to their teacher, The teacher can impro\-e their education skill by this jnfortnation, If there are no evaluated information bystudon1, the education activity become nniIIIIeriiI.cti"ity_ The _ spread thoir inf'oimation to stcdeets, but the students" informations reflects back to teacher are "eI}' few, The evaluation-can help teacher in:Ipr"'''' the their skill from time 10. time.

Machines are also mote efficient rm too tired to pick up the plIo"" and see wbc is calling me. My =wering macbineim1 tired If; ""'''')I' on duty. It doesn't gel tired, upset, cr mcody.

I can d<p<nd on my machines, but I =1 always depend on my hond to be creative, precise, or

efficient . .

The second, the evaluation is £111O! to school aanageneatThemanagenenrcf scbeclevaluete theedacafion of teacher by sudenis' evaluation. The mamgemet llIlIJ' prize the good'teacbs-aad criticize the bad-and lay jtedis disquligicetional teacher.

FInally, the evaluation is in favor to protect rights of stadeats end parents. Students end parents me consumers, they hope that their children ",ill receive good education cer!>inly,they sbouId protect their rights for themselves. WheD they find the eduCa.tionai skill of the teacber ia bad, they llIlIJ' have school changed the teacher inDmnedietly_

In • word, I agree this point that students evaluate their teacher,

Topic; 1111

In general, there are two ways of making products, one is by hond and the other is by machine. It is 1lJIdeniable that products csn be mannfacmredeasilyand efficiently by machine dire to. ,imply repealed operations. Bitt for me, I prefer band-made ID=i for their features of indi\~ acceptability, and flexibility. .

F_ of all hand-madeprcducta are mere personal, Take l>irtbdirJi cards as example, instead same picture. on selling cards in the market, the well-d!osen images on a self-made cards, such as people's own photos, surely distinguish the card from those selliug ones Owing to the uniqueness, . the self-designed card will be of gr."ter. value for the person who receives it

What's """",_-things made by hand are litter and more suitable. This can be seer from the story of ordering formal clotliee, sl!ch as IDOII'S suit and lady', ~ dress, the ready-made kind, of whi-ch actualty. aeeasy to find in fashion sbops. Needless' 10 SliJI hewoften famous figures, like Princess Diana.visit ivadm.ido known fiishiOIl de;igners. Nowadays more and more oMinmy people go fur tailor-made clothing rather than l>uy those machine-made chillies from market simply because tailors can make clothing precisely according. to em!"",,"'. measurement and their own' styles. Obviously, fitness aud snirabilily are what tho", people care _ most,

Finally, J'TOducing items by baud is more flexible. It releases people IIDm being confioed by "orne

Topic: H12

I think it's a good idea fur schools to ask students 00 evaluate their teachers. This informs teachers of how students relict both to thmteeclriDg inethods and 00 them as individl13ls. Teachers can weigh tho criticisms aud change what they think needs 00 be changed, Praise from srcdents is also valuable. II can reinforce teachers' opinions _ how they're teaching and give them confidence.

It'. also helpful fur """001 administrators to bear what snideats think aboultheir teachers.Hkeeps administrators in _ with whal', geing on in the school. It also gives them some idea ofwbich re!iOhers eIfectively reach the students. However, good ~ know that·student evahrationsneed to be reviewed with. keen eye fo.-projmfice·aud adolescem attitudes. Aft", all au evahiation is a good way for students to get hack at teachers Mw ""J"'Ct more of them fhan they wani to give.

Eval'uilling teachers is also a good exercise for. the smdeaa. They beve to organize their thoughts aboutwhat they think oftbeirteachers.In thliI way, theypinpcinl for themselves wbar they expect of'those teachers. They begin to understand what they calue in. teacherand what is p.tiony or useless. EvaIua.tiug their teachers is alsoa way fur students to _ ebout bow they would """""'te tbemseh'",_ Are 1bey working as bard as fuel' should in ,lius7ls that why their teachers ""'._ critical of their work7 Isn1that whIIIa teacher should do-push no totry





harder? Thi1Iking about these-things" cMrbelp students do better in class, At the '''''Y Jeast, !hay wilIllIIrleIStand better what is expected ofthem.

Siuden! eeajuatioes of teachers also make ,_ feel as if they hav e a voice in what haps' in their schools.It makes them feel as ;ftbey're pau of the education processwhen their opinion is vahred byfue administration Finally, it teaches 1beru responsibility.

fumiing machine toniake crops ,tIongIy grow, the oven to bake 1be delicious bread, the maclinie 10 produce cloth, the scientist, will be 'Wrecillled', praised aud thanked to. Because we can DOt live without food and' clotbes but can the srticles.

(Il=ym 1.2)

Thearticles and the artists are only the taIking topics while we sitting in front of1be furnace, having coffees aft", <IinrI<:r and the lil<€, not in the time we facing problems in working or in living_ Oace we nee a dilIicultj>- mOOing something. the idea that solve the problem in a science method or 1001: fill help of scientists, spark at first in om mind. For example, a complex and confused math subject makes me eKtremeIy exhausted, the first and only thing I want is • calculator which can work itoat by pressing a few buttons in seconds. Meanwhile, my favorite Bach, Mozart, 5hakOspeare and their articles are ill out ofmy mind and have DO bell' with it .

Theretore, the signilic'aru:e of the scientists !Illlong the,contributiona for _ beiiIgs is more considerable than that of artists because the scieacehas the superiority that the art can-not surpass in the basic life cf'people.


Topic: 103

A1though'bonesty, inteIligeuce, and a sense ofbnmorare ill wortmvhile cbaracreristics, I feel the most importmt o~ in life to have is sensitivity, A sensitive pernon is aware of bimIherself and the w.}'!heir actions affect ethers. A sensitive person kno",~ the place cfboresty, intelligence, and. sense of humor,

Henesii' is lIot "'Ways the best pc!icy_ There is ",icb • thing ... wbite lie. YOll dhn't warrt to insult .omeo:ne·by 'Il}.mg that !herr DeW dres, doem1 fif properly or that you wonldn't Ii,,,, in their new houreiffueypoid you Younwst be sens:iti,,,, to wbeu d is 1Ieces.ary to tell the trutbaud when il is retta- kl tellil white lie.

Topic: 1114

Inte1lige.nce is a wonderfulfuing to liave,-but.uot ill intelligent people nse!heir intelligence sensitively. You oon't ",ant to >haW off and make others feel stupid. You must l>e .ensitive to the reactions of the people aroone! you Itmigbt beawropriate for you to .dmitthet you have the . right anSwer, l>ul:in SOlDO cases, you might have to say, "1_ this is the answer, \mf we inigbt WIIIlI to check it" A sen.sitil1e pa:son Wlluld IIOt make someo:ne else look dnmb.

A sense o.fbmoor is oIway. valllOd. Di_ people, however, langb at different things, You don't WIIIlI to make some<me ree. uncorufortaJ,J" by laugbIng .t hisIher mistakes. A sen.sitive persO!l would liIlderslllDd whether·. person could be teased or whether a person woulO-awreciate a cer!lIinjake.

A sen.sil:ive peI>on would make "'irryone feelCOOlfurtable. A """itive paron undonrta:nrls thet _le are different aud that the valu", ofbone;ly, int<lligence and InDno:r eOn be .pplied d:ifferentIy-

Artists and sci.entists OOfumake 'Ii!aluahle conb:ibutions to our society. It may seem somet:imes that .artists are more valued That's 'be< those iiIli.sts who. are falnous m;ake a,lot of money. However, they are relatively few. The fact is thet .cieDtists are more _ 'lbey' get more respect from.ociety for the wmk they do_

Artists reflect thm times aud their culture_ A painter or a writer """".-no in pictures aud words whIII we're lil<e .... peuple. They'reC<lrd om culture I'm; futme g"""".tions. Actm:s aud otheJ: pemmners, like singers and dane ... , entertain llS_ They take our minds off om troubles, and remind us bow beautiful andexcitiug om imaginationa can be Artists alsO help keep their societios madaliy and emotionarty beallhy_ Forerrnmple, chilrlreu that participate in the arts, ",icb as painting or musiC; in "'hool do belt", in !herr otber ,Indies An of ellljpes i. ="'"IJ' to the bmuan.spirit:

The contnbntions sci.entis:ts make to society iD"e DJN"e obvious., They include the cars: ~<e dri\~ the computers we nse .t homo and .t wmk, and the appliances that holp no cooJ, om niealsand clean oor houses_ All of these C<Hlli.-ftom the ide .. and bard w<lIk of !ci __ Because of!cientifu: diacovaies, we're living-1onger aud more hoaItiifulli"",_ Scientist, also contribute to the arts~. M_ovl.eS are ilie r-esult-of scient:e_ So are ~eIliSion., radi.o~ and the recording ofninsjc on CDs_

Topic:. 104

ilaJ;ic to any ,ocia] deve\opmentin the.2Vy"'" ofter 19&0. in China is the deeply recognition of the people, which is. the gradoal pioces. ofthinkirig • lot of the existed ;1line of the scieDtists .un the artist •. Scientist or artist, ",-bo is the _fion, makes people difficult 00 ·choose. The pmpose oflll)' is;ue is to.provide sufficient evidence, errnmple, from vadousperspecti;-es to subs_te _,.eJy aull efficiently that .ignilicai>Je ohcienfist is grossly greeter.

To li"", the most basically living requirement is food, clo1hes aud place to live, wbich their ontire source'is the ilItelIigenfinvenl:ions of the !ci<fllistrurtDoltho", of artist. iJDdoubtedly, _she paintings ofGeoigia O'Keeffe, wonderful·lIlI1Sic of Bach, moving dramas of William Shakespeare aud the like wbich are tho top articles in tho work\__ make m live. life that full ofbeanty,.wonder aud.fantaay _ HOWeVer, wben we lhalllIIngry or cold, no thing inclmling music, paindog, diaina aud so on, is greeter iinpacl OUI mind tblm the fresh In-ead (J[ the _jacket, not meDtion to the person who Create fue.articles--the artist At this time, the peISOII who invent and' iruprove the .

Generally, scientists don't make as much Ill!lIIeY a. famrus artists like film mrs, opera singers or sucoessful painters. Ho-ivever, our ,ociety gives 1bem'~re respect, and ihey genmlly,,;n,e a good lining. Scieulists are considered 10 l>e serious profes>ionals, while' artists are sometime.s viewed· as" flaky, i:ire,.sp<l="bl-e people. So O\-erall, rd have 10 ooncJOOe that we value !ci_ mme ..

Topic: 105

I think it'. better for college._ to ~ve on-caIll!'lS their first two years,aud fuen move into au ~ off-<:lUIIjIlis their I.,t tWo years_ Fresbm ... aud sophomores need the stability of 'campus life, while jliniors'and seniors need the indepeodence o.f off-.carupna \ife_ Studeuts' needs cbirnge 0\..,. fum J""'"', so their housing should roo.







lilring on-eampu.!' makes iteasier to gel oriented to Iile way things are done.' Y 00 get the ;Wore uaiversuyespeieace. PIllS, )"ou interact more wilh other students. This includes uot onlJ1 your roommates" but "''eI}'<llli' in your dormitory, The older stu_ in the dOImitury cenbe • big help for tae rewstudesns. Keeping Iljl withstndiesyoar Brstyear is.hardenough, ¥oo shouldn't have to wOII}' about finding your w:ry aro\IIld and figuring out the IIIliI1ernty bureaucracy.

living in the domritmy elsorrakesa stu_ fuel more aport of the university community. There are more for becnming Involved in univemty activities and"networl::ing with student Ieadersand uni\..rnty ._OIL

decide which.tmnsportation I take,

While hy bicyde, train, bus, and on feet lire the basic fuur chcise for me. THe first one is a good wayto.escisene, but the tiring and time.OO<lSUIIlIDg, The sencond way"' ecoacmical to save time· while IIIlt a1"",}~COIJ\1EDii<Ii, fur sometinesthere is. no 1rain at the exact time-lhaJ available fur me;/\> for lhe IIiSt melhod, it is mt in my consideration for I do not think one can do sogood job like lhaJ "'Jl"CI be has ever do some professional !raining in long run.

Living off-campus, however, is • defiuiIe far older students. Finding an aparuneit, dealing with leases aIKl the landlord', regulatiom, 'oool<ing meals, and figuring out budgets are ill . good practice for life after gradaation, This _ of independmre helps older students grow into, adulthood

Obvimcly, I choose bus as my tool for thisjoamey. Firsfi1', bus facilitate me in schedule, fcr , as a matter of fact, ahncst !here is 21 bus: available e a ch ten miautes for my travel or even more of\enSecondly,itis also efficeat hy bUs to fulIilI thi s joUmey.1hirdly, I will reillyenjoyml'self during lhe travel fur the comfortable in bus, with TV or music through out the time

To SlIDlIDlIIJI ;haVing a journey like furty miles, • transportation, is definately lhe fir! 'choise.while ifu is a IIIIlOh longer 0IHl, train will be better one. That bicycle orruning can fit for a short one,

0fJ-eampu.! housing also gi'''' studenls • better perspecjive OIl what', gomg on around them_ Campuses can be'like little worlds of Iheir own, There are few children or older people and every"'"' is focused. on education. GeJting to knew neighbors who aren't students is good for snideats coming from difrereId places. It', a chance to find out what other people lhiDl:and fuel

I think a combination of two l""'" on~us and-two Y""" off-ciUIipU';" winIring oombinatioo for-most >Indent"

(illay m 104)

Topic: 106

Topic: 1M

There.are man}' differ'eul types of trnnsp<rrtation which I could use to trave140 miles from my burne. The type of tramportation I wceldchccse depends mainly on how fast I need to g'" there and how IIIIIch money I have_ Some p"',jbilih", lire walking, horseback riding, driving, or using a taxi, bus,'" train,

Tbemost economical choice is walking. II costs oolhing, 'ia healthfui, but it is time consuming. The """"'g<l perscacen walk ilbcul4-l miles per hour, so this trip would take atteest 10 hours to complete. That mean> I would probably have to speo<llhe night so~ alOng the way_·ff I have to spend money fur a hotel, then this choicereally isn't free. Plus, Imigbt anree at the end 'tired and with sore feet! After walking comes ennnal transportaticn In my area, horses are not common, '0 it wouldn't be alil:eIy choice. I believe lhaJ a 4O-mile trip would.!ake 2 or 3 houJ:! OIl a horse. If I hadfree access to a horaethe cost would be minimal. Of course, rd have to koow how to ridel

Now I face a choice that I.", in decision which traasportatien I should take to ge to another city, which is 40 miles from my location.

While hy.bicyde, train, bus, and on foot are the basic fourchoices for me THe first one is a good way to escise mY body, bin too tiring IIIId time ronruming; The seacoad way is economical to save time, while net always convenienr.fbr :s:ometimeS there is DO train at the time thatavailable for me,that is to 'IIY, maybe I need to wait more lhan half an hom fur lhe train;As fur fhe last nefhod, it is oot inmy consideration ,j all fur I do not can do a. goodjob hydriving asleeg as fmtymiles expect that:he has ever do semeprcfessicaal trainiIIg in longnm,

Ohviously, I would like to choose my fool fur 1his j. __ Firstly, bas.facilitate me in schedule, fur, as a matter of fact" almost there is • bus available each ten minutes fur my travel or even more ofteILSecoodly,it is also e_ hy bas to fuIfiIIlhis journey_Thirdly, I ,;,'ill really enjoy myself during lhe travel fur lhe comtortable in bus, with TV or music supplied through cut the tiaming. time.

To SlIIIIID:iI}', having a journey like forty miles, baaas a transportation, is dofiniIaly the fir! choice.while ifjtia a nmzh longer one, train wiIlprmoote to be. replacearent among these f'oin:_

Lalltly, bicyde.or nmingcan fit fur a short 000. .

With, oar, the travel tm;o isuiinimal (under one hour), wilh milythecost.of gasoline to consider. However? I don't OV,t"D: a car, and car rentals are eapensice. S~ taxis m one. form of affordable transportation, with 4 OT j people sharing the cost of acar trip to • cmmnon destination, The only downside is finding people to share the me wilh me. Fortunately; I bve in an _ area, where there are buses and 'trains to ride. One' of the", wonld be my ·first choice.

In short) the kmd of'transpertaticn depends 011 how ills! I need tc get to my destination and how nmch moIley I have.If I need to get there fast, and money isn't importm!, 1_ hire a private taxi, Since I don't <IMl my own cor, I don't have that option, and I have never walked 40 miles in OlIO trip. I usually depend on1he bus and trains, and would do so in this circumstance, They lire cheap"

dependable and reliable, .

Tepic; 1M

Now Iface • choice lhet I need to go to another city which is 40 miles from my location, and

Topic: 107

Both good and bod stndeata should have the opportunity to .ttend college. Everyone should lm." • period to learn abcetfheanselves before the)' begin to wOlk and earn rIlOOej'_ An education is IIII





inveStment 'in yourself and in yom future: Good or bad, a stu4ePi naist decide to invest real rIlOOej' and real time.

IIigba" education is veryespensive. It might seem fike il waste of money to send ~omeone. to college wbu oright not be able to handle the course work; Still, education is a valuable inv.-· in future career earnings. People with college degrees makemrae money and have IIlOIe opportunilieslater_lfpeople have. desire toircpmve their fives, de we bace lherighitO sayrio?

lIigba"education;' also a big in,,_·oftime __ Scmepeople fhisk a weak student shook! get a jab and earn som~money _ They think poor students shouldrt't waste their time at college. Bot college is a time to meet different people, separate from yom parents, and begin to define yourself as a persoIL I thin!: that', an experience every student should have.

I think every student shouldbegiven • chanre to see how far she can go_ S_ who get poOT . grades in high school might do very well ina different environment. College may be expensive and !like run." but ifs an im",1mfIll in one', salfand one. future.

(illaym "')

Topic: Hl7

Depending on persoaal experience, personality typo and emotional concern, wine people hold the opinion that a college edncatioa should be availeble to all stedants; moanwhile otbes consider the ideO that higher educationshoald be avaiIabl€ onlJ1 to good _ts in ;ini>fhow more preferable. & far '" Lam concerned, I declare myself as one of'these who agree lhaJ higher education should be 0_ to allthe students. Among countless factors which inlInence my choice, fhere are three cuaspicnous aspects Iisted' as foIlov.-~_

The first and foremost cause for my propensity is that ill ,tudenls should have fue same oppornurily to attain • finlher chance of studying. Boin equally asall of us, it is impartial that we all can approach, belter<educatiOIL From the view of equity, d will be1lI!fairlhal some student. get 1he best possible edncation while ,,!hers are denied mm a college education

Topic: 107

Some people believe lIlat a oollege or llIIiver:siiy educ.tion should be available hl ill studont.·. Other poople take !he vi"", lhaJ highe< edncation ,hould be available'miI), to.- good __ While

bolh methods rnay have their odvantages an,l'disadv:mtages, !hey can bo applied under different cirt:mnsianoes. Aftawards, I will "",lain my opiniOn aboo! it

Fo.- "''''l' studen!, having the opportunity to beingedo",ted in • college';' truly , good news. If a oo1lIllry can offord higher education to 'each of it.- stoden!s; we_ can c.n it • greet country, because education is the power which erJhanc<s a ro1lIllry's economy_ America; Germaoy and .other co1lIllries which have highly developed education give uS good~I.,._

Another reason why I ={ my prefurence for·the poinl.lhathigher education should """" ball _Is ;. lhaJ om- high---educatioo should sen;e the .fim<:,tion of edncating lhe whole COlllltry, not merely fm.a minority. ofili.-people.

'Beyond these obvious aspeats, there is , further SIlbtle point which we must take into our accOIlllt II would not be roo lcindIy di'l"'sed to. lhe bore idea lhaJ'aIIowing hareIy fantastic stu_ to enter universities., because rt is economical for part of people. ro be _.ed1lC2ted withJiInited rescurces of ill kinds. Nonetheless, pound fOr pound, I rackon lhat'lhe considerationlhat higber edu<:atiiin should be .c"",sible to ill stu_ is ""iulIy .dvantageous.-

But thi, also demonstrates that offering higher education to every one does not mean that a rounlry Can receive the eorreq><>nding profit fi'em it. investment Is it • truth 1het each studeIII 'Who receives can evaIDllilly become a qualified gI"adl.1:m who can .find·a suitable place in the society?

Moreover, offering higher education to every _t will result in tIie decrease of lhe educ.tloual efficiency_ SllPl'Ose that if''''~'''''''Can go to rollege'wilheut arI}'Jestru:ti"m, lhe6impus will be crowd.ed, 1he library will'!lave I"" space fur,nl_ and lose its """",",,,,_ Teach ... have to faj" hur!dred; of bea&; in lhe claOIDlOIlL Wecmildo.l expect any good educational qnalily from soclt ronditiOIL

To sum up., a higher edocaiion is never a.,olutely jmt • dream of lhe ,tudent. wilhout • terrific IWIIk. Lt ;. a dllim:mIa fus the p1IbIio to choose fiDm the two object opinions because they are frmn tm;o to time confused by the seemingly good qualities of lhe thinking that higher education i. avaiIablemeretyto good students but neglect the gerinir>ely good qualities of!hetrue one_ From lhe ilIotors presented ""'""', I.strongly oommit to the notionlllat a further education should be rendered more widely and openly_

(illaym "0)

Making higher education available to good students, 0Il1he olher'hmd, i, no donbl an eflioien! "'Y - Limiling lhe quality of lhe stu_, is like selecting good ninieral Source. Only locating lhe, miner in. pote_ place can we get what we '""'<i For· example, in Gem!any, students of diJlerent levels go to different sclIDoIs_ Those stud"'" who i. prmoising 1m.., lhe chance to enter iinv.=rty fOT higber edncatinii. Uoder thiS cimonst:m"" various school. produce various oompetffit """,om serving m various pm"" oflhe' country_

In myopiiinio, nffering higher edncation to good ,>fi1<kms ;. be_lhan to eliery stl\dent in two w:rys: First it <an keep the quality of lhe high edncation frmn decreasing. Seoood, it will help lhe development ofthee<:onomy by jJrodocing",,,,,ll"" gcadnates who ;. available in different parts of lhe connliy maclrine_

Topic: lOS

Bolh learning throogh pawnaI eaporience and learning throogh the ed"ire of o!hers can help y"" in life. If you donl ha\'e a lot of knowledge aboutsomething, the .""ire ofpeople you trust can be ""'l' "a1mbIe.They can tell you about their own experiences, and aboulthe am<anlllges aIKl disadvantages of il situation. Then you can your ffi1iD. wants md needs :;md decide what you.shotrld do_ Pretty.S<lOIl, you'llha\'e more ~e of your 0WIl

When you're thinking ahout what you want to do willi your life, friends and relatives ore a great resourre_ They em give you infinmaIion _lhing> like jo."schoo~ volunteering, aIKll:ra1ie!ing to olher parts of the worl&They'vedone a lot of le:uning in their live~ and you em me it to decide what you w:mt to do wilh yoors.

In some cases., lhere' .• no real ruhatilu.te for pawualeaporience. FOT example., I really don't like to make presentatiollS in class_I know ru make mistakes, even iffm lhorrughly prepared aIKl know all about my topic. Notmng but eaporienre can help me deal v.iih the nen'OUSnes.1 feel_I know lhaJ the feedbad: I get from the teacher and from the other studenls will help me learn from the",







mistakes. At least fm·confi_ iha!.the next class preseateuoa I make will be nmchbetter taan the last one.,

In the end,,11Irink that the best way 10 Ie am ohont life is by experiencing it firmhmd_ No one else am teach yon haw to get aioog, with other peepfe, how to reoIisticaIly judge your own abilities, or how to understandwao YOll are. Yon can only learn these things by dealing with sinaticnseoery

<lay. Experience is the best !elIcher. .

of opportunities to .... ctice it

Ancther way of 1I<lapti:ng., the customs of. new country has to do with how fimIily members interact. Different countries have <l'iIfueIII ideas about how Wnily members should relate to each other .. s:om<times the adalts will oJlP"'ll' changing what was normal in·their native oouotiy. This cen be • difIi<:ulI aIIj_t to make, ."p<,cially if their chiIrlren are visiting new friends at home ani! seeing how different things are in the new country.


I believe that people who want to make their home in ~ ""'" oounlIy need to find a balance, They shouIdkeep Ibe best of their native cuI!ure ani! adopt the good things they find in their new OOlm1:rJ.

Topic: 109

Nowadays it isquile'C01II1IIOIl fer people to immigrate to thercOllDtIies. When they.move., some of them decide ro fullow the customs of tbe new.coontry while others prefer tc keep their own. If I weee fcrcedtoegree with one offtetwo posinons, JIll' choice wonld be the·_.

To iIhIstiate Ill}' POint. let us first take a look on \Wy some people dislike !he idea of foIIoiring the customs cffhenew country. For one thing, these people are so accustomed to tbeir owaculture, religion ani! castoms..and it i s. veryhard for them to Ocreptthe new culfures.Por mstanre, people from a Islamic counfrymay find a lot of customs in wesftm countries offensive.

Altheugh i agree that some customs ere hard to change, I insist that the advantages of adaptiDg. to a new culture _ "I'P"Hmlly seen In the first place, by fuII~ the customs of the newcounlIy, yon <all learn about the couritry·and understand the peopfemore eaailyand become areal momheJ of the country. People who stick to- their way of-life may sometines feel lonely ani! isolated To shore the same custom meIIIlS that having more things in common, and it can pull people together __ Fmthennore., yon beve tc adapt to some customs of the new country, if they lire 'Mitten into the IIIw. As a result, iii. much more sensible to do as the Roman do.


Topic: nu

If I had 10 choose between spending time alone or spending time with my friends, rd rather be alone, I need this time olone'" "recharge Ill}' betteriee.vto re-energize my mind and spirit Being with friends can be ron ani! can help 1"'" get th.-.ingh the.rough spots in life, but irs the time. alone, I think, !hat forms yon as.a person,

When Inralcee, I have tuue to.think about my goal, endto develop. strategy to reach them Of course, leon think about these things whenI'm with others, but ii', harder to concentrate in a :~ Being alone give, me the quiet time- to really think aheut my life and what I WlIIlt to do

In coacluaionj believe that the advantages cf'following the customs of the new country is obvious because Y0ll! can easily learn about the country and be it real member of it. What is more, yoU! can live more easily ina foreign ceunny.

Being by myselfis abo II good way to listen to the silence ani! relax completely. When I'm alone I can practice meditation and lower mystre sa level. Thats a very good way 10 sImpen Ill}' POW'" of concectration Too much time with friends means filling my mind with. lot of chitchat, That', enjoyable for. IIlOJIleIlI, but can doll my concentration

Being ",ith other people CIIrl also distort my view of things, It's e"Y sometimes to become too worried about what other people think of me, or what other people have thet I don't When Im alone I have time to step back. I can see the real value of things, without being influenced by the opinions ofmy friends.

Topic: 109

It', natural to wan! to be with other people, but I find the time I spend alone is more valuIIhle to me in the long nm.

Some people adapt quid:ly to the customs of. new country while others keep their awn customs, How do they decide? It', a difficult choice, ani! the decision is not 1Iiw'J'. conscious Many practical and social factors influence people.

Very often it depends Older people have spad a lifetizre doing things a certain way. Their social customs are part of who they are as people If very hard for them to start doing things differently. The younger generation finds iteasier to leave behind the culture of their native country and adapt to the customs of their new country. They're not as set in their \VIIj'S as adalts are. OIriIdIen also feel the pressure to fit ill from the other kids in school


Topic: HI

I think I prefer to have many different friends because we can learn more from having many different types of friends. If we have just a few close friends, then we cannot learn as much lIS we cen ifwe have many friends, Therefure,!think it is better tohave many different friends,

A major part of adapting te the customs of a new country is leemiag that cmmtry'" language, Caildrea Jearn the Iangoage inschoel, ani! use it all day while going te class ani! playing with other children. But many times adults coming to a new country dcet have time for fornlIIllangoage classes. Tbeir first priority is getting a job. Sometimes they work with people from their own country, ani! they don't-have to use the new language, Or they IIl"J' lind • job that doesn't require much speaking at all. This means even if they're trying to Ieazn the 1aDgrrllge, they don1 have II lot

First, having many different friends can teach us about life ani! the world, I think you can learn many things about many different countries if you know people from all 0''''' the world For example, if yon have • fiiend from Chino and one from Iran, you can learn mere about these two countries. If yon just have friends from your country, then you do not learn very nmch about the world,





We can abo have many different kinds of experiences ifwe have many different kinds of friends, Fer example, some people like sports, others like music, still others like to study. Ifwe have IIllIIly differ€ot friends with many different·interests., then we can never reel bored and we can have a happy life.

Final!y, ifwebave mecy different friends, then maybe we cen havemerehelp frcmpecplewben we need it. For- example, ifwe need scme kind of help with '""""thing, but we don't knew too many peo-ple, th"" it migbt be diflicuIt for us to get·help. However, if we know many people, then IT will be easy for lIS to lind help when we need it

Therefore, I believe that IT is better to bave many different friends incur lives. llillilg many friends can teach Us .OOlIt the world, we tan have more ron with different friends, ani! we can g<! help more OIIsiIy ifwe have many dil'furent friends.

thesarre tl:iinil when they' are older. Aswe all know, learning', fNeign language is. pam to odolts, but is ""'Y eosy to a child under ten;

A1Iho-ughI agree theremay be one OJ two ,d\OlIllages·forchildren to begin to .,ndy early, I insist that the advantages of learning I.." fur o,,",weigh them In the first place, people who spend IIlD<t of their time playing could be more creative learning more means that children can know more, rut abo more restrictioes will be pushed on them If children play more, they nay lind many things interesting ill their "Ioying and raise many queotion., such as ''Ml}' can this happen", "Can I invent such II thing to help me?" As a result, they always hove more wondffihl1hcughts than those who begin stndying very early, wbichheljlS them to study and work creatively when they growop.

In the second place, children ecoid be more anxious to learn when they grow lIP if they sperid most oftlieirtime p1oying. It is known thatchildren play. Evea ifpllffills force them sitting ill front of the table, they cannotccecentrate on the stndying stuff Instead, they are thinking haw ttl finish the study early ani! go to pi")'. Thay will be hered ill ,tmlyingwhen they grownp, since they think theY .tndy for.their parents. But Children who spend most of.their time playing do not have the bed memory of studying, When they grow up, they will be williIlg 10. study even if parents de not monitor them. because they feel they are 'tudyingJor themselves.

In conclusion, I believe that yoong r.Iiildren shoold play more not only because that they will be more creative, het also because they will be more llllXions to learn when they grow np: Therefore, I strongly hold thet all parens should not push their yooDg children inro stndying roo- early.


We all need to-have frien<b; ani! I think the timre friends.we have the better. Friendship help, us learn how to trust "them, what toespect from ethers; ani! how to profit from experiences. I want 10 have a lot offriends aroundme ",I can learn more oboutm),.eIffromdifferenlpeople_

I wiinl to have people around me thet I trust and that I am depend on, We all need friends, both ill times of trouble and ill times ofheppmess. If I only have a.few, friends, it impossible that they might not be availahle if I need them If I have • lot of friends it is mere likely that they will be .ble to share my troublesor my good fortune,

I want te have people around me that surprise me. If I have just one or two friends, I know what to expect from them I know how they will react, If I have a lot of friends ..-onnd me, I will always be surprised Each will have II different way of reacting to a situation, OIJsaving this reaction ani! responding to it will teach me how to deal with strangers whom I might meet

Topic: Il2

Should children play more or ,study mere? The question is what ",ill be better fur the child. There are benefits te bo-tli activities, but the answer depends on the details of the sjfuation,

I want to have people around me that can teach me 'omething about life. If! only have II couple of friends, I will knew everything about then! very quickly. If I have hundreds of ftieads, think what! will learn Each day they1I teach me semething new and show me a new way of thinking about sornetl!ing.

There lire many things that ooold affect the ontoome of the aJgIlII>I'Dt. What kind of. school is i!'1 It could be a school where children sit at their desks all day long memorizing dates ani! facts. Or it could be. school \\here the teacher help' the children Ieam what they want te learn. I think the second kind is a lot better for a child than the first kind.

I have a lot to learn in life, so I want as many people as po,sible ro help me. I wan! II lot of fiiends to show me haw 10 have a goad time. ru do the ,arne for them.


SiroilIIdy, what kind of play lire we talking .OOlIt? The child could be alone all day long watching television, _ could make biro or her bered ani! looely. Or the child ooold be involved in groop activities with neighbOIhood children of the"""" .ge, which ooold help lIirn or her learn how ro get along with others

I think bo-tli ,study and play are valullhle, so I moold prefer 10 send my child ro II school where fuere is :a combina:ti.oIl!. I think il variety of activities mak,es: learning ,easier for myone at my age..

Topic: Il2


There i. mnch discussioo .OOve when should children begin 10 study? Some people think that children. ,hould ,>tart leIIming lIS eDiy lIS pas.ible. Other people, however, argue that yoong children. could begin to study IIIIe. As fur as I am coooerned, yoong children should spend most of their time playing ani!..,t begin studying too early.

Why do ,ome people think that children ,shook! begin 10 ,study early'? For one thing, children lire very good at learning because they have good memory ani! occept new things quickly. If they WIlSIe their time when they are yorrog, they probably need to spend mnch more time in leIIming

Topic: Il3

The first adamtage ofhaving a new niIlvemty boilt in my ""mnnmity would be the jobs it woold bringrothe ""mrnniIlty. Initially, the jobs would be those ""nnected with the actoal hnilding of the univ"",ity ,trucfures, SIlch .. brick IayeB and carpent",. Once the building:s were cODJPletad, the jobs would be these on the CllDlpus itself. Those would include teocher.!, ollke worke.-., Cl1>IDdians, and hOrarims







Net all of tbe people the unreersny m,,;(j would i!lready be 1!leIIlb= of Ihe rommmrily, so that would mean a let ofnew people oomlng to town, Of COUfSe., . a tot of :students·Would coree too, Two advantages cf'newpeople in lown would be more taxpayers and a more diversepopnlaticn Wi1b more people poying taxes, there would bemnremnney for schools, libraries and oilier commmrily needS. Wilh. more diverse population, there would benew stores; new restaurants (tc serve difI'<renI tastes) and new cultural infI""""",,"

In my opinion, the. family ploY' the moo! imp<rrtmI role When. ymmg child is born, he is brought lIjl by the family not by his friends, and a child has the keener sense in learning than a older one. 1 think tbe familycen mold the child in the foll<>wing wa)~.

Firstly, the family is the·first school a child should enter.There be learns and is t.ugbllIDw to JeamJt is safe to say that the character of. """"n is determined in hi. childhoodand when it is the family which 10 the detesmination,

Sewndly, a good fmIily will affurd good edacatioa for. tho cliild, Now mere and more Chinese family realize the importance of educationsorra even make'thirecialdrea study in foreign countries.All this is unehoo sa ble fer tlie child,that is, the·family has the undeniable.influence on tbe young .duli .

Thirdly, when 1he child is in his young adult, the family still playsa important inlItience on him Fer instance, I olw'l"!eel !be expectation ofmypareets and struggle III favor them Which is. hard work, but I still think it is naturally that 1, as a 'OD, Sbould meet·the especation of them. Thus, !he·family is really a strocg inJIu<,nce on the young

I make the fmIily !he important irIfhreno. doesn't deny that the role of friends on the young adults. Onjy that m"oo,'ro!e is not as important as the family:

Of course, there would also be disadvantages. More people living in !he con:m:nmity could mean more houses being built. 'There would be more traffic on the streets, With tbecombination ofnew residents and students who bring !heir cars. PIw;, more people would ""' en mere public services would be needed These-services could include """'}'Ihing from trash collection to rwre schools III hold alI1he children of tho new residents. New services might-mean local-taxes would have 10 . go "1', even though there would be more axpayers..

Am1her.disam..mage ie that the personality of our community would change, It would go from being a place where e1ieryoody knows everybody else to-a place where a lot of people are strangers. It would become a place with a lot of short-term residents, like the """"","Iy etudeits, who migbl not care as much abeul1he town.

Communities always change over time, .. though,.andoverall I like.tfe atrncspbere of a "college IDWIL "A new tmivenily would bring a lot of challenges, but I think IT would be worth it


(E-;S:JYID: 26i. This ta a 5 ~1!5~

Topic; 114

Topic: 115

Although friends make an impression on your life,: they do not ha". 1he """",influence that your family has. Nothing is as important to me as my family. From them, I leamedeaerjthing that is importliIl1llearnedaoout trust, azuhition, .... d love,

Yom family is with you forever, They are IIOt going to leave you because they find another daught'" they like better. They are not going to leave you because they think yon ore roo much trooble .. A family is permanent, \\hiIe friends come and go.

Your parents are your mle models. They will _go.yon to do your best, to push ),0111>eIf, and to improve yoorself. Friends ",-.01 you to 'Illy the same; they don't w .. 1 yon 10 be different A family is ambitious for you Friends-are not.

Bota leisure time ... d working time form!he whole parts of roe's lif e. Here leisure time has a broad definition. Because of its import:moe, people moo the dilemma wh<tha- to plan or nOt plan for the leisure time Which one I prefer depends "rimy cwuexperiences, life style and emotional

00=. To be frank, I prefer III plan in my point of view. .

Before rendering my opinion in detail. IT is n"""",ary III take a glance at the. position of not planning at all People who claim !he opinion advocate that leisure time is the time for reIaxing. Enjoyiog the time is !be most important, why they hare to plan fur it by taking timeand<nergy. If they want to watch TV, they will sil down to watch it Without any besitlltiorL If·they want to swim, they will change 10 the swimming suits. Enjoy everything at any time.

Your farrlliy teaches )'00 abeur lcve, A fiunity" 1",,,, is oot judgnenral, They love )'OU fur eve'ything yeo are. Friends may ·10>" yon because you heve a new car or because you go out with ·them·on Satunlajo~. A family loves you. Friends only like yoo_

Wl1bmrt my famal', i wouldn't know whet 10 do: I wouldn't fuel as secure. I migbl not hove the ambition to go III school. I probably would be. afraid 10 love. My family is nry greatest inlIuenre.

It is true that there are some advantages about not planning for the leisure time, but I would . . explain • few important "'OSOIlS why I prefer 10 plan far it The main reason is that pImning for il corefully can avoid a lot of troubles. To illustrate this, there is an e:<ampIe that is "ary persuasive. Take swimming for """"I'1e;ifwe.plan it first, we would prepare the swimming mil, sun glasses, towels, cream and so on for it We can enjoy the swimming time ·fulIy.and pleasantly withDut forgetting :myIhing

Topic; 114

Itis true thaLOOth of the fumilyand friends play important roles ininll\:oeIring ywng adults. and it is really hard furm to· tell which is toemcst import:mtinlIuence.

Awiding troubles is oulypart ofjhemost ~ aspects, and another o'l".lIy,igoiliCl!D! role ofplanning bes in that we.can promote our sIOOjoing.and working effectively. This danonsIra! es the undeniable fact that suitable leisure time canbelp ceetc relax fully. Fer instance, wh<n we ·wmk or slDdy for a MwIe ",-..1, we have aplan to sp<nil the weeseedin tbe seaside. It is wcrderful. Careful plait can make tIS fres)umil <=iIing.

If alI1he factors ereceneidered, we will find out thai the advaniages of planning for leisure !irrJi, oo_gh tho", of not planning. It is true that both views ha>" strong foundatieas, but no one em ignore the added convenience and satisfaction.offered by planning for it Suchexperience will




de:liniteJy bebeJpful in one', later life

anything. If you gel bored, yru migbl even full asleep while you're Iiitening! When you're actively

participating in something. you're more likely III my alert .

Dverall, wh<n it comes to leeining, I believe that nothirig substitutes fur the firsthand~ that physically doing an activity provides.

Topic: US

I think that free time is a precious thing for most ofus. When we're working bard, if~ nice. to imagine what =11 do wben the weekend-comes, We juggle o:ooi 'idea M1h .. other, tiying to decide what best suits om loidget and the amount of time we have.·AlIer all, mticipating free time is part of the pleasure.

Irs good to plan _ ... re're going to do with 0IlI free time. That woywe wcc'tweste.acy ofil trying to decide. Jfs so <say 10 just sit around and think .\>out this or that activity. Before we know R, half the day is gone. Ifwe·deci<lo·ahe.d of time, we can gel startedm plentyof time, and 'We can get the most benefit om oftbe jnne we have, For :instance,.ifwer~ going on. 31 picnic, we. Can gel all our scpplies ready 10 go. Or ifwe'regoing to, mo"ie, we canfind oUt the time and how long it'll take lis to gel there. Also, ifweplaa wbatwe're going 10 do wilhmrr free time, we can invite others to join as. lfwe wait mtil the la-st mimne, our:friends may have otter plans.

Topic: 117

There are .10.1 ofamanlages.lo having. friends who are different from you. For one thing, 1beyU give yeo, differenl way<l_ Friends who are dilf."",mcan introduce you to foods, music; politics, and hook, You've rever tried before If you're. a spontaneous kiod of person, someone who is more schednIed can help i'Ou gel better organized, Y m oo1be Other hand, can help them loosen up • Iittle bit, and do things more oil the spur of the moment

On the Other hand, jfs also fun IiOmetiroes to do thing> w _ epian, We canjustl ea ve tbe hause and walk around end see "What catches om attention, Often, this is bow we discover places. we neeerkrew _ .. We mightend up doing something we never thougbI ~d try. We might just happen 10 find ourselves outside a new bookstore 0.- • bowling alley and go in on • whim, because wehave some free tine,

Someone wbc is diffureitt from yo~ wrin!t have the-same reaction to simations. This can be a big belpIf ycme thekiodofperson who gets very impotien! waiting for your meal in. restaurant, it helps to hove someonecalm With yoo_ Yoor can help you keep your tenper -, lfyou're a lilll. timid about standing up fur yourself a mere as sertsse fnead cen help yon develop a .little more self-respect.

It', nice ifwe can have the best of both worlds. We can plan our free time activities filr one d'J' of tlte week<nd, and let the Other d'J'p1m itself This way·oor free time also enjoyment

ofhaving it both W'J'S. .


However, there can also be edvanteges to having friends who are similar to you You usually enjoy doing the """'" ~ so yoo dent have to.ague about what )'00 want to do. Sometimes ifs fun ~OncingDOW things Other Ii=, ifs more fun doing whalyou know you11 enjoy.

All thinll'oonsidered, 1thi.nk fd like to have • lot of acqIll'mianceswbo ore differenl.and a r.iw close friends who are siruiIar 10 me. That seems 1he best ofboth worlds_

Topic:. 116

Topic.: liS

111< elfuctivertes" of. learning method varies from person to person and aIoo from activity to activily. Learning by doing,leaming by reading; and learning by lisrening all ho,,,, the trnrlsfer of infonnatioD as their goal, bot theinfOJm:I!ion is lranaferred in very different.ways in e.ell"c"",Each has its benefits. In my ov.-n opinion, learning by doing is the method that worn best fo, me.

!.earninil by doing wmk. bee"""" it gi''''' a learner first-hand. experience. Other mclhods are incre passive; yonre either listening 10 ,cOlll1'eJSalinit or trying to pay ._tion 10 word.! on a page. However, learning by doing means .ctually participi!ling in !be activity. Can you imagine leaming how to play. musical insI:mrnonI from·. book? N, the saying goes, prn:tice makes perrect.. Franldy. I can't think of a way that better em"", one has truly learned thar,by oeeing and doing.

In 'comast, ",.ding make; leaming .1"", .easy to Visualize. Not only thri!, learning by ,eading often requires e<Ira research, sodt as looking up 1lIlfaruiliar-voros. Also, you migbl not be a good· reeder, or youmigbl be learning in • second language. Ifso, youmigbl find it hard to concentxate or beoorne frustmed by 1he slow p"'''. So \\hiIe resding is fun arid lilleful for many people. for others it.may not be the best w.y.

II i. often dillicult fur ,people to choose wbe1her ,tlIyIng the """"or chonging fur , new experienoe. Each of the _lIas its own odv:mtage and disa_ge. As a ywngster Witlt unliruitedemrgy· aod entIrusG!sm, I will CIDosech2ng. Without any hesitilion.

The fic;t rea,on I choose change i. that change is !be propeller that push 1he world to develop from an ancient tribe in people hon!ed for their life, to·Ioda}{s earth OIl which people can .SIUdJi and wmk in their oomfurtahle homes Withoulworrying .boot life. What rnalres the th!IUSands "fye"" <IeveI"P"""' that_Ie like 10 change the world. Ai; we all know, by changing stones into stone axes, peopI.e ceuld gather = meat for their families; by changing .breasts fur·into clothes, _lek<ep thomselves warm; by chonging soJarenergy into heat and electricity, people can find a n<W way to pr<Ven! !be energy shortage. TIms, it is change ilial develops 1heW?~ld we live·in.

Sewnd_ tel's come 10 our.daiIy lif,. Change gi''''''·people a f<elingof curiosily anddnve him 10 diso:l\'eiy various: new things around bim_ Every O~ is c:urioos about the new objects: he saw and the news he heard, and has the pn!se, 10 det<ct everything. We are <=iI.ed .belli roooing into a new h01lSe" and we are eltCit.ed lIbout our ~ jOOs.- Even a little change of the fumiIure.placing in OOIro~ can imkeus excited fora few houIs.

!.earninil b), listening can be enjoyable. LiVely <lobate is intereslirig. and interesting things are usnally eosier to leam .bout PI1lil, unlike reading. you """.sk .ljIIestioDs if you don1unders!and_ Howev,"" as With reading. il is all too = to becmne • pass:i1i'Iis!""", and oot truly learn

The 1 .. 1 and in my opinion. "e,y poetic,] reason is that change cirri impro'" people';






2!laptabilily_ When you move-to a new school, or come to a new job, yom environment has changed Therefore, ill order to gel used to your """,.SIlITOlDII!ing quicl<ly, you have to-change J"'Il"<IfIm!. Pamp., you have kept yourreguhii: habit for sud! along time and it is a painful process fur you to dWIge y=seIf But by oomg Ibis you will observe in the future lhal YOll are able to be adapted to more changes around y<>IlISIilf and that there is enespended world ill fr.ont of yo,,- AJl of these result from that you have the courage to' change yourself

For the reascrrs.preseeted above, F moogly eomzait te'die notion !batch:mge 1IlIIk", om lives colorful and trains us 10 our ,,1lII<i People sI!ouId enjoy change and Iool: forward to new experiences.

and interesting people, and learned. a lot _life.

These days, I enj cry sticl:ing 10 a routine' This is partially due to the fact 1hat I lml a mother of two small children. I find 1hat their live, are happier ifl deet cpset their schedules too =h.. For example, we giVe the children a roth every night .1 8:00, put lbem jn their pajamas, read them simi", and put' 9:00. There ere tineswhen thi. is inccaceeient, but everyone in the hooselwld is happier if we stick to our routine_ In addition, our mends know when 1<> find·us at }u)me and when we are free, 'Ibis makes visiting easier ..

Topic: na

There is a _ ollnese prceerb says., "The world is so big thai it inclOO<s all kinds of men'; Different people have _en! life styles. Some people enjoydWIge andrew experiences. 01hers liketbeir live, to stay the same. Fm.kIy. I prefer 10 rhange in mypoinl of view.

Before reMermg my opinion in detail, it is recessery 10 talre •• g1ance at the pcsiticn of the ,,!,posite view, A lot ofpeople.especially the old, advocate that staying the Slime is. safe and pleasant They think that Hie life has no 1II' and down is the best one. Someone will also say if you stick 1.0 one pain!, it woold be better. For example, lbe famous Cbinese Opera actor Mei Lanlimg kept his usual habit to observing birds and fish. AI last, he succeeded in his eye acting.

It is true that >tayi:og the same bas e 101 of adcanteges, bull will explain some importanl reeaoas m.y I prefer to dWIge. In modem ,Ociety, the world is dWIgIDgin",,,'Y mimite Ifwe dc not change. hOw can we keep pare with the world? A small ex>mpIo could give',;,me light to this point: Scme youngpeople like traveling from-one place to another. New experiences could jet them understand the world fblly.

Another equally significant'_age of changing is that we caneapkne our talents better and deeper. Some people like tochange jces. They believe that new job. can give them chances to understand tcemselves and choose one is the most suitable for them Take Chanoo: fOT example, bebad been. courtier,' soldier. an.ambassedor and alegislator. Finally, he became the noted writer.

In C<lnclusion,.the type cfpersoa Lam-has dWIged with the circumstances cf'my lire. 'Ibe cbligaticns of my family force me to bave.a routine. Wl!enl was young, I enjoyed the suspense and adventure of living a cr=t life. N"",' the>tability of a household ronIi:ne suits me better. I . thin!< that while most people need a minimum amo1lIll of secor:ity, the", whe depend on you often IIlIIke a difrerence in yo", lifestyle.

(E:;s:JyID: 2.12 ,

Topic: na

living ill this world, people.seep difI'eruIt.ruIesimil preference to their life .. Some people prefer to experience wbat they 00 not knew, some choose tc regular their life endeajoy the

quiet, Obviously, no '"'" is wrong, while as fur me, n:ry personal opinion is ennilar with the fonner.

ConsiderIDg all !lie factors, we will find out Ihat1he·advllIllllges of changes outwe:igh'_ of staying the same. Both views have strong foundations, but D.O One could ignore the convenience and satisfaction offered by change and new experiences. Such experienres will definitely be helpful in one's later Iife_

Ill' pcsitively ch:mgIDg their life people CIIIl enrich their knuiol~ek fur from the change of their j<tb, People will meet the naw environment where they ID11SI work bard to !earn new techni'l"'" and skills to clllch up with the new coming requirements. St:rying in a slated position, people tend to be involved in' their daily activities with iilltheir time mil energy without fi:rrther progress.

CCJIlJiciously changiDgtbeir life will also beoilit peepletc live haf'¢ly- The feeling ofbfe is boring is fer sure cOming I" human being Step by step if they always keep. stagnating living. As we all koow , lots of couples. complain their lifeis full of dull,.' and he or she also gruinhle that c:m not feel their affection existing anymore, Whj~ it is, to someextend, fur that they do not realize they should change they every day life from being ,tagnatiOllNochanged life tend to make people tired and loose interest, A report said the e<mternporary social problem ofy<>nth suicide is very senoasly, and inv-estigati<insho,,~ the reason is rnainly fur the kids feel their life is 00 novel_:lf only they were taught low to absorb the fresh m into their life!

I would like to claim again, keejlirig old hebits and mjeyirlg. stated life are not bad also, _ they need is to use another way to make their Iife'positive

(E-;S:JYID: 28~. This ta a 5 ~1!5~

Topic: 118

There ore the", who prefer things to stay jhe same, while there are otbeir who pre ... ohangl' My personal preference is to establish • routine and ,tick to it, though Ibis has 001 always been true of me,

Topic: 119

I agree to thestittemeni that people behave differently when they wear different clothes. Clothes pley an incredible role in our dady life. It rules our.behavior and defines to·new culture in inOOem society. I am also keejlirig observing the way people', behavior with dressing different clothes,

When I was young"', 1 wasn't a creanse ofbahi.! I enjoyed change. When = carne. and I was free from the respcnsjbilities ofscbool, I would travel, take off-..ifu friends ata irIDnIfDI', notice, and make decisions from day to day. In this way. I bad lots ofnew experiences, net new

The results cf'tbeseobserving are smprisingly similar, cleersuir and wear . pahahed shoeschis gesture would comport to be elegant On the contrary, the same one dresses in leisnre sporting T -shat; sneakers, correspondingly, he will' .01 .rnitnirily with involmrtary movements.



I 81i'l92

The simple, The clothes ere crucial dimensions to insinuate people', routine behaIIior every day. Psychologist calls it "PSyclIc-hinI". So a clean suit and polished shoes would keep us in haWl' at eomeexterit, Or some people have proclivities to dress in bright color to reliev -e the pressure they feced, I think that a nice dress will give lIS more oonlidenl to handle the problem We also build professional, sophisticated impressions fur other people.

Otherwise, People will probably be unresponsive to deal with things in casual dress. '!'his is related to om future career directIy_ Such as, we shoold dress tidily for joo inter-view, just to give m examinEr a good impression Nice clothes are perfect .dVertisement fur IDdividnal image as same as thepeckage in the>hop.malkel. We ,choose·the attractive.package, same, we feel close with a stranger dress in proper clothes.

T" this extent, clctles reflect.our special national custom end culture. These reminds mot at our customs, personal discrimination; and occupations. Calvin Kelen is famous for his simple style that defines the aware! of the whole American yonng generation in the early Wth camuy _ We also lind tbat people in di_ occupations wear differeDt!y_ Bank employees., bcsinesssren usually dress in d.ID: suit since they shruld 000 clients reliable impressions. Teachers wear nice clothes that let their snideat feel kindly

Track to the long InIman hi~, our predecessor have developed the complete clothes system From the primitive leather to elaborated modem urehd, clothes offer lIS the ch:moes Ie, express. Our nnique 11ie>vs and show us the oolmfullife_ So 00 you consider 1hatbuy " nice ""parel fur YOllIself when go oul'_ time?

@>;ayIDo""_"" by_Billyaf""",.T"""",gk.oow)

Topic: 120

I disagree with the statement that the decisions people make quickly are ajways wrong. However, I think those decisions prebahly tum out to be wrong more often than carefully mode decisions do. Usually, fast decisions are based 011 what we tall om "gntreactices," or feelings we 1m..,. about. situation Sometimes fhese gut reactions are.based on good sense backed byesperiecce, rut sometimes: they're based on nonsense or poor reasoning.

Topic:. 119.

People 00 beha,,,, differently depending on what they are wearing_ The reason i. not became they have dWIged, bnt recause people', ,eactions 10 them basch:mged

Let's ,ay you're at ",OJk·anoJ the boss calli y<>n to his office and tells yon there's a big project that needs 10 be mile, He think, you're the bestpersca fer the job, but he needs en.answer from you on the spot: He hasn't told }1>U what the project is, but you make the quick decision to accept, '!'his is the right quick derision, because you're bosing it on a lot of fact"",·!hat will occur to y<>n later. One is tbaf it wouldn'tlllllke sense fur the boss 10 .ok you to do something he .didn1thin!< yeu could handle. That would only lnIrt his business. Phis, doing • good job <in this project might help your career. Yon ream" if. good to reach higher, if you want to get ahead.

But let, '''Y you're on • deserted highway We at night and your en break. down. Along cones a car driven by someone who doesn't seem quite right to YOIL He offers yon a ride to the nearest gas station. You make the quick decision to accept the ride because its.late, ynn 're cold and tired and youdce't wam to sit there waitIDg for the highway patrol to arrive. This is • Case where a quick decision is • wrong decision. Yon ,houIthi11r.ide yom pe=nal.'afely for phl'sici!l oorrifurt, and if you Iilmlght about i~ y<>n wmJldn't

How 00 you know when ifs okay to IIlIIke • quickdecii:ion? You fu"", 10 be able Ie guo'" .t the possible benefits ,= thepossihle dang=.lfifs. small decisiOn like where to go to hmch, .WID cares~ H",,-.- ifmywhole future were at slake, fd '.iant as IIlIlclt time '" I oould get to thin!< "houliL

"Certain doth~ are "appropriate fur oertain sit:uatioos_ ~ IJ:¥ill C3Ii \Vear. a suit to WQIk and :it woman can ,,_ soIlE1hing professionallookmg like a sI::irt and jacket ..

Topic: no

Wbeu ';'ierynne'dre",,,,, the 'ame, _ i. no prob!em. It • unifi>Im. Imagine gemg to'. law office Ie hire a lawyer. One ofthehrwyeI> is wearing uuit; the-other is ",earing·jeans. Which Iaw}'er 00 you wllIIl to hire~-Sin:Iilmy,.a mechanic works on air> iilldayandwears dotbes 1hat cstiget dirty. It wonld be strange 10 find. rnt'cllanic wearing a ""at and tio torq,m aoengine_

People will ireat you differently dependIDg on wbat i'OO lire wearIDg It will <lePen<I on IDW wall they koow you and where y<>n...-e. If)"om clothes are -.uaJ for the ,ituation, they may ti"eat· you with di"''''pect_l remeinher once I hod'an old'army coat. I wore it·into '"""'Y candy shop to Wj' oomechocol~ Theworrian was very sw:piciO\ll and .• little·afurid loouldnTnnderstmdher reaction sinre it was still me underneath n:ry big, old ngly green coat I was dressed like a bum and this o-msed the sale'l"""on to re.ct negatively to me. o,nsequently, 1 was ", .. n roo", polite Ihao

UsiraL ..

Some people atgue ')S ifi! is. general tnith that to lIlIIke a \WOng decision is better1han to lIlIIke Il{I decision itt all But to be fumk" I ,can· not"agree with them. IiI my point of view, it is sag<!ci.ous to spend more time on preparmg to dieide ",!her !han buoy 10 lIlIIke a wrong decisio!L Tbere are I!IllDeroOS reasons m.y I hold "" Confideore on them, and 1 would explore only a few'prirnaIy ones here,

The main proolain!his argomfIllis thatit·isignoran! ofthe'oo,;c facttbat a had·decision will irifIIIIlCe·the sub.sequence ,teps, and produrem=ful'""rull even a'failure, There is a famws 'eyIDg , good begi:oning i. a:n half of succeed This proverb "'Plain the importllIIl of . decision oflbe beginning, while something say !be a deleterious effect of • wrung decision.For example, when. grildnate i, rnnfronted with the ·choice·the job after leave the campus, the !list decision is """"l'in:ipOrtl!lll fur'lbefut<ne wl-ak mil In,,_ Ao inapposite choice could bring him or :she 5ui."Des;;ive probI.em" even mistaken the d:irectio:n_

This. experienre shows me lhat sometimes I 00 behave differently bec""", of wbatl'm wearing. In this case, I hod to balaooe my ."I'P""""". 'StiR that doesn't mean ihl fm rude if I dr=_up_


An6the, reason Why I disagree with the ;00,,,, IlIat I beJievi,_1hat 001 buny to decide let people llave more time to prepare and maybe' they find an approprilne approach. Sinoe careful plao aud deliberate ~nl will become·the preoondition of sooeed, thin spend more time on preparing is neressary _ In the instance move, the graduate ,hould think over·all sortJ; of the fa~ such as the qnaJmcati.on of himself or herself; the oondition'of thejob and the ad;:isemen!' from ",,,,suiter o[the ""liege and p"'-"'lls_






The OJgIlIIl<ilt I support In the fir;j paragr"Ph is-also in • pcsiticn of a<k'lintage because coreful arrangement will disc",,,,}, the esroraand mistakes in 1he decision, And that will hove tbecbaece 1D correctfhem, in order to make a ~gh± decision. The errors or mistake; could exist in everyone's thoogbi T thinI: the best woy to eliminate themis think them over, So it is sogacious to Spend more time on prepllling to dicide rather th.m hurry to make a wrong decision,

General speaking, the deliberate consider "can help to avoid the eppeerenoe oftrouble_,-ely and to """I,,,, problems ,,,,,,,,,,,fully. Taking into account of all these factorswe moy reach 1he corclasioa thai, it is: wiser to make no decision at all than to make :3 wrong decision.

Judging a person based on • lim impression does saee time. The", are more people than alI),""" could possibly get to know in one Metime. It is frustrating to waste time gettiag to Imow someone, only-to find out that ymIr first impression was correct and that you really don't like him-or her. So is. it a waste of time getting. to know people you prohably won1like? That seems to be • valid point of view, but I<ve that it is not !he best attitude to take.

Ifnnore Iwmme to Spend time getting to know people befure~. them. I know that I don'! always make a good finlt jmpressioueeen when I truly like the person with whom lam interacting. We all have bad day>. I wouldn't want to lose a job on potential ffiendship simply because 1 picked outtbe wrung clothing or said s~ wrong. 1 thinI: e,,,,,,,,,,,, deservesthe chance to make a second impression.

(E:3BsyID: 219. Thisig:J Sp;Rn:ti!5!";B}')

Topic: 121

Ifweall based our lin:il opinion of otliefs on finlt impressions, it would be hard to get to know ""lone There is.efways more to peoplethaaraeets the eye. If we dcc't give someone achance, We IIllIy be-missing out on meeting 3 life-long friend. That would truly be a shame ..

In our daily life, we will alway. be told a weaUh of such cases as a gay who has fallen into love with a girl at the Imt sight, one of ymIr friends who impresses your mother deeply on his or ber finlt visit to J"'ur house and then is treated exceptionally wall by ywr hard-to-be-pte..ed uetlier, and even the applicant who attracts to the HR_'II. (human resources IIllI!l'lle.) immedi,taly lit the finlt sigh! of the iIifeIView andtben is easily eniplol'oil, to IIllIIE just a few. All of the abovementioned cases tell us many people in the world trust tho first impressions of a person, hi. or her character, her conduct and ber eloquence, etc., ell of which ho or she display. at e3Ch otheJ', finlt meet But is all thaf he or she displays, '" all that you understand through who! becr she displ'l" or.hints COJreCt crjusta blur image whichn<eds to beprovedin the later cloys?

Before we get the question to be-treated, let', thin!: of the moot probable (no! absohnelj) results of the cases ~mied. in the finlt poragnph:

The gny who bas just experienced the above-said romance has to say 'goodbye to hi, newlyknown gir'lftiOnd because later on he finds out that !he gir'l is no! as good as she Jocks; the friaId of your> who has just won your hard-Io'be"pleased mother's trust is criticized by your mnfher because of his. or ber great incoherency in !he manners, and even the newl),-<,mployedemployee is dismissed because ofhe is not telling 1he truth in hi, resume. Till IWw; 00·'{OiJ still fiIiDI: the fitst Imprasl_OIrS cf'aperson'a character are dependable?

Topic: 122

I think it's probably true that people areuever, satisfied with whot !hey have. They always want ~ IrIOre or something different from _ is theirs. This just seems to be port of WI human nature. Look at •. toddler. Give her • toy to play with and she', happy-until she. sees . eke Then she wants that other toy 10 play with. If she and ber brother are each given, cookie, she'H look to see whose cookie is bigger. Sbe'll prole>! loudly if.she thinks her brother is getting more,

Psychologically, in our bead we had a ""'}' periioct image of. person, of COUI>e, which Varies

. from one _ owing to his of be specific experiences, education and fimIily bacJ;ground:, his or ber own opinion about a special view, etc. and when such • person as ccefinns witb the image

. in oor beed pretty o_~ presents, we wiH;to great extent, overestimate or even _Ie the his 00 her merits, while omit ·the· shortcomings a. we can help it Maybe this is the psychological reason, tlnu we """ ourselves lead to the answer to thequesl:ion referred above that 'tlie first impressions ofa pm<iit ore generallyincorrect and also irresponsible fer yourself

In a word, to judge a person needs time and !he fust-<iigbt impression is always andependable, (E=yIDc42l)

"The grass is always greener" is an ctdespression, but it's a good expression of how IIllIllJ ofus feel We're always ,striving for a better job, a nicer place to live, a fancier car, or more expensive clotbes. Part of this reaching for more and better is because we core about whot other people think :;md want to, impress: them, Part of it is: trying to make ourselves feel successful, But there's 31", something in our nature that tells us we can de better and reach higher.

This isn~ aIwoy. a uegatne qualhy. There's aaother ",jing:"A man', reacbsbeuldesceed his g=p, or whet's a heaven furl" If, a good thing to be constantly pushiag ourselves and looking for something different lfwe don't try for more and different things, we begin to, stagnate, like • pool that doesn't get any fresh water.

The problem comes: when we won't let ourselves: be satisfied with anything we have. Ifwe have a comfortable Me and still feel as if ,omethings missing, then we need to look inwerdThe something that' s missing moy be in oor spirit.


Topic: 122

Topic: 121

!lJJy opinion is, in fact, • judgment I feel that as Arnericans we would 00 well to judge others less often. Still, we lIIIlS! be able to decide whom to spend om time with and whom we'd rather forget In illy opinion, this type ofjudgmiinl is best after we get to know other people. First impressions

are not always.aocmate impressions. . .

Many of the world's religions share • belief that when a person is able to look at and confess his or her problems that person can begin to travel !he road to emotional recovery. A problem cannot be solved until it is clearly recognized. I ogre< v.'1h the above statement because I believe that dissatisfaction and suffering forces people to change.

History presents IIllIllJ examples of dissatisfaction and change, The history of China in this





century !Iiighl be seen as one of dissetisfectioa and progres~ Son Yet Son was discontented with the dec.jUIg impcriol order, ani! '0 he ere a ted "revolution"; MlIO was dissatisfied with fhe oourse of events and sc be intensified the revolntion; 1inaIl1', Dengpuabed the Chireseeccnomy towards free-market economics. Hence, China progressed towards its rew-fccnd "superpower" status ..

Plction is too importmI 10 eur caluae, om minds, andoor emotions. Haw could we eeer gne it up?

In a not dissimilar ""y, dming the eighteenthcentory IIllIllJ Americans became o:nnoyed with direct British rule, and'so ~. United States fough! for and gained political independenao r

On a personal level, dissatisfaction can lead to change v.ilhin friendship and marriage. Perhaps it might ever be said that true love cannot remain static. Matrimorry and friendShip are eaplerations of the higher'OIOOOOns: they are pilgrimages towards tbe city oftrue-val\Jes. Iflnlsband and wife ore prepared to confrout and discuss their problems, a blue period can give. way 10 IIllIllJ yem of happine ee. Sometimes, fcriastance a epousemaynot recogmz,,-that!he source ofrnarital unhappiness is that the other partrer hasdeveloped a need to have children. Whatever else III>.y be said roost people would agree that children change the lives cf'tleir perenrs.

The best method ofutilizing dissatisfaction is to chang~ things before !hey get out of hand.An inleUigent man will oonst.ntly monitor his emotions; an inlelligent politician will understand the mood ofhis people. Soine people might SUFt that the nansition to'independeIIre for C3n.idiI and Australis "'''IS much smoother then that of the United States because Britain allowed the", two. dominions to evolv€ with·time.. To take tm: ~:fur1i::Iff, il good parent. astute poIiticim will e\Ien aJI!icipate potential dissatisf.cnons and therefore tllke precmnoos.

Topic: 124

I have alwaY' considered that general knowledge is tbe best choice for me and universal learning the perfect means to support the phrase "knowledge fur the sake of knowledge .itself" .But if I have to choose between the above-mentioned subjects I would definately concentrate on art and jrteratare which I consider fit better my pesoeaety.

Art and Iiteamre have a let in comruoa in that they require a differen!,quire often universal approaCh to 1he world .mmd us.They 00_ not so much on the black and white "'J"'CIs of living but on 1he colomful side of life; on tints rather th.m brighteess.Maths and science study the form, the physical shipe'and its ID.~, but it is artand lit era uire that fulfiIl this form with that ultimate meaaing that only the human soul can sense,

And it is 1heInnnan soul that has So IIllIlIj' _"OIllllnj' aspects andinkqlretatirins to all things.That is why I .pprecilrte !he subjectivity of art and li_tore-the·IIlIIIl..-ow reoliI:ies they impo:se are c~ to our inner world than the strict powers ~ rule thai ,of science..

I agree with the .reve >!Jdemenfbeca_ I beha", that we mature through _f,mOlL WIlbout the .bility to recognize our. discontent; we could collapse inlo illness. Suffering'lwpem oorsenses.

One·is free ro, to cri!isize, to iIcoep! !hefurm of lUI but not obey them.

Topic: 123

How could 0lIJ'one ,uggest thaI people .should only reed about real eVaiis,-real people, and estabtished fact.? For one.thing, that means'people wouldn1 be reading half of aIllho great book; that have <Vel' been written, ·not !o mention the plllY', ·short ,tones and poetry. For another, it wnuld mem thot peopIe~ imagirIo.tions wOuld oot develop as children and would reII!lIin·duIled throughout ,their liveS.

Reading stories as. child helps develop our creativity by.teachiIigus. lot about how rouse wOrds to create mental image~ It op<lll> our world "1', """"ing us to otheF I:inJes ·and different _ys of living, ReOOing histories of th"", I:inJes wnuld s"rve kind of the =e purpose, but it probably wnuldnbticJ: in our minds as sharply. Reading OIl """Y ,about P"''ffi)' in Victorian Englalid is not ! thing .. reading Charles Dicken', Oliver Tv.,,,. The images of. small bey being. sold ore more horrifying th:m simply reading the ,tatemem, "Children were ,old inlc laber" becoose , r.wel moll'S that small boy seem real to "".- Reading fiction milk", • mme lasting inlpressi6n 00 wr minds and emotions.

It is belie\'ed.1hat O:rdei-rame from Cbaos.Andifwe can iiSSocme s.cience and maJhs'with Order it rounds loglait to claim that Chao. ~ ,lot to do with art and,.The well of our: =nsr:ious brings forward the smmgest PO""" and !hey show mOre ·of the univec;eth:m maths and science del'or Chaos is the beginning of life.

Having in mind the 'Om"" I delinataly "'rppcrt art and literature as • better for achieving universal knowledgeWhati.more, whilemaths and,cienoe wi1hlaws,!hey cannot in any ''''OJ' tearn us.bout that·"thin red line" "",,""ting had and·evil, while. or! and literatore I

stronglyWievecan. .

(E:;say ID: 314. This is.;J j pciD:t:l!5say)

Topic.: 1:24

Many people hold that studying scientific SlIbjects is more beneficial th.m 'todying literory ones. lIowe<-er, I do believe that each field·ha. it. own impor!amJe OIl our live~

Besides, storytelling is an emotional need for hmnim beings. From e_ time., Imm:nis have taJIgbl their children IIhout life, not by telling theFn facts and ligures. but by telling them stone." Some of these "''''"'' show what people ore like (hurn:m nature), and help usexpe<i<mre. wide range offeelirigs. Stimemllkem thin!: IIhout how we should .ct. Telling'-child that it',,,.-rongto lie will make little impression, but telling him the stray of. little boy ",hooe nase grow, longer "''''}' time be tells • he will mole • big impression.

Scientific subjects ore delinitaly crucial to our de\'elopmenl. We wouldn't have oornethat • long '"'y in >cientific and cullllnl ad""""""", ifwe didn1 have ,nbjects like ma1II, physics,. chl'mislel}, and w= We, wouId't ha, ... oonquoied Ihe spo",,- if we didn't ha,,,, astronomy. Also, we wouldn't have foondcures fordangeroos deseo"" ifwe dnln't have medicine. Our lifu relies great deal OIl the", snbjects, so 1hey."" greatly vital to us, Yet, 1 believe that """" people lire bem with the skill to handl,,>cientific rere:m:JJ while 0th0J;, tend mIlre towmli1if"'"'Y 5Ilbjects.

Therefore,1""'l'le bern wi1h hterory talent. are also very usefiiJ to us. Mlmy "'J"'CIs of our lives need to be treated by lUI· imd literature, ru hllIllllIl beings we also have feelings and emotions and those things need to be cared for as well. So writ"", painleo: and mOTS ore functiOnal ole"","" in our "'<erj'doy Me. When you're tired and you wan! to relax you migIrI: watch a comic. movie or







1lII:e 0 nice romantic beck to-read, Moreover, arts like scuhure and painting play a huge role ill our lives, ill the 'ens" that they add a belll1liful and artistic touch to "'..".tIring around ill including WI houses, office. am:! even the street a Consequently, art is indiJ;ponsihle ill our lives.

By using this system we can able to collect :my information about .ny topic. or in other words human beings lire completely related and depended on science,

To study art and lite...1ure is very useful for bmnan beings. People Can know about mmy past events by reading different history bocks. They Can easily familiar ",th different culture by reading mmy literatare. By studyinggeogrnpby, we can know.abcet naIure.andemiromnad. We can know about life s:tyIe of mmy diIl'erenl citllunill""'ple by reading art end literature_

From the above diseussiens, it is clear that to study. science is more impornmI than to stOOy art and literature. To sb1dy science helps us to bve.mmcre iidwIired W3Y- Science stream is too vast and is. developed in more advanced way that studenb;- in scierice'streem have mere fu.cility to work in that·fieldcomp..-ed to art .tudents_

Jafina I belre",that art md scieace ere'interrelated'and bmary cccesistieg in cur-lifestyles. In myopini<in, cne'carmet replecefhe other. Eech is necessarilyneeded in to improve our fives. We need the mathematician as much as we need the painter. Each has. his 0"'" role to perfann in the society.

Topic: 124

The importance ofpb}'ing g"'"'" fur adults has always been underestimated over the past years. Hcweveraauerser studies are being.'Il:Ildertaken.ln the field ofl:n:onan behavior, the value and signifk= ofpl:ry in an adult human being', lire is gaining cast imp<>rtance_

From time irnm<;morial, pI:ry has been, s:igniJiCllll! means ofcllllJlIlUDicatiou amoog childrm as a role model to the complex. illter-personal =mnunicatiom"'"""!l adults. The effectiveness ofplay to'bring about bouding 0IIl0D!l otber children/adults has _higlilighte:! by scienlists.and sociologists ill over tIie world.

In addition to the benefits ofplay on fhephysical systems ofhnmans such as toning of the various organ systems. to their optimmnle<'els offunctioning, the effectson the mental bealth of the mdividnal ore seen to have a greater bearing.

Fmthermere, sinoe man is more of. social animal, play tactics are often found to further enhance the IDdi;idnal', sense of self-esteem amoog !he society be lives in. His fimctioning as 0 productive member of the community is _ echsnced.and this also is seen to Dave an inlnbilNy effect on 'the negative aspects of one', """"nality _ This holds good evea in the face of the highly stresafhl Iifes:tyles of tcday's people.

Topic: 124

In general, the-knowledge em be divided into two types: uanual knowledge am:! social knowledge. Science and math are the important component of former, while art and Iiter._ ore essential parts oftlie latter. In my opinion, both of these are very impornmI to ""Yindividm.l The reason

'goes as follow.:· . .

VIIS!, only complete knowledge em make a really knowledgiible manfwon:ien_ We know that the world consists cf'nntealy the object studied by the subject like science andmath, such aa stars and flowers, but also consists of the beautiful and attractive things such as poena, poitings. wbioh is studied by the subj_like art and fiteratare, Lack cfknowledge will lead to anllncomplete view about the world

Truly, one cannot bat agree whole h..m.dly with the old grandmother', "')'ing " All wmk andno play makes Jock. dull bey." Indeed, play for children am:! adllits alikeeasures a healfhier, happier society

Secondly, !he Slndy subj_ like art and Iiteranare are helpful for !he development of-subj_like science and math, There-ere some rules that gwen b01h types of subject, the master of one subject may be beneficial to tbe development of another subjec< . .It is because of this reason that mmy great people are great artists as well as a scieatists. It is known that Einstein played well in violin while he is acknowledged as.a great physicist It is believed by seme people !bat grasp-b01h type, ofknowle:lgeis eeseetial for anyone wish to be successful in the new millenium_

Tepic; 124

Ofcourae, the stud}' of scieece and math is-eery impornmL It is !he Slndy of them produce oor modem society, Boweser, sn additional master of art and literature-will make our life more colorful, and even more successful,

At an early stage ofhoman civilization science was "'" developed ill random _y_ But today with the deeelcpnent cfjechnology.scieace becomes more useful and cultural aspect furmankinii At eVery stage of life we use many scieatific iastnmenrs.

Again science bell" to provide entertainment for homan being s, Nowadays science is progressed m more ad"""""" way_-Byusing technology, men ore able to ineVnt many!lew~. Math=atics is an important subject·"'"""!l. otber science subjects.

At everymcmeaf; people can able to ealcalate any problemby applymg mathematics To stiJdy otber science subject. like physics, statistics, chemistry, etc, tbe knewledgeof ~ti<:s is very essential as it ia very useful to ",1,,,, any problom related to above subjects. With deVeJ:opm.em of science we can able to use internet system.

Topic: 124

In general, the knowledge em be divide:! into two types: natural knowledge and social knowledge. 'Science and math are the impornmI component of former, while art and hteramre lire .,.".,..n.:I -parta o-fthe latter, Inmy opinio:Ii, both of these are very impornmI to anyindividmu_ The reason goes as fbllows:

FIrst, only complete knowledge em make a reaI1y knowledgeable nimIwomaiL We know that the world consists of not only the object studied by the subject like science and rwdh, such aa stars end flowers, but.also consists of the beautiful and altmoli,,,,-thin!l' such as poems, pailltings., wbioh is studied by the subjects 'like art and literature: Lack of knowledge WiIlI",d 10 an





mcomplete View about the world

Secondly, !he stiJdy subjects like art and Iitornture are helpful for the development of subjects like science and math, Therearesome rules thai g<lV"'" both types of subject, the master of one subject mily be beneficill to the development of another subject.It is because of this reason that rwmy great people are great artists as well aa a scientists. II is known that Einstein played well in 'violin while. he is acknowledged as 0 great physicist. II is believed by _ people that grasp boll! types of knowledge ie essential fur anyone wish to be successful in the ""'" milleDnium_

Of corase, the study of'scieace and mall! isvery imp<>rtant It is the study of tbem produce WI modem society, Hcweeer, on additional master of art am:! literature will make om life more colorful, and even more successful,

Science and Matti subjects are intellectually rewarding as they teach the ~g offheories ~ jmprcve human's living standards, such iI..S researches condccted in universities and science laboratories to eehance the he. of homan beaigs will,vaOCines constantly beuig researched, produced and tested fur jncurable diseases. Wilhouhruch a study, the world be jnserious trouble of pcor health and lri-ing standards, Every theory that is founded would have been tried and tested to P""'" its success, concluding bow !he.rudy of science. and math subjects requires intellectual cap.bilibes in rl.·challenging field, While it is essential thai the· study oftheociences and math continue to ensure a heahhy living environment, if is abo important that a science student receives adequate education in the arts slibjOctS to develop an, artistic side of his life.

Topic: 124

I think if, more impornmI for students to study history and literature. These subjects help us understand thehoman moe and feed our spirits and our imaginations. Thaf,'more importimt than undeistmding how to split the atozn or do algrll,;,_

A distinct cultme of the arts student is his detailed and subjective approach toward 0 subject which he has particular interests ami talent. It is the beaUty of life amidst ill the things thai could .beexplainedby a science student and; mystey to-study. While histury had taken plece.flre study of homan evolution is equally beneficial iri developing a knowledgeable individual II helps enhance an individnal', lire in the "'ility tc'eppreciate the beaay that lire comes bundled in.

In conclusion tomy opinion, it is essential to have a balance in fhe study of arts and science SIlbjecb as they compl.imeni an individual's life with knowledge and fact, and !he ability to, appreciate the beajty oflife, wi1hgod'. gifts ofmusic, literature and art.

People talk about a crisis of spirit in cer ccuntry. They mean we've forg:otten how to believe in and ~ our own better na1ures, I tItink pm of this is because we\" beco"", too exci!e:l .boot facts and ""I enoogh .bout things we can\ see am:! ""'asTIre. Reading books from oor OM! cti!hne helps us tIII_ oor roots. Reading bo<>k. from other cultures belps Us understand the way othe. pcople.tItink am:! reoct. to ,ituations_ li .r.o teaches u.s that we're not so v<'rydifferent from ,,·ther., and tha'loads to better relaticat3 between culturel_

Reoding literature al"" fueth our spirits_ Even when the material we're.reading is .bout terrible ",dn= and hatdship, it ,till brings us ill touch ",th om ion,,'- sffi";'_I! makes us tItink .boot. issues other than the Dew car '9ote. want to drn:e or how ImII:b money \lre!re·mak:ing.

Topic: 125

I agree lhatall ,tudents should be required to study art· and namie ill high School. Tveread that young children who stOOy art and music in grade school do better in 1heir otber studies. That argumon! aside, we shook! Slndy art and nmsic for its SlIke alone We sboold Slndy art and nmm to learn more aIxnit ourselves, om culture, and our·world.

studying histury giv.. \IS !Ill)re infmmation than just who died when or wli", won which w..-_I! !elk us about·how homan bein!l' have relafe:! tD each otber .t difl\ienl periodS in our. development_ It' gO.", us the big pic'""'. So o:ft<n, l'o'ben international crises occur, we only see the ,probleno of !he ""' __ We hav" no idea how something that hsppened twenty ye:m; ago 1"'" the beginning of this current problem Without thatinfoJInaJion, we c",hm" only a shallow imderstmding ofWb.f, going oniiothe wmlcL

Both history and 1i_.tDre are necessary·subjects for students·to prq»re fur more than just careers. 1'hes,; Sllbj_ prepere strldents fur the. way they wan! 10 li,'e 1heir live..

Both art am:! music _ Slndents' intagim.tions andhelp.them 1hemsel"",. There', 0 ~on our ,ances.1rir.s. in ca\'eS drew mI the, walls.:and.~de IiJ:J.:Wc with drums. Wanting to· ,~, ourselves is: naturaJ_ It gives-us m:avawefm our emotions and fea:rs_ It may not al~ be mI.l.Sic other people wan! to hear or art o!h=-wiJl 'ppreciate, \mt !he aolivitj itself is enjoyable, It sheuldn1 matter if the endreml! isD1 pafect. In theproces., we learn what"", like and dislike_

Topic:. 124

Studying art and music means more than drawing or playing an m~ Students mually ge to art galIe<i'" and concerts, too_ By studying the pic!JH .. on !he !mlSeIIIIl>' walli or by reading the pwgrnm notes at 0 recital. SIn<iadS willleam what 'ociety has decided is wurtIry of praise They

learn what is imp<>rtanl. in their OlV!lculture. .

StudEDlS may. also learn about otber cull1Ires by 1o.6l:irig at 3rt and hstening to music from oilier oounlrie~ Wbeo they do thai, they1I ,ee similinitie. and differences with 1heir 0W1L They'll learn .boot what is impcn.m in other societie,_ Students will also lema how the art and DllJsic of otber cultures affect our

It has tong been , oonlrovervy amongst ,tlldents and critic, in prospec-live majors of the sci""""" 3Ill! arts to oonclnde wbich subjects would be more beneficill to ,tudy_ While ,cience s!uden:!s cloim that its fiold o-f study im",l ..... inteJrectual·'bili1y, arts _""ts feel that the understandillg and study of art is IiIr richer in its importanoe chiefly ill the infIm",ce through e1i()hition ofhoman history_ While roonclude that·a balance in !he knowledgeofboth the rubj_ are =enIiaI,_lehn" lay down my reasons.

By and nmsic in high sChool, students begin t.o undersiand ~ as well .. their 0Ml cultDre am:! other cuIJureS_ Whet could have more value !him thai'!

Topic: 126







There is mach disagreement over wbeIher there is something that young people can teach elder people or not Some people claim that the older know everything better than the younger3)ther people, hm ... Over, OIgIIe that the younger can master.omething that the older do not know. M far aa Iura concerned, the older can still Jearn something from theymmger even if the former know more than the lattet.

~ degree, young people', -a ttitudeo; may infhreme old people.

Y mmg people also can shore with old people what they like, m.icl! may lead a ch.mge of <>lJ people. As "elm",,; nrostyoung people like popular music or even reck-end-role. However, most old people hate thai !oDd of naaic. .. 1lIII1 have on example to show that young people can change on elder: 11m" a fiiend who likes Japanese music veIJ' well, everyday sbe plays this music at home. He: grandmother often aska ler to atop the nmsic and ask, her why she likes them 1!e!J' nmch_ My friend tells her grandmother .~t the history of 1"""""", rrasic and shews a lot of clijipmg:s. Gfadually beq!;randrnother likes Japanese aaisic lIS well, which "",de \1, so surprised NOW if we go 10 !heir house, we can see !Ill" friend and her gerndmothor listening Japanese music mgelherand shore the feelmg. as well. YOtI mast teaapnsed like me when }'0\1 know thestOI)',

rut it did happen! .

Why do some people _ that the elder is more Imowledg€>ble than lire 1'_ on 0II)l!h;ng? The main reason is, people accumulate knowledge from espeneace day after <loy, IDDSt ofwhich cannot he gained through boob. For instance, an old accountant em handle mony difficult accounting affairs while a young one C3IIIl.ot because 1he f'auner bas more experience.

Although I agree that theolder can teach, lot of things 10 the ycunger, I insist that itl»1" fur the. older 10 leon> S<lmething from the younger. In the first place, there is something thai tho older never know before. The computer is the besteasmple, As we know, the computer was ;m'ellfod in the hegining of 1900', and was heoomingpopoho _the Microsoft WmdowsoperationSJ1slem was released in 1990',. The older had.rare chances tcleem and use the computers, On the contrary, the younger begin to get tc know the computer Vliry ellIiy. No deubt that·the ymmger know computer better than the older, When. person older than 30 years attends a computer course, he/she will not be surprised if the teacher is y<>nnger than belshe.

'So, nometter what age gronp yo" belung to, we must believe that e''''lJIone has So""'thing to shore ",ifu othersond to teach others: Old people can give the youngsters lessens and guidance, on the other hmi!, ),oung people also can teach the elders new things and dift'ere!lt way' towards life!


In the second place, the ymmger ere more creative and imagina.tive. When tho elder do something, they IHlrmally follow some rules they got before. It is true tte.older seldom make mistakes but they also hardly make something lEW. While, the YOnngeI do not have nmch experience and do not have nnmy restrictions lIS well 1hey make mistakes ''Ef}' ofteabat also can make ~ magnificent

Topic: 1M

ru is walllnow,older people-have experienced.this wonderful world .101, and they lire smely to bave.ecqcired nmrh = Imowledge ebout this world than the·yoong people 00. GiaduaJly there exists a saying, there is nothing young people can teach older people. But actually I dD not appreciate this stateneat Y OtIIlg people need to learn a lot from the older people, but it is also reasonable for the older people to keep the pace of this world by the moons of communicating with the youngsters due te the rapid evolution of this world It moms the older people aJ.>0 need to get ,omething new from the youngsters.

Admittedly, from the standpoint view of pIrilosophy, young people start to learn _evOI)'thing from beth the theoretical books and experiences, then they will grow np in respective wayThey will put fhemselves into this practical world. trying to find and solve new problems. Also nnmy new discoveries and principle will be found by the practice ofyOlIDg people. Only through their practice do this world "",,1110 1!e!J' ""idly. Tim> everybody in this wodd can share the results of the social develepmeat.Ojherwise, if no new things were found by the YOlIDg people, no creative develcpnents wonld be made, and the society would stop developing, It is rot cur expectation It is just these new thing. that the older people are sure to be lad, '0 the young people have the responsibility to show tho older people what those new things are and Imw they work. For example, the advanced mage of computer is just the recent remit doe 10 the rapid growth of information technology. Many older people do not know Imw te use the corcpcter, those older people get accustomed to the traditional metImds, and refuse to .djust themselves te the new concept. of this computer tines, Thea yoong people have the obligation to show those older people how te use the computers, because everybody in this society bas right taeajey the edvenced computer technology.

In conclusion, on the one hand!, young people need to learn a lot from tho older people in order to meet the practical needs, on the other hand, the older people also need to communicate with the youngsters. Only in this woy can the human being benefit from each other, and the societyevolve rapidlyeientaally.

In conclusion, L believe that the elder can leon> many thing. from the younger oot ooly because that the ymmger know more later tecbnclogies, but also that the ymmger have more creative thoughts.

(E!ss3.yID: 3t:7)

Topic: nil

Who siIJI' only old people can teach young people? We admit that elder people have mnch more experiences than cur young people, and iris true that they can give us IllI!II)I guidance when we meet problems or unsolved difficulties. However, with tbe.rapid davelopmeut of'. modero society, young people can also leach the elder people a lot Tbey con np_ new teclln<>logies fur the elders, share attiIDde. towards life wilb them and bring freshnes. into their Jives.

Since living in -a very fast developing society, we need to make contact with nnmy new -tecbeolcgies ",~,,",y.1D other words, weueed to 1,"", everyday to-keep np v.--jth the latest devel~ Por.esample.ccecputers are aew very popular, but we seldom see tee elders to use ooInplrters.lfthey eaa learn how 10 nsethem from young people, they will defuritely be beneficial from this new inachine because computers have brought a lot of changes to our Ii\"", and made us experience a different life. Y 0tIIlg People ore known fOJ thffi quick understanding and acceptance new things, '0 I think they can teach the elder abont new technologies used in our daily Iife.

The attitndes o-fyoungpeople.are totally different from old people. Mostly th"}' are more positive and energetic than old people, They have • different angle 10 judge oomething. Sometimes the e1da:s are passive towards life because they went !hrougb a lot of frustrations, on the eontrnry, young people life full of """Igy towards the life, they are aIways.optimis!ic esen thengh they met some frustrations, 1hey proudly say because the}' lire )'OlIIlg\ they can by millions of times. In

Topic: 126





Many of us believe that yoong people' have nothing vahaahle to teach elder people. HOW01-er. that is not always tho case Yonng people ClIIl teach older people about technology, yonthculture, and youtb-related social issues.


Yonng people are·nsually better-at using new forms of technology than older people. Children these days become fuinili",'wilh compo_ at an early >go. aida: peoplecen learn to use computers from young people. This is true ofother technIllogy too. For example, I tought my grandparents how to use • video cassette recorder when I Wlio thirteen }= old. 'Ibey.dida't !mow what it coold do IIIIIilI showed them Now they oneil regulaily.

Older people are. usually not familiar ",-jth youth culture, and younger people can help here too. This is important because ii cenbelp older _1" live a more enjoyable lifu: For esample, pcpul .. nn",ic is generally }'O\1th-oriented;, and older people don't always listen to it. However, when young people teach them "'out it, they may ocme to enjoy it My gerndmother, for example, neve! hsteeed to popular tousie before! Introduceil her to -it, Now ebe and I listen and dance all the time. I plan to teach her .brut anothor piece of }'O\1thcultnre-rolIert>Iading-,,,,IJ' ,sooo'

Of=e, there lif< IIlOIe soriom issn", shout "hich yOunger people con teach olda: people. As with compUte.>, _y,dnldrenhave grown up knowing about AIDS :indschool violence. Thet is not true for older generations. Here, again, children can teach older people .~t things that are important to everyone.

I know thore..-. people who would say "yon cm1 teach on old dog OO1V tricks.' IIowelier, it, plain m me that the yoong ha\'e plenty to teach the old if they take the time to try. Wbfll they do, I think oothgain. n€W appreciation fur each other.


Topic: 12-8

Thoogh·physical recreations andintellectua! activities are two besicweys in which people spend their leisure time, In Ill)' cpiaiou, the former is more important fur my generation, m., is in twenties and is stndying hard for their academic acaieverents. This is based on a consideration of age, our main occupation and the characteristics of two forms of recreation.

People of my· age lire full of energyand phySically active, but we have to sit for hours •. d'J' racking oor brains. We need a complement that can give us.more phy>icaI exercises and divert our attention from _}ing. A intellectual octi;ity, like reading , book, playing a chess 'game can help ill esc"!,,, from the worries and forgetour stndy fur a moment But there is no physical activity, what, more, they are mere or I ess still a form of mental recreation, For instance, we may feel menlilly tired al\er gimes of chess ani! our study will he' affected. In conlrast, .• phy>icaI """"atioo can provide lIS with • lot ofphy>icaI _os and real =tal relaxation. A balIgaine, fur'example, boill np mudes, flex joints., speed np blood circulation and enhance bodily organs. feel physically exhausted, bet we can be .- in stod)' more easily.

In the view (Ifi1bove,;hm;s.'ever~ it OOeS3:{t mean that one"furm is "meat' and the othe:r is "pC.Ison" 'Occasionally, when we are physically exhausted and we ..-e in good mood!, a chess game or. good IV program O>n be \'Ef}' helpthL

(E-;S:JYID: 34.1. This i.!Ia 5 ~1!5~

Topic: 127

Topic: 128

While physical """""'" is impoJ:lanl, I do nol helieve that it is the schoof. respoosibility to provide physical·training fur its stndentK That is something that "''''J'OIl'' con toke care of 011 hi. or Dei own. .

Reading ~ such os oo\'els and ,hort stories, is = enjOyable than watching • mOvie_ Of course, 1he images, in a movie are IIIlIch more 'vivid. because yoo're them on.a large s:creen in a·dark room.. The:D:nages you '"see'" in a no:'i.i'eI are only as strong as yomownImagina~n_ But ·the ~e 'yo-ul'ead, the. irtronger. your iinagination becomes. Readingexereises ywr imaginati1i!e PO"'''''' Watching' 1lliI\'ie dulls them. Imagination, like a nmscle; needs to re used Otherwise il = disappoor.

Many _IS get plenty of physical exen:iso lIS p..-t of their daily life OJ recreali.,. A stnd",,1- m., bicycles ten mil .. m and from ,chool doe. not need more esa:cise_ A ge'od physicil educa1ion program mnst W:e a student's outside iilctivity into oonsida-a.ti.on. 0t.Iiawise, some .tud<ms will spend VaIu"'le cl.= Imurs "'I"'.aIing physical exercise_

When you reid, yoo're 'an ""tnre participilnl in your ,,,.'" enjoyniaIL That', one reason reading doveIops·the iinagination YOl1'r.·reading the words OIl the page and trnnslating them into iinages .:in }'mD" mind. \Vhen you're wakhing a movie, you're Ii ,passiVe "i~_ The mavi~ Ls.gMng you everything. Nothing comes from yoo <=ep! your reaction to what yon'r" 'eeing, ande;= that =.00 giv=}'O\1 by·the IDO\'ie. Some mOvie plots are so simple, yoo can predict _, going 00 haPP"Il befOre it does.

Reading fiction also devel<IjJs your .toryte!ling skill •. The more reading you do, the better }'0\1 bei:ome at creating plots and clt..-actas. 1he plots and chirracters in movies ..-. often ''''l'sinlple, heollllSe the emphasis i. on action rnher than 00 language or charlIcIer developmeut_

Still, geing m themovies is • greoi Cllmnamity experience. Silting in , large theater with a lot of other _Ie is fun. You eotporience the same reactions to what yoo're .".,;ng mgether. Reading is • one--pe:rson experience_ It', , obanee to go'-inm an imaginary wmld by yourself Both experreiJces can be tim and reWarding, bot I think reading fiction is.more enjoyable.-

If a' school offers sucb ,en,-ities, it aJ.>o suggests that stn<lenl, will be graded on them The range ofposstble physical activities is great foothall,.>Wimming, ",-eight lifting, hallet, baIIrnom dance, yoga, skiing,.horsebacI: riding, and golf are just a few. However, the nmnber that • school could offer is ,maIL Some sto_ ooold got bod grade, in physical education siJnp!y heoa= the school oonld not provide an activity Ihoyenjoy or do well This ,o<m; unfuir. Rese..-clt Suggest. that 'pmicipatiOD, not exceIlenre, in those.ctivitiesdetermines the.physical bene1i1S the OOdywill get.

Another issue is economic. Many scho.,,!s do not'have the lIlOIIey to prov:ido gym faCilities; playing fields, and athletic equipmeot fur thairstndenls. Other·,chools are located in cities _'that kin<! of space just isn~ ",'liiliIhle_ A few schools would rather keep money fur .cademic purposes.

Schools can certainly <IlC<llIDIgephy~icalactivity. 1hey can foc·..,tices ,boot activities, eI1eIIIs. ami cl""", foc physical activ:ilies. They can encmmIge .students to plan time away from ocodeniJc .tndies to get ,ome e;rerci",. H_, llhink thaI providing=ise shoold not be the school', responsibility.







Topic: 129

agriculture is the most sericu s and the challenges lire the greatest Oers is .a big country l'oith .widely different climate. and soil conditions. IT we are to assist the peasants, we have to.rudy all .type> of crops and all the funning conditions in tbis lend With, research <enter, these problems can be studied and '0[,<00 systematically. But so far, 00 agriculture research center worthy .fthe name has been set up while there is >lready a business centerin thesoulhem part offuo country.

Because of the :IDOVere<iSODS, l stronglyrecammenil that we develop a research center fur agriculhaeparpose andl alsc 'IroIlglyrecoll!IlleIld!lris center be well funded. Ifwee take this step and succeed in this.endeavour, om agricultural produce will be greatly increased and our

whole mIi<maleoooomy wilIl1hve a solidfouadetian, .

The importance of agriclllnmil and business research centers cannot be underestimated, Success in funning and SIl= in business eachcan improve 0 COiIllIIy', standing. I think IIIat agricuhural research tends to in:Jprov< the quality ofindMduoI citieeaslives, whore as successful business precticesimprcvea C9lmtry's e::onomy m relatien to other nations. Cbo~ between an agricultural and a: business researcbcenfer is a·difficult decision, However, r believe that the

• gricuItural research 0_ would be IlIIOS! beneficial because its benefits are more widespread,

Business practices m-the United States >lready serve as 0 model for many ofher countries. While wecertainly bave IIIIlch to learn, the U 5_ >heady has 0 fairly solid economic basis, Further, businesses.are elreedywell-coenected inrern.tion:illy They hal", theam'2I!!age 'oftheJnrernet and other means of electronic information traasmissioa, I think fhat a basmess research center. would really on1y help 0 fow directly. Businessmen wmdd get richer" For the rest of the_ o01lIl!ry'. people, there migb! belittle obvious benefit

On the other hand, OIl ogri<ultural research center would help all people. No coutitry can survive witheul'adequateDJellllS of food predection, Whale the US. is able to produce or import eaeugh food now, that may not remain the case if current trends continue, Natural ~ are eroding. and more and InCITe.A:merican farms are closing. Fanners: need to build stronger networks: across the ceantry and intemationally, nmch as busaessmea already hal", dane. Ultimately, better systems fur funning will help all people For example, food prices <an be reduced as farmers discover more effective means of fOiJol:l production.



Cuneo!ly some yoongchildren spend a great .moun! of thelr time in prnc-ocing sports. Most parents feel quite happy because sports.are good for their kids' develoJlIlEil! and team w6Jk spirit, tioweverthey ore quite'woniedebour some regative effects such as l""cticiDg 'POrts ccccpies too much time, distracts fuei:r attention2i on scheolwork and loses certain interests on o~1fl.e1" activities. 10 my opinion, ''''~ has its good side and bad side The importml thing is to handle it

properly. .

AdtnittedIy, practicing 'Ports em hOI» childr",', physical deselepmeit, which makes themgrow faster and stronger than before. A> we know. dmiagchildrea's 'cIevelopmeIIl periods, especially 1rom 10 to 16 years old, sports are really helpful fur children to develop, Sports con create a sIroog bedy thot reduces the'possibility of oo!!lracting some disease. easily. Definitely we believe that children benefif from sports.

Morally, l believe tho! it is be>! to do what will berefit the most people. I believe that the .uaiveraitj's decision 10 build magricultural researchceatercculd dcjust that


Tepic; 129

Anotberg<>od thing is that sports teach us to learn how to corporate with other members in. team Most sports are te:mi WOIl. Ifwe Want ill play them well, wennist masler scme.skills 10 care about what our team members are thinlnig and bow to adspt each other to achieve a 00= goal. Sports are no! OIl individual ootivity, d needs OOIJIOOItion and III!lIualll!ldemanding. This is no! ""'Y 10 master. Of course, for paren", they are delighlful to seefheir children 10 .get this WlI frern sports.

'0. the other band practicing sports seem to occupy too mnch of chil_. spere.tine. to concentrate their schoolwod:_ As-a student, one', major task is to slndy hard and try to limn as mnch as pcsaihle, which aeeds studeata to devote muclitime on study or their spare time. IT children devote !l!eImelves in practicing-sports, it is.not denying that they cannot concentrate them on scheotwork ·.t·the """" lime. The eensequeace of practicing sports too nmrn leads children to distract tbemsetves, which mfluences their future.

ArtualIy, besides sports, there are still many kinds of activities, sud! as dGlwiIig,oollecting, good fur their developments, Lf, chill is-toe concentrated on sports, it is ine-l.n.ble that he willlacl: of chances to explore other activities and lose some happiness ",beD engaged in different experiences.

'Oveall, on one haad, we should enconrage our children to participate ia sports ,octiViti"'; on the other hand, w.·III!l>! also remind them not to 'be too engaged because they should put srudy at the first place during their school time There is a limit of doing everything.

Since theanm1lIlC<Illeol of the Unrcersity's plan to develop. new research center in our country, many people have showed their COn<eJD. for the project and expressed their views of type of center i.t should be -', It is: now cleat that the dieersified Views have convergedte two: is! business researchceater or.arragriculture reseerchcenter. Now that we have to make a decision, I thi.nk we shruM cbccese the latter wothout besieaticn,

M everybody knows. om country is OIl agricahural country whose fanning produce is !lOI awugh to feed.itsown people We have no WOJ' oot but to develop mIT agriculture because agricultme is the foundation of om; national erononiy and bemuse it wruld be a disaster to the whole world if we rely on foreign food to feed the biggest population in the world

To develop Om agricalfnre, we cannot just call on toepeasaais to work harder because they have being working the hardest from gereratioa to generation What we shruld do is to mise their educetional lecel and provide them with beter seeds more fertilizers, advanced maehioery and oquipri><ot, and up-to-date technical.advises. In short, we have to rely on science and technology to develop our.agricultare,

Scmepecple would say that this cannot be a ooIlVincing reason bemuse science end :techoology are noded not on1y in agriculture but also in all other fields, My view is thatoar situation in'





Topic: 130

Most kids. tore tophy sports.Hs important te them, but fbr tbe majority, it's just cae type of activit)' out of many' !'hat tleydo.For a small number ofkids, though" sport becomes their whole life. They spend almost all their time and enetgy piadicing_ 'Ihis.has beth edvanragesand disadvantages

Taking eccoanrof all these factors, we may easily reach the conclusion, Undeniably; people who disagree with the stateaeni have a nmrh strongee argnmellI. B~ the ".-eal.thy, other people could also be regarded '""'~

(ill'l'IIIo.'_ Sompl • ..,.,. _by-Billy of,.....,.T""-'''giu.m)

Topic: 131

Sporn are good for young children in many w~ Kids who enjoy sports or" Iikely to have better hoaltIL They develop good habit> of daily exercise thot will keep them health)' as adults, too. Today, many children a1id adults are O<'eTWeighI, butthese'who loVe 'POrts stey in shape, Plus, by developing fheir physical abilities, they willl .. mbewto work bard towards a goal Their sports will make them feel good ~bout themselves. Tbey'll also make friends and leam teamwork. Sports, whether a little or a Ictcan have positive eII,.:!>L

We.dmire the.talent and dedication of young athletes, but we also wonder iftheyreloslng something, Their focus is very narrow. Lfthe)' devote Illllstoftheir time to sports, ore they -ueglecting schoolwm:k' What about other interests? Children should tryout many diJl'erenj activities. 10 addition, many ymmg athletes are pressured by parents or coaches to succeed Kids whosedrrce come, from inside osnally do okay, hut others can bellIlhoppy and have heabh and eoootional problems. So·any!hing elsein",,=~ can bave negative e_ 100_ .

Whe!l I,"", young, I liked books and h>ied sports_ I .. w other people who loved sports and bat'" school. Now that -Pm older, r"" found. betier ball1l1C"- People bave to figure oIIl wbut, right for 1h<= i< there such. thing as too much sports? There i. 00 right mswer, beamse there is DO "rigbI amotIIIi. II Everyone is diffffeD.t.

Nowadays, many people who are living in the material wcdd tend to. believe that money is 'Y""II)'III"us with successand thus ordy people who elIIIl • lot 0[ money are successful. Bot is it

the casez I beg to differ. .

On ,,::me"ha:oiL the ricbes-arenctnecessarily seccessflil. To semeestenr; we can not consideran officer who WlIS charged fur his abnsiDg he authoIity fur personal gains successful, norcan we <alia rich man wbc was left dying without care, while he sees were quarrelling for bigger share of he legacy a successful person.

A person's saccese is measured by,.as far as I iDD. concerned, a good reputation in the oomnnmity, • desirable role in the funiIy, and satisfaction whi<h·C<l1Iles limn WithiIL

On the other hand, oot ordy those who",," olot ofmoney are =ssfill N=ous people wtio are univ""'alIy be sucressful not becmse they make big bud,. An e:iSlorn Orthodoxy sisler of·great altrni>m, Molher Theiesa threw this eager vitality 0[ hers into 0 vebanenl striving after the social welfare of the.needy and won the Nobel Prize,'Micllelangelo achie,<oo immortal with his painting and srulpture Seeth.":",, with he IIJIisic. Outside the spotlight, even CO!IlIII!I!1 -cil1iliaIJs liv" their respecIi'''' lire 0[==" seldom ofw-bich.ha;-. some:thingto, do large 1"""_ Doctors are respedlible with their patient~ teachers with their __

Topic: 131

It i. maiIifest from the .bove·argumentlhal'the prope>iliim" ordypcuple'Who eam • lot ofmoney

are successfi..U" is s:ti1l subjected to sffio"w reconsider-ilion. .

i< it !rue that on1ypeople who eom.1ot of money :ire successful? Re<:ently the conlroveny has been brooglIl inlo IDrus_ We =t deny the fact that money is one of the yordstid, .gain>! \\hick how mnch one has achieved is measured However, in stuk coIIlrast, many people would rather ,stiel:: to· an opposite "iew.

Topic.: 131

The rhetori< that mily wben people ha,,-. eomed • oolo,sal.!UIIl of mo!ley CaD they be regamed successful is DOt ordy uore""""",~ uncon;in<:ing, or misleading but alao absurd and ridiruIous in that d bas obviously !leglected the eelel;,otedsrienlists, sociologist psychologists, philowphers and anlhropologists who moy have no''er lwIenough money to live 0 comfortable and convemeDI life yet they are "iI:tualIy SIlooessfuL For instan<:e, AIberI Einstein, The greatest physicist of the 2-Oth cen!uJy who created thetbeory of relativity and wa, aworded the Nobel Prize, wa, inurnme to becomiIlg weilthy_

Many l"'opIe believe that .Iorge income oqnals sucCess. I believe; however, that =5', is IllOJjo _how nmch money you make. Some of those measures of8llCcess inolnde liIme, respect, and knowledge.

Most people assume that Iim:tous people are ·rich people, but that isn't always true .. For. examp~_ S<l1IIO doy l would like to be • famoos researcher. Few scientists are rich by iodai" standards. Still, I ",ill feel myself to be .successful iflam well-knmw. Addition:illy,. there ore many IiImous ·~tmans who are not rich. Mother TIEresa was one. Certainly, lID one would say she~""3.ii not ,,,,,,,,,mul.

I al"" belie,,,, ilIat being respected by oowod:~ indicates sue"",,_ Without that respect; mo!ley mems little_ For example,I <iDee did Some wed: for .,top .ttom.y in • law fum_ He !Il!ide • vel}' gnod,alaJy. but ho",asn1a incoIWlll No 0"" ""'" did wod: forb:im willingly. He ordered ""eryO!le MOund and we didn~ respect him 10 contrast, tiowever, I had a wonderful bend direotur m high school He bad to take ·erlni jobs _frr,t to'make eoongh 1IlOIle)' 10 >uppcrl his fumily_ Ho_, his stu_ bad great respect for him and always listeoed to wba! he said. A. a result, we were. a ""'Y g<>od band 10' Illy opinion, my bond dire<tur was more snooessful than the

~, not all wealthy people are successful. A good case in point is that in West Chino, .S<JlIIe farmers rut dew!l miIIioIlS of trees each year and sell the timber at • bigh price As • result, en"TIonmeot ha, beeo d"",>tated_ lnoooeDI people ba,,-. to suffer IIoods and air pollutions. A1thangh the fonners are rid!, theY:ire never suco.,,;sful but guilty.

Last but not the least, besides money, there emls a diverse array of oIher oaIibntiOIlS to measure ane's ocirievemenL The society owardsils members in different ways_ As long as onemakes contributions to the .S<Jciety, be or.she wouldeam =pe<1s_








If! could_ &Ome1hing new, I'd irreeat a device or pill that oouldput people to sleep IDnnediarely and weald have no side effects. The proper IIlIlOOIII ofsleep is important for our

ooncenlratIDIl, mental health, and physical health, .

Getting enough sleep is a vital bwnan reed, For 0D0'ilimg, wilOOut s1e"p our concentration is streagly.affected Wereea.sily distracted, we c...l remember thing:l, and we don't notice whlif, happening around us. For example, a lot of car accident. are caused by tired drivers. When we get enough s1""" our pewers of concentration lire sharper. Weremcae focused on what we're doing. WeperfOIlllbetter.

MEmal ha.lll! is also affected by lack ofsleq,.lf, "")' to tell ifpoopledon'! getenongh sleep. Tbey're on 'edge, creaky, and out ofsorts. They lcse.fheir tempers easily and over.reset to simaticnsIn fact, experiments have shown ttet lack of-sleep over a locg peeiod of time con cause a complete meatal breakdown, \linen we get our proper rest, we're more alert and responsive. Our ootlook is positive, and we're nmch easier tc get aloog with.

Our pbysicel health sh""" the.strain of sleeplessness too. We have lea energy,'and ein;ryIhiDg seena 'like a major effort. Over a long period of time, we become slow and unresponsive. The wear and tear on the body from lad: of sleep em be a ''''"Y serious beaIIh.problem Every doctor wi:ll tell yon that getting enough sleep is a i:mic factor in maintaining good health_

Wouldn't it be great to ~o to bed ev"'}' night.J:nowiog you 'dhave no problem gOtting 10. sleep, no matter whafs going 00 iri your life? Getting enough.leep is :Uw"Y' geing to lie an importani pan of how yon respond 10 ywr situatiO<L I think this desrce wrukl be very helpful to all ofus.


Finally, I think one of the meat important indicators of success iskmwledge. Werulhypeople don't know ill the answers. For example, in the movie Good Will Hunting, the only peroon who could solve some c01IljlIel< problemswas the janitor. He knew all>!, and decided whai he wanted to do wiih that knowledge rnther than just think about IIlOIlOy. In my opinion, he was extremely

. successful.

When we tlinik "fhistory, tlereare few people that we remember simply because they were rich. Overall, we reID<Illber people who did sornelhiDg with their lives-they were ioftuential in politics, or Cilntnbuted to science or art or religion If history is !lie ultimate ~ of ""C~ then money

""",Iy isn't everything- .


Topic; 131

Since people's criteria for success differ, there is: nmch debate ova- whether only those woo make a lot ofmone:y are successful, ru (Mas I'am concerned, in fuday':s. soci.etywbich stresses on

. individulll acbievenent, mcdey provides the, best evalualion of one', accompha!rmeul

1'0 begin willi, as a-standardized measoremenl used fOF comparing values, money is objective rather 1han subjective, so it is censidered iID iIUlbentic reflection of one's achievement. k different people hold di1I'erent miderstmding> of success, assessing the am<>unl of one', earnings has'becorre universally accepted as ;a. rule to measure one's success, Each yea:r~ Fornme Magazine pahlisbes a special issue to rnnl< !lie top 100 most seccessfial people tlnoughmrt·the world according to their ,.early income, because there is no other methods 10 nily on

In addition, the """"'" ofmoney one makes is the consequ"""e of one', hard wmk and talent. 1'0 deny the accomplishment werull! brings is equal 10 deny tlie sccrces from which it springs. In the post, ! only believed in spiri!uJll """"'" aod then I",!,! rashly 10 Ilie conclusion that the best thing in w;, involves no money at alllt is my uncle who showed me the ,ignilicarice of money and changed my opiaion, He to!d.nE lie respected money and made it a goal to strive for in his way towards success. Because lie would hece ID F"Y a price for it in terns of time, theugbI andone~. GJadnaIIy, I carne to realize it is themeulal and physical labor he devotes in theprnce<SofmaJ:ing IlIOney thai paves his ""'Y for self-accomplisllinenl,' and taas'desesves appreciation andrespect.

Topic: 132

People will nonnalIy invenl senethiag that they want v"'}' much in the real life i:f!hey have the ability . A> a father of a two-year-old boy, ! would make a baby sitter robot The reasons are as follows,

In the first place, a baby-sitter robot can take care of my baby when ! go 10 work. There will be a dilemma in front cf'pnents when they have a cIuld!, wlm should stay at home and who should oontiIwe to work, mother or fath..-? With a baby -a itter robot they do not need to make a choice. Parents will no longer give up their jobs because of their child_

Finally, money is the IlIDS! p""oer:fuI possession in one', lifetime. As ""eryone knows, suceesa is'the ability to do whateVer one wants to and to be satisfied with oneself n.<reis hardly on}ihing that can be done without, certain amount of morey.Indeed, with money, one <an neethis OTher materialdemand in life, sncli as talciJig effective medicines, ID.-ing in magni1keot houses, ea hog 'various delicious food!, andsoce, Also, with money, one can de a lot of meaningful things 10 benefit otters, sncli.s donations to pom people. All these will not only satisfy one', need for persceel fulfillment, l>.!! also add grandness ID one', success.

In conclusion, as a of one's achievement, But we should keep in mind that only the", who obtain money by hardwoiling and use iI to lienefit the society are really suocessfuk

In the second place, a baby-sitter robot can make my baby stay away from danger. A panon cannot CODIl-.te on one tlinig 24 hours a dol'. It will be dangerous when he/she is taking care of a baby. A baby is '0 unpredictable that you never know what besbe will do in the next rniniJte_ For instance, the baby mayswallow a coin or fall to the ground from the bed when you just do ..,1 look at himIher for a second However, a robot does not 11:"", such a problem because she is never tired Slie can keep an eye OIl the baby all tlie time AJry potential dangerous action will be prevented Even waesi tbe baby is sleeping, tlie robot can still watch the baby if yon want. In addition a baby-sitter robot can entertain the baby. Songs andstories can be inputted in the robot's memory and replayed whenever the baby needs them, It is '0"")' 10 change them that the baby ",ill never lie bored on one soog or story,

In conclusion, I would Iilre to _ a baby-sitter robot not only because it can bike care of my baby for me, but also because it can make my baby safe and happy.

Topic: 132





~cmiling to our morals.

Topic: 133

! can't remember how =y times when I was ird'oImed IIlat a perscne childhood years played a rather important role in ilie wlmle life; ! =1 remember how mmy times especially when a VIP was interviewed by a journalist, lie or she, more often than..,t, would mention his or her"" regardless of its tooglmess or happpiness. Justas the famous peot Word', peom goes, 'Cbild is the father of the man "! So.I think, the seueralchildhocd year> are tlie !lIDS! important Y""",' of. persons life both psyclH>!ogiclllly and physically.

The famous P')'ChologiSt Sigmund Freud had once put great emphasis on the ilnportmce of. person's childliood!, 10 put aside the the ecadernic debata I think whether a person spends Ilie crucial couple of cbildheod years in a hsppy-go-hicky w"'! 110, a lotto do with his or her later life psyclH>l<>gically . For example, a child who MIll maltreated when in his or her childhood may be under the shade in the adult li:fe, which 'has been proved either experirnadilly or emperically. As amsner offactfhese examples are dotying <mDIl<ration

! believe a p""'0Il grows and charges f"" tbe better tlnoogliOlrt the many stages of'life. However, the foondaJ:ion is hod in the", first few years of life


On the other h:md, the·poriodof childhood·is 'V"')' vital ,tage for the child to grow up physically,because .t this special stoge,·the main _ of the body and their functions beign to dovek!p and become _ gradually ... d this stage matle<s • lot rellimling !ayiDg • ,oond foundation fur the teenage·stage aod the Ialer mutt stage.

ThuS, we, if as p:rrenls,. should deveiop a hepp)' ,.imosphere fu.- om childJen to IlIIlke·sure !hey spend this vel}' special period in. safe imd happy waJ\; we, i:f lis children,shculd li;-" • IIol'P}, W"'! wrs:eh."'eS. Do remember this. several-childhood yeiifS are the most crucial years of., .person's life psychologically and ph;-~icalIyl

Topic: 134

In the past in America, children were valuable werkera For example, they helped on the farm or in the. family business in order to bring in money. Ju5! a couple of generations later, altitude, have 'changed. Now children ore hndly expected 10 work .t all Modern children often don't even de haJ1seliold chores. This is sad, because I think that they are mill>iog,orneIhing if they doo'thelp oot erbcme, Sh:n:ing in household teaks benefit; children of all'ages.

FIrst of all, household tasks build skills. V"')' young cliild'ren learn motor skills and classification skills when they pick op their toys and pur tliem a"",y. Talking about Imw to do thing:l'heIps them learn to ana1yze situations. Older cliild'ren learn'skills they'll nred""an mutt. Oe.mi:ng and oookiDg iri:ry Seem dull, but ImowiDg Imw 10 do them wllll makes life a lot easler. Hew many yoong .dulls leave for oellego unable to do their own !arm<lly Or cook anyIhing resides. frozen rincrown" dinner'> 11', :onozingIycommon


When Overyo""in " family lieIps out, the fmuly is bappi",.Nowii<bys if, 00IIiinDnfu.- both parontJ; to W()]k. When they come home, !hey bai", more worl: to do. Iifuis ,tr""fuIand there', no time fur fun_ By sIiariDg hoosehold tasks, "'""Yon< gaini, Chililren,an help their paron\< wiih simple task, "",h as',piclring up their 'own rooms, putting away their ownlinmdry, .starting dinner occasionelly; or taking core of J'<IIlIl&""..-ibliogs. 1helltha family COIl relax Iogetlier, and prnms wont fee! like servants to their ~couchpo_· offspring,

The moot important Ihing cliild'renlellDlfromheIpiDg wiihh<msehuld tlsb isresponsiliility. HanittiDg""eryday tasks reaches organization and time ~aneo! skills. CbildJen learn thai chores 110,,,, to be completed before they COIl pI:ry ,or More '1 They get their·aIloWllIlrel. ChildJen who ~_thaI elfurt pays offwill be more successfullaler in w;,.

Kids iliould not wmk all the time Abappy life needs b.lanoe. Bui if they COIl suc=sfully haodle tasks alhorne, they will _elife better 100. They wi:llimow th,,·,.tisfactionofdoiDg. goodjoh, lie in'I<llved in funily life, IIIId become more confi_ and responsible .<hilts.

Topic: 133

lagreothat • peroon',. cliiIdliood years,. from birth until twelve years of age, are the most ilnporllmL All the infonnahonr,oeread ,bout that·time oflife'states that these are ~ years that funn .UJl, These)""'" .detrnnine what kind of a perion the child will beoome. Dming these J"'"'" we Iel<m aboulrelahonaloj.;, lie~01ll' fo:rmal edncation, and develop our moral seIllIe of right md """rIg-

The .my years are the time when we learn' .bout reillfionships. First we learn _ our parent. and si1>lirigs, then ""out rest of the "",ld. We learn how io respond to others based tlie __ w"e,!re gi~ Ifwe're Loved, then we. know hO' Hwe're treated bmhly.., we may grow lip to treat 0111= bar.iliIy. We ru;o funn our ideas aboUt our own self-worth from the way other:ii treatw: duriiIg fuese}'eaIS_ 'Ibey can oomrince u.s v.-e're wm:t:b1ess, OTthey can teiiclJ. us: .. ve· des""", loVe·and respect.

These are the.yean; whfII we begin our formal ediJCIlfiOIL We acquire !lie basic skiIls-"'~' \1riting, wolling with ID.IIIJberi-thit we1ln'" throughout om lives. We need a good foundation in these subjects. Otherwise, Onything we try to do Ialer will be undermined by oor lack of skill •. p.m.!" the """t iniportml thiog: We can lel!rIl dining how to ana1yze irifOlIllalion aod use il These ore skills that wi:ll.lwa}~ be uiefuL

Most imporllinl, from my point of view, these are the yem:s when we de\oelop our moral sense of wIIal's right and wrong. Otbers teach us .boul gOOd and bad, bullatex in our early years we liegin to decide for ourselve~ II's also during this time !hat we begin 10 develop the self-<liscipline 10 live

(Il=ym8) Topic: 135

Many high schools, both pnbhc' and private, require students 10 wear nni:formsc I think that sncli a pelicy is an eKCelIent.idea becllIlSe unifu!IllS can make things more equal for ,il Students.

First, nni:forms ·IlIIlkestudenls equal on an economic' level. Wtth nni:forms, ,-tuilenn; from poor fumilies dIe", the some." ,hideots from rich funiIi",. This CiUl pre;'Hllenvy and jealousy _ styliili clothes, ltean also enromoge students to funn fiiendrlrips based OJ; personality, not clothes.

'Seoond!, nni:f0lIllS con rednce unequal tre:rhnent by teaohi= R<searcli suggests !hat teach"" _ have higher expectations for more attracm'e ,tudents, which inclndo those ,_ with

nicer clothes. This specialalleotion can include providing mcaechallenges and opportunities fur







these students. Unifunns help teachers make judgmenl, based on .bility, not appearance.

Paally, uniforms encourage the individual student. of" scbool to feel like pori of. bigger group. Their fueling:l. ofbeing togetheL working togetha- .00 having something in 00=."", all helped byuniforms.

It is my opinion that all schools should have "policy requiring unifmms_.Unifonns giceevery student an equ:il chance.


although sometimes Jm suspicious ll.!hether the WOId reallyexists. Oftecwe don't even keep score. We just do it beca~eji's fim and wejeam DeW English words.

Soccer is the most competitive sport rm involved in. 1 do my best.but it doesn't matter to me-if my team loses. I enjOy just being wi1ll my friends md trnveling to difrerenLscOOoIs in different cities to play. I leama lot about teamwork when wepractice, Our coach tells us tbe mcst important Ihing is to play well as a team II seems she just wants us to have fim and not worry about winning.

All in all, I just enjoy having. good time. Presumably thaf. om _ in life. Isn't thai better than worrying obout am who 1(]6'" all the time?

Topic: 136

Everyonebas the experience ofpalying games. with others. Why we play gam""? One obvious reason is thai we wantro relax, to enjoy oor we, to have fun. Anyway, somagaaes , m:Juding tennis or badminton, will produce the winner and the 10_. In my opinion, I disagree that only the wimer has got lim.

Topic: 136

The statement in the direction is a.long term consideration ofmany people including me. Marry people will argue thatplnyinga game is only fun WhaJ yoo wiaI, however, _ thinking abourjt OIl n:iany occasions, decide to stand up against this view roo the following reasons.

The lim and fsrmcsf reason is thai ofpl"}UJg 1.'IIl"" is to escape frcm'your-bcriag dataor office to SIJJ<Illl",,= Wining 00 losing has nothiilg to do with your fun, becease IT is not yonr job, it is just • _ For example, we students have to spend ten tofifteen hours in lab or in reading iexfuook, when we have a chance to pl'l' football with cur friends, who will really emphasi< OIl the results. Everyone bas got ftm

Another reason why I oontIlIdicl the title -sarement is that we can learn somelhing usefirl by playing games. We may take longnmning as an example. Ai; we knew, the lastpart of long nmning is hard to stand. Even thengh yru lost the game, you also learn that persistence can lead to victory, whic.h will do good toyour career,

Finally, some game, such as footWl help ehap yonr body in spite of fu.., So, why not depress?

The first and the most importml =.00 for Illy opposing the idea is that plnying. game, DO maiter yon win or lose, helps release. per:son from the hoary pressure, in most <""-'S, resulted limo intellectual activities. There is II<) better _le than myself ",boo i was trying '0 hard to eater the university. At that time, when i was too exhausted to memorize any single incideoi. in the bisrory book, a play ofbedminton would refill me wilh Jres.h energy to goback to my. studies,though i hardly won all)'}' of these badIinntxmgames., mypertoer is anescellen! pI.yer. Therefore, the biggest ad\'lintage of playing gamos lies in thefact that it helps people relaxed,

Taking into account all of these factors, we may safely arrive iil the conclusion !hat both w:ioing and losing in paly games give us lim.

Another reason for my disagreesnect is that one will find oul his or her capacity ofmaking progress while playing a game, Wbeo teaming a new game, ifynur cippOnenl is. more mature player than yeo are, it is for sure !hat·yro will not win him or her ertbe beginning, but in the process of the game, if you are a conscientious pI:ry"', you will definitely learn to grasp the basic >kills of a certaingame, whic.h enable youto play better end better. Consequently, tbe ewareae sa ofycur ability in !eaming new thing, is the best award you can find in game playing.

Therefore. i will conclude by ',aying that playing a game·jteslf is Worthwhile end to w:io rir not to win is !KIt. maiterto ccccera siaceycc could get rid of the feeling:of exhaustion andcoofum yourccafldeace as a learning-capable being.

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Topic: 136

I agree with the old saying, '1t's I10t wbether YOll win or lose, it's how·y"" play the ganE. "I don't need to win. I bave lim p1.)U!g all games because it gives me limo to be wilh friends, learn new things, and work as a team

Tennis is _ game that I enj;oy. If, , great opportunity to socialize. Of course, you can'tcurry on • conversation while you're playing, but my tennis-partner end I talk a lot before the gaIIE. Since. 'We have to reserve a court, we have to talk to ODe another to find a coasement time to meet. 'Then wi> have tomake sure that the ceurtis available at that time, This o!leo takes many phooe calls and, of course, we talk about many other thing~ during the same conversation, One", we get to the court, we often have to wait. That give> us another opportunity to chat. After the game, we usually go out for It sedaor a meal and talk seme more. We don't even taB::·.;ibolTt Mw well or how poorly we played, Tennis is just en excuse for Us to get together.

The beard game Scrabble, 00 the other hand, is a ",III iliIl builder. Irsa challenge to form WOIds . from the letters in front ofyoo and 00 1he beard, I always.learn a new word from my oppoaeat,

Topic: 136

Reren!I)" many people argue a. ifit is a general trnth that playing, game is lim only when yoo win. In various games andmatchs, the main aim of players from both sides seems to be winning. AM w:ioning is not only for the players themselves, but III", for the hourn of their feam, and ,lOVeD for that of,their nation But to be frankly, I can net-agree with them. There are I111merollS reasons" .and I would explore only a few primary OIlfS here.

The main problem wi.1h this argumad is that the real meaoing of a game is toeojoy the proces, of the gome; the result, whether IT is win or lose, does not seem matter. Thin!: of the original games of our aecestcrs, the goal is to show their love of sports, their p!J:;~ical sIreogth and oeIebrating the himIing. And the tTIlE' intention cf' is fcr.rel ... tion and annseneat, Anotha- good





0ItampIe is that children eojoy playing _ more than adnlts. Wbeo we WlIIch children play, we em IIOd=tand that they are more concentrate-on tle'game itself; and do not-care for the result, There are to ymmg to realize the importance of winning the game; therefure they enjoy it more.

If !he pleye ... play a gane'for winnmg; they willconceetrate 'on score; to much, and forget to enjoy the game,·In this society, everyone ",am ro be wcmer, for they will not ealy w:io the hoeor.. but also win fame, mooey, end so on. In the same way, the loser will lose ev"J'lhing . .It seemed thai p1'l'ing a game become a way to get material comfort, but . not .fllilillrnent of spirit

Fmtherrnore, wben palyera play, game for .winning, they face the stress froin the team, even for the natien, and they struggle to win. Sometimes, players do everything by fair means or foul in order to win. They may use illegal drugs, or bribe the judges. '!'here are various scmdaI, .l>oul ,thelte almost in;,v"ry international game, am this-thing become more anll more serious, 'Ihese

ar e, all because tberesults of games have been linked to mo""Y·and the honor of a coootry.

Geoenl speaking, when you only ,"am "', 'IlIlrc you will I_the limofplaying. game .. Taking into account of all these factOH,we may reach the coocbisioo that, i! i< ",iser to learn "'enjoy playing witheul regnd of the result of game.

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Topic: 137

I think high scliool smdeetsshoald be allowed to choose scene "fthe >Objects they smdy. However, !he basic subjects, like malhenaties, ~tmrore,aod science, shrnrld be mmdatoay for all students.

Wheo I was in high school, we were allowed to choose three electives each semester. Electives were subjects that weren't part of the b ... curriculnm They included things like mesic, jommlism, art, end various kinds of team sports. Choosing some cf'tbese.sebjects to itlldy gove me achance to experimaIL I was able to get a head start 00 what I was going to smdy in college.

However, college preparation shooldo't be the main factor, I think all ,tridents should be allowed 10 toke a _lIin IlIlIOber of co""", just becmse they're interested in them .Foo many students, high school is the his! chance to learo aboot things they're mterested in. Maybe·oooe1bey hare.

]no !here wont he time for stIJdying. .

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Of cmme, it', also importml that _ sfl1dy certllin b,;;;c sLIbje<:ts.lf fd had a choice, I know I wouldo1 have studiedmalhematics oo·scieoce. I wain't.-ery mterested in Iher!c However, once I was in class, I found myself getting inIerested_ I wouldn1 ba"" known this if fd been gi''en the c.hoioe,. becatlse I would I.."e c.hosen not '" take 111. oomses.

High scOOolstudenls areo1 al-..ays the best jud,,,,,, of what they'll find useiw in the year:s shead. They need the·goidaore of eapats in the lieId of edncaIiOJl_ However.,. they IIIso need SOrr>O freedom to fuIlow their curiosity aod individual~. They ·shorild be gi\= the freedom to

choose some courses, MIile being required to take others. .


Topic: 136

Reren!ly, rwmy people "ll'''' a. if it i, ~ 'general truth that playing a game i, lim only when yoo win. In \ ;md m,Bcbs,. the maiIt.aim of gama-s ofboth side seems: tQ win. And win is ·oot orily &.- the _ themselv.., but also for !he hono.- of their team; andeveo foothat of their nation. But '" be furnk, I can oct 'gre< with fuem. In my point of view ; Ihe real moaning of_ is to gain lim ftom the procedure of the playing, but·not gel !he result ofw:io or los,. There are. IIIlIDeIOUS r .. ooIlS why I hold no coofideo"" on than, and 1 wOuld espIoaeouly • few primary ones bore.

The main problem wilh this argoaoad is that it is ignorant of the basic fact lhatplaying a game for win will mtunly make ga= looe the fun, bul also result in many things breaking the rure_ In this society, everyone wam to be wimer, for they will not only win the honoa,but also win mooey, house, and '0 OIl. In the same way; the 1= will 10'" eVetything. Ii is seemed that plnying • game become a way '" get creature COIOfurt, but not 6Iljoymet of spirit.

Fmthe<IrlOre, wbengaroedoes not ouly!he honor aod shame ofindividu~ ihe gamerifacing the sires, from the team,eveo for the nalioo mIlS! struggle fot win. For gain their eo~ many peOple 1lIi:e any kind of·means wilhoul regard to whether break the rule ofnormal or Jaw. There are various ~ ,l>oulathelte olmos! in all the intffiIaiiooal_ aod this thiog beoome more and more serious.

Topic.: 138

Maybe in ",moone', opinion ,to be ;, n><n:Jba- of. gro"l' would not ha;" to shoulder """" reaponsiblilies,deal with. variety ofpe=ns,and spend. wealth of time in its daily affairs while the Leader have '" ;but, whis! 1lIi:ing the _cal factoIs into consider>lion ,00,"""",,, wilh the so-ealled negillive "'I'flI1:s menlioned ,bm"·,"e can sllfely soy that it is better to ., leader of. gro"l' than to ba • member of. group'

Anotha- ,easoo·why I di>agree wilh Ihe above sta_ is that I believe that the real meaning of g>ime·i. 10 gain lim from the procedore of the playing. When we obseNe the·playing of children, ",,,will find !hat they are more like the game per so, not·care foT1he resnIL There are so little adriltcon realize the joy of the procedure of the p~ as a child_ On the o!her bimd the OIiginal game of our lTTICesro.- is campmng the pbysicalstrength aod ce!ehruing with the bnoting. AM the t:r"ll€ intention o:f1heir game is fur relaxation and amnsement

Of cooase ,a leader of, group ,i3 intrircieally • member of the group ,so in this seose ,!he leader should answer for 1he doties " common member shoukI do aod also con eojoy Ihe rel'.ting rights a oommon a n><n:Jba- can do .Be.ide os alead<r of the groop,be oo.ho should be reSponsible for many other Ihiti"" like the rn.mlIgemenI aod the development ·ofthe group ,aod ""'l'be·soaoeone 1lIi:e, these obligations as·" _,but for "'" ) think d i< III! opporIllinty to fullpby • lemler', tlllents. andpotonliality andlhllS "'w:io the respect as well" trust oflheniembers of the group;aod ftOlIl thi, stlIIIdpoint~ more bene&al·aod dmllengingis than tD be • leader ofa groop .

GeDff1il speaking, ",boo you only wamto'llllrc you wilIl"",the limofplaying" game. Taking.into accmmt of all these factm:s, ".-e IDa)' reach the <ooelusion that, it i< wiser '" learn menjoy playing witheul·regard of the result of game,

Theo as ,'lead<r of. group ,be or she will be·endo"ed with mOIe·chanre to deal w:iIh shade, of peoplesaod !bus can learo how ro get along with them wall aod also em win • pool of

frieods ,who;maybe~Jsp=riI imporlan<:e for his orborfuture.

Ai; • miilter of fact ,there are • good manber:s of reasous '" support my ,iew , but I think the ones





said above are to the point.So my choice is definiIeIy to be a leeder.

I enjoy tiling the initiative, deteminiiDg lire direction, and ~ responsiblefor my actions. 1 don'lwanlto suffer through other people's stcpiddecisicns. If!here are' going to be,.ll1pid WllYO

10 de somclIinig, let them be mine. Wooldn'l you _1 .

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Topic: 138

Which kind ofrole do you like to play in , group? Some people weald like to be a ocdniar;' member, while some ojhera prefer being the l ea de- of. group. For _ I waat to cbaIIenge myself as, the leader of. group .. There are at least two reasons for my cboice,

FJIStIy, being a leader of group, could have more opportunities to improve all sorts of abilities and sI:iII, by dealing with various kinds of issues. Just-take my.~ as on example, I "'" responsible for the maIketing and business cle>-elopment in DiycOI11p:my aDII there ere , fom subsidiaIy staff in my dep_. Since I started to worl: ... leader of this group, I have developed Ill}' obility in leadership, decision making, communication skills, """"'"<lIt and regctieficn skills etc., wIriclJ hare gr<1ltly benefited nre

Topic: 139

Secondly, being • leader especially being.aqualilied leader in a gr""l', you can get more <:haD:es of per.onal,dvano""""-t and gain more satisfaction from your job. In the leader, position, you have to neet'aad deal w<ith verious challenging tasks,.bydeillgil wilh yom staJI; you em demonstrate yom leadeishij> and secceedin your oompany. In addiIrin, you will enjOy the happiness and fulfillment that the j ob has given to you"

Basicaliy, a house is' ccmpcsed of a living room, a dninig room, washrooms, and bedrooms.Even thoogheacb room has ita valuable featores.I fully believe that • bedromn is the most siginific.m one" In this plaee.I can rest, study lIM chot

To begin with, a bedroom allows me to recharge my physical and.rceitel batteries. To tllustrete, when l amexbeusted, lchooae to sleep there. With. oozy had I con gain sufficient energy 10 work eflectiently'and effectively. Besides, 1 con just .. t on a couch and read a newspaper end magazine. It makes-me relaxed and release my stress. Frnthamore, 1 can meditate or.iook on! a f .tbe scenery. These ectivities con enable me to forget my trouhl", tenpcranly.So, I cannot deny that my bedroom is the most appropriate enviramnad to recess.

Moreover, to avOid being disnnbed, , my bedroom is the best choice fur me J con prepare <=m>, do projects, complete assignments, and review bome...-olk in this till}' and quiet room. On top of that, ifnecessary I can surf the Internet for relevant infornmation. For-example, if I amessigeed to make" presentation "'oul"Civil War". I cen simpjyuse a search engine·Jilre Yahoo or Google to find oriI "Civil W:u" aod its orgin and its hiatorticel importance. In this Wll)', [ will come up with ideas to ceganize bow to present perfectly. Tbeaefbre, withouta bedroom 1 might get dislracteilwhile ,{udying.

Las! but nor least, in a bedroom, [ can talk to someone through a phone.For instance, i chat with my boyliiend fur hours. It would.not be easy to chat with him in a public room socb lIS·, kitcken or living room. Under these circmnstaaces, 1 can share my feelings with him. Also, wbea 1 am either.enligl!!ened or depr""ed, [can make apaonecelktc my peers. 'IlIu5, oonmnrni!:ating with ~ in. il bedroom appel'S less embarassing,

AU in all, fur_.being.leader in. gr""l'ainmakemy lifi,inare splendid-and wonderful . .Iwill get difforad experiences from it

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Topic: 138

According to my opinion, it', always better. to be a leader than a fcllowerTme leaders shew IDitiative. They take action and they assume respcnsibihty. A leader makes • decision. Some fullowers rm)' appro'''' of the decision; others may ccmplaia

.boul it. However, fhese followers ellchose to follow, not tc lead. They chose not to make', decision, That', bow rm difl'eren!. Iui not a follower. I wont to make the decisions.

Ocersll, it= dull to stay in. bedrom. The moretinie we stick in this spot, the less time we gather with cut friends aod families Necerfheless, I whreheartedly fhinka bedroom p1"l" a significatn rolein a bouse becaase other moms cannot sabstifate its characteristics: • better rei! room, a quieter study place. end a IIlOre private room fur cbdting.


Good leaders will not react to events, but will anticipate them. A leader will start a plan of actKm ani! then will persuade others to follow.For example, • class president at a lccel college may feel that the relafronsliip between !he. conmnmity and the """'Pili is riot "good one. The citizens may feel that the college kids make 100 mncl! noise On the street; litter public areas, and ,hop ia other communities. A good cia", pr",i_ will reecgnize 1hat the community ,mil the campus depend on one another. The president' will ask the studenf oo'dytO keep noise dowu, help clean up the neighborhccds, and walk with attract stadeers. A good leader takes the initiative;

Good lea<lers must be action-oriented, Having taken the initiative; they umst seethe job through. They hare to take cberge. and lead the follow era. Tbeybeve+o motivate aod,~ the followers. 'Ihefollowers (in this example, the ,tudent body) must uoderstmd why good relations with the ooimminity are _es""'Y. The followers be ~ to de so""'thing IIbqUf it.

Good. leaders mnst be ready-to accept responsibility. They accept responsibility fur their aeneas as well as those of the followera. In the end, any credit will be shared with the group; any blame will be the leader', fault. The Jeederwho fails is always alone:

Topic: 139

What is the most important room in a bouse, the kitchen, the·tiving room, or the bedromn~ Different peeple have different opinions. From my point uf'view, I think that the li,oing room is the impOrtant room in It house. There Me numerous reasons -MIy the living room is IIJl.').'ft: hnpcrtant than the other rooms, and! would explain a Jew ones.

Pirst, in my'reccllection, the living rcom renindue of a lot ofrosymem6ry.ln the past, oUTliving room was :Uw"l" a realer of roogregating. All family member's sit togothe< here. Sometimes, we watched TV Other. times, we played chess, Our living room was 01",.)1' full cfhsppiness and pleasure Now [ have my own 1iimiIy, 1 hope that my living room also becomes the-source of our fumily pleasure,




stitch, bow it is marvelous to be!

In additionthe living room also a place fur parties and guests. Wbeo our fumily friends carre to visit, we oIways _ained them in our living room. Sometimes, we ev"" buy some ornaments such as flowerS to decorate our livingroo:m- 'Ihepnrpose nf'all to show cur sincere welcome to WI geests. We alWlIYS madeour Jmng room spetless.Hwe take our fiiende 10 a mesS)' living room, ~P' our friends will not visit us again Tbeefbre, a tiving room always plays iii very impoitant role in our social-actives.

In .a word, a hving room always'pIays on important role in both our furnily life aod our social acnvities. Therefore, 11hink a living room is the most import:mt room in our bouse,

'011 the other hand, items made by machine have been widely accepted around the world because of the introduction of the maclIine.!t is highly appraised of fastness and dlrrability. Actually,. these two characteristics are beac- criterion for products .. Supp<>s" that the washing machine is oct of worl: only after one-rnonlh use.Lbelieve a user definitely feels angry aod irritatiag .bout the had qualityofthi"""slinig machine, In scene degrees, we can make sure of the '1ulllity made by machine. Furthermore, by machine, people can seve time. I deet believer auy mamrliooturers will make fumitare by hand at masl time. Although this does happen in some cases, they are vff'j special. Furniture rnade by machine can be sold to customers as soon as possible, which increases company's profit througl! i'astm<iving," .

However, I agree rome advantages about items made by hand and mode by machine, fhere are atiII have sorne disadvlDllages wecennot ignore as well. For iI<=i mode by hand, it usually takes a quite long time to finish aod the cost is accompanied to be very high; fur items mode by machine, it sometimes is quite rough and not idealas what'uaera espect

Topic: 139

The kitchoo is my favorite rooin in a bouse, because it is where families gather. To me, that is the most important thing. So many ofthe.m<mIlries peoplebae of growing up re11Ol",,·around the· kitchen, My childhood memories concan the kitchens in my grandparents' homes.

My moth",', fmrily lived in. mi;' boru;e in the city. The rooms were·aIl small, and that included \he kitclren. IIi !he SIllIIDIfIIime, when we'd "isit, the bock door.of the house woold, be. left opEIl. People wruld be sitting on the back porch and in the kitchen, ,Wking lIM langhing. while my grandmother made d:irrne<. There \>ill. no lIir-eonditioning, but I don'l ever IerneIrJber feeling too bot There was aIweys. breez» ooiningthrougb, along with the"""",", ·of_c :mdkids playing ball in the,heel. .

My futba', fmrily lived on a farm In the country, and their bouse had. hugo kitchen with windows on three .o<ler. It """"" like the windows were always open and the curtains, blowing with the breeze. The main door to the bouse was ilioost never used Everyone came in thmugh. the kitcben, and·sat.t the big.table in the middle oftheroom. Whend:irrne<_ being_ned, all the worneu would bustle ormmd, while the men sat at1he·table talking aboul f:urn prices. 'SOllleIi= my grandmother wonldn1 ev", ,a down dming dino<r, but would be refilling bowls of food :md poople', g!a=. FTODl outside, we could !rear the ""'" in the 1reld near the boU5e.

These iwo ltitchens "'. the bai:kground for ,ome ofmy happiest'rr>all!lries. From the 'beginning of tinie, human beinga have gathered togothe< the lire where the food WlIS being prepared. I bope that ""'''''. cllange~

(Il=yIDo B)

In view of odvanlages and disadsaatages I mentioned above, I suggest we should see what items we are going to buylm~'Iheo&eide to choose !hers made by hand or by machinf. Ifl were a cusromer, I woold prefer cboooing 'clothes made by hand and so"", furnitme 'by machine. fu. short, a is mwise to ""l' wIriclJ one is better in an arbitmy way.

f!l=yIDo 14)

Topic: 140

From my point of ;iew, there are many fadars affoc.ting Miether 10 choose on item "",de by band or byrnachine. The mainfac!oriO make'a judgment i, wlietherwe use the item for our daily life. or fur cotlet:lion ~ d.ecciration pmpo5eS.

For items used in om daily life, the choice, we make depend on the following factors: tlmction, furm, IiI!d price. Function is the most ._ thing fur us. If. product i, beautiful, but it is not able to perf(O'Ill the function, it can only be called a deroration, or a piece of garo.g<'. For· example, when we buy a TV, what we really care about fiBt it is the quility of the pictme .00 SOOIid, bow rnmy ,tations it con receive, and whe!her it can be oo""""ted easiIy to the VCR and DVD pI.}'er .1 berne. The _ tactor·whicb affects.our choice of. prodllct for daily use is its fuJm Is the TV too big, too srnaIl, or too ugly" Will it lit into the living roam? Will it be compatible with the colors of,other appliances .ind the fuiniture1 The IhiId factor: we "",y oons~ is the price. Even are .... -ery bappy with tbeitem" there·is no meaning ifwe caimot affordi!.

Topic: 140

&sically, the production of items cm be divided into two groups:' one is·made by hand and the other is made by machine. Some people always ask which one is better, by hand or by machine1 For me, both ~f!hers have adv:m!age. and disamianlage..

Items made by hand are de!ioate.1iI!d be.utifill in""appellrnlCO. For. _Ie, most of poop Ie like Chinese sitkmade by hand 'l1lereasoo is thafnot'onlythe silk is too delicateto rise niachinetO sew, but also , good pree. ofband·made silk will make ous!oJnErs feel it ·like,·. "",,fer pree. in • degree. In addition, when band-maker:s de their jok, they usually devote more """'gy and tinie i:n them, which allows the pos.;bilily~fpursinng theoccuracy to:oometrue. As we koow, thEre:;till ha" .. rnmy Jodi .. to prefer the tailor·made clothes. Why'! The r""""" is Vff'j 'iniple beCause they IiIink only tailors cm meet their needs. We con iniagiDe after the tailor SOM the piece.stitch by

So, in our daily life, Ihere i, really no ~ whether our cIllthes or furniture are mode by hand or mode by macliine. It just doesn't matter .. long .. they can perform their function. For ite= for oollection and deoomti6n,' it is nomploWy different story. Ancient tools aod historical :utiflcl. ha,'e more marl:et and educational value than IIlOd<ro day rnossively prodn<:ed prodiJcts, and trllllitional hantliCJllfis make good tOuRst ,00000enirs·and beautiful decorntion.fur the house. Tharefore, when it ""_ to, items fur collection and.reoom;on, [ would definitely droose items made by band, because they are just so special.

In OOlElusion, depending on diflereDt items ani!·differeni uses, I will make dilferenl chOices.







Topic; 141

Moot of the schools that I attended had exreIlent pmgrmIS and instructors, Unfortunately, .t one school this was not the cese.Tbe I'Neign languoge prngmn there reeded both bette, plamriog and better insjructors. If I could, I wwld make Change. in three inajm areas,

more hints and clues 10 children min! they get the right iiIISWffS. In this way, children can improve their imgjmili6n and Creati,-ely-,in addition, they team bow to corrammicete with otheci

All in all, little kids can feel frustrated plyaing tapes andCD',. AI"" impatient children cannot stick with hour loog or-more caseettes, Neverfheless, I strongly think a stereo is wotliwhilefor children. development becuase TI helps them become gifted in language, !IIIlSicn and Speech.


Topic: 142

When I was abeutl 0 years old; my elder sister gave me a present; It was my first real grown-up' bicycle: • three-speed, yellow and black, shIny and new. I alill remember bow excited I was. That bicycle was very important tome ever the neat few years. If I wanted to give a gift thai would contribute to • clrilcf, de\'eIojlIll<Ill, I would cbcosee bicycle.

'Bikes are great exercise. They _go outdoor play. Television and video _.which are the nestpcpular childreo', oc-li;itieS·nm>.'lIday>, immlvemostly sitting and'!imng Riding a bike, makes exercise fun_

The.first stepwouldbe to offer.third andfourth year laoguage classes. This particular school had no Janguage prngmns above the second year level. Students who started language classes in the first Y"'" ran out ofclasses to toke by the time they were halfuiay throogh !he school This was fiustroting for tbose ofus ;"110 10;-00 le.minlilanguages. II also had had effects wbeo we tried to """,,",.language studie, in oollege after a two-year break,

Ne<!, the foreign laoguage progmn sboald be ,t3!fed with well-trained instructors. The current teachers in the program don't speak the languages.well eoooglL 10 our classes jeaccea frequently "",de ""OJ!' which the srodeots repeated, If the teachers were well-trained they would be good model. for the stadents.

Finally, the materials in the'language courses should be updated, They need to we modem technology. EV€Il thoogh the school has • computer laboratory, our language class never used it We were limited io'using the 'assigned textbook_ If ",ftw..-ewas available, the _:uts could search the Internet for current, real-life materials; such as newspapers from other countries,

u..rem.nding people from other countries ~ on being .0" to ceumnmicate with them Poor language instruction makes this impossible. Improving the I'Neign language program would really make a difference to the .rodents of the school.

B= are convenient transportation, too. Wdhoul a bike yoo have to depend on an adllIl to drive yoo almost everywbere, With a-bike you can go further. You cenride to y<>UI friends' houses. If yoor school is close eno"llh, you can toke yourself to school You have control over where y<>u ge, andyru 'renOt.lVOI)'l waiting or begging for a ride, Now j'OO Can sal' "Can I go ... ?" instead of "Please take me! II

(Es»ym '6)

To me as a child, a bicycle mean! ;oo~ No! only oould I go fmller, but no one was watching \Were I wenr; Tberoad W<Df past thepollk, the pond the,woods, the 7-110tme, and more . .l saw the ,.,_ of little neigbholhood roads limn. dIfferent vieapoim. Everything w as rnudl'mure interesting: up dose than it was through • car window. leonid stop anywhere and look at whatever I wanted. Everything was my choice.Bike riding was actiue, not passive,

Topic: 142

To enhance children'sdevelopment, some parents select a fairy tale book as a gifl;. others cheese a stuffed don; still others pick a backetball tIp.Although eval' ilem bas its vallie, personally I find a stereo advantageoos for a child's lean languages, music, and comnnmicetion,

My bicycle gave me lim exercise, easy traaspertatioa, and freedom F..- all these reasons, I think that • hi<:j'C!e is a special present for a child.


First, children can gain knowledge throogh language' cassettes. For essmple, while listening 10 tapes ofbeginner English" children follow the directionsto speak om simple words such as "A" neans " Apple", '11" refers to' Bird" and" C" defines· Cat". With. "Rewind" bidron,clrildree am repeat fhise-basic vocabulary as rwmy times as they want Under these circnmstancearepeated stimuatioa enables them 10 memeoorize quickly. So, a _0 can. benefit children 10 study languages effectively.

AnIober conlribulion of, stereo for childreo', development is thet children can learn the·rlIythrn, m<lodl' and lyrics.Like" Elephants', the famous song tells kids why OIl e1enplmrthas along trunk: Also, according to various rfhym, 'children can '''1'1'''' feelings in different ways. To illustrate, TIlIWIIicDDL<ic like CelineDioo',' My heart with ge on' bas """,,th and slow,""", It makes the listener tranquil. However, pop rimsio like Michel J.,1>loo',·" Thriller" thrills children So" !IIIlSic inspires children's imnds.

Most import3ntly, " stereo allow, cihldren 10 commanicate with host. cf'broedcasts. Fur _Ie, 1b.ey can tum into talk show on 99j FM.. There is a program celled'Take.e geess" ,iit 9:00am on weekdays. Unsually, the boot asks questions like" what is the largest animal in the world?" Every child cea respccd through a phonec lf'somecae gets the-"Toog:mswers, wouldprccide

Topic: 143

I like the idea of stnde:uls'haVing several short vacations throughout the ye..-. rm , working p..-eni with two scaccl-age children Every sumI.ei I have to come up wTIh • plan for keeping my children safe and entertained for three months, while my husband and I are at work. Summer """'1" are expensive, and finIIinil the one ycur childreo willenioycan be." cbnlleage. Getting rid of that one long vacation worddmake life, lot easier.

Hoving several shorter vacefio as would also make it easier to. schedule vacetioas. My husband :md I both work in small offices with other wmhng parents. All of us need vacation time during' the same three months. This is hard on OlD" businesses and oar careers.

\Ve' abo find that wherever we. go in the'scmrrer, it's: crowded. It would be nice to. go places throoghom the year endfind smaller crowds. I'm sure the attractions themselves would like thet better, tooIt would be better-for the-economy to spread things out, too.




I think mychildreo would be more focused on their studies if 1h<ir vacation time was divided up throughout the year. The final month of the school year, they're just oot P'ying attention They've been in School for nire long !IlDlIIIIs and they don't have e Ict of energy. Phis, the)'re an!icipoting WColiOD time Ifvacations were thronghoul the year, they would ooncenlrale better OD studies.

Of C"'"""", rwmyulder school buildings, 1!reII't air-conditioned, because usually people aren't there during the botIestIllOldha ThaI might be a problem. I think, 1hoogh, thai new air-conditioning would be worth the root. During the last few weeks of smmrer, my children are bored with their 10Dg vacation, I doubt fhat would-happen if there were several _!IS thrnughmit the ye..-.


Still, if the appliances are old, '0 is the wood, .. d that', a big ad_ge as far as I'm ccacered, Very few new buildings have the kind ofbeautiful weeds that were used Y""" '!r0' It', something that cen't'be'copied,

Space is always important to me, too. I need • lot of 100m for my borne office, myclotbes; and to display all the J::nicldrn>ck, Fve pickedup in my travels.I also like to have- interesting space. I don1 want all the rooms and windows the ,ame size or a boxy design, A modem opartmen! usually cones in one size and shape. A traditional house is going to hove a variety of spaoes \\bore I can !"I_little table or a window seat And rl will have lots of room, frooi basement to attic. These are all gcodreesces fur me te prefer living in a trodrlional house.

'Some people love modern design, but it', notfor me. The spare and beauty of a traditional home are more important to me than bavingevaything new and perfect,

Topic: 143

Hello,frieods!As student..,what period is your happiest days? -HoIidays!1 think ... ~ will agree with this do IBm what kind of holiday do yoo like better-tho longer one or several shcrtvarations in a yeai!1 think each of them bas its advantages and disadvantages.As for me, I like the latter one:


Now, Iet's ioak at the good and had points of the two kinds of holidays. Of course, I'd like to begin the topic willi my favorite one-short period of vacations. Fist; short vacations are , greet relaxation after busy final exams:Wben we finish the eoams., ",-e know that we1l 110'-'" month to think freely, to do other things beside; ci"",es,.to visit fiieruh, to be with oor family, to ge to roocerls, to ivatch 'Ports: c_,and so OlLSeoond, we can pbm to iI.vei during the holt vacations. In spring. we can go to ~ t,O :see the various. ~wers can't be seen in cities, '10 see the ,tream flowing, to dimIJ the moontains, and ro apprecial< the beautiful scenery on the Sl1IIJDlit!WhaI. wonderl'ul picture,. especially for we students alwsl'~ swimming in !he "sell" of hook,! And in"""""", we cm go to the seashoretoEnjo}' the stmShine andong beachln'winter, we may go to see the SIlOW'Scenerjn1 gi\'eS ill a lotofpleasure..At ~ tbe most impo:rtmt one is thai we will not forget clas"" :diet the short vacations. The _coming is thaI,. fu.- those students 00,0 want to maJ::e 50lllie JD.9lEY to cover Ihf:ir :sc~l expenses., '!:be V<ications. are ~.:short for them 10 make _ugh DlOIIeJ'.

Topic: 144

I know there are odvantages to Jiving in a modern apartment, bur I'd prefer to live in a traditional home. Mymaia reason is thai llovetraditioml design. If, graceful.m:l wann and inviting. I think. modern design is veryenpty end sterile and not very inviting. So, becaase of the way it locks, Ed choose, traditional house,

I reoognire the f,ct that , lIIIldem lIf"Ilmeui is geing to be in IIlIlCh shal"'. Being new prob.bty IIleIIIlS all tho phimbing wolIks,. the roof isn1 going ID kill:, the windows :ire properly seoIed, and the kitchen applimces :lIe in wmhng .,,-de.-. A _lional oouse ·can'l gnamn!ee any of thai. In fact, iI', likely thet thing> will break dov.n or need rePlareine!!l; simply becanse ohge.

As foithe longer \raeations, ~ can ba~re a l_onger.~au.tion... we,t:an have a km.get relax.a:ti.on,. 'I.lI."e can go to remote or go abroad to 1::riivel. But ifwe only have' one Long 'I.";3;cati.on fur at yea:r~ isn't it dull forus"And we aIsoIlllIy forget ",me.ofour lessons:dlet wererom to ,drool From the >hove., I thrnd the short period of vacations have • lot of advantages comparing .with the longer why not join ill in short boIidays and enjoy e\<erything we'd like to do I

Still, if the oppliances are old;, '0 is the wood, and thaI' .. big advantage .. far· .. rm erincirned. Vriy few new hoildings ha\-. thekind of beautiful woods thet were used years age. It's someflmig that can~ be oopied

Space is olw'Y' importllDl ro me, roo.. I-need , lot o-fJOOIll for my borne office, my dothes.,. and 10 displHy all the J::nicldrn>ck, rve picked up in my tmrels.1 also like to.have interesting space. I don1""",, all the rooIIIS and windows the .an.; ,.izeor • boxy design. A modein opartmen! usnalIy comes in one size and shol"'. A traditional house is going to hove a .variety of spaces \Were 1 can !"I a Iiltle table 0< • window ""'l And rt will have lots of room, from bas=t to attic. These ... all good _om. for mo: 10 prefer liWig in a traditional house.

'Somepeople 1o\"'1lllldem design, but.i!',.not for"",. The spare and bemtj-of. traditional home are more important .to me than haWig evayIImig new and perfirl ..

(E=ym '0)

Topic:. 144

I know there are advantages to living in a modein ap'-..t, bur·rdpreferfu live in a traditional !Jous<. My IWIin "'0011 is that llolre traditional design. IJ', grareflil and WIiDIl and in>iting. I think modern design is veryempt)' and,terile and not very inviting. So, beeouse of the wayitlook~ Ed choose '.lraditionall!imoe.

I rerogrllre the fact that , modem apartment is geing fo be in much better .m.1'" Being Dew prob:lbty meims all the phimbing. wad::s,. the rem isn1 going to le3I:, the windows .:Ire prope<ly ..aJed, .m:Ithe kitchen appliances lire in working .,,-de.-. A tradilinnal home can't guarantee any of ·thaI. In fac~ ir, likely that 1hinga. will break do""D ur need rapla<emeul, simpty because of age.

Topic: 145

The wbolepoinl of adVertising is ro eoC<lUr.geus to buy 1hingav.e don'tneed A<h'ffiiS..-. are in the busines.s ofinaJ:ingIll!lney fm-themselI1es and 1h<ir clients. IfthOyrnanage to sell us ,omething that',. geod for us ,too., thet', fine .. Bul1h<ir primary goal is profit.

II begins MIm we're clrildrerL S_y morning: children', tele;ision is full of C<IIIlIlI«cial,. 0.-.. and 0_ again, childree """ images oftoysond gllD!eS. They '''' other childree who arehoWig







the time of their lives. They watch lhesechild'ren and get the =age that if they want to have that muclt fun,.they reed'tc buy those thmg< .. Thus, at , veryearly 'ge, we're introduced to two ide as : that we want to be bke eoeryone else, and wewent to have wheteverycre else-has,

'Fbi> continues fhreughout om lives .. We Spend afot of our iooney trying to keep up with our

· neighbors. We buy the WM mOOeI_, haVe ill the latest gadgets in our homes, and live a lifestyle beyond our budgets_ ·Am...,m,ing enooung~ \1" 10 define ourselves by what we own rather 1han by m.o we are. It ""'=rage •• competition of falsevahes and shallow measurements of what matters. in om-lives.

fun to travel and enjoy ,00 many wonderful sightseeings in dilforem places. During their vacetien, most people would choose to travel'tceajoy a period of leisure time so that tbeycan refocase on

their studies and businesses. .

In the secong place, particip3ting in varied outdoor activities can help lis increase koowIe.Jge through our own eaperierice and widen our horizon, As • famouse Chinese ,r.aying goes: to become wiser, you need to not only read !O 1housand becks, but also travel 10 thousand miles. It is true m.e. we go oui we have the chance to moe! different people and differeni tlring>', which cannot happen if you·my indoors. We clJa!. with people and ex change ideas, we visit mmy places and Ieazn didfereIIt culmres, all ofwbich can ret us know more about a true world.

Am,-ertising.can be damaging. However, it is alsc one of the way;in which oor """"""y seeps growing. People need to buy products in-order for other people to have jobs marrul'ac1urin& transporting and selling those products.Advertising also keep, us informed aboutnew products that IIlliY"ctu>l.Iy hel]l us in someway. For these reasons, juucculd sey aa.-ertising is, necessary evil, ..

In conclusion, I personally prefer ourdcor activities to indoor ones not only because I can enjoy the relaxation and refreshment in the nature but also through participating in varied out activities, I gain valuableopportunities to convert theore1ical-lnowledge from book, into a kindof reel

experience, .


Topic; 14.6

If I had to choose ",h<re to spend my leisure time. I'd rnIhff spend it outdoors. I Spend all my woOOng hours inside at a desk: Wbeu I hove some free time; 1 want to completely chmge my environment. Gettiog outdoors .givee me a new perspective and helps clear my mind

Being 0_= gives me the opportunity to try uew thing s, see new sights, end meet new people. Sta)Ong indoor.; means '"'ding a book or wotclring teIe1.-isiin Smnetimes it involves visiting with friends. Those are all' relatP.'ely mactive. Being outdoor> means a chance to stretchury mental and physico! !IIIlSCles_1 can go biking in an area I've never beenbefore I <=go swimming or raffiag . on theriver. I can 'go' on a nature·wall;; willi. a ranger and leani about flowers and trees. I can visit all the outdoor IIlO1IllID<!IIs in mjr city that Ive never seen before. In each case, Im doing something that helps me relax while also enjoying the exciterreat of oomething new.

Of course, weather is a factor.I have a bsrd tiire liIDetioning in extremely 'hot or cold weather andlike to stay indoors when n's below freezing or the heat is scorching, Ai times like that. it', fun to sit inside with. good book or a good frienillooking out lit the weather and eujoying the comforts of home. BUt if the weather cooperates, if, fun 10 read that book outside on a park beach or go swimming will. that friend

Topic: 147

A gift ofIIlOllej' is.generous and welccmed at om school, There ore man)' thmg< tharmy schoel could use. To decide, one must consider fteamount ofthe·gift am:! understand that it is. one-timething. Keeping this in mind. I think that my school cOuld most beoelil from new classroom fixtures.

If you looked at our school, you mould agree that ""my ill of the classrooms could use new

de<I: s, chain. chalkboards, bookshelves and cabinets. Our school is old and the people m.o live here """,1 ""'Y wealthy. New equipment woold provide students with the tools that they need to Ieam, It is hard to write popers' if there """,1 euough desks and chairs. It is hard to learn when the blackboerds are '0 old that they can't be erased properly. It is also difficult 10 organize school mppIies without proper bookshelves and cebinee.

Another plus that new equipruent would provide is that it would make the school more attractive to the ccmmmity. It is hard fur a oornrnunity to be proud of, school that is faIIing "I'm lfthe oonmnmity felt that our school was important, pahops' others would give more money in the future. That would allow us to further improve our school, In addition, mayte corurmmity members would feeleaceuraged to ceme and help out in the school. 1haI would make it evea better,

Enjoying leisure iirne- outdo= can also mean IIlliking IW.V mends. Getting outside my own enviroerreat gives me the opportmrity to meet new people. AIl in all.Jeisure time is better wbeu if~ :spent'Wifu Mother Nature rather 1han a television set.

,~ would be luppier with new equipment It would make there want to come to school and Ieam, There would be fewer dropouts. By C<lutioning in their education, these students ",iII be able to better conmbute to our corurmmity in the firlure-perhapsevea becoming future schoolteachers.


Topic: 146

While there are many thing. that can be purchased with a gift of money at our school, I believe that new equipruent is the best choice. Newequipmenl would impr01i-e the learning·environmeat. the ccmnnmity's attitude, end the students' feeling. about their school


PeopIe.would show differeni preferrence to indoor activities ami rutdooJ activities. Some ID'J' be interested in spending.their leisure time indoors, while others ID'J' 00 fuud of the latter. As fur as I am ccecened, I wonId alWays prefer to be outside for my leisure activities.

In the first place, outdoor activities can privide me a I'llre natural _ in which I will feel _ relased and refreshing. F"" oxample,! can always feel regenerated only after o-mur jogging along'. quiet street, with the lrei.h cool air and balmy v.-ind arouud Moreover; it is, real

Topic: 148

Almost everyone., from little children to adults; loves games. The types of games may change and





· get nore'complex aswe grow up. but om enjoj<rnent never changes. Playing games is both fun andusefiil; because games teaahus the skills we need in life,

Pirsrof aII. pla}ing gairJes teaches'us that ei."'J'lhing we de causes Soinething dse tc happen. If wehn aball; itwilllanil somewhere or someone will try to catch jtIfwe makecertain combinations with cards, we'll earn points. So when we pi")' a game, we loom there is ah.-"l'~., ciruse!elfect relationship. We Ieam topsy _00 to what's bappeuing arormd us and see how

people-react to what we do: . .

can learn many knowledge from that. (Il=ym:m)

Playing games also teaches us how to deal with other people. We learn about teamwork, if the game has teams. We Ieam how to assign task, according to-each person's skills. We learn' how to

· get people to do what we want, and we learn that .sometsnes we have to do what other people want

Topic: 148

Playing games has alw>j~ been 1hengbt to be important to the development of'well-balanced ami creative children; however, wIut part, if any, they should pi")' in the lives of ,<hiIti has never

been researched that deeply. I believe that pbying games is.every bit as important for a.dolls as fur children Not only is t.king time out to ploy gmtes with our children and other adults vabrabJe to building interpersonal relation.dllp' but is also a wonderful ""Y to rei", se birilt up tension.

Gome playing teaches us how to roUow rules to achieve oomothing. In • _the rules have been worked oirt in ilm,-.nce and make the game'go more,mooIhIy. We find out thatifwe wantto reach a gcal, w need to bow the rules, We learn how to go step by step towards "desired end. We also Jearn how to make adjustment> when thing> change. We learn how to devise, pI:m.for reaching our goal, We learn ,ti-.regy.

Most people lInd_ that "all work mil 00 pIal'" i. bad for you Lelillling all these tiring> woUId 00 much sIowex if we dIdn'I play.g.m.s_ Life wonId be.mud:t duller, 100_


There', rmthing my basband enjoys more ajter a bard dey ofwork than to come home ami play. game of Chess with someone, This enables him 10 unwind from the d'J'~' activities and to discuss the.highs.and lows of the dey in. nou-threotening, kid: back euvironment one ofmy """I memorable wedding gifts, • BackgRruniou set, was received by • close friend, I asked him wby in the world he had givea us such-a gill He replied that he feU thai on impo_ aspect of marriage was for "couple to never quit playing games together. 01.", the years, as I have come to purchase :mdpIay, Wifu.other couples & cowoll<eis, many games like: Monopoly, C_ &laddm., Mastemrind; Doieebs, (leeks, & W_, et£_ I em reflect on the integral part they have p1'J'ed' in our weekeIllk ami our "shut_"ffthe TV and de '''''''thing more stininlating" week,_ They ha\", Onricl.«i my life and IIllide it more inlereiting. SodIy, many ,dnIls furget'that games even exist and ha,-e _put 1heru .woy in the cupboards. forgo_ unliI the granilchildren come 0''''' __

Topic: 148

Nowadays, oome people hold·the opinioD·that gmtes teach peoples about life, but others 1m'. , negative .ttitode And they think thai only children play game, so game is only fur ornusemeut. ami "' u<i1hrog with the tru€ life_ As fiIr .. 1 am oo~ I.gree the !irs! st __ Thfre are. l!IlIlleIOllS """"US wby I lIDld 011, and I would explore only , few pr<iuory ones here.

The IIlliin re!ison fOr my prOpeusity is I believe that the jlrooe<liIre. of playing teach people the rulers ·of g""'" similor 10 that of socioly_ We can disco,,", when clriIdren play games, they ofleu imitate to do the thing> thatocrur in the oocirty of .<hiIt F<ir"(:unpies,boj's and girls like to ,ct '" father lIItd mother of family, doctors and P'tieuIs., teochers ami students_ These kind of gaines will IIIlIke cltiIdreu begin to study to how 10 deal with things amlhow to get aIone:wifu other persons. And there lire the other kind of g"""" suclt "" chess which can devolepe their intelligence. Lile the les",n in the sc!tool. these gaines teacb1heru the other kind ofrul=-, the method of.tudy knowledge_

AIl too often, .- get ",caught upm wOrlcing to pay the bills and keeping up with the

") one""~ that they negIect ro ha:mess the fun in life; the fun that can be the reward of enjoying. reloxing game with another.p""'0n. It'has been mrid that "man "' that be mighllmve joy" but all too olleu we .hle through life v.ithout muclt of it Playing games allow, us to: rela" Iearu some1hrog new ami stiDmI3ting, interact with peopte on • differeni more corofort.hle level, and to enjoy uon-_tening OO!lljI<1:iJion. For these =, odnl!s .oonld P"""" higher priority on playing gmtesin 1heti hves_

Another reason ean 'eel! by """y perSons "' that like life itself: game "' full of inlem-e and ,ttracted ccmpetition. E\'el}'<lIre can experience the joy of win ""d the pain of lost from garae In ·the form o'rplliyinggame.people woukl'reaIize:wIut", the c.-...petition, how to take on the stre", :md how resolre'prohlellll;_ And those are very helpful for 1heru in the future work mil live. In· ,ddition, g""" teIIu' that only IIlliI:iog great efforts, one""" get the desired result. There i. an old "ying, lIIJ'PIIins., uo gains. No mafterthe gliIne", siiniple or. oompH, if you WliIIIrowin, firstly, you' shoold treat it seriously, and then =t ,bout varioos·IUeiIunigs toresoI"" the.problom. In this ""Y, you ClIII Ie..,. how to deal with things ",d how to cope with diffiollIties in the oociety_

Topic: 149

Having ,ome free'land bru o!""l'" bee!>. deep. ",ish of mine. When I WlIS , child my llm:liIy and I ofleu w...t to the.couadry on _.' becmse oue of Dad's brothers owued , piece of laud nOlI 100 far from the city wbere we lived

I eujoyed llIJI"eIf riding horses. pIa)Ong with oat> and doga, picking up egga from hens, loolring al 'rabbit>, wlitching birds, "driving" ti1lclors and so on. Since then, I haVe been dreorunig to m.''e son:te free laud ofmy OWl! proparty, in order to de what I most like Withcnt :mnoying any neighbours_

First of all I would fill it with trees; flowers and gross, bec.useTI_ to stay outside andlm" walk, \J[lder the tree;' shadow.

GeneIliI speaking, game tell us the principle mil truth of'life, :mil people OlIn lellIIl frOIl! game how to deal with problem, how 10 tsIre on the duty and eXperience the life in the society. Taking into ""count of all these, we may reach the conclusion that, gilmes teoch _I", .bout life. and people

Secondly, I would roy ,,,,me Gaman Sheepdogs. Actually fm '"")' fond of this race of dog~ and I wish to I!JOW up some ~Iars :md win premiums at dOg competiti""'_ Dogs are the relIl p'osioo of my life. I 10'"' to stay with dogs :md speak to 1heru and teiich them some bosic things_

¥maIIy, in order to 'I'J'there a1""l'>. I woold build '. small country house, made of strine and







wcodbet with all "'_ and .a swimming pool to balhe in when if', '=I hot

Probably ifs a dream, bot don't say if, accomplish, In-fact, I ",OUUI only need to work in some place neillJE:r too near, nat too fur from !he country. There I could find some !me Iand.oo do what I've just said, So 1 would realize the chiIli"·""""sphere·iliat I can only rOmember

·00" =I fhat is so _whenjustthinl:ing of'if. . .

let their children go to the hlmny ftequenliy than see their child speed lots of time in playing the game or watclririg television, After all, a goodbook em provide children wrlb eaom •• '" lleIp in tbeir ftmne Iife..

Ftom whilt baa been discussed.above.I =y safely drawthe co'ndlision ·1Imusing this. land to buildthe hlmiry for people will be my first choice,

(&s:fj- ID: 3]5. Thi.!I is.a 5 p;Kn:I: 1!S~)

Topic; 149.

Topic: 149

Wbat-s!lOnld I do if some day I bad """",.1=1 of rrI)~eIf? I take it a s a serious question IIlthoogb if it is just • hypothesis. While, dofini!eIy, Iwill facilitate it to lmiII "I' a public school! The reasoa is 1hlIt education is so iruportant to both this society and individual a it dream to develop • school fur the childrea who have been bereft the opportunity of'ecceptaace educetion

The world is becoirring.increa:singly!ilIl.aIler and smaller. The world's pcpulatien is noW at six. biIIion_ The worldcilies lire getting larger andiorger. At least twocities, MexiCo Cifyand Sao P:rulo have almost 30 million inhabitants. In this.ecetext, one could say 11m a gift of land is !he greatest gift of all Land is pehaps tlie moot pamanent thing in Iba world. Unlike di:onOnds, which reilly have little \OIille in =I of themselves, Jand iIctuMly bas great VlIi"". Unlike jelecisices and cars, 1=1 cannot be destroyed-c-if'you remove land, tbere is still more 1=1 under ir, In this contest, I will discuss wharl wonIddo were.I giVeu somel .. d as a gifl.UwiD be . neoe"'''Y, however, to discuss fuar thing. first First, it is neoe""'}' to estllhlish the sizeof the landSecond, we need to know Mlore Iba landis. Third, 1he ropo~y of the land is uuportani. Fmally, the weather in the location is fimdamelrtal.

FOI the purposes of this essay, I will assume'jhat I havereceieed a rather large parcel oflend (it is a gift, righl'!) in • temper.te climate with four sees 01IS. I will assume that the 1=1 is fairly flat, Mo,t importantly, I will assume fhat this land is. mine and that I have control O'-eT the ~ re., that no olher.govemmenl controls the land- .

Having grow. up' in • ratber poor 1iimiIy, I thiiIl I wonld be quite ""'itedabout receiviag some _ I have never owned ""l'-th:ing of any great VlIine .. d to own some 1=1 woold be • wonderful thing fur me. For a loag time, it has been a dream of mine to be .ble to build • bemuifuJ bouse for my mother. My _ is stillliviog in poverty =I it saddens me to IhinI: ofber living in that :situation. She often does not have, enough money to. use the hen in the wintertime :and! cannot afford ill buy new clottes.I wouldlove to be able to give her the gift of a house =I': happy place to live fur the rest of her life. Since we lived in a country with veIj' cold winters, my IiimiIy oft"" fe11\=1 cold. Lwould 10,,,, '0 bring my _ to a warm place to spend the rest ofher dajs.

However, I would not devote all of the land to hooses·furmy fim:Iily. I wook! use most of the land to develop a business. ill iny case, doing this would be very import>ut since I grew up poor. I would need to ensure tb.a:I:"1 would have a source of incorue and ,I" way to sustain the activities on the land, An ellicieol way to do this. would be to develop the 1=1 iIi some way suitable to the laad In this case, I woold usetbe land to develop-a langUage lind confidence truningcarnp. It has long been my drearn to build a .perfect.Jango,ge!eanllng center -·a place people «mid go to Ie\UII' Ian_ tc.iemerse themselves in the I_ge, to meet other people and to .wllile doing '0. ill conclusion, F would like to, make one more poinf I innst admit that I &,,1 somewhat guiltyebout the idea of accepting soch a gift efland, There is apart ofme that is ,omewhat idealistic and woold like to think that !he world is a. beautiful place =I thaI all hnmsns should live together peacefully. FTOII1 this viewpcint I would 'Ii}' that IlO one CIlIl Own land, As .. In<lian once said, 'Own the land? Y 00 nllghl. as well own the air or the sky!' However, this ,idea is inoonsistont with the world today. Being more realistic, 1 would do wIut Ldetailed above.

Firstly, widely well-ednceted population can henelit the society they are in fromenjo)ing on ~ly ~ It is a Common sense that mtell.ectual..s ere mere conformable than the others. Bandits 01 ereusuellyccmposed of these unci,ilized people. With their

knowledge, __ le eremuchmore pcsitively to comply with their national laws. Caution are also

be taI: ... by thoseknowledgeable people to s!'J' .way from criminal ..

Secondly, our society needs to be constructed by their civilian with their technique or !IillIs much more than just their uatere strength. Iris the advantaged techoology 11m makes a nation standing

'in the firs t line among the world, .

Thirdly, individual in this eor1h.should be equal with all rights including being educated. What IrlIgedy it is 11m so rwmy kids abandored or are abandoning their stody for their poverty. So rwmy films about these poOl children alWllJ" made me in tears! I swear if only 1 have the power I will do my best 10 help them olher thim just donate those little fain! money I

If 1 beve some land!, I will open aschool, dofinitely!

(E:;sayID: 31]. Thi5l!l31 5 paim I!S!";S)'}

Topic: 149

If 1 me received some land to use as 1 wish, I would use this land to build a library. I like to use the following reasons to explain my choice.

The first =I most important reason is that libnry can bring plenty of knowledge to people, I rernen:IDa- tbe famous WOlds that knowledge is power .. Apparently, a library is the ideal place fur people to attain knowledge. In a Iibrary, we can get all kinde of valuable jnfonnatioa that we need such as knowledge of geography, history, music =I politic, =I so on. We can imagine 11m it is so comfortable =I enjoy:!ble when we sit in a quiet library =I immerse in the world of knowledge that we cherish.

Anothe:r equally important "',,>OIl is 11m people can spend their spare time in a IDOle meoningful way in a library. Now the life pare Is faster and people, especially young people, like to ge to see a movie, or a disco party. In comparison with those places, I think 11m library can provide a quiet =I cooifortable atmosphere for people who want to redaoe the pres=e of life.

Moving on to wider themes, a library is a good =1_ place fur children I'arenls would refher





Topic: 149

Of course, there are SOIne bad sides for children to watch TV. Our 1V -watching children increasingly view life as an entertainment extravaganza, in which they yeom to play, stming role, and here the nasty content of '0 nmch modero broadcasting rome. into play. Besides, it is hatd to willch an evening of TV without encounteriag unspeakable violence, whose perpetrators are celebrated, Again, the.effects of'televisioa vieJ.ving depend on progoon content and genre, and parents shook! teach their children <iitchoosing the righl1V program to watch

Land is a valuable resource, and it is importanf to use it effectively _ I think it would be most effective to create somethiag that all people can enjoy. I therefore propose to use the land to build a campground, At ihe present time, thfre is little low-cost recreation in the area ",_I live, Building a carupgronnd would change thaUJltimately a campground woold make a more enjoy.bleenvironmenl for everyone.

Local entertainment is. simply tce expensice. A nice.evening out can cost as: m'lXh as one lnmdrei:f dollars, Even movies. =I other less eXpemive types ofemertaiament.ere 00 longer cheap. Further, there are no reo! recreational facilities nearby. There "",no parks withio 3Q miles.1here are very few bilSke1ball courts, =I most oftbose are in poercondsion

Topic: lSI

In the United States there are man)' important.animals. They help us in a. wide r>nge of "''»1'1 from food prodoction to scientific research An animal iliat i, not only helpful to os but cl"", to us em<>tionalIy is 1he dog. That i, why I feel1hllt dogs "",·the ""'st iIuportJmi IIrIimaI iIi my country.

Dogs provido·a very imprnmrr! chan"" to learn or maintrin social skill,. Children whohave dogs leamresponsibililywbite caringJor them Dogs IIlso help older peq>le: The e1dedy often feel lonely as they get older and have fewer h.-ing friends and reI,Ii""'. They \ire ,ble to rnainJ:lIin a posiIiveotrtlool: and to feel needed l>ec..,..;they are dOg !hatJlfleds thim_

In .ddition to oocilllbenelili:, dogs also provide some very impo_ .,sis1ance. Seeing-<OJ'" dogs help the blind hve fulfilling fully inobile hves. Dog:. that act a, shepherds on small farms are IIlso very helpful Loot .mimals mean lost money fur fur=, =111m can mean geing 0llI of business. Police dogs help find illegal drugs, catch criminals,miI protect their handlers. Dogs' irrleUigeoce and desire to please poople·made them ideIII far IIli J::inds of_.

Finally, dog. eon s"'" ri.-..,.~ Dog. bave been Irnown to find lost children. ill ememeJy ool\! conditions, !bey hz,;'e prm-ided them with life-..ving wmniIL Dogs have alerted people to fires and om dangers. And we Cannot forget guard dogs, which save man)' owners' tives .. d property each ye'" by ,caring offpotailial burglar.s.

Building acimpgronod oouId change IIli 1hlIt: Staj'ing OV<might at, campground is very inexpensive.!! can cost as little as thirty dollars. Further, thfre ",,,,Mbe. sports orea·andpicnic. t.>bles fm: use by C2rDp1'CI =l1Ilso those who do not wish to sbIy overnight A c:m:IjIground woold provide "lot ofoctiviti", fur very litthimoney: Thafwonld definitely improve thi, area.

The result of\milding a campground will be fhli_t rwmy rIlIlTepeople will be ,ble to afford an OlljOyahle evening out. A o.mpgrotind also promotes heIIlthy ]i,1ng. People """ get out ""d breathe fresh air: They em wall: and hike and play bask<OthaU or oilier sports~ That is certain!y better than spooding an eveiling si.ttingdoWn, eating buttery _maiD a mOvie theatre:

A campground ""ill n:iake the area beautiful .. well as fimI:tionaL We have rwmy wonderful natmal reoourres, but we need ro OOlti_ !hom.·In addition to all the olher gpo<! things it c:m bring, boilding a campground will help us do jll>! 11m

Topic:. ISO

lelevision has increased the speed '" which news tnvals and neon bJing ,itu:ations and images into our homes that previous pr;iIions ·would not 11;"" hod the oPFOItImiIy or re·gret to witnes~

lel","'on is ro=nIy crilicized· as :being badfur children that an iruportant lite:! sometime, gets o"",looked. In my personal opinion SOIne!Jopes of television "ieMrigInaY aotually,eoh;mr.e chil_,inlallectlJlll dovelopment

Again, thfre \Ire. rwmy useful.mimals in tbeUrited State.. ill terms.of the rIIlIDiorous ways in which they can be helpful, however" I believe the dog i, the roost signific:mt

'Ie.le\risioD confains 311 eJlOlIIlOOS variety cfforms :;:mdpJntent.. The effectS cftele\li.sion viewing <lepend on program conte!Jt =I geore. AccOIding to a resem:h, young chil<fren who.pent " few hours • week watching educatioiml programs soch as Sesame Street, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Reading Rainbow, Capt.m Kangaroo, Mr. Wiz;mf, Worl\! =13-2-1 CO:ntaot bed higher academic test scores, 3 years bter than those·who didn't watch educatioiml programs. On the olher b..<i children who willched rwmy boors of entertairIrn<rrl programs and _00IlS bed Iowe.r test scores !him tbese who watched fewer hours of S1tcll progrnnscQood educational pro.grnns c:m provide lasting benefits to children.

Children are most·likety to l>ecmne acti",,1y engaged with television oontenf thai is neither too ell')' n..- too· diffiru1t to c~ 11m is, co:Iitent iliat prO\ides stmie challanges;bu1 '"'0 allows ,chilli to gain, sense of mastery. Just like om nmscles, the brain gets stronger whea ni>· used, .. d alrofhies when it isn'lused. It seems that lack ofuse·1Ilso Ie"",,, it \'IIInenble to degeneration later in life.

Topic.: lSI

Before I """"Or this question, I feel 11m I shook! introdoce my.elf I come from Chim, '0 I thin!: that the pig shook! be the moot impo_ animIIl iD oor oountry l>ecmse this animal pla}~ • very signifioant action in our daily life.

Needless to say, the pig is one of the most import:rnl meat foode Everyday, we ",ht from its heed to it, feet All !"rI" of" pig are Odible. We can use its differenl pam; lo·oook all kinds of delicious food. In China, lllere ""'eight kinds of thsh party .. Every kind ;;, clOsely .. sociatad with !he polk.

Theseoond, thepig is a1",. kind of important indnsiria! ""ieriaL We can Use the pigskin ton:iake all sorts of shoes, wallets =I other leather goods. ill addition, ,ts f",!her can be used to make :brushs.

The Iastrreaoon is 1hat raising pig is one oftbe important:i:Jx:ome sourcesof' ~_1f;rffi1 ba\rei a chance to Chim, )'Ou can find iliat ahnost every fiIImer family raises seve:rIIl pigs. Many fur=



mn'l2 .


. get their cash by selling pigs. At lb" same time , some providienl ani! ski11ed fumers beve become Very weollhy through raising pig.

After uncIa>1lIndind1he reasoning above; I think th.t Dilbady should doubt my snswer lIlJout this question. The pig i,re.J]y 1heIlID'ltimportlin! animal in om counny.

In fhe Wild=es., animals are also IIWCh harder to lIlId<·ani! monitor, Z"", make research less time-consuming and expensive. Long term follow-ups are easier tOO" since even with monitors, wild ani.ma1s: often are killed cr disappear. In zoos, researchers em observe an iIIlimal's: entire life .'I'IIIL

Overall, I !i>;llhat properly managed zcosprovide exrellenloppcrtunitie. foreducation and, .... d are therefore v.ery useful_


Topic: IS2

Many natunl resources are dis.appearing or heing wasted on om planet every .d'J'- One of !he mostimportent reeccrces weare abus:ing is cerjrees. Each yeirr, hundreds ofthonsands of acres of trees disappear in oounlrie,ra!lllIDUDll the world In'OIDe countries, these trees are used fur fuel. In other couctries, trees are destroyed 10 build houSing developments. ani! shopping centers. Saving uees bas become a ID.ajercul.tural and economic issue in many areas of the worl.d_

Topic: 153

Trees are essential to rmr SUIlJivaL They are a major part of the process of phetosynfhesis. Photosj'ntheiis is the pr"""" in which green plants use carbon dioxide 10 produce oxygell,. ani! oxygen is something allofus need, The fewer frees fhereare, the more this affects our obilityto hresthe

Children like to go 10 the zoo on holidays_ They find il interesting to "",Ich monkeys or beers deing funny things .. But how maIl)' adalta go to the zoo not for clrildren', sid:.? I IbinI: few, Because we finally Jirnl tbet a zoo has no really useful P"'P"'" and if, not a truly lim. place-for us.

When a person breaks !he law, he will be thrown into prison, But the animals in the zoo have dene oothing to deserve being loclred in a small cage. No plants, no water, just.brick walls ani! 1l00<S. Every animal is in the same environment and can do no other things except for waodering around in theMIe·sp"". Do you think that', what ananiinal should look like? And anel"1lisiting sucb a living place of annnals, as a zoo; no CIIle would ever be left 3 nice impression ofbeilllly end harmony of the nature that the zoo triesto demonstrate,

In addition, going to the zoo is not agcod chance for educating children. C1Iildm see animals .bOing tamed ani! locked, just for people to MItch :iud have lim. witIL That will give the 'MOIlg impressnm to tham that animals are ought 10 be like that In such an artificial circumstance, they don't realize thai animal. ani! people are friends. ani! they ore just as importlin! in the ecological we are.

Tree, are also Important in the ~ cf'manynediciaes. 'Ihemainstream medical establishment did not recognize ibis for many y=. However, these who use natural medicines have always known hoo; importlin! tree. are. Now scieefists ore .greeing with them, Marry drags rome from1he 1",;-.. ofcertein trees,,alo'\!l with other herbs ani!.plants_

In rural areas, faaners have ahl.(3)"S known how important trees are to soil conservation This is why youll usually see trees lining, field. Tree roots help keep the soil in place, and.are also. factor ill water distribution deep henea1h. tha ground.

Finally, we should saee trees from disappearing becarse thayprovide so rimoh pleasure. "I think tliat.I shall never see apoemas lovely as 3 tree," wrote, poet That is 1he tnifh_ A tall, stately tree is beautiful. to look at, and pleasing to !he soul. It is also a great place to lind shade on a hot's day. For practicaland ~onaI reasons, we need. ~ preserve our planet's uees.


Topic: 153

Zoos are often controversial because many people believe thay are wmeee5""y or even harrnful Ifproperlymanaged, I feel tbatzoos have • lot of'value, In fact, I believe ";0' ",euseful in two main ways: educating the gereral public ani! odwncing scientific research

The-last but oot!he Jeast, animals in fhe zoo are often treated badly by fhe visitors. People like 10 feed tham with whatever thay bring willi them: hsmhurgors, popcorn>, or even p"",,_ Animals are. 001 able to distinguish which food is had for tham ani! tlws thay ",.I 100 much unfitable food It is very harmful 10· their health

So I don't see any useful purpose to build tIp a zoo in a cily just for people', entertainment, brt io sacrifice tha animals' health mil freedom AIldit does no good to teach our children to have

animals as: our best friends. .

Topic: IS3

Zoos can he wonderfully educational pleces. They provide a safe, controlledenviroament 10 I""", about. specific species. Cbildren oar! feel safe exploring the world of'the chimpanzee there, ani! adults C3II I""", about ani! see types of'birds they've rever seen before. Unlike in the wild, there', no wonl' of being pIry.icaIIj' hanned hy an animal.

Zoos are also importirnt for thereseereh uppommitiesthey provide. Research is safer ani! easier to oondnc:t thaulo:iliewild Scientists caafeel secure in the confined area of!he zoo. for example, whiJe conducting ·a·medical esperiment in an open field, scientists worry-about both·the ailim:iI they are-worling wi~ ani! also other animaIs.nesrby_ Inzoos, hem-ever, they need only worry .boul the research suhjecl_

Every city has one or more zoos. There IS nodenying.1he fact that whether a zoo is: useful or not is a popular topic which has caused heated debate over a lcegperiod of tine. Some people think that establishing a zoo of ecorse has its ad<'antage>, while· others frank it makesno sense. Aud fur • MIile, people think that a'zoo is no useful purpose. II. far as I am concerned, Ldisegree with this cpinioa, There are 00 less 1han three reasons to disagree with the opinion as rendered below.

One chief reason, which can be seen by every p=on, is that children cen obtain direct kn<>wledge about a variety of enimals. They can see-what tigers like, hearvmo.. sounds of birds and differ one animal from """ther. 'Iffhere ia no such aplace, how can thay mai:e direct impressian of animals. They may !Ie"'" have .a chance to see various animals eveo though they learn many from




A further reason why I disagree the st,!emenl", tbetmost of-us live-in cities-andhave many things 10 do. We, rIDlSI: work for living and learn for o_Ka better job. Everyday we live \Vith • rapid' paceand we want to relax, A zoo of eearse is a good place for us to have a relaxation. Tbere are so maD.)' lovely animals end ~ bemt:iful environment in which "\iJo'e can leam more things. about :ani:maI.s as well as relax ourselves.

In my country, Romania (located in South-Eastern Europe), we consider _.I !he most importanl plant

FUIalIy, to be frank, there is also. more personal reason wlIyl think. 2)00 isusefal, When I was a little girl, I liked animals 11"'}' much, especially birds. But I could not-feed tham for myself: so the zoo which was located new: my heme was the place I most frequent. And I really 10;-., these places.

Based on what has heeo discussed """'e, 1 IIlli}' safely ani"" at !he condusioo that ~ zoo has its useful purpose.


During ceanaies, our ancestors had to fight numerous invaders in order to protect our 1II(Ist precious wealth: _I. Uotil World War II, Rmnania had beeoconsideredtbemost important Mteii_1 producer of the entire oonlinent UnfortunaMy,. _!be war, my country was invaded by Soviet troops, having a sole plIIJ'O"e: stealing. They stole everything thay fuuud money, jewelry, em, industrial equipment and, last but not least, food During that period, wheallleur was considered the most precious asset-a pa:s.un could own.

After the 60's, the situation returned to DOIIIlaI. Regrettably, however, _'poddocb were considered e. scarce for <>htsining: merchandise 10 he sold 'OIOOd, in return for fureiguctlIreIlC)' meanito fuIIlIl Ceeusescc's insane.plans for "!he new oornnmnist ere". Dozens of'trauis full of wheat berries. cro=dour bo.-dorro, while Rorwmian people were .tan<ing, lighting for. roof of ._tbre,d

Topic: IS4

Not .Ilowing =oking in public places mil office building. "' • very good rnle:l believe !hi> for ="'"' reaso:ru. Not only will heuinng =king improve people's health, it will also increase \VOlker ptoductivity ani! reduDe ronllicts_

We all Immv s:ooking i< not healthy_ Uuf_e1y, when s:oolreI:s. are oble io smoke ill public t.rildings, thayoorImai:e otherpeoples:id_ They may wild: with people WID are aIleIj;ic to smoking, for'~e.ln that "",e;the Il!ID~ ha,,,, no elm", unI"", theyWllIlt to qnittheir j.obs_ They O->Il only got s:icker, which", unfair. Of course, heuinng SlDilking m public t.rildings and offices will pl€ose non-smok""" It will oloo impr",,,, !he SIIlOlreri health They will""'e fewer opporfiinities..10 """,4, '0 they will smok. fewer cigar-..

Banning,moking moffice t.rildings canol", increase wod:erproducti;ily. Smokers won't inlerrupt their WOIJ(a!1 the time fo srn!!ke. TIiere will also he fewNworkor absenres. Wheu smokers ·Clrt dewu tha oranber of cigllretle>, they will got reo.-er ,moking-related illnesses_

After !he ooll",~ of roIIlIIlllIlism, everybody relieved 1hat 1hings wunId mum \0 normal_ However,.another prohlero oorurred. Irre;po:mihle people· stole mru! irrigati<inequipments iJ'=p>, pipes); so wheat produCtinu has been oontinoollsl'l d~

Atpresertl; _t i. still couSidered. preciou,·gift ofnature gilJen to om: people. ThollSSlll!sof people working in agricul_ are treating thiS planlas the Illi>lt importanl thing in their lives.

I hoPe that, -time, all my natinuals will gi\<e wheat the importance it deserves.

Finally, -it i. a good IDea to bim·smoking in pohlic pla!:Is ani! office buildings heca",e " ban can redoce conflicts. Non-srnol:eJ. tend to 'got a:ruID)-ed md jealous because SIIlOk= have an excuse to lal:e fi:equenI breid:s. The IiIost 'iguilicanlconllict, how""",, i< over whether smokers have 3 righ! to smoke in public. As we have _dy _ Ilim-mmkers:feel they are not alwaY" given a clIoi",_· If smoking in public "' allowed, they will he fuJ-ced to breathe hmnful air_ This IIl'J' "';or.", their rights, ani! noosrnolrers are angry with smokers because of it

It seem; dear tJi.t banuing smoking in pohhe pla!:eo ani! office building> i< • good idea It will reduce conflict ani! inere"" producti",;ty_ll will 01", beuefit !he health of smokers and ·OOIlSIlJ[)IreI:s. alike. I relieve that JILlt about anythrog that improves·om health is -. good idea!


Topic: ISS

Topic: ISS

Chiquita, !he name brand !hitt most people see here in North America 00:en the), ·go,get some banana, at !he supermarket, "' tha mark for all !he b"""""" pmdIroed at the Clrir:iqui land Co_ Whatnot so mmy people !:now "' filat th.,..,.banaDll> are from my oounliy, Panama, Where !he pl:ammon' o.ftbiS fruit Dlf:i1II..S .a Vf:IY important income infl,) our economy_

The prodUction of bliIIllIlllS in panam. i< one of !he moot importanl 'in the i:ounliy_ Since the .beginning of the last·llffifury, IllI.tive Indianl; froml'anama have w<>lled in theplantlllion o-f oon.nll'" Thus, it means this has been • ""l' to bring some iucoroe to all these Iromes and io. the natio:nal economy,. too_

The phnt.hon ofhauanas means millions ani! milliOIlS ·of dollars to.o:rII ocooomy every year_ The banana. are not only for !he local 00=, lnrtalso fo be "'Ported The·elIJKIrfation of banana, wt only I" The-United St.tes but to many other countriesi< 3,r.OOrce ofmooey 10 om internal ocononiy_ Therefore, it means more school, hospitals and other henefit. fur !he local population.

The quality of the banana plants and theirproduC! are.""OOlent Qnality control", ''"'}' demanding and meets the excellence oflSO OO'J The banana pIanl is protected with a.speciaI plastio thahlOl<ers the wfi"le plant from all kind of iusecIs ani! other animals. ·The bamma. are Washed and pocked in hoxes, ""here !hey""'" !he fres.It ani! deliciow ·smell and biste,1o he ~dlateJ:on_

Plants can becomider.d·!he support ,,{the life on Earth, due to their·main jhtDre:!hey are continuously providing usygeu becmseofphotosynlhesis process. Moreover, IDostplants are ""eful to people in many other different way..

POJ!he qualily, """llenoe ani! delicious. sweeI fl._that only the bananas have"' what.mal:es it !he niost importlin! pIanl m my counliy ani! which mearu; millions of dollars "'''''Y year inl.o our






The breezes pass through !he !'roods. and cool fhe interior, but !be he""}' rains, which fiill daily, do net enter.

(E:3BsyID: 32]. This ta a Sp;Rn:ti!5!";B}')

The coconut _ is a very versatile and useful p1l1nl. It is a tree that has served our country well,

Topic: 155

Hundreds of!hrusands cfplans grow in my ccumrybecease ofits gcod climate 3Ild geogrnphic position, And it Is nat serpriaiag.jhat lIly coonty is wen known all over the Europe with it. delirioos and _ raised fruit. and ,;,getable~ sech as peaches, apples, and potatoes. Moreover, people of my country enjoy having many hero. and spiceswhich help them in.cookmg, However, in lIly opinion, the.most important pJm in my country is the wheal In is not only because the grain production is the most fiunoos and developed agriculture branch butalae because the wheat is 111. connected With our eating habits, our culture and our distinction as. nation,

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Topic: 155

First cf'all, the _ is the·s!apIe for most ofthepeopte of my country. There are a .lct of places on territory of my country With good climate and soil where ·wheal1md other grain products can grow .hundantly, 00 people cboose whellt as their staple food. People eat bread and other hal:ery products on "'''IJI IIleII! they have. Indeed, almost each per.!on get. for breakfast sandwich, pancakes or the famous baked. rolls: called "baniza". Moreover, nobody can imagine to have his lunclJwithoul slice of bread or small pcjledbreeds. And fur dinner he'got bread or other bakery products again on side 10 hi> home made neal,

Plants are vital 10 the survival of all life on Earth-plant. transform the light of the sun into """'ill' thai is usable to other life on Earth. Without plants, anenals would not be able 00 me the eDeJID' of the Sun that readies the Earth. The removal of.oae plant from 1IIe ecosystem CIIIl came·many unforeseen changes, sometimes irrevembly dluwIging an eeosysten, However, oome plants are more importani 1hm others,.either for biological or cultural reasons. In IlI)' country, KOrea, I would say that the grass that produces rice has come. to be themost important plant, not just because rice is a staple food, but also for other cultural reasons.

Virtually eve'}' Korean eat. rice at least twicea day. 1, for example; IwI rice at'breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday. For moot Koreans, rice is an inregnl part of. meal, as expected in a meal as ink is to iilVffil or wheels are to a car-a meal widlOut rice is not iii meal In fact, if I have dinner with my American friends and do not eat rice, I ecmally feel lnmgryesee ifl have. Idled riIyseIf with potatoes OI other food while eating with them. Many ofmy friends have made similar rolllIDeDfs to me, So, I believe that rice is as much it part of'our daily Jiv·es as wm:k ,ortdkirig on the telephone is.

Second, lhewhe·at bread is the traditional meal ofmyc_ty. 10 fact, wheat bread or waeatbeeas are alway, oa celebratiens and big~. There is no wedding wilhout. big round breedfcr tfe bride and groom, chiistoning· without bread With fortune pieces imide, or fi.In<nI without cooked ~ beers. Moreover> even in history books is. written that when the R IIIIDj' liberated 'our country .1 the nineteen centuries.people meet soldiers with wheat bread and salt. Even n,",,', on some big meetings wheo many relatives gel together, there is bread infronl of the door oflhe host, and everybody bas to chopa piece of tho read and eat it to show respect to the gathering and

people.of the family tree. .

10 conclusion, Wheat is symbol of om nation. It is important 'for people of my country not only because it is their staple food bot also because it is in their culture. Wheat is always IIIHl1 will always be II part of our nationality.

However, rice is nru::h more tban just a staple food to moll! Koreaas-et represents the very sustenance of mnoh of our culture. Our history teachers tell us thot tho development of rice as on 'agricultural product ", zas lorgely responsiblefbr the 'WlIJIre!IIffilt of Korean culnae-since nee was portable-and had a .Icag storage time; people had more freedom te move and were 1= . susceptible to changes in the weather. In marry ways, rice has oome·w beconsidered the perfect fo·od,.o ingninediS itin the minds cfuiany Koreans, and many Asian> for that matter, as food thai we often "l' "bave yro had yccr-rice" instead of saying • have you had your meal "10 fact, 1 hare mide fhis translation emir many fimes whife Ihave been in the United States.Ehseewanted to ask IlI)' Ame:ricaJi friends whether tlu;y hare eaten, and I ask, "Have yoo eaten your rice?"

N •. furally, they oftenrespon<l "no, "leading to IIlllch miscommunication, Forme, then, rice is more 1hm just food--it is the very sustenance of most Koreans.

Topic: 155

10 short, rice is by fur the most importllIIl plan! in Korea. Were it removed from Korean society, Korea woold change drastically, perhaps ""'" have. famine much like the Irish Potato F:miine of

the 1800's. Rioe is ,the V6y Iifeblood'ofKorea. .

The coconut tree i> a '''IJI importaol plant in my country. Coconut tree plantations are important scerees of revenue, food and shelter.

Om-country earns a 101 o-fmoney from the expert of coconut tree products likecopra, coconuts, coconut oil, mil coconut milk. This hasbeen the main source of our foreign exchange fer ova: II cenImy. Infact, many of the coconctplantatioas were p1_ by various colonial poweIS and now, since IodepE:n.denc,e, are nm. by our own citizens.

Topic: 156

We nat only esport 1he food products of the ccccnntjree, we eat them ourselves 100. The coco is the basis ufmnch of our o>J:ionalcoi>ine-. We are famoui for our curries made rich by coconut milk. We also use the oil to fry our foods as well as to add shine 00 our sI:in and hair.

Many people cannot afford to visit a foreign Comnry, because · .. ther.they bevenotane or they have 00 !IIIlney. Fortunately, I have·the oppcmmitypay a visit a foreign country as I would like.

The first choice oomes inro my mind is Italy. .

As we know, there areso many classical architecturesin I~y_ I iID1 an aruateer architecter. But I could only study 1110'"' great work, in lhe bcok or on 1he internet Now that Lhave the opportunity to go there; I could obsen .. e them in. direct way. I think thai will be totally a different espiecce.

The fronds of the coceent tree are also mod to cover !be walls and roofs of temporary shelters.



Also a football fan as I am I am eager 10 watch the best foothall match on the 'PDf I- am locking forward to applause for tee.stars together With other fum. If possible, I will be lucky enough 10 get the signature of my fawrite stars,

to make friend< with people ffonr all "''01 the. wodd,

Also; it is arbitrary to judge the best choice is visiting China according to fhe excuse I mentioned in tha above paragraph, It is gena:alIy acknowledged thai China is a nation with apare cnUuIe from the east, and she has a hisIory of more than 5()(1(1 years old. Over those years, people here have developed brilliant skills, and hare build mIIIIfJ<llr< great sites, the most famous ones of which are·lhe Forbidden City andSmmner Palace, hoth ofwhich yro can visit wbeio you lire in

Beijing, the capital of China.· .

What is more, China has become more and more open 00 fnead of other nations in tho recent years. People here would like te get more-information about other countries, and they are also "'geI to share their experiences With foreignfiiends. As a result, wben you visit China, you can acquire sorre'importaur ioformation which may be crucial for yOlL

TaJ:ing.inro account an these factors, we may reach the conclusion .that when you have tho opportunity tc visit a foreign country for two weeks, to visil China is the. best choice.

Tired after sightseeing and shooting at !be stadium, I would liI:e 10 he on lhe beach of nediterraneansea. 1I is the mest beaatiful sea shore irr the world, Playing eand With children, dIinkingjuice on the beach, and surfing on the waves are all my <Ire am,

There are so many cccntsies in the world, but Italy is my fa" I could Visit tbe great architectures, watch football matches, and enjoy the scene of mediterranean sea, Maybe two \\~S time is too f:hort for ree.

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Topic: 156

If I could visit any foreign oountry, Td liI:e 10 visit Ireland The SI"""'ry1ha:e is 80 beautiful. Ireland has a lot of rain and that makes e'",,}1Iting '''''}' green and lash. It hasn't become .a rompletely indusnializedcoumry yet, so there are ,till areas wherethe countryside is-unspoiled by pollution. Often, yoo can drive for miles Withoot seeing anofhe-car or coming to a. big city. rd like to take my set ofpaints and ",,, CIIIlV3"'" mil try to capture SOlIIO of the """'" there.ll """'" every way you 111m, you're looking at bembful stenety. The area near 1he = i. ~y drarnafu; willi gi:ml dad: clillS ruing oui ofth. water.

Ialso think fd·enjoythe·s1owerpare ofheland If, so different from the bmypore of my

country. Of course; Ireland's big cities are ju.! .. be6tic '" any big city anywItere. But many of1he Iri>h fu'e in smaller Iilwml or on fiIrms in rnGd areas. Vtsiting _ pi""", is very restful. People don't feel1he need to stick to a "hedoIe. Thin!!, get done, but in a1llllch mare relaxed faahion_ in my oountr}" there', 1he feeling that you're alwa)~ late fm; something. In lreland, it feeJ.l·llI<e yoo 're. never Iit.te because D.O one ;stay's on s:chednI.e.

Topic: 157

If I had a choice between studying at home using computes and television or sIlldy-ing in a traditional SclIDoI setting, rdchoosethe traditiOnal setting. Maybe if.just ",hal·!'m mod to, but I don'(think .that technology can replare teach"" and classroonas

Afrer:ill, technol<>gy "'" fail Computers go down and 06mpufa:progrnrt:l crasIL Televisions·· break, and the elei:tricily can sudilenly go off. In Iho",-,illlations, who', going to teach me? IfTm at ""hool, and the teleVision or the oompu_ :;lop functioning, 1ha:e', a teru::her to step in and change tho l=on plan. Teachers can dreW.OIl their teaching ""J'<Ilenoe.and be creative. Compulius and !elev:isiom can't

Most of.n, it would be int .... ting for in., w meet 1he cousins in my mother', family. They live in Donegal.l could see the honre where my gr.oon.,ther grow up and where mycoosins still live. This ru;..,e is~ted 00.11 hghthouse .. visiting iherewould give me a clearer idea ofwhat my grandmoIha'. childhood was like.

Ireland ",onld be • refreshing bi""" from the life I lead in my own ""unlJ}' I wi<li I could go there.

rd also mis, tho chance 00 interact With other studeot. if I weren't going 10. schooL llhink !earning In play and work wilh oIherpeople·is one of tho IIII>SI important I"",,,,,, we. !earn in school II prepares us fbI life; and for working With other people. Being with other people also heIpa us disco\ref who we are..

Topic: 156

Another concern i have ahoul 'tudying III home. i> getting dl..tracred_ If, strange bo.ll thinI: being ho~ al<>ne i> ~redistracting 1hm being.t school With .JOt ofpeople. AI school, were.n fueused lin the·"""" ,ubjects. At hll!IlO, it woold be So .""Y to tum off the computer or the television and go do s6methingelse. I might tell rilyseIflhat it', okay 10 play •. compiI!er game now and make up thestodj' hours later. Clmrtces are; rdnever makeup !he ,tudy-ho=.

rm all in f,,'or of rising lechnology in !he ciassrooIrL I think computer.; and television are great .ways for sIudOnts to ha"e ac=s to • 101 of infonnation. I juSt don't think tlu;y shoold be the only Iools I have as a studeot I also oeed te:ioher.l and other studeot. to help me·gota complete 8lucation.

1beamwerofllri. statement· depends lin your m>n espffiertce anil·life ctyle.ln my p<lint of"'ew, visiting China is as =ssary.s. ifnolmore.·ne=5m)' than, visiting lIIl)'othor foreigncounlry. So It is saga..ciaus to visit There are: nllmen:n~ reilSOIl why I t::hos:e to visit China,. and I would espIore only • few of!hemog important""", here.

Certainly no other reaoon in my decision is more CIll:Cial than the one as. bellow _ is the mOther of more 1hm • bilhen people;.' fifth oflhe world'~ popuhtiorL You can meet peoj>Ie of as many. as 56 difIernd JllI.ti=. In oome paru of Cbina" )'1lIl can "' .... live With a family fbI one day or more. from which you can get aOl[Il"inlanre With and learn mare llboul Chinese, who lire eager

Topic: 158

Everyone is entitled to have an opiniODL When it c,omes to opiuions~ though., there's ~ dIffeJeore between !be msjmty "IpeoplellIHl1oelebrities like aclars, athletes and rock, ,tm.lfyou'rean







overago pe1"0n, ,only yom filIIlily aoiI friends care about yom opinion If your famrus, the whole wcrldbsteas, or '0 it seena sometirees, Is thi> the way it >.houId be?] d'on'I think so.

We ,hmddn1 pay attention 10 fOlllOllS people's opinions just becense of who they are. Being a famouS basketball player doesn't Imke someone an expert on environmental issues. However, that basketball player has a hetter opportmIily to be heard _most people do.If that player feels very strongly about an issue, be can use his fame 10 draw attention to it and get other people involved Often, people with causes that aren't well-known ask celebrities to get i'nvol"""- That way they can draw attention and needed dollars to that issue,

People who pur their money behind a cause, In the some w:ry, famous people are-using their.most valuable asset. In their CO"', it'snot money_ II', their name reoognition Should_le pay attention to What they tlrink just because of 00:0 they lire? I dcet think so. I also don't think We should discount what they think just because ofwhc they are. They M'''' a right to their opinion. If their name draws people 10 that came, all the better for jhe-cease.

ltlrink too often we categorize people and try to-keep them ia their place, Celebrities have brains and ,·allowed to use them Wben they're .m"OCaling a cause, their opinion ;hou]iJ be just one of many factorswe use to evaluate ~ cause.

because they have enaugh wits to win a game or do well m act. They just have their good health or good realure end thit is why they succeed, I once met a famous actress. Sbebaa lots of fans in C1JJina, rut whenshe talked >bout ill Goo Bridge.she didn1 know why it is welI-kno..TI among Chinese people.even questioned why such-a bridge should alway, be talJ:nd.hy Chinese people. Let alone her opinion ebout life.

Furthennore, U"they do have their own feelings about life, the famous people's opinions arenot useful to, us, We have our own experience in our Jife, and we ran learn tbem fromour Ol,l"TI experience, Y 00 ill")' ask why cannot we Ieem from them then we em avoid the problems ito our life. That maybe true, but we em learn these from hooks, and alway> boob are good teachers of us, .why should We bother to pay attention to those people', wonk

More over; the famous people always 'give their opinions when ,rJred hy fans or reporters. In such a hurry they cannot eventhmk enough eboctfhe question, and they spilt their words without kacwing what theyare speaking, In such a case, ·shouId we p:ry attention to their words. Almost the moot devoted fan will ret agree to say 'yes.sir.we shouId,whate\"" they may speak.' So. SF"" yoor rime 10 do other thing more important than listen to' these tonsenses,

SO I think we shouldnot pal' .\ter!lioo to these opinions.


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Topic: 158

Topic: 159

Which ~n was the greatest invention of the 10th ceonrry has been discussed marry fimes, Different people have differentviews. Scene think the greatest,invention was television, some think il should be cars. But as far as l am coucemed.the greatest invention ofthe'2Oth'cenlIrr}' would be computers. Tho reasons for my opOiiiin are as follows,

Firstof all, computers save a greatdeal of effort people spend OD calculanng.Befcre computers were invealed, people had 10 calculate irwmally_ Sometimes it took scientists 'week, • even !IlO<lfus ttl have. result Of course, they might made mistakes dninig their calculation, That affected the acruracy of dam. But with the halp of computers, people are freed from heav-y calculation, IT ouly takes seconds to hare a result ,lhich used to take weeks in the past.

'Second, computers can siniuIare different environments tharcaa"t be created-in real life. In the science research, sometimes scieatistneed to-have a s.i.nmlati.cmen.vlronmentto improve their theories or as .. a basis cf'further research, Wtthout computers it's difficult to have accurate and reliable results. B\It computers Can make everything easy_ Just iopu! programs arid data everything will be dore,

Everyone is entitled to cave an opinion. When it COIIlf£ to opinions, though, there's a differeace between the majority of people and celebrities like actors, athletes, end rock stars. IT yoote·an average person, only yOOf fmrily ani! friends care about yooropinion_ If'ycu're famous the whole world li_, or so it seems sometimes.Is this the Mly ifshould be? I don1 thi'nk so.

We shculda't pal' attention to fJmlOilS people's opinions just because ofwho they are. Being a famous baikethall player doesn't male someone an expert on environmental issues. However that beskethall player lias a better. opportunity to be heerdthan moil! people do.If that playerfeels '''''l' strongly ebonf an issue, he ClIO use hisfame to draw attention to it and get other people involved That way they em saw attention and needed dnllers to that issue.

F"",,1e who are rich put their money behind • C3IlSe_ lri the same w:ry, famous people' are 'using their most valuable asset. In their case, it', not money.Its their name recognition. Should_le pay attention to wha'theythi'nk just because ofwho they are? I dcn't fhink '0:] also don1 think we should discount what they think just because ofwho they ore They bave a right to their opinion. If their name draws people to that cause, all the better fur the cause.

Ilhink too often we categories people and try to keep them in their place. Celebriti es have brains and should be allowed to use them Wben theyreadvocating a cause, their opinion should be just. one of many factors we use to evelnxte that cause.

The reason 1 th:.in1:: is becoming mere and mere important IlDu,'3day..!. That is, cOlI!Jliller is ihe W3f of access to the lnIernet. TOe Internet was developed based on the local area netwOIi\LAN) of computers. Today, taeIntemethas become the fastest doveloping medium in the world. You C>II lind almost everj1hmg youneed on the Inrerret, oOlllIniiniC.te with friends, read news, watch movies, Iisten to music' etc. Butycunmst do all thesbow thing. on, computer. em't log in the Internet means beIiiiid time> today.

Al!haugh many other i'nvadions of the 20th cennny brought great convenience to horoan or changedpeople's lives.computers beve the most valuable contribution to human, anditwill have nmch more oo~ in the future.

Topic: 158

As far-as Ibave known, I think we needn1 p:ry attention 10 the words of the feraous people. Those famous people IlIlIy have their QWO opinions,but let Us get. down to the foundain<n! and .gree that they are net people different fromus. They.made themselves ootable people not





Topic: 159

Many m=lions have greatly changed tae iifeof people.Fcrexamplawhea the electricity was irwertted,peopIe can useIighzsc that they would not be aftiad ofIright\Vhim the car was bern,people em not beve tc go everywhere onfoot.When the television entered inte the histOry ,people con better know the wmIdBut ,what is one change that should be rememered about ito the 10th century,the popularity of computer is undoohtedly the , ms wer,

ratber fhaaevea ten years ilgo_ Now 'With microscopic and laser surgery, operations ere.mere efficient Yon spend less time in the bospital and yoo recover faster,

I c:in't think of any other change tliai has effected the lives of so many people. Om bealIh is iniportmlto all of us. We all are thankful for advaeces ito the area-of medical science, .

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We can look inrn every good aspect of the computer.but I want to explore the most important role 'the compuferplays is that it greatly increases the efficiency ofworking.ITyouwantto type. paper .you do' not need to worry about 1he errraajhe woTd:process willex.anri:oe for you

aotomatically.AL.o you should n<>t be worried about losing the paper,yoo m save it in the .

romp:nterln ~t::t,that isjust Ii pi~ ofa cake for·a· cOJllImteJ)t can ~ represent.1be :fuoction ofa ronll"rt",_ When you eota- mto the mtema.tional nelwork"the computer will lead yoo into another world.In tlilli way,you just ,tay .t home;but you can know "''''']'thing the world m every rorner.Isritii WCIIderIil!'>Nowaday.s,many people <:II=e to work.t ho"", to do WOJk,as they canCOlllleC! the offiCES hy • computa-_They say it greatly Sav", orocl! time

'Second,the =I"ter m:ikes the comn:nmication llIII<h m",e conventienlln the I""~ we got the

. Dews hy posting Ietters,in thi, way,d at least needed three days,Howe\<er,ifyoo send an electronic mail hy • computer,)"'" get the news only 1hree.!eC<mds.Not ouly Saving the tirire,but d can intense the ,emotion ifyoo and your liieods 'OOIIlIIlllIIicaie more_

Topic: 159

There have been marrychanges, bethtechnological and cultural, in the twentielll century, I .believe that one ,tands out about the rest advances in, medical science. The changes in medical lCieo<;e go t.ogether with the cl!anges m _logical aoiI ruI!urnlllreaS_ One can move ahaad ooIy-..;th the]jeJp of the others. Wee .. """the results of medical advanresin three aaeas' developmontofv.ccines aoiI antibiotics, e.p.nded. access to health eare, and improved 'urgical .techniques.

When medical researcher:s leamed bow to "",,'en! dise>se aoiI &top it from spreading. the quality of life fur many people aroood the world improved' Today smallpox i, fNgo_ <lise"", ani! . vaccinatioIlS are no longer reqoired. Polio is undeiT oonlrol and the vaccine·is widely available_ The deveI<>p=t ofp<ricillin M. helped many _le.reoover from serimlS iIInesses.

Third,oornputeJs· also.briog u. mod! enjoyment-There are many gomes in the oomp\Iter,fur dill'eieot km"" of people.So people lind :mother way ofrelaxing fuemseIf eXcept watching TV,"'"IDg films.In fact,lhe rompu1er game, are not just only gemO~yoo c';'learo more frmo them ,aoiI they ClIO .r", make you .rert

Alihough he.a:lth ~e is nat uni~iil ev-en in developed countries., ·it is nmc;h hette'l" than it used to be. LOC->I clinic~ \~ ramos aoiI specially hospitals have all improwd the health care for oor oommimi~s..

As the .mmtanges I explore ab""e,l think the oomputer .>houUI be remembered oOOuI m the 20th ceJihIry-

If you ,houId be unfortunate aoiI reqrnre surgery, yoo are stilIlud:y to ha\" lIle 'urgeI}' today rather than"""", teo Y""'" age_ Now with micro=pic and laser sorgery, oper.rti.ons are more efficient Yon spendles, time m thehospdil and yoo reoover thster_

I cm~ think of aoy ether.change that has _ted the lives of '0 many people. Om bealIh is iniportml to all of llil_ We all are thankful fur.dv>nces ito the area of medical ,cienre..

(Essay ID: 455. Thi5 i.5 31 5 p.;m: I!S!";S)')

(Essay ID: :141. This. ig 31 :) poaLm.essay}

Topic: 159

There have beeo many ahanges, beth reclmological aoiI ruItoraI, m the m<entieth centory_ I believe that one ,tands out above the rest: advance, in medical scieoce. Tho ahanges m medical scieoce go togetber with the ahanges m reclmological aoiI ruItoraI areas_ One ClIO mo;-e ahead ooIywith the help of the others. Wecan._the results ofmedical.manc", m three are.,: de;-elopmont of vaccines aoiI antibioties,e.p.nded. access to health care, and improved surgic.r teclmiques.

When medical researcher:s learned how to prevent disease aoiI.stop it from spreading. the quality of life fur many people aroond the world improved. Today .smalIpox is a forgotteo disease aoiI vaccinations iIre no longer required. Polio, is under control and the vaccine is widely available. TOe de;-elop=t of penicillin M. helped many _le reoover from serio"" iIInesses.

Topic: 160

A1theugh health care i, oot universal elieo in de;-eloped c01lll!ries, it is moch better thao it med to be. Local clinic~ visiting """'''', aoiI specially hospitals ha;-e all improved the health care for our oomnnmities..

Wheo I wanI·to rnalre • oomplaiIil ahoula defective _"",duct or poor """ice, I wwld rather make ID!j C<lmpiairit In v.-riting_ Writing. oomplairit allows me'to organize ID!j points of ~ m a logical manner_ IT I'm really inihappy with the w:ry I'm being Ireated,.1 want to present my reasons clearly_ I don't want there to he lIIly confusion alloul why Pm oomphiiiiing. I Iilre to. list my oomploinls ani! then li&t StJpportiIIg examples. That', the best way of rIllII<ing sure eV"'Y""" is clear

o\>oo.t whall'm saymg_ .' .

l'uttingmy:cimlplairit m writing,also."""""" itwoo't seem too emotional_ Ifyoo feel that you've .been "".ted hedly or taken am'allt>ge o~ iI', easj' to Joshmrt. Losingyorn remper, thongh, is a sure way to lose your "'!li"lli'n1. Yelling is very satisfYing at the~·butil only makes the pe1"OR you're yeIling >I mad .t ymt Et doesn1 get them to agree with you or to offer help_

There', aho the issue of the per:loo you're doaling .wilh. Ifyru complain m per=>, you ha,,,, ro 1llIk to who"';"", is- there. Chances"", that he or she isn'l the pers<>n reSponsible for the defective ."",dud or the-poor ""';ce. ·Often the_Ie who take oompl.mts are nol the people m charge, iniless YOO'e dealing with • very small business. Yelling >l tbem ;sn't fair, aoiI doesn't do anything

IT yoo ,hoo]d be unfortunate aoiI reqWre S\lIgery, yoo are .stilIlud:y to have today







to get a relimd or. satisfaction for YOle You need to ",.m the fl"L'on in charge. The best woy to do that-is in writing.

time ofreidschool. And there so many letters and cars which recall ynu the time of college. An of these memory are happy time, and all ofihese.pre_ts are indelible. Another reasoncan be seea by every """",ns is 1IW gills and presents contain the Iove and friendship of fr:iendslllld relations.In different cultures and diffirenl coctries people expres' their emotions to ofhera by preseanng gills. And e\'e<y special gill bas a special meaning. For esample, this skirt as a gift of ten ".,... .go is. you sister send to Y"" in the party. A peal necklace represents the I",,,, of your husband We reseve tbese gifts aild L",,,, and friendship will always-go with us. In edditionreceiving • gift always brmg ynu happness and pleasure, and give ynu and yoor mend s-a, good time.People like to ,eI"rgifts each _ fm congratulations '" in feast days. Fer example, perhaps everyonehas some pieces of gills for CbrisI:mas day. Some wife will reserve the important presents for wedding_ General ,peaking, gift with the I""" and C<lIlglll1ulations will bring you pleasure and happiness. Taking into account of all these factors, gifts endpresents recall people the post good time and people will never furget them,

Writing about ynur complaint and sending tbeIetter registered mail also gives you written proof It's clear fhat you tried to settle-fhematter in it reaaeaablemaaner.withiaacertaia fime period This """', if you need to take further action, you have-physical evidence of your actions.

Writing a complaint has the affiianiage. of organization, effectiveness, and fairness, Tbars why I prefer to write rather than personally present my cemplnims.

Topic; 161

I think we remember special gills we've received because these gift. ofteu are pan of. special memory fur us. It moy be a memory of'scaneone special we've cared doeply about. He or sbe may no longer be alive. Or a may be a meruory of. special event in our lives. It may even be a memory of the person we once were at some particblilr IIlOIII<III in our lives.

Gills from ather people CIiD make us feel joy ""ery time we Joo1: at them A gifr IIDm our parents, or our husband or wife makes us feel loved each time we see or use it IT we have children, the first gift om cltilil made for us in kindergarten is ·cherished long after the child lios grown up. A 'family be.irloom given to lIS by a.grandperent makes us fuel connected to oar past. A gift from. good friend is a remindor of ell the good trines we've shared A memento from a respected colleague is a reminder of'a job we. worked on successfully together.

Gills may also pinpoint. special ",'ads in wr lives. Gills given to us as part of om religious beritage,.suoh as First COInImmion or Chanukkah gills, remind us of those celeb ra ficas. The ,:iIIIO is true for gifts given for birthcbys and gradnatioas; and for the amuversaries of special da}~ in our lives Iike our wedding day.

Gills can also be a .symbol of the person we were at a particular point in OUI lives, A gift received in childhood may remind us of. passionate hobby that's 1101'.' boxed in the attic. A gift received whfn we left a job moy bring. to mind fhe-firstcareer we had, DOW that'we're on our third or

fourth_ . .

Topic: 162

Nowadays, there is • strange pbenomena that some famous sfhletes am entertainers -eam millions of dcflarsevery year. For me, i totilly "I'P"'" to give them so much 1IIO!I"J as sailly per j_,

wIlli:h it will he unequal to Other occupations. .

The gift. that ore unpcrtaurtc us are the ones that remind us of fairnly, friends,.and happy times.

They're-a way of SIDro1Illding ourselves with our past . .

FlIS!ly, there are so maIiy occnpatioas "ormd 'the world, snch as artist, teacher accountant, worker, viewed as: one of occupations ~ entertainer or :alhletes: are not DD1_OO diffetent from the rest of occupations. Both of them are jus! two kinds of ocupations, why do we give them so IlllJclt priorities or let 1ha:n earn big amount so easily? For instance, m entainer will receive ebcut liundreds thousand per show, or a scoccer player will be paid much more 1IIO!I"J than __

AltlIDugh we admit that we can have a nice show to enjoy or a wonderful match. to march, there is no Deed to give them such big amount "Ihis is what they shoulddo as a entoiner or. an athlete This is their jabot JUI occupations should have eqnel standard,

Sewndly, llI!eijIllIlimiou is also not good to theynong geueration Hmoat yoimg pecpleknow that they can earn more money as a athlete or an entainer, definitely they will go after, A, a result, they do not wan! to do anything other thin to be a athlete or an entainer, Whaf,.nioJe, tIrii phenomena has .. importlUll impecton yong people .a bout their views towll!ds money. They will think as aaeatainer be is 00 easy toget moneyas nmcb .,po.sible, which is not good for his devetopmect in future. They will become mooey-jl""'"

Last but not least, efhletes and entertainers ,Onietim<s show bad examples 10 their fans, It is J::nown that fans follow whateeer their idols do, even some bod habbita. Recently there is a piece of """'" reported that one famous singer found to be carrying prohibitted dcngo in a KJV. COIl you inugiu what kind of ,ide _ we will face after this issue1 Previously, idols are always'peifect in II.}sl f ..... minds, but now they did such tIimgs; sometimes even _re worse, As • public person, they need 10 be cerefui about what they do.

Topic; 161

Do you still remember the new bikeas a present fur greeting your ten years old birthday from you parents? Do you still remember the firs! rose with the love of your Jove.r1 Everyune have been recei • ed a varity of presents and gift:i, 'and",""J'01I" have many nice menory abOlll them. People might conserve sone special presents IDIiDY".,... unIiIl jheybecome old, fcr fhese presents not ooly represent the love,but also take theru .. back 10 the past time. There ere JWIIlerOU. reasons 00y I hold no confulenile on them. and I wcaldesplore only'. Ijow primary ones here. The main reason of the argument I support is that there alway. are e good time or a touching day behind the cherished preseata.Ecery time we open the presencoaserved for a long time, we seem to COIne bad: before, ill that time we are so young and have a pleasure time with frieuds. For esample, the favorite joy will recall you the best mend in your childhood, A beetifal skirt moybeJepreSent the

In conclusion, i think some athletes and entertainers do not deserve bigh salari es because athletes an d entertainers are the the other jobs and they do whatever they shoulddo, in additon, they SIlJl:!ftimes show bad enruples in IIDnt of the public.

Topic: 162




Some athletes and entertainera.eazn millions cfdollara ammally. In contrast, an elementary school t ea cber, on average, probablymekes Iess thinS3),OOO" year. I think the file! that this difference is cemmeuplace is a sign of our society's misplaced values. It show. that we f'II mere ~ on enlertaining our children thin on educating tbem, It seems.fhat tbeeereers that-are the feast valued in 01Il society often are those that are the meat important,

Why is tlIis '01 The marketdetemiires who gels paid whit 'Ieacbera are paid by flIx dollars. Sports teams make hundreds ofmillions··ofdollors ev-eryyear. These teams earn fabul"", pr_ from radio and television rights; as well as ev-erything sold at the concessions stands, Thesame is true of movies, They are produced by snidiostbat make huge profits aaIDulIlly. These enterprises can .fford to paJ' their entertainers and sports figures huge salaries, because those athletes and

film mrs draw people to the entertainment. .

Jacondusion, the.most rear. part of living. illi_ in OlD society is majbe living dqJendable of someone. A illi!er:de person ",ill have diffirulties not ouly to do 'imple tasks such as writing bills, .withdmwing money fromcash machines, or reading merit, in • restaurant, but also to be a prodacfive and useful individual of eerscciety with job and nmmaIlife_

Topic: 163

Why·are.we wilting to pay 50 mllclt to see • ball game'or a movie, but not for, good teacber? Miybe it's because we wantdistractien; we want to be entertained, Maybe ifs because v r e think of education a, a right; while entertainmaII seems like a luxury. We "'P"'" to p:ry fur. our luxuries.

It i s a very dangerous thing to soy that basic literacy skills are more important now !han they have 'ever been in thepast, While a strongargmnem caabemadeirrfavor of!liis idea, such an argument would imply that reoding and writing were ,0JDfhmV I"" important in the past While there is. grain of truth to the ilIgoment 1IW Weracy was not.funderrearal to the daily existence of most people in the pre-Industrial Rt:1.i>lution period, rationahaing sccha lack of reed fur education in such • woy is the frost step to withholding edscation from certain gr""P"> a great scciafcrime thai has led to the dis<mpcwennent o[d\sad>...ntage groups allever the World throughoul history: However; ifwe cmlreep in mind th,t education·is a basic human rigb!, thou 'we can discuss the.strengths of the propositiea that literacy is mere important tow than it has'",,,,, beeu bef",e,

It', notthat I begrudge' the players and entertainers their huge salaries .. MOs! "fthem have Very short careers. Athletes ID'J' be too old in their em:Iy ]{I;: Many of them gambleemy in their lives 00 ma!ring it big in the 'Port. or __ world, and dony themselves a goodeducatiOll. They hlIve little chance of a stahle Cllseer, so they need to """ enough, DJj)ney to support theru fur.alongfime_ On the other hand, """t "fun",,,'t griingto eamllO million ina JireI:ime.of work So. it'; bard to 'ympathize with people who do.

Welmreto ask ourselves: wh:o theme'" vafueto met}'?

lri. !rue that. in !he past the majority ofpeople all over the world made their livelihood from agriculhlIlll activities and that the vas! majority.·of&"'·e activities required little or no literacy akill,. In some·senses, we could aague that literacy dcilh were lers irnport:mt in the than they are nOw, but to do "" ",,,,,Mbe to fOrget that Ii_cy oJso reflec!s lin. active mind and that people bave always needed to eugoge in aro,oties of the mind_ For elWIIjlle, even theugh a funner might have labered !ill day in he< com field, she ID'J' enjoy r"'ding the lates;! Jane Austen TIO\'el when mi\red at oome. We em see in this example that white literacy was: not directly reli11ed to !his Jabcffis livelihood; ~terocyWllS.important tD her '1wililj' of life.

iIowev-er, weomill moke a good aagurnent ih.t liruacy is more impo_ ",,",' 1IW IT ""'" in the JliIsl N. we an'know, the world is experiencing .• revolulion that moy finn oul to be more imporlllnt than the Industrial RevOluIiO!L We are now entering the lnfOIIDiltion Age, an age in ..mch inl'mmation and knowledge have more value th;m the. ahility I<> build maclrines. ,reate "sluff," grow crops, or even niin_e P!ffious m:etals and prodnoe gemsf~s.. N~}"'S, accu:iate infurrnation moy be _ more thin the·most expensi'''' Rolls-Royce or the bigge.t.diamoucl The perfect e<ampIe of this increasing dominliDce is the""!,l""",,, ri", in the pDI'llari!y of the Internet-the lntemet·ol'feB the wm:ldcoUIdless lryies of informatinn !Wenty-four murs •. doy, seven d:ry, • week, 365 day. a year. Compmies an 0'''''' the world, but principally in the United States, are rushing to stake their claim in <:yoo'P'ce .. d stiff COJII¢tiIion IIJIlODg companies has rerul1ed. In 0TdeJ to goin doIDinance, these companies mUst have the _-,killed WOrkers:'1ID advanced undernImding of oomputeraynems, and goodintDition.bon! what will happen in the future JUI of these abilitie, to co~ in the global marke!jJla", stem direc.tly fromlilerllcy okills and these without th"", dcilh will be >hrl in the =vice, agrialihmll, and beovy indnstry fields.

Topic: 163

While ~ oountries ha,,,, strong.programs against iIli!erlIcy, othera still do no! care that IlllJclt But, illi_cy hils be<:ome a big ob<lode during. the las! =tury and is still probleruolic' question now with quid: development ofleclmology and _tion, From my everyd:ry experience and observolion I "'" _ severa! foc,,,,,, wbich defend the ,tatement that reading and writing now is more impoItmt than e'1,;'\ff befoI;e_

Fust of all, IT is·essentialfor a person to hilveO! teastbasickmwledge ofreading and writing to :stIJ\r-Ive in our society_ While in the ,past, some. people could live in wilderness or e .... -en in cities without IiDj' knowledgeofwritt.olimguage,now IT is _ impossible, The way of living Ims change so IIIIJm that it is lmpos,ibJeto be. " pm'ofmtion, e.peciallyiitdevelopedcOuntries, withoul obility to read and write your bills, to mtde!rund your IDDrtgege docoment:; or job' applications. Moreover, you can go nowhffe by ywrselflnrt in yaur own small town without reading the IlIlIJ" and sigusOn the rOOds and in cities •.

Second, nowodays, mru! of jobs requn"reading and wriimg as ~ilills and !endencylhat thOse ililli will be ,""Ie and moreirnpm'tant fur fuhIre job, _res. In fac~ because of >.harp dev'elopment ofteclmology,.more of jobs on the labor market Me for lireJale people'and less of them are for _Ie withem any or ,light. "'.>ding or writing knowledge- For ~le, there"", not needed '0 !mld:i people who can work 00 lands or select parts in auto-factories betause. the machines'do that kinds of jobs now. On the ather hand, fmorie, and rolJlC"fions need people who can read the instructions and comol the machines. It.i. bore !rue thet Withmt jObs that need <inlyph;~icahbilities, ilIit"",te people .... forced 10 be oons!antly on\JlleDrploymad bats.

Iu shm!, we.can "'" that people in the past who were lacking in Weracy ililli elsentially had more oompony than thoseJaclorig these skills hlIve today,and oould still ellDl their livelihood. Further, we coold argue 1IW because of the nature of the'global marketplace and beeilUse of the .

. eruergenre of the lnf'armation Age, we oould make the:ugumenl that liteJacy is f'undamentiIl to professional success nilw.doys. However, literacy !.hould beooosidered a \wit human right in a literate Oocie!y-iill paople throughout history should have learued to read' and writ"-







Topic; 163

FOT 'ges, reading and writing bas been vital aids to Ibe iriteIIectual, emotional and spiritual growth of mankind, But wi1h rapid chang es in the society amblcieniific .d\""",ement ofhuman raceover fhe decades, theneressity'l!Ild importance of reading andwnting has increased remarkably. Several reasons ecccent filr.the lesser unpcrtance of reading and writing in the post. Firstly, edncetioa was restricted to certain sections of !he'SO<:irly and not everyone benefited from itsadv-.nbges. Only the leemedfew enjoyed intellectual satisfaction, Knuwledge was not shared

. freely due to lad: cfproper neans of coenmmicetion, fhns preve!!ling!Il!lIIj' from realizing the benefits of edaceticn and learning. Seconclly, technology was not so advanced in the past, Hence 'the gOneral pace of life was slower than ;1 is DOW and people did not feel the need to keep tbemselces abreast of'effeirs around them In otber words.tfe need did not arise fur mass awareness and participation in effom fur iarellecrual enligbtaIrnent through reading and writing NeI/~ writing was a morepcpalar Iha:o reading since it was the mest. t:0DlDl0D means of comnnmicatioa - in the fonn of letters,

Now all has changed Women were seen euly as wives whose only work Was .1 heme, and as

mothers whose life :should be centered on ~ children~s care, .

Today, ""I only read and write is essential, but also ,ome;cO!nputen;kills (at'! ea st basic), :mlOIIg others, are seen as basic education.

However, at present the scenario has changed oonsi<!"';bly. Innovation and change are integral parts oflife_ Now """""".ment in technology rn.arks the day. Tcecpe tip with the rapidly evolving new ideas and concepts. reading has becomemore import:mtnow than ever.before. Invenricuof high-tech gadgets and stare-of-the-art information systems in areas of commaaicatien, transport and general business demands more awareness .boul contemporary events • .nd changes, With a<I1ian<:emenl in technology, man', eagerness to succeed bas mcreased. C~ 1he realization has dawned on him thai such dreams can be materialized through intellectual ~nt - a feat possible only 1hrough self reading and personal research, With the invention of coInpUler bas oommenced an age of electronic comzmtaication and online commerce. Althoogh wutrng letters has decreased considerablywifh 1he _ of electronic mail, it will take some timetomsike 0IIr wried busmesses peperless; 'Ilms. 1heugh reduced, people still do ""'"' .mtirJg, wither. nr fu!IDS of documents, memorandums, business contract. or research P"I""". Education has made people more aware of hi. potential and reading and writing has become instnaneazal to man's, S1.~ in nday's oompetiti. v re world.

(EssayID_ n-7 _ S:mipll!'e~pI\1'Uid!dby Erin Billy ofwww.Te;IEr1agi.c.oom)

There are Ihonsands of examples, just to name some Ifyoo =1 Toad you could not get ioformed, md you can I even search for work. Y 011 could walk at the front of the winrlow> of'potential employers (who areusually ,,!dung fur 'help"), without notice; newspaper' adds offering jobs 'woulda'! be any.more than paper fur yOu. Y oucould gel irradiated inadvertently (even the information about the Caution signaling, Is written!).

You Woulda'! even be able to ,isit a city wiihout',gclIing lost, .o1herwi.e you d have to aok people how to get everywhere. A fimnY-pr<l1ie<O goes as -folID"" "wordccenacts doesn't even worth the paper in which they're written", but you would never know what you are about 10 signexcept fur .whatthey.say II "J'S- And so 0Jl_ All these situations were not", oommonin·the post,;:iI1ages were small, people trusted in other people', word, nobody traveled so much, and all knew their ov.--n tmvn good enough- Dangerous situations were easy to. recognize, unlike radioilctivity, for exsrnple.

10 conclade, for all the above reasons, I am convinced 1hat read and write, is very very mudi important !lOW than irr the past. Otherwise 1 would not be here; il became '0' impoiwit 1hlrt I have to Ie"", how to read and write not oDly in my language but in a.second language 100 That', we (Ioday)!

Topic: 163

Topic: 163

I think thaf Teading and writing is more inrperant now than in the past. Many factors influenced to mal.'"e"tbe Ililitten espressionmcre useful and necessary at present than in the past.

'!be WOrld is changing. Infoimation became essential, and the world is getring inlo a sert of comnnmicatica "SI'- A great part of this ccmrraiaication is writterL The SIIIIlIll:IIY o.(the information, .bout the lnuna:n knowledge, is. written either in boob or computer s files.

It is • very dangerous thrng to soy that basic literacy skills are more rrnportanl nuw!han they have ""OF been in the past, While a'st<ong argument can be madein favor of-this idea, making such an argument would imply that reading and writing were ,01DfhmV less important in the past While there is. grain oftndb tofhe ilIgmnent 1hlrt literacy was not.funderrearal to the daily existence of most people in the pre-Indu>trial Rt:1.i>lution period, rationaitaing sccha lack of reed fur education in such • way is the first step to withholding edscafion room certain gr<JUP",' great social crime that has led 10 the d'is<mpowennad of disadvantage groups all over the World .1hrooghoul hislo.-y. However; ifwe c sn keep in mind that edacatienis a has!c hUIIIlIIl righi, then we can discuss the.slrengthr of the proposition that literacy is more important now than it hasever been before,

Since ancient tines, men and women devotedtheir lives to survive and fight ag.ains.t nature's limibtions and dangers.

Iris true that . .in Ibe post the =jority ofpeeple all ov..-the world made their livelihood room agricultural activities and that 1he vast majorityoffhese activities required liIIle OJ no literacy skil1s~.In some senses, we cculdergue that literacy skills were less important in 1he agricultural age than they lire new, but 10 do so wouldbe to f<irgel1hat li_cy also reflects ail. active mind and that people have always needed to engage in actrcities of the mind For example, even though a _ might have labored all day in her rom field, sbe.ID'J' enjoy reading the latest Jane A",jen 00>,,1 wha arrived .j borne. We caa see in this example 1hlrt while Iiteracy WlIS not- directly ",1_ to this laborer's Ireelihood, lile!ooi:y was important to ber quality of life ...

They bad to disc eu rer a solution fur each new problem, and this is the way the civilizations began. They developed the languages to transmit knowledge, and as a need Conseqnenlly, they needed a commtmicate and file this pool of knoWledge

Mfirst, to readaed write was only • possibility 10 some whose activity.required it, and it was restricted-to privilegirl people wbo could affordifor get ;1 (became of the long distances, and the availability ofteach<rs)

However, wecould make a good argument that literacy is more irnportml now fhat rl was in Ibe past, !u we all know, the world is experieecing.a rwclanon that may tum out to be more rrnporllml1han 1he Industrial Revolution We are now entering 1he lnfo.-mation Age, an .a ge in





whiclt IDfurmaIion and knowl~ have more "m'1han the a1iilily to build machines, 'Create "staff "grow Cr<lJls, or even mineprecicus metals and produce gemstone s. Nowadays, aoaaate informatiouID'J' be worth more than the most expensive-Rolls-Royce or the biggest diamond The perfect example ofjhisincreasiag domin::mre is thaexp1esiveiise in the popularity of the Intemel--the Internet offers the world countless bytes of inforruatien twenty-four hours a d'J', sevendays a week, 36:; days a year. Companies all o, .. r 1he world, rut principally in the. United States, are nclring to-stake their claim in cyberspace and aIill' ~ :mlOIIg cornp:riIies has resulted. In order to gain dominance, these companies must have thebest-skilled workers, an edvarced underaIimding cf'compurer systems, and good inhIition about what will happen .in lbe fu!me_ All of the", abilities to rompetein the gLobal maikelptacestem directly from Worncy >kill. and those without ·these skills will be·>ttd in the service, agricultur.d, :md heavy indllStry fields.

In short, we oan """ 1hat peOple in the past who were li1cl:ing ill lileincy skrlls esoentially had milre oompmy than those lacking these skil1s have tod'J' ,1IDil coold stilf .. am their livelihood. Further, we could aTguo thai because of the nahlre of the gloha! maiketp!.ce and bee""", of the eIIIBJl<'II<:e of1he InfOTmaiton Age, we coold rilaIre·the ~ that literu:y is f'undarn<ntal to prof.fSSi~ ;meress nm,~'3days.. H01i\'e\~r, liteI3cy·OO1l:5idered:it ba3ichmnan right in'a literate Society-all people 1hroughoot bislory"shruld bave to read I!Ild write.

.(E"i5:Jj'ID: ..0 _ ~]e. @;!";S)' pro\~ ~ :&in BilJy ofwww.TEsIfI&g:i.c.OOI!l}

Topic: 163

Today more than at:my time in the history of the world it is rrnportant to be able 10 read and write. Thischange has been brought about by the Internet which we use to.communicate with one another, to get Our news, and to ",,11 OOT predects.

Millions of people c_cole today thrcughe-mail m;ing thelnlemelln!he past people would have face-to-facemeetiags or tall one another on the phone; today they use e-mail and chat rooms. It is ooviously neoess:rry to be able to read and write in order 10 participate .in jhis .1edmological rewlutio!L

loday, one can mbscribe to news and information services on tho Net. When yoo turn on your oomputer Ill' the moming, yon are gi"'" the headJinej, financilll news, sports ;cores, <ir social eVenl. that you reques!ed_ The news i. tai!o'red to yom specific:ations, In the not distant pas~ most people get !heir news room television onodi...,.,!Il!IIIj' still do. Yet, getring'yoornews fromlhe Internet .is more e.~ s:ince''I:l:le JEWS is tailored to your specific interem.

Topic:. 163

FOT ages, Teadirig and writing !ms.beea vita! aids to the intellectual, emotionall!Ild spiritual growth of mankind But w:i1h flIjlid changes in·the society arid scieniifio adVancement oflnrman race 0\'..the decades, the necessity I!Ild impl>dm!ce of reading and "'-riling hlis increased remarkably.

Se\'eIlI! reasons account for the le"", iInp<lrmnce of readirig I!Ild writing in the pm FIrstly, educatiiln was restrittetl to rertain sections of the ,Ociety and not eieryone benefiled frona ns aa--.nbge •. Only the learned few enjoyed inteIIectmll .. tisfaction Knowledge WlIS not shared freelydue to .lack ofproper means of oommunic:dion, 1Ims pIO\'euIing many from realizing the benefits of education and learning. secondly, technology was lIot "" advanced m the·past Hence the gOneral pace of life was slower than· n is 1IilW and people did not feel the need to keep tl:!ems>elves .breast.ofaffairi; aToond 1hem_ In other wards, !he need did·not lilise-for.mass awareness and -particip:dion m efl'ons fur inrellectu.:l. enligilfumJ<ini1hmugh re>ding and writing N~~ writing was a more popnIiIf 1hm:reading ;since it was· the rn.o-st common means of oomnmmcilhon - in the fonn ofletteIs.

E-commerre a!oo <iemm<h that people be able to write I!Ild read Of oourse,:ilie people who design the T<miI web sires, must be .ble to expiess themseIve, de.rty in writing. The patential C\Lllomers must ho-able to read the product descriptions. In 1he'yasI, people would go into -.s '(as many >till do) :md point 10 objects thet they would like 10 buy. 'J'hjs phy.lical ""preach to sJuwing does.not require any spocillllanguage skil1s.

TheinternolwilI force us all ro be li_not oDlymreading and writing, haI.also with oomputer.~ Today, we must be.skilIed Teaders·and writers !xl be .>UCCe",fu] in the high teclt world.

Topic: 104

However, at present thesoenario !ms chaIJged Olmsilerably. Innovation and change.1Ire integral pari> oflife_ Now adwnrement in teclmology !IllIIks 1he day. To oope tip MIb ihe rapidly "''(lIving new ideas and,com:epts,readirig.!ms became more import:mt'oow thrm ever befme. Inventionof high-tech gadget> arid st •. _-the-art information sysIemI m areas of <_cation, 1rODspcJI and general. business demands ml>re awareness .boul oontemp.-y "''''''' and changes With advancement in technology, man'~ ea.g<mfsS'" Succeed has increased C""""lIl""tiy the realization has dawned on him thai sud:! dreams can be materilllized.tInongh intellectual advancemenl_. feat posSIble oDly throngh self.reading and pe=na1 research_ With the inve:dion of computer!ms cOIinnenced an a~ of electronic commmrication and online oominerce. Althoogh wutrng letters·has decreased ronsrderobly with the_ of electronic mail, it will take ",m", time !xl make our varied 1"'P"'1= Thm thrrugh reduced, people still do some writing wilber in fu!IDS of documents; m=orandums,bnsines:; contract, or researeh P"I""". EduCation has made !""'PIe more aware afhi, potential and reading and wriiing has become in,tromenW to man's slJccessjn today's: competitive. worM.

Our healfh is the only1hingwe really ha\'O in the worl!l You can take away our money, our ho~, or our clothes· md we can :surv.i.\'e.. Take away om health and we will die.. That is, why I eat healthfully,"'eTCise reglli.rty, and keep tip my .Social we

Eating hoalthfully is important to rnaintaai ,"",' .• healtIL 1 try to avoid fuoo. high m fot like _ fries OJ coohes. I a!S<) try '" IimiIthe amount of animal protaai I C<ln>ome. I ne\-er est more 1han a few ounces offish OJ clIicken • day and I rarely""t me.t I eal.lot of \<egetables and fresh fruit _ ore full of fiber and vitamins: 11 is important 10 know how 10 cook these foodS", the mrtrienfs: are not lost in the c.oobng process_

Your mm;cles must confuwe to be ,trong to .support your body '" it grow> older. ExeTCise helps the bones binId dernity and helps you rnaintaai yom paslOTe. A regnIar=<:ise program of c:mIiovascular training and weight traimrig is an important pm of keeping you healthy.

Friends are an important part of ,"",', healtlL Sfudies have ,hown thai people with. wide range of social contocls gel fewer colds and ha\'O fewer complaints 1han these who don't L:mghing is also an rrnpo_ pm ofhealtlL !like to laugh with my friends and 1 a1ways feel better when I am with them 1han when I am alone.

By eating properly and =<:ising regularly, I can keep my body ot an weight and can rnaintaai my hoaltlL By spending time ",i1h my fruni<h, I can keep my mind as well "" my body happy. !t'., all apm ofmy recipe fOT _living.







<Jl=Ym44) Topic: 165

VoIl:mteering. few hnurs eecb week to some comn:iImity aotivity i s .:n impoitilill way of investing m the futureof our society. I spend my lime w",king with elementary school cbildrea helping them to learn to read ~ good reading skills will help fhese sfudeats keep IIp wilb fum classmates, .open new worlds to 1hem, and bdp them Succeed in Iife..

Stude!!ls wbo are not good readers cannot keep up with their studies. They will not understand the 10=; they will rome to school ~ they will net be-able to perform, By !earning to read sIDdad!; will be on equal footing withtleirdassmates. They will be active particip;mts in class.

baccese adull>.we also make our parerss and relatives happy."", become adults since the IIIOIIIeII!_

So life is, be:rulifulTo become an adult means to become InOT)O independent and more re~o ... ible,

Topic: 106

The difference bsweee children and adults are very e-llSY to tell from their physical outlooks: cbildreo and small, weak, run", • poor judgment, and have to depend on adults. On the contrary, adult s are big, strong, and !II",e irulepe<Ident Every child will grew lIl' to become an adult, Wbat event. make. peI>Oll an adult?1n my personal opinion, there are a 'lot of events which rnarlr the turning paint for • peI>Oll to become adult

Book, on _en! Iifestyles, occupations, cultures, or government> will open ""'" dOOlS to stude!!ls. Students woo cent read will only J::now what·they see around them Stnd<ms who can reed will be .ble to travel to new worlds endespesiecce new idea! without ever leaviag their

classrooms, .

In many counnies, wilen a cbild becomes eighteen ;""" 01<\, he-or. she legolly become, an adult There will be a big celebration and many best wishes from reletrces and friends; the y01IIlg person moy also have a greoIlongiIlg for a bnghrfhture in his oduli life. He may m,,,,e out from his parents home and live a100e; he may start dating mil doing activities wliidt only adult. con do, such as gciagtc a p:llt_

(J"dnatlon fiom college IS another big tmning peiat fur • peI>Oll to become adult In college the. young person may reply fully or partially on his parens fur finlIru:iaI support, rut after he gradtl>tes:, he IIIllSI find. j OD fur birnseI( and live <in his own. Grado>.tingfrom college and joining the work force can also make a person an edult,

Mm:iago is '"'0 a bige\'elJI to a person Once become husband or wife, the young person starts to bike care of others, and toke responsibility for the family. ODDe the yonng person becomes • parent, he or she should '"'0 bike care of the baby.

I believe thet gotting married and have children is the most important even! thet turns a peI>Oll into on adult, Only after one get. married, does he or abe lake on the responsibility to the family an d the society.

Today, • person who can't read is ,evereIy' handicapped. A nan-reader will have to work ill the mast menial job s. ReOO=; especially good readers, have the whele universe them They will have the possibihty to learn any job that interests them.

By volunteering to help an elemen!1iIY school child learn to read, I am helping him or her not only today, but fur the rest ofhis or her life. I am helping them keep pare with their peers end eaplore the world end themselves throngh books.


Topic: 106

Everytime my f:dher=.- .something difficull,l feel omlOOS and ask my;elf"When will I become on adulf?" A children is so little thin and cowardbut an adult is very strong end wise.I want to help my parent s an d make them happy.


'some boob and movies tell me that many things can make me an adult.They are experiences or ceremonies sachas going to college.getting a job,wedding an d so on

Topic: 106

We may look jnte.every possible events.howeverjhe foremost should be tbeeatraace to oollego.From the first day on """'I'"-',we have to do • lot of thing:! all by oorselve~woiJring doms and bnying fruilsA cbild never W{lIT}' aboutfhese tInngs_ We also learn bow to protect ourselves an d hew to get well ",,1h the others, We keep alert 10 judge \\hether our _;'!IUIS ore right or wrong end distingnish wbicb is good or bad fur us. When we meet diffieulfieswe can overcome them by our "",n efforts instead of asking fur help from yon parents, we baccroe adults: since the m.oment.

There are ,S{) many differences: between children and! adults, such as adults: always make decisions independently, while children ofl'ten deal with things under the supervision of adults, Although it is a course thet a child grows up and become on .dult, I believe thai many events playa sigoificanl role in it. Based on theexpa:ience and life style of my own, leaving parens an d living alone is the event thai tum • child into an adult.

When we gradaate, we find. job and live on our own earnings. We work bard end do a good job to make om value by give om own cerfributions to the societyWe pion how to use om time end money to makeends meet We help who ore in the hardship. When we get rewards-we become adults: since the m.oment.

The main ",.,.,n of the IIrgumenII.sopport is tlet livirrg indepeadeatly coold devel<Ijl the ability of fuming an d doing independeDtIy. In fimIily, parents always prepare everything an d create a comfortable condition fur children. Ohildren at Imme ore alnantly carefree, and need not worry about cooking, washing, making cleanoing, and the only thing they have 10 care of is study. However, when living in the dormitory efscbool, they have to begin to stady how to deal with house work end how to get on alone ",,1h others. And it is more important thai they have to tInnI: independently and make decisions like adults,

Another reason can beseen by everyone is thnt to live independently a child will have to face

Then we got married and have children.We teach them how to walk, how to speak and how to





many problems which need C<Jurage and the·capabilty to cope willL Wilhont the help fiom parents, children will find there are so many uaexceptedconcrete troubles can not be resolved ouly by themselves. For example, wilen a freshmen move into dormitory, he or she have learn to chango the light bulb, dean the house, bow to get on well with roommate and so on At this time, making friends and helping each oilier ore very important for them to resolve the troubles.

no longer • separated one in which each partcan afford to be toteI1y independeni_The communication and interchange in fields Of culture. business, linam:e and oilier human activities are,ounprecedenledlyfrequent and vigorous thntthe gereral or specific i::nowledge of other memi>eJo of the global village turns to be most important to the prosperity of !be rounfry, orthe success of. people. This kind of knowledge is usually bettered actueved if pursued .e broad,

F-urthemnne; foreign experiences improve 00.:. willpower and ability of .dju.ting to • new envirorarent, and one', capability to Overcome various haJdships mil setbacks. Yoongpeople are considered aggressive and ambitious, their success is not based on comfort or easiness, but on theiiimJessanipaimta!cing elfurt and theirnev..--mding willingness to~ themseh1"". Ina fureigo country they lire confronted with greater challenges, moce unsteadiness and less help, from their.fiunilies and friends. An theseundonbtedly lead to m independent, seJ1_rting, rescarcefal j>ffi<ln who will 01", be SJimpathetic end generous to ,oilier people around

With these advaaages, we mayceaclude thnt the foreign sIDdy eapeneace enlarges • student', view of the world; lIS well as improves one"personaJjty'and:cbaracter,.wbicb will gaaranteea

IIIiJre splendid future in his we and career. '.


In addition, the _on and even the faihrre in life is very significant in the course of gronth An experience, example, or cbsercanoa impartbenenficial new knowledge and Wisdom In the same way, a failure bring children lessons and make their thooght and'be!iavir mature and sense.

General.speaking, living independently will develop the ability of <lesIing with thing> of children, le>l the OOUIllgo of cope with difficulties offhen, and ruing them many lessons. Thking into account of all these faeters, we may reach the conclusion own male a-child mature an d wise • mil turn a child into an adult.

Topic; 167

Our school has been gicen a grant to makenecessary imprnvemen!s to its facilities. We con spend it on new book, for the hOrny or on more compUl= Our schoolalready has bcoksin its li1>rary and it alresdy has , Since we have more' books fuan computes, I tInnI: thnt new computers wiIlll<=fit the students more,

Computers can acces up-to-date iIifunnation on ihe Internet Righi now, the reference boob in our Iibrary are very ouIdared_ Our encyclopedia set is eigbt )I'"'' old But-if every _ul had 3D""" to a compere, we all cculd have the West fact, and fiJ:U1"" on everything.

Unfortunately, giving <very >Indent. compntermeons we.need.1m ofoomptrt .... Righlnow, the ratio of ooinpul= to sInden!::l i, """ to twelVe. 1'his rilearu >ludentJ; <inIy get to wo:rl! <in the 00IIIjl1It"" three or fom times ~ week. But if "''''l'' ,tudei.t bad', c01l:ljlUfer, we could use it 'Whene\ref we. wanted

Topic: 108

Now, many ,_ choose to _ schools or universities outside their home countries.I think that there are-e Ict of'reaaons to explain this paeooroeecn and I would in here illustrate. few of the most ImpOrtmt ones.

''IiIfonnation on dammd" should be our 'lngan. Stnd<ms today need tots of infumIation right goes by too quicldy to wait. Ii tales forei.r to id..mJY • bonk tlmt yon tInnI: migbt have tim information you need Then you have to go to the libiaIy and look fur the book Usu.ny it's not e1,.'eIJ. there_

Firstly, I believe thai these _ would prefe to >ludy in • foreigo counfry in order to leom more advanced skill. and lecbmlogy. In generu, these _ intend to learn m a developed C01IIltry such .. the Unites St_, NeodI"",to soy, the US i. fueIllQSt de.-eloped 001IIltcry. Lt bas many famous universities: SJJclJ. as: the HA. V.ARD.n is, these filDJ.OlJS uni\· that foster il nninber of eminent talent>- Lt ;._ 1heoe W_ who let the US become the f<>reIl>OS! country in the world. All of these are an appeal to attract many fureigo students, After they gradua!e, fuey can apply the J::nowledgo they I""" to the construction of their own col:mtry. Maybe their homeland can become very developed ,o~y.

WI1h'2I oomputer~ infomJations:earches: are imtmtiIDemJS. If we all had ~ter.>: we cOJ:lld acress: more information m.d :access it faster by ,t:ompo:ter_ We could have alIlhe information we neodedfor onr schoolwork. We could all improve. om grades. Foriliese reasom, I feel thai purchasing more oompu!ers will_fit us more fuan buying mme bo'"".


secondly, 'tnding in • foreign 001IIltry is helpful to le:mt • foreigo languago. In a foreign, you have to conmwnicale wifu the ofu"", m the locallongnago.In erder toexisl, you must forne yomelf to acoept the cballengo of language, I think thet thi, "' the best W'J' to le:mt a foreign langoage.

Thirdly, nndernanding fue foreigll culture and ~ating the fureign landscape should be a reason. A1t1mngh we cm understand .some circunstmoes of a fureign country 1hrough1V or mtemet, this way "' absolutely not better fuan ;iewing m j>ffi<ln.

After under.!tanding the reosoning wove, I believe that .>luding onl>ide om couulrie, should. very good thing,

Topic: 108


Nowadays; more ;md more students 'cJIoo:se to ~ schoiili or umvern.~es :ou:l3ide their home cOlmtries. Then why :studying ~bro~d is :so jJ,tt:ractive even though it often ~~ greate" expe:nse and mare difficultieS? We may soy !bat tho"" students are bound to _fit oonsiderllbly from their foreign 'hldy <iKperience.

The roodern wmld neeo:b. people to have comprehensive I::n!miedgo and experieooes_ The world i,

Topic: 108

NowadaYS',there are more and! more :studenbi' choose to attand schools or tmi\ outside their home counmesAs fur as I am. con.oemed"there are ,sevenl reasons for the ,students: to do sol'ir:st,students.sIudy .biood dne to the reason thai they can learn more new kmwledgo and the







new way of fhiDking.Seoondly,1bey COIl make more new fiinds,and tlriedly,they can grow more illdependently.

SIudenIs study abroad can learn more new knowledge and the new W'J' ,offhiDking.Having been dnrdied for m.iny)<ears in the is necessary for smdeats to go abroad and accept the knowledge is net because the new and plentiful knowledgebtit the different ways of thinking These new thing:l. together v.ith what were Iearaed in the homeland wwld make a snidect develop in fullscale and know more .rout·the wend,

In addition,.men .tndents are snidyingebroedthey will contact with.tudeuts come from all ovathe wmid and siIreIy they will become friends~tndents·will DO! only have more friends rut also gam ]ro",'nJedge from then dring the co!IlIIlllIlication and the association.They will·talk ,brut the history of their own country and the customs of their people and they will also help each other ill study and dlriIy life.all ofwhicl! could henifu the·.tudeuts

Of course, choosing attending a univeI>i1y in the hmne country also haiie '-agi'S to some extent, for example, if you dent have much money, finishing uni,..mty education ill yom hameIDWD me.ns.ligbter l:irnlh fix you

But if all tbese factors are ccctercpleted, the advantages of attendiIlg a university ill anotber country in the horne country. From what has been discussed above, we may finallydraw the conclasioa that if you finish yom university educationabroed, you g-el a complete study and, rich and·",ler:fullife_

Topic: 168

The last hut not 1_,_'" in abroad may do thing. all by tlemselves.Therefbrejley could get rid of the protection from their parents and learn how ID face the difficulties, whicb belp !bem

grow~yandhetter ...

Siudying obroad,studen!scould harvest a lot which dae ID the stiting reasons above.In conclusion.,there are marry s.tude:Il:tS;" choose to attend schools or universities outside their contries.If I have cbance.l will dofinitelyci!oose to study abroad

Although _ em get a good education in subjects atfheir home universities, it is important ID study abroed fur ""me or part of ere's college education. Study .broad can give a. _ competency ill , now I_ge, fimriliority with. different cu1ture, end a chance to grow

in differeol waY". .

OneCl!Ilnot dony that it is importnnl to be bilinguill. Or oven multilingual in today, fast-paced world: We haVe a. globaleconcmy and comnnmication by l:otemot and S3IelIiIe TV means we must be faniifiar with other Jauguages in order to keep up willi DOW dsvelcprrents.

Knowing another Culture i s else important todoy. Respect for other peoples and Ihelr traditions will foster cooperation and peace. We should all do om part ID make sure the world is .safe for oor children, It will only be safe ifwe understand and respect other people and their culture.

Topic; 168

Al!endriJg a university ill one', home oountry or in another country is a question Some people . held the opinion that attending a univeI>ity in home country is superior 10 attending. ,university in another country. Otaers, however, contradict finishing their mm,.,rnty education abroad, Personally, I wonld prefer attending .a uni>..mty in another counrry because I thinI: it has more advan1llg<s

When \YO are rut of omeuvromnad, we feel more free to .~ with different waY" of <fuiIlg things. We are all individuals and we need time ID be on our O\W, away from our comfortable nests. We may try different things end reject them. We might also adopt them People can change and it is easier to change when you are .way from yom familysurreaadings.

There are IIIlIII<ItIlill "'"""lIS wby finishing uaiversuyeducaticn abroad is preferable, and I wonld in here explain a few of the·most jmpcrtanf OIlfS. The main ret~on is, that" oonmn:mication is mare and more important today. it takes plece in almost e\'elj' field of our lives, meIDding the field of education oertainly. So attending' university in another couzny CI!Il get driect and qnirk oonmnmication 'With the world It can be given a concrete example. I am. a law school student and my countrYs low education is _=fby thaI of Germany. So most of what I'leaned WlIS translated from the book. in Germany. Translation, you know, =1 beIp hl.isting the writeJ:!' true meanings sometiines and iIIw,),' needs meeh time. So the result was that I got inaccurate information sometimes and always COIl not·cotciL up wi1h the latest views. What ifl frnish my university education in Gennarry? Ilhoughllaler.

Anofher reason why ladvoclllO the ottitodo oflllteuding.l1IIiv=ify m- country is that it is contributed to complete my personality. Toke the ease of .; thing that studying ,broad me= I can1 my on my family Mllle only depeadcc myselfwbon Lmeet troubles. 'Ihis independent.

FmIIlIy, attending a univ=ity in another country can bring me a lot of'pleasure, Tho study and life overseas must be different from that ill my home country. So finishing university education abroad . not only gives me en enlireIynew study, but also give. ne'eneatnely """ life, which uast be illteresting. In addition, attending a umvesity ill another country also give. me a chance to make

Study abroad can beem:iching. Not only can we leama new language, understand more about a different Culture, but \YO can Ieam more about ourselves too. M tbe same time, of course, we are getting m education in the formal sense.

Topic: 169

Music seems 10 be a nafimll need for people. I've read that from ancient limes human beings have prcdccedsocads from "instruments" like rocks or skins stretched over a wooden frame. Music is something most people w:mt and need, I think it', important because it CI!Il be a major part ofboth coIllIllllIlity and individual experience,

Music", a way of sharing a common bond or feeling. When we're children, \YO learn very simple songs' called nursery rhymes. Those ,ongs beIp make us part of our culture by telling us what's acceptable and \\hIII', not We pi')' and sing music ill our religious ceremonies became it enhance, the worship experience, We play IIIIlSic when we're going to war or celebrating the fact that we've won a war,

We have national an1hems ID share our love and pride for our particular country. We have music





we play for 01II school, we play for our athletic team. ill fuct, music has become a big part of athletic games. We use it to taunt the other """" as well as celebrate when points are. scored for our team.

Groups or organizstionsere an importl!Ilt part of our life because we are social people: We like to get together with people who", attitudes and beliefs-are like OOTS. Tho most.important groups-for us-are our families, 'our religions orgenizotioos,.:md our political organizations,

Our fumilies are obviously our nest important grOUjJ. Yau will never find the pby:sical and emotional support froru l!Ilj'.other group that you will find in yom family . Your family is part of YOU; )'00 are tied to theru by blood. They will always be therefor yru.

Music", also a major pert of'individual espererces. Wben we fall in love, nmsic is usually apat of that experience, about having "our "'ng.' That means the song that WlIS playing .men they met or a Song they both liked when they fun in love. When we gel married, we play DIIlSic before and after and sometimes during the ca-emony. It 'ospre= how we feel. We play music to calm our nerves, or. to stimulate ourselves to get on with it task. We also play music fur tho; 'imple enjoyment of listening 10 the eciinds,

Similarly, oorreligiousorganizations= provide. comfort for us in times of'stress. Wh<n we ore with people who have the same beliefs, we feel better. Ore beliefs are based on tradition, These .beliefs hove. been tested ""'" time. '!'hose beliefs tell lIS bow 10 respond and how to act

Our political organizations change "we charge. Some years we may feelconserveuve; other yo"" we ma}' foe! more liberal, \Vhat""", our political p!nlo.sophy. wecanfiad epclizical organization that match", our tbinI:ing at themoroent These political organizations belpus be apart of the larger connmmity.

Whother tbe group is tightly knit like' family, spinrnal fike religion, or secular like politicg.fhey all serve a function in our Iife, They·.1IIl help us feel as if.we belong.


Music is special ID us because it expresses our connection with our culture, end because it enhances 0!1T indWi<fual expeieaces, Nothing else seems to capture our feelirigs qUite so well


Topic: 169

l\Itmic pbys a very important role in om Iifu. \lle'~ almost bear aaaic anywhere. Different IIIIlSic serves different functions in our life. Wby is umsic important ID mmy people? 'Ihe reasons are presented belaw_

Music is a ''ery .important form of art Like other arts, music is nbiquilous and has become a part of our life. The whole lifetime of moot people isaccraeparaed by music. A baby falls in sleep in 'the music of.lulliiby; '.young·studarJ in>y I""" to pI.y .IIl!lsitili ills_ and IistOo to music . from the radio, 'IV and a Walkman_ There", InU>ic for birthdoy., fur weddirigs. fN Christmas, fbr New Years day_ There is DJJJSic for every ,single occasion m omlife..

Topic: 171

IT I were to leave my home fo.-, yoar, there is one thing I definitely wonld taJ:e witb me: my oellphonoi. WitllIny cellphon_e, I could·CaIl mY friends ot fumily if 1.,,.- WiS lonelv, needed

advice, or ju.t WI!Ilted·to talk. . .

We are ,surrounded by \rarl.oUS kinds: ofnm:sic :since we were born and lIIllSic.lw: become an illtegn1 pm of om life. Interesting enough, IIIIlSic often ,erves " an import:mt pm to other art fuIIDS., such as: music in dancing, dcmJ.a mdDJ.O\lies. N .. a matter offuct, many fumou:s'music piec,es come lIDm dancing and movies~ SIlch as' the theme lIDm "'Love Stmy.'"

IT I were away from hmne for a yoar,l would he ;'ery lonely, espocia!ly ill the beginning before I made frienth, Ifl oonld Call my mother and flllher, I would hoar their familiar voices and I would not feel '" lonely. Hearing my fiiends' \'Oices would lIlso help me o\"=me my ,odness.

Music "'pm ofthehi.tory. Thohi.tory ofIlJ1JSic i. almo.t .. long .. the lIistory ofhmwm civilizations. Music from old times has be:omo the groot CulfiIre heritage to us. 0110 of !he examples "' classic InU>ic ofBee1hoven and Tchaikovsky. People enjoy their music from generation ID generation.

Li.tening to IIl!lsit "' QUO of the IIlQSt popular forms of_There are '0 mmy kindS of IIIIlSic that can .lmit tastes of differenj people Young people like pop IIIIlSic and RocJ:-3Ild-Roll and older people mayeujoy classical IIl!lsit and opera. Whether we are happy or.sad_ there will always be InU>ic thet \YO CI!Illimen ID.

People CI!Il "'Pres, !heir feolings and emotions through music. 1.0\= ollen play ",ft Iove.songs to :show their lo\'e and devotion to each other_

fve never been on my own so there are many things I iIlIli not :f.u:niliar v.ith. fve De\'er opened il bank aocounl, got a driver', license, or made my OW'll food. Ifl hod to cook cIricken or something, I cruld Call up my mother and she could tall me bow ID make dinner.

Sometimes, I may jmt wml ID talk ill my own Jauguage. Wi1h my oellphone, I could call my friendS and teR theru .boot my new life. Thi. would make theru jealous of mo I wonld Call them a lot '0 they conld hoar all !he wonderful thing:ll aru <fuing.

For mo • cellpbone "' a ueoessity. I wonld need it anytime I wa, lonely, anytime I uoodod ID do something I didn~ J:uow bow ID do, and anytime I just WI!Ilted to talk. Of coorse., !he phone bill will he sent 10 my parents.


For the reasons' presented. above, we em ,see how important nm:sic is to our life. It is bard to imagine il history without music., md:it life without music...

Topic: 171

Topic: 170

IT I were goiIlg 10 !ravel for a long time, what should I W:e besides the clothing and personal care items? Tho fiert thing carue into my mind "' • """""". Not only be:mse I am a phoIDgraplring amIIIeur, It really worth • lot. Lt will recOlll my trip exactly and vivaciously. I could .share the photo, with the", who cl!Ilnol tnvel fN '0 long , time like me. And it may help me in emergencies,







By laking the photos; I cruld record my trip easily. I dcc't Deed to speed a lot of time on wrilting do"'"Il what 1_ so that 1 ccaldrest more. The jnteresting cosnane of the people; the escfic architectures, the gr ea t scene, and so on, everything will be """ down" by the camera. Obvi""-'ly, the photos are Diy whole life', treasure, because, maybe I will never. be there again,

Not "'''''}'ODO could bece the oppotunity like me to travel such along time. They may be busy all the tme, or may not haveilealthy body to travel, Fortunately, my friends could eojoy the photo. I take during Illy trip. They could see what interest me viiIhoUt stepping our their house.

Fmthenncre, the camera Iiiay help me if I were in short Of money. 1 would exeImiIge my camera to get IIl<lD"Y in case Of"__. The most .-.mabie 10 me is the.films I take not tbecamera

it.elL .

scboel.admiaistrator iliould begin by giving students-a complete orientation 10 theit new school They should toke them on, tour of'tbe.schocl and show1hem the classrooms, gym,ccmpuler lab, band room, and cafeteria. They shruld len them about the his!my Of the school, its academic aehievernents, ani! its athletic.and debating teams. TIl< administrator 10 the ,tudenI:s.bout .what's 'expected Of them ito the classroom am!.what rules the school has.

TIl< school counselor should till to the students about what they're most inIeresIed in s!ndying IT these are older sfudeats, the counselor can ask them ebouteareer interests.If'tbese are young" students, the couaselorcan ask than shout their favorite subjects al their old school. The counselor can tell the students about all the eatracurriculer ,ativitie. there life at the school. For example, the school migh! offuthing, like sports, art, rnuaic, and wolking on. school newspape<.

TIl< teachers have the most important job wben it comes to new students. Ir" "" to them 10 help thestudents meet o1her stedents in class. They can than learn bow classes are conducted in their new school They Can other students to make .friendS ~i1h irew people and be1p them learn the SJISlem- Since they're with the students the moot, they em keep an eye on'them and make sure they're.adopting well.

'Both the adalta and the other students _Io'tielp new _ feel apart of their new school. If, not easy, but it p~ys off .. ith happier, more successful students in the end.


So, ito the personal reoessities, I strongly recomrread you to tskea Camera. You could record what l''''' see III enytime Tbephotos you take will certainly be a fortuae to share wi1h friends. And YO" can exchonge Il1OrIeJ' in jouremergencies.


Topic: I7l

When you"",. beautiful view of rising SIIII, when }'OO"'" a spectacular waterfall, when you enjoy the mo~ you travel with your:li:iends:, at 1hi> time, what do you especially want? I believe the answer is a camera, It is also what I would take ito 'ddihon to clothing ani! personal care items, when I plan to have a long trip. Among countless: factors, there are two conspicuous aspects as fuUow~

The main reason fur taking a C3IIleI1I is 0 camera will record everything thai happens ill a trip. If you encounter beauti:ful scenery, you can take a picture of it. If you meet a humorous and nice person in it trip, you can have :someone takea a picture for you and the new fi:i.end_ If you meet a girl you love in the trip, why not ask yom Iiiend to take a picture when you send a rose 10 her'! Let's' imagine how disappointed! it is: if you do not have a camera with yOll! at 1hat time,

Topic: 172

Another reason em beseen by every per>on that each picture is a memory. Maybe a per>on will take many trips in hit life, nyou take many pictures in each trip, you wilI1in11 it is just like a novel about yom own life. When yoo are old!, you will alW3J'" recall many things thai happeoed long before. At that time, I swear that you will take out the albums and "read" than v.i1h happy tears. You also cenfind bow you loved the life am! what a pleasant life that god gave you.

It is: und.aubtfu1lly important for a freshmm to get accustomed to the new environment as soon as possible )of course ,the ability of ildap:tation varies from one peISOD to the other ,with !be ncre rough Situation fur these Who have """..-Ieft his or tier home am! lived alone ,rut what lole >houId·the school Flay considering hew 10 help the newcomers to adapt tbemserees to the new surro~ and the new .lrrn.sphere2

I think .the school .shocld at fiTI;j offer the orientation service tothe newcomer to aid than ito becoming familiar with the kind> ofbuildiIigs .such as the lab buildings ,the teachingbuildiDg ,the dormitory apartnect ani! So on ,which will be ,I convenience for the newcomers' later study am! fifeThen .the school had better develop the relevant service neIwaIk and hand out the brochme and other materials offhe iatroductioaofthe school as weill as the service booklets ,in which all the service phone iImnl:>= IIhould be included ",i1h the pmpooe of of!ioriog the service when and \\hereBesides ,the school shcuId organize the volunteers to. be at hand fur the new students to consult and tbey elsc can give. briefjmroductioa of'fhe school

What is more ,the school shoulddevelop tbe atrncsphere for. the prospective _ to feel-at home and like to'study and live arthesdiool even at the lim Sigh!.Ai? we an known ,ifinipressed by the s<=ery or """"' person or oome'where ,I the Imt sigh! ,we will nmmilly have • crave to experience the """""y keep in touch wi1h tbepersoa live there for along time even ifyrnt had at first planned only to"stay fur • ","",le of days is the schaclIffhe new students are-impressed by the the attractiveness cf'scenery ;theJ:indne", of the vohmteera .tbe timely services and all the other things they have experienced-at fhefirst day ,it will inevitably attract them to live and s:tudylll the school.

Above the MO reasons, yoU! can:find! it is very important to take a camera. with your trip. And that is my choice when I am preparing fur • trip.


Topic: 172

,~IIlO\-mg inlo a new community and attending a newschool can fare a tot of problem>. Their biggestworry isusually fitting m, The scheol counselor, the.scbool', administration and the students' teecbers can all help the students come through jhisespaieace successfblly. They can engage other students to become involved with the new stadents, too.

New students ito a school reed to feel like pm of the school comnnmity as quickly "possible A

'Of coarse .dezens of services the school can offer besides the above saidbut the aim of the service is. the sam;, ,thai is ,to help the new student. to get used to the new·erMronn:ienI snore quickly lin<! make than love 10 s:tudy am! live .t the school and be free ofDl>Stalgia fur seme




(E:;sayID: 501. Thi5 ts 31 5 p.;m: I!S!";S)')

curse .. lves andour place in the universe. As iidults-, many of us bave:cotIt:irw.ed to be self-absorbed. We j oin health clnhs to be perfect in body end ge into therapy 10 be perfect in mind

When I think .boul oor actions, it seems that my parents' gereraticn is more "outer" directed and my generation is more "inner directed. II

Topic: 173

I dent think it's a very geed idea 10 borrow money from • ffiead, It can C31lSe resentment and ewkwardaess in the relationship. How do you approach your Iiiend wi1hout maJ:ing him feel he has to do this fur yoU? It's unlikely he'U feel as n he can turn you down. Can he tum you down witheut insulting you? Probably not.


How do you know \\hether yom friend em afford to lead you the money? He may be embarrassed to admit he', 0 little short of funds himself. Or he mighl not want to diaappciat you. So he lends you the mOlle)' and theo tie needs money, too.

Topic: 175

In III}' country, the lectcre system is the'most common system. II is the-one I prefer for three ",""OIlS: I3IIl Used to the lecture.system; il is an efficient system; I am-too shy to till in clas s,

All my life, I have listened to t ea chers. They come inlo the room; open their books, and start to lecture. We .students sit quietly 'at OlD desk, am! take notes. We never ask questions because we don't want to seem stupid M the end of the eomse.we are given. test If we can repeat on the _whet the teacher said in class; we will get a good grade.

The lecture sy>teni is ,an ·efficient one. The !eocher i, the one who knows the sobject; not the _. It"" wa>le of!iine 1isIening!o a :rtu<lenI'"ideas. What good will that 00 me?· .oort_ I \v;mj the teacher to give me as IDIK:h information .. tie Or she can during the class period.

There's also the question of when you'n pay bock the Imm It's awkward fur your friend 10 ask for a deadline fu.-repo)ID"rIt. Besides, ifyoille,hort of funds, you may not be able to predict when you'll pay him hack. What about inle<est on thelom?lfif, asmall amount of money, this doesn't IWItIer. However, if large funds are involved, and you won't be paying it back for a \\hile, should you offer to pay interest?' Should your :friend ask Y0ll! to pily interest? All these issues: can result in hort feelings and can hann the friendship.

It', possible; of C<lUflie., that if you bOlTOW money from a frien!I and pay it had: ito a tirneIy fashion, this will creote a special bend between the two of you. Y",,1] know thai you em count on your friend when you oeed help. He'll know you're trustworthy.

Eveo n we could till in c1""", I wuuld JIe'I1a"opeil my mooth. I eni =h too shy. 1 W<lIIId be afraid the o!her students wimld laugh III II>O and make fun ofmy idea. I prefer to listeD to the teacher and memorize the 1eacheJ'. ide ...

However~ moOre often than not, money issues between fiiends are 3D. ·em'bilITilSsmenf_ Ifyoo need! money, it' •. better to go to .il:rnJ: fur.almm


I hope I can alW3J'" study in a schoolwhere they use the lecture system. I think it i, better to ooutmi\e with what one is med·to. I aloo think that therei •• lot ofmformation!hat I musllearn in the m",t efficient manner possible. I wooldn1 waut to interrupt , teacher with my foolish questions.

Topic: 174

The prin~ipal differences between my generation and my p..-miis' geru,r.tion are in how they to otheJ:s_ My generahon is more toierllIl! ol other people's choices, Ies, concerned .bmrt what others think, and more seIf-eentered.


My parads' genera.tion ha., stricter standards about whafkinds ofbeha"ior are aorephIble. They scmetimes have • hafd time o=pting the fact that othe< people may have diJ'!erod idea. aboul whefs r:ightand what's wrong'-Mygeoeration think, people.should ba\'ea lot of choices. For <="pie, they choose whani they waut to li". with, whether -or not to bave cl!iIdren, whether or not to practice, partioobr religion, and what to do for .• living.

Topic: 176

Most C<l1III!rUos already have many hclid:!ys. In my country, China, we hav" nineteen offioial holidays~ How"""-, I belie\"< that·my new OOlid")', "Walking Day" woold be very beneficial am! should be added to the inneIeeo tielidays China already has.ln tliis """y, I will outline the three main rea.on.why "Walking Day" would be • very good hofulay.

Frrst, woIkingis good""acise. k we all know, people all """" the "orld are becoming busi<:r lin<! Wsier. They are .tud)iDgmilre and.more '0 iIut they canhaie betterjok When they wmk, they are wod:ing more and IIIOre. k , result, people have less-time fur other importmt.things in theit lives" including ",errue. We can read report. in the 1"w'I"per> everyday .bout people wtie ha,,,, wm:se health and oomplilin.bout poor heel1h condihon. Many of these problems could be rednred by e=ci>ing more and Walking is oae of the best and smiple>t =iso. fu.- people.

'Second, by will:ing, we Can redncol"'thition and thereby protect the eIl\'ironment As leclmology inipro,,", all over the world and peopie have more and more money; they are starting to """.1hi>. IIlOIle)' to buy automobiles. k a result, people are using public Ir.m>portation less- and I"". Driving one's ()'I;Ilm ,!=iif e;very day ~ bad a very large i:mpiJd on the envlrOIllIlffi! as: a rerult of tM· 'peUution <:reoted by gas bmning automobiles. Walking i. the perfect way 10 redoce pellution sinoe there !Ire so many other _ts as well.

My parents (generatinn is IIJiIch IllilTe concerned ,heut what other people think ·of them. Many

. grew uP in tighHy ·knit comnnmities whe<e people knew each other's familie,. Filting in mean! that youhad'to IIC!. cerlain way Many ofiny genemtion grew uP in loosely knit coimmmities, where we only know about "",closest II<igbbors, We didn't care what the rest of the oommunity thought olus. AIoo, ",,,were. very rebellioiJl; generation lin<! ollen did things just to shock people.

W'hereve:rwe grew up: most ofmy gem:rati.on didn't ha\'-e to worry about bavingenough to eat or a roof over our headS. My p""""'" _.nOll did. They grew UP' during the Great DepresSion, when many people were poor. For thi, reason, my pe<ent. didn't have time 10'anaiy2lo theit feeling. or think oboul theit inner seI,-e~ 1'lley "ere too t.isy tIying to get by. Children of my geoeratinn werewelllllkencare ofby theitparent •. Because of that, we hod time to think obout







Fllial!y, by walking; people can slow down the PS'" o[their lives, Perhaps Ibis is one of lire greatest benefits of walling more, Life at the beginning of tberew miIlermimn is stressful-people are competing wifh each other for better jobs, and companies are competirig willi each oilier fur business. Many people start to fmgel' IIbou! the. irupertarce of slowing dow" in their lives.,of simply enjoying the nio_. People need to contemplate li!fe more. Walking is a perfect ~ty to slow dOWD; !funk ateut iife, and simply enjoy the big, beautiful world that we live lIL

The first and mest impoItml reason is that • car Clill bring him correeeience. Undnllbted1y, no-wadajls people rely on ~1IrS for transportation more thane\fer before. For """"'PIe, whan he drives a car to go shopping, he may feel more oonvenient and can pick II!' mere-groceries than before because lie can purgrcceries in the car trunk instead of canyiDg them bybaads. Perthemme, when be lWII1S to pick somebody up., or travel to •• cenic spot, a car will make bim

feelcom .. enieat. .

Finally, we could celebrate this holiday by eaccuraging people to walk instead of dming or taking the bus forat least one trip during the day. I believe that people could find at least one trip doring the 'd'J' thai they rook! make on foot instead of scane'otber furm of'jransportation, For esample, if people usually drive \0 a large supermsrketto boy food perhaps they could walk to a closer,

. smaller market to boy only a few iIIiI¢. 1 believe 1hat while, pecple were walking, they would be enjoy the exercise and the fuosh aii-and would be ,hie to think calmly and c!eorty.

In short, ifl had to ereare a new holiday, 1 would create "WalkingDoy' because of the mliily simple benefits it could provideus.

Another great reason why 1 eno:OilllIge my friend to bcye Car is thaI my friend will not spend much time on cOIlllllUting ·ooymore. Everyday we wastetoo IIIllcl! time on waiting fur a bus or riding" bicycle to work. We.all experienced the frustration of tiling a bus. After having their own

cae, such the problems will di.appeanllrtomalically. .

Of course, if my liiend decides to usehis IIlOIlOy to go on a ".c:iti<iil, I thiuI: thai there are some edvanrages also. For example vacation may increase hi. personal experience and knowledge, and may even reduce many trouliles that are related to a car .. But if all the net= are contemplated, I think thai the am'llIllllge' of buying the car will carry more weigatthen those of going OIl vacation

From what lias been discnssed.abcce, I =y safely draw .. the condusiontbat buying. car will be correct <boice for my friend_

Topic; 176

October 24 is Union Nations D.y. The day is noted in thecaleadars, rut not observed as e holiday around the world, I WlIIlt the entire world to celebrate the birth of the United Nations because of it. attempts to promote peoee, edncetion, and health :!round the world' .

Peace is tbemostimportant thiug1hat-we can have today. The sooner the! we can-stop war the sooner wecsn all have better liveS". There are countries iYOlIDI:li the world that have been at war fur geceaticns. In some of these countries, UN Peacekeepers h""" jecrporarify stepped the violence SiO people can go about their lives. IT this peace could be madeJ,sting, the live, "f!hase

citizens would be nm ch richer, .

Topic: 177

Trying to decide how to use your money is ""'1IJ" !ougIL Should you me your money to buy • car or go an a vacation? Both afford bnrting pleesere, but of a very different kind. From • vacation you get the pleasure of doing wonderful things and of t<>tally relaxirig and enjoying yourself The memories you bring bene with yOu can give you Ilia! same pleasure again every time you think of theJIL

The UN acticelyworks to prcmcte education. Uni""",alliti=:y iscre of-its-irupertant goals. Every child in the world deserves to !:now how to read and write.·The·UN is also involved in job trnining for odoJts. The age of information technology demands. new job skilla- The UN works wi1h oonlimriug education progwns around the world '0 workers are riot left out ·ofthe job mallet

The UN lias played an imtrurI>mlaI role in the.eradication of smallpox. Polio vaccines end AIDSawareness progwns have also helped reduce the incidence oftbese diseases. There is a lot to be

done in these areas: .

A car Ill", give' youpleasare, every fine youdrive it There's the pleasure ofnot lining to depend on poblic traasportation, You can ge places ol'fthe beaten tr:ad, m.a-e public transpcnation doesn't go. '!'here is also the pleasure of being indepeudent Yon are able to ge anj'OO:ere yom car can lake you, withoot depending oa others

A , ra cation .gives you tlecppcrtuaity to learn new things and meet new and intererting people. However; if, only for a short peried Of time. A car gives }"" the saroe cppcrtunifies on. small"" level, but an a mere regular basis. Wrth, car, you can go someplace new """y weekend. Yon cenalsc join, car pocl. That _yyon coo sharetravel expenses with the new people you meet

Same people might sily thai spending yom money on a vacation instead of an a car is being impracti<al. But nothing is as satisl'jiug as a really geed vacation, It', menially and physically healthy. II gives you. chance to get ''''''1 from all that is fiuniliar to you and see the wodd froma new perspective, It-lets YOll dn nothing but play, the way you did when you were. child. Being able to play even for .a short period of'tine, is .lisoLutely necessary fur everyone', menial beaIIIL I would choose fue vacation, because we all deserve. to indulge oerselvee sOmetimes.


Much of the work of the UN is unknown and lIIIdenppreciated. If""" wanr to live in a peaceful wcdd, where """')' child can attend school and where e"",), citizen has access to health care, we need to support !be work of the UN. We need to recognize it. irnport:mre and celebrate its birthd'J'.

Topic: 177

Between going OIl vacation and buying • car, I would like my friend to boy. car. Below iswlry.

Topic: 178




Now that we are in a ""'" millennium, we can assume there: will be ~, in the world, I predict that the changes will be in the areas ofinforrnationdissanination, globalalliances, and Wni1y structure.

childrerte grow II!' ha1ll1fuly. With tbese, children con fOIDl eaoelleat character and be confider!! in dning things.

In the past decades, the computer was 'respansible for changing the·way information was organized Now, the computer phis the Internet i..changing the wa), infaImatioo is spread. Information will now be univ..,.]ly .. ailable to anyone with acomputer, You will not have to go to lilmlrien to dn research; you "ill not hal" to travel to visit scholars, you will not lin re to go to • bookstore to buy • bock, YOu can do all of this from your home on the oomputer.

In the post decades, the nations of the world aligned themselves with the United States, the former Soviet Union, 01" with one another in a loose alliance, .In t:I:E future, these alliances, v.."ill be more fluid. Same countries will oligo poliIicaIly with one cenntry, but economically willl'allother. Same coitataes will share technology and other information, but will not trade' together. Same countries, which have long beat enemies, will align militarily for regional security.

The family structure willnot be based 011 a _lfathedchild patten Single parent families will be more comznoaaadoften tfe child will not be a biological child of the singIe peent, but will be ~ted_ Other fmrily structures like domestic partnerships will become more accepted.

What""" the changes may be, whether in the way we receive information, the way nations align with 0;" another, or the way fumily units are defined, )'OUcon be sure thai there will be more

change. Change is a oonstmt . .

In • word, to-be a good p..-eni is not OIl.easy thing, but with Pllffilts>effuJt, each parent can do it liery well. From what I hare stated above, yoo may .gree with my·statomem that eeasideretion, exouragemen, communication and care are the qualities ofa good P aect

(E'SBSYID: 411_l'his i.!I3I :5p;!iJIt.esS3)'}

Topic: 179

I am fortunate '10 have good parents '0 it is ensy for me 10 identify the qualitie'l that make them· good, These qualities ore unconditional Love, trust and respect forme endmybrotters and sistera

All mothers and fathem Love their children, 1bey.rnnturethem and keep thernfrom harm. But not all Icve is unconditional, Scmeparents would not Iov€ their children if they married scmeone of a differenlre!igi<in or from • different ethnic _. Same parents would not love their children if they were of adifferent sexual orreaaticn My parents would. Myparenls-wookIlo\",,,,, regardless of whom we married 0-:- whom we Chose to Icve,

Topic: 179

Differenj parents lin.., differenl methods io teach their own childien. Wheu.!acod with the decision ofwhat ",me of Ihe qualities, of. good p:lffill =, each ",""on has his own opiniim_ From my point of 'Oew, I consider thaiconsideriilion,enrouragemont,ronmmnic.tion, and care are the qualities m. good parent There are IIllIIEi-ou" reasons why I bold the abo"e opiniOn, and I wouldexplme only. few of the importBnt ones here.

The primary r .. ion wby I persist in the above opinion is.lIIat these qualities belp parents and children to noderiltand each other. For """"'Pie, consideration is "key to good relotionships between parent. and their children_ When porents stand at children's point ohiew, it is easier for them to imdern:md wby childr<n is behaving like that and what lhay are ihinking_ This is will gi\--. parents a full understmding, and they will be ·.ble ro find • ,mct.hle method to teach his children what to do COJJ<ctly and bew t<> do on such a thiug. By m::h considerotinn and corrnmmicatioo, children, of cornse;. can .<:eop! their's advice. Meanwhile they can elimirmte the ,o-ealled "generntiongap", and the relatiorulrip betweenparenb and their children is getting a1ong.liery well

Part ofunconditioaal 10,,,,, My parents trust us to 00 what is righl. They knew we would never 00 aIIything to hurt them <II to disgrace thern_ They trust us SiO we trust than. We are conlident that !hey wonld """'",dn anything rn hmt us.

'Becawe our parent. 10'''' us, they also r<>pect U'l. 1bey tim '" as indiVidiliis. They accept our differences. They 00 not expect.", ro be·like thern They want us tobe our own persoDS. They \\'aDl us to·IIl.o1ke our C1~'"D wilY in lire w~ld, not follow .in their f~teps..

W:ithou! their love, I would not be as oonli<funt os I am Without their trust, I would IIDt be free to 00 what I want. Without their respect, I wonld nol feel C<lmfortable being on my OWIL All children >hould have such wonderful pareuts. .


Topic.: 180

Iike"""t young guy. IIike movies verynmch. If you .sk me wby movies are '0 popular I !funk theIe are 4 reafi[}TIS_

Another !acror which ,hould deser;.., same words is·lIIat these qualities em promote children to make progress. For inst_ enoouragemenI is an effective way fN • porent to teach his children. When • child fails to do SIlIIlelhing, becau>e of his limited knowIe.Jge and experieoile, if his parent can encmJJlIge the child to do n ,gain and belp !he child analyze the rea,,,,,, wby what he has oone i. wrong. Then the child can iearnIllOreknawledge.and will try it ogain, andha will SlKoeeiI in ooing soch • thing finally.

What is more, these qualitie. help children grow II!' healthily. When parents bl:e c"", of their children, children 'can' feel family's Clire and can stay,.t horne,=.' happy. This. is very useful for

Firstly, movie. ui I' are m effecti'>e tool fN te.rning English. I remember wlien I ",en! to XingDongFmg school \0 study English I alwlIys wonied IIbou! my poor Iistening sI:ilL Then I acrepted • teacher's .dvire· and started to Watch some English IiIo'I.-i"". What made me heppy"''aS thai I "'" !lU"'" what the characteIs in the mOl""', s:ry and I cm learn SOllIe nseful words and expressions from theJIL GradJ.edly I fomtd that English is not '0 difficult \0 understand and it became more and more interesting to me. Now I CllIl "l' II>O\'i"" IIotonly listening sI:iLl but also' make me more interestest'in te.rning English

'Secondly, mo";,,, c.n satisty diIIerent:pilople" oeed Some married people like TIlmalllic'rIloviesc From tbase they can know what true love is. Snme young people like oction movies. Some older _le·may like cJamc movies that can remind the P'" thing<. So it i. obvious that movie em enrich people's ipirituallife.

Thirdly, !Il<lvies can open people's eye'. Now with the modem teclmique, sciadist can show







_le·_ outside space look like in movies. Geol ... gists can show people whal earth look. like IDillions of years .go. It is through movies 1haI people can know cultures fuJin many other fuIeign coitatries wilhout tm;<ling.

In a word, mcviebas bam. p,ut'ofpeople's life. N",..rthel ess I <1001 think that movie, like horrible movies and porn movies ore good for 8lI people; ~ bmw> fuat YOlllI!': people can mimic language and beheeiora thatthe movie shewed easily so that a movie rating 'l'~- is nea=iI}'.

broad d'J'ligbt

Now lama student, but I know semeday I will be • scientist or a pohticim or a famous model_ When I go to the movies, I can see my role models. I they act, what they we", bow they talk. I can prepore myoeIffor the d'J' when I will be like tho.m

E""" though my life is quiet, lean go to !he movies and watch scareoneelse's life. I can share their-enoticns and their ""erydoy lifu. I wonder if they would like to share eiine,

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Topic: 181

Have you ever- seea a film that tears your tear? Have j'01.l, ever Impressed on the movie about a love srory'! Have Y<Kn,\'e[ fuImd'alot·ofdongs 1ha1 you did not know from illiIvies71fyoo do, I believe will know why movies are popular all over the world Among countless factors with the popularity of movies, there are three oon>picuous as poets as follows,

It', hard to dooy that with fhe developing ofecnomics there i. more and more land used for housing and iadastry.Butfn use land aefwo-foldedweaperyon may golbenifits from it,but in many cases you may meet troubles.

The main reason for Its 'populinity is we em learn. many things :from movies. Frcm a mmzie abem love, we can learn bow tocoIIlIID1Ilicate with our 10'VeIS when ttere'are some crisis between Our emotion, From a IDO;ie about history, we can learn what-has happened before and how the m..mli:ind evolved From a mocie eboutwar, we can learn how cruel the 1N3J is, and how important 'the peace is.

For my emml:ry,China,whieh ho,.her childrenfar more Ihari :my .o!her country, fiie need to leave land in it> natural condition outweighs the need to develope it fOF housing and industry.Here are the reasons for it

Anotba- reason em be seea by every peISOII is that movies have become the relaxation mode little by Iittle, In. silver moooIigbt it is so ,omantlc to go to see • love story movie with your girl:friend or your boyfriend. E,,,,,, ym. em imitate the ,!o,y that bappered in the llJm,ie with yoor girlfriand or boyfriend, I believe you can lind it is """'fimrI\', and it will be a deep impressimi on the love between you and he or she.

Ferthenncre, I think movies ore just like art A good art will attract lot. ofpeepje, so. creative movie will also be popular all 0""'" the worid With the. de.eloping of the technology, I am sure more' and good moves will be created by the directQI"ana other movie workers.

First.China is oneoffhe moot polhned 00UJJIIies in the world'Ihereedfor land 10 belef undeveloped is more necessary now than-ever beforaBecanse in this way the land wi.l.l bring us many plants and beasts.especilly plants, which contribute much 10'.1",,= pollution and make the -eertha good place fur living.

Besidesjeaving the butd alone is important fur. country to develope permanenIlylfwe used lIP all the land fur houm.g and indI1stry, what shall we leave fOJ our ~1 A polluted earth with her sopping face'!Ihot is • problem more and more recognized hy many scieats and polioutioas ill"

From all weheve discussed" there is no doubt that movie is one of the most.popular en:tertaimnem: all over the world.

The Iosl'bn! not the leastjbe number ofpersoas In'. in China is growing rapidly.Te leave the land alone DOW when it is necesoary and can be used feasibly is the best w:ry to solve the problem refered before.

In all,though it is a hard chcicamore mil more people are aware !hal the need fur Jand 10 be left in its natural condilioo is more Ihari be developed fur housing and irldostry.

Topic; 180

Movies ore popular.because people aregreat watcbers. They like to watch _peopleS' 11\"". 1hoy like to live vicariously. By going to movies, we. can escape cirr own lises; share other emotices, and i:m.a~ ourselves as SOJIlffJD:e else.

:Many of our lives are nat ;IS adsenmrous or ~1lS as 'the jives .in movies. We do not battle e;i] all day long and then go hack to our lu.'<lIiious penthouse epertmeat, We just school, deoor homewmk; to our friends, and Sleep We need a little eaciterrent in om lives and we lind exci_ at the movies,

Topic: 181

E_ thoogII om population is io:cr-easingand land isneededfor housing anddovelnPmem, I wculdbope that our countryceuld savetheland in its natural state fur fulme generations to enjay. This.Jandwould he good fur promoting tcmi=,.fur preserving the eavnonnent, and fur remembei:ing our history.

Although tourism bas many negative side effects, It is an irldostry that con createenormous revenues. Tourists of course need "'lIllillIing to see .. They·wooId not 0"""' to ourcounlJy to see rows'of3jl3I1Jrlenl buiIdiogs or new industrial parks. Who! is interesting for tourists is the pristine countryside that om country is !::nown fOJ.

Humans are.-OJ}' emotional people. We all like to cry and laugh. Fcrtueately, there is not much to cry. about in my life so I like to go to sod IIJj};i« where,ny hear'! ;!ringo can he tugged.I also Iike to go to comedies so ] em hrugIi. 1 tend to cry and laugh more in. dark movie theater than 1 do in'





industries wooJd further pollute our rivers and air. We need trees and wide open spaces tn make us feel like humans, not Inochines.

Untouched land reminds us of our history. \1ihen we wall: through the oounIry>ide, we can iraagiae our ancestors <in the same path. If we rover the eerfh With asphalt. and concrete, we will loose touch with our past. We will fmget our roots.

that everyone.likes then. Wlien pet. are hungry,peOpl"oooJ: delicious food fix them,wben petS ore ill, people toke care ofthem, TIre owners hove 10 help than pets wosh themsiell.ies and tell them stories and ,ay goodnight to. then, People may find if I very hard end tiringllut they also lind they ore so omnipotenct and importmI to than pets.

In the other hand,Pets· are so reliable and loyal.When the old feel lonely or sad, than pet. slay at their.sides.peoplecan tell the pet. theirf~and secrets.Net only will the pet listen 10 be or she, 'bn! it will also feel the same feelings as the narrator.They can betp people get released .and forget the sadness quiokly.!'eJ,j do be om best friends.

Preservingthe landis good not only for the eronomyand tle'enoironment, it is good for us as citizens of our soil. We must preseIli"'f: what little we have left, em we afford not to?


Although,os a matter of fact,some·people have pointed rut that sometimes pets can cause', lot of troubles.They may cmy terrible diseases and they hirrt yoo.OIher people tbink the more time pbj<ing wilhpets.,fuemore likeIy awal' from the ecciety.That uiaynot be ''''Y serious and even true.pets are our geed fri.e.nd:s.;they give us: joy and also teach us how to communicate with us and build up mendship.So _ we ha;" to kn<lW is a little knowledge about protection and pre;~on

From ,ho"e,'''' need no hesitation to '''Y tbet it is good fur people to have a close relatiouahip .with their pets.

Topic: 182

Human has a long hisl<rry of feeding pets. With the development of human society. more and mere peoplehavepets in their families. They Jove to accompanied by their pets mil they look them as their fitmily members. Tlreyeal with their pets, stroll with their pets, and eva> sleep with their . pets. And I think·having a. close.relationship with pets is ''eJ)' good fer people, the reasons \Wy I say so as follows.

First, having • pet is vey.gcod fur children. Children alway' reedsorceone to play with them, take care of'them, but thoir parents =1 do n all the time. When children have a pet, for example, a dog, they will be attracted by it and speruI most of tbeir time playing with d. TIre children went feelloneJy.wen thoir parent. can't of them Besides, thar alsc make parents hove their <IMI time to do wrnething they need

Second, pets are also good fOJ adults, """,,!any these worll: under """""" Now many people work '0 hardeveryday that they don't have time to reIso and tolk with friends. If they have pets, \\hene\'er they get to home they can 1llIk to them, look them .. pen<lns., ten thrm what they are ,.m011! ohouL This would help people to redoce than pressure mil make them hove. betIer II>Il<Xi

Third!, most of the ow:ners of~· are:senior citizens_ 'Thafs not:a coincidence.. Becmse youngsteJ:s le"", home for their new lives. They oon1 have mnch time to .spend with than parenls. The old _le feel", lonely when they focmg the empty rOOIllSc Pet. can redoce than IoneJine",. Old _lecm take care of them, feed them, talk 10 th=jusllike IaI:ing care of than owndnldren_ And fue medical reseorch shows 1haI patting pets. such .. cats and dol!' can redoce the blood pressure, !hi>' is also very important to old people.

Topic: 182

I think being very close tc a pel can be beth a positive 3Ild a negalil1~thing. Health professionals have ccecluded that illnring a pet is very heaJthy fur e;'eJ)'0TIe. People wha have hoar! disease or similar health problems are often urged 10 get • pet because it om lower your blood pre""""'Howe;-er, some people got ,.moos .bout than pets. If you alwaY' wony .boot the pet getting los! or not gotting fue rigbt food to ed, thoir that im1 healthy for you.

Mmy pet. ore very Io;ing and it', eaay to love them od Some people, thougli go overboard. They treat their pets like one of tho family. S\lmetimesthey even set a place for them at the !able or gi\'e them their own room> in the house They tred them "" if they were childrenc Some pets ore, in foct, substitutes for chilmen People nead to k"'l' thoir penpective .bont than pets. Dr=ing a pet lIP in clothes like a d:riJd is not emotionally healthy. Pets are animals 3Ild get oonfuoed if you expect them 10 oct like human beings.

There ore now sWes devotedenlirely to pets. They.seIl pet fuod, pet toys, pet clothes, pet home~ !'ets .shooJd he given appropriate food and they sh:ouId have a few to)", . .moe they need some enjoyment just like Immans do. Howe;-er, some pet owners spend hundreds of dollars on supplie, fur than pet •. There ore children in the world who don1 ha\'e clothe. or food or toys. It would he betIer 10 give ,ome of that money to charity.

Altheugh ,ometimes pet. make yoor room. mess, breok yom favorite vase., even some time fuel' bite you, the .dvantoges of ha\<ing " close relatiomhip with pets overweight the disadvantageac Ha\'e a pet if you like andenjoy it.

IJ'=<y IDe 445 )

Feeling close to your pet can be \'eJ)'..tisfying and healthy, .. long os you don~ overoo it. IJ'=<yIDe 65)

Topic: 182

Nearly everybody has ever kept one or more pets.There are oogs, cats,birds and even horse. and gorilla~Many people treat them jusllike their OWl:! friendS, boys or girIs,brothers or sisl..-.llul other _le dislike keeping pets.Personally) "!'Prove of sudt relationship because I think pets ore", li\'ely and easy-going.

FIrst of aII,,,,metimes people ha\'e 10 show than kindnes> to others.!'ets are so heauti:ful and li\'ely

Topic: 183

Most _le like watching illiIvies made from differad countries, ,.,t only because they em !::now .boot these coontries' hisrory, who! is like in their doily life, rut a]",. their vario11! attitude and ideas: towmh· life.






FustIy, IIlOVi es can reflect a oonliy's history. Basedon ~t historical backgrounds, movies em give us a lot of information about • country's put For those who have the background bistcrical knowledge, 1h<y can have. better Ullderstanding about the movie; while fur 1Irose'Mw have lirtle knowledge eboct the hi,lory can start to know it from the movie they ore wiiclllng. For example, many historical movies focus <iIi • certain period of the history. Obviously, each country 0.. a totally different history. Thus. by ",-.thdUng these movies, we will know more about other couafries' history whiCh will belp us increase our ImowIoilge am undetstanmng aheut other countries.

get. batter understanding of it.

Ap-llii from the history .00 the custom of, counny what people WlIDt to m,w more is the present life .00 society of. oounlry, then a film will be no doubt the best W3J' (0 Ieem about them It cannot only sbow the geedside of the. society but also the problems as well, For exampJe, the films of Hollywood can not only-show ill h problems such as drug ~ abusingof guns, the psychological problems ofyouug adults, bet also tellus ther>pid growth of the econoraysnd the recilOology of the cciintry,

Ferthermcre, movies can show difi'erent social and eavirorreet and varices cuStOIn:l', _ .ltGIot many moviegoers. Al1hongh people have more .. d more'chanoes to travel abroad to see the world, ibis is: not always the case fur every~e-_ Movies give us a convenient way to know more about the outside wcdd.Prcm movies, we get to know that "foast" "cab mean different thing to different countries; such as "good Iud" to Americans, "had luck" to H~. From movies, we get to know bow Americans live end what food they eat, which bring us closer to the wmld even when we stay at ru:.:rne:.

From all those reasons abcce, watching movies will be undoubtedly the best W3J' to learn .lIbout a country well.

Topic: 183

Finally, by wathchiog movies, wemay know other people's attitudes and ideo. towards life. _, we mayfeel depressedcrfrustrsted just becauseof some sinaIl problems in our lives.

We almty feel pessarastic toward life, but from movies, we know AnHicons are optimistic towards their fives even in bod situations, Their attitodes will deIinitely chaoge oao ideas and make us cherish the life. What's more, we may know Ameriains like to toke risk>; ",-lriIe Frencheslike a relaxed Ii:fe and Italians like ITJIDaIlCe.

Do yoo ever w.roh movies from other countries' \Vh<oever I do, I think aboat bow similar people really are a11l1IO\1lld the wood. E,,,. thffirgh.the culture, and languages in tho se movies are differenl from mire, people all around the world are alike in their goals and emotions.

Doe time, I SIlW a movie I113da ioClrina that showed.parents heljIing their cIiiIdren with !boir homework. My parents helped me the """'" way. Another time I eaw amocie from AIgerrtina.ll showed school cliiIdreIl playing hide and seek, which is • game I used to play with my friends dnring recess, Soang these fihns demonstrated to me that education is a oommon gnal in ''',"'')' country, Parent. wanrtaeir children'to learn so their lives will unprcve.If also showed me !hal children in school. everywhere want to play ",i1h their ffieads. Sometimes the gomes aresimilar to ours and scmetines they're different Still, they ill have the commoo pUlp",e of fim and leaming to work together.

In short, movies ore like eocyclopedias which can give ill much knowkdge about other notions we may have no chances to go'_ llws· we ,s.hould ,encourage people 00· watob. more good! movies to know the world better.

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Earning a living is another oommon goal I've often seen that in movies mont other countries. In some countries, people choose their careers from what they hke and are geod .1. In other countries, careers are chosen for them, following the tredifions of their families, Bm in e\'e')' country it seems that people core • great deal abcareaming • living, and working hard is respected.

Topic: 183

As the advance cf'techaology, the understanding and cemzrnmicetioa omong countries ore becoming deeper .00 wider .. One of!bo most important ""l" fur people to understood each other's culture is hy watching films, From watching movies from other countries, we can learn a lot about that country.

Showing people having fun together is always an important part of any movie, no matter wh:d country it comes from People everywhere want to be entertained, .00 want to spend time ",i1h their families and ffieads. Differad cnltures!<lmetimesenjoy different activities, but all cultures enjoy some form ef'sperts, music and dancing.

Doe impcrt:rnl aspect of film of. country is that you can learn about its history. Historical fiIrn is one of the most popularthernes used hy filmmakers. Thoogh US. has only a history of two lnmdred yo=, !boir films can give a complete picture aadeveaextended definition of different period of history. From Americm movies we can learn a lot about what happened during the independent war, fue civil 'I.li3J"and! the recent gulfwar._ Only movies em give us entertainment as well as a chance to understand history of another country.

Another equally important fuing about movies is that they em teach ill the custom of. country. We cansee this clearly from the films about love, From those the large difference of idaology and character among western .00_ countries are shown. For example, • typical romantic story happened in a western film will contain plot as follows, the coincident meeting, the short period of contacting and the quickness of falling in 10\", ",i1heach other .. But what hap-pens in an eastern movie is quite different The plot ",ill contain the long period cfpursuing from one side, the comples feeling by the ap-peormce of. thUd person, the last happy time of an experienced 10;-". 1.0;-" is among maay ditfereat custom of a country, and by the explanation of films you can surely

The movies Ive seen male it clear to me 1hat no matter fue cultural differences between countries, people everyWhere have the same basic needs and goals.


Topic: 184

Maybe someone will choose to.stOOy with • group of student"""d they can give yoo sound reasons for their choice.I prefer to study alone because I am sure that study alone will prefer you with silenre,freodom and enough choice.which is iadespensible fur • stadentbut study cannot offer ..

FtrSt,when you study alone,yoo will not be abstracted by the sound made by other students from




your study.!t is fro!fuI that when yoo want to study hard but others drone beside your ears Ii ke bees.And always you will be angry e!lOUgti to begin to quan:aI with fbom_ 1hot will certainly lead to m uofruitful stndy.

.with mends has its ,dv:intoges, in my poinl"ofviffi'.', lwould like to study alone. The reasons are

lis follows. . .

Secoudmaay people have their 0"''Il stndy styles.Sece WlIDt to have something to em when he is studying,some want fo he down with a book in hi> himd,.wiIe slilI some wsnt ro study withoul anything·doing.AruI when yru study aIone,yoii can take yoao fa""rite way and.needoheg..-d wh:d others feel.

When you ,tIJdY, especially when yon study some subjects which are hard to understand such as ""ths aM ph}osic, you need to concemrare.on them 1hot requires ;_ quiet _ without distractions. Studying alone can provide that, you.can read your book, >od think of questions withoUt being disturoed. If will help you to understand the knowledge better and to rememoo'the

kacwledge better. .

Fcrthesmme, studying alone has another ad~e that studying with friends does not hava r That is it forces: think. "When yoo facesome questions hard ro solve, :and there is no other students·..-ound you, you have to. think of the questions hard end tty yoo best to solve th= This gives you an opportunity to iinpro"e your ability to deal ",ilh problems hy yourself Obviously, studying with friends cannot give you these. Because when you meet S<J!IIe questions, yoo probably tum te.fneads for help.

1bird,studying alone prefer you with eoongh choice .syou wan! to da.Y ou can have your media ploying,you can opeo the window,!dsu,youcan sing your·song when you are in • high spirit That is . great! efways sing a good song wheo I 'solve • di:fficul! problem and to think that nobody will criticise you for makingnWe is, lovely experience.

So,may hre some problems fur studying alene.I'll prefer to .Judy alone.

Topic: 184

The third .dvant'ge ·of studying alone "' also the most impodont reasoIl It ean make )'Oll think IDdependeotly .00 have your ",,'Il opinions. You have to think imependeotl)' when you stud)' al""",No"""can give yoninlerfer= or snggestiOIlS. You will nothe lIlfeded by other people's opinious. 1hot can help you crene your owo theughls, IHl! to lioe<Jome·. porrot After all, the best

parrots stillli\'e in cages. .

Though· studying with friends has some i!dwnlages, for instance, it caa to sMoe your questions faster aod inipr"''e your friendship, how",,,,, I think the '_ge' of studying alone "''''''''eight there of sludyingwith friends. My prefer= would he to stud}' alone.

As a :stud.em: in univer.rity, I c:m live in the dmmitory OF fu.,.e alone. SmneoIlf: tbink~ it is better to live in tha dormitory, but someone doe, not think so. Both pidterns of living. in h dormitury and filling alooe present ""'llIltsges' and disam'lllltsgesc But'in my opinion, I profer living in the

domlilnry to fuing alone. .

The main reason I choose to hve in h dormitory i. I oao learn' how 'to get along, well with each other. 10m the only child in my family and my parenls OOv-ememuch, so I om ,eIf'=terod in my lire more or I"", .00 I do not m,w bow exactly to deal with the coiuplex social relationship between peoples . living in the dormitory with ~ 100=_, I gradriaIly pay .-tion to my wOuls and beha,qors and make them IIIlt disturb the others. I learn !o list", to tha others, share things with them, help them os possible as lean and DO longer just think ofmysel£ I feel happy beranse I make many mOnds imd becooIe liveh", by doing so. If I h.-. atooe, it is 00 us~ of iniproving my ability in ooc:ial relatiouship and moybe I will stuffier thaa before.

It may be also uo!e thai it can sa;-e. moi>ey when I live in the dormitory because the costs of living will be shared \villi the roo:mm:ites. Bm I will alIard the cost hy nryseIf' ifllive alane. II is well known thet the cost. of hving are nwclt che""" in the dormitory, and I =,. studant, ,till. OOnmIllff and 1 have:no income.. It is, hrurl to affOrd. it. S~ 'lhae is an another factOr e.;Efect my· cb.oioe..

Topic: 184

Do yoo like ro sit alone in "quieI place pondering on h solutions in yom sludy'/.Or you would favor di=JsSing!borubje<:tswith ",,,ern! friends? The question of!bo Condition of study, which plays an inipertm! role in the process and on!come of study, ."' olton met \vifu di"""e "'""""". Some people ,boose to study.aIone, enjoying ,peaoe:fui >IIIIOOIIding. without disturb; others, ooWe\-.r, wouIdrother join. grOup of people; &baring dilferenl ideo. with !hem AI for os I 11m coricemed, I prefer the I.tter fur the following argumem.

To begrn willI, there "' rIO donial ilIat .hJdyiilg alone helps betrer co~;,n on the pr'ObIans, consistency in the trniI of thought, and _blishmesJ! of the ability ro himdle problans by oneself But whal if·it coroe, to oonfr<mt h difficl1lties ooecannol breok through single-handed?

Moreover, I can Ie"" to care ahom others while Ji\Ong in tho dormitory. If I live alo,." I may'not care iibout whetbe:r DIji'" room is neat or not, whedrer my things are in order or not, my bed rover need to be wa.s1:Ed or not and so on. H1.1IXeI.'.ff, I li\'e in the do:rmitory, v..'ith my rooDIm:ate;s, I sure I will care .hout them Because I care the, Opinions of the others, ihey will know "'" throogh my room; my bedcover, my things and so 00. I need to remain a good inipres:lion to the others.

Gi,,,,,, ihe liictors _I have, jus! oulIined, IT is wiser to live in the dil!lnitory for lIE.


To oonsuJt with several_Ie may be greatly oondocive. Studying with. group of people will offer you • cl!:mre to ""change opinion> wi1h others., and olleu can di=ssioo help yoo oul of your predicainenl,o:r at IeaSt·achi""e enJightemrienl_1ead to what you are in searehfor. Writer or designer, for exampie,."']dom works on! wooderor clwic alone with <Ioorclo>od_ On theoOJItnuy, their resources aocrue from oonmwnicatioowith other people, !eaming, feeling, .00

Topic:. 184

Some_I> prefer to study alone, while others prefer to stndy with friends. Although ,.hldying

Secondly, sludying_in group can help t.llIiI leliIllWorI: oorncio,"""",,; _ is IIIllCh needed. in today', corupetilion worId_ To study means !lilt <>nly the iinjrro;-emenrofknowlffige; but also the de;-elopmenl "fIllElllal quality. Both em benefit from group study. Preseotations in university ore. ofton ""lulled to be performed by • group of_. With • oommon gnal to prectire and. rehearse, sludeols usrnilly .Hod! gre>tt enlIwsiaSm and Spareno effort to achieve fur soill and






Topic: 184

Study habits are a very individual iIring_ Some people like to study alone, while others like to study with a groupo. Personally, I would rather stndy'alcne, but I c ana ee od1illIltJiges to both Wll~_

It can be very helpful to study with other students. For one thing, yro can exchange infurmation aboul !he topic, Not everyone is going 10 hear ",,,.yibing!he teacher says in class. Comparing notes is '-good war to be sure yon get wlu.t J"'" missed. Yru can also discuss various aspects of the topic. Other _ can bring a different perspective to the .discllssion They can point on! things yon may not have thongb! of and belp yon make your arguments clearer.

Studying with other _ can also help keep you focused on studyiIJg. lfyou 're in. study group., yoo have to be at a particular pleoetc study at a particular time. This Isgeed discipline. The group reviews ill !he material eveilableaad _then begins ,StOdYiIig. There's not a lot , of wasted time, if things work !he W'J'!hey ,shonld.

I love having plants around. If, ''''1' healthy for the air insid< and if's cheerfuI to have liviDg things growing in a room Right new I have plants sitting on tables. This is the _1 Can do in an apartment fd like to have a gud"" instead. That way I could grow a IDt of different J:inda of plants and flowers, and I could we a vegeliblegarden in thesumilJer.

Besides hlWinga garden, to have abackyard with Iots oftrees and" smIIll·!inmtain in !he corner, 110." watcl!iIlil birds and listening to them sing_ 0.. the wiodowsill of my aparnnent, I put 001 bi:td seed """'1' IIlOI1IlID!l. In the hot weather, I put out. sIWlow tin plate with water in it for !he birds. The trees and the fountain in my backyard would give me pleasure, bitt they'd reilly be fur the birds. The trees would give-them a place to nest, and the fountain would be e sciirce of

fresh water wren if, hot .

Studylmow:s no bounds. Moreover, 'tlldyingin group canexj>and'one's horizon, yon will learn to consider problems from different perspectives.

In conclusion, despite scare minor drawbacks such as lack ofpriwre time TIl study, studying TIl . group; corupared with studying alene, is instrumental rather than detrimental for a student's education, aadtfms will not fuiI to be. wise'chcice.


am J"'" picture my dream'hoase? A business would only giVe me money. A house-would giee me

scmepjace special to be myself . .


Of'course, it doesu~heIp ifymirein a . study group that doesn't !Jikestodying.=iousty_ Then you'd be much better off stodying by yourself H you're trying to.stL1dy with friends and all they want to do is talk about other thmgs, you'd get more done going somewhere to study by ycarself Being with people who don't want to s!lJdy em mean you'll be constantly distracted. Therell be. IDt of interruptions, and you won't gainmnch heering their point. of view 00 a s!lJdy subject.

Topic: ISS

I will purchase the big house sothat i can live·and work comfortabje.The housenearby the beach is my whole' w;, dream when 1 was young.The '_ge of'house is'the shield ofnoisywithoot others.and is quiet and freely,

FIIS!, The basic essential fur the people is livingliviog is vital fur the family In the world. We can ooocliJded that the house is the aim pursuiting by the peeple.Ibe whole dey futigue of'percn is replying on the sleeping in the big house _ ha\" the first-rate electric such as the airoonditiOllS,mgital1V Sets, wireless cell phone,1iirlge, Water-machine, cemprrter, n_, etc. Se.fhehcuae is important and n"""""'Y fu.-·thepeople every day.

FmaIly, whether yon study alone <IT in a group depends a lot on your own stody habit. and on your personality. H you need absolute quiet to study, then you're better offaloae, lfymire. verysocial person, then youlre better eff'studying alone, too; youll be too tempted to socialize instead of studying. This is the reason I prefer stadyiag alone, When Im with other people, I want to play. I don't want to work,

Second, The enjoyment of house is .,.i_ jteentertairurent with the oolleague,relatives.,friemls,family member to sing the songdaace by the the .plmo.;ioJin,<Ie.The wonderful party beld in the home is available for the celebrate the birthday or appo_.The liouse provide IIIlld! more happiness for !he'people wno delight it

The health and enegy ofperson <m!Il his bouse willde better business, The peoson will con!n1rute themselves to the big business for the great acbievemfDl The people purchase tbe hauseeas rapidly growth anuna1Iy_So, i will own my dream house because i extremely like it and design it 'with mY full ideas so that its beautiful and splendidl really like liVe in the big house and cere It:

(E=ym .. )

Topic: 185

If I had enough money to buy either a house or a busire sa , I'd buy a house. A business may succeed or fail Its also possible I might change my mind about what I wanted to do in business. However, a home is a Wirtime gift to myself

Topic: 185

Same people prefers to purch as e a. house iflle has enough money, and other people would like to purchase a business instead, Personally, I would prefer buying a boaee because.l thinI: it has more advantages.

There more numerous reasons why F would like to-purchase a home, and I would in bere exj>1aID a few ofthen=t important <lIIeS_ Tbemain reason is that it will malemauy benefit. to our lives. H you purchase a house, you will have a quiet, fixed place to du)'CUI own business, fur example, you can work at ~, y~ can have a party with your ~ or relatives-in yom house and so on

Right now fm in a small apartment, with barely en<llJgh room for everything, All my furnitore and the thmgs I've aocumul_ since I left college barely fit I have almost 00 closet space Ieft_ This means my clothes are always wrinkled because they're crushed togefber.I don't we anyplace to pet my cleming sepplies, nor room for more than one set of sheets and! towels, A new house would mem a lot more mom for ill these things.





Another_on why Iadcocete the attimdecf'purchasing a hruseis!hat it', convenient for us to rela. ourselves. Nowadays, we all have to work hard almost everyday end it will be beneficial fer ~ to ~ ourselves in ~m spare tine. We can do aany eaercises ·or: go out fur entertaiimJent.. But if it happens to rain or snow, wha:I: should we do? We could eejoy ourselves also, nwe have a house.


TWE Templates

La>! but-not least, irs a requisite b. family. If you. married man, ycabeve to be responsible to yom Iimi:tly, yom wife and JRllII children. Basicly, -it', most importlUll to provide eeouga.speoe to your childreato grow"". Anddc yon agree thaI it', helpful for yonr wife tocockina Iarger kitchen'

Agr<.e/Dis .geee

Some people argue as if it i s a general truib that. __ But to be frank, I cannot agree with them There ere nmnerous reasons why I hold no confidence on them, and I would explore ordy • few primary ones here.

Of course, Choosing pnrchasing a business alan has .odvan!age.< to-sene extent, fur example, you am make i'<l\melfmore wealth.and experienced. But if all fhese factors are contemplated, !he advanlages of purchasing a bouse cany more woiglIl1han these ofpurchasing a business. From what has been discussed abece, We.lIllIy finally draw the cceclusion that if you purchase a house, yom life will be rich and oolorfuL

The IDllin problem with this argument is that it is ignorant 0 the basic fact thaLExplairL __ Another reason why I disagree with the abovestatement is that I believe that...

What is more, :some students are interested in ..

ln aword, __

Topic; 185

Ifl had the chance cf'purchasing eitha-. house or. business, I would prefer the-latter, There are a lot of reasons fur the choice, and I would like to puttlem in the foUowing WllY.

First, we live to improVe ourselves, not justui satisfy our demands for malei:tal oomfor!s_ Indeed, it is everybody's dream to.Iiveia a luxnricus howe with specious rooms, private swimmingpools and secants. \ a nice pietcre of'Iifel But wait, il business can ,000 more. Buying a business end run it will not only give \IS a chance to challenge our ability and skills; but also can help accumul.te ruT wealllL There is nothing more s.atisfying than watching yoor knowledge,. ability

lIIld _ turning into wealllL .


Some peeple prefer to A, others believe B, Nowadays some may hold !he opinion that ... , but others have a negative attitude. A. far as I aJn concerned. I agree/disagree that.; MY argument s fur this point are listed as folio"",

One cffheprimary causes is that...

But there is a :further more subtle point we ImISf consider_ Examples.

Second, !he choi:t'eof being an entreprenim mfons that you >Ie • spiri1uaIly strong p<=>II, you are confid.ent ab6trt yom self and you have the nerve to face the possible '3 business. These are very impo_quali!i"" to succes, in tod:ry', world. On' the other hand, choosing to buy a house means relatively more conservative, shorter ;sighted to me. I Cannot ;see nmch .... moo and gut in these people_

What is more. .. Examples ...

General speaking, Recognizing the fact that __ 1Ihould drive us to oondi:tde thaL

Third, choosing to porchase and run • busin= get more knIlwledge and eaperienres_ A business is • cornpl"" system, In 0Jder to nm • business ",.Jl, we·must Ieorn very_ haJd fur the IDOS! current knowledge of Inai:tagoomenl, =onn!ing and marketing_ We alan ha\" to know !he ar .. of specifiCili<m veiy well, dealing with ,..nOIlS people from gov€rnment 'gencies, suppliers and _, os weIT as our own ornplo)=. or course, • business is IWt always mi:tking money, sometimes there are risk, of·lose. But what to regret _ you already aoquired '" mnch knowledge.and~. Yes, comparing to buying. house, there ;'Dlll<)hDl<lJeto weny .boot, but with buying • business we can reaI1y get into 'omething and gain .• IDt.

Nowadays, .some may hold the opinion that Bm <>thor. have. negative attitude As far as I aJn

ooncerned, I agree that My ~ for ibis point >Ie listed as fonOVi~

I agree with the ,statement tbat ... without reservati:on:sinre __

Another reason why I agree with !he arove statement i. that I bobeve thaL.

In a word!, Taking into account ofall these factODi~ we may reach the conclusion that _

.All abm·-e 'are just some- reasmJ..S far my choi.ce: A.nd: I am :sure Ihat this ,choice will be a good cboioe, wn.tever the outcome·may be.


When it comes to "., although some people think that . __ , they friI to see ".I aJn , and probably will always be ,one of those who argue that __

The most persuasive point is, that ..







Fwthennore .seciological stadies have found that __

There is.aIIDfuer &Ctor 1iIat deserves Some words. heI:e". SuclI as _.

SimlIarly, these ""'SOilS are also useble when we.coasider th.L(exlIIIlples --J

FTOm the above yOu might got idea that I _--(repeat the. above lhree rea<On._.)_ So, it is sagacious to support the st!demenl that it is _'10 __

Of C01JISe, ..-gumen!. will be raised against my standpoint, S\lme people might argue that .. _ for this pont are listed as fellows.

The IWIin reason fur my propensity for ... is that ._

There is another factor that deserves: :some words' here,



In my point <if view, A Is as .importent • s, if not more importmt fhan B. So it is sagacious 10 choose A Among count less factors which influence A there are three conspicuous aspects-as follows.

In a word While il is true that the argument, I disagree hold • little bit of water, I think, __

Depending on personal experience, personality type and emotional concern, we 1ind that some people hold the ideo of A meanwhile others prefer to B, fiDmmy point of view, it is more edviseble to chose A rather thm B. My arguments for fhia point are listed as follows.

The IWIin reason fur my propensity for A is 1hoL _ For instanca.,

Another reason con be seen by every one is that, _ For example,---

The.argument I support in the lim paragraph is also in. position of advantage because .. _

The above point is certainly true if A is considered. For example __

Another reason why l'll'eewith the above statement isthat I believe that A is better thmB. For instance.;

It would proo.bly not be too kindly disposed to the ideo !hal B is not important. B. __

This is arbitrary 10 judge B acoording only to the excuse I _ned in !lie above pcragrapIL

Although Legree that there IIl3}' be a couple of advantages ofB, I feel that the disadv_ges are more obvious, Suab. as..

Simibrly, 1hese.reas:ons are also useble when we conside:r1haL

In a word. ---So, it is sagacious to support the statement that it is better to A.

Admittedly, .. _AJBy he SII!Ile token, however, .. B. __ Taking into .<C0Ull1 of all these 000"', we may reach the conclusion that, __



. __ When faced with the decision of A om, quite a few would deem that, __ , but others, in contrast, believe AlB as the premier choice and that is abo my point Among countless OOOIS which influence -Al-B, there are three conspicuous aspects as follows-

The IWIin reason for my propensity of ... is that. ..

The secced reason can beseen by every peI>OIl that _

When it comes to __ , Nevertheless, in my part, I prefer A rather thm B as my inclination. My arguments for this point are listed as fellows,

I agree with the statement that ... without reservatioa since _

In addition, these reason are also usable when we consider that.,

N.taraIly __ 11 can be given a concrete example, __

A moreessential factor \\hy I adsocete the argument of .Js that. Obviously . __ Take the case of, thing that, __

There are some disadvantages ia, __

F-urthermore, what is worth ootieing 00 is tho! This demonstrates the undenieble 00 thaL

Of course, cbocsing B abo has advantages to seme extent; .. But if all these foetor> are oontamplated, the advantages of A cany more weight thm those of B. From who! has been diacussed above, we moy finally draw the cceclusion that, __

In. word, __ Taking into account of'all these factors, we ""y reach the cceclusion that, __



Some people prefer 10 A_ others believe B. When f>ced with tho decision of A or B, quite a few would claim that.., but others, in contrast , deem AlB as the premier choice and that is also my

poinI.ThereareIlllIl>eroUSreasonswhy , and I wcaldesplore only. few of the most important

ones here,

. __ There moy be by one or two disadv..tages to ; however, I believe tho! there are for more

advanlages_ My arguments for this point are listed as follows.

The IWIin reason why l agreewith the abovestatement, however, is thaLTake_ ..•• example,--

First of'all, perhaps one disadvantages to .. .is that .. For instance, Aoolher drawback

to . __ involves the possibility that __ . For example, __






E1i"" though fuere moy be-one or two disadvantages to. _, tho advant>ges far outweigh them. The

main reason Icr nrypropensity for . __ is that. . For example _

Another reason for my inclination for .. _·is thot For example, ._

In. word, inspire ofthe'f,ctthot there moy be. couple of disadvantages 10 __ , I feel ihafthe ad1i.ntag<s are more obvious... Tllkinginto account of all these factors, we moyreach the conclusion that _.

If all the·fuct"" above lire considered, we will find out tho! the advantages of AAA _igh those ofBBB. Therefore from who! we hove discussed, we moy safely oome to. the conclusion that CHOOSING AAA is a rather wise decision. But I have not renied the opinion thar CHOOSING BBB. Imnst admit that people conDO WEll ",itheut AAA, bot no onecen ignore tbe.addedccavenieace and setiafactiouoffered by AAA.. Snchespeieace will detiniteIJI be helpful in one', later life.



It seems, iri so inany items, very difficult far us to prefer one toanother becaase all of!hera have their advantages and disadvantages to the extent tho! it is hard to distinguish.

The enswer of this statement depends 00 )'ourown eaperiecce and life style.In my point view, loi}IDg compu!el3 is as impo_ as, ifnot more impcrt;mt than, boyinghoob. So it is sogaciou> to _Among countless factoas which mfhencetfechaice, those are three OOnsplCUOUS aspects as follows.

Yet tho! does not mean they are all tho ,.m;, 10, me, Which 0'"' Iprefer depends on my own experience, life style end emotional concerns. 10 be frank, I prefer AAA most in my point of view,

111< IWIin reason for my pr"P"'sit), for. _ _is' that, ... Aoother reason can be seea by eVery per:son is that, __


10 choose A CO" choose B is something of. dilemmo to the poblie because they """",times ore confused by tho seemingly geod qualities of B, and ..,glect the genuinely good-aspects of A

Cb oice/'Pl"de.reoees

[For. B, people are often drivea tc believe tho! 1 It is quite easy for """",ge people 10 CHOOSE B because of tho obvious reason that] ... _ .... CA>' ~ says, "Everything has two sides") Although B does have its seemingly prcfbund ,dvonlages,,,!lie meen timeithore lies intrinsic

[harmful cheraceristicdrawbacks] in it such as 1 it con be achieved ouly ooodiIii:mally

because. l_ Some ple/eaperts] [maimain/wam] thoL __ . 'Ihis significant-point, however, is often

not noticed by [the puhlicmost people] and accordingly, is uacensciously overlooked, (Therefore wehave no completeevi<lence to suggest that B is:dwoy. better than A)

In short, ...

In a modern society, people always face tho dilemma to cheese whether AAA or BBB_ This problem is tbe nmch debated one in that it affects everybody in their daily lives. People IIl3}' prefer one 10 another although some may have no opinions about it at all. Before rendering my opinion, llhink it is necessary to take. glance at tho arguments of both sides,

It is quiteeasy for .1ierage people to CHOOSE BBB because of the obvious reason tho! JI can

be given by a wall knownexomple that __

[Amther [disastrousnmfortanate] foeti. that I Unfortunately,] tho innate qaality of A is often underestimated OJ: What is more, ifyoo notice the invisible benefits ofCHOOSlNG A, you can un<IerstandA more deeply.

But .1 the mean time, olthough BBB hassome a deemages, it also has m:my drawbacks such as .. Therefore we have no cempleteeviderce to suggest that BBB is "''''''Y' better than AAA Whal is more, if you notice the invisible benefits of CHOOSING AAA. you can underst:aniI AAA more deeply

Here I would explain a few of the most important ""''''!IS fur choosing A 111< IWIin reasoa is

that ... To iI1ustcrte this, thore is all example that is verypersuaaive.. ..... _ Besides, the further

reason why I advocate is that. .... __ Moreover, ...

Therefore from what we have discussed, we may .safely come to tho coaclusien that CHOOSING AAA is a rather wise decision.

Here I would explain a few of the most important reasons, 111< main reason is tho! __ . To iI1ustcrte this, there is all example that is '''''}' J>I'T1i'l""i"'" .


. __ is only par! of tho impcrt;mt aspects, and :mothereqwilly.>igrnfic:ml role of CHOOSING AAA lies in the development of _.

There is no denying tho 00 that (whether to choose A or B is better) i s a popular topic which is

nmch Ialkad about [not only by . __ , but also by .. !by people across the world! in a mcden society].

OJ: There is no denying the filet that (whether 10 choose A or B is better) is. popular topic

which has caused beated debate over • long period of time (because il affects everybody in his or her daily lives).

OJ: In. modem society, people olwoys' fire the dilemma of whether to choose A or B_ This problem is a mach-debated one in that it affect. everybody in hi. or her daily lives,

This demonstrates the undeniable 00 that ._

Besides, the further "'''''D why I advocate AAA is that . __ This ""yexplain why .. In addition ..








Allhooghit"""", that [[no!IIll!!lJllwmefimes[ we can not tell wlricltone outwfigh!he other between A and B f!hey nmmally coexist pe.eefullyj, they deserve .'III'" close esamination,

[If three Oriieria were taken into account, in ccmpanng these twc.Fwonld prefer A I As fuI.!IS I am concerned, 1 vote for !he l __ L'Ibereare no less than three advantages in A as rendered below:

Before renderiiJgmy opinion, 1 think it is imp_ to take a glan<e. at the "'llJlIDi'IIf3 on botb sides.

First, we can observe easily that in modem society, I._The "",O<>dImo1her reason for my propensity for A is that 2 .The third reason, not tbe Iast'hcwever, gQeS this way: 1 _

lit first glance it seems very diffirnll for u.s to draw a [delinitelqnick] ceaclusion thlit __ . is rigbI or wrong.because it.I sas. both advantages and disadvantages. Howeoer.. iiIIer serious considerations we can see that under most circumstances _ ._(this opproacb) will de more-geed than harm

'Or: ru far as I am concerned, 1 agree with tbe opinion However, it is unfuir to drnw a quick conclusion without serious considerations.

In conclusion, to mention there ire DlOJe..


'There .." no Jess than [three advantages in Althree IeI!SOIlS to 'gree with the opiniooj., rendered below:

Wbile both the two [methods/choice] may hece their adWnlages and di,,_oges, lheycan be applied under different cireumstarces. Afterwards, I will ""JII.m my opinion about it,

[A has the obvious '_ge that I One very strong aJgIlII><Df for A is that] . But there lies

intrinsic hmnfuI characteristic in !his method, Some [peopleresperf [maintain'wsmjthat.. ...

Fmthermrae, .... Therefore we have II<l complete evidence to suggest that A is alWa)IS better

than B.

First, we can observe easily that in modem society, i_The s:econd'molher reason for my (propensitY for ._J.~ with _ .-l is that. __

The third reason, [not the lasebowecer]; g"'" this. w .• y: J _ In conclusion,

On the other hand, choosing B also has am._,ges to some -I, For OIOIIIljlle, ..... __ However,

it is also impo_to·_ that unde.certain circumstances B will .. (di,adv"Illlge) Or: Yettcere

are some people who Cas! serious doubts on B Or: Although B <Ires have its seemingly profuund [advantage.! reasonjat.tbe mean time[there lie; inIri:os:ic [hmnfuI characteristic/drawbacks] in it such ........ _ / it can be achieved only conditicaally caase.c. .. J

But if all these factors me contemplated, [as fuI· as I am ooncemed.f according to my personality and fondness], ihe ad\,;m\ag.. of A Carry more' weight !hail those ofB because A fib [me/us _til belterin two "''l''' In thefirst place, .. _ .. _, In thesecond placeseccedly, .. _ ... Therefore from what we have discussed, we may safely come to !be conclusion !hat CHOOSING AAA is' a rather wise decision.

The first reasoa caa be obhvionsly seen.

Most people would ogree that _

Some people may neglect that in fact .. Othffs suggest thaL

Part of the explanation is __

The advantages for A fur outweigh the disadvantages of..

It seemsvery difficult forus to prefer oae to another becaase all of them have their advantages' and ms.d,<ari\age; tothe extent that if is ham to distinguish Yet that <lees not nean fbeyare all the sane-to me. WIIich one I prefer depends on my own experience, life style and emotional corcems. [As fuI " 1 amcceceraed I Aocording to my persunaliry and fondnes" To be frank], I would like to chooae.A, because-there ore too maoy benefits thlit·Oll!mJmber itsdisarnillIllllg.. no! to choose it.B, on the other hand, has .m.:mtagesno more fhan ita disadvantages.

Although A enjoy. a distinct advantage __

Indeed , A carries much weight than II wbeasfh is concerned

A mayte , butit suffers from the disadvantage that..

To uaderstaad Ihe truth of , it is also important to see. __

Thor. is no denying the fact that - .. (if one should .. _/if .. _ iscorrect) is, hottopic'whirn is nmcit talked IIbouI [not ouly by __ , but also by.. /by people across !he world! in • modem society]. Or

'There is no denying Ihe fact that (if one shculd.; fif... is correct) is a p<lpI1I" topic whiclt has

caused heated debate over along period of time (because it affects everybody in his or her daily lrves). of ... ",ill make this point dear

Certainly, B has: its: OWTI advantages, such as ...

1 do not deny that A has its OWTI merits.

Or: There-is no denying the fact that ... (If one should .. _!if is corred) is the b,me

(moraIIphilosophic:d) problem that can not be circumvented by anybody, (because the opinioo on thisproblesnwill determine-ore's attitude towaro!he World and Ihe·life),

From what has been discussed above, we may .safety draw

the conclusion that __





In s1IIIlIllaI)': it is wiser _.

by Ralph Waldo Enerson


It em be green by a (well kmwnlooncrete) example that _ .. Iln 0TI!er to see this point dearly,

let us: to see .aD: example, .

This may """lain why II gQeS without seeing that .... In fuc~ we can observe easily that in

modern societY, ...

As a proverb "'l'~, "EveJything has two ,!des"_

No one can cheat Y0ll! out of ultimate success but-yourselves.


Our greatest glory is not in never falling. __

t.II in rising e1iery time we fall

Mother Teresa

As a proverb ""l"',,"Where there i s a will there is, wey".

To keep a lamp burning we have 10 keep putting oil in it

Henry Ford

Lefs bring ou< discussion here to , zrerepresent and practical comext, In today', world, ... 1 """"1' that if you harem experience Iike.fhesaycur life is an inadequate one,

00 of greet benefit to sbJStIL

Notbing is particularly hard if you divide IT muo small jobs. Winidcn Churchill

Never, never, never, never give up.

The reason of .... is. not S1} mnch __ ·ilS ...

Albert Einstein

People differ gre..tIy in their ~ towards this problem Some people hold the ~inion that .. ClIbem, [ however/on the ccetraryl, maintain that ..

It is nece"'''Y!oom'eineoifdesinblel.d;i"ole] for '0_ to do StIL have [Iroublela difficult time] [in doing.sthJwi1h sth]

In the middle of difficulty lie. opportunity.

Those wlie aim at great deeds IIIllSt suffer greatly_

Nevertheless 1 mast admit that people can do well ",i1hout AAA but no one can ignore Ihe added convenience and satisfaction offered by AAA. Soch eaperience will definitely be helpful in cee's later life,

Thomas Edison

There is no substitute for hard worl::.

USl'fui quotations


One of the greatest early writers said __

_-" That is hew sb cerement (criticize! praise .. )_ __ "c Hew o!leo we bear such words like there.

The strongest of all wemces are these two- Time and Patience,

Thomas Jefferson

Useful quotations by Robert Collier

fm a great believer in luck,

and 1 lind the harder 1 work _

the more I have of it.

In e1iery adversity there lie, the seed of an equivalent '_oge. In every defeat Ihere is a lesson showing YOO how 10 win Ihe victory next tine,

Robert Collier

Success is tbe rum of smallefforts, repeated day in and day rut

by Ann Lenders

Roy A_Croc

Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize Ihem







Luck is, a dividend ofsweat. The more Y0ll! sweat, 1he hickier you get

Y ou'Il leam more about a rood by traveling it..

No pains, no palm;

!han by censultiag all the maps in the world, Vmoe LmIDmii

no thorns, no throne;

no gall , no glory;

no cross, no crown.

~ wanting to win is,


John F_ Kennedy

Even if you're on the rigbt track, yea'll get run over .. if you just sit there. Opportunity rarely knock. on your door.

We choose to go to the moon and other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hardl


The strong do what they will. The weak do what they IIJllSt.

Knock ra1her cnoppertaaity's door ifyoo ardently wish toeater,

Vmoe LmIDmii

John Woodon

It', not whether yOIl get knocked down. . .. Lt', whether you get up again Winstoo Churchill

T3IeDI is God given-Be Humble.

FiIDJ.e is man given- Be Thankful.

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

Conceit is self given --Be Careful. Theodore Rocseseh

Rolph Woldo Emerson

Do what yoo can _ with what you have , with \\here you lire.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

J...." Allen

Publilins S)'lJ' Maxim

No one knows' what he can do till he tries,

The will to dosprings from the knowledge that we can do. S anm et Joh1lSon


There is uefhingso easy but that it becomes difficult when yoo do it reluctantly.

Few things are impossible to diligence and skill.


A wise man turns chance into good fortune.

Lost time is never foond.gain.



No problem can stend tbe assault o[sustained thinking.

Prosperity is • great teacher;


adversity is, a greater.







Vtatmy belongs to the most persevering, Euipides

The great pleasure in life is doing what peoplesay you cannot 00.

Leave no stone unnamed,

I will prepore andsome day my chance will COTUe.

Normm Vincent Peole


Plan your work for today and every day; then work your plane


Whether you think yoo can or think you can't - you ore right

Where fhere's a will there's' a wiIY-

Failure is only tbe opportunity to more inte!1igenlly begin again.

There is no failure"'oepting no longer 1I}ing_

Thomas Edison

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

I start \\here the lost man left off.

Writing Power

What the mind of man can conceive :;md believe,

the mind of. man can achieve,

By KAPLAN Education Cent",


IIenjamin Franklin

Hemy David Thoreau

The first and most frequen!ly asked question by ESL ,!U<Ien1S who are oonfrouling the TOEFL "'SOY is: "What exactly is m e saa y1" This is a very geed question, as "'SOY organization:mil formation ""'Y vary greatly from one coontry to another, Quite .simply, on e saa y is a written composition based on • particular topic. Iu tbe fotlowiug \\riling sections, we will describe the kind ef'essay that the TOEFLex.ominers ore looking for as well as provide you with the background yooll need to feel oonfident \\hen you are faced with writing your TOEFL=ay on the day of the exam.

Essoy writing is • required part of e1iery l'OEFL CBTexam (as of Jnly 19')8). (The ",soy will, however, continoe to be optional for tbe paper-based TOEFL) Your "''"y . score will be combined with tbe score from the Structure section to form one StructureIWriting . score, On the day of the exam, yoo will be given one topic on wbid:! to bose your "'SOY and allowed 30 minutes to write your""ey. Unlike with the rest of the new TOEFL, you will be able to choose whether you wish to write your essoy on the computer or by hand.

The range for your score of the "'SOY component is from 0 (lowest score) to 6 (highest score); your1iml StructmelWritiug score will range from 0 to 30. The readers ef'yceressay are English or ESL.speciolists and work under the directsuperviaien oh"reoding manager," The two.readers will rate youres sa y indepau_ly of each other. That is, neither will know tbe rating of the other, :mil your 1iml grade will be on avenge of the two scores, If there is. difference cfreore than one paint between the two, a third reader will also me your=ay. Your final score could be a 6.0, 'i.S, l.0,4 . .),,4.0, 3.5,3.0,2.5, 2.0,Ll_LO, 0.-0 (for. paper that is blank or written in a language other thanEuglish, or one that in no woy addresses the topic).

Iu tbe lone nm meu hit only what they aim at Emily Dickinson

Luck is: not chance, __

It', toiL

Fortune's expensive smile is earned,

Thomas Edison

Genius is one percent inspiration:mil innety-inue percent perspiration,

Useful Quotations Albert Einstein

Imagirurtion is more import:rnl!han koowIedge.

To help you prepare for the esssy component, you should study the "Writing Topic." provided to you by ErS (Educotienol Testing Service) in its TOEFLl"formatiO" Bulleti"for C0"'[Jut",Based Testing. By practicarg esaa y writingprjor to the day of the TOEFL, especially within the

Wolter Begehot






JO-minute time frame, you can greatly enhanoe yom chances of doing well on this section of the test-

In general, an essay is made"" of three basic c~: an unrodaction, a body.end • conclasioa, The length of :messay may vary grea.tly, but becease you only have 30 main." in \\hich 10 _lire, write, and proofread your TOEFL essay, you sbould aimfor IUl ",say oontaining a maxin:nmJ. of fuur to five-paragraphs (unless you are a. bighly accomplished English writer). Yom lim paragraph, fhe introduction, will inIrodu<,ethe main topic of your """y 10 your reader, and it typically ends with your thesis statement (the most impartmt sentence in your essay). The next part of your =y is !he body. The body provides detailed support to proveyour fhesis, The body will be made up of the main sabpoints of your thesis, each with it. own paragraph, Thus, yom body will most lilrely consist of2-3 paragraphs. Yom final paragraph is yeur ccndusioa, These three basic part. ore outlined be!<>w anll discussed in greater detailin subsequent lessons,


While becoming a proficient English writer may seem like • danating task at first, !here is no way to get around 00. very simple and basic truth: the ccfy WIly to become. writer is to write and read as much and as often as you can. This may sound trite, but it is the fuadamental keyto icoproving your writing skills. Whereas 'it is import;mllhat yon read and slrJdy examples of "good MiIiDg, " unless yoo ore wi!h:ag to pat in lime and effcrt tcwrite yourself, yoo will ""',." become • competent writer of English. Great writers of Englishcertain1ydid not become that w'Y overnight; it oh>iousIy took II graat deal of oornmi!ment, diligence, and time to perfect their craft, Thus, you-", an English as a Second Laaguage.writer aod speaker- will need tobewilling te mvest.acevesi greater effort into perfecting your English writing.

In the 1'<Titing,.;ct;.,ns of this chapter, we-will take yea thioogb steps that will·heIp you lean how to organize yOOf ideas, form-an outline and develop organization, \\rite a draft, and fuJalIy editlproom"d your e,,'Y- And yes, by tire day of the test, you will need to know how to accomplish all of this in the 3O-minnte time frame that tire J'OEFl essay allowsl But dcc't he discouraged, With dedication and perseverance, ·yo" will 00 doubt see remits.

Your ltinll e"'lI)" must de tile following in order fur you to achieve tire bighes! score possible: (I) Your es"'l' mnst effectively discuss the topic you have been asked to adilress.

A_ Hook (10 capture your reader, .ttentiOD)

B_ General infortnaticn nn assigned topic (00 detail.)

C. Thesis (one-sentence statement ofmain idea plus viev.-jIOint)

IL Body

A_ s.1b-Poini Oi>e

It is vital that you read the assigned topie vel)' carefully and not add or delete anything. This is one of tire IDDS! 00= mistakes in wriling anessay-by :uIdiDg a few words, or conversely ignoring one or two signifieantones, a test tskercaneasily digress from the assigned topic. Of course the end result is failureto addres fhe topic.

(2) Your e><lay mnst he well organized,

Y OR IIIllS! have an introduction (with a thesis starerrenf), a body (with rupporting details for your thesis), and • conclusion, Because ""'II)" organization is very impartmt, this will be dealt with in

. greater detail later in this chaprer.

(3j You must show consistent ease in your use of the EogIish language.

L'Iepic sentence

2, Details supporting topic sentence B_ Sub-l'ointTwo

L Topic sentence

2, Details supporting topic sentence C, (Po sa ihle) Sub-Point Three

L Topic sentence

(4) You your readers that you PO""" a v.ide.range of vocabulary and know hcwtc use. terms in an appropriate fashion,

2, Details supporting topic sentence III Conclusion

In other words, be VffY careful with the WOTds yon cheese and avoid redundancy of both words and ideas. You WlUlt.ID be conservative So that you can show how nmrh vocabulary and how m:my different word forma you know,

You must he able to paraphrase ,omo or-all of the quosliOIl asked or tire quotation green This shows !hal you have • broad vocabulary, that year reading comprehension is adequate.end that you can avoid redundaJK:y in yOOf wriiing_ Y 00 wiO also need to be able ID paraphrase your thesis in your cceclusion to ~ your readers of your inain idea.

A_ Paraphrase offhesis B_ .Summary of vie".-point

C, General final stateneat/ccmment



Oi>e of the biggest dilemmas students fare with ""say examinations is how 10 make the best use of their time during the test. Certainly, the ammmt of time each student will need to make m outline, write the essay, and proofread will ''''Y- However, ill of these steps are oecessary 10 produce II





1-3 minutes-Read and Paraphrase Question f-S minute s- PIan, Prewr:ite

your reader see, hear, taste, smell, or feel what it is you are describing by cJioosing vivid vocabulary. Avoid vague., geneIlII words such as good, nice, and bad, and replace the", with more. descriptive, specific tenus. Metaphors (oomp>ri>ons of two unlike items) are also often wed in descriptions. Try to-imagine tha! yoUr reader bas never experienced tire object that )'0\1 are describing; it is your joh to.bring this suhject to life.

clear, organized essay with few granenaticalenors. Below is • suggested way to divide the limited tare you are given

17-20 minutes-Write Essay

Cause and Effect Essay

5--7 minutes-Procfread, Correct Essay

To "cause" an actioo means to make something happen; thensuh cr consequence offhat a~ is the "effect" FOr example. "What are the chief causes of divorce and how does it affect the drildreo of tire couple?" Typical traasifions fur !hi; type of """y are: as II I<SUIt, as a conaequence.ccasequently, therefore, and fhns.


The list below contains tire moo! COOlIIlOO types of """'l'" found in an ""say examination, After you have read your essay question and interpreted it, the !lelOI step is for you 10 decide what kind of essay yon will need to organize aDII write, Determining the type of essay will help you write your thesis statement, decide how many body paragraphs are needed, know _ transitions are appropriate to use, and much more.

Conditional sentence-type essay questions are sODJftimes classified as "cause and effe:t'",IS well. FOT ~ "If you won, million dollar. in tire lottery, !Jm>,' would You Spend the·money? Describe isi detail bow you think your life would change as a result of your new-found wealllL "

Compare and Centrast Essay

Intell'reiation/ Analysis Essay

This is one of the most typical forms of essay examinations, A comparison tells the ""'l"'. in which • per>on, place, 1hrog. event and '0 on are similar .. A contrast points out differences. There are two common methods of organizing compare/contrast essiIYs. Let's use the topic of "urban life vs. rural life" as aaexample;

In the.interpretation-typeessay, YOU"'" gi"<li. short quotation (=a:lly 1-3 sentences in length}_ You are "ked. to interpret the "']'ing·(i_e_, peraplaase the author's message); then, either analyze or form 1''''"' own opinion .bout tire original qll<>latino_

This kind of """'Y is rapidly growiog in popu1ar:ity, especially foressay entrance aaminations. to American uni_. and fur many standardized tests. The time given fur !he ""say test III3J' v.iry from 15 minutes-to two hours, deponding on the school and/or !he standardized test. 'Ibereftae, 00:en you practice writing this type of exam, you should try several different time frames.

(I) Body


illustrative Essay

0) Body

A_ lhban life: advantages and .dis:idvantages R RnI!illire: advantages and disadsanrages

.An.o1:ha- type of essay is the is based on examples or iJ:1ustro1.I:io.ns to support the writer's. thesis. For.example; 'What were tire best classes you ever tool"? Give examples of at 1_ two classes which you found onIs1andiog, ande!!plain why you chose these." Of coarse, ilhlstratioo is 3Il import;mt coIql<lllfIll of many types of essay "body" paragraphs,

Process Essay

Persuasive Essay (Al.o Known a. Personal Opinion Essay)

In the persnasiveessay, yon erejryiag to convince your reader to agree with. particular position or ciewpOinl you have expressed in your thesis. While adjectives and'adserbs mal' sway your reader, the moot effective WlIj' to bring your reader over to 1'oor :ride is .thiough litcts, detailed examples, and/or personalknowledge, Be "lire to. incorporate oome as, pects of the latter io tire bedy of·yourpersuosive ""'Y-

This type of e ... y ""'y be writteo io the fir>t per>0II. aDII include: in my opinion, it seems ., me, or in my '"""'_ How,,".er,evellifyou ""ethe·!hirdpernon (and furs is ·ofteiJ considered to be more sophisticated), you em make your stand clear to yoor·reader.

Precess writing, geoerally speaking. jacvides instructions or detail" a process: that is;it fells the reader how to operate a VCR, apply 10 a school, baild a bookshelf, Ieam a foreign. language, etcetera. Therefore, while this "'Tiling style is quite common, it is. ""I typically tested in an essay examination. Oil the other himd it is oot unoorninoo to. ha giveo !his type of essay as :m III-home aosigrailen!


Descripti"l' :Essay

like all fir>t impresrioos, theinhodooloIY paragraph of your essay ",ill leave a lasting imprint_ Therefore, it is exITImely impo_ that it be well writteo. To lilvocably icopress your Teeders, your·inIroduction should oonfaintlre following:

The pmpose of a descriptive ",s'Y is to preseat • det.riled pictme of. poc!on, plare, object> eveal, etcetera. To make 1heimage as ieal as. possi.bJe., you can we won~ OF linguistic devices.:L:nownas "iinilgl'Iy." Thesemay be words that appeal directly 10 tire reade[" senses, That is, you",", help


How is. hook _ in fishing? Itd.1ogle, in IRnlofit. target (!helisb) and ni"; tD hire or







captivate it. In much the same way~ the "hook" in an essay is used to catch jhe.atteoticnof ycur audience. To accomplish fhis, begin your essay with an interesting, thmghl-pr<>Vlll'ing idea "bout 1!Ji, topic you have been.~_ Avoid asserting the obvious; that is, mem_y stating a fact that everyone knows is true. For example, "Leeming 0 new language is difficult" is a fuct!mown to be true by almi>st~ne., ao<!" _ore,;;en"" m useful pmpose .. Sometimes a·quotitioo(or pr<>V5l» works well as 0 hooI< if it is particularly relecem to the thesis.

3_ _ Divorce is not legal in my oountry _ Some people think it s1muld be, some don't.

G«neral Sialem e nts Regarding the Assigned Topic

4_ _ Wal1:ing is the best exercise; it is great for one', health, and it doesn't coot anything! 5_ _ Traveling for fun md edncetioa,

6_ _ Because I wanted to loom how to speak English fluently, it was essential that I move to an English-speaking country.

Your introduction should only introduce the main ideas of your essay_ This is not the place for you to provide supporting details, S>.ll:h as specific names; placea.and dates. Sece fhese fur the bodycf your"""'y-

7 __ Financial woes am lack of free time are the major causes ofstress today.

,g_ The Beatles sold over a million records in the l%Os.


9_ _ The Beetles am the Rolling Stones were far more talented fum the popular rock bands oftoday_

The tbesis is Ihe most significm:d: statement in your ,es!:ay_ It consists. of one sentence only and is usually the last' sentence of'ycur introduction, A thesis rIIUS! he. complete sentence (unlike a title). It should also be narrow enough for you able to discus, it within the Short lima frame allowed 00 the ToEFL and within a .two- or tlaee-paragraphbody. Yet it must also he generel enoogli for yoo to be eble to write two to three sub-points on this topic.

10_ _ Now, I am going to write about the reasons I moved to the United s tates. To check your responses move, be sure the thesis statement

Contains one, and only one, complete sentence Provides 0 clearly dafined main topic

T3I:e, a clearly stated position on the topic (instead of merely stating 0 fact) Doesn't explicitly state what you pIm to dois'l'


Untike some countries, in the United States, we do not state direc:tly what we plan to do or say in our ,essay;. for example, "I will write about. .. "' is UIJ.a:Ccq:Jtable"in an American essay_ If your essay is well written, your intentinns'shoold be obvious to yeur reader witheat ycur hajang to explicitly state them

The tbesis senes two basic fuactiena Firs,' it states the main topic ofycur essay. Secondly, it provides a viewpoint or position that you, the writer, holds about this .topic.

For exampIe,' this is not a thesis: ·Siookingin restauraits' in New York is illegal" It IDEreJy states a fact, but provides no pesitioaor opinion regarding this fact.

This is', thesis: "NoreDowing =oking in restanrantajn New YOlk is higbly unfair to the smoker and gives too rmdt power to the nommciker_· Here we >regiven both. topic (i.e., """'king in restaurants in New Yolk is illegal) plus 1M> clear opinioos·.OOuI this topic, Because this thesis state, two positions regording lIie topic. it will also help the writer to qnickly and effectivejyset up the organization-fer lire body ofhis1la:=ay_ Thnt is, the two sub-points have been clearly laid rut in the introductio.o for. both 1!Ji, reader and the writer.

NT6.T2. T7.T3_NT8_NT4. T9_ T)NTIO_NT

Practice Two

Often students feel that there !IIIlS! be a "righI". or "moog" position that .lIre)' shoold take on •

. given topic. Remember:.Y on are entitled to yom own cpmien, The readels. are only interested in have logically, clearly, andeffectively supported the position tIW yon have taken,

Practice One

T3I:e the following topics and questions, and turn them into theses, Remember tIW each thesis must be a complete sentence that clearly states: your main idea and takes il position on this: topic, Ideally, it will alsoset up the orgonization for the oody of your e",.y_ Doing this cm save you 0 great dad of time when you write the bedyItwill also help you stay focused.

EXAMPLE: TopidQuestion: Inmanycounfries, the goverurrent practices censorship of television progruns_ Do you support this practice or not? Support your answer with specific examples.

Possible Thesis: Government censorship of'televiaion progruns is unfiIir md meally wasteful,

Which of the following sentences is,' IT the sentence is a fhesis, put a "1"' in the space provided next to it IT it is not a fhesis, put in "NT' in the 'poce provided. Be preparedto discuss the reasons" for your choices.

L Topic/Question If you had. choice, woold yon like to Iive forever'! Explain \\hy this does or does not appeal to you.


1 .. _ Washington, D_C, is the capillll of the United States.

'1 There are two basic reasons: fur 1h.e rise of. divorcee 1h.e Jack ·of.coIIIIIlUIli.ciIton skills: and

financial problems. .' .

2, TopicrStadects attend a university orccllege for 0 varietyof'reascns. In your opinion, what should 00 the main prnpose of 0 uni1llOJ1iity education?







3_ Topic: When m:my people think of the United States, wordssuch as independent am freespirited come to mind If you hod to describe your country by its personality, >MIlI1lrait(,) would best describe if!

Practice One

Read the following sample essay body divisions, am think of possible topics for these divisions,

L L Imrodaction IL Body A_ Past B_ Present C. PuIure

4_ Topic: Most peopleexperience at least seme degree of cultureshock when they are getting accustomed to 0 new culture. What advice would you give to 0 friend of yours to help him get 0'"" culture .shock? (You may write about your own culture or about the American cultura)

llL Conclusion

2, 1. Introduction IL Body A. Infant B_ Quid c. AdultD_ Old Age llL Conclusion

5_ Topic: It is uecessarytc 00 wealthy in Older to be successful Do you ogre< with this statement? Why or why not?

3_ llnlroduction IL llody A. Emotional B_ MenIal c Physical llL Cbnclusion 4_ I.lnIrodoction II. Body A_ Urban B. Small Tow" C_ Countryside

llL Conclusion


Choose-one of the questions from tbe ebove list (1-5) and write an introdaction Be sure to follow the steps laid out in the in\'erted pyrunid diagram, md watch the tine, Remember, on the actual test yoo will only have 0 very short time in which to compose your iatredactioa,

5_ 1. Introduction IL Body A. Home n Wod: C. School m Cbnclusion

Practice Two


In the exercises below, take the topic provided and, working with 0 partner, create your own subtopics.

The main purpose of tne boo)' ofyoor essay give spppcet to.your thesis (usually the last' sentence of your iotroduction). To give sufficient support, yon need to provide a minimum of two or three paragraphs in yom 'oody for: an essayexarnination, Ho"""..-,.' take-home essay gererally

bas several oody paragraphs. .' .

EXAMPLE: Topic: Best uses of home computers

All body paragnophs begin with .. tOpic "",tenco. The topic sentence states the main idea of the 00dy poragnph, a main sub-point ofyour thesis: For this Ie!lSOD, n may be' said that after your thesis, topicsemeeces are the most important pert of your essay_


B_ Entertainment C, Pay bills

Immediidely following the topic should provide clear, specific details to lend the argument of yom paper; specifically, to tbe topic sentence cffhatparagraplr '1:0 ~Iish this, )'OII should use specific dates, people, places, liIId/or events, You will nest likely need ,,",re fum One seatenee to provide sufficient details for each point. Use transitions-to inImduce your e:mnples (see list in oppendix),

L Topic: The most practical college =iors IL llody A_ B. c

2, Topic: Advantages to living in. foreign country


Generally speaking, the body paragraphs areioager than the introduction and conclusion However, be """ thet each 00dy paragraph 00_ ani), one mom sub-point. All the ideas incladed in each paragraph must fall under the broader topic sentence .. That is, e\"'}"IIf:W idea require, a new paragraph. Think of each __ ence _ the topic eeetence ("the set") as a sub-set

of it

A. <.._-:


3_ Topic: What apersoa must do to have. successfal life

While you will want to use transitions within your body paragraphs, yon also need to me -them to connect one boo)' paragraph to another. This is '""""""Y tcmeke your poper smooth mil coherent, For example, if you are writing a c~oontrast essay, you may want to begin yom second body poragrsph with a transition phrase such as on the otbior bend OF in contrast . .study the list of transition terms at the end ofjhischapter to determine which oneC,) would 00 appropriate for the typo of essay yoc'ere writing.

IL llody A_ B. c


Choose one of the topic, '0011"-, and write a 3-paragraph essay body on it. Y 00 have 20 minutes in _ to write the body. You may cheese either two or three sub-points (body poragraphs). Be







. snre 1IIa\ you begin widt atopic sectence, and that all of the following sentences in that p ara gnph remain within the fuunewo:ik ofyourtoj>ic sentence. Anew topi< unrodnces'a rewparagrepb,

marries: or has: children


L Thesis: "lfyou WlIlJIIo live a long andprcdnctive life, yeunnst eaercise regularty andeet lieoIthy foods,"


The conclusion of tbe ess"l' is often neglecte<i:one reason for'tliis'ia IlIat students often rtm oct ot time during the essay esamination and never getbeyooilthe body cffheir-papers. Another factor is that students often do not know how or when 10 end their """'y. Yet failure toend yom e"""y is analogous 10 not finishing the linaI·chapter of. book. Yom reader is left .with unanswered questiiml;; you must put these \0 rest before you finisIt your paper. However, if you have gone through 1he recommended orgaaizaticn steps laid rut in om earlier sections and practiced timed writing on jeurown, finishing your "",ay shouldbeoome au easier task.

2_ Thesis: "Because of the conveniences and 1he cultural opportunities availeble in the city, living there is superior 10 living in 1he countryside, "

The fullawing guidelines con help you improve your ccncluding peragrapb;

3_ Thesis- "Ihe only wilYs to becone.a proficient writer are to read as-much as possible and write -MreneveI you can."

Before v.-riting your coachision, reread yom intmdnction (paying special _00 to your thesis) end yourtoj>ic sentences. This will refresh your memory as to the main idea and main sabpointsuf yourpoper.

Parapbrased'Ihesis; 1RANSITIONTERMS

Begin your co:oclusion with. paraphrase of your thesis. It is vital that you not repeat your thesis 'verbatim, Doing so is redundant and boring, and you miss the ~ty 10 show your readers the br",dfh of your ,,,,,,bulory. Follow with general.statements. These should be a SI1IIlIIllIIJ' or evaluation ofpreviwsly !llaItionedmain theirglm.

The word transit means 10 move or pass from one place 10 another .. Thus, the words and phrases we use to move :smoothly :from one idea to another one in an essay are called jraasitiens. To create a coherent, smccfhessay, you must use these terms, end use them correctly.

Yom lost sentence shceld provide a final ~ght or C<JmID<Dt. concerning your main topic.. The fuUawing should be avoided in a conclusion

\VhiIenotevery._ence in 3Il e,,'l' requires a transifion, you IIIllSI disperse a variety oftbem throughout the "''"y 10 link sentences and paragraphs to each other. The chart below states the !'llPose of the transition 3Ild provides yoo with. variety of similar ones 10 use, Avoid redundancy in your"",ay by choosing several different ones, In other words, don't use "however" every time you want 10 show contrast; instead, select as mmy different phrases as needed that serve the same function UseCo:o:IID:lS toseperate transitions from the rest of yom sentence.

Nffio\' lnfon:nati.on does not belong in it conclusion. You have neither the tune nor the space to develop rl further(thi, is what 1he body paragraphs are-for). Avoid detailed informstionin support of yom tlesis, This, 100, should be found in the body of the es sa y, effer ycur topic sentences.

0001 begin your conclusion v.ilb "to conclude" OF "in conchisioa," It is.clear \0 your reader that this is your fiaal-paragruph and is obvimis1y your conclusion IY OIl IDIIJ', however, begin your conclusion with transitions like therefore, thus" to sum up" or in !i1.1IIlDlaIf')

Purpose of Transition

to show Likeness: or add information

A conclusion should not be Iengtliy. In general, three or fem- sentences ..-ill suffice, Thi, is especially true of. 10-mimIte",,,,y exammatioa conclusion,

to show contrast

to introduce examples to explain taemphasize 10 generalize

Pracnce One

to conclude or shew result

Toke the following thesis st_ and paraphrase tbem so that they would fit inro a tondusiim. ·ReInember that a paraphrase keeps the same ideas of the origjnal statement, but use, your own words, Wheo.paroph=ing. fuesis, it is often helpful to underline the key words in the original sentence. Be sure to use Sj'I101lJ'ID' for fhese whore possible. Also, be sureeo include .u oftbese

main ideas in your rewrite. For example: .

to indicate .sequence or show order

Poosible Tran.,itioD Terms

also, toe, besides, in addition, :furthermore, moreover


however, but, on the other hand, conversely, yet, though, in contrast, nevertheless for-example, such lIS, e.g., 10 illustrate, for mstanoe

Getting married and having children is not key to O""~ happiness.

PARAPHRASED THESIS: A p=onmaylind contentment in life even if(s)be never

that is, in other words, i.e.





in fact, indeed, certainly, clearly, of course

generally speaking, in gereral, overall, for the most part, usually, typically, mconclusioa, in """""'Y, to mmup

therefore, thus, consequently, as a result, as a C<lnsequence

first, second, non, then, finally, lastly

Appendix 2: A Patterned Plan of Attack


READ THE QUESTION CAREFUlLY Be sure youuaderstaadexactlywhat is being asked, and prep..-e 10 answer it

ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS in an outline or other logical w'l'.

ADD sufficient DETAILS OR EXAMPLES in 1heplan foreach major topic.

PAY ATIEN'IION TO GRAl""Il\IL~ Do not try 10 make it complicated Just make sure ·e\rery sentence is complete and logical.

PAY ATlEl\'TION TO VOCABULARY Donotlry louse words if you arenot 'Osolutely certain haw they .should be used. Big words ore not neces'ory to achieve a good score

WRTIE CAREFUlLY, following the orgmization of your outline andwatcl!ing 1he grammar and vocabulary.

PROOFREAD. Make changes as nec""sory.