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The Bose ® Sound System

for the Cadillac Seville

8 high-per formance speakers

5 1 Three 5-cm Juwel Cube ® speakers

in bass enclosures in the instrument
2 Two 20.5-cm Nd ® woofers in the
4 front doors.
3 Two 16.5-cm wide-range speakers
in the rear doors.
4 One 30.5-cm Nd ® woofer in the
rear shelf.
System electronics
1 3
5 Digital amplifier mounted in the
trunk. Includes Bose digital signal
processing, AudioPilot ® noise
compensation technology and
8 channels of customised equalisation.

Each part of the Bose sound system has been carefully engineered to work
with the others for better performance. Replacing the factory-installed headunit
(i. e. radio-CD/navigation system) or any other sound system component will
significantly reduce system performance.