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oraee & Francisco Paronzini: ine STORMWATER PHD #13 Written by n Edpinton is Art by Lies snare Fei Cover te Pa art by §] ro ferret STRUM Ey Tea) WORLDSIEN ™ and © DC Comics. All rights reser WE TRAWL FOR SUNLIGHT IN HGH ORBIT. OUT Oe REACH OF MOZT YACHINCAr Ae “Gupensy yet Lose ENOUEH TO STILL Use THE TELEPORTER. EVEN 30, IT'S A FINE LN. WINGS TWO HINDRED NILES ACRE (ONE MICRON THCK BAO DRMENG UP SOLAN RADINTO SE Obs eons Vai fon TEN eV poe cs 2 PTT, ANOTHER TN CWA, Race OF LAKE SUPERIOR. SPOTTERS INT ELEVEN HUMAN HOSTLES, HEAVLY AgeD BUT NOT NaueRS PLUS THENTY OK 50 FORCED LASOR. Eee eae zit ' [dccomicstcom)