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SERVICE MANUAL FH-ATIR AEP Model E Model Australian Model @FH-ALIR is composed of following models. As for the service manual itis issued for each component model, then plese refer to it COMPONENT MODEL NAME FOR FH-411R ‘SPECIFICATIONS Power requirements AEP,G,IT,EE model 220V AC, 50/60Hz E,EA,AUS model : 110-120V or 220~240V AC adjustable 60/60Hz e5watts Approx. §95%270%250mm (w/h/d) (23%X 10% 10 inches) incl. projecting parts and controls. Weight Approx. 9.5kg (20Ib 15 02) net ‘Supplied accessories RM-S190 Remote commander (1) SONY SUM-3 (NS) batteries (2) AM loop antenna (1) Design and specifications subject to change without notice. Power consumption ae PARTS LIST Nore: ‘+ Items markad “4 are not stacked since they! are seldom required for Toutine ferice. "Some delay should be’ ante: paves wen ordering these tems, G+ Gomany model EE_: East European model FT allan mode! AUS | Australian madel EA Saudi Arabia model ACCESSORY & PACKENG MATERIAL 1-465-249-11 REMOTE COMMANOER(RH-S190) 2-181-754-01 COVER, BATTERY for RN-SIS0) 1-80L-B48-11 ANTENA, LOOP 1-589-007-11 «) AOAPTOR, CONVERSION 2° RISES-O08-1E (005, EA) ADAPTOR, CONVERSION 2° SeTSQ-77B-11 (AEP E,EA,AUS).----HAWAL INSTRUCTION (Ergi i, French, Spantsh, Chinese) 3°752-778-41 AEP Gy )ovvvsens RAWAL INSTRUCTION (Gernan, dutch, Sredish, Ita an, Portuguese) s-7sz77e-51 (EE) NAMUAL INSTRUCTION (nash German, Pat ish, Russian) 4-942-301-01 (E,ER) - ‘e4-5i2-34e-01 (08P, 6,11 EEA). 4-502-340-01 CUSHIONTHST) 4-657-137-01 CUSHEON( SPEAKER) COMPACT HI-DENSITY COMPONENT SYSTEM NOIVIOUAL CARTON INDIVIDUAL CARTON [Rows to saporang arate by nan Bw ove | vow De emma at cro | Eanes | ON Ss we ota oateiet Sony Corporation ©1991. 1 9-956-201-11 Audio Group Published by Customer Relations and service Group