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Alter 20 months, the ist World War mas af 9 Seta alemate. With the dark, depressing days of the Stitt adding tte ready ervasve moc of unease Soa deapalrs there as Email eed fo fener hore, soldiers could ‘be ‘eeruited and more funds Tatsed toelp the wer eller "te aneer seed ln providing a massive maltary parade, made wp of tien iepientan at tation, abut to leave forthe feo Mi massive aout ot organization, Saturday Maren ig 116 was chosen as ‘he day forthe parade. The tailway. companies ‘toperated by ‘providing Seduced ares Hamilton 2 that’ eurande ot people steamed ino the cy" cipate the ever Pete day dawned. bight and clear, yet the air was Bittery cod: at the James Street Armouries, vet fight thousand. soldiers {atered to form the parce Frere were. so. many. volved hat when the head Theparade reached Shera eau, st wi ae peat and bog bands preided “martial mute Broughout "the. severe fouteThe ‘rut covered Eotiniwsines and reser tdstrets Oreughot te city, itteac over Bree ours ee Ubevparade to pass an ene » centuated by the presence. Ste ead ofthe parade, a eee “atmobles carrying eturned soldiers whose War ‘rounds have ll them 90 Teapacitated. tov march Iempelves ‘On Barion Street, a mmiddlesaged woman, despite doctor's orders, inbted at se be wheeled toaiesteet i ordee that she ‘ould seer son of to war Seeds unit, the. 1500 tol talon, passed by, the son bry ro a rushed ber to Kisser, then qui Fesamed his place ‘AS the parade tufned down the Mai Sreet Wes il from Bay, gnhasiaars Seemed to ‘pick-up. The Crowdsin the downtown area Wrenaturaly. much rer seach uni passed. tie one iar, ie Hand, Os" eee eae as Sane ae eae eae Sa ret A mau St Bld ity ducks SS 5 Hamiles Puble Library. amusement ofboth soldiers were jammed with people nd spectators. lndevtry fice windows "The parades finale oc- secupied, many bY curred ‘ben it passed the photographers recording Oe feviewing stand 'stt up on vent. Alnough the war was King stret East near the to continue for more than Post Ofie. Taking the sate two years the ‘events Was Ontario's Lisutenat-” Mareh 18 went Govenor, sit John way. to renew faith an Stratheaine Hendrie, "s courage the necessity of Haran naive ismitenians fo Canada's ‘The downtown streets. war efor lands MODERN WARFARE. =~ sor