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an Mac ion No guarantee can be of this tronsta nat caps ht Germontongnge we Tronaten Fadlethades Obenetongsinsit Nachdruck, auch avszugiweite, ur mit Genehmigung des Devischen Normenauaschunes, Berlin 30, gestae, Heny Go freemen: Oinelder DEUTSCHE NORMEN Popruary 1952 wpe 621.914.2 + 621.835 Reference Profiles of Gear-cutting Tools for Involute Tooth Systens according to DIN 867 Besugeprofile von Vereahnwerkeouged fur Evolventen-Vercahmngen nach DIN 667 ‘Dimensions in mm Me reference profile of 9 geer-cutting tool is that profile whereby a rack toota oyaten according $o/0HN 867. is genereted, the tho clrole of the gear being left untouched by the goar-custing tool The tooth thicknesa ia governed by the standard of machining accuracy required. Relieving of the ‘ase of the teeth of the cutting tool is permitted. The addendum is detailed for reference pro~ files I, II, III and IV (see Explanations on page 2) which are selected to cuit the aachining stander required, Reference profiles of tool hig = working dogtay wEice"tor tool ant fear ie the shole Gepth or tooth of the gear (en) p= aachining fask Retbrence profile Snectpte of gear 5 Sureerspt ho Btaiy.m for zeference profile 1 # = relating to hl GMS.m for zeference profiies 1, 7 relating to 6 SMEs for nae kf rolating te addendsn fe rolating to dedendom Designation of a reference profile for finteh machining (I) for module m = 3.51 Reference profile I x 3.5 DIN 3721) Befercace profile T Retercace profile 11 Beterence peofie TE Beference profile IY Por Haien-aachiaing Yor fiateh-aacbining ‘for roughing prior Tor roughing prior to grinding o> shaving to finiohiae x a= bgt = term [hy l= 15m hell = 125-m-+025 fim | tye =1.25-m + 06 Fn Foor at the Fitch Givele iene follows for « dedondum Re, of 125-m y= Wem 3 0,5 to +0,25 Yn 2tg.a9) So. 05 -to-+046 Vin 216 20 = 05-1, +0182 fou 05 ty + 0.438- Yon em | haN | pW [awOtm[ a 1 oa om __|The re aa oz 026 S. a8 3a 026 3 om 39 28 ia om, z 230 435 a0 at aa am Oe 235 036 Joke tooth thickness Sop hu 1167 -m 05-1 te aa 39770 ‘o7iae 5778 6.2832 70688. 7.8500 ‘86904 9428 To2107 109956 17810 F ype out tere, Fa the os! of the Tater only the teste 15,7080. 17.2788 e206 70.610 71911 25.1307 maa 31159 Mass a6 aaa ee 1 302655 fered. If 130] radiuding jad] ettteres Tai] fron the values hat Tinted 1e 2.00 | peguir dy 20] thts mala} an eae 240] fied a: 2,60] the tine 390] of order 3a dase For Footnote 1) see page 2 Continued on page 2 Allemverkau! der Nornblator durch Bevth-Verwiow Gnu, Borin 30 ond Koln DIN 3972 engl. Preiosr.* oe eee Page 2 DIN 3972 *) Other necessary particulars regarding design and dimensions of gear-cutting tools: for hobe according to rsh ty, pte gece bre gar nto BE 87 Sth fe feemer gute ot wre es cette BE EEE Spe itigu gion cnt SSE SCoPE. ca aoee ntsing t oar ec sccording to DIN 3960 =e Explanations Ret profile I is intended for tools with which « tooth systes 4x flnlencut, #ag+ hobey gear atliing SUtISIE,"AEL eutters, When the tooth systen has deen roughed out by tools having 4 rofereace profiie IT er IV, the tool with refereace profile T does aot contact the buse of the gear teeth during the Tlotehiag operalioa, It can also be used for tools roguired to losvs avery cxall machining allowance, ong. for shaving. Referene: I is likewise intended for tools with which a tooth eystem is finish-cut, ees pinion Eype cutters, Te Can also be used for hobs when a faizly large radiuy 4s required at the base of the teeth. Furthernere, it aay be used fer tools required to leavo x very casll wachining allevance, sg. for shaving. {ie TTT ie intended for tools used for roughing the gear teeth, arf with grinding allowance satting pachize 4 ast to the whole depen of tooth, y If the aachining allowance 15 ‘Mer than thet yielded by reference profile 111, thi Sen be done by inoreseiag the Fequired to be lore depth eotting of the gear-cutting machine. This will impart to tae gears dedendum hry which 1s greater thom 125 om for teole used for 701 S'Iasger allowance than thet yseided by reference prefile Wt ( Finiahing by @ eheping operation): + appited, for exaspt ‘Garylag the depth setting of the gear-cutting eachine. sing prior to a finishing operatio: which calie for g- roughing by a zilling operation, dn order to impart backlash, oan be obtained by Took profite goa: fications undertaken for the parroeg of securing better profile entry configurations (e+s+ ‘Of the teeth), or for the purpose of Telheving the dedendum of the oar nda more thickuess) are aor standardized, Gurtere ‘special desigas and are subject to agreomont between the customer and the too? of these types count supplier. the dupth setting of the geamcutting auchine to give some a epecific value of backiseh thecugh the application of teoth of the quantity hy representing Tie of machining allowelce er to obta: Ehicknase allowances! Reference protite 7 b= 2167- m mm Ae ney * Big Eeference profile 11 eference profile III 4, =228- m-4025 fm — p= th, Ih, Reference profile IY 225-m-4-06 \m — =P — ae y thal M) ane = 06 + Yk» ap machining allowance per flank, aeasured perpendicular to the pper tooth thickness allowance of gest (ae) ‘lank ep — pressure angle Brasples: Keforence profiies 12, m= 8 OAT: hy

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