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The fantastic and mysterious Atlantis Ring is a ring of benefic waves that prote

cts the wearer from negative vibes, evil forces and spells. This ring enhances i
ntuition and promotes good luck.
Symbols and geometrical shapes are known to generate and resonate with certain v
ibration frequencies.
The design of the Atlantis Ring provides a shield against harmful external vibra
The whole organism is protected by strengthening the human bio-energetic field,
guarding against bacteria, viruses and external negative influences.
The design contains the equilateral triangle, the rectangle, the square and the
Golden Mean. These symbols encompass meanings for movement, light, the flame of
life, the "Trinity", the past, present and future, order and unity, the Sirius c
onnection and much more.
The Atlantis Ring is in fact a resonator of subtle cosmic energies. It is said t
o protect the wearer from accidents, misfortune and from harm in general. Apart
from personal protection the Ring of Atlantis influences others in a positive wa
y promoting health and happiness and an overall positive atmosphere.
The design has 6 pyramids, 3 bars, 2 isosceles triangles and two holes which ar
e connected by a groove inside.
The Pyramids pick up, accumulate, boost and emit cosmic energy in the form of el
ectromagnetic vibrations.
The triangle shaped Columns interconnect the six pyramids, making a net that con
denses the energy picked by the pyramids and redistribute it to both sides towar
ds the triangles.
The isosceles Triangles in both sides of the pyramids purify the energies, trans
forming them into positive ones, which flow to the interior of the ring through
the holes of their vertexes.