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& (634 SW Harrison Topeka, Kansas 66603, "785-232-9784 + FAX 785-266-1874 » + wnew.kesdv.or9 May 1, 2007 InterAmerican Commission for Human Rights 1889 F Street N.W. ‘Washington, D.C. 20006 Dear Commis ‘The purpose ofthe Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence isthe prevention and elimination of sexual and domestic violence through a statewide network providing support and safety for all vietims of sexual and domestic violence, with primary focus ‘on women and their children; direct services; publie awareness and education; advocacy for victims; and social change efforts ‘We are writing in support of this petition. The work done by advocates at our 31 member programs across the state of Kansas focuses on helping vietims of domestic and sexual violence find safety and justice and old their abusers accountable forthe violence perpetrated against ‘thom and their children, Too often, as mothers seckto keep their children from the abusive parent, their abusers pervert the justice system, resulting in lengthy and expensive legal battles {for mothers to maintain custody of their children. Too often, they lose these battles and children are forced to live with the abusive parent, often without contact with their mothers. ‘We urge the InterAmerican Commission for Human Rights to send a clear message across the United States tht children should be protected from the abusive parent and the care ‘and custody of the children should remain with te parent who will protect them and provide a safe and secure future for them five fiom violence, Sincerely, ZC Beir Sandra Bamett Executive Director ‘Member Programs Serve All 105 Counties in the State of Kansas