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" Nulsance Helpline — Anti-Social Behavior, Noise problems Support and Advice ‘Every day 9am~10pm (0800 169 1283 ‘Community newsletter produced by lochwinnoch publicity committee for lochwinnoch ce What’s On e 10th September, Lochwinnoch Choral Society (St Winnoch Singers), perform, Karl Jenkins Requiem, Parish Church, Lochwinnoch. 7.30pm Tickets available usual outlets. @ 1st October, Dog Walk—Howwood Inn to Brown Bull for McMillan Can- cer Trust and Greyhound Awareness League. Contact; e = 10th October, Book Launch, Library 7pm—9pm Community Council News David Arthur announced at the August Community Council his intention to stand as an SNP candidate at the 2007 local election. As such he will not be seeking re-election as Chairperson of the Community Council at the AGM but intends to stay on as a Community Council member. David stated that he wished to stay on as Chairperson until the CC AGM in October 2006 and those present were happy with this proposal. Assist Report An update from Lisa Simpson of ASIST stated that since the last meeting, there have been 2 calls to ASIST and 2 home visits. ils are only available on the St Winnoe Bridge matter. CHATTERBOX www.lochwinnoeh info lochwinnoch no 153 September 2006 It was reported that there are still problems with the Police Contact Centre and with police response teams going to wrong locations, ete which has also been recognised by Johnstone Police Office. Christine Gibson will raise these and other is- sues at the next Partnership Meeting. ‘There have been reports of disturbances recently and lack of overtime may have contrib- uted to this. ‘There was in- creased police cover last week- end and it is planned for this to continue over the next couple of weeks. There has been no Commu- nity Partnership meeting since the last one on 15 June 06. ‘The next meeting will take place on Thursday 17 August 2006. Police Report Figures for July: 7 Thefts; 3 breach of the peace (3 detected); 3 road traffic offences (3); 5 vandalisms; 1 drugs (1); 1 vehicle crime. Total 20. Due to the timing of this CC meeting so soon after the month end, these figures are provisional as there are 8 crime reports to be created from the crime bank. The calls breakdown was not available but will be provided. PC Macleman acknowledged the concerns raised at the last Community Partnership meet- jing over the lack of available overtime, adding that there had| been a police presence last weekend. There have been a number of| house break-ins at various loca- tions in the village and in sur- rounding villages, all showing similar methods of entry. PC MacLeman explained that the thief tends to operate late at! night/very early hours of the| morning, looking for open win- dows, targeting unsecured back doors, doors where keys have! been left in locks or homes where keys can be accessed via| etter-boxes and open windows using fishing rods, metal poles jand other devices/gadgets. PC MacLeman put forward some home security tips and asked {that those in the community be alerted to these types of intru- sion and should step up the se- curity in and around their own homes. Tt was reported that a young ROOF ROUGHCASTING Emergency Repairs, MATTHEW NEW & SONS man appeared in court in Pais- \UILDING MAINTENANCE itorm Damage Insurance Work, New Roofs, Flat Roofs Roughcasting -UPVC Cladding—Guttering Tel No 0150: FMB Certificate No 26366 5 843400 ley and pleaded not guilty to disorder charges. As a result, the court were given access to Police and ASIST file records and bail conditions now pre- vent the young man from be- ing in the streets of Lochwin- noch and prevent him from approaching the individuals who had been involved. PC MacLeman was not able to name names at the CC meet- ing but details will be in the court records. About the vandalism/theft of the hands from the clock of Auld Simon, no information is available at this time Books Books Here are just a few of the new additions at the Library: Lynda Paige Onwards and Upwards ‘Alocandet MeCal Smith Love over Seotland Sella Rimington secret Asset Robert Hares Tnperiam ‘Annie Groves some Sunny Day Kaplan Dubro Japan's riinal ‘Underworld King &Gates ‘Kidnapping Ronnie Rovland Whit Milcan 607 ‘Teri Hatcher Burnt Toast Book Launch Lochwinnoch Writers are organizing a book launch on Tuesday, Octo- can see it in abundance on the walk to and from the station. It is about two meters high and has a pink or purple flower. Himalayan balsam was intro- duced to this country in 1839. At first it was secure behind the glass walls of Kew Gar- dens, But plants will be plant and it escaped and stared its Jong march through the coun- tryside, Himalayan balsam spreads like mould through a cheese. A single plant can set about 800 seeds after flowering. These seeds are as light as a soap bubble. They are easily disturbed so spread all over the place and they float which means they colonise river banks at an alarming rate, The balsam is very attractive to bees because it produces prodigious amounts of pollen, native plants near where the balsam is growing struggle to attract pollinating insects. The balsam also suffocates na~ tive plants. In winter the bal- sam dies back dramatically leaving river banks barren and more liable to erosion. According to the Down Gar- to get rid of this Everest of wild plants is to ‘prevent it setting seed. It is easily up- rooted and cutting below the lowest node or at soil level should prevent it from report- ing’ whether it is too late to do anything like that here is the big question, Hoots The Scottish country dancing classes _ started again in the McKillop on Tuesday, September 5 at 7:30pm. This is the 28% year we have taken to the floor and we do so in style with a grant form Ren- frewshire Community Grant Scheme. Old and new members are always welcome and can be assured of laughter and friend- ship along with mental and physical exercise - all for £2:00 a night. So if you want a go at Mont- gomery’s Rant or a Calder Strathspey come along and Join in. New Menus Theme Nights Free glass of house wine or soft drink with every meal ber 10 in the Library form - NIXONS | 7:00pm - 9:00pm. ‘AT THE GABLE|END, chased on ‘ The group is launching the 4 FE eg ae eees publication of their first an- RESTAURANT | ‘Thome nights ~ lst Thursday of ech month thology called ‘10 Writers Seek fete cere fs Writing.’ Everyone is wel- WINEBAR | | rretnente meas Spm-tSp somes £1095) come to this litera ent. ALa Carte Spm-9pm_ Himalayan || someon | ponerse ie ‘nd Sunday Lunch - 1230-3pm 'y Tel 01505 842775: Y . Horror Last year alocal gardener Now and Then spoke at a Community Hundreds of unusual presents and cards Council meeting about the Jewellery and bags to complete your outfit dangers of Himalayan bal- Festive finishing touches for the home sam. Service with a smile ‘This voracious growing weed ‘was just starting to appear around the village. Now it has become fully established. You And all without leaving the village 8 Church Street, Lochwinnoch 01505 843311 Open 9to5each day and 12-4 on Sundays New treatments now available. Hot Stone therapy ‘The most effective way to relax aching muscles. ‘Book your Hot Stone weatment and quote Chatterbox to recive 10% discount i.d, BoreEscentuals Mineral makeup thats actually good for your skin. Book an eppointment to find the right min- eral makeup for you. Quote Chatterbox to receive your mae up prescription consulto- tion free of charge. Buy our Gift Vouchers for that special occa- sion plus many more fantastic beauty treat- 5 Bridge St, KiGirnie (Across from Radio City) 01505 684080 Walkin’ the Dog On the o1 October, a sponsored dog walk from the Howwood Inn to the Brown Bull will raise money for MacMillan Cancer support and the Greyhound awareness League, WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US AND RAISE MONEY FOR THESE WORTHWHILE CHARITIES. Contact dawgdaw- le@hotmail.couk for more details or call one of the num- bers which will soon be on posters around the village. This event will be a good way for your dogs to socialise and who knows, you may make some new friends too. Do your bit for charity and help us make this a suecessful fundraising walk The Chatterbox is al- ways looking for sto- ries: email cfra- Jenkins Requiem The village choir are present- ing another charity gala in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, with Karl Jenkins again wielding the conductor's ba- ton. This time the piece being performed is the extremely popular Requiem. This piece combines the tra- ditional Latin text of the Req- uiem mass with settings of Japanese ‘haiku’ poems, The result, a powerful and moving work, whose musical mixture of different cultures is highly appropriate to the mod- ern world. Karl oversees the combined forces of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and a massed choir from around Scotland, with soprano Eliza- beth McCormack, and shaku- bachi [Japanese flute] player Clive Bell. The concert is dedicated to the memory of John Delaney's son Andrew who died three years ago on November 13th [the concert is on November 12th] All profits from the concert go to Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity that John now champi- ons, who will start building work on a specialist 6 bed teenage cancer ward in Gart- navel this year, ‘The choir is keen to make it known to choir members and village supporters that if they intend to buy tickets, they should do so as soon as possi- ble. This will save spending valuable funds on unnecessary advertising. Karl Jenkins is the well- Imown composer of The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace, and the Adiemus projects, he holds the distinction of being number living composer in Classic FM's Hall of Fame. The concert will also include a performance of Vaughan Williams, beautiful, Tallis Fantasia, conducted by Peter Cynfryn Jones. Lighting de- sign is by the celebrated artist Adrian Wiszniewski. The Village Website School Photo ‘A forum user in Australia e-mailed a class photograph which was taken ‘sometime around 1936. There are names to some of the faces. Have a look at the school centenary gallery www.lochwinnoch. info/galieryicentenery and see if you can name the others. Recycling Dates IF you are having trouble remembering when your blue boxes, green boxes, brown boxes and black wheelie bins are due to be uplifted then check out the ‘new reminder script on the home page. The script tells you what day they are due and what bins, Website wins Finals Success for village web site as it wins the Calor Gas Community of the Year ‘website at the fifth attempt. The website ad always reached the finals and we are delighted that we won it this year. Out of School Club ‘The LOCS has a page on the website now. Find out about the groups pro- ‘gress through the mountain of paperwork and regulations, -barbara ‘e-mail: barbara@lochwinnoch info