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AN EXPOSITION or THE CONFESSION OF FAITH oF THE ‘WESTMINSTER ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES. BY THE Rev. ROBERT SHAW. REVISED BY THE COMMITTEE OF PUBLICATION. ‘This book has been withtrasm ‘rom the cu: of Une Laavareng a Virginie PHILADELPHIA: PRESBYTERIAN BOARD OF PUBLICATION. CONTENTS. 6 ADVERTISEMENT TO THE AMERICAN EpiTion . . « - 7 - Ee see e CHAPTER I. (Ofthe Holy Scripture is 3: 0 | 1D a CHAPTER Il. 5 Of God, and of the Holy Trinity»... +++... 6 - CHAPTER I. Of God's Eternal Decree. 2. - 2 ee ee eee ST CHAPTER Iv. OrGrestion oe oe eee ce ce 678 CHAPTER V. a L—L—™r—COCOCOCOCN CHAPTER VI. o Of the Fall of Man, of Sin, and of the Punishment thereof. 89 + as CHAPTER VII. i OfGod's Covenant with Man see ee TOL M CHAPTER VIII. Of Christ the Mediator... 2... eee ee ee UB : CHAPTER Ix. Of: pee eee eee eee eee eee 3 4 CONTENTS. CHAPTER X. Of Effectual Calling... 1... 22 es CHAPTER XI. Of Justification... . Oe CHAPTER XII. Of Adoption. 6. ee ee ee ee ee CHAPTER XIII. OfSanctification .. ee ee ee ee CHAPTER XIy. OfSeving Faith 6... eee eee CHAPTER XV. ‘Of Repentance unto Life... +++. CHAPTER XVI. OLGood Works 6s 7 + ee eet ts CHAPTER XVII. ‘Of the Perseverance of the Saints. . . 2. « CHAPTER XVIII. Of Assurance of Grace and Salvation . . . - CHAPTER XIX. Ofthe Law ofGod ss ee et ee es CHAPTER XX. Of Christian Liberty, and Liberty of Conscience CHAPTER XXI. Of Religious Worship, and the Sabbathday . . CHAPTER XXII. Of Lawful Oaths and Vows... . 1 1 se CHAPTER XXIII. Of the Civil Magistrate 6... ee ee + 139 146 160 164 10 18